Let Me Tease You


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JiYuan woke up to find that he has turned into a big beauty.

System : Our goal is to….

JiYuan (without any expression) : …become a man.


Translator’s synopsis :

This is a story about a man named JiYuan who transmigrated into the body of an icy cold big beauty.

But wait, turns out he’s still a man, just that the original body has been raised as a girl due to some superstitious belief.

On the other hand, there’s a voice in his head called ‘System’ and Jiyuan has been told by ‘System’ that his soul will be destroyed if he didn’t follow the tasks given to him.

Follow JiYuan on his quest to clear his name from a murder charge while trying his best to complete the ‘randomly refreshed’ tasks given by ‘System’.


Translator note : This not really gender bend as the MC is a man through and through. The fact that he cross-dressed only occur at the earlier chapters.

Let Me Tease You average rating 4.5/5 - 112 user ratings
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New veihakase rated it
November 8, 2017
Status: c56
This novel is really one of my favorites. One of the best things in this novel would be the ML. He's really sweet and cheesy haha but his cheesiness is just appropriate and cute so it's okay. Next would be the MC. The MC is really smart and rational. He knows how to twist his ways to avoid OOC that would benefit him. And the System. My gaahd it's the best system out of all the transmigration novels that I read (007 to be the next) haha.

... more>>

Well, the only thing I would be dissatisfied about are the H-scenes seems to be censored. I don't know.. It just cut off just like that ahahaa well we're fujoshis sooo..


Definitely worth your time. Enjoy reading :) <<less
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New FengMing rated it
November 3, 2017
Status: c54
Totally in love with this novel. System is a sassy little thing and I love it! I love the couple now towards the end then I did in the beginning. It was like pulling teeth to get JiYuan to admit to his feelings, which made me want to throat punch him many times. However now they are super adorable and I have no complaints. The couples relationship reminds me of the couple from “ the legendary masters wife”. Which is another novel that I love so it was very easy... more>> for me to get hooked on this one. I can’t wait to see how this finishes. <<less
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Clearesta rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel is beautifully done~ This is one of my fav novels out there ~

The plot mainly about solving a killer case (it suits with the description) and finding clue that will lead into a major case.

The author also makes stories about their pasts and how their personality became like that.

Author also makes the supporting characters not some 'masses-produced-personality'. All of them have their own personality.
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August 3, 2017
Status: Completed
I had some mixed feelings about this novel. It starts off with a good intro and world building, picks up a bit once they ... more>>

get to the human world

then slows down again when the story drops a lot of background information on the reader, and finally picks up at the end again. It felt like there were random details that you could piece together, but then the story drops an explanation on you and it feels a bit redundant.

The absolute best thing about this novel is the banter between the System and the MC. The MC is pretty smart. While he's limited by certain rules, he finds ways to work around them, which lead to some really funny and awkward situations. The ML is super chill but he loves to flirt with his little beauty.

The MC and ML's backgrounds both suited them well but somehow I didn't feel it was weaved into the story very well. It was THERE but somehow I felt when it wasn't specifically needed, it kind of got pushed to the corner of my mind to gather dust, until it got dusted off for the plot.

The characters are all unique, and add to the flavor of the story, but I wish we got to see more of them in the ending. The author also makes a halfhearted attempt at the end to finish up all the tasks.


We never actually get to see the moment JiYuan is finally freed from the system, but we can guess that he is freed in the last chapter.



The lack of explicit s*x scenes made me feel frustrated, not only because it would cut off RIGHT WHEN THEY DO IT, (IS THIS CENSORSHIP AH?) but also because I felt for a really long time that Ye Junchi was one-sidedly chasing JiYuan and that just didn't feel fair. I felt like maybe in bed JiYuan would act a bit differently and I really wanted to see it. Later they have cute scenes together that make up for it and shows JiYuan really did fall for Ye Junchi, he just has to show his love gradually because of the OOC limitation.


Final thoughts: Started off strong, dragged on, 7/10. <<less
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KKristen rated it
October 20, 2017
Status: c52
This BL novel is good. Don't be fooled by the cartoon image at the top of the page -- this has a serious story, and the characters and story progression are more believable/realistic than some others.


JiYuan, a good-for-nothing young master in the modern world, dies of alcohol poisoning and is reborn in an ancient fantasy world. The body he has taken over is a beautiful woman who was captured by the demon lord, just before she was going to be forced to marry a villainous man. But no one... more>> knows that the cold-faced miss is actually a "mister"...

When he's reborn, JiYuan is informed by the disembodied voice, "System, " that he must complete tasks for his new body's character in order to survive. Additionally, any actions deemed too OOC ("out of character") will result in his soul being eradicated.


Usually, I like to write a detailed character description for the main characters, but I feel like too many details will give the interesting twists in the plot away. So for now, you'll have to make due with this:

  • The main character, JiYuan, is believable and not annoying. He behaves realistically for someone who suddenly died and was reborn in a strange world, and appropriately for the limitations "System" placed upon him. His change in mindset/perspective over time is gradual and makes sense.
  • The male lead, Ye Junchi, is devilishly handsome, mysterious, and dedicated, but he's also well-grounded. His character is consistent, and I appreciate the fact that even though he's domineering and possessive, he's not as "rapey" as many other BL men.
  • "System" is a surprisingly good character -- instead of a robotic voice or appraisal/stats screen, it's actually an artificial intelligence that interacts with the MC. Their conversations are comedic and System's "advice" add a unique aspect to the story.

  • The story has an overarching crime-solving/mystery plot -- where the main characters are framed for a crime and spend the novel finding answers to resolve it -- but don't worry, the tone isn't too "detective" or "crime show"-like.
  • This BL story is steamy but not smutty. In comparison to many other stories, this one is pretty tame. PG-13, maybe, but not R.
  • The translation quality is very good. A couple of minor errors here and there, but barely noticeable. Overall, it's very good, and much better than MTL.
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Ichigocheesecake rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: c23
I AM IN LOVE . This is so adorable!!! This plot is really quite unique with how ye junchi is so tolerable. Quite a unique plot too!!! I secretly suspect that system is in love with the MC but this is just my guess I might be wrong.
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Midget_bunny rated it
August 1, 2017
Status: c23
One of my fave BL novel. It was really fluffy and cute. The ML especially is soo cute that you will not believe that he is a ruthless evil cold blooded demon king.

Here a little spoiler

... more>>

there is some reviewer said that the MC got no free will or something. I tell ya guys, this free will thingy or whatsoever will be manipulate by MC that he can control the system. N its not like the things that the system told MC to do is dark. It is more to comedy. Like run away from ML, steal smthg from ML. Also there are no rape... For goodness sake look at the tag be4 say something. After all ML is a straight.... Well b4 he met MC. Hehehe.


if ur new to BL genre, then I think this story light enough. <<less
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stormcloud888 rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: --
I had to leave a review after seeing the translators rant about the previous review here. I personally think the translator is doing a wonderful job translating. There was no problems with the idioms, very easy to understand. I hope that the translator can keep up the pace, it's gives me a happy feeling seeing this story updated.

I am someone who hates reading about a powerless MC but somehow even though the MC has limited abilities it doesn't irritate me and is part of the comedy. Also it seems that... more>> the MC is gaining more ability to adjust accomplishing his tasks. I have to really disagree that there is any sort of rape in this story (sadly) if ur looking for dark this isn't quite it. <<less
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luisfe rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: --
i tend to avoid chinese web novel, esp wuxia/xianxia (like I can differentiate them duh). but this novel is pretty good and fun to read. yeah, fun to read although the ML is a demon. the interaction between MC and ML is actually kinda funny if you read the following chapters. I'm even doubting the ML is a real demon. you won't see many demons that are willing to accept request when there's no contract or compensation.

... more>>

till chapter 22, he actually demanded a kiss. well, I kinda expect worse. he's a demon u'see. the ML is classic example of exaggerated rumors. yeah, he's smiling but not his eyes, he kills and slaughters and all. but that happened off-screen. and I recall he did say he killed some people but not that many to make blood river. he's also quite courteous to strangers. most of time, he's just chilling around. also I must emphasize something. there's no rape here. I can think rape scene or something similar in other chinese yaoi novel. but not in this novel. and with his traits, I doubt there will be. the most s*xy scene is just kiss and grope, not penetration. I admit I want more but eh, none that kind here. the only thing I can think that restricts MC is the system. even so, MC is bantering with the system in every occasion. he even starts to change the body's personality aka OOC. that's......... pretty creative. oh, have I said their bantering is funny? most of jokes are from theirs. german orthopedic....? oh boy


just like the title. it's all teases.
in short, light reading when I want something to lighten my mood. <<less
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Stephanie1399 rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c22
Love this novel, I find it fun and easy to read. The characters are interesting and all have their own personalities and back stories. The main plot is interesting and serious (it's a murder mystery and framing situation that MC is try to solve with the help of others) but the author relieves the tension with the main character and side characters actions and inner thoughts. The main character is actually gay and not a man forced into a same s*x situation, which is nice, there are too many stories... more>> out there that are forcing MC and this is NOT one of them. This story is funny at times and serious at others and it keeps me coming back to read more. <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c26 part2
The MC is a boy living and dressed like a girl.... His family gave him to a infamous young master to be his pet but he was kidnapped by one of the infamous demon lords on the way.

Add poisons, murder mysteries left and right and missions given by the system for the MC to complete and you get an awesome read <3
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RiriXoXo rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: c22
I'm only on chapter 22, but I really enjoy reading this novel so far, and it's truly a hilarious read. At times, it's also so cute that I get second hand embarrassment lol (~>_<) ~. The plot is also very interesting and it leaves me wondering how everything will be revealed.

The characters are also not shallow as each of them have their own distinct personalities, and even the most disliked characters have their own understandable reasons for doing the things that gives them the "dislike" label. I especially like the... more>> MC and his System (their interactions leave me dying in laughter). I find the ML extremely s*xy too. At first, I thought he was going to be a really sadistic seme (which I'm neutral towards), but then.... \ (0////0) / <— only this face can describe how I felt after knowing more about him.

What I also found that was really interesting was the MC's condition of needing to fulfill a certain amount of tasks given by his System and the unbreakable OOC rule (is this considered spoiler? Idk ;~;). This is one of the reasons why this novel is different from the other bl novels that include a system. Heck, this MC's System is also so much more awesome and loveable. I always look forward to how the MC will try to outsmart his System.

If anyone needs a comedic, adorable, and unique read, this is the novel for you! Seriously, I love the funny scenes. Here's one of my faves (I'm sure this is a spoiler this time) :


MC was cross-dressing and he pulled out the peaches he used for boobs and ate them. He had to use pomegranates as his new "boobs, " which made him look like he had a bigger sack. Lmao


Many thanks to the author for creating such a fun novel, and many thanks to the translator for putting in their effort so that international fans can enjoy this. ^^ <<less
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Chi rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c22
It's a fun read~

All starting from a rescue of a forced marriage, that suddenly became a murder case and people saying that the killer was the one who kidnapped the bride, ... more>>

which isn't true..... and actually everyone was itching to kill that bastard, so in the end they used YJC's bad reputation to cover their act and so the mysteries of Agatha Christie's began.


The MC (bride) is one of those many who transmigrated and received a system with quests and all, but unlike those op MCs his body sucks and, as consequence, is kind like a damsel in distress (as of the latest chapter, 22). So, stuck with a trash body, an hilarious system he has to strive to complete the quests.

Luckily he at least has the help of the demon lord.


Also, although the MC have to do the quests and try not OOC

the MC was actually intelligent enough to start to make gradual changes on his persona, thus making Ji Yuan to be more and more similar to his real self and minimizing the risk of OOC and thus protecting dear life. The interaction between the MC and ML at first was rather cold (the kidnapped and kidnapper), but after the MC started to journey together it started to loosen up.

And the MC is a gay dude that sometimes seems rather conflicted over wanting to grab YJC, but he have to get it off from his head, after all YJC is rather troublesome (but not that bad person, more like "don't step in my feet or rub me wrong and you be fine") and a straight guy........ dear cocolot13579, the one who was groped up and down (just not the bird) by a gay guy wasn't the MC, the MC is the one who made the groping on YJC (and the MC liked A LOT of what he felt and I have my doubts that YJC was actually feigning unconscious and just left the MC do what he wanted to see what was his aim) and our MC isn't disgusted at all with YJC.......... since there's already a spoiler tag....



"Do I 'lie down' now?"

System answered back wittily, "Do you want to 'lie down'?"

JiYuan : "... " To tell the truth, he doesn't resent being intimate with Ye Junchi.<<< (ch. 18)


so, if YJC bend over there can only be joy~ hehehe~

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ryiryi rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: --
Started reading due to great reviews. Really love the story. It's not your typical rebirth plot that's what makes it worth reading. Plus all that fluff. And a System that I want as BFF (then we can bully MC together). Haha... I really want to give more flowery praise but it's 5.30am and im still awake. T.T I have 2 heavy financial subjects to study by today. That's how good this story is. It keep me captivated. Thanks, Iambanana for translating. I have other novels I wanted to read raw... more>> but is there anyway an app or something that can read out the Chinese words? Just wondering bcuz I can understand Chinese but couldn't read it. I can use Google translate and some language software & dictionary to read it but due to me being lazy AF so didn't last long b4 I give up. Hence, im amaze at how dedicated all the translators I found here so far. Thanks so much for all your efforts, tears, time... <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c50
An adorable story with some emotional moments.

It's not the best story ever, but it's pretty entertaining. The MCs are pretty interesting/developed. The characters' interactions are funny. The ending is being predictable, but I wonder whether the MC will tell the ML about his situation?

I haven't read many novels like this (BL, transported in cultivation world with system).

MC's new body is pretty interesting. Lots of 'fun' situations surrounding him...
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