Apocalypse Arrival


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This is a story in which the big devil accidentally becomes a poor little loyal dog.

When Chu Qianxun was reborn and returned to the beginning of the apocalypse, she vowed to live a better life, live longer, and stay away from those dangerous people and things. One day, she accidentally rescued an immortal man. After washing his face clean, Chu Qianxun found out in horror that this man was a notorious, cold-blooded and ruthless great demon who made all mankind fearful in the late apocalypse. Whenever Chu Qianxun thought about getting rid of this big demon quietly, that person would always grab the corner of her clothes and say pitifully, ‘You, do you want to abandon me again?’

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PaigeTheParrot rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: Completed
I read it after 'Let the villain go' (Maybe should've read it before, but whatever), and treated it like an alternate ending of the first. If the focus of the previous story was Ye Peitian, this story's protagonist was Chu Qianxun. There were a lot of differences from the other novel. But overall the story definitely feels connected as both novels heavily implied that neither humans nor the monsters were completely villainous, but only victims of situation.


Some notable changes from 'Let the villain Go' were

  • Differences in the acquired abiltity of characters
  • Ye Peitian was rescued early from the God's love organisation. Infact the organisation was defeated easily as compared to in LTVG.
  • One major companion turned into a monster

    Jiang Xiaojie 😭😭

  • A lot of monsters weren't wholeheartedly bad. One didn't kill his friend in the village, one raised a infant after killing his mother, and one who was curious about why he was on earth. These novels really brought a fresh insight on the apocalypse genre. (Or maybe becausse I've only read the series first, and it changed my prejudice over this genre)

I will suggest reading this one first, however doing the opposite works too, just that you'll have some questions answered if you read this first.
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Freyalily rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Honestly I like the alternate universe "Let The Villain Go" more, since the plot are more.... simple and fluffy, in let the villain go novel

... more>>

the monster there have no conscience, no feelings. No death friends / comrade / loves one. There are death, but not the close person around her, which is no back story about their life journey too (so we can't really sympathy / feel sad about their death).


But not this novel,


There's torture, death of love one, monster have feelings and conscience, man.. they just wanna live... its pitiful that they can only eat human, theyre curious about things happening around them, they build houses with swing on tree, they wanna be friend with human (tho the way they do it wrong), they take care of babies, they wondering why they exist, because they can't reproduce, can't eat anything beside human, they body parts used to make weapon and armor, they are times where the monster realised the MC weapon are build from the monster consider 'friend'. When the monster ask the human, "if we didn't hurt the human, will we still live in peace?", MC straight up say no because they are bound to be enemy.

Man the monster too pitiful.

I understand the MC wanna kill the monster, which is to be stronger, to protect her close one. Just I don't understand why the author make the monster to be "human" and have conscience.

Whats the point of making them like that, but doesnt solve it.

What is the MC purpose in this novel then? Just to be strong, op power, and pretty, have good looking puppy bf who cooks for you, have strong little brother and sister under her. But it still doesnt solve the monster problem??? Like, why the green moon come?? Why the monster have feeling?? But no, the MC just kill all and get stronger. Nothing solved.

I guess thats why for 10 years, there still no solution for the monsters, people still dying and suffering, all loves one still die. But the MC still be like, "this is life" shit.

Author please why you create the plot like that, but not the suitable MC to play it??


And 1 more thing,


There are apocalypse, there are supernatural power everywhere, but there are No f*cking Sciencetist. Logically, when things like this happen, the most important thing is, find out how the green moon happen, what does the green beads really do, how to fight more affectively against the monster, and is there a way to help the human upgrade more safer. No f*cking research or anything, non! De nada!

They just straight up eat the green beads, and try and error. Using 'If you eat and transform, thats too bad lol, if you become stronger, then you're lucky' mentality. Not 'hey thats dangerous since some people have become monster eating that, let the scientist research it first how to eat it safely'.

After the apocalypse happen, all the scientist just poof! The engineer poof! Doctors too, poof!

All them become caveman lol, literally

They rely mainly on their power to get things done.


I got mix feeling for this novel.

I don't really enjoy it. <<less
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LadyF rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: --
the best ML ever!!!! FL is so domineering. I read this after let go of the villain. I love the plot. The plotting is dark but not heavy. But 125 chapters are not enough for me. I want more. There are many area that can be explored more, like the supporting characters, I want to know more about the gunner and the doctor, granny feng, brother qi, cousin and family, I want to read how they develop their community, their farm, I want to know what happen to ice boy,... more>> he was so pitiful 😢😢. I want to read more about my shy boy baby peitian. I don’t know why after I finished these 2 novels, I feel nostalgic, their story is so sweet but I’m so sad after I finished reading this. I wish author write longer version of this novel 😭😭. I read the other novel of this author Heroes save what something, FL is dominant too, but it is far less interenting than this one. <<less
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Lexandrine rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: Completed
If it's your first time here:

... more>>

It's pretty good and shows that there are different types of creatures that struggle in the apocalypse. I would read this is 4.5 for now, if the world building got better etc. Maybe 5 (?). Compared to other novels about apocalypse, this could be treated as one of the gems. Read "Let the Villain Go" if you like this!


If you're here after reading "Let the Villain Go":


*cracks knuckles*

This is more depressing. There are characters that were alive in LVG but dead in AA. It also focused more on relationships and results of the monster infested apocalypse. Although our ML was saved earlier lmao you'd get pretty sad about other characters. Maybe because this was the first one so some scenes more detailed (since this was you know, the "foundation"). Did I mention tragedy everywhere, not so much fluff (more serious, if you look at it on another way LVG becomes a very long extra chapter) ?

Our FL become much OP earlier, since you know, she came back from the past. This story focused more on the FL rather than the ML this time? Since LVG was about Peitian's struggle but they both have the same impact. You'd get a different side of Qianxun here. Personally, I'm glad I read LVG before AA.

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Snoweee rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Same experienced with PaigeTheParr, I unintentionally read the second book first which is "Let the Villain Go" (might be because it has more translated chapters than this and didn't know at that time that it has a prequel) Anyways back to the novel. At first I was reluctant to try this type of genre (am not really a fan of sci-fi thingy I'm actually into historical romance fantasy, especially zombies lol) but the author did a good job creating amazing characters and stories. So as I've told you I've read... more>> the second book first before this and during that time I have so many questions that needed to be answered and boom I discovered this first book. So basically the FL saved the ML immediately since she was now prepared for the upcoming apocalypse and similar to the 2nd book they tried to survive. But I still find it too short even though i've read both the 1st and 2nd Novel. <<less
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hastingsj rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: Completed
this is a very well written story with lots of interesting monsters, villians an plotlines. I also like that it only runs 125 chapters and doesnt go on forever.

however, as a result, the ending is very abrupt. It left many plot threads dangling. it felt almost like an end of book 1 in a milti-book series.

the ending: ... more>>
  • the MC reaches lvl 6 & the primary villian mastermind is killed.
  • The MCs power becomes known to everyone & the MLs power is kept secret by those who know in order to ally with her & hv access to her gift. She becomes a celebrity and has a steady income selling her gift.
  • In the last scene the ML proposes to the MC.

Things left unresolved:
  • The fallen member of the team is still alive and wandering the wilderness (will he become the new leader of the monsters? will he regain his human self? will he be one day killed by the MC?).
  • Monsters after lvl5 seem to have some human conciousness + our MC can seemingly make them more human (will she eventually be able to save fallen? will she be able to create a new race that is neither human or monster but can live in peace? how will the MCs power evolve at higher levels)
  • children and the future of the species are a big theme (will the MC have children? what will their powers be? what will the world look like for the next gen or after all the monsters are killed and people turn on eachother?)
  • will the MC & her team settle down and build their own base or commit to a base? what about that monster tide that in gonna destroy the island her family lives on?
  • The MC revealing her ability changes the dynamic btwn her and a lot of powerful figures who now want to ally with her but we only get the tip of that & what it means or what her growing powers are capable of. We dont get to see her rise to the peak of her power or start her own base.
  • whats up with that baby that was being raised by the monster tree? is the baby ok? it was being fed monster juice... is it human? a saint? a fallen? whatup?
  • The holy medicine saved many people and all it takes to make it ethically is a blood donor. They have a renowned doctor on their team. Will they ever get into manufacturing medicine?
  • The MC being able to stop people demonizing means she can turn a 70% death-rate in children becoming saints to 0%. will she ever open a school or take advantage of that to build a society?
  • The MCs ability is very flashy & appears holy. it is called "prayer". will she at any point get a religion or cult following like w the angel wings group?

The ending feels like a begining. If you are looking for babies, family dynamics, or townbuilding- this one does NOT have it. Action & moral questions only. <<less
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problematicqueer rated it
April 16, 2023
Status: Completed
This was my first Gong Xinwen novel and it remains my favorite. Gong Xinwen's stories all feature a sexually empowered and self-respecting female lead, which is indescribably refreshing. The male lead is allowed to be vulnerable and submissive without being mocked or emasculated. The setting is very dark but the tone is compassionate. The side characters are richly characterized and add a lot to the story. It's wonderful to read a romance story where the main leads are allowed to have friends and community instead of living in a 2-person... more>> bubble.

The story makes excellent use of its apocalyptic setting to display complex & engaging moral quandaries. Most characters are not pure good or pure evil, and they often change over the course of the novel. Side characters that, in other novels, would be one-dimensional cannon fodder are fleshed out with personal stories or surprising shows of compassion. The main character openly reflects on how her life has been filled with cruelty, but the brief moments of kindness stick out to her. There's an emotional maturity I haven't seen elsewhere in this genre.

You may have noticed reviews mentioning that the ending was abrupt or rushed. I would qualify this statement. Rather than saying the ending is rushed, it's like someone ripped the ending chapters off the manuscript before publishing the novel. The ending is just not there. At least one major plot thread is severely cut off and important mysteries are left unresolved. For this reason, even though the quality of the writing is 5/5, I have to give a 4/5 for incompleteness. I don't, however, think this should discourage anyone from reading the novel. I highly recommend it.



gore (including torture, extensive mutilation, and body horror), non-explicit r*pe, major character death, forced prostitution, domestic and child abuse

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znukhsoc rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Read the MTL and damnnn it was a better read than some of the actual translations on this site!
Pretty average story, it was interesting but got repetitive. The main problem is author left MAJOR questions unanswered. They are story elements that exist in one arc and one arc only, they weren't mentioned later on.

Things that I liked:
-Their traumas are within reason.
-MCs don't win all the time.
-We all know how gender roles are written in these types of novels... In this one, however, I like how... more>> the roles of ML and FL are changed. Even though ML's character is too meek for me, I enjoyed the relationship.
-I was always glad when MC beat some people's ass down in their own games. They all deserved it.
-Liked the enemies to friends trope, since the world is a mess, everyone is living in a nervous breakdown but they can build healthy relationships after communicating and fighting together.

-Jiang Xiaojie... You s*upid f*ck. I believe the author chose the wrong person to do that s*upid move. MC was warning everyone from the beginning about those magic stones but that dumbf*ck swallowed two at once. He was the one listening to MC's every word, him turning is doesn't make sense to me.
-There was one character I did absolutely hate from the beginning and she was Gan Xiaodan. She was useless, whiney, and a big b-word. Well, she got what she deserved too.

Thanks to the reviewer's warnings I stopped reading the alternative story at chapter 3. I'm glad I read this one first, learned the origin story. I hope I'll enjoy the 2nd book more, can't wait for the rumored fluff. :>

Update: Just finished the first 20 chapters of the 2nd novel and it definitely gives off a different vibe. ML is not that shy and forgettable person anymore and apparently, he has grown some balls from prolonged torture. FL is suprisingly softer if we think she was this OP monster in the 1st book... But I feel like I'm enjoying it more because I've read this harsher story first and got to know the characters and the lore behind all the fluff. <<less
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Passerby Z
Passerby Z
February 6, 2022
Status: --
I was so confused as I was reading this because I felt like the characters names are very familiar like I have read a novel like this before but different plot, with the same protagonists, that's when I realized that this is the parallel universe of the novel "Let the Villain Go" I should've read this first though.
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xXLicorneXx rated it
June 30, 2023
Status: --
3.5 stars overall for the storyline, bumped up to 4 for the amazing MC and the very cool world-building.

Prequel to "Let the villain go". It's first and foremost an exciting action novel set in a post-apocalyptic world with saints and demons. The romance is very much a subplot. The MC is a hardened survivalist who died previously and has every intention to grind and survive the demons this time around. Oh and the ML, who's supposed to be a villain, is actually the gentlest of souls.

I loved this novel, or... more>> more accurately, it's potential. The author build a dark and gritty world, with demons and twisted humans as foes, a levelling system to power-up, is action packed and has great supporting characters. It had everything to be a knock-out adventure novel! And with a female protagonist at that, in a genre overcrowded with misogynistic male mcs! I was sooo ready for it :)

It a shame the author decided to shorthen the novel and wrap it up so quickly and abruptly: the way the storyline was set up, it needed at least a couple hundred chapters more and some editing too. I don't know what happened. My best guess it that the author had already planned for a sequel/spinoff, called "Let the villain go", so instead of focusing solely on AA, she choose to make 2 shorter novels.

It made, what could have been an amazing and epic saga, a bit more average.

If you wish for more romance, the sequel, "Let the villain go", is where it's at.

But overall, despite my grip with it, it's a fun and intense novel that I don't regret reading and would recommend! Just lower yours expectations. <<less
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FreyjaVanadis rated it
June 5, 2023
Status: Completed
Apocalypse Arrival and Let the Villain Go are AU of the same basic story, and both of them are honestly amazing. They deserve every star they have. They're excellently written, with strong, well-defined and believable characters, realistic plot progression, and fantastic character development. There is a romance in the story, but I adore how oblivious Chu Qianxun is to Ye Peitian's affection in both. She's hilarious. Qianxun's attitude from about halfway on is "Why do you idiots have the self-preservation instincts of a horde of lemmings and and WHY am... more>> I apparently the Lemming King?!?! AAAAGGGGHHHHH FINE let's go do the thing. Buncha IDIOTS."

It's completely believable how Chu Qianxun acts given the information she has and what she knows about people. I would absolutely, bar none, recommend both these series to absolutely anyone. I've got a few friends who are now reading them as well because really - they're just SO GOOD! <<less
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Jeneah16 rated it
January 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Definitely worth the read! The FL is strong and indifferent which is something that is understandable after having lived 10 years in apocalypse before regressing. This story mainly focuses on her and how she strive to be strong not just for herself but also for the people around her. And my favorite cute ML! Ye Peitian here is still very gentle and adorable just as he was on 'Let The Villain Go'. The romantic interaction between our main leads are still so wholesome and heartwarming so I didn't regret reading... more>> this!

My only regret is that I should have read this first before reading "Let the Villain go" like what Paigetheparr said and treat that as the alternate ending. Because although the ending here is an open ending, to me it felt toooo rushed that it left a bitter taste in my mouth. It was like the author had run out of idea and just decided to drop this off which is quite frustrating for me. I even reread the LTVG just to forget those unanswered question that kept bugging me after I read the ending. And of course to also see the human Xiaojie and not the demonised Xiaojie who is wandering somewhere out there🤦

I can only give four stars here because of I was dissapointed with the ending and honestly, I like "Let the Villain go" more than this. Probably because although I like action novel, I still prefer fluff and healing story more. <<less
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Eueu rated it
October 7, 2022
Status: --
admittedly, this is better than let the villain go. One, the FL is more badass considering she've been in the apocalypse for 10 years. Second, it's a rebirth story (a genre I love) so it started from the very start of the apocalypse. Third, I just feel like there is more nuance about the conflict between man and the demons. It's true that they are bound to be enemies but there is a certain degree of unfairness that demons would be hunted for the mere sake of them being demons,... more>> esp the fallen ones.

but I don't know if I want to continue.

after the ice kid became a demon, I felt so sad. It's like a major character death to me. In the alternate timeline, he would've been an ice prince and lived far, far longer and met kids who are similar to him. But because of the FL's rebirth, he died early. I mean he was demonized but that is basically death since their ego disappears and is replaced by a demon who doesn't care about morality. Idk how to cope. :- ( ( (

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meatbunluver rated it
January 8, 2024
Status: Completed
This and Let the Villain Go are must reads. I loved the dual novel concept and strong FL. I don't remember which order I read these stories in, but you cannot read one without the other. Peitian also must be protected at all costs. 5.0
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Crimsonenchantress rated it
August 19, 2023
Status: c1

I've tried but this novel just isn't for me.

I don't like the switch in dynamics where the FL is the dominent one and the ML is weak and fragile in this story.

The MC is way too op also and she constantly has to be stronger than anyone else. Seriously, she absorbs the crystal to get a higher rank everytime and everyone else always has to be weaker than she is.

It's boring.

just a pet peeve but the way they describe her easily carrying a full grown man around is kind of ridiculous to me When she's described as having a small build.

I think this author isn't for me it since all her other books do the same dynamic of weak man, strong women. If I liked this trope I guess it would be a good story but I can't get past the ML being so weak and feminine while the FL seems like a man to me.

Their romantic scenes give me the oppasite of butterflies since I don't like the switch around also.

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Pezwitch rated it
April 16, 2023
Status: Completed
I love this novel. The world building is wonderful and the FL is strong, but not Mary Sue. She has a moral and ethical reasoning behind everything she does even though sometimes her decisions are made reluctantly. She looks towards the future and makes decisions that may be unpopular. She doesn’t take the easy way out

I’ve read other reviewers who dislike the FL because they see her compassion as being weak willed. I see it differently, her compassion makes her stronger and a more dynamic protagonist

I highly recommend this book.... more>> It’s well written and translated and such an interesting world <<less
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Shaiole rated it
August 31, 2022
Status: Completed
It is good and interesting enough to read. But sometimes the characters are kinda inconsistent. And most of the time, fights are gloss over.
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nessiesmith2012 rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: c70
I liked this story at first. She was cold hearted and logical with no cheat. Her cold heart was a cover for her tender saint heart that must help every person she passes after saying "i wont help" then helps in the same sentence because she saw that person in her past life pet a wounded stray dog and felt indebted. Yeah makes no sense. But she feel indebted to everyone apparently. Cause she pokes her nose into everything and must help any who is down on their luck all... more>> while preaching how you cant help or trust others in the apocalypse.

She is pretty strong but quick to fold at the hint of trouble. She gives over supplies and crystals like she breaths air to enemies and strangers alike. Her wishy washy attitude to the ML was super aggravating as well. So it starts really good.... by chapter 70 im annoyed by this supposed "cold hearted" slightly strong but fears the strong FL. And her "power" was a complete let down and none existant. Which seems realistic but they way she is acts when she has such a weak power is contradictory at best annoying at wost. If you cant tell by chapter 70 I found this FL to be super annoying and weak willed [folding at the hint of trouble and helping everyone] <<less
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Arlia rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This story reads very much like a shounen with a girl protagonist, tbh. She goes back in time, and her main mission is leveling up to the point of becoming super OP. That's about it.

On her journey of becoming more and more OP, side characters join in and they all have their own personalities. The romantic lead is introduced, but it's very shounen-y in that they're a deuteragonist that need to be protected a lot (albeit being powerful in they're own right).

There's action (a LOT of action), tragedy, and a... more>> lot of philosophical questions about what it means to be human that ultimately don't really get resolved (that was my main pet peeve). Near the end, the MC is literally the most powerful in the world, and her team second.

So, yeah. I loved that this novel took all the shounen tropes and reversed them with a female protagonist. And wrote it well, too. None of the side characters are flat, there's purpose in all of their missions, and the monsters and villains are also interesting and realistic. But I do wish some things got resolved better, or at least have some more side stories about all the other characters and what happens with the more human-like monsters, etc. Some chinese novels go on too long, but this one was far too short.

Very easily MTL, and one of my top favorites. <<less
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Sheddy rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Great read, comparable to the other one, though it feels a bit different. The tier 5-6 demons feels very powerful in this novel compared to the other one where they are considered weak.. And some of the demons really made me pity them.

... more>>

It's very sad that xiaojie was demonized, but the demon that took over his body feels even sadder, because Qianxun's power was used on him at the last minute during demonization, the demon had different personality compared to the other demons, he feels alone because he's not fit around other demons, and cannot mingle around other humans since he's a demon.

In fact, there are several demons who lived like humans do, which feels very sad when they are killed.

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