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“The earth and the Planet Guta are 100% integrated. Please welcome the new forces and strive to survive. I wish all humans on earth good luck.”

This is the powerful combination of Krypton Gold and Alliance bases.

[1v1 + infrastructure + game world + system + doomsday]
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7 Reviews

Apr 04, 2023
Status: c7
I just got to chapter 7 and find that the heroine plot armor is very thick, the premise is very similar with novel called "Apocalypse Lord", but here, the heroine is basically just very lucky and I don't even think it's ONLY the money (Krypton Gold).

... more>>

The previous game related to the apocalypse is pay to win dress up game (chapter 1) and she spend lots of inheritance money (which is basically unlimited) in the game and got everything in day 1 of apocalypse with no effort, other than the previous spent unlimited inheritance money, gaming time for synthesizing items, and of course very good luck.

From unemployed salted fish to OP rich powerful player in day 1 of Apocalypse, I can't really rooting for a heroine that was given a silver platter. It's even weirder that she plays dress up game but can directly kill monster when encountering in real life as if she has experience in fighting (there is no explanation, it was said that she was only playing game in her house).

Why I mentioned luck here, even until chapter 7, she actually has not encountered major problem due to her very blinding luck of never encountering problem (not encountering powerful monster siege before become strong enough when other people encountered them, never encountered selfish people in your usual end of world story). She get perfect combination of skill and profession one after another. Also an extra profession card and skill that perfectly can be exchanged with ML so they both benefit each other and have perfect combination of normal RPG party which was Archer/Mage/Warrior. It feels very flat, predictable, and the early prologue can't really keep me in my toes.

Reading this is similar with watching "I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'd Like to Maximize My Defensive Power", a relaxing walk in the park story then suddenly gaining OP items for myself and my friend after sleeping or eating, rather than reader wondering how the heroine can survive the apocalypse trial and given reward afterwards.

Personally, I expect the heroine to be more assertive and vigilant because it is end of world time, so even without character development the story can progress at a great pace without having to depend on the ML just like Apocalypse Lord.

But in this story, after meeting the ML, she seems to lose her vigilance to zero and have IQ problem. I think this is the case of romance novel, the author needs reason for two protagonist to stay together, so they butcher up MC competencies for a moment in order to make connections for both protagonists but will keep the ML stay perfect. Otherwise the romance tag will not be there and it won't be a romance novel because the author just can't write a plot on how to connect strong FL with strong ML LMAO.

I feel like I always rant when writing review.


This might be a good wish fulfillment novel and satisfying for some people who likes a very OP Female MC. But I just prefer the heroine type in Apocalypse Lord who even though strong, not directly become OP and working to make progress. Previously, I wanted to read this because of similar premise. (By the way I added the Overpowered Protagonist tag in this novel because it was not there before)

Because I only read until chapter 7, I don't know if there will be character development or if the pace will pick up after chapter 7, but I'm honestly already bored and may not continue to read. It will be fun for people that likes reading a very slow paced and relaxing novel, it's just too slow and generic for me who needs excitement.

Also the translator is great, and it's perfectly understandable. <<less
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Mar 07, 2023
Status: Completed
Light, leisure read. Good plot, world setting, and characters. Slow romance.

Would’ve been 5 stars if the ending was not so rushed. I find it a pity for a good world building only for it to be so hurried especially when it was just getting better.
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Jan 19, 2024
Status: Completed
The MTL for this was really good, like 95% accurate. I copied the Chinese title into google and used the second like on there and google translate in the browser and it was super easy to read!
I really liked the city building portion way more than the last arc, but that wasn't bad either. The MC was a nice blend of being powerful, without being too op. Not tooo much romance and I liked it that way.

that being said, apocalypse lord is way better imo, but this is a decent one if you're bored
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Oct 20, 2023
Status: c7
Well I read Apocalypse Lord first before reading this.

So that's why many comment say that it is similar.

That is first of all both was from a game at first to an apocalypse disaster.

... more>> In Apocalypse Lord, MC is tank and male lead is archer while on here is the reverse MC took archer.

If you see the skill of the archer it is the same, that is auto aim, vampiric blood, and aoe arrow so which copy which I dunno, but I prefer Apocalypse lord.

The difference is on Apocalypse Lord it is a VR game of beta player to survive for 100 days, survivor got advantage of skill and equipment at most three not like this one where they can bring all unlimited invent.

And this end of the world things start with dress up game. Which I feel so s*upid. Even skill can only be used when you got profession while on ch.7 the MC only found 2 from so many light and it is a golden light. Heck do you want people fight without skill and only dubious attribute. In Apoc Lord attribute is on single digit at first and you can handle monster, this novel even using blue equip, still almost died from just wolf.

In Apoc Lord, MC got a habit of hoarding supplies for emergency, this novel MC just already have many things without a bit of effort.

There is s*upid comment that says MC in Apoc Lord is not real when they can killed people easily while stay as a normal person before. Please it is the end of the world, and the one MC killed is the one where they trying to kill MC just because MC a girl, alone and have good equipment. Why the heck do you think MC have to forgive people that try to kill her. The one that made that s*upid comment must be "Holy Mother" character that try to forgive everyone who wants to kill them. <<less
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Immortal Ju Tzai
Immortal Ju
Sep 05, 2023
Status: Completed
The overall story is good for a casual read. However, I find the hunting parts too boring, I skipped almost all of them and can still follow the story fine. It kinda feels like the author cannot make a decision on where to focus, whether with world building or actions which resulted to a chaotic combination. The world building part made me stay until the end.

One major thing that made me rate this for only 4 starts is the ending.

... more>>

The twist at the end where the Earth turned back to normal and all of the things that happened is just like a simulation made the whole story pointless, I mean, what's the point of kingdom building only for that kingdom to disappear at the end

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Jul 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I couldn't wait for the fan translation so I just binged the MTL.

This novel is indeed very similar to Apocalypse Lord but some aspects were handled better than that novel, for example the main characters in Apocalypse Lord (who were previously ordinary civilians) so nonchalantly kills other players like it's nothing, while in this one the main characters are very conscious of the fact that players are fellow human beings and only killed as a very last resort and it took a long while before they got there.

Of course, this... more>> novel is a lot longer, so it was able to take its time and even give its characters backstories.

However, the last arc didn't focus so much on details compared to the beginning and the middle, and feels very much rushed, as if the author was impatient to tie all the loose ends together so they could get on with their next novel.

Still, it was a very enjoyable read, especially for those who like kingdom-building and survival in a game-like world. <<less
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Aug 30, 2023
Status: Completed
4/5!!! [RR: 8/10] [Game Elements, Upgrade, Infrastructure - City Building, Action/Adventure] This novel is quite fun! It reminds me of another apocalypse novel called "Apocalypse Lord". The main premise is that the entire Earth has been drawn into a game, which is the same as the "Apocalypse Lord" novel though this one happens to be less extreme about the survival aspect. It's more about action and adventure. I also distinctly remember that "Apocalypse Lord" didn't pay very close attention to the development of characters or romance plots. The same goes... more>> here, but it's a little more involved?? At least, that one, it was very much about the game. While this one, despite not being too deep regarding character and romance development, there's at least a little there to keep you interested on the main characters.

ANYWAY, similarities to other novels aside. I quite liked this read! It gets a bit... twisty??? At the end, but it's still a fun read altogether. It's very satisfying to see the FL build a city from the ground-up. Of course, she has lots of resources beforehand, so there's not much tension. But that's also a good thing in its own way. At least, it's relaxing rather than anxiety inducing (if you want something more high tension, this is definitely not what you should be looking at. There are better horror-suspense novels out there if you're interested in something with lots of tension~).


SUMMARY — The FL of this novel is called Lu Jiu. She's the only daughter of a small local businessman in China. When she was about to turn of age, both her parents died, and she was lost for a while. Her dad left her a sizable inheritance to play with, but that attracted the intention of her blood-sucking relatives, so she ended up locking herself in her room in order to heal from her parents' sudden death. It took two years for her to decide to finally come out of her shell. Two years which she spent playing games as a rich little lady LOL.

One game she spent lots of money in was called "Lindong." It's a very useless dress-up game that she spent millions of dollars in. I guess it was very therapeutic to do so XD. It seems like a waste, but she persisted even after most other players had given up. And, in the end, she became the only one who collected the most powerful equipment in the game before the world suddenly changed.

The next thing she knew, Earth had merged with another planet and everything was digitized. The FL passed through with her game backpack, so she could be said to be very powerful in this new environment. But she's not the only player who did so. Plus, there are all the other humans that had been thrown in. Everyone wants to survive. The Lindong Players are the breakthrough point for most development, they have the resources to build cities in this new game world and lead others to win. Though, of course, things are a lot more complicated than that.

(As for the ML, his name is Shen Junfeng. He's one of the first players that the FL will meet. And though the romance between the two is very anticlimactic, it still has a sense of sweetness now and then). <<less
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