Doomsday Ecstasy Cave


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God made a joke with Chu Youning when the doomsday came. She was one of the lucky people among the first batch that awakened abilities, but the shapeshifting ability she awakened did not have any attack power at all. Seeing the people outside, Chu Youning gritted her teeth bitterly in the mouth of the zombies. As long as she can survive…she was willing to do anything.

In the eyes of others, Chu Youning turned the cannon fodder shapeshifting ability into a powerful ability, an ecstasy cave where countless people with powerful abilities rushed into the bewitching maze she created.

The man pressed her tightly beneath him, clutching the chain around her neck in his hands, he said, “Become a mermaid tonight…”

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47 Reviews

Aug 20, 2021
Status: Completed
[As of Ch408]

At start... cause of sudden urge to read smut... I stumbled to here. Cough, but I like smut with plot.. so after reading other reviews and knowing that this novel actually has a good balance of smut-plot, I finally decided to read it.

At the start of the novel, there's more smut in between chapter lengths cause MC needs to use her charms during that stage more to build up her power later. Even in-between smut, her inner monologue gives incredible scheming information regarding the future plot. She's plots... more>> for future of her life at every moment.

MC is very tenacious but knows when to back out so as to not hurt her interests and despite being almost equal to a plaything


cause she's very beautiful and has transformation ability that serves almost no purpose at start except roleplay during interc**rse


during apocalypse, she tried hard to escape her situation (not as in running away but building up her own strength) by manipulating men. But she knows which man to aim for... those in whom investing now would provide her much power and authority in incoming days. She doesn't want to rely on men only and tries hard to build up her power as an individual and a group.


She's very smart, observing and can capture key information just from listening to day-to-day life's conversations and use them to the best of her advantage.


If it wasn't for apocalypse, she could have had a fine career as a detective. Even a politician perhaps.

The men she aims for are... not all are brainless and some see through her nature very well. Each one has a different kind of attraction towards her. Some.. well.. were indeed attracted towards her body. Some were interested in her cause they saw someone else interested in her which made them curious. Some appreciated her brains. Some were attracted to her cause they thought of her as innocent and felt guilt towards her. Some came to like her simply and slowly. Some were interested in her ability. Some deemed her to be same as them - their soulmate.

Each man was powerful enough not to be outdone by another and thus she couldn't leave others for one cause she couldn't leave them once she provoked them. It's not that she wanted to even. She eyes only power and strength (with only baseline of morality, no ethics).

All characters are pretty much fleshed out. Not perfect but distinctive. Even cannon fodders and small villains. They got a backstory to them.


In all the men of MC, I like Shen Haonan the most. He has always thought that he was the one who led MC on such a path and she had been an innocent and pitiful girl before then but that wasn't so. He himself is the one who's the most innocent and unaware of the truth. He was also someone who never had any ambiguous relationship in his life until he met MC.

Let's not mention MC or her men... but the antagonists. I like the character of Li Ran the most. She has brains, although is someone who can scheme, be a fake white lotus well and even have no mercy against any adult... her backstory is something which I liked as it proved to be quite a reliable cause of her behaviour. Her death (most of the antagonists face it) wasn't due to MC but children... as she sacrificed herself in order to protect them from a beast tide. To be honest, she's quite like the MC herself but unfortunately she wasn't the protagonist of this story. I kind of wish that she shall have her own story.

And in the antagonists I hate the character of Chen Yi the most. Not cause of how she behaves but how it's portrayed and her end. She was used to show off and set off the charms of MC by comparison. She should have been a powerful person considering how late she was introduced (thus she lived for 2-3yrs in apocalypse) and should have experience as well as brains but no. She wasn't provided with anything such. It kind of makes it unbelievable as to how did she survive till then.


There's a shoujo-ai subplot... and you can find literally all kinds of smut - roleplay, SM, in*est... (even BL).

4-stars only for now cause I haven't finished it.

[As of Ch463]

I'm dumbfounded with the twist the plot is taking... it's getting less interesting now. It was fine till about 400 chapters.


MC is on the path of making herself more powerful (not that I'm against it though it may be as an other-worldly-being (?)) but it's as if she doesn't see herself as one with humans (although humanity is almost non-existent in apocalypse, she still had a tiny droplet of it left in her)... since a family drama of MC was staged (though it could've been avoided, as the chara causing it was suddenly introduced).




Ugh! As much as I liked the story at start, I hate it that much now. I can't appreciate MC's character anymore. Well, I knew that it's very likely that MC got no morals or ethics considering the kind of story I was gonna read... but ah.. considering that it got plot... the MC's character is devastating. She is selfish and scheming.

I absolutely didn't like the family drama that was shown at the end. And how the MC lost her last trace of humanity (if she ever had it) after her brother's betrayal (which never happened). So yeah, the brother was used to justify her loss of humanity.

Li Ran that I appreciate due to her humanity (she's selfish but kind for the children). She's perhaps the only piece of humanity that I saw in these people.


Other female characters didn't portray humanity or goodwill (that first female antagonist ended up siding with MC, she's practically the same as the men she despises), (the another shapeshifter, she was used to show that MC charms not only men but also women) and let's not mention Chen Yi again.

That Shen sister is strangely pitiful and hateful too. She and others consider that Jiang (her husband) is a very principled man, but I don't think so. He thinks from his lower body as much as the other men in this story. He could have admitted to his wife about seeing that snake-show to which he was pulled to accidentally but no. The Shen sister was so tormented (yes, she was in my eyes) that she drugged the MC (who perhaps might have even calculated that, although the story says otherwise) and then sent MC to her husband's bed. The Shen sister made it seem like what a great thing she was doing. Solving her hubby's problem and adding another man to her sis-in-law (yup, Shen sis is sis-in-law of MC) so he can protect her. A woman sending another woman to someone's bed is hateful (for whatever the reason it may be).


I seriously can't fathom their brain circuits.

All high posts are dominated by men in this story. Even though at end, it seems that MC is in control and yeah, she finally gotten the world and all... in my eyes it only works till those men consider her precious (or till the strange spell works on them, if there's any) and spoof! Once they stop paying attention to MC, she would lose it all. Bam! The end!

Personally, I feel that MC's progress is only superficial and she really hasn't fortified herself much.

Read it for the sake of smut only. Plot may make it enjoyable a little but yeah, it's not that great to invest into it. Just skim the plot. <<less
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Jun 06, 2021
Status: c63
It's an erot*c novel with a plot.

MC is by no mean weak at all although she looks weak but her strategies really live up to her ambitious.

She rely on her body not only for survive but she wants the best of the best.

There's r*pe scene but it's consent r*pe cause MC really plan for it to happen. She calculates to hug the biggest thigh, playing with them guys egoistic mind. I like that she sees them as nothing but a backer. It's a win/win for her as she can left... more>> any of the guys with no hurt feeling at all.

She's the real bad b!tch. ;) Anyway it's 400+ short chapters kind of novel and my ability to MTL is inefficient for this genre (QAQ) waiting patiently for translator sama. <<less
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Oct 03, 2021
Status: c130
I really got a whole lot of things on my chest regarding this novel and just wanna let them out xd.

So first off personally I really don't like story's that are a mix between smut and plot, to me it's just confusing most of the times. It's like am I supposed to wank right now or do you want me to be on the edge of my chair invested in the plot? It's mostly a whishy whashy thing and for me this novel fell right into that category. At the... more>> beginning I quite liked that it leaned more towards the smut side but after a handful of chapters we got more plot than smut - without the smut ever leaving. I would have appreciated if there was less description of the smut (or less plot one of the two), but that's just my personal opinion.

Another big thing that really bothered me was the way that human being were portrayed, the was women were viewed and especially the way man-woman relationship was showcased. Look I get it, it's the end of the world and that whole spiel but I have been a huge addict of this little niche genre and never have I seen such a depressing representation of humans, like seriously! Are you telling me that there is NO decent human being around?? That everyone is just a complete ahole and super selfish? At first glance this maaay make sense, since they constantly live in such a dangerous situation blabla. But realistically speaking the people would adapt to this permanent sense of danger and with us humans being group animals I just find it so unlikely that we would all just go ahead and disregard the other and live this selfish way. Yes a few would do this but those would probably be the outcast of society. Idk to me that just seemed very unnecessary dark, unrealistic and honestly quite depressing.

Even worse though was the way that women were portrayed... I don't know how nobody else found issue with this? Like just honestly extremely disgusting and degrading. Like reading this made me low-key internalize some of those sexist thoughts hahaha I'm not even going to fight with the whole thought pattern that everyone in this novel has (regarding women) my main problem is just that the protagonist never thought differently! I get that she will follow those degrading imaginations that everyone has to her benefit but at least THINK for one second "hey this is actually super f up and it shouldn't be like this"! The way that's everyone just accepted it, her included, kind of made it seem like this is normal or appropriate which it really isn't. With stories like this I always wonder if someone reads this and then ends up internalizing some of those views - and believe me that happens way quicker than you would think! And even with that worry out of the way I just don't feel comfortable reading something where it is portrayed as perfectly okay and normal to think of women like that and treat them like that, it's extremely disgusting. I ended up heavily disliking every single man in this story and was halfway ready to become a lesbian hahaha (even thou the women have the same perspective which sucks)

Well and the last thing that I wanted to rant about and which is also the reason that I dropped the novel is the MC. I do respect and admire her scheming and her ability to completely bend herself and just about fake everything to progress, but at the same time she doesn't really have much of a character? Like her ambition and her scheming is her character, that's it. I felt really disconnected from the story because the MC never has a emotional reaction every emotional reaction she had so far is always discredited seconds after by seeing that the "real her" behind the mask is completely unfazed. At some point she didn't even feel like a human being because the thing that drives us and makes us us is emotions, like it's one if not the most important thing! Like if you want to find a realistic explanation for her behavior it would be a quite severe case of personality disorder or some other sort of disorder, maybe some brain damage that causes her to be unable to experience her emotions? Something is totally wrong with her because that is not normal behavior. And I have seen it often this "cold Mc" /or "cold ml" character which sometimes resembles a psychopath more than someone who is cold (depending on the way he/she is written) but like this mc? Nah she's just a full on psychopath or as I said has some kind of major problems. And if this would have been spoken about and maybe she would slowly change/work on it - great! But instead it's kind of just left there in the open and treated as if it's a normal thing. Which just like the women view thing - it really isn't normal! Her way of behaving also took all the fun out of the story, it's as if a cold robot is showcasing how she slowly build her way to power, there is no excitement there is no hype nothing. She never experienced fear or worry nothing of those things so it just felt like reading a journal or I don't even know. Just caused me to be very disconnected from her and thus the story... Also like I said I just hate every single man in this story so far and the thought that she just ends up being together with them fills me with deep resentment I would rather that their dicks get chopped off and she gains power trough a different way. I don't particularly have a problem with a female MC gaining power trough men but it's just that when all the men SUCK and she needs to tolerate their despicable ways and still butter up to them URGH I could litterlay vomit.

Anywayssss I just ranted a whole lot dunno if anybody could follow along hahah if anybody went trough the whole text u srsly deserve a cookie xdd kudos to everyone who enjoys this story I can see the charm, totally, it's just that those few points were a complete buzz kill for me - to each their own ~

Have a nice day byee <<less
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Feb 17, 2023
Status: c128
I initially didn't really want to read this but I kept getting recommended it so I caved.

To give some context behind my review, I enjoy stories where there is (1) a female lead who (2) treads down a path of her own making and (3) does so independently. I enjoy fls who can be sceaming and blackbellied. I don't like overly sweet and self-sacrificing heroines; I find them to be cliche and frustrating. I think that when it comes to women, they are often depicted as saints and martyrs but... more>> rarely do they actually value their own safety or prioritize their own needs above the male lead's. Male Leads are often written to be like Sun's who manage to make the story revolve around themselves, inevitably pulling the female lead into their orbit and dimming her own light. Therefore, I like novels that especially have no fixed male leads.

So, with that being said, the female lead of this novel dies indeed prioritize her own agenda above others, and does not stick with any man in particular. It's just that her approach is strange and based on very skewed opinions about the world she lives in. Her belief that MEN are a certain way, and that WOMEN are a certain way, ends up putting her in positions she shouldn't be in. According to these beliefs, women are meant to please men, men naturally dominate women, and women have to "thigh grab" or "become dodder flowers" to survive.

Perhaps she has some kind of learned helplessness or lack of imagination when it comes to her own abilities and her own ability to survive. She really can't just think to turn her body parts into weapons or make herself sprouts thorns or something so that people won't touch her so blatantly? She's basically Beast Boy from Teen Titan! Turn into a tiger and starts ripping heads! Yet, she doesn't, and instead chooses to please men because she "can't survive without others?" She justifies her actions by saying humans are social animals but I honestly cannot think of a single positive interaction she's had with the other people of this novel. What's the point of living with people who use you and make you miserable, and who toss you around like you're worth nothing? Honestly, the fact that she doesn't take the mens treatment of her personally makes me relieved that she doesn't internalize their horrible treatment towards herself, but it also makes me super super super angry because we as readers empathize with characters and even though she is unfazed by such treatment, we as female readers feel that this treatment is crass, ugly, and inexcusable. She may feel no offense but we as the readers certainly do. Her blasé attitude towards her own treatment makes it appear as if this is excusable to do to any woman.

Another thing is that the fl's thinking is inherently flawed. She let's men disrespect her because she thinks it's unavoidable, and if she has to then she'd rather have some semblance of control over how it happens, which makes sense AT FIRST. But then you realize, wait, can't she just NOT get involved with these awful people in the first place? Why is she freely approaching people who threaten her safety and wellbeing when she could just like NOT? She puts herself beside dangerous people so that they can protect her from other dangerous people. What's the point? She could be killed by either party. I would much prefer to try and live on my own if I had an ability that allowed me to hide perfectly, rather than risk my safety with people I neither trust nor like, and who I know will treat me worse than a bag of dirt.

Another thing is that she trusts that these men won't kill her because they "love her body too much". She thinks that she knows these men and can use their lust against them but she's had some pretty close calls with some of the men she's been with, such as Lei Yi who planned to kill her while doing her and that dark ability user boy who planned to kill her when she was alone, both of these instances were not in her calculations and even if she wanted to, she could not resist them if they went through with it. Her schemes all rely on the assumption that the men she's with wouldn't bare to kill her, so really, she's trusting them, and consequently, putting her life in their hands. She does this even when she's perfectly capable of living on her own and not having to manipulate people to live. Her behavior is paradoxical. She insists she's in control and yet finds herself in situations where she is unable to resist these men. She says she cannot live without depending on others but also makes us believe that she can. In this case, since her ability allows her to survive by herself, then she should just do that. There's no need to get involved with such awful people just to have s*x. It's pretty obvious the writer wanted to have a FL who would be different from the other female characters by making her a psycho who cannot even empathize with herself and who is self-sufficient, but also needed to put her in situations where she could be exploited sexually. It doesn't really make sense and was honestly just confusing.

At some point, as a reader, this novel was just too skewed in its logic and assumptions about the sexes. I found it to be inadvertently reaffirming sexist ideology. If it's smut for women then why does it seem like this caters to male fantasies about s*x and not a woman's? It's just about unfair power dynamics between the sexes. Not one of her male partners were redeemable in any way; They may be good-looking but that doesn't make r*pe completely a dismissible offense.

I didn't enjoy reading this, it honestly just made me upset. I wouldn't recommend this for people who like smut. I wouldn't recommend this for women. And I wouldn't recommend this for people who have been sexually abused in the past just because the mindset the female has could be triggering because she adopts learned helplessness about her situation. If you read because you want to escape, or like to learn about a universal truth of the world then you will find neither here

Both men and women feel s*xual desire, and yet, because of the sexist beliefs that prop this story up, men are written to be seen as shouldering all the s*xual desire, and thus, are made out to be h**ny beasts who have s*x is horrific and degrading ways, while women are the victims and are written to be innocent and unwilling. This is because women are socially criticized from desiring s*x, because doing so would make them loose tramps. This is sexist ideology - that men are s*xual deviants and women are pure lambs to be slaughtered. It's simply a r*pe fantasy from the POV of an unrealistic female character and written by someone who needs to learn what 's*xual blame avoidance is'.

Even if this is the apocalypse, a scenario where men are hoarding all the women and dominating so freely is unrealistic. If it's the apocalypse then there's an even higher demand for social order and rules, because without rules people cannot live together in a society, especially latge communities likes bases. Without order people would eventually die from the zombie threat because they could not get their sh*t together. What kind of apocalypse is this where people are so carefree as to think about s*x 24/7? Wouldn't they be tired or busy trying to survive? The men even plan out their s*xual advances to be as creative as they are.

Don't be fooled, the apocalypse scenario is just a backdrop to make the smut more interesting, but unlike other apocalyptic novels, the only focus is on who is doing who and who is attracted to who. If this was the real apocalypse everyone would be dead because they were too distracted by the opposite s*x. Don't take this novel seriously and don't internalize the objectification and sexist ideology. The female lead doesn't have any f*cking clue who she is and what she's doing.

1/10 stars <<less
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Jun 12, 2021
Status: Completed
About the story:

This novel isn't merely a smut novel. This novel balanced smut and an exciting plot. FL is very clever and cunning. She likes to act like a white lotus but she reveals her true colors eventually. She's definetly a femme fatale. Many rich or powerful men are wrapped around her finger and they all are interesting in their own ways. The last few hundred chapters went slightly downhill but still very enjoyable. The side chapters are very fun and make up for the abrupt ending of the main... more>> story. The ending, I feel like needed to be explored further but that's fine.

Regarding the negative reviews:

Some people might say the FL is too cruel or a b*tch but that's why I like her. She knows what she wants, power, and she will do what it takes to get that. She is a clever, ambitious, and cruel heartless woman and I love that.I would also like to say that if u like a good girl and kind fl, this is not for you. As I said she's scheming and ruthless. I saw so many reviews saying she lost her humanity but it was stated clearly in the novel that after the apocalypse, morals and ethics were discarded. A lot of people also say that the MLs only there for lust and that's kinda true in the earlier chaps. If u finish the story u know they grow genuine feelings for her. They like her body and face but also her cleverness, her personality, and the little kindness hidden inside her ruthless heart. Overall:

This novel is a 10/10 imo. Clever and heartless FL, true harem ending, exciting story, many plot twists. <<less
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Dec 10, 2021
Status: c54
Personally, I'd give this one 3 stars, and NOT because of the content, like many other reviews are doing, but because I found the writing very disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not coming here expecting to read top-quality smut, but this is kind of ridiculous. The scenes comes off as being written by a virg*n with no anatomical knowledge. It's very hard to get into smut when it uses words like 'm**t stick' for c*ck and 'palace mouth' for cervix. It's not unreadable, as long as one ignores the... more>> words used to describe g**italia.

Second, all of the male leads are rat bastards, and while I'm not penalizing any stars for that, I'm putting this here so anyone who reads this doesn't go into this expecting them to be good to her. The tags are very accurate on this part, with essentially every s*xual encounter being non consensual. There isn't really any 'love' in this novel, save the feelings of attachment the MC has managed to foster in her targets, which is just lust for her body. This post apocalyptic world, like many others, is a hyperviolent, hypersexualized wasteland. It's super misogynistic, with characters outright stating that the only use for women in the apocalypse, even those with combat abilities, is on their backs. I really didn't like this, because I'm a: a woman, and b: a firm believer in the inherent goodness of humankind, so seeing stuff like this really puts me off.

In summary, definitely a rainy day read, but don't go into this expecting much in terms of smut quality or doting, soft-hearted male leads. <<less
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Jul 03, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a fairly decent novel for a smut genre. It has a decent plot with round and flexible characters. You can differentiate the characters from each other and most importantly of all, the protagonist knows herself very well. Well, she isn't built strong but she is also not weak. She is also very honest to herself and I also honestly agree with her most of the time due to the setting she was set with.

This novel has a great premise, a moderately good plot, strong protagonist BUT.

OMYf*ckING GOD I... more>> WANT TO KILL SOMEBODY. As I said it has a really, REALLY decent plot and it has a great PREMISE, but the ending was very disappointing. I honestly enjoyed the ride until I got into the last hundred chapters, the story itself escalated downstairs HARD.

It felt like the writing style changed or it became forced, but the quality of the scenarios that happened on the last hundred of chapters deteriorated and I wish it can be saved. In an objective opinion, it wasn't that bad, but subjectively, I think the author can do it a lot more better. It definitely felt like it was rushed to fit in the desired number of chapters and it felt really disappointing because it could have been written better. There were still a lot of loose ends up until the last chapter that wasn't satisfied even with the side stories. The main protagonist also didn't grow that much in terms of personality even after the ending. I understand her tr*shy morals but seriously, you've been given more affection and trust throughout the years and yet you couldn't even grow?! The protagonist up until the end didn't show affection (or atleast trust!!!) that you can deem worthy and genuine to any of the male leads. It was honestly very disappointing as she never grew anything but angst and trust issues.

Anyways, it was still a good read. Read it because it is exciting and new. I learned a lot of things here and I still think that the protagonist here is admirable even though she lacks affection. The protagonist is also fresh and very honest which is rare (for me? I guess). It is still a good read but you just have to have a heart to understand (and ignore) the loose ends that the author didn't tied. It has a lot of loose ends that I think I needed a book 2 to properly end it but it was still a GOOD READ. <<less
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Jul 09, 2022
Status: c200
In all honesty, I was pretty hesitant at first when I first started reading this coz I thought it might just be another smut story without a plot but this is actually a pretty good story.

I like how clever the MC is and how she plays around with most of the powerful men in the story. She's not the most op but she makes up for it by using her smarts (and her body).

Although, I have mix feelings about the MC as her moral compass is kinda off and im... more>> not sure whether I actually agree with her actions or not the more I read about it.

The only few downsides for me are how hypocritical the men are and how they only fall for the MC after they sleep with her and then she disappears, leaving them. The latter is kinda repetitive as they only realize things when she leaves and they suddenly want her for themselves when she comes back, especially when she is with another guy.


I was so annoyed with one scene in which one of guys was angry at the MC when he found out she slept with someone else when he on the other hand, had slept with several women before and after she left him.

He even had the audacity to put a freakin c*astity belt on her coz she "cheated" on him and imprisoned her to prevent her from running away again coz he loves her.

The hypocrisy and double standard was so annoying.


The story has a lot of strange kinks and fetishes but its fascinating to read. There are chapters with warnings so you can still skip those parts and still understand what happened in the next chapter.

All in all, its actually a good story and I like the way it handles the smut and the plot. <<less
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Apr 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Came for the smut, stayed for the plot to the point that I didn’t even realise that I was skipping smut for the plot 😭 8/10 rating over all
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Jun 09, 2021
Status: c146
It's often hard to balance smut with plot, but I think the novel does this fairly well. The smut scenes are not too explicit, and helps bring the plot forward.

The main character is an independent women who uses any means at her disposal as a way of survival, and sometimes in unusual ways that made me surprised at the ingenuity. She doesn't debase herself either, nor look down upon people who have it worse than her. I like that about her character.

The translator does an excellent job with word choice... more>> and grammar, making this a very enjoyable read.

I couldn't put this down after I started, and I am definitely looking forward to more. <<less
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May 08, 2022
Status: Completed
Stumbled upon this novel when I was looking for plots similar to Returning. So came for most the reverse harem with a scheming MC with good plot. And thats exactly what I got.

Lotsa complicated feeling abt this MC, I loved her for not trying to be a righteous heroine during doomsdays and, I applaud her for being able to adapt to her situation like that coz I don't think I can. Her moral compass has always been off but I felt it really went off towards the end. So the... more>> delicate balance tipped abit for me.

There is nothing wrong with what she was doing especially with how male were treating women in the novel, she was just trying to survive. She has no saviour complex and has no desire to do so and she knows she isnt the one who can do it.

I just pity some of the MLs. Though most of them reaped wat they sole and can only be one her many side dishes. But at the same time, I believe she doesnt really love any of them truly. With benefits out of the equation, im not sure which of them she will still be willing to stay with.

Anyways, overall great plot, just enough smut but towards the end I was abit boring I guess so I still finished off until jiang's side stories. <<less
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Dec 30, 2021
Status: c472
For what it is, it's awesome. Essentially, this is a heavy romance with a post-apocalyptic setting. What this means is while we get cool superpowers, mutants, and zombies, we also get some of the most f*cked up characters I've ever read.

In any relatively normal romance novel every single lover our FL takes would be absolute dogshit. Red flags everywhere, nutcases, yanderes, and way too many rapists. This plot works so well because the FL is a power-hungry psycho whose only real fault (in her eyes) is that her useless ability... more>> doesn't fit with her ambitions. She manages to control or benefit from nearly every situation she's in and even if she takes a big fat loss she doesn't let it affect her core personality. She is also a master manipulator and it truly is a joy to read about her plucking at her lovers' heartstrings and wrapping every single one of them around her finger/tail. It feels really great to see so many alpha male asshats become trained puppies. Not all of it is too unnatural. Men are simple creatures. +1 for all the fetishes <<less
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great song
great song
Aug 04, 2021
Status: c40
A good one it is.

I actually found it for the smut... but gosh!! It has a plot that did not bore me yet... and the protagonist is really cunning and realistic... at first glance she can give a real 'man-snatching-villain' vibe... but that is focus here... according to me... everyone is the MC to their story and though it may be selfish but end of the day you are the one who has to look out for yourself.

And this being a smut novel the MC loos out for herself in... more>> a smutty way🤭. <<less
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Aug 03, 2021
Status: c120
This novel is absolute gold, I came for the smut and now I'm hooked on the story. MC is the OG - super smart and always three steps ahead. What a treat!
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Jun 14, 2021
Status: c398
actually, when I first read this I didn't expect that it'll be this good. Their morals and standart was really 'complicated' well yeah, domsday is really a chaotic one right?

FL is cunning and know how to act, she is smart and have a big ambitious (tho for me it was toooo big that makes me uncomfortable bcs I liked simplicity). Yes she use her body, but with high price. All men in her feet was outstanding and the way she dealt with cannon fodder also good, she didn't hate them... more>> nor let them bully her. She simply didn't give a f*ck and search for her profit.

and uh, in*est, snake (?), r*pe, gb, human-non human. <<less
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Jun 05, 2021
Status: c15
Besides the fact of good smut, that's a good work:

- The translation is good and easy;

- Our MC thoughts are really realistic and she also get something with the sex;

- The word construction between the smut scenes is just enough to create a reasonable background, what's gold;

That's not a super new type of novel, but is good and well written enough to the ones looking for R18
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Jul 27, 2021
Status: c40
This one is gold, guys. Good smut with PLOT (and actually not the brainless sex/r*pe victim trope common in the genre although

MC does have s*x with a zombie so technically...


In the last days, s*x is power and MC definitely uses that to her advantage! Great find on NU.
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Apr 02, 2022
Status: c501
My rating is a 3.5/5

Gu Dong & Gu Nan:

... more>>

Gu Dong hates his half brother, Gu Nan! There is no love involved, he only wants to humiliate him and let him live a life worse than death. I'll summarize their story.

Before the end of the world: Their father pursued for 3 years Gu Dong's mother, before she married him. But who knew that he only did it for the money she secretly inherited. Thanks to her, their company flourished. Their father later brought his beloved youngest Gu Nan (son of his true love) back to the family and the kind Gu Dong and even his mom accepted him, since he was innocent.

But Gu Nan's mother (the mistress) arranged Gu Dong's mother (the wife) to be brutally r*ped! When the end of the world came one of the men raping her became a zombie and killed her!

When the always gentle Gu Dong found her, he became crazy and killed the whole Gu family (who sheltered Gu Nan's mother and didn't even look for Gu Dong's mother when she was missing).

Gu Nan was in another city at the time and doesn't even know what happened, so he avoided the catastrophe, but Gu Dong kept looking for him afterwards to complete his revenge.

After MC helps Gu Dong find Gu Nan. He still hopes that GN was innocent regarding that incident. But he gets a call in which it's revealed Gu Nan is the one who helped his mother get into the city. At first GN didn't want to, but Fan Xue convinced him, thinking he shouldn't treat his mother this way.

That's when he started abusing Gu Nan. Gu Dong has to take aphrodisiac pills to get hard when he r*pes Gu Nan. Gu Dong hates himself most, because he actually accepted Gu Nan into the family, which lead to his mother's end. So raping Gu Nan is also to punish himself (Gu Dong). None of them are at fault, if you ask me.

Btw, Gu Dong is level 8 air power when MC meets him.


Ye Chen & the coffin:

Ye Chen is part of a higher race that created and populated Earth and other planets with both humans and zombies. The coffin guy was the one leading the Earth and Ye Chen is part of a branch family and was tired of wars so he sneaked on Earth. Earth's leader found him and they fought and both got injured, but Ye Chen managed to reincarnate into Ye Chen, the zombie. Ye Chen recovered strength and his memories earlier than the coffin guy bcz of mating with MC. And MC is ofc one of the few special beings that can make the higher beings stronger. Ye Chen kills the coffin guy and steals his power over Earth. MC ask Ye Chen at the end to make all zombies sleep in that coffin space, so they're not a threat to humans anymore. But there still exist animal and plant beasts as threats.


The ending is kinda open, MC is in a good place and has good resources, but the human race still hasn't won and Earth is still kinda chaotic. And they don't interact with the higher race mentioned.

The beginning was more interesting, where MC was pretending to be a white lotus and trying to gain men's favor to survive. By the middle-end she became just the usual face-slapping OP female lead and became way more boring. She changed her character and became really unbearable, arrogant and annoying.

I also though none of the characters were realistic.

Btw, we never find out Dr. K's name lol. <<less
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Feb 04, 2022
Status: --
Not bad but not good.

I want to say the MC is smart but there are times where I just want to smack her. If the author doesn’t favor her as the MC and goes along like the MC is really a smart and calculative person she is being described as.
I would receive her as lucky at most. At the very least she’s not brainless, still not smart.

If she just wants to live, she could just have gone for lu yiming or other guys like when haonan (I forgot his name) with no partners... she escaped the gao guy to be what? Still a mistress? She immediately closed all the possibilities that she can meet better guys and just clings on whoever’s thighs are the thickest. She didn’t care if they had partners, she hates how men treats women but acts like a scum herself. If she’s not the MC, I bet she wouldn’t even know how she’ll die.
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Oct 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I can't rate this novel using the stars. It's because it has its highs and lows.

The writing is 10/10. It's brilliantly written. The pacing is pretty good as well. The ending is also great.

The protagonist 10/10. I love her. That simple. She is clever and she is unapologetic. When she wants something, she gets it. I love the fact that she doesn't fall in love even in the end. She doesn't trust any of her men. Honestly, pretty much none of them deserves her anyway. She's a free bird not... more>> tied down by anything, not love and even morals. I understand and respect that.

However just because I respect her lack of morality doesn't mean it isn't wrong. Many things in this story is downright disturbing and illegal. This story of the apocalypse is too realistic. Terrifyingly so.

Anyways, came for the smut stayed for the FL. <<less
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