Seeking Good Temptation


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When Bai Xun was bored, she played a dating game recommended by a friend.

She entered the game and must keep up the affection with seven different types of men as the only way to clear the game. Only when she gets seven hearts safely can she go home?

After many deaths, Bai Xun knew it, and could only live by paying closer attention!!

This game is also known as “Jianzhen Handbook”, “My Seven Boyfriends”, “I was Careless in a Shura Field”! Green tea bit*h is in a fragrant garden, and the white lotus is a b*tch!

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Scribblezo8 rated it
September 19, 2019
Status: Completed
The protagonist is actually actively seducing all the yandere capture targets to maximum affection to achieve a true reverse harem without dying.

... more>>

The first chapter opens with her coming home late and being kissed by the corporate hottie and being seen by the gentle target. The most gentle temperament love interest is driven by jealousy over that scene and instantly max out on his blackness value, and then he stabs her to death. That's how crazy these capture target can get once their blackness maxes out, but they are also fluffy/pampering/sweet if she doesn't press their buttons to blacken!


I believe this is unique since its a true reverse harem full of male yandere and how she strategized on how to achieve her goals by being a white little lotus in some scenes. Its a refreshing take especially for the otome game genre that doesn't have many chinese based novels on NU.

I go out of my way to read male yandere novels with a female protagonist, its a kink of mine now. I didn't realized I was into that until I read My Discipline Died Yet Again. <<less
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elvira12 rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: Completed
Such a nice reverse harem story. It is pretty much an otome game but on a darker note, since all are yanderes in the making.

I love it, except that the ending was an open ending.

... more>>

She died due to rabies when Feng Chi put her on a cage with a dog. Of course she didnt die immediately. There were a lot of things that had happened before she actually died.

She chose euthanasia so she wont be a rabid, crazy person. When she died, she was given the option to return to her original world with 10M or to return to the seven men with a healed body.

Her reaction was, why would she return to those crazy people?? She had enough of them. Coz prior to this she had to redo all over again for the 999th time. So this time was actually her 1000th shot before she was able to clear the game. That meant that she had died 999 times prior.

When she got back to reality, she immediately resigned and travel around. Then the administrator of the game was not able to collect the energy of the world because all the male leads died together with the MC. They set a fire the villa they are in coz they have gone crazy when MC died. The admin was angry but cannot do anything since the world already collapsed. He left without realizing that the collapsed world was changing to a different timeline.

When MC fell asleep, she woke up in the other world once again. She was afraid that she transmigrated again, but when she thought it through, she determined that she was only dreaming. So she was not afraid anymore.

All the seven men lived with her together. When she slept, the world stood still. Because this world is basically dedicated to her. Only when she gets back would it move again. The world changed due to the obsession of the MLs. It was open ended as it ended with a note, wont she come back again tomorrow.


Overall, it was a good read. The MC was cunning. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: Completed
It's entertaining good read novel. MC trapped into dog blood Mary Su idol drama games.

In order to go home, she safety has to get good feeling of seven different Male Leads without getting killed. Unfortunately she always get killed In mid plot by blackened, possesive and jealousy MLs.

After countless dead or fail mission. She always returned to the beginning of the game! Started games. It's funny how MC hate it and regret of playing games. She had to careful when its come to seven yandere MLs.

Like how Seven Hot MLs... more>> trying to make MC fall for them, funny how they eat vinegar and blackened. MC trying to prevent them from blackened. <<less
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housyspecial rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: Completed
What can I say... this was one thriller of a love novel.


... more>>

MC is a young girl that is stuck in a game where she has to gain love points till 100% from all 7 targets. She gets them separately, so the story is kind of split into 5 settings, but still in the same world. Each ML has different personalities, but they share the same traits, like being strong, resourceful, intelligent, & rich. The game gave her two cheats, one can rewind time back for 10 minutes, and the other can control npc characters, meaning non-target characters.



The best part about this novel is reading the process of how each ML falls in love with her, follow by mc's struggles & her curses for the game & MLs. Is it wrong for me to think that it's funny watching the MC struggle to gain love points from each target? Especially since their blackening is scary...


Basically, a humorous & love seeking novel. <<less
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Anikarp rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Our MC gets trapped in a game, and she has to woo 7 targets (+1), while trying to avoid their blackening. She's already failed 999 times and is at this point very emotionally unattached to the game (aka dead inside).

Through most of the journey, we get to see it through her white lotus persona's POV, and honestly it's touched me more times than I'd like to admit. Whenever she gets upset, I cry... And then now and then she laughs at how people believe her, and every single time my... more>> face hurts.

The comforting part about deceiving everyone is that they've all wronged her in the past. Even the sweetest, most caring guy was the one who killed her in the first chapter and her last playthrough (though I kinda forgot about it for a while and felt bad). Their yandere levels are extreme, so it's satisfying to see her playing around with them while predicting how they'll react.

The only thing I'm sad about is that there's no snusnu and barely any intimate actions. God, the closest thing was:


When she helps the drugged FL into a hotel room and gets "assaulted".

They skipped describing anything and just left it with a quick hi/bye!

To clarify about the end (no spoiler) it leaves a lot of open ends and questions. It isn't bad per say, but it isn't well-explained. It feels like the author thought something like, "I had this idea in my head this whole time, but let's rush to quickly finish this novel."

Other than that, I really quite like the novel! It was a great read! <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
December 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Fully. MTLed it!

It's not too bad of a time-waster, but it's basically a terrible person duping other terrible people into falling in love with her lol. Tho I guess Su Shi is the only decent one among them?

... more>>

I felt the heroine was TOO good at what she did, there was very little struggle on her part. Everything was in the palm of her hands from the beginning.

But when I realized this wasn't gonna be a novel of redemption of strong character development I just read it for the drama xD I really wished I had some popcorn to munch on for some scenes. Surprisingly not too cliche in terms of antagonists but lots of fist fighting over her between the L.I.s lol

Tbh tho if I didn't know the heroine was so calculating I'd feel really bad for the life she lived through.



Also the ending is kinda weird? I mean, it's a true reverse harem end but... Is it true? ?


List of Love Interests for those curious:


Gao Yuan (other name: Lu Zhi Yuan) : College sweetheart, later Boss. Younger brother of Lu Zhi Yao, legitimate heir of Lu family?

Su Shi: College suitor, gets very little screen time after actually. Other than the stabbing in the previous life but he's the most decent of them all lol but nice guys finish last I guess

Lu Zhi Yao: Illegitimate son of Lu family, later Boss of MC. Erm, let's just say he messed up pretty bad on his route I guess lol.

Qin Xiao: Adolescent boy, 18 when first met. Son of Qin Feng and acts kinda hormonal lol

Qin Feng: Father of Qin Xiao. Probably had the best chance with MC had she not been scheming inside all the time?

Feng Chi: Ehh he's my least favorite and that's something, having to choose from this cast lol. Pretty douche-y. Some sort of club owner/smuggler/ties with mafia guy.

Pei Yan: Probably has the least appearances and impression? Involved with a rival mafia group against Feng Chi. Stoic douche.

(Extra) Huang Yanran: Initially an antagonist, fiance of Lu Zhi Yuan and schemed against MC but things happen and... Well, yuri-subplot.

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RinFuyuki rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is really interesting, I've read many reverse harem novel yet I find this the best somehow. MC is quite funny and different from the rest, she somehow suit my ideal kind of a female protagonist that got stuck in a dating game.

Do give this novel a try if you like to see how awesome MC deal with this yandere reverse harem (though I would probably say manipulative dumb capture targets that do dumb things that would make you think that they deserve it!!! or something like that....)

... more>>

Am I the only one that wants more extra chapters to know if MC cure her dreams of being forcefully pull back to that world just to live with the capture targets whenever she sleeps? It is especially a tiny-weeny bit creepy of how strong the capture targets' will are and that last sentence in the extra chapter....... Also, if MC's dreams are not cure... what will happen..?

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BillionJellyfish rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: Completed

... more>>

For once, the MC who got transmigrated into an otome game never fell in love with the characters, cleared the game, and won 10 million yuan as a reward!



After clicking on a random link sent by a friend, our MC transmigrated into an otome game and must successfully sail seven ships in order to return to her real world. The seven ships include but is not limited to several wealthy CEOs, a famous painter, a rich heiress, a mafia boss, and many more! By brushing up the capture target's love bar, our MC fully display the power of a peerless white lotus, a never before seen virg*n Mary!

MC: a young lady with an innocent face and a pure heart. No matter how much the capture targets plot against her, our MC already planned a million schemes in advance! From office plagiarism and miscarriages to amnesia and kidnappings, our MC fully showcased her skill in implementing all the cliché tropes out there for seeking attention and raising angst.

Capture Targets: they are all pitiful characters that are being played by the MC and instead of two-timed, they are all seven-timed. It's only the MC that can successfully balance and sail seven boats at once! There is much to be learned from the MC's Oscar winning acting skills and schemes.


This is such a refreshing read! This is the first time I've read about a transmigrated MC that not only successfully returns to her real world, but also miraculously remains single till the very end and live a happily ever after! The twists and turns of this story is like watching a soap opera but with every single cliché trope added to it. This is a brilliant parody and hilarious novel that I finished in one sitting! I couldn't stop myself and read everything in one day, I wish there were more novels similar to this MC, she's gold! <<less
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Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: Completed
If you're into harem, and yanderes, then you came to the right place, if not, then this is not for you.

I love how the MC stays true to herself up till the end. I wish there was more about how the situation was gonna work at the end. I would even read a fans writings. I wish she had more sympathy for them.

Thank you Novice Translations for beginning to translate this, it let me pick it up.

This is a short read (95 chapters) its a good read to just waste... more>> time, don't get caught up in the detail.

Also there is Yuri, which I think is great. Nothing is explicit. So even if you're not into yuri, you won't mind it because she is treated more as a "friend"

Please don't give it a bad review just because it has these things, I just hate it when people do that, don't read it if you don't like the tags. <<less
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jiafeistan57 rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: Completed
DISCLAIMER: I used wayback machine to access the novel. I greatly recommend to do this, but websites only have certain chapters and at least two of them is machine translated (so it is unintelligible). I really love this novel, so I want other people to experience it! Message me if you’re unable to access it.

This novel balances the dynamics between 7 romantic leads beautifully. This is due to the FL’s talent in manipulation lol. I actually enjoyed that the premise says this is her 1000th attempt because she explains why... more>> she’s so good. She’s failed so many times!! Her mastery of “balancing on 7 boats” (a term you hear often in this story which I find funny but accurate too) makes sense. The FL lead is a typical white lotus, but since it’s from her perspective, her actions are humanized. The FL is often blunt in her inner monologue which adds wit and charm to her character.

I’m someone who enjoys pure wits and cleverness over pure talent and power, and the FL does this quite well. Her OP abilities is given on early, but they were hardly used so I didn’t feel like they hindered natural conflict in the story. The author was smart about using the OP skills purposely to not make the story feel boring. My only gripe is the 4th arc which is slightly boring. Other than that, I enjoyed it.

I don’t want to make it seem like a masterpiece but as a lover of reverse harem the author did it very well! It’s often hard to juggle the relationship dynamics in this stories. Plus the epilogue made me sooo happy haha but I won’t spoil. <<less
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Seriously_Misspoken rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: Completed
OH MY GOOOO-------SH! What a f*cking roller coaster! I'm still reeling this was f*cking beautiful!!! Can I marry MC? She was so powerful and uber b*tchy that I just, mmm damn that's my queen!!! <3 <3 <3

Ngl, I started this with low expectations because of the MC acting like a white lotus while actually being conniving at heart. I usually love MCs who carry their true character on their sleeve, because it makes the script of the MLs falling for her seem more genuine cuz they be falling for her... more>> actual personality and not the made up one. But in this case? I came in knowing this wasn't a romance (in my terms) and more of a bit*h slappery to all the slag MLs (and FL). This is literally for people who thrive off of shadenfreude, meaning, the more the MC gets "hurt" the more the MLs (and FL) suffer, 99.9% of the suffering the MC goes through is because of them.

I would've liked more at the end, but OOOFF!!! My guys, imma warn you, there be no smut. I GOT BLUE BALLED SO HARD WHEN:


Our MC is with the FL and they about to do the do and it cuts off. I cried, my guys, I literally sat there and cried. Why can't I enjoy the coochie actions????


Anyways, if you fine with getting blue balled super hard, love shadenfreude and need a beautiful b*tchy MC who acts as a white lotus in your life.... DO IT READ THIS!!!! <<less
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November 19, 2019
Status: Completed
This was a breath of fresh air! I was binging on transmigration novels and this one gets a thumbs up ?? you can really tell that MC is so done w everything bc she's done it 999 times so she really has a handle on it. her internal dialogue vs her outward actions made me laugh and the fact that everyone thought they were playing her but she was actually the one pulling strings... hilarious.

... more>>

when she finally succeeds and reveals that she orchestrated everything... her white lotus act was so good that they couldn't believe her, and she sealed the deal by causing herself to have rabies and die in a tragic way... chefs kiss muah muah


she's a true mastermind.... shifu!!! I read it with MTL and when there were confusing paragraphs I read the raws to my best ability lol. the MTL is still understandable big picture wise <<less
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Ghost Daughter
Ghost Daughter
January 10, 2023
Status: c39
I am enjoying the story so far! But the translation is gone and I have been looking all day for chapters 39 and onwards T^T

If anyone has a link or knows where I can read the rest of the chapters, I will be soo grateful 🥲
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
I Love Red
I Love Red rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Everything is good!

Everything is awesome!

This book is supposed to have 5 stars!

But I remove 1 star because it didn't give me something I've been waiting for since the I start reading this book.

It's SMUT!

where's the bed scene?? I want snu snu 🥺

I want to read 9P! Yes, you read it right! It's 9! Nine!!!
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En-Jay99 rated it
December 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Wow this was really something.

The only thing you really need to know before going in is that the MC has done this 999 times. She's been trapped in this hell game world and its heavily implied that each ML has killed/tortured/abused in those 999 times at least once. So her sympathy for these characters? Doesn't really exist. I'm saying this because her actions may seem heartless and cruel but this is definitely a fight for survival. And when I think about the last 2 MLs? Brrr she must have suffered... more>> a LOT.

Anyway, MC ends up in a game where somebody had the brilliant idea to include Every Single Trope used in these cliche novels. Like Villainous President, Cunning Mob Boss, Cold-Hearted Assassin, etc. And MC has to 'capture' ALL SEVEN of these targets in a single playthrough. Wowie. MC is really brilliant tho and she barely uses props to cheat her way out of situations so she does actually suffer for the sake of clearing the game.

Starting is a little slow but picks up pace fast with each arc as the stakes get higher. Not a novel to be taken seriously. At all. Like MC calls herself tr*sh (which is true) and each ML is tr*sh too (except 2? Maybe?) but the entire story is fascinating and the sort of dramatic that can't be real and I really liked the ending. Very Fitting.

I do wish we learned a bit more about MC and her thoughts on all this but this is a fairly straight-forward story so it might have dragged things down if it got too serious. <<less
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mae rated it
December 8, 2021
Status: Completed

In general, it's quite a good and fun read, full of tension and suspense. At first I was scared for the MC to die, but there's really no consequence other than she has to restart all over again. Plus she also knows pretty much how everything is gonna take place - it's her 1000th try to finish the game.

The ending is pretty meh. Some people say that it's an open ending, but for me, it's like MC despite being able to get through all of that stuff, still couldn't get... more>> away from the male leads. I just skimmed through the ending but if I understood it right, when she falls asleep, the MC goes back to the MLs world, still clinging to to the MC for them and their world to exist as well. So basically she doesn't really have an escape from them despite being able to return to her real world.

- MC doesn't fall in love with the male leads

- a bit of Yuri content

- I personally like for MC to end up with Su Shi because he did not blackened and maintained a good relationship with the MC

- Next male lead I like is Qin Xiao because he's the the second less insane in my opinion. Then it's Lu Zhin Yuan, especially at the beginning of his arc, when everything was still full of "fluff", and I like his kind of yandere, i.e. Secretly waiting for MC to come home from work, very clingy and always wants to be with MC. Though as the story goes by, Yuan is gradually becoming this pathetic character which is a shame because he has potential and I really like how he started with the MC.

What I hate:

- MC always being able to get away with her innocent act, and crying face.

- the author keeps on mentioning the MC's skin and physical body which is "pale", "white as snow", "thin and curvy but with big b**bs" - creating this expectation or standard on what makes woman beautiful and attractive. Imo, that's just a NONO <<less
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Carrie rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Not sure how I should feel about this novel?I

Initially, I found that most of the comments wrote that there will be a happy ending?but is it really a happy ending?hmm...? Idk.. for me...I am not quite satisfied with the ending but this story plot seriously got me on hooked for 1 whole day?somehow.. the ending seems a little ? Although there are some parts where I do not understand what they translated but overall it is readable?Thank you to the translators who were working hard on this.. Thumbs up for... more>> your dedication ??? <<less
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luicky3 rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I hate harems and think it's hypocritical of me to read reverse harems (most reverse harems are tr*sh to me anyway), but I was able to read this because the MC never really invests her real heart and emotions into any of the targets. She schemes against them and curses at them in her heart while acting like a Mary Sue.

I think what irks me the most about harems and reverse harems is the wishy washy MC who can't choose between targets. I was able to read this because the... more>> MC was clear about her goal and she never went back on her decisions.

The author does a good job of taking common tropes in the reverse harem world and making the MC successfully scheme against everyone in various dog blood situations.

I also died a little on the inside when I found out the translator changed the name of a character just 'because she likes sushi'????? PSA: his name is Su Jin, not Su Shi. I couldn't take him seriously for the whole book only to realize... <<less
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Washmeneyney rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Hmm at first you would get confused by the MC's inner dialogue to the character she is playing as but as the story progresses, you will get the hang of it. But overall I love this story just like what others said it has a HE
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Jayen rated it
December 7, 2019
Status: Completed
I think this is the best reverse harem I had read.

If your into yandere, twisted and obsessive ML's this is for you.

Its funny and also sad at the same time. But realizes that it was all her acting lol.

I love the MC because it refreshing to see an MC who is sly and cunning lol.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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