Every World Seems Not Quite Right (Quick Transmigration)


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For some reason, Shao Qian devoured half of the system that tried to devour his soul after tricking him into completing missions in worlds where he was horribly humiliated.

Since he didn’t feel like returning to his original world anymore, he decided to return to the worlds of which he had the coordinates and retaliate against them!


Why is it that every world seems not quite right?

Could it be the method he used to cross through the worlds was wrong?

Why is the female lead completely ignored by the male lead who, for some reason, is currently sticking to him like glue?

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Mỗi Một Thế Giới Đều Thấy Sai Sai
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42 Reviews

Aug 18, 2019
Status: c14
The translators did a good job, but with such a bland MC and psychotic ML, is there any point in reading it? I'm only at the early part of arc 2, but I don't have any interest after what happened in the first arc. The ML is one of the most disgusting types of human being there is.

Nothing like forcefully confining the underaged relative you're in love with, ignoring his pleas to call his dad, drugging him, and forcefully 'taking him', and keeping him confined for 10 years until his suicidal death, all the while having the family who loves the MC believe he died from drowning. Yeah, what a real protective knight we have here. And the MC, who somehow in the back of his little brain senses that this piece of tr*sh is his soulmate, only sees all this as a minor inconvenience until he can off himself and move on to the next world, even though this was his first time having relations of this nature. Are you supposed to have a personality or not? Oh, I had to edit my comment because, also, along with everything else, the ML left the MC with maimed legs (not his doing, but he intentionally avoided healing them) so he couldn't run away, a la' Misery. What sort of protagonist would not be enraged and ready to maim after such treatment? Both the ML and the MC are a joke, and their love is a huge, blistering lie.


I hear the story gets better after a while, but why should I have to wade through garbage to get to decent content? Besides, even though it's super obvious right away that the two knew each other before, with their 'epic romance spanning space and time' being introduced to me like this, there's no way I'll give a squat if the next arcs are sweeter. Far as I care, I've seen the psychotic ML and extremely lacking MC's true faces. Pass, thanks.

(Really, though, can we please get past this s*upid 'possessive ML psycho who doesn't listen to others' trend? It stopped being cute ages ago, and that's in stories where there isn't non-consensual relations. Nowadays, it's a power fantasy to absolutely destroy characters like these, not make them our husbando.)
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Feb 06, 2018
Status: c24
UPDATED 3/5/18

World 1: messy

World 2: boring, but I really liked this ML

... more>> World 3: Too soon to tell


I've been really enjoying this rush of chinese multiple realms stories. This one is a bit unique, in the first arc so far characters beside the MC and FL show some development and it's nice to see the family interacting.

I actually feel bad for the FL, she's not just evil to be evil. I don't think her actions are completely justifiable, but between her father's neglect and obvious favoritism for his son plus growing up poor and ashamed of it, all this hate she's getting from the other characters seems a bit unfair. It's also weird how likable the dad is even though he was pretty much scum before.

I'm actually really uncomfortable with the blatant favoritism towards the MC, everyone seems to like him for his looks. As a result the MC is really annoying me, he isn't even doing anything, he's just having things happen for him.

Looking forward to seeing how this arc resolves itself and what the next world will be like. Wonder if MC will feel sad leaving his current family when the time comes? <<less
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Jan 15, 2020
Status: I CAN'T
to summarize everyone's hate on ML, quote from Arc II, chapter 13:

"But why did this youth keep rejecting him? It's fine though. Even if his Porcelain Doll doesn't like him at the moment, so long as they get along with each other for a long time, they will naturally develop feelings for each other."

That's basically our ML. He falls into category of posessive and forceful. There is some sort of faint foreshadowing that it's a part of a bigger picture, but executed through inadequate behavior (just read first Arc, it's... more>> only like 10 chapters long to find out that maybe MLs you criticized before aren't that bad). ML does not only fall strongly in love at first sight, it follows by his harassing behavior, since their first meeting (which is: a) weird, since they only met; b) they're close relatives, being legit cousins). Later develops into forcing a teen to s*x with him (and by forcing I mean he never asked for consent, e.g. He forces himself on a sleeping teenager and mol*sts him). With the climax of the first Arc the teenager falls into water (SPOILERS) and everyone thinks he died and they mourn him, but he's not dead. With mutilated physique, not able to run away, he's confided in a villa and forced to a "relationship" with ML. His family, which loved him btw, mourned MC for a second time.

The lazy story and villain motivation is pushed back by this, you don't care about MC or the reason for his "fixing" the plot, if there was a plot. There's no face-slapping, everything is just vulgar and tragic. MC is actually miserable with how he ended up not only imprisoned, but also unable to live the way he wanted. Starting the second Arc the thoughts of ML make me think that EVEN if, as some people say, it will progress into something different, the whole image of ML in this novel is already spoiled to the point that many readers won't want to further read about such a character. <<less
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Feb 11, 2018
Status: c11
The first ark is poorly written and kinda strange. I think the setting of the first world was supposed to be a rom-com but forgets the com. Main character changes his avatar’s act and everybody is in love with him. Except of the sister cause she is the villain in this arc and nobody loves the villain, or care about her apparently. One of these character’s turns out to be a yandere and MC just sort of coasts along the ordeal for ten years and doesn’t do anything at all.

Out... more>> of the three or four stories on novel updates I am currently reading with the same story type this one is my least favorite so far. <<less
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Jan 19, 2018
Status: c12
So far I only did read the story of first world and as the name of novel says "Every World Seems Not Quite Right" there is something wrong with the first world things dont go by how it supposed to be
... more>>

First of all his sister who suposed to be MC never had that MC halo that system mentioned, the drunk father who didn't realy care about his childer suddenly become then most carring father, the future husban of his sister fell in love with him at first sight and ignored the MC existence.


Plot it's confusing me so far but I like it alot :) <<less
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Apr 15, 2018
Status: c48
FIRST ARC: A bit abusive, not the best. 3/5... more>>

MC is the son of a rich man who ran away from home to marry the woman he loved. They adopted the original protagonist to keep company to their son but the wife dies soon. Father goes out of control, gambling, drinking, staying out all night and day cause his son's face reminds him of his wife. Originally the protagonist framed her brother and had him killed, but with the MC arms und it doesn't happen. Dad comes to his senses and returns to his home with his kids. ML is MC's cousin and also the original male lead. Everyone loves the adorable MC but are wary of the protag and the greedy look in her eyes. Eventually protag looses it and tries to have the MC thrown into the ocean and killed, MC is assumed dead by everyone but in reality ML has found him and is keeping him locked in his mansion. MC eventually realizes that ML let legs be ruined on purpose because he lost his mind and is afraid of MC walking away. MC leaves world after years when protagonist commits suicide.


ARC 2: Kind of bland at times but ML is good.


MC is a person killed by the protagonist who is a ghost killed by his ancestors. MC turns into ghost and is found by the ML who is also original ML. Originally he killed MC because he was in love with protag but this time he doesn't fall for her. Stuff happens, ML dies of old age and MC leaves the world after he is gone.


ARC 3: GOOD!!!!! Beast/westren fanatasy. MC is adorable.


MC is a beast hybrid. His father is killed by light priests but not before he explodes himself to kill them as well because he thinks that his wife has been killed by them and he wants to give his son the time to escape. Turns out wife wasn't dead and faked her love for dad because she wanted a powerful beast son who she could form contract witha nd completely control. MC escapes into the forest where he is adopted by these old trees and eventually the entire forest and other beasts dote on him since he is the most powerful beast cub there. He saves ML who is the protagonist and brings him back to his home. Stuff happens.


ARC 4: Best. So far. Ancient world, MC is emperor. Best part is MC insulting the ML on the inside, absolutely hilarious.


MC is the child emperor and ML is the ML original. He is the regent, basically the emperor is his puppet. Protagonist is a young concubine born daughter from the prime minister's home who ML originally fell in love with because she looked similar to the MC (who he had dreams of). ML falls in love with MC after he meets him after transmigration, whole heartedly decides to make him the emperor while he decides to just be a loyal subject. Prime Minister's daughter appears, reclessly drives her carrige in the streets and almost tramples the emperor who is undercover as a commoner, ML is super worried and pissed. Sees ML and tells maid that she'll marry that man. That night ML goes to her house and has her family killed right when she was acting spoiled and asking her dad to marry her to the regent. Eventually ML goes to conqure trouble area to give to his emperor, ends up getting scared across his face but wins. Is afraid that MC will not like him anymore, uselessly worries and hides in his courtyard. MC comes and after bantering and calling him a perv, he tells ML that he'll just go and fill his harem with beauties since ML isn't interested in him anymore. ML comes, is assured by MC that he still love's him. Regent dies, MC joins him.


Fifth arc is ongoing but it looks pretty good so far. It's a wuxia (xianxia?) world.

TL;DR - The beginning is a bit slow but stick through it to get to the laughs and some of the best plot you'll ever see. <<less
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Mar 30, 2018
Status: c49
I've read 4 arcs and it's not a bad novel. However, it's not that great either.

The translator is doing a great job and is trying to release a lot of chapters, so I don't want to deter people from reading it in consideration for his hard work.

I said it's not great for the following reasons:

... more>> It's hard to like the ML in the 1st world, he is too much of a yandere. He gets better in the next world though.

The story in each arc is not really well developed. In the 1st and 2nd world, the principle is that the MC must hinder the female lead of the world to gain energy. But that concept disappear completely in the next arcs.

The chapters focus more on the MC and ML interacting together than on the story of the worlds. That could be fine if the interactions were rich and deepen their relationships and character, but that's not really the case. I don't know how to explain it, but it feels bland.

Still, I'll continue reading the next arcs, because like I said in my first sentence, it's not that bad. <<less
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Shigure Hakuya
Shigure Haku
May 14, 2018
Status: c47
At first, reading this story might be a pain reading it, it slowly gets better.

... more>>

Remembering that the first arc has incest as it's main couple, it can be considered as decent. Though I am slightly discouraged to read this due to the forced relationship between Shao Qing and ML.

The second arc, with Shao Qing as a ghost that the original world's female protagonist killed, is fairly good. Though the relationship between our main couple didn't advanced too much with Shao Qing feeling hesitant whether Song Dao is the former ML from the previous arc.

When it reached the third arc, it gets better. With a MC that is a demon-beast hybrid, and a ML that is so possessive it's hilarious, it's one the good part of reading this novel. The way of ML spoiling MC to the max is cute!

The ancient arc, where the MC is the little emperor with ML as the regent is one of the best arcs in this novel. This time, MC realized early that the regent is his lover, with ML fairly recognized MC from his dream that involves the events from the third arc. Again, the MC is spoiled again by ML which makes us laugh when MC mentioned that he didn't liked the overloaded treasures given to him. In the end of this arc, it's heartwarming that MC accepted ML even if he has a wound on his face after a two year long absence.


Even though the scenes in other danmei novels where the MC stays with ML until they die is redundant, we readers still feel that that arc will be incomplete without the closing of an arc.

Overall, this novel might be bad for others at first, when the story progresses more, it gets better and better, especially the fourth arc. <<less
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Victuuri Road
Victuuri Roa
Oct 14, 2018
Status: c51-1
To those people who are reading the comments --- the story gets better.

This novel has been a favorite of mine for a while now. The character development is actually pretty nice... both MC and ML are cute to me. Gotta give kudos to the translator for translating this (ノ*>∀<) ノ♡
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May 01, 2018
Status: c189
I guess this is not everyone 's cup of tea but for me its pretty good.

I got the intense romance, thrill and fun in reading this novel, also if u finished the whole story, you will understand why the ML is easily attached with d MC. This is in my top 10 bl list and I hope d translator will continue this since I had only read the mtl version.

Everything has it own reason and mostly people who gave low rating have not read much in ds novel

. The plot... more>> is good and if u read the cannon fooders counterattack system, this should have the same reasonable ending flow which is unique in its own way. <<less
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Jan 14, 2019
Status: c52
I'm giving it 5 stars because the story gets better and better in every chapter.

As for now, I don't see any problem with this story. Yes, in the first arc, ML is a psycho towards MC (I don't know who I can blame the ML character towards MC) lol

But, I hope the readers can try to read the story first before and decide if they like the story or not, but for me the story is really interesting tho ?????... more>>

I should tell you not to have a high expectation when they have pa pa pa together ??? The author didn't give us the details about their pa pa pa's experience in every arc lol

but I can assure you the story is very sweet and full of fluffiness ??? <<less
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May 10, 2018
Status: c48
Honestly, the first arc made me want to give the story 1 star, it was so badly written. The plot was rushed, the characters were completely so 1D they were nearly 0D. Female lead seemed way too s*upid and narrow minded to have actually successfully wooed the male lead at any point. Thankfully, though, the arcs are written progressively better as the story goes on. By chapter 45 or so, it's a fairly solid story. You pretty much know exactly where the story will go and there's nothing particularly interesting,... more>> but it's not a bad read. Like drinking room temperature water; can't say you love it but it gets the job done. <<less
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wandering cat
wandering ca
Apr 20, 2018
Status: c11
I don’t recommend this at all. It’s very poorly written. The plot doesn’t make any sense. The characters are very one dimensional and they just seem forced through and through.

Worse of all the romance creep me out. Not because it’s incest (... more>>

they’re just cousin so I don’t really mind

but because the ML just forced himself on the MC. I think the author reach too far for the trait ‘possessive’.

But I still want to give credits to the translator. They did a really good job and the language is very decent. <<less
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Jan 31, 2019
Status: c52
this will never be a five because the first arc is too squicky for me

... more>>

rape, incest, obsession and a setting a little like Stephen Kings Misery, with the MC being the one half-crippled and confined. Not liking stories that resort to r*pe for drama/shock value/shortcut to love, this series lost a star right from the start.


most people would never be able to forgive a person who did those things to them so I find the premise of him being fine with the ML in other worlds to be even more unbelievable than most of these novels (none of which are known for their realism). The MC is supposed to be really cynical and unable to trust and yet he forgives just like that? It's hard for me to understand and it negatively effects how I see the stories that come after. (I just can't seem to suspend my disbelief in this case).

if you're thinking about reading this would suggest just skipping over the first world, since you'll be able to enjoy the other stories more without it. I read it and am wishing I hadn't. <<less
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May 01, 2018
Status: c48.2
It's a great story or rather stories with a unique plot. Personally, I love it! I guess what I would call the "foundation/base story-line" is fluffy, funny, romantic and sad all at the same time. I have no idea how the author will end the story, but hopefully, it won't be sad. I definitely get the feeling there will be a plot twist. I will have to wait and see. I hope it will continue to be translated because I got involved enough to the point of - I just... more>> gotta know how it ends! <<less
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby
Apr 27, 2018
Status: --
The plot is terrible. I dunno where the author was going with the ML but I couldn't keep reading. The characters are very shallow and the attitude changes are extremely abrupt. The MC is very bland and has absolutely no will of his own. Not a single interesting character. Cant recommend, I really like the system type of novel but this is my first time reading one of them and regretting it
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Raven Blues
Silver Raven
Feb 18, 2018
Status: c16
It was still the first ark, so I can't gave my rating yet, but as far as the chapters goes, I really love the series.

There's a lot of hate for the first ark, apparently, but I really love the first ark for the comedy. (Or not but I laughed like a s*it)

... more>>

the MC is really likable and the ML is pretty much a yandere for reasons not revealed yet (well, it just starting the second ark...). There's a possibility that he is the system, but I have my doubts (for no reason reasons), although the possibility is high for him to became the system, but lets see where the story goes...

Btw, maybe the hate is because the ML yandere action (since he is a yandere...) and because the first ark doesn't have that much depth (?)


But really, I love this series and the translator updated it in a fast record.

Try to read the story without dwelling to much in it. You might just found yourself laughing like a tool like me.


except, yandere... but since it was just a story, its fine. Don't be a yandere, kids!


Thanks for translating this series translator! <<less
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Aug 22, 2020
Status: c90 part4
My favorite part is the humor. Specifically, I love how the author bashes all those s*upidly-cute characters.

In regards to the progression of the central plot... It more subtle for the first few arcs that may not translate very well, and there are a lot of arcs. But in all honesty, this one is more proactive with the background story than FOD, which essentially just came up in the latter half, if not the latter third.

And then in regards to the emotional state/characterization of the MC... Some potential things to consider:... more>> he's been through many worlds already, where he lived and died horribly, which he struggled and held on for a glimmer of hope. After experience a multitude of lives, this glimmer was dashed and he was prepared to die once and for all. But he survived again. One can imagine, even as people with only one life, if we were to live holding on to one obsession, how impactful losing that one thing would be. He's gone on for far longer, only increasing his obsession. Without this last thing holding him together, for a portion of people in that situation, they would be numb while another portion, would actively seek death. It's very difficult to leave that mindset in a short period of time. If one was alone, it would take a long time.

I believe that is why the first arc was necessary and impactful. As it was the first world since the incident, his emotions would still be rather raw rather than completely numb. At this moment when he was lost, he experienced a jumpstart in the form of the ML. It may not have been the best relationship, but it was true sincerity, concern, and love that he hadn't felt since... almost ever. It's very purposeful.


As for the nonconsensual situation... what I'm about to mention should not be generalized, but in this case, consider this literary analysis. He had lived through a multitude of lives as cannonfodders. Choose any form of horrible deaths or acts, he's likely experienced them all. In any case, by the time we met MC, he's been numb. While he certainly did not want to experience those things again, it's not as earth-shattering as it is for us readers.


For him who had experienced all sorts of horrendous acts before, another one isn't all that impactful. Sure, it might be that straw that broke the camel's back... But For someone who had lived through multitudes of torture and ill intent, being stewed in sincerity and love for ten years... That is definitely like the rising moonlight on the darkest of nights. <<less
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Jan 09, 2020
Status: c52
I got feed up... After all the MC got to stay with ML so many worlds and years. They could be considered as old couple, why did he still not soften to ML much more? I feel like it not enough... I simply know that he concerned and care for ML but I always feel like it not enough... That why 3 stars!! And I drop the story.. Cuz it boring.. After all QWTFD still the best~
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Dec 19, 2018
Status: c52
Hmmm....I won't give this a five star review but I gotta say it gets better and better tbh, and the translating is good.

There really isn't any plot development, but the story focuses more on character development between the MC and ML but we have too see, cause the story finally develops.

I understand why many gave up on the first arc... ML is way too possessive of MC and there's really no plot.

... more>>

Drugging and raping him, and doesn't even let him see his family annnd..... its Incest


However in 2nd arc its gets better


The MC as a ghost is quite cute, especially with his nickname, Doll when they fight together I feel that there is finally love

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