Today, I Have Yet to Become a Doll


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When the world became a game map, and one after another, humans began to transform into dolls.

In the beginning, Bai Youwei thought it was a prank by the aliens. Until the moment where she was sucked into a vortex of light, and a clear robotic voice sounded in her ears—

Ding! Welcome to The Dolls’ Game! The rules of the game are as follows:

If you refuse the game, you will become a doll!

If you lose the game, you will become a doll!

If you clear the game, you will be rewarded!

Bai Youwei trembled while jumping into Shen Mo’s arms. “I’m scared! I’m just a weak girl who cannot tie a chicken (has no abs in hand)…” (T/N: tying a chicken and abs are homophones of (fu ji) in Chinese)

Shen Mo pulled her little hand and placed it on his abs. “Now you have some.”

Game System: “Warning! Warning! Please respect the game, and clear challenges seriously, don’t focus on dating here!”

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Dancing_Rain rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: c500
Very interesting. Just like Earth has gone online (Bl) but with female MC (Boy Girl romance)

I dont know how to descripe this type of novel. Maybe apocalyptic?

The MC is disable. Paralyze on wheelchair. But with the help of ML she had no difficulty in movement most of the time.

This is a rare novel where even though the ML and the MC 98% together most of the time, MC shines more. She had a really cleaver mind. Most people are in the edge of despair of what the world had... more>> become but she was enjoying it (?). Since she found the meaning/value of her life. Unlike before when she was disable and scorned by people.

The ML was by no means weak. He came from a high background family and was a major or something (?) I dont remember since it had been quite a while since I MTLed. He was a kind of super soldier.

In the early part of the novel, you may find the MC annoying especially how she acted around the ML, often throwing tantrum. Well in the world where weakness was a sin, she was just insecure. Deep down she might felt that she was a burden to the ML. No matter how smart she is, in the end she was physically disable, therefore she need ML to survive.

The ML worth your admiration. I never found the shortcoming of the ML. He is devoted and caring to the MC. Very different from other romance novels. More humané I guess. I really like the ML as much as I like the MC.

They are just two completely different people. The ML was raised in a warm family. He never lacked care. Opposite of the MC. They also had different views of the world. ML wanted to find the way to end this doll world while MC... had just find the comfort in it. Besides that, ML was not a cold blooded person, I always wonder if the ML was given the choice to choose between MC and the peace of the world where all people longed for, what will be his choice?  ̄へ ̄

Another pros of this novel is the interaction between characters. The MC will find her teammates and build a strong team. Many supervisor paid attention to the MC because of her mind that ML was neglected (poor ML) then in a game where they were separated, ML shows his strenght and defeated a man the supervisor thought brilliant. It was really cool O (≧▽≦) O

In short wether the romance or the game that requires your brain to think, it was worth your time. <<less
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aegith rated it
February 28, 2021
Status: Completed
MTLed all 1000+ chapters and the 300+ extras.

Before this novel, I hadn’t dived into the genre of unlimited flow/death game, besides a few manga I read when I was younger (Kamisama no Iutoori, Liar Game, etc). I will now proceed to read every single unlimited flow CN novel in hopes that any of them will be anywhere close to as good as this story. Like another reviewer said, it was SHOCKINGLY good.

One thing I especially liked was the character building and relationships. First off, I love the female MC and... more>> ML. Part of it is that I’m a sucker for characters with disabilities (like Guide to Raising a Sick Villain) but this story does an especially good job of developing the FL’s personality as a result of her disability. The relationship between the two also builds up gradually and doesn’t blast off out of nowhere. Also, I can’t think of another novel where I’ve liked so many (basically every single one) of the supporting characters. They were all incredibly well fleshed out and contributed to the plot in their own ways. Even the relationships between the side characters were great. I ended up liking the dynamic between some of the side couples even more than the main CP.

The games were very clever, and I liked how many of them were solvable by the reader prior to the author letting the FL reveal the answer. There’s a big sense of accomplishment when you can puzzle out the solution to a game or what the “twist” is on your own.

Romance 10/10, Action 10/10, Strategy/Mystery 10/10, absolutely recommend reading it. One of my favorites of all time now, and deserves a much higher rating imho. <<less
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honeybunny55 rated it
February 28, 2021
Status: c491
Shockingly good.

Like, I am shocked at how good this is. The summary is also pretty misleading. You think this will be a romantic story where the hero and heroine face danger and flirt the entire time. The heroine from the summary sounds like she'll be a silly, sweet young lady, right?

You are wrong.

... more>> The FL of this novel is not a silly sweet. She is actually a somewhat sadistic woman who is bitter, abrasive, rude, arrogant, prideful, and intelligent.

In fact, I suspect that a lot of people will not like her at the very beginning of the novel because of her attitude. But personally, I found her abrasive attitude quite likeable. The story begins very abruptly, tossing you right into a doll game at the very beginning. You see that the FL, while rude and self-deprecating in her speech and actions, is quite intelligent and can think outside of the box. This is especially noticeable with her first reward request which becomes extremely useful later on in the novel.

The FL continues to be a spoiled bit*h for a while until after the second doll game where I feel like her attitude gets toned down ever so slightly. She still has moments where she's a petty bit*h to the ML but for some reason it didn't actually bother me much? Like sure I felt a little annoyed sometimes, but at the same time, considering her background and her life, it was hard to stay mad at her.

I mean, realistically speaking, she was paralyzed at the age of 12 and her parents basically abandoned her after they divorced and had their own families. So while she didn't lack in material comfort, she basically had nobody around her other than a nanny or whatever starting from a very young age. This, coupled with becoming paralyzed and being unable to even go to the bathroom on her own, makes it hard to stay angry at her. So, to be frank, the reason why she's so abrasive and why she enjoys the doll games honestly makes a lot of sense to me. Although sometimes I found her to be somewhat annoying, because I'm also a pessimistic b*tch, I honestly kind of liked her attitude LOL.

The way the ML describes her as a horny hedgehog is honestly pretty accurate. She does have character growth later on though, and I thought her end decision in women-only game was pretty touching.

While I did like the FL right off the bat for her b*tchy attitude, I honestly wasn't a huge fan of the ML's attitude/personality at the very beginning. He was a little too indifferent, and he also felt a little too idealistic at the beginning as well, coupled with the fact that he doesn't bother to understand the FL and her humiliation, nor does he make much effort to, made me have a slightly bad attitude towards the ML. Obviously he has no obligation to understand any of this, but he doesn't quite understand the humiliation the FL feels with the fact that she basically can't do anything on her own due to being disabled. So while I do think her temper tantrums are pretty dumb sometimes and that she can definitely be a spoiled b*tch, I guess for me I was able to forgive that because the moments are pretty brief and become sparse as the novel goes on. I mean let's be real here, if I was her, I'd probably be frustrated too.

Anyways the only reason I wrote so much about the FL is because I worry that people will put this book aside because they dislike how abrasive the FL was initially. Personally, I definitely feel that she gets better, and I think the ladies-only game is where you really see it.

The FL is smart, and the ML is also quite clever and strong on top of that. The two work together in an excellent team, which can be seen in multiple instances not just when they're trapped in a game, but also just in general when confronting new people and new situations.

I do agree though that the plot armor comes out quite a bit, particularly in the games and in the mazes. But that doesn't matter too much to me.

I think what I appreciate the most is that some characters you find annoying, or some characters you worry will be enemies in the future, end up having quite a bit of character growth and you end up growing to like them more than you expected. This is particularly true with some of the female characters that are introduced.

I think the best thing so far is that I'm 491 chapters in and you don't have any of that BS cannon fodder female crap where the girls are chasing after the ML and tripping up the FL just because the ML takes care of her. Ain't nobody got time for that when death is just around the corner.

My favorite part of this novel though is probably the progression between the ML and FL. They work tacitly together because, although they do have different personalities, they are also quite similar in a lot of ways as well. As a pair, they match up extremely well and have this tacit, wordless understanding between the two of them. They don't love each other from the beginning, in fact, they kind of hate each other at first, but as they get closer due to the things they encounter, their interactions become sweeter and cuter without much thought. It's pretty amusing to see that as the novel goes on, the FL becomes accustomed to touching the ML's abs and he just sorta lets her and at one point even encourages her to touch his abs to make her feel better. She becomes more and more invested in his life and death not because she needs him to carry her disabled body around, but because she cares about him.

Anyways the progression of their relationship has been fun to watch, and the games have all been interesting. The chapters are also pretty short, so it's pretty easy to blaze through these chapters, especially because you really wanna know what's gonna happen. So even though the novel has a 1000+ chapter price tag on it, I haven't gotten bored at all, which is pretty surprising because recently I can barely stomach stories that pass the 150 chapter mark LOL.

Additionally, there are a number of characters who die that, while I didn't cry, I did feel pretty sad about their deaths.

In any case, this story ended up being way more interesting and honestly, it's more thought out than I expected LOL. I would definitely recommend it, even if it's just for the fun character interactions between the FL, the ML and their rag-tag team of people. I'm definitely invested in seeing just how this novel ends. <<less
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Lalali rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: --
I really love this type of MC, she is not a white lotus. She can be a very cold

... more>>

on the 2nd game there was 30+ people yet when 3 of the man tried to r*pe her and she screamed for help (she was pretending to be pitiful here tho she originally just want to test her weapon) only an old man and 1 guy tried to help. Hence, when the game started although she knew how to sloved it she did not say it until the last minute because she wanted to clean up the scum saying she had no reason to save them. Also because MC and ML had a fight because of this she went fasting (no water, no food) the less she needed to go the toilet. She dont want to rely on ML on going to the toilet lmao. ML was really angry and forces her to eat. They are very cute. ML was upright while MC was an evil brat (she was not anoying tho you will understand her after reading it).

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Nicolesmith rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: c1031
This is a really good novel. At first I didn't think I'd like it because the romance is not the forefront. But, the games ended up being really intriguing to me and I loved seeing the MC solving them.

The games are really intense and intriguing. The author must be really clever to come up with so many puzzles, while leaving clues for the MC to find. I know if I went into a doll game, I would die so soon!

The ending put everything into perspective and made me think a... more>> lot about my choice.


It turns out their whole world is a doll world, created by modelling human behaviour. It is used by the rabbit as data to restore his civilization. MC won the dollgames, so she is now in control of the doll world. She would become the inspector, but there will be more dollgames eventually, because that is the purpose of the doll world. MC and ML want to go to the human world. Teacher Cheng, Pei Xiaoxin and "Laughing brother"/ Tan Xiao want to return to the doll world, because they have attachments and family there, where MC and ML don't have much. MC decides to do a few things to the doll world before going.

    • Sets up Su Man and Lu Yuwen (someone Su Man met in the doll game) on a blind date and arrange a conflict between the Su family and Li Li (because Su Man is blind and wasting time on a scumbag)
    • She also sets up Zhu Shu and Yan Qinwen. A crazy fan will follow and harass Zhu Shu. Her agent will hire Yan Qingwen, head of a security company, to protect her at a high salary.
    • She also wants to set up Fu Miaoxue and Du Lai, but their relationship only developed mutually due to the doll game. Rabbit gentlemen gives her advice. They are caught in a storm in the sea.

Our MC is a total shipper! And I love her for it because I think it acknowledges that she made and cares about her friends and wants them to be happy.


At least, that's the end of the main story. Then there are a lot of extras, that I haven't read yet.

My favourite doll game was 'The Last Bride'. I found it to be one of the most disturbing and scary ones, but I really liked the members of the game. Also, this was the first game that seemed to have a mental affect on the MC (maybe because ML wasn't around or maybe because it was super scary)


It is a woman only game by the tall manga man. MC enters with the females she know, Su Man and Zhu Shu and then some people she newly met, Yu Yanqing (security head), Hu Ya (security), Chen Qian (one of the people Li Li protects while insulting Su Man), Zhou Lanfen (a wife who was attending the banquet).

It's basically Blue Beard. Each night, he'll torture and kill one wife in a secret room. 1st night - Zhou Lanfen is taken. During the day they look for the room, they find it and see Zhou Lanfens tortured body and a handsome gardener in a comma. He claims he was kidnapped and explains to each woman only one can escape and there are keys. He gives everyone a key saying it's the 'real key'. This man also has the appearance of the man they like/ are comfortable with (ML for MC, Lili for Su Man, for Hu Ya a senior she liked.) Hu Ya buys into his rhetoric and thinks only one bride can live and he told her he gave her a 'real' key and everyone else a 'fake' key.

MC confirms gardener is Blue Beard/ Duke when he returns home for the day.

(She stole a button on his shirt and blue beard was missing the same one). 2nd night - Cheng Qian. They try to kill the gardener during the day, but he wakes up and turns into a beast.

They all hide. Blue Beard approaches MCs closet and Zhu Shu jumps out and attacks him to save MC. Because MC is the only one who can save the most lives. The duke starts dragging Zhu Shu to the room. MC, Yu Yaqing and Su Man all attack the Duke. Zhu Shu throws the snow prop, but it will melt soon.

The Duke only kills one woman a night, but he is so angered by them that he ends up killing Hu Ya. And, he still has someone to take tonight (but the only women left are awesome women that I (and MC) don't want to see dead).

The Duke takes Su Man into the room. Su Man doesn't resist because she knows he will take someone for sure. Before going into the room, she apologizes to Zhu Shu (for bullying her for the sake of scum man Li Li).

The next day they successfully kill him by strapping him into a torture chamber with a saw, so he can't regenerate or whatever.

The reward is 'Duke's Secret Key' in which a torture tool can be used against a player. They also get hairbands (it's like phone a friend except for doll games). They all throw the key away.

Bai Youwei (MC) : "Because it's too rubbish"

"It's really rubbish." Yu Yanqing also frowned.

Zhu Shu said: "It's disgusting."

They leave and MC has taken everything into her dollhouse (lol).

Zhu Shu gets out and hates on Li Li, blaming herself for Su Mans death. But! Su Man is alive! Before she went into the room, MC handed her the puzzle piece!

P.S. The duke injured Su Mans wrist so badly, she can't use whips anymore, she she sneaks out to complete the maze by herself so she can get better. It's there that she meets Lu Yuwen (her future hubby courtesy of MC).

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Snoweee rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Definitely 5 Stars! I enjoyed reading it... the author did a great job creating those arcs, it's fun to read it also make you guess what will happened next... though the FL is like a Mary Sue, she still have so many weaknesses especially her psychological assessment. I love all the challenges there's a comedy, action and the romance... the flow of their romance is not awkward you'll just realized that oh with their life and death situation they found their strength in each other.

... more>>

i kinda cried to Snow Queen arc wherein the FL's mom became a part of the game which she can't remember her past but she have some broken memories and that is she really loves her daughter (FL) yes she really did wronged the FL when she choose her career instead



i also love how the FL rebuked all the Doll game facilitators. Also during the Last Bride arc, in order to take revenge to the comic guy doll game facilitator she took almost all the furnitures and accessories inside the game and put it in her personal space called "doll house".

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NiQuinn rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: Completed
I gave it a 5 for the quality of the story from beginning to end. True there were lows but I expected the plot to diminish a bit since it has 1000+ chapters. It was consistent all throughout though which I found really refreshing considering the genre. I've read very few stories with this plot but I knew enough to know what to expect going into it. For starters, I hoped for a good MC. Personally, I find her unlikable which, much to my surprise, made me actually like her... more>> for the story. She's no do-gooder and is actually quite selfish. Considering her upbringing, I totally understand why she is the way she is. I also have no complaints in regards to side characters. Their personalities were consistent too which I just looooved. Too many novels have suffered from authors seemingly forgetting what their characters are supposed to be like and become quite flat. This story doesn't suffer from that. Thankfully.

I guess, if I had to pick what I didn't like about this novel is the games, ironically enough. Too long with its descriptions, its problem solving, its complications. But, that's the whole point. It got me tired though making me pause in intervals of the story just to cope.


The ending of the actual story made cry. I understand their choices but damn does it hurt. Kinda bittersweet but they did get their happy endings. Viva! <<less
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SassyCanoeWizard rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: c10
First game ends on chapter 10. It's still too early to evaluate the story however seeing low rating I decided to intrude.

First game had same vibe as one of the games of "As the God will". Yes, it looks like the story will proceed as a chain of instances - mini games.

Protagonist is a girl who because of unmentioned circumstances has a weak body. Her cousin visits her and that's when the first instance begins. Protagonist is levelheaded and has a keen intuition. Her cousin is strong. He's not dumb... more>> although it doesn't seem like he's specifically bright either.

Overall series could be quite interesting if author won't run out of ideas yet for now it looks slightly above average. So I will give it 4 for now. <<less
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Hannalrd rated it
July 8, 2020
Status: c10
Why so many low ratings?

the story is good as far as I read! Give it a try, right from the start there is gore.. MC is pessimistic and gloomy, but she’s clever and quick - she is kinda like those old grannies imo.. Not much of an impression on ML yet?


A bit like the earth is online in which people are pulled into games and have to survive, except MC is quite vulnerable.
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Qfaea rated it
January 5, 2021
Status: --
MTLed until king (3/4)

(+) one of the most interesting character and their dynamic, incredible story telling EVEN in MTL mirror maze gave me shivers and goosebump, great at thriller and giving dread, also incredible concept of apocalypse, major character death which is sad but an incredible move to increase the feeling of risk, FL> ML

(-) character became slightly too op sometimes, plot armour pops out too sometimes, slow pace, sometimes the objective of this people are unclear
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