Doomsday Camp [Base Construction]


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Yun Shan was once the top player in the “Doomsday Camp.”

Owning vast lands, creating a legion of beasts, and nurturing the strongest server-wide battle pets.

But unexpectedly, after waking up from slumber, Yun Shan found herself three years in the past.

Back then, she was just introduced to the game and hadn’t even registered an account yet.

Yun Shan muttered, “…”

Fortunately, the game “Doomsday Camp” boasted an extremely high degree of freedom.

Leveraging the knowledge she had from the past, Yun Shan quickly returned to the peak.

[Fourth Catastrophe, refreshing narrative, summoned player’s perspective] [Initial mutual favorability at one hundred percent]
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01/15/24 Shanghai Fantasy c25
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