I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World


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Ruins stretched across the landscape in the apocalypse after the nuclear war.

If you accidentally survived on the wasteland, then you must be ready to face the endless hunger, ceaseless dangers, the mad zombies at night, and the peculiar mutant creatures that are the aftermaths of the constant radiation.

But for Jiang Chen, this place was heaven.

Mansions stood tall, luxurious cars parked on the street, high tech products and gold abandoned everywhere.

What? You were the president of a game development company before the war? You were responsible for the development of the 3D virtual reality online multiplayer game? Well, that’s great, why don’t you come work for me. The salary is two pieces of bread a day.

iPhone? Ultra thin design? Don’t you see that the phone I invented are thinner than condoms?

Aircraft carrier? Fighter jets? Oh, I have those things as well, but they are designed for space combat.

Watch the story of Jiang Chen, who possessed the ability to travel through space and time, as he witness the creation of an empire stretched across space and time..

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I Have A Mansion In The Last Of Days
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New wasavi rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: c1036
For starters this novel isn’t a 5 star, it’s a 4 to 4 and a half star but its 5 due to a large amount of Philippine reviews downvoting it. Its easier for angry people to review it badly that for people that enjoyed it to do the same.

Moving on this novel has some good points and some bad points. Good points:

  • Attention to detail: It places an amazing emphasis in the attention to detail be it from new technology, how logistics would work, how shadow corporations manipulate the behind the scenes. How investing and lending works, and how most businesses tend to be started. Without mentioning mercenary work and how it tends to work.
  • Harem: It has one of the better written harems, no girl is ever forgotten, and a lot of action is implied. There is all distinct even if the tend to have a certain predetermined personality for simplicity’s sake they work well with the story.
  • Story telling: Theres a lot of emphasis on the story telling aspect be it from multiple points of view to small stories and how they ended. Very few threads are left unfished.
  • Action/kingdom building: It has a good emphasis on building his empire while at the same time not ignoring having some action moments. Even if at the end they are few and far between.
Now... more>> to the bad points:

  • Not for someone who has 0 moral ambiguity. If you care if the MC r*pes/harass/ens*aves someone this is not for you and its one of its bad points.
  • The beginning: Horrible, horrible, most people will think this is either a wish fulfillment novel or a quick cash in on fallout. Which it is not in both cases.
  • Wish fulfillment: There is some in there. But its so little you can skip the chapter. There are some nice moments but other than the few its cringe.
If you’re from a minor Asian island or from Japan. Don’t read this, its defiantly not for you. I can’t detect any clear racism but for Asian people there seems to actually be. Either way, if you are not Asian you don’t have to worry, and I would suggest ignoring reviews from this guy since they seem to be targeted in the novel. Reading angry peoples reviews doesn’t help you if you’re not affected at all.

As far as Chinese nationalism. Theirs some but not a lot, easily withing the tolerable limit, and to the point where if asked I would have to look. Overall a good story with some faults but otherwise solid. <<less
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keklel rated it
April 27, 2017
Status: c4
I really wanted to like this, but just couldn't.

The characters are just too s*upid. The plot doesn't really make much sense either, too much is left undescribed, but it's mainly the characters that kill it.
... more>>

The MC time travels to a parallel universe (alternate Earth in 2190) where a global nuclear war happened. The first time he time travels, he should have figured some things out. Like the fact that the world is now a hell-hole and there are zombies everywhere and everyone is starving, right?

What would a normal MC be like in this situation. Maybe avoid people, kill anyone suspicious or threatening, etc? Perhaps try to stay hidden and protect himself from the radiation and diseases?

Not for our MC. He travels the radioactive landscape without any protection nor realizing the hazards of radiation despite KNOWING a global nuclear war just happened from reading the newspapers. Doesn't seem to be much worried about viruses or diseases from the zombies either. I mean, zombies? Pfft. Mentioned as an aside in a single sentence. "I crossed the zombie infested landscape". Never mentioned again in first 5 chapters.

He finds a mansion in the hellscape. Now, what would a normal person do. In a land full of zombies, probably be on guard against zombies, right? If not zombies then people with guns, since people are not likely to be very welcoming in this kind of environment, right?

Nope. Our MC goes in without any protection, finds a starving girl AND FEEDS HER HIS FOOD, ONLY FOR HER TO THEN POINT A GUN AT HIM AND STRAP HIM TO A CHAIR. Yes, in a zombie infested post-apocalyptic world, he finds a mansion and a girl inside and starts feeding her food because she's pretty and he wants to fug. This is literally written in the story I'm not making anything up.

More ridiculous sh*t is yet to come. After being strapped to the chair, he then makes up some bullsh*t explanation about wanting technology AND SHE BELIEVES HIM AND LETS HIM FREE EVEN THOUGH FOOD IS THE MOST VALUABLE THING IN THE WORLD.

Then they go find a bank and he PAYS HER WITH HIS FOOD FOR HER TO BE HIS BODYGUARD AND TO ROB A BANK OF GOLD FOR HIM. Food that she could have just taken from him, with the only explanation being that she is "kind hearted". He never thinks about killing her (person who just pointed a gun at him and tied him up with rope) only about her breast size and how much he wants to fug. Yes the characters and explanations really are just that s*upid. It only gets worse from that point onwards.

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sctcooper rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c311
I disagree with the other reviewers. First, it doesn't have any world-building at all. This post apocalyptic world is simply ripped off from games and other post-apocalyptic/scifi stories. Second, it's not even fun as a light read because you'll probably just skim over several paragraphs of pointless conversations or descriptions that are tedious and condescending. It's as if the author thinks the reader is so incredibly s*upid, and has no imagination that they needed to explicitly describe things, events or every single irrelevant action such as closing a door in... more>> the story. I seriously could not understand why people like this s*upid novel. But then again, s*upid people read s*upid things. There is so much racist/supremacist undertone in this novel that serves nothing more than self-gratifying fantasies the author has. I just have to wonder if the author was educated at all, or have ever experienced socializing with people from another race/country. There was a lot of narrow-minded thinking and generalization in this novel that I personally do not find acceptable at all. I personally didn't find any fulfilment or satisfaction at all in reading the chapters. The conversations feel clunky/unnatural, the pace was tedious, and everything that's happening feel as if they are inconsequential in the end (like it didn't matter anyway if this and that happened, filler chapters). Because all it amounts to is just to prolong the story. It is garbage/tr*sh read. Something you read in the toilet just to pass the time. It doesn't make you think or even imagine. It's formula is to intrigue the reader, and sandwich useless, unnecessary things between that and the story progress. Seriously, it's as if the author just writes all the crap he/she can come up with just to stall the progress of the plot. <<less
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Brave Armadillo
Brave Armadillo rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c58
I like the idea of being able to go back and forth from the present to a fantasy (albeit post-apocalypse zombie infested) world, but as others stated the guy is really rather mindless about it all. Zombies that might eat you? So what? Radiation that might kill you? So what? Post-apocalypse world that because he has time-travel HE may have caused? So what?

Easy gold for the taking? Sure!

Hot chicks? NOW we're talking!

This is all he actually cares about: "Can I make money from it?" and "Can I have s*x with... more>> it?"

And here's where I have problems. The MC is a horndog who can't keep it in his pants and has no desire to do so either, which is seriously beginning to derail the story.


As of chapter 58 there are currently four female characters that can be considered part of his harem, two in the present (well... one and a half, but you know she's going to join) and two in the future. I have no problem with this, and they have been written reasonably well. If only the author KEPT IT LIKE THAT. However, the MC's luck with women is so incredible s*x scenes have become story filler, taking up multiple chapters that add nothing to the main story.

Parody example: "The MC needs to go to [some place] to buy [things]. At the car rental place he charms the incredibly beautiful girl behind the desk and they have sex. While driving, he pulls over to put gas in the car and charms the incredibly beautiful girl who drove up next to him and they have sex. Finally reaching [some place] he buys some [things] from the incredibly beautiful girl who runs the place who is really impressed by his ability to buy [things] and they have sex. Now that he has the [things] he needs he can finally [advance the plot]."

Remember how I said HE ALREADY HAS A HAREM? -- Because he doesn't.

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LuNaTiC rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: Completed
A best and top notch Chinese Kingdom Building & Sci FY

novel. BUT

It has its flaws. Everyone yearning for Perfection. But, There is no such thing as Perfect in this world.

When you truly love someone or something you love them with their existing flaws. Well, I love this novel.

Then lets start with reasoning......



    • I have found this novel as a first pure Chinese sci-FY. No cultivation involved.
    • A very good kingdom building aspects.
    • Very minimum racism and no overwhelming Chinese propaganda.
    • Author has done his research. So he payed attention to minor details and information which in turns made this novel fulfilling & enjoyable.
    • This is not a hard science fiction novel. As a sci FY novel it has covered scientific details, progressions, development & advancement in a detail manner.
    • very good humor.
    • Author has a good story telling ability. So, the author is able to paint his world in his color.
    • Author has done a great job in Harem aspects. MC handles his relationship with different actresses very well.
    • In this novel s*x is neither taboo nor over the top. MC's love life & s*x life is very naturally done.
    • It is fun to read MC slowly becoming giant while standing on giant's shoulder.
    • It is fun rollarcoster ride.


    • Characterization is well done. Main Characters are three dimensional but not fully developed.
    • Side Characters are rather forgettable.
    • Story line is good but not enough tensions & suspense.
    • There is no good or rather stand out Antagonist in this novel.
    • First few hundred chapters MC has no real goal. He just go along the flow.
    • MC is a normal person. He is smart & clever. But he suddenly become conqueror, strategist, great business man etc. Author has done a lazy job in this character transition process.
    • Like most of Chinese novels time is problem here. Present world development is too fast. Author should have chose starting year few years back. Or he should have slowed down the development and set the end year in much farther.
    • Author lost balances in two worlds simultaneous story development.
    • In author's eye world is rather small. He seems to forget about many important country, ethnic groups.
    • There is few controversial issues in this novel such as Ghost agent selection, s*avery chips.
    • MC is quite xenophobic.
    • Author could not utilize the full potential of the novel. It is rather sad.

That's all for now.

Did I love the novel?

Yes, I did.

Was it memorable & fun to read?

Heck Yeah.

Will I reread again?


See U later.
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shadeonline rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: c300
This novel is extremely amazing. Neglecting the fact that there are various plot holes that all fantasy stories at takes place in a modern setting have, this story is extremely interesting. The main character has an amazing cheat power to travel between two worlds, one in the future and one in the present. In the future world, the MC has to figure out a way to survive in a post-apocalypse world filled with zombies and other dangerous factors. While in the modern world, he uses technology obtained from the future... more>> to create a business empire without attracting unwanted attention. Despite its simple premise, the author includes lots of interesting arcs in this story, the author also explores on feelings and ideology of characters in this story. I would really recommend everyone to give this story a try or at least hold your horses until more chapters are translated before giving it a judgment. <<less
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Mike777ac rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c9
Kinda too early to say for certain, but I'm hoping that this is going to be as good as it seems. For the most part, the theme is very similar to the world of the "Fallout" series... Except it's in China. I wasn't that sure at first, but the moment the word 'Deathclaw' was thrown in, I knew that they weren't even trying to pretend like it wasn't related rofl.

I honestly don't care about copyright issues like that though. I mean, HTK is still one of my favorites, though it... more>> updates slowly. Speaking of updates, I wonder what the translation speed is going to be like for this series? Anyway, that's enough reviewing from me lmao. Read it if you want to, or don't, it's not my story... So it's really not my problem :P. <<less
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Boon rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c61
edit. Lost another star for the gratuitous sex. 2.5/5

~3.5/5 Interesting plot device for him to spec up and become bad-ass in the normal world, while also advancing in the alternate apocalypse world. It would be a solid 4/5 if it didn't constantly have him running into old acquaintances who slighted him in the past, just so they could slap their own faces. The wish fulfillment here is very strong, and done poorly. The day he gets strong, he runs into an acquaintance who despised him for being useless, who needs... more>> someone strong to help out. The day he gets a lot of money, he runs into someone who despised him for being poor. Etc. <<less
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strixflash rated it
April 14, 2017
Status: --
Another amazing novel from Qidian with decent world-building and plenty of fun. The novel is about Jiang Chen who wants to achieve what every ordinary human wants to achieve: a high standard of life. Sadly he was laid-off from his job but as the luck would have it he got the ability to travel through time and space. He travels to a post-apocalyptic world, and exchanges food and basic needs with things that he needs in his own world (gold, technology stuff, etc). In a way it's similar to Monster... more>> Factory (here protagonist uses people instead of monsters). The adventures are ridiculous and fun as you would be expect from a Chinese novel with an apocalyptic setting. The author has done plenty of thinking and it's a good light read. <<less
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Justpointing rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: c23
Potentially one of the worst novels I have ever read, I'm up to chapter 23 and I've already started skimming over chapters because they are just that dull.

It is clearly a ripoff of fallout and has no thought toward world building like the novel would suggest. The author has decent descriptions for world setting, albeit too much descriptiveness often when unnecessary, but what truly wrecks, no, annihilates the story are the characters.

There are some things I can accept, such as people wanting to rob the MC of any riches he... more>> may have, as this is a Chinese novel and having a typical xianxia flair of cliche is half expected. The larger problem is characters being forced into roles that don't suit them, particularly in romance.


The first girl, who is conveniently tied up in a random mansion he walks into first eats his food then holds him hostage for more. She then becomes a bodyguard in this cruel world where naivety will be taken advantage of by EVERYONE and only a couple of chapters later she is completely in love with him and they're having sex. The relationship developed even faster than their intimate scene together. I mean, damn, the dude only lasted a single sentence.

the second girl is a young genius programmer who is sold to him as a s*ave who is quickly forced to call the MC and girl#1 big brother and big sister. A couple chapters later and this girl has fallen in love our MC and the whole s*avery status appears insignificant/forgotten.

The third girl is a former boss who fired him and has a cold personality that despite having been in a long term relationship with someone else, has never let a man touch her body or even kiss her. Despite this, the MC simply says her house smell nice and she begins to fall in love him.


while I enjoy an MC who knows how to stick his junk in a girls stuff, unlike a Japanese MC whose rod only seems to function in his fantasies, it is simply too unbelievable. His voice has some mysterious function the makes any girl he is talking to, or even those in the vicinity cross their legs as their inner thighs become moist. I don't know what kind of cologne this guy is wearing, but I need to get myself some of it!

as it is a slapshod ripoff, it is full of gaping plot holes and the like too. I only hope this novel becomes at least more unique and not as baseless as it currently has been. <<less
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Silvertin rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c10
The story is an interesting one, the chapters really flow together with a fluid pace. There are certainly questions waiting to be answered, like just how and why he got the time and space travel (random chance? Crazy theory where he sent it to himself in the past? Just a plot device? Time will tell). Granted we are only 10 chapters in so its understandable there hasn't been enough time or developments to really understand everything. The main character adapts to the situation going on in the parallel future world fairly easily I feel, but I suppose that is normal since this is in the Xuanhuan genre, which is perfectly fine. I just feel like he accepted the way things work in that world a bit too easily given he is originally from a peaceful world where human life is valued much more, and everything is far less dangerous. He doesn't go murder happy, arrogant, or power crazy. Just kind of accepts it? Somewhat unwillingly, but a bit too easily I feel, because I think it has all been in the span of days that he came to adapt to it.

Anyways, all in all, I highly recommend this series because of its interesting premise. I always enjoy the concept of a good time travel story, or having future and otherwise things like advanced tech be used in battles against the cultures not as advanced. Although there has not been much action yet, I liked what I saw, did a good job describing things for you to paint a mental picture without being overly detailed. So I look forward to much more of this series!

Small spoiler footnotes below:

Am I the only one surprised at the coincidences being lined up here? Like how the Zombies were created by the T-Virus which was actually from an attempt of "project revitalization" to save the world? Or that there are Deathclaws that I think might be remarkably similar to the ones in the Fallout Universe? I don't know enough of the Resident Evil lore, but I love the way these things are put into the story, and somewhat from other series I know. Though I find myself wondering if the creators of those respective concepts are okay with these coincidences. I do like how they have their own unique circumstances and ecosystem though. The Zombies feel more like plants with how they apparently get energy through photosynthesis or something? They live off the sun basically. Deathclaws are apparently predatory mutants that eat other lesser mutants, zombies, among anything else below them it seems.

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kossboss rated it
April 16, 2017
Status: c255
This apocalyptic world borrows many elements from Fallout, it could almost if someone stretched the term, a original crossover fanatic with fallout world. That being said I think it is a strength of the story and works really well, and the elements borrowed are expanded upon to add more to the world. Only 12 chapters read so far but a promising start.

Just as interested in this story now at chapter 255 as I was at chapter 12. The world and fallout elements as I thought were expanded upon and I... more>> am loving what the author has done. <<less
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Ichyru rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: c395
This is a very good novel. The people who gave this novel 1* don't take into consideration other story elements such as characters, plot, setting and translation quality at all. They don't like? Immediate 1*. They don't even write thorough reviews and just straight up rate it low. Like some guy gave a low rating and wrote a review after reading SIX chapters when there was still 389 chapters to go. And the man asks why so many people gave it 5*. Maybe if you keep reading?

This is novel is... more>> very high quality and it has a rare and one of a kind premise (only 3 novels I know with similar plot). Although the science is probably all fake, the author and the translator do a good job in trying to explain it. I quit after 1 chapter after thinking it was boring but after forcing myself to read, I did not regret it. Give it a try. <<less
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Thor rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c42
The best post-apocalypse novel I found so far. The business side of the story was intellectually written. Highly recommended!
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Liener Rynnsfield
Liener Rynnsfield rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c18
This novel was great. Well it's my first time to give a review, so I didn't know what to write.

But I think this novel worth your time. A story with time travel like skill/machine, post apocalyptic like world with some past about our MC.
I like this novel.
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Kagutsuchi rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: c369
Don't read this novel. If you do, don't blame the author if there's some inconsistences or plot holes since the translator is the one that has the mental problems to delete everything to make it "Family-friendly"

Dude, go and make your own novel but stop cutting so many things from this one. (And no, it's not like Qidian send him the parts like that to translate, he cut the parts himself, everything he dislikes is deleted.)


About the novel, it is really interesting and likeable but the problem with the translator... more>> ruins everything.

I know that a review should be related to the novel, but when the translation is damaged it's needed. <<less
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Chillingbear rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: c39
As of c39 the direction of this novel is clearly base building and harem. It is a fun novel, and not very serious. There is come combat, but there isn't very much and it actually plays a role in the future as well as establishes some character growth (small, but some).

The MC is OP at the start coming from our world and has the ability to travel into parallel worlds and he gets attached to an apocalypse one. There isn't really all that great of a reason for why he... more>> stays, but ya know f*ck it. There are a ton of poor base building novels and I'm fine with some logic leaps. It is updated daily and is going at a great pace. <<less
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darknova rated it
May 29, 2017
Status: --
Meh... at first it was fine, later on it become so messed up and really not coherent at all. It seems like it's just there, floating or submerge; seems like nothing is happening at all or everything is happening all at the same time and JUMPING all over the story/place/whatever/wherever. Everything doesn't add up and the characters are doing things just for the sake of it. bah
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akwila rated it
November 30, 2017
Status: c237
This is a good novel to read. 1 of 10 Novel that I bookmarked

Positive Things

  • The MC is a normal human. Not super OP who can fly or have super power. He is a logical person who is not afraid to use any method (including mean method) to protect himself. Of course, he still has some principle. He will not start picking a fight first.
  • The future condition after Nuclear War described by the writer is logical. How the writer developed the story is interesting. The writer is not hiding the racist words (it really exists) and the dark side of this world. In short, the story is rational and interesting. I love the novel
Negative Things

  • This novel is too focus with MC. The writer does not explain that much about the side character.
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xluferx rated it
August 7, 2017
Status: c83
I don't usually write a review unless I feel is absolutely necessary and is absolutely necessary to say this to every single review out there that point a supposed problem that 'ruined the novel'. And watching how much the rating of this novel dropped it brought me to write.
... more>>

I've read lots of stories and novels and I mean a lot. And this one has its own originality for a Chinese novel in the vast sea of wuxia and xianxia novel out there. Well there is a lot of apocalypse stories out there but they are about getting strong and meeting pathetic Villians and increasing harem members.

This one said in the beginning that the sole objective is to make profit and get rich selling the alternate world stuff as his own ideas. And also even the MC left it clear about his position on girls. In other words by becoming rich he would be able to bang girls as much as he want which if we pass that in real life is in fact TRUE!!!

People say that he bangs every girl he met on a shop or whatever. Alright he only had s*x with three and he met with many. All girls trying to get in his pants well... because he is rich!!!!

All gold diggers would do their best to secure a life of luxury duh! That's a valid reason you know? Or what? You prefer that all the girls would want him because he is way too op and so awesome that make them go wet with only a smile and his cultivation is so strong or that he can fight entire clans with cultivators stronger than him?

Buddy this isn't that kind of story go back to your ATG or My beautiful teacher or AST, or BTTH, GDW. Etc

So yeah in fact this is a nice read and enjoyable at that, and also it has its flaws. There are few times povs change for world building which make it interesting specially for the parallel world, the action scenes are few but good and doesn't drag around which is a good thing because it isn't a complete necessity that every single moment a fight must happen and last around 20 pointless chapters.

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tonufan rated it
July 1, 2018
Status: c384
This is basically a Fallout fan fiction with a MC that can travel to a Fallout world while collecting harem members on his home world and in the fallout world. Everything goes right for the MC, and he never experiences any more than temporary problems. The author will conveniently forget information or write things that happen as the only outcome to make everything fall in place for the MC.

As the story progresses, the MC increasingly becomes more of a degenerate. He will do anything to meet his demands.

For example, he will capture refugees on earth and force them into s*avery, saying that at least they have something to work for, rather than sitting around in Europe.

Or, in the Fallout world he meets a woman who was the commander of an army who just wanted peace, and he wants her to work for him. She refuses, and chooses to kill herself instead. So what does the MC do to make her work for him? He drugs her and then butt r*pes her with his super strength. Then the author realizes his actions wouldn't go well with the readers, so he skirts around the situation for a bunch of chapters.

He tries to redeem the MC by later writing the commander as actually being a robotic human that can't feel emotion. Which doesn't make sense because he clearly wrote the girl was afraid of the MC after he r*ped her. The MC says he will create the technology to make her completely human sometime in the future, after shes done helping him, so she agrees to help him now. The author can't put together a decent plot line and has to force everything to go exactly the way the MC wants it.


In the later chapters, racism is vamping up. Filipinos for example, are described as yellow monkeys that bully the Chinese.
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