The Door to Rebirth in Apocalypse


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Two parallel universes.

On the day of the apocalypse, the trajectory of history driven into two different paths, completely altered the two universes.

One is a heaven, and one is a hell.

One is an era of peace while the red flag fluttered.

One is the end of the world where zombies rampaged, and lives devastated.

Gu Ning tried to survive in the apocalyptic world, trying all her best to protect her family and loved ones. Yet, she dies brutally on the streets after being betrayed.

She woke up in a strange dimension.

An empty dimension, and a door.

Opened the door once, it is the peaceful era. Opened the door again, it is the end of the world.

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New Mytrumpet143 rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: Completed
I don’t know why this has so low reviews but for me it’s 10/10!

This is an action packed Zombie apocalypse world, with our strong MC smashing zombie heads and making friends. The basic premise is that the zombie apocalypse came and the world split into two. MC here can go back and forth in the two parallel worlds. Get gold on zombie world, sell it on normal world, buy food on normal world, use it on zombie world.

There are some plot holes and loose ends but it overall didn’t made... more>> me feel like it’s detrimental to the story.

For the romance part, it’s more of a sub romantic type so just enjoy MC getting stronger in the first half. The ML takes a step back and let MC shine in the whole book.

What I really enjoyed the most are the characters! We meet such diverse characters who follow MC into her journey and it’s so fun reading about them.

The story is not perfect, but I enjoy reading it! Please so give it a try. <<less
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New Lexandrine rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: c80
Everything you need about this novel (especially spoilers) koco2018 had already listed it. In terms of pacing, plot and translation, it was very good. I can't complain about the MTL either it was so understandable I finished it via that. First of:

... more>>

Gu Ning (MC)

Very powerful and OP but in a way that it makes sense. She didn't become powerful overnight and even that has their drawbacks. She is equally soft-hearted (to those she favored) and cruel (to those who tried to go against her, by that I meant annoying/killing her). The story isn't only MC focused you can also see the other character's thought which to my surprise are written perfectly (for my tastes). She has the leadership skills and the people around her didn't get fond of her for no reason.

If you're aware she had this door that can make her go back to the apocalypse world and an alternate world w/o zombies. Both worlds are not boring - but sometimes I get confused lmao since they both have the same characters.

Regarding with the romance, I think it wouldn't be kind of instant lol since it's focused on her and her life. If I only I didn't sneak peak at the end I would have believed this story could go on without romance.


There were a few inconsistencies here and there. Like at one point people could not get close easily to this one child then the next second she adopting a whole lot of them (?). It was something I could easily ignore since it's a pretty shallow plot hole for me.

Anyway I saw some comments that some readers rated this meh because MC was not beautiful enough or so on. I think her pros lied on her charisma, talent and power. She could draw in people even if there are people prettier than her. If you think that would put you off, I suggest you still give this a try. Personally I didn't get hook until Chapter 50. <<less
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koco2018 rated it
September 30, 2021
Status: c107
This review will be my notes sections on this novel, and I will keep it updated as I read the novel. BTW this novel is really awesome. It's not god-tier quality and has some strange wiring. But I am having god-tier fun right now reading this.

Summary- MC Gu Ning survived 3 months fighting in the apocalypse before she was abandoned by her group and bitten by a zombie. Comatose and slowly mutating on the ground she was discovered by a group of military men who, after checking her condition, gave... more>> her a shot to the head to prevent the zombification. Before the bullet had reached, she disappeared and was transported to a busy city where the apocalypse never happened. She ran into two cops who told her she was missing for three months and her family was looking for her. She discovered that she can travel between her apocalypse world and this non-apocalypse one freely using the doors in her space. Making good use of the situation, Gu Ning buys supplies from the non-apocalyptic world, and pawns items from the apocalyptic world's abandoned stores. This is a fun novel to read.

Gu Ning's body mutated after receiving the zombie virus, strength-vision-smell-hearing all were enhanced to superhuman levels, her hair turned from black to a natural blonde and her dark eyes turned light-colored. This novel contains superhuman abilities, element powers, mental powers, zombie crystal cores, etc.

Spoiler Notes- Because no one else is spoiling things and I am going insane from curiosity. So I'll do it myself and break it up into sections for y'all to pick and choose your flavor of poison.

ML Speculating Spoilers-

ML notes from chapter 50 -


I have not read up to the part where a ML has arrived yet (I'm on ch 50).

From other readers' reviews, I have gathered that ML will appear around chapter 90, had an appearance in the first chapter, and has an ice block personality. From this, I can narrow down the choices.

The main men appearing in the first chapter are: Lu Jiazi, a mysterious military man and a curly-haired scientist/doctor.

    • Lu Jiazi.
        • If the author makes Lu Jiazi into the ML they have no conscience. MC hates him too much and I am disgusted with him too, so he is ruled out.
        • I know it has been a few chapters, but did you forget that MC caught this dude naked with her cousin? Like hell the author would ruin a character only to spin him into the ML.
    • Mysterious military man with a curly-haired scientist/doctor.
        • We all know how this is gonna go, the "Mysterious military man" has the highest probability to be the ML. He not only has shown a cold personality but also the sharp decisiveness that the ML has.
        • The scientist is a typical "strong right-hand man of the ML", he doesn't have that ice-block personality we are looking for, and the author didn't put much importance on him.
        • "But the mysterious military man shot MC~" yeah okay BUT,
            • MC had signs of mutating and the scientist wanted to use MC for experiments
            • He was preventing her from becoming a lab rat by giving her a clean mercy shot.
            • There was no malice, hatred, disgust, he simply gave a stranger a courtesy shot to stop the mutation.
            • I have no issues with this.
    • Fang Fa?
        • Don't make me laugh, this dude is a 2nd ML at best.
        • As new characters are being introduced even Fang Fa is sliding down the ML list.
        • His personality is not suited for a ML of this genre.
        • If he is the main ML, then I will lick my foot.
        • By the way, "Fang Fa" is repeatedly translated to "Method" in the translations.
ML notes from chapter 89 -
  • Ch 73-74, there was a man with ML-like energy that pulled MC into a dark alley to escape his pursuers.
    • Calm conversation,
    • MC elbowed him in the stomach and left.
    • The man was curious about her appearance and saw her short blonde hair.
  • Ch 76, the captain of the five-star brigade is strong and mysterious, has ML energy, kinda familiar with the man who pulled MC into the alleyway. But the character has not shown any signs of recognizing Gu Ning as the girl in the alley even after seeing her blonde hair (classic ML energy would prompt a "she was that girl huh?" recollection). He is probably not the one in the alley.
  • Ch 78, the captain's name is Ji Jiuze, serious ML energy is radiating off of this character.
  • Ch 80, Ji Jiuze is losing the ML energy and becoming more of a respectable strong military mentor,
  • I cannot see Ji Jiuze as the main male lead anymore.

I have officially reached right before chapter 90 where one other reviews said the ML appeared!!! LET'S GO AND FIND OUR HUBBY!!!!


ML notes from chapter 107 - Target Found. I will no longer report about the ML, read it for yourself.

Remember that "alleyway guy" that I said had ML energy? That was Bai Ling (aka. White Wolf) and not Ji Jiuze.

But you also remember when I said Ji Jiuze was falling out of the ML zone, yeah, the author basically chucked Ji Jiuze back into the ML vibe. How?

  • Ji Jiuze was training MC, and that ice-block started to care if MC had complaints about the training
  • Ji Jiuze ate MC's cooking (tasted and finished every dish), then got up and started doing dishes.
    • He said "You cook, I clean"
  • Ji Jiuze took MC out to dinner (not a date) where he said MC's sweet&sour chicken was better, MC replied she would make it for him again.
  • Ji Jiuze is starting to care for MC,
    • sending glares at ppl "hugging" her
    • Lending her a sleep eye mask that matches his (author's attempt at "couple items")
    • Realizes MC is sleeping on his shoulder and quietly reads without moving or waking her up.

Ji Jiuze even took up the majority of chapters 90 to 95, he has an ice-block personality and it's become more clear that Ji Jiuze is the ML in this novel.

Explaining my take on "Mysterious military man with a curly-haired scientist/doctor."

  • Ji Jiuze is the "Mysterious military man"
    • As the Captain of the First squad (strongest, most elite team) of the five-star brigade, he has a kind, ice-block personality which completely matches with the curteousy bullet shot by the "Mysterious military man" in chapter 1.
  • Yi Shaoqing is the "curly-haired scientist/doctor"
    • Yi Shaoqing has been mentioned with the terms "scientist", and "lab", so with the characters I have right now, he is the most likely to be that scientist.
    • Although, I don't know his appearance, which makes it difficult to link him with curly hair.

Mission "Find ML" is complete.


MC Gu Ning's Abilities notes from chapter 50 - updated on chapter 89 -

Physical Abilities Spoiler -


MC right from the beginning of the story, after the zombie bite that caused her mutation, gained these abilities, she has raw power and continues to train her physical abilities. This will take more chapters to discover. So Far-


  • Physical Abilities
    • Enhanced Strength/Speed
      • Can cut through a zombie's head with a dull knife easily
    • Enhanced Eyesight and night vision
      • Can see up to a far distance away clearly.
      • Can see in the dark just as well as during the day.
    • Enhanced Hearing
      • Can hear a person crying from far away while sitting in a running car.
    • Enhanced Smell
      • Can smell a far away zombie before it sneak attacks.
    • She is learning abilities very quickly
      • MC became a genius that takes only a few minutes to master a gun and headshot/snipe enemies, becoming the best shooter her team has.
      • MC took an hour to have a firm grasp on hand-to-hand combat, shocking her mentors.

Elemental Abilities Spoiler-
  • Elemental Abilities
    • Space
      • She can mentally receive the supplies she looks at and can hold supplies in her space.
      • Contains two doors that lead to each world; apocalyptic and non-apocalyptic.
        • Has a gold time dial that warps time spent in each world to a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio.
          • Ex. 3 hours spent in the apocalyptic world equals 1 hour in the non-apocalyptic world.
      • Was just a plain white space, now has a big luscious green forest, mountains, and green sea. Yes, clean green-colored water.
    • Wood Element
      • Chapter 28, she ate a green crystal core.
      • MC can control plants (vines, etc.).
      • She has a thin green line around her pupils (a telltale for all ability users)
      • When she awakened her first power the nature around the base site "danced".
    • Healing ability.
      • Chapter 48, she ate a pure white crystal core.
      • MC can heal others and herself.

Ability Drawbacks Spoiler-
  • Ability drawbacks
    • Chapter 74, MC discovered she cannot recover her powers.
      • Using her powers drains her green sea.
        • Using the wood power takes a little
        • Using the healing power drains the sea about half a meter per person.
Prominent c*ckroach-lifeforce Antagonists notes from chapter 50 - updated on chapter 89 -


You can guess, these characters show up like c*ckroaches, are still arrogant, are still ignorant, are still full of venom. Some of their "partners" are not as s*upid but they'll still be on this list.

Also, Gu Ning meets some of these characters in the non-apocalyptic world, I will not list their appearances in the non-apocalyptic world, because they are not "villains" just annoying two-faced jerks.

The appearances log is only for when the c*ckroach characters meet and/or affect the main characters in the apocalyptic world, the c*ckroach characters mentioned without clashing with the main characters is not my concern.


  • Jiang Yu, Lin Meifeng, and Lu Jiazi.
    • Their s*upidity starts in chapter 1, they are weak but the author won't let them die.
    • List of appearances: Chapter 1, 12, 41, 46-47, 71-72, 152-153,
    • Jiang Yu: Gu Ning's cousin, she plays a white lotus/green tea b*tch.
    • Lin Meifeng: Gu Ning's aunt, Jiang Yu's mother, a blunt self-centered rude ingrateful woman.
    • Lu Jiazi: Gu Ning's long-time crush, until she found Lu Jiazi and Jiang Yu in bed together. He also has a weird possessiveness of Gu Ning, "I don't want her, but she likes me so you can't have her".
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July 24, 2021
Status: Completed
I mtled this novel.

The synopsis makes this novel a bit hard to understand. MC has a power that lets her travel between parallel dimensions. One of which is a world at peace and the other is a zombie apocalypse.

The novel does a moderate job at world building and character building as well as having an intriguing plot. It was a page turner for the most part to solve the mystery. What dropped a point for me and probably because I enjoyed this novel so much that I had high expectations... more>> for it, was my desire to see more strategy, tactics and training described. Often times the author comes up with innovative use of powers and then like completely forgets them in other strategic fights for no reason. It's very frustrating. Basically the military tactics and battle plans are mostly hogwash. It could have really used some more research into creative ways to apply power like the way other zombie apocalypse novels have.

What was nice was the MC was very realistic and not too OP but always tried her best. The romance was the weakest part of this novel. Maybe just thrown in there so girls can feel like MC gets a handsome guy. The romance was sudden and just really swept to the side for the whole novel. The novel could have done without it or dived deeper into it but instead it was very much just a backdrop which is a pity. I would have loved to read more about their awkward and cute romance. All in all a good novel about a MC who actually becomes the most badass. I absolutely recommend it. Just don't expect much from romance. Everything else was well written. I could have done with like 100 more chapters of more details and better military info and romance though :D Ending felt rushed. No romance extras boohoo. <<less
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elvira12 rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Okay I can't wait to write a review about this.

This novel is full of action and palpitating moments.

With the rhythm of the story, you can't spot the ML right away. I think he only came in around chapter 90? And it wasn't love at first sight. You wouldn't even think that he is the ML and that they have an intersection at the very first chapter.

I like the MC coz she's gutsy, but she's also a bit out of her mind sometimes. It makes her a flawed character, that makes... more>> her more real and 3D. She is not a dodder flower who needs to be taken care of, like what happens in most apocalyptic stories. Here, the MC is bad *ss and doesn't take sh*t.

I haven't finished this yet. I finally finished this! Ans I agree that it was ended abruptly and the romance was done wishy washy. But definitely recommended. <<less
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AllthingsAsian rated it
December 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Undoubtedly, the best apocalypse Cnovel I've read with a female protagonist. Everything was logically explained you don't need to worry about the female lead being somebody that's very OP with no IQ growth in this novel.

I'm so glad to have discovered this gem.

Romance is definitely not a large part of the story but it does exist and I'm really happy with the way it was executed although I wish we got like an epilogue with the female lead and her partner's life after the ending.

Gu Ning has definitely made it... more>> to one of my favourite female leads ever.

(Binge read this entire novel for 24hrs nonstop). <<less
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Sheddy rated it
November 13, 2021
Status: Completed
The novel is pretty good, but the MC's personality is a bit inconsistent, one moment the author described her as fearless, the next moment she was afraid until she was shaking. One moment the author said she doesn't feel any warmth anymore because of the zombie bite but all of a sudden she felt the warmth when the ML warp his scarf around her neck.. the author said the MC is a very cautious person yet she and her team which were consisted of elite soldiers ate the food... more>> made by a bunch of rapists and cannibals without being guarded at all, eventhough they did it on purpose, that was a bit dangerous since they don't have the antidote for the drugs...

The ML honestly feel a bit like a male chauvinist imo. But this is mainly because I don't like overbearing ML that likes to take control and treats a strong female MC like a weak damsel in distress.

Edit: finished reading, enjoyable read, but some characters seem to be forgotten halfway through the novel, like Bai Lang or Yin Sang, they just stop being mentioned after leaving for the capital, so does those people who abandoned the MC in the first chapter, like what happened to them? I'm assuming that they're dead. There are several holes in the story but overall it was pretty enjoyable. My rating remains the same which is 4. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: extra
It was an enjoyable story, although I had to reduce the rating due to plot holes and rushed ending.


Some notable plot holes:

    1. Certain Bai character that was probably initially created as ML love rival but then suddenly vanished from the storyline.
    2. The ease by which people (including the military) ignored the protagonist' three month disappearance.
    3. The ease by which military admits civilian entry just because of shooting skill.
    4. The ease by which a supposedly ethical policeman dealt with illegally obtained gold.
    5. and so on.

I understand that we don't exactly read apocalypse-themed novels for logical plot, but this novel was overdoing it.
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hiimharu rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Good read.

Regarding the extra..

... more>>

Lu Jiazi and Jiang Yu had worse endings, or at least have been banned from Oasis. I don't think Gu Ning was harsh enough with them. In both worlds, Jiang Yu especially had a bad character through and through. The two are simply c*ckroaches.

The nice thing is it seems Ji Jiuze was able to go back to the other world.


MC isn't a saint but still wants to keep humanity. She's cruel to those who provoke her..

Apart from the people who betrayed her in chapter 1. Which really bothered me because she can kill strangers who provoke her, but never kills the people from her community.. I get one of them was her cousin but.. Still frustrated me. Maybe I'm cruel? But if someone leaves me to die without any confirmarion I would have some vengeance right? Especially the guy who was ambiguous with her since childhood, he ruthlessly abandoned her and her parents. Not to mention her cousin slept with him. That's a double betrayal.


4.5/5 but will round up to a 5. <<less
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08phamann rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: Completed
This was an enjoyable apocalypse novel, easily MTL-able. Not sure why this has no many 1 star reviews because it's a good novel.

It's not your typical rebirth/transmigration novel, in that MC is not reborn or travel back in time. She gets bitten by a zombie and unlocks this gate/door to a parallel universe wherein the apocalypse did not happen. Honestly this part isn't really explained properly but whatever, I don't really care. She can travel between worlds, and there is an alternate copy of everyone in each world, except for... more>> herself (and eventually ML).

So when MC dies, although she has experienced the beginning of the apocalypse, she is still quite a newbie and that's why she died easily. But using this opportunity, she takes advantage of the alternate universe, trains herself in both worlds and moves resources back and forth to help herself and her teammates. After was bitten by that zombie, she grows up quickly and becomes a sort of cold character, ice block like, which I prefer. I hate the always kind and smiling main characters that can only preach goodness to others.

Romance is slow. ML falls in love first, and realises that MC does not feel the same way but he is still willing to try. Their relationship is cute and although they are both ice blocks, they are able to melt each other. ML's family are cute and don't hesitate to start calling MC sister in law.

Honestly, this was quite an enjoyable novel with a strong MC, a good plot and good romance. The only gripe I would have with the novel is that it ends too abruptly. I would have wanted to see some more development to their base and their life together at the base a few years down the track. <<less
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Saorihirai rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: c1
I have no idea why the rating is so low. It’s a zombie apocalypse novel where the MC has access to a parallel world with no apocalypse. MC is super strong, cold heart hearted/ruthless, but also not a murder hobo. It only has 14 chapters as of now so I can’t say anything too much but it’s pretty good. Nothing super special but if you want a survival novel with a female MC that’s strong, ruthless and has access to the normal world then read it. (Endless supplies and whatever)... more>>

One thing tho, the grammar of the translation is not the *best* but still perfectly readable.

Overall I don’t see anything wrong with this novel and it’s already hard finding survival novels with strong female MCs. Def give it a go. Short-mid length chapters but satisfying nonetheless. <<less
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