Everyday Life of a Dom Boyfriend


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The everyday life filled with heavy smut between a pro-dom boyfriend and a debt collector, a relaxing and warm route.

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dustmite rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: Completed
From the one tling:

... more>>

Most relationships start off with the couple dating and finding the best in each other. They then get married and go off on a honeymoon, before returning to a normal life and discovering each other's flaws, leading to many domestic disputes and their love for each other not as passionate as before.

This story does not follow that formula. Instead, the author skips the honeymoon phase and plops the two main characters right into a domestic life. In the beginning, it is evident that there is a gap in the relationship or missing something that truly bridges the both of them together. They don't try to hide their flaws nor afraid of confronting each other's problems, and it is through overcoming these challenges that trust and love flourishes between the two.

Despite the title, it is not a BDSM-centric heavy smut novel, but a slice-of-life novel. The story is told from the perspective of Xia Zhi, a man in his late 20's who is desperate for a reliable, life-long partner. Many parts of this story follow him as a third-party observer of the BDSM practices as he tries to understand and come to terms with his partner Ye Qia, and by extension his partner's identity as a s*x worker


I'm giving 5 stars for this novel because it's rare for a story to pull off the slice of life genre (and with such a topic as well!) without the plot slowing to a dribble, plus the characters are endearing. Ye Qia is always enigmatic as ever and it is satisfying to see him unraveled through Xia Zhi's interactions.

Bonus points are given for the constant hilarity ensued from the series of comical situations. <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c4
This series is amazing!!!

It may not have many chapters out yet but from the ones it has you can already see that its going to tackle on serious issues like domestic violence sudden deaths and s*x workers

The MC has issues with his temper but because he doesnt want to lose it he chooses a partner that can beat him up with ease..... Said partner works as a dom (and he is ver good at it).. it hinted that we may see him at his work place (hehe ^_-)
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carminex3 rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c17
I just want to see the series finished!

Its hilarious, and funny in an unexpected way. Watch how a simple minded man learns about his new boyfriend and the life he lives as a dom.
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Rainess09 rated it
March 1, 2019
Status: c17
Really liked the laid-back sense of story telling. Too bad it's not fully translated. Basically haven't had enough of my fill to really give it a good review. But, based on what I've read so far, the MC is really as funny as sh*t like Idk why he's so full of silly ideas in his little head of his. Like is this person really someone who's suffered domestic violence? He's more like someone who grew up in all that sunshine-filled family of three kinda home. He worries about the most... more>> trivial things like the ML basically just ignores his nonesense lol. But I think that's exactly what the ML looks for. Here we have an ML who is practically jaded over everything else but money. He has that 'fck-it been there, done that' vibe goin on all through out. Anyway, there's been much talk that there isn't much romance along the way, or does the ML even like the MC? But guess what, I feel that the ML has given much concession and face to his boyfriend (MC) from the start. That's enough proof of romance or at least an inkling of interest in the romantic department. Ain't no way a person just go up and uproots his home just for a nothing. So yeah, the ML does move in with MC after being propositioned 10 minutes after his initial meeting with the MC. He also barely and close to never uses his 'dom knowledge or professional skill' to deal with his tantrum-y boyfriend. I think that represent respect more than laziness on his part. Cause the MC is really like batsh*t silly most of the times. And as a dom he could like do his dom sh*t and have none of that crazyness. Anyway, I really like this novel, hope I could to read some more of it.

Some silly fluff


There's this chap where the silly MC get's his shaft wrung with a ring - an indirect gift from ML - cause he's super silly all the time. Well yeah it was an accident on his part, but only cause he's super silly. Anyway, he got so scared that the ring will break his lil D so he got up and called his bf (ML) to help him which he (MC) never does cause he knows his bf's work and doesn't usually bother him with a call but just sends him an sms. So as expected his bf doesn't answer the call, on like on the third try his bf even cuts off the call. So he's like so desperate and scared silly, puts on his clothes on, decided to head over the hospital w/ a dejected pitiful look. When he goes to open the main door to leave, he came face to face w/ the ML going through his (ML) bag fishin for his keys. ML asks him why he was calling and so MC tells the gist by pulling off his pants and showin it to the ML. Lol, I keep imaginin myself as the ML at this point, the stranger my expression became the more I keep at it. I swear why would such a silly guy ever do anythin remotely fishy to his treasure. Anyway, the only pity I feel is for the ML for having to suffer to live with such a beyond silly bf. So back to the story, the ML helps him out by callin his work friends to deal with it. This was also the first time that the ML refers to MC as his boyfriend. BOYFRIEND, not wife. Which is a breath of fresh air. Barely any ML refer to their uke or partner as boyfriend. Anyway, the MC is super scared and anxious at this point and the ML gets ridiculed by his work friends by this hilarity cause this event have never happened to any of his clients but unexpectedly happens to his own boyfriend. So the ML explain how it happened to his bf in a way that seems to imply it was not the ML's fault but the MC's fault for being recklessly silly. While the ML's friends helps MC get his lil D free, the ML also comforted the MC before and after the 'medical treatment'.

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Storymonster rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: c17
I'm really enjoying this... but it's not what I was expecting given the comedy tag and other two reviews.

I literally cried every chapter for the first 14 chapters. There are funny moments, but overall, it's more heartbreaking than anything. (To me. ymmv)

But abusive relationship warnings aside, the writing is great. The characters are great. The translation is great. I'm reserving judgment on the plot because 17 chapters is too early for something so psychological.
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Doytch Magient
Doytch Magient rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: --
Objectively speaking, it's a great novel. But if you ask if I like it? Hmm I'm not so sure.

While the character buildings and the writings (prob thanks to translator too :D) are great, the CP relationship is fragile and just, how do I say, there's not couple vibes (lol). Just like roomates who sometimes fools around (sexually). Well, maybe we can somehow get this feeling that 'maybe they are actually in love', but they are just so realistic and have seen much of the world that, "in my opinion, my... more>> bias view, my most subjective comment", it's suffocating to see them together. Especially when ML was so professional in his work as s*x worker that it becomes his life, MC needed to endure dozen sacks of vinegar bcs of ML's Client. Well, his fault to choose a professional s*x worker in the first place.. =W="

Me, as a reader, feels lump of emotions inside my chess everytime MC needed to tolerate ML. Yes, we need to tolerate him bcs we can't just force him to get out of his tainted life. Yes, MC needs a man who can hold him down when he's emotionally unstable and wants a fight. Yes yes yes. But ME, as a dog tired as hell human from real life reader just can't accept that there's no pink aura, cutely teasing, sweet jokes and delicious dog foods to see! That's the problem lies with me! That's very subjective of me!


*Calming down*


If you are some self abused dog who likes eating vinegar, then this novel is for you :D

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