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She was a secondary character, each ending tragic. And then she came to a realization. The system she was bound to was a homeless system. It did not give any newbie package, oldie package, and completing the missions had no rewards. She decided to not do missions anymore.

System: Warning! Please complete the mission, or you will be eliminated.

Tang Guo: Dream on.

System: Host, I beg of you! Please don’t bully the main characters anymore!

Tang Guo: No way.

And then…..

System: Master, how do you plan to bring disaster to this world? Take me with you!

Tang Guo: It can be done. Check that man’s information for me.

System: *chirping* Okay! Please wait a moment, master!

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FlufflyLittleRabbit rated it
March 7, 2020
Status: Completed

Oh gosh, I can't believe this novel is now translated into English. Thank you, translator, for picking up this.

Ok, let's get down to business (lol). So, I recommend this novel because the development of the story is superb.

... more>> The MC is not a naive, s*upid, and blabbermouth like you usually see in this kind of theme of the story.

She's a smart, refined, and elegant lady, and most of all she knows what she was doing. She's like a hunter waiting for her prey to fall into her trap.

Her counterattack strategy is also the best among the MCs so far with the same theme of the story.

Although the MC's heart is as hard as stone due to her experience in her past life, she is still a reasonable and rational person.


Even the ML can't escape from her punishment. Though, it's his fault for choosing the body as a vessel.


So guys, give this story a chance. I can guarantee you that this story is really good and worth a five-star rating!


I just came back to edit my review here in NU. I really love the ending! :) <<less
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tanni103 rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: c5039
This novel is definetely worth the 5 stars.

The first novel that hooked me up so strongly that I could read over 5000 chapters and still not bored, but is still fresh. Not like the brainless stories about some abused miss in a powerful family that suddenly rebirths/get transmigrates to and face slaps left and right paired with a shitty ML with over 3000+ chapters.

I especially like the beginning where the FL isn't a love brain that can forgive the scum ML just by occasionally treating her kindly. Once you hurt... more>> her and waste the oppurtunities she gave, she will never forgive you until her life ends (hop to the next world). It was seriously so damn satisfying, it's just a pity that the ML will be smarter with every world and like a curse, engrave deep in his bones and soul not to hurt the FL... ever. To be honest, like the system, I do pity the ML sometimes at the beginning of the story, the FL is so damn ruthless but I love her!!

And after the ML was disciplined enough by her, the romance will begin. It is so funny when the ML gets OOC when he is supposed to be a cold hearted character in some worlds. And the FL's cute system complaining every time it has to endure a wave of dog food or seeing the ML act shameless. Really my dream husband o (〒﹏〒) o.

I just read that the FL doesnt seem to be too much in love with the ML, but considering her experience with men always wanting to kill her for the heroine even though she isnt really a villain, is understandable and her mentality also isnt normal after being betrayed after she offered her heart to them. And it wasnt just one or two times, imagine yourself being wronged and betrayed in every f*cking world and you are still expecting her to give her sincere heart to others like before? Too s*upid. If you didn't read the whole thing don't judge the FL too quickly. What infos can you get just from the 100 translated chapter? There are still 5000+ chapter waiting >_>

Every world is super interesting, I don't know how to describe it. Some may be cliché which can be found in every transmigration novel but most of the time the worlds are very fresh and even educative. I think the stories are mostly about the character of a person and the consequences of once action. Most of the people you will read about are more scum than the next, but sometimes you can see that there are still people that can be saved and repent. The FL will punish those people without fail but when she sees people who really know their wrong, she will lighten her punishment abit, at least so that they can still raise their head in public (with some mental damage as gift <3) . And she and the system combined are so strong that she doesnt even need the ML to move a finger, his only duty is to love and pet her lmao.

I always asked myself if it will ever get boring because the FL seems invincible. And my answer? Not at all. She uses unique methods for revenge and the story doesn't always concentrate on the FL but also about the main people involved in the tragedy of the orignal owner. Sometimes she doesn't need to use any of her stuff in the system space to solve the scum men and women and fights them with her own abilities that she had acummalated for over ~10.000 years when she was still not clear headed.

The worlds are not always about the FL's host (i mean the original hosts in each world) being in love with some scum and than acting as cannon fodder to fuel the love of the heroine and the scum, which I find superb. I am really tired always reading about cannon fodders who act as a love fuel for others. There also some worlds, that were quite boring, but it is just because the theme wasn't to my taste, others may think otherwise.

She will also acquire a red envelope group with group members of different world that have a long life span during one of her worlds. They will accompany her through many worlds and give her care and support, which she hadn't felt since 10.000 years (aside from the ML) and will also meet during her world hopping one after another and change their cannon fodder fate. The FL will also meet other taskers with officially recognized systems, who can also count as her friends.

Until now we still don't know the true identity of the FL, ML and the system... and the antoganist who only appears a handful of times. But when you read through over 5000+ chapters there will be some bits and pieces of information that can form some speculations.

It's best if you don't try to read everything in one go and get some slack and refresh your brain with other novels or just do your own thing in rl. If your brain isn't clear while reading, it is kind of less enjoyable.

The Mtl is also very understandable that you can read without any prior experience.

Well I hope I did write everything I wanted to and also hope that there arent any logical mistakes ( ̄ω ̄;) Gonna wait until the chapters accumulate more, now I will just reread some of my favourite worlds. I also have to say that the most of the original plot of each world is difficult to look at because of how scummy everything is, when rereading I always skip them, otherwise I really get high blood pressure.

Btw. the chapters are updated very fast, I think about 5 chapters per day. <<less
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luvhiyorimi rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: c11
I didn’t write spoilers as it can be seen in the description, but if you like

Female lead supporting characters ✔️

World system and world hopping ✔️

... more>> A twist to ur everyday novel ✔️

I will shamelessly promote the author and the novel early. The novel is really wonderful and interesting. I love how our female lead goes against the system because it reminds me of “the empress’ livestream, as well as the other leads. I am really curious on who the male lead will be and hope not to be disappointed. I definitely recommend this and hope you can support the author. The translation is done wonderfully and detailed. She doesn’t take ages to update either even though I want more chapters. Haha but I won’t rush or I won’t be focusing in school and binge reading instead. For now it’s too early to tell but the novel is off to a good start in my opinion.ヾ (o≧∀≦o) ノ゙ (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Also (இ﹏இ`。) please don’t post her work elsewhere I’m so scared that the translator will take down the novel. If she does My lonely soul can’t take the fact that I won’t find more good novels to read.???‍♀️ <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Moonflower1020 rated it
March 14, 2021
Status: c68
Everyone have their own point of view and this is mine.
Never in my life did I read this type of novel! There is no plot, no character development. Nothing!
Like think- at first the MC got blackened so she do as she pleases after breakup. Then, out of nowhere she got a rich backer. That guy turned out to be the dad of the guy she broke up with. Then she got kicked out thrice by that rich backer. She even said that, she hates that guy blah blah. Another guy out of nowhere again fall for her. Thats why she got kicked out again. After half year, when the other guy and she had been together that rich backer comes and asks her to come back and she is like - okay. In th end she announces the world that rich backer is her most imp person.
Girl~ what did that guy do except being your sugardaddy. I kept reading thinking that it will get better in the next chapter again and again but I couldnt even finish the first arc.😭
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LIght Novel San
LIght Novel San rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: c81
Okay, seriously what the f? Are you kidding me right now?

I was reading the first arc up until morning and then you are telling me that I've already reached this stage? OMG, I wasn't even aware that I'm already chapter 81 and the last chappy of the arc!

That fact quite scared me okay?! Are you serious? One arc with 80+ chapters and I didn't even get tired!

So for now, Imma drop this gem and wait for it to finish the second arc or maybe I'll read some MTL if I... more>> didn't satisfy my cravings to this.

Some spoilers to the 1st arc:


Let me discuss how unsatisfied I am (personally, this is just my preference though, don't mind this part too much. Srsly, do not)

ML: OKAY THAT WAS ODD. He was much older at FL like maybe 20 years? And damn, he still looks like a hot potato! He's the usual merciless, heartless, and emotionless (any adjective with less) type of ML, even likely a yandere (he is). The author gave him or his background a 'justice' on why he is like that.

FL: WOW, JUST WOW! Like this FL, she's you know, another unique type of FL that can't be used any logical reasoning, what do you call that word–Ah, unpredictable, yes. She's not someone to be trifled with. I like her because she seems like someone who does not believe in a foolish concept of love–like it lasts forever or love is like a fairytale. She's a woman that doesn't need a man (that's what I perceive her base on arc 1). She's the type I like the most, but I don't want to meet in real life. Well her experience, which was really tragic and almost break her remaining pieces of sanity into the verge of nothingness, made her what she currently is. But in my opinion, she's still restrained and mild.

1st arc:

The ori FL and ML... Mehh... They got what deserved but their ending is too rush. Or maybe, the author doesn't want to make them suffer by giving a hellish detail description.


I've expected too much drama hehe. The revenge death of FL made me excited but overestimated it. I was hoping for a grand scheme (it is grand tho), I was hoping in reading people's reaction especially ML but author-San didn't delve too much in it just like the ending of our FL and ML. I was hoping (my preference) that the ML would feel pain, but on second thought, the pain he experienced in his life is enough and no need to add another layer.

Overall, I feel that some parts are rushed instead of being written. Like, it will be great if we could know the ML's reaction when he knew the truth, I mean he did show some reaction but it was lacking. Moreover, what happened to the fans, I know they're not that important but I think it'll be good to know their reaction when FL died, I mean their reactions were written in 1 or 2 sentences. What would be their reactions when they knew that the FLs book that she wrote was related to her life? Again, there were some reactions but was mentioned like 2 sentences.


As I was saying, there are some parts that would be really magnificent if explored greatly but not too much, those part are likely to delve into people's reactions or their psychological well-being.

Lastly, I love it.

P.S: This review of mine is only limited to the first arc.

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shouahang58 rated it
March 9, 2020
Status: c138
Just got done with arc two.

Giving this a 2 star cause it feels like the MC's feelings for ML is too fake in each world. Plus I personally feel that the romance should had been written better. I didn't feel what the other two reviewers felt, so this was pretty disappointing.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Julianita rated it
November 7, 2020
Status: c4500
The best quick transmigration story I've ever read.

If you're searching for a novel with an emphasis on romance, stay away from this. There is indeed romance but it's more like a side dish. The focus of this novel is relationships. Be it family, friends, work, public... what I love most is how the author got so many sides of life into little stories and made you look at them. And the better, they make you reflect in life or simply give you a good laugh.

In one history, it... more>> shows how a beautiful girl got ruined because of rumors simply because - she was so pretty, hardworking, and wanted to study more than anything. Jealousy and malice killed her. This arc is one that makes me reflect on how rumormongering can be a killer weapon.

In another, the girl was ruined because she was someone that helped everyone with a smile, but no one cared about how pained and false that smile was. She cared about people too much but no one cared about her. How much one can give because they care about people and how much this same generousity can destroy oneself when they receive nothing for it.

I would really recommend this to anyone because this isn't simply a novel but a collection of experiences in a little stories package. And it's not a tiring read. Kudos to the author! <<less
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Kassandra rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: Completed

Writing Quality – 5/5. It was done very well. The choice of words, the flow, how well connected it is... simply nice.

Translation Quality – 8/5. THEY'RE GOOD!! Though, I finished this relying on mtl since the tl was still not finished. But they did a great job translating it. Kudos!~

Plot Development – 10/5. VERY NICE!! I love the arcs!! And the whole plot, I love how it flowed so well.

... more>>

I love the arcs where he regrets not taking the chances she gave for him to be with her.


Character Design – 8/5. This part was finely done. As the arcs pass by, you'll slowly see their original design/characters, their true selves will be revealed.

Like in the title, you can see from it that GuoGuo was never a good tempered person.

I also like how she met so many people throughout her journey.


Mainly, the group chat from different worlds, Tang Kui, Tang Jiao, and the other systems they've met. It was a precious experience.


I'm actually shipping Margaret and Hillary. I'm hoping they'll sail safely thru the end.

World Background – 10/5. I love this part. Because every time a new arc starts, the background of that arc would be introduced. There wasn't an arc where the settings wasn't revealed. Some background of the other arcs may slowly be unveiled but it would still be revealed.


This is one my favorites actually, and still my fave.

For me, the ending was perfect. It's an open-ended ending, which left to the reader's imagination.

And the revelation at the end why she was constantly transmigrating, it was done well. I love how it wasn't that complicated, that it happened because of human's innate nature.

In the last fanwai, I love the closure. It was good.


And one more, THEY SAILEEEEEED!! MY SHIP SAILED!! FINALLYYYYY!! They docked safely after two arcs.


Recommending this to people who love QT and 1V1. Though this one has it's own bumps throughout the arcs.

Bye, GuoGuo!~

I hope you'll finally be well with your family's stone.

Bye, YinYao! Always stay by GuoGuo's side. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yazzyreads rated it
December 22, 2022
Status: c570
MC is petty as fuuuuuuck.

She absolutely cannot stand a grain of sand in her eye. Make a mistake once and she will never forgive you. She doesn't just ruin the living standards of the ones who wronged her, but destroys them emotionally so they live with regret for the rest of their lives.

Can she still love them after they've shown proper contrition and remorse? Sometimes. Doesn't matter though, they've got to spend the rest of forever trying to make it up. Then she leaves and dies and they still have... more>> to continue trying to make it up. Lmao.

This is proper abuse in all senses.

Luckily we still get the occasional world where MC still has good relationships with people which is really gratifying.

And frankly, after spending who knows how many years being abused as the second female lead, she's justified in her ruthlessness.

As the system (and her dog ML) would say, "As long as you're happy."

Up to where I've read there seems to be a mysterious backing behind MC and the homeless system she's carrying around, which is interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing where the plot goes.

This is entertaining for sure. Just don't expect to be soft hearted. Once MC makes a decision, she sticks to it. Frankly, I appreciate it. Lol <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SerenaLove016 rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: c4295
This is one of my favorite quick transmigration series. Even though it's still ongoing, but somehow I have the patience to follow every single arc. First I read all the translated chapters, then I read all the MTL chapters, then I followed the original raw just to get the latest chapters right after it's posted. I'm totally hooked!

The MC is OP and ruthless, but always focus on her game, and not getting distracted by ML.

I love the system in this story. It actually feels like a character, rather just an... more>> NPC that just providing rewards. The friends in the "chat room" making it very interesting too. I'm still waiting until MC would be able to visit poor Margaret.

Also still waiting for MC's original live/ history with ML, it's barely touched at all after all this long!

After 4295 Chapter, I'm still eagerly waiting for the next one, instead of getting bored and skipping arcs, that really says something! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nelle rated it
April 11, 2022
Status: Completed
The first arc is sooooo satisfying! It's tragic but at the same time I really like how things played out. It makes you say "this is what you wanted, now you got it." in the most vindictive way. Others would not like the ML and it's a fair opinion because he's unreasonable af. MC does not get together with ML in every arc. Their relationship really depends on how ML reacted to her the moment she tests him.

Arcs 2 and 3: ML didn't want to marry her at first. When the time came that ML wanted to marry her, she rejected him until the end and maintained a sweet but non-romantic relationship.

Arc 4: this is the arc where we get the warm up for romance. The genre is school life that's why I call it a warm up. The focus is not really on their romance.

Eventually, after travelling to many worlds, MC's attitude towards ML changes. She was not like how she was at the beginning where there's no room for mistakes. After some worlds of being together, she started giving more chances to ML and even sometimes take the initiative to come to ML. The romance is not given much focus though. You can only read some occasional 'kiss on the face' and nothing else.

The arc where everything unfolds and she discovers her real identity is anticlimactic for me and not striking enough for it to be the revelation arc.

This translator's note desribes MC well: I like Tang Guo because even though she has blackened, she doesn't go around getting revenge on everyone and on the whole world. Rather than that, she decided not to become a push-over and does her best to make her life much better.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fujaiya Sumyoshi
Fujaiya Sumyoshi rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: c4769
A novel (should I even call it a novel, and not an epic??) where the readers (who's tastes are like me) get hooked because the Mac's sole purpose is to fulfill the last wishes of the poor sacrificed lamb cannon fodders who die due to twisted fate and are forgotten in the end. After reading this far...I don't even know if it's possible to summarize it. Maybe one sentence, not cliche and MC knows what she's doing. Translated chapters are only 100+ but I have MTLed this far, doesn't that... more>> explain how smoothly flowing this novel is?? <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JerryHatrick rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c42
Just another transmigration story. You've read one, you've read them all. A tidy translation. Easy to read.

The story is really only worth three stars but I gave it a bonus since having a MC that's not obvious about her revenge is refreshing.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nrelectrostrudelini rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: --
I am such a sucker for the cannon fodder smacking the sh*t out of the useless protagonists stories. This one DELIVERS. Our baby has been hurt and she refuses to let bygones be bygones!!! She won't even let off the ML! She doesn't know, I don't think, but you as a reader really see the shift ... more>>

after the first cultivation story we're shown. I'm on the next storyline, and I hopehopehope that character is the ML I'm thinking of!!

Good storylines, love the quick transmigration vehicle and the system is a supporter!!! Nice nice. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 11, 2023
Status: c791
Quick transmigration

Honestly, skip to the arcs you like. MC = a world hopping being with no memory of her origin and a parasytic system who keeps asking her to be the cannon fodder for the og FL in every world she enters. There is no reward for doing as the system asks and no punishment for not doing it. The MC decides that she would like to colapse some worlds instead. The system realizes it doesnt have any backer, but can grow stronger if the MC is happy.

The only characters... more>> that matter in every world are the MC, the ML, the OG FL, & the OG ML. No one else ever gets fleshed out. The MC is practically an eldritch horror being that destroys universes and looks like a teenage girl so no other character ever poses a real threat. She just plays with the new set of toys in each world. If this were a live action show the MC would be played by a live human actor, the ML would be a muppet, and everyone else would be a 2D cardboard cutout.

arcs by chapter (recommended read = ☆)

1-81 Fourtune Girlfriend ☆

MC is reborn as an aspiring musician kidnapped by a yandere Ceo president who will be her $$ backer and might mu*der her if she gets out of line. Its the rich sons use a girl as the white moonlight subsitute plotline. Except the MC turns it into a date-her-exs-rich-dad-&-get-revenge story (the dad is the yandere backer). Psychological warfare is the name of the game

82-138 Brother Ghost

modern rich heirs/heiress romance drama. MC= sweet silly (not really) rich girl. ML= adopted brother. Villians= rich ceo of rival company who wants to engage MC & his secret cinderalla romance with his secretary

109-209 Reborn maiden ☆

Cultivation family drama. MC has her opportunities stolen by reborn cousin who was envious of her talent. Becomes a peerless genius in cutivation & gets revenge on family + ex-fiance

210-280 Disfigured school flower ☆

Highshool drama. Og FL is escaping a yandere love interest trying to scars her with hydrochloric acid & pushes MC who gets acid dumped on her face instead. Og FL runs away. MC is disfigured, but turns it into a sweet study-together-for-college-romance with the school punk who used to just get into fights

***new system introduced*** (interdimensional forum character appears = ***)

In Disfigured School Flower we learn the OG FL is getting interdimensional cheats from a mysterious cross-worlds messaging app (her story's golden finger). The MC hacks in as the forum owner and nicknames herself "school flower" on the app. She then uses the app to contact the other interdimensional beings (some cultivators, intersetellars, wizards, monsters, fairies) and get them to stop trusting the OG FL. They are happy to do whatever school flower asks I the hope she will travel to their dimensions. MC keeps the forum in every dimension from here on that has magic or cultivation

281-316 Infamous Actress

MC is reborn as a vase actress abandoned by her star boyfriend who she gave everything for. Climbs to the top of the entertainment world for revenge

362-422 Unlucky woman in the Last Days ☆

MC is reborn as someone who braved a zombie apocalypse to get her boyfriend medicine and was bitten, turned into a high level sentient zombie. She gies back for her boyfriend to find he thinks she abandoned him and got together with the vicious end of days FL.

who is the male lead? (aka *The One True Male Lead is established)

Turns out the ML character that keeps drifting towards the MC and acting like a lost puppy in every world is the same character. Somehow a soul keeps following her through worlds & with no memories each time, falls in love with her. The MC recognizes this and will often give him a test. If he fails she gets revenge on him the same as everyone else. If he passes, she will love him their whole life in that world. Because the ML does not remember, he doesnt always pass. However, he does seem to be getting more and more anxious in each new world. His soul has PTSD & he doesnt remember why

423-500 Magestic Concubine

The emperor hides his white moonlight as a lower concubine while publically showering his #1 concubine (MC) / daughter of his most powerful general with gifts and praises so all the heat & plots of the harem fall on her as a shield. Plans to use her and switch in his true love at the last minute. To give himself time with his true love, the emperor sends his twin brother (disguised as himself) to the MCs bedroom every night.

501-571 Cultivated by the Abolished Spirit Roots *** ☆

MC arives in world in time to have her cultivation roots abolished and be banished from her sect. Luckily 3 members of the interdimentional forum are here. 2 are powerful righteous path cultivation leaders. 1 is a demon sect leader. MC calls all 3 to come pick her up. She repairs her roots, they go to town for a meal, and become sworn siblings. MC chooses to go with the demonic sect leader... only to find out hes more of an honest mountain bully & big brother type. She helps him find resources, expand, take over other sects, and takes all characters destroyed by the reborn FL of this world as her deciples, making sure they reach their potential get revenge


The story can start to feel empty at times as the MC is so powerful it makes all the other characters besides her feel like wooden props. having a few known characters from previous worlds make the cast feel more alive & important (though they could have been more fleshed out or played a bigger role


572-626 villiage flower


Og FL travels back to her youth in the 60s and plots to marry a young officer she knows will one day be sucessful. To tie up knots she plots that the woman destined to be that officer's wife (the MC) will marry into what was meant to be her loveless marriage with a handsome educated youth trapped in the country-side. MC arrives in the world the day after her wedding to the ML. they fall in love & work had to achieve success together


627-720 Woman of the Beast World


MC is the tribe princess of a group of stone-age animal shape-shifters. The og FL is a college student who transmigrates into the world and collects a harem of the most powerful men as she introduces technology. MC is handed over to a king in place of the og FL who is backed up by her harem. Instead of dying to the king, MC does a coup.


721-791 The Horror Game Female Anchor ☆

The og FL was trapped in a horror game and discovered by a game designer who wants to transfer her brainwaves into a living person (data ghost romance). The MC is a game livestreamer who is the chosen victim for the brain takeover. A lot of this story takes place on the internet or in games, which leads us to learn that games & stories are smaller worlds within the world. Russian nesting dolls of small worlds that belive themselves to be real

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08phamann rated it
October 6, 2021
Status: c81
Dropped after first arc.

MC is boring, has a confusing character and doesn't seem to have any overarching goals. What is her motive for doing everything? Revenge? To destroy the world? Break up the ogML and ogFL? Never at any point are we given any motive for her to do any of this.

System is a s*upid kid. Useless.

ML is disappointing and threw her away twice but she still went back to him. She wanted to make him fall in love with her and then suffer when she died, but why? It... more>> wasn't even that angsty because he never seemed to love her in the first place. Those novels with that type of trope only work if we can feel the love between the couple, and once they die that love is converted to heartbreak that is magnetised. But in this case I didn't even feel any feelings between MC and ML, so when she dies I was meh. <<less
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Dango rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: c104
One word. ANGST.

The first world hurt my glass kokoro, and I wanted to punch both the MC and the ML so hard.

Not because the story is bad, personally I feel the plot is pretty good and the coldness of the MC is well justified, unlike some stories where the MC is b*tchy as a personality.

... more>> I mean if you get betrayed in every world preceeding this story, you must be a Holy Mother to have an intact personality and moral compass.

The only problem is personally, I wasn't prepared for the angst that hit me in the face.

MC being unfeeling and taking things calmly, doesn't explain herself when she get stuck in issues that affect her relationship with the ML.

ML being sus as hell with the MC and coupled with the fact she doesn't give a damn about explaining herself. It's like the cherry ontop this shitfest.

Reading the beginning of arc 2, I already see the angst peeking over my shoulder, and I am so not ready for it. <<less
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Blithe rated it
October 31, 2023
Status: Completed
Phew! This is the longest novel I've read in my entire life. 5806 chapters! Like wow!

Needless to say, I loved the novel. I mean no one sits through that much chapters if they can't stand the novel. 😁 FL is just phenomenal. She really takes the words " kill 'em with kindness" literally. She seldom actually kill people. To her that's the easy way out. She destroys villains mentally so much so that they can't ever find a way out and have to live out the rest of their life miserably. Her methods are just brilliant.

The ML is such a loyal puppy following her to each and every world. It's really hard to digest the dog food thrown our way in each world.

While there were certain worlds in which I feel like the punishment FL gave was too little or too much

especially in that beast world arc the actual villains were the male beasts, the OG FL just kind of instigated them. I don't like how the male beasts and the horrible children were allowed to live their life in the city so peacefully.

, I enjoyed each and every arc.

I also kind of disliked how there were only women villains with love brains in most of the earlier arcs. However, as the novel went on, more thought- out arcs were written.

Anyway kudos to the author for writing a novel so enticing I couldn't put it down for weeks on end. Definitely recommend.
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Nirvaq rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c104
This is genuinely fantastic. I will admit that the tags and it being a CN (which I haven't had many good experiences with) kinda put me off at first but I am so glad I read it. I was hooked and binged the entire translation in 2 days which is the most genuine way I can show my praise for it.

I've always had a soft spot for MC's that are a bit broken since it just adds a tasty bit of spice to the story and this MC does not... more>> disappoint. After going through multiple lives of being betrayed, falsely accused, lied to and driven to death she is understandably pissed at the hand fate has dealt her. Her answer to this? Stop playing by their rules. Rip apart the 'plot' in any way she sees fit. She has an iron backbone and the cunning to bend the story to her whim, no matter how much the system begs her to refrain. And these little interactions with the system are a giggle in themselves.

Learning about the circumstances of the characters she plays as we follow her just adds the icing on the cake, that little extra satisfaction from a rightful vengeance goes down sweet.

The only minor issue I have is how s*upid must someone be to think it's a good idea to put a person through multiple scenarios that would break someone's psyche and let them retain the memories of those heartbreaks. What were you expecting to happen? The worst thing that could happen to them for going against the scenario is them dying and being sent to the next world earlier. Why wouldn't they break a couple worlds to vent?

But that's just a personal issue that will probably be explained later down the road so it has no bearing on my rating and I nonetheless wholeheartedly recommend anyone to read this novel. <<less
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Muka rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: c45
Im totally hooked!!!its refreshing story... the MC back story is realistic..

after being a cannon fodder trusting everyone then being used and thrown away... then suddenly someone came to save her and she became attached to this person just to be betrayed again for the same person again.. this continued for couple of lifetime before our MC lost her feelings and doesn't want to just follow the scrip... she wanted to live her life the way she wanted it...

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