I Became Popular in the Underworld After Live Broadcasting Taoism


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“Spiritual Affairs” is a highly popular psychic network, but it is a pity that the whole network is full of ridicule.

The contestants are frequently scolded for their behavior and practices.

But no one knows that this program is a huge hit in the underworld.

Every time the show starts, billions of ghosts are standing in front of the screen watching the program and commenting on it——-

“This guy is bloody, his soul is hooked by a ghost. What’s wrong with my horse’s face?”

“It’s good to touch bones. Can’t you touch the soul without touching the bones?”

“… I don’t see what this method can do, dogs won’t go that way.”

The new season of the program officially announced the new guest.

Gu Zhisang is ridiculed by netizens and become trending in hot searches.

Gu Zhisang the Headmaster of Taoism, opened her eyes and became the vase cannon fodder in the exciting novel about the entertainment circle.

When she transmigrated, she was being hacked by the whole network and facing the dilemma of being robbed of resources and receiving bad traffic.

To revitalize Taoism, Gu Zhisang gladly accepted the invitation.

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lerrein rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Romance ❌

Horror ✔️

It's a work that focuses HEAVILY on different very tragic supernatural cases of death and the aftermath that followed them. The title, and the cover, and even the synopsis are all deceiving, it's not some kind of lighthearted romantic supernatural comedy at all!! There are many gory, brutal and miserable deaths involved, and MC encounters darker and darker cases the further the plot she goes.

So, don't be deceived by the story's lighthearted appearance, it's much deeper and scarier than it seems. I even added the Horror tag to... more>> it, because it desperately needed one. It's not a story for someone faint of heart!!

That said, the story itself was amazing, and I loved every bit of it, even though it left me trembling under a blanket with lights on for nights.

I love competent, calm and rational MC very much, as well as her process of gradually discovering the truth behind her fall and the conspiracy behind it. And the way many different cases interlinked into a big net of problems thar was pushed behind by one perpetrator. Although the last battle, so to say, felt a bit rushed, after the author explained the 'work behind the scenes' for it to happen, it was satisfying.

The relationship between MC and ML can be considered somewhat one-sided, and it also wasn't a main focus of the story. More like a cherry on top, with a clear meaning that they have a lot of time to figure things out in future.

Throughout the story MC was slowly transforming from an unfeeling daoist master to someone with emotions and desires, and for me this was one of the favorite parts of the plot.

All in all, if you like stories about solving supernatural mysteries that are interlinked with horrible mu*der cases, with overpowered but still likeable protagonist—this is a story for you. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: --
Because I've read another novel with the theme of live broadcasting and metaphysics where my opinion about possibilities of metaphysics novels were subverted, my opinion is completely biased, because this one has many old routes that I became tired of.

  1. Someone lands as a vicious female supporting role, BUT IT'S NOT ENOUGH, they're always described as s*upid, blacked by entire network and their ending is bleak. I want to ask, will it break their backs if they don't do it, do they find it interesting to have such settings, but resolve it in the most used, cliche way possible? But most of the time this issue is not resolved in a logical and natural way, it's always the same old, after the image of the person starts to change, collegues or people who occupy the network cable start to whitewash the person themselves, searching for excuses, like "you can't trust rumors". This novel became no exception. But I wanted to ask at the time when the barrage and Internet in this novel started to send questions about not handling Gu Zhisang's career well. WHY oh why NO ONE ASKED, IF SHE'S SUCH A GREAT MASTER, HOW COULD MASTER BE CHEATED BY A COMPANY? This question is never raised by the Internet and I'm sure author just swapped it under the rug, because they're unable to answer it, no one can. The girl has a complete change, but in novels people pass it off quite easily. She was plotted against her company, her agent, but she signed. At least Special Bureau did not buy it and thank god. Otherwise I'd flip the table. In other metaphysics novels I've read I don't meet those who are in entertainment often. They might deal with people from entertainment more likely.
  2. The portrayal of Gu Zhisang. Although she's OP and also pretty and has starry eyes and that silky black hair, but for some reason I did not get enough of her personality. And it's not because of the fact that in her previous life she had nothing but cultivation and had never left the mountain = a.k.a ignorant of the world affairs. I just wanted something more. Oh yeah, another point. In metaphysics usually there are 'rules', because lloking at the fate is like peeking at the secret and should come with the price (which is often mentioned in metaphysics novels), but it's not here. You sometimes hear her mentioning merits and cause and effect entangled with herself, her own power to cultivate, but overall it feels like everything is quite easy for our girl.
  3. I was reading diagonally, because a lot of this novel felt like I'm reading encyclopedia, especially when dumping info. The other part.. Sometimes I felt like it has the style of describing things that would or should take a while (like investigation for example), but instead it felt like they did it here and now. It's the usual style of summarising aftermath e.g. In a mu*der case, it felt like they dealt with it in several days. Even if the author after description will add - "this is what happened later". You know why people may do this? Because they're unable to draw a timeline and insert these informations at other times, so they won't confuse themselves.
  4. This is personal, but I got tired from the old route of making things depressing and "raise the stakes" and "save the world" and big dramatic conspiracies built on tragedy. Many of the stories of people asking for help are either hitting the ghost or something bad happening. I've been sitting and thinking, was there a positive story? Because my mind only has those negative in the head. As for the raising stakes.. Well. Don't you think the stakes are high? They are vague at first, but feel high. When you read there is something that keeps Gu Zhisang from cultivating as one thing, next thing is a black mist (which reminded her many times of her failed tribulation), another thing was that vicious god and some re-appear and some you don't know, if they will appear again, like will it be something more? So far there were several big cases (at the point where I'm currently reading) and it's not clear if those cases are somehow connected, author being vague, which to me means they will connect it eventually. Also the original plot with the "heroine" is also mentioned.. Very rarely, but honestly it is spread so thinly that I couldn't care less about it. You just have to wait really long for something, but by that time it becomes too obvious what it is.

    After all even if you combine the above mentioned and the way it is "foreshadowed", it becomes apparent that the black mist and the "plot", more like system behind it has something to do with each other

    And we all get the deserved high-sounding final confrontation lasting one chapter and we're done.
  5. Which other character should I even care about? Except Xuanmen, those I could do without. Such a blatant portrayal of those masters, like if you're not one of them you're bad, if you don't follow what they want you're bad, everyone else does not deserve to be in their mighty presence. Someone is 100% from xuanmen is involved, it's a classic and does not need calculations. Honestly, such an old-fashioned way to describe. It's like describing those righteous path people in many cultivation novels who are not righteous at all. As for the secondary characters.. I don't know what to say. Should I care about their bunch of Battle of psychics? Half of them exists to showcase how great FL is, because most of masters only scr*pe the surface, but she always finds the true answer. They don't have much interaction with FL. THE ONLY BUNCH I CARED ABOUT ARE GHOSTS. The Underworld fan club. Honestly, they were the cutest. Other characters like her spirit bureau collegues. As for others I don't really know. But many others could be there as well as they could be absent.
I don't know why, but even if it has such positive feedback and good ratings here and there, but I don't know why it made me feel tired when reading, probably because I wasn't fascinated by it. And because everything is subjective and I admit it, most of it comes from clash of likes and dislikes that are my personal preferences.

I've been mopping for so long and it feels like I didn't like it at all xD It is definitely not like that. My feelings are neutral. At least I liked the idea behind the plot and metaphysics combined. Ghosts were definitely cute as I said. As for the rest.. As I said I feel very neutral and it doesn't get me excited, very 'whatever' feeling.

There are several live broadcasting metaphysics novels I've met, the best of them was 我在人间直播算命[玄学] by 墨尔玉, it's not on NU, but easy to MTL. It has such a non-conventional approach to ghosts and it is also very light-hearted and humorous, which is great. It easily subverted my opinion that metaphysics novels can have such approach to solving troubles. It also has high stakes, but the way it was done I'd say it was hilarious. And although it is longer, but more upbeat, I wasn't feeling as draggy as this one, also has many lovely side-characters.
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natynacchan rated it
January 29, 2023
Status: Completed
I liked so much. The supernatural cases were very interesting and very detailed so you could imagine, some very dark even involving cannibalism. But each case lasted many chapters so it was normal for 1 day to take more than 30 chapters. It has a romance genre but the ML only appeared in chapter 85 and then reappeared only 5 times. The focus on the supernatural show pissed me off a bit after 100 chapters as they only focused on that but it was a clever way to propagate the... more>> subject as well as solve far-flung cases. But if they gave a break between each episode recording to happen something else, it would be more interesting.

MC is perfect. Zero defects. I enjoyed her interactions with people. Due to her path of Taoism, she was very cold towards evil people, not caring about the ghosts' revenge towards them and feigning ignorance for their death. Her fame in the underworld was also pleasing. The ghosts' love for her was very funny and when they wanted to enter the dreams of the black fans who insulted her to scare them, they made me laugh a lot (although she asked them not to do that in the end, you can see their affection for her).

ML, despite appearing little, won me over easily so I didn't like his family very much (especially the younger brother who was OML)

The ending was a little abrupt I believe because the author spent a lot of chapter with the program but it wasn't without meaning. But I wish it had more extras and told more about the lives of the protagonists after they reunited (BECAUSE IT TOOK TIME). <<less
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Shortk rated it
June 26, 2023
Status: Completed
The MC is quite justice based in the sense she will destroy evil unlike other modern supernatural novels where there usually are "rules" for preventing them from inacting judgement and jurer for death. It's quite refreshing really to see her destroy souls bc tbh they really deserve it; it's like the when the readers are commenting "that character can die" and then she's like "yea they really deserve to. I'm not letting them go *crushes*". It gives her character a harder edge compared to other novels and frankly it's refreshing... more>> to a reader. Lol

The two things holding this novel down are the pacing and focus. I'm starting to skim through cases bc there's a part of me that thinks why does this matter? the overarching plot is only being addressed by tiny increments until the last 10 chapters. Arguably every case has a point to the plot but it's too small of a point for each case to be so f*cking long and so many of them in a row. There are so many chapters where its the exposition of the case's background. The MC's personality is waning in appearance as the story goes on. I need the overarching plot to sustain not only interest but the importance why I have to read all these non stop cases. I'm not getting the mental break I need as a reader to feel like the MC is not just a narrator who knows every case. It's obvious this author likes horror unlimited flow structure.. This is a barely stitched together novel. They introduce plot points to ignore them mostly....

system s? The og protagonist? The og protagonist's system? The og ml? Where are the details ? Why mention them if you are just gonna leave them in the background? The og book plot... the black mist? Mentioned and then forgotten for ages. The ML is lol there but not. The lore is there for the readers but it's so slow this might as well not have romance ngl. She meets him briefly officially at 80s but doesn't meet him again until 120s. And where the overarching plot finally starts again w the black mist appearing. It only took 40 chapters since the last time it was mentioned. Why even mention him moving in at 153 if you're not gonna give any details until a couple sentences at 160...??... this author needs more experience and help to write a rounded novel.

To note, idk but I suspect a review may not have read the cases clear enough. Just saying. Just read it for yourself if you are interested in this. Just don't expect anything more than just cases tho. The author needs more experience to write a cohesive novel; it seems like they're a uni student at the time of writing this so ya know the rushed plot points and ending makes sense.


The best parts are that yes most cases are engaging / not for the faint hearted and that the details of the underworld are cute - love to see it's progressive growth. <<less
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wonyoung rated it
February 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Wow! This was great! One of my favorite themes is modern female metaphysics masters and I think this is the best novels I've read with that theme, well, at least it really has the best plot. The romance and comedy weren't the main factors but it was still there. What really shone in this novel was the well designed plot. It was fun to read, it was very entertaining to see how she solved cases. Although those situations had metaphysical elements involved a fair share of them still reflected real... more>> situations and tbh one of the cases was a bit triggering to me. Anyway, I was genuinely surprised with this novel, I thought it'd be like a mix of fortune teller master and the witch, but it really wasn't. I think the plot was pretty well thought of.

Oh, and another thing I liked about it is that it's kind of progressive in a way? When was the last time you saw SEA characters, I never see foreigners and in the novel they even criticized xenophobia in their own context (by criticizing how those bad Taoists were xenophobic and considered foreigner practitioners as evil cultivators). Obviously that is fantasy but many times through the novel, especially in the beginning, I'd expect "icks" and I'd be pleasantly surprised by how it didn't go into the direction I feared. And ngl many times novels promote negative values but this one low key makes you think lol, at least when comparing it to other light novels in the same genre. And this is a novel that could easily promote the wrong values with all of those cases and multiple victims that'd turn into perpetrators, or it might struck a nerve with some people, so maybe some people would disagree with some things? I don't know.

I MTLed so I wasn't able to understand all of the novel in its full context but I'd still highly recommend reading the MTL if you don't mind too much, it was fairly easy to read. My only complaint is that I would've liked some extras with romance lol, I liked the couple but I'd say romance was maybe just a subplot. If you like novels where they solve cases, or modern cultivators, or novels where the characters don't behave morally wrong, or novels with a mysterious plot that keeps you hooked through the whole novel, or a different take on cultivation, or novels where the author did seem to try to create a good quality work. Then read this.

Oh, and about the different take on cultivation


It's cool how the author used so much of the potential of the initial concept, she'd recite some spells on her livestream and they'd be effective. I thought that in that case wouldn't it be possible for spells to be spread online and indeed, later on they also milked that. Also, I liked the whole underworld thing, it was such a fun concept. And it's just how so many times in other novels some situations just don't really make sense but this author did try to cover up plot holes that could come up. At least there's not anything I can think of. Honestly there's just one or two parts I don't get yet but again, I MTLed so it's likely I missed something but it's just curiosity rather than a deal breaker.

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Sheddy rated it
November 5, 2023
Status: Completed
Good read, very enjoyable. It doesn't really focus on the original plot of fighting against the ori FL and the entertainment circle, but instead it derailed from the original plotline and becomes another story entirely, a story about cultivation and fighting ghosts.

The details in the writing are very impressive, it's like the author him/herself is a Taoist

The ghost events are quite interesting, there are a lot of cases that the MC solved, but I'm a bit dissatisfied that the after story of these events mostly wasn't mentioned, I wanted... more>> to know what happens to these villains who harmed people using supernatural means but the author just skipped their aftermath and proceed to the next event.


The original owner was supposed to be MC's reincarnation, she herself wasn't a bad person, she was hardworking and diligent and hate lazy people like the ori FL, but due to the ori FL and being targeted by the final villain, she was reduced to a cannon fodder. The ori FL wasn't an outright villain, but just a chess piece placed by the final villain.


Translation quality is meh, many mistakes regarding the gender, might as well read the mtl since it's very easy to read.

Ending is okay, felt a bit rushed. But there seem to be romance developing between the MC and ML <<less
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FanOfGT rated it
October 15, 2023
Status: c60
Low tension novel, much like a collection of short stories with the same main character. Has good explanations of spells, rituals and superstitions. The female character is strong and knowledgeable. No obvious inconsistencies so far, but also not much character development. This novel is for those who want to see some justice done to evil people. It is easy to read up even if you miss some chapters.
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Pristine Xia
Pristine Xia rated it
February 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Whoa, it's a pretty satisfying novel to binge-read. It focuses on aspects that I like exploring more in the plot, such as the mystical cases happening around the people who watched Gu Shizang's broadcast. The final conflict and resolution tied up quite nicely, in my opinion. Tbh, I lost quite a lot of sleep in the last few days because of this story, but it was a very enjoyable read. Thank you author and translator!
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Blithe rated it
February 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Great novel! The MC is hella cool. She's OP but that doesn't make the novel boring at all.

In short, this novel is basically people asking MC for help during a livestreaming competition/show. The 'help-seekers' reach out to the show and the competitors in the show have to find out what is ailing them and thus try to find the solution to their 'haunting' problems. The other competitors find little clues here and there and the MC comes dead last and finally reveal the whole story and helps them. Every story... more>> arc is interesting to read. It's a case of whodunnit usually. They delve into very relevant topics as well.

The novel ends with the MC saving the world. The villain is an interesting creature and concept.

The romance is barely there but we can see the ML is a really cute character. I'm used to seeing morally grey MLs so this ML was a breath of fresh air. There is very little interaction between them though. Wish there was some fanwai.

There were some plotholes here and there but they are negligible.

Overall I recommend reading this novel. 5/5 <<less
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trash_generalist rated it
August 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Although this novel is lacking in some areas, depending on what you're looking for, it's quite a fun read. The focus is on metaphysics. If you're even somewhat interested in the metaphysical culture of China, then this novel is definitely a good read. As a layman, IDK how accurate the content of the novel actually is. But, I know enough from my mother's and grandmother's own teachings to know that it is at least close to life. Anyway, this novel does a great job of exploring traditional metaphysics through various... more>> modern elements. Soooooooo yeah. I would definitely read it for that reason. As for other things? I don't recommend it. This is why, despite the fact that my opinion of this novel is very high, I couldn't get past the hurdle and still gave it a 4-star rating. To explain, let's look at the story itself:


SUMMARY: The FL of this novel is called Gu Zhisang. She's from ancient times (the novel is set in modern times and she died 800 years before then). Her soul traveled to modern times into a body that was similar to her own. Only, this body had a horrible fate ahead of her. The original owner was a female cannon fodder who got in the way of the original heroine of this world over and over again, leading to her su*cide. The story began before the original owner had completely blackened. She didn't really care much about the affairs of the original owner, or, rather, she didn't care much about mortal affairs in general. She's a Taoist through and through. She wants to revive the metaphysical community that existed back in the day and eliminate the evil that had pervaded the world since then. Oh, and of course, she wanted to know what caused her to inexplicably fail her catastrophe 800 years ago.

During this entire process, she ends up getting involved in a variety show for metaphysics. She's one of the contestants in a competition focusing on supernatural accidents. Just like that, she becomes entangled in the mystery that was causing the slow deterioration of the world.


RATING: 4/5!!!

Not sure if it showed in the summary I just wrote, but the main reason why I didn't give this novel a higher score is because I think it's lacking when it comes to characters. The FL fits the story very much, but that's the thing. She's more of an instrument for the plot to happen. She doesn't have much of a personality at all. It shows sometimes, but the story really isn't about her own development as a person. I thought it would be, but she doesn't even get a real romance or real friends. There IS an ML that sticks to her, but it isn't fully explored and is barely mentioned. As for her friends, there were some that came up, but they would quickly go away afterward.

ANYWAY, my point is. I like character-based stories, so this novel disappointed me in that regard. This is more plot-centric. This is not a bad thing if you're interested in metaphysics or looking for some mystery/slight horror (it's great, in fact. Because the author devoted themselves to it. Creating a world that is very unique and very interesting). BUT, if that's not what you're looking for, or if you're lacking in interest about the subject matter. There's very little else for you to enjoy. <<less
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