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In 9012, the world became a high-temperature melting furnace, animals and plants died, urban infrastructure was paralyzed, water and electricity were cut off, the world became a large-scale hunger arena.

Su Mian was reborn three months before the end of the world, and accidentally got a scarlet jade gourd, which opened the planting space.

She resolutely ended her college course, returned to her hometown to farm, and built up high walls to resist the famine era.

After the end of the world, the major hidden families had come out of the mountain.

Luo Hansheng, the first person who came out, was ruthless and unkind. No one knew that he had been having the same dream for years, in that dream, he spoiled a woman almost insanely, and then the woman stabbed him and ran away.

The man sneered. When he found this woman, he would definitely cramp her and make her feel ashamed.

Later, the man found Su Mian in the cliff hole of Xiaoshan Village and coaxed her, “Follow me, I can give you everything you want ~”

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Kozutan rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: c55
Story is kinda lacking, world building is basically non existent. All we know is beasts are roaming and there are few bases for humans. Writing is kinda bland and repetitive. Always focusing on either FL's look or ML's look. Villains are just pure cannon fodders, have no depth. For example one of them sleeps around with powerful guys to climb higher and she is jealous because of the FL's look so she hates her. Bruh.

Let's talk about the relationship between FL and ML.

... more>> Well guys, let's be real.

The relationship between ML and FL isnt healthy. Bunch of red flags.
If someone kidnapped you, abused you, r*ped you (yes, r*pe. FL didn't sleep with him from her free will), and basically controlled all of your life, would you want to be with that person again if you get a second chance in life? So what is she got meat it which was hard to get in the apocalypse era and place to live her life without monsters? She was locked up out of her own will and wanted to escape.. Are you guys really think it's healthy???

So what if the guy looks handsome, rich and powerful. He still abused you and did everything that is considered red flags for normal people in a relationship. He didn't even let you make your own choices. Because he didn't hit her, it's still considered as abuse in other ways, fyi other commenter.

Our FL many times said she doesn't want to be with him again. She got traumatized! Hello?


He forces himself on her, kissing her while she is still traumatized and trying to avoid it, but the author thinks it's romantic?

But the author still forces the ML to be with the FL

Anyway, I dropped at chapter 55. I just can't stand an abusive relationship. You want to write a guy who abused a girl until she got traumatized? Okay, but don't make the abused and abuser end up together again, it's just... no.


He ends up learning to be a better person? Good for him, but leave the abused alone and let FL find her own happiness. Unfortunately, FL ended up with him again.. I just can't see the romance in this novel.


Sorry for the rage review. Just FYI, as an abused person who experienced most of the things FL did, I'm not happy with this novel and it's romanticising of abusive relationship. <<less
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gzd132 rated it
June 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Where to begin.

First of all, let me say that this book was so much more than I originally thought it would be. A true hidden gem. All events in the story flow naturally together culminating in a rebirth/romance novel that was truly satisfying.
We start with the rebirth of the MC, as she plans to save her village from the apocalypse. Eventually she runs into her lover/abuser in her past life, but there is more to his situation than meets the eye. Our MC (Su Mian) and the ML (Luo... more>> Hansheng) slowly grow closer to one another after misfortune (or fortune lol) strikes and they are forced to spend some time away from their base camp. It is here that I truly start to like the male lead since he shows constant character growth. Our MC is also a strong character who constantly grows both literally (through absorbing crystals) and in her personality. For once I was happy to see a male and female couple that weren’t too imbalanced (on a power scale level) since they both have their own strengths and weaknesses that complement one another.

The reveal of the ‘villains’ per se at the end of the novel creates a perfect climax for our heroine and the ML to overcome. We learn of a certain individual who has been plotting behind the scenes.

Overall there was never a dull moment throughout this novel and I thoroughly enjoyed taking the time to read it.


The reveal of what happened to Luo Hansheng in the previous life after she died it was quite nice. The MC realizes that he truly loves her; whether it be in the past or the present. It is just that the circumstances in the past life pushed them both to the extreme, and so they were not meant to be in their previous life. The sacrifice made to live in their current life was tragic, but really showed that the ML loved her too much. Sometimes loving someone too much is more harmful than good, and I’m glad the male lead realized this subconsciously in his present life.


Definitely check this book out because it’s worth the time even as an MTL. <<less
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meiloulou rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: Completed
It is OK. The story is written too rushed. For a quick, mindless, apocalytic read, it's ok. I would not especially recommend it.

My biggest stumbling blocks:

  • Basically, the end of the world comes, and the bases have been set up within, like, days. Everyone knew they needed nucleus and magically, everyone knew how to use their new superpowers and was in a team. Yesterday, life was normal. How do they know all this??
  • The romance between ML en FL was rushed as well. One second she is scared to death, the next she gives him food and cares for his stomach.
  • She is afraid that interc**rse will hurt like the last life, but still accepts it the first time he asks. I thought you were afraid?
  • FL is very naive. For someone who has lived through the end days before, she is plain s*upid.
  • The villains appear too quickly and die to quickly. I could barely feel they were villains.
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Usas rated it
July 26, 2020
Status: --
This is how the story is written: there are five dollars lying on the ground, but there are three people so they decided to give person A three because that person killed a lot of monsters.

the writing is dry, boring and poorly written. No need to waste time on this, the summary is interesting and the it’s the only thing interesting.
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I honestly thought this story is gonna go another way and was a little disappointed that the ML was immediately there. It also felt a little stockholm syndrome-ish too me, even if it was tagged with Male Yandere.

It also felt like there was a lot of power imbalance between them (literally and figuratively). And FL didn't really have a choice but end up with ML. Ugh him being obsessed with her plus the flashback in the end isn't enough to redeem his character, imho.

The world building could also be better.... more>> The only redeeming quality was the first parts of this novel when MC was going to save her small village and made sure they will not die. It's a shame that the author then put them in the backburner for more screentime for ML. <<less
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Serena11 rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: Completed
This is good book. I will recommend for sure.

I MTL the whole book and it’s very easy to understand.

Not sure why there are so many low ratings even though there are so little chapters available now.

... more>>

basically it’s about the MC’s chance to rebirth right before the world apocalypse. In her previous lifetime she became imprisoned by the ML due to his possessiveness. He loves her for sure but he just is never good at expressing it. He even gave us his life in the previous timeline so that she can rebirth.

In the current timeline, the MC managed to get ready for her the end of the world event and gain some power too. She still meets up with the ML but with a more confident outlook in life and more capable in her skills.

It was really good to see them slowly build up their relationship this round (except of course the ML feel in love at first sight still!) But at least this time to get to be on a more normal footing when they started out the journey.

The ML is still possessive but in a more reasonable way.

The ML and the villain also had dreams about the previous life.

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cookieconquerer rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a pretty ok romance. Her getting to live again gets explained and in the end they marry and have kids, so all the checkmarks.

There is a progression in their relationship from fear to love which is slow but makes sense. If someone is constantly risking their life to save you, unless you were a rock you would feel something towards that person. In this life they learned how to love properly, so their relationship blooms.

Our girl isn't the only one with memories of her past life, some other... more>> characters dream of it in snippets. Still not entirely sure why one chick had dreams though, perhaps because she was the one who caused our girl to end up a s*x s*ave? Matchmaker benefits? <<less
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onelovestorie rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: c151
The one star is for the subbers who did a pretty good job. Thank you guys for bringing us these stories to read.

Honestly pretty disappointed in the story itself. It starts off really nice. The world building was very basic, but the way the FL prepares for the events was interesting. However, it only goes downhill from there. The end of the world hits and people start mutating and are ready to go kill beasts as soon as they mutate? Like what?! People are forming teams and killing monsters and... more>> making bases? Everyone just happens to understand everything and learn their abilities and starts fighting without questioning anything.

There are many inconsistencies in the story itself, as though the author forgot about the things she wrote previously. In one instance she mentions that the ML loves to eat meat and feed it to the FL (in the previous life), but then apparently he's vegetarian? But the FL gives him a piece of meat and he happily eats it? These types of small mistakes really make me annoyed when I'm reading stories. It messes with my brain when I think a character is one way, then wham, the character changes just to suit the story.

Another thing I really hated was how all the girls were shown to be superficial who only cared about strong men and hated the FL just because the ML liked her. No one had a personality. Especially her supposed best friend who keeps repeating the FL has it good because the strongest man's taking care of her etc., etc... It's almost disgusting how degrading all the female characters are so shallow in this story.

I can go on and on about the s*upidity of the story, but the thing that takes the cake is the ending. Wait, I'm not even sure if we can call it an ending, The start had some description about how the FL prepares herself for the end of the world and how the bases start to take shape, but the end of the book has one chapter that gives one paragraph about how the end times were ended? Can we take a moment of silence for the whiplash my neck received?

Honestly a waste of time to read this. The story had so much potential, the premise was interesting but the author dug a deep grave only to back fill it and laugh at all the people s*upid enough who fell inside. <<less
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elvira12 rated it
June 4, 2020
Status: Completed
This is actually a second chance for both the MC and ML. It is very sweet journey on the new lease of their life.

The reason why the MC was reborn

... more>>

because the ML sacrifice himself and all the other people with him to let the MC live a new life.


It may sound easy that the MC forgave the ML in their new life, but the thing is, all the things have not yet happened in this life. So it is like overwriting the old with the new.

Give this novel a chance. The rating was so low, I think people just read the summary and the nasty comment above (it looks like the nasty review was deleted) then rate this based on that. That is unfair as the novel is quite fun to read. <<less
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carollsc rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I enjoyed it and I would recommend it. The story isn’t long and a lot of things get explained. There were a few things I didn’t enjoy. Their romance was not that good, I still dislike the ML. Also, I don’t think the story is that well written. But overall it was pretty entertaining, which is what I look for when reading novels.

I read MTL and it was quite easy to understand. It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s aight
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keiyembee rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: Completed
It's very nice and it's the first time I actually read a completed novel with an apocalypse theme (aside from LN's that have arcs of course)

For me the phase was okay and the endin was also good, I love thay the ML didn't turn to pyscho in the 2nd life and how the past life was... Shems penge nang ganyang jowa pls. Hahahha
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Onymous rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: c126
Okay, my gosh, I loved it. I loved how possessive, obsessive, yandere and handsome the male lead is!

Although, I am kind of still confused why he immediately liked her in both lives. And how I don't get why MC was adamant to get away from him in the first life. (Although I get slight especially since ML kind of imprisoned her to his home, to his side. But other than that he was pampering towards her. But maybe it was because they had low commu and MC really thought that... more>> she was just a plaything for him) But I'll not dwell on that.

Let's talk about how amazing the world building in this. It's a doomsday type of novel. ML is actually like todoroki in MHA! WHICH IS SO MY TYPE.

"When he's in a bad mood, he'd toss me. When he's in a good mood, he'd still toss me hard." HAHAHAHHA My gosh, I love him. In both lives, you can definitely see that ML doesn't really care about anything except her. He doesn't even care that the world is ending or that there are a lot of disasters happening. He's that indifferent. But when he finds MC, he finally found reason. He finally found emotion. He finally found a home. That's why he's so obssessed. When MC tried to kill him because she doesn't want the 1st lifetime to happen, he doesn't even object. He lets her kill him and tells her on what she should do to kill him and not get the blame. He'd rather die than have MC die. But, MC changed her mind and tried saving him instead. MC gradually loved him after numerous life threatening events and finally saw how sincere and in love ML was with her.

I blush whenever I read ML was staring at her. His stare is really heavy and sometimes he looks at her waists (becayse he lovess waists and in the first life, he used it a lot of times and made MC not be able to walk for 2 days XD) and overall, his obsession with her was my favorite.

He always gave dog food to the people surrounding them. Heck, I felt the sweetness especially when MC finally accepted and reacted to him.

Translation is good too! I hope it continues! It's almost done! 24 chapters to go! Please update. I tried reading the MTL but there are parts that I don't understand like what happened to ML after MC stabbed him and ran away but ended up dying in the wilderness? And also their numerous dog foods at the last chapters XD

Thank you so much for translating this!

If you are like me who likes very dedicated, very obsessive MLs then this is for you. He doesn't even let other girls near him. He lets his brothers take away those who comes near him and even punishes them hard whenever they wrong MC. <<less
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Anne Jack
Anne Jack rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: --
First of all the synopsis was misleading. I thought the ML wanted to take revenge towards FL for what happened in previous life.. I like character of FL at first but as it progresses, I started to dislike her a bit...

BTW, persistent villain/villainess is what I hate the most... Especially when random a** girl pop out and think she was important and have love at first sight towards ML... At that point, I just expect author to right random problem and I hate it...

That's my opinion... It's a good story... more>> but many s*upid encounter of persistent villain made me bored and frustrated..

Very good translations. Read it if this story is your cup of tea. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 31, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of the few novels I read wherein the MC fully utilized her brain to change her situation after being reborn.

She thought of the possible scenarios and made use of her abilities. What I really appreciated about her is her willingness to extend help to other people even after the calamity struck. Thankfully, the author did not make her unreasonably OP which added delight to my reading experience.

Moreover, the ML was also loveable. His dedication and love for our MC outweights any of his imperfections.

Lastly, the ending was... more>> superb. I was so glad when the calamities ended and they were finally given a chance to start a family. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
stop2020 rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: c111
the story is amazing. Still, I could not understand how he was abusing her before she was reborn. Eating well, living in riches and comfort while others were suffering. She said he isolated her, did not beat her or anything, but she called him an abuser essentially (I found that weird a bit, needed more explanation). Anyways after her rebirth, the plot and the interaction with the ML.. How he changed, the characters' development and growth, the secrets revealed.. Overall, everything was worth the time. Great action too..

spoiler: it... more>> has funny moments within action scenes, especially when everyone is dead tired fighting a monster, then the ML comes and finishes the fight in seconds, just to pamper his girl..I could imagine other characters' faces. LOL <<less
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Kubera rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Well most chapters I felts hungry when they bring food up lol b (t bcz I feel hungry whenever someone brings food up) romance not that bad the interaction between FL and ML need some work on it hence it's not bad still enjoyable reading it.

If you like short stories with happy ending you can read this.
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Devi_SF rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I appreciate IDnim for his effort to translate this book, and I thank the author for bringing this book out. But, honestly? I'm questioning whether the reviewers who praised the translation quality, world building, and story plotline have been reading different book/version of translation. Anyway, the version I've read was readable but the translation can be so much better (seriously, among all the mistranslation, the most impressionable is "hemophilia" in the book wasn't a genetic-caused blood-condition disorder, it's a blood lust and mindless murderous urge).

First of all, it has interesting... more>> premise and the interaction between the MC (Su Mian) with the people around her, including the ML (Luo Hansheng) also full of potential. But, I didn't get what I expected.

The story started off well (at least on SM's side), her character setting, train of thoughts, and actions were integrated comprehensively. I don't think she's overly naive. She knows her limits and she only help people who's good relation with her, people whom she can trust. The 3 years of doomsday in her past-life had scarred her, but it didn't completely wiped out the kindness that her grandma and the Hantan Villagers has teach her by example for 18+ years. Especially after she successfully develop her (wood and water based) ability and have them survived and live with them again, she's slowly healed.

The comprehensiveness slowly goes down when the ML was introduced into the story and the suspension bridge of disbelief was rapidly collapsing when people were interacting with the effects of the doomsday and the "science" behind it.

The ML has grown from an abandoned baby who's born under Lonely Star and his character was build around that setting. At some point in his youth, he hastily cultivated his ability. It has never explained why he did so. Nevertheless, he got his position as " the most powerful human" and it really help him to get "revenge" on the clan who's abandoned him and to terrorize the members of the hidden clans. But, the hasty cultivation got him into problem. He absorbed too much "tyrannical nature elements" which corroded his reason and he's slowly becoming a mindless bloodthirsty beast. SM's presence could let him retain some clarity and sanity, but it didn't stop him from occasionally abused her in the past-life. Only when SM has her ability and the miraculous spring water in the current life, the "breath" from those two things can fight against the corrosion (and finally healed him at some point). That being the case, he still behaves indifferently and unreasonable toward people who's not his immediate subordinates and SM (and at latter part, SM's "family" and the Mu were included in his exception). He's yandere and cold, through and through. The way the author used his subordinates and the surrounding people reacted to the ML's presence and deeds make me itchy to read more reasonable chain of reactions, but it never pass the most superficial lines.

The romance between the protagonist can be retold better. There's too many plot holes which the readers should fill on their own (the romance part isn't the only part with plot holes, btw). Both of the protagonists have huge mental huddles and the source of SM's mental huddles is LHS, but there's little to no elaboration about their psychological state and journey until they found their inner-peace and love. If it's narrated well, it can unfold a beautiful story of two scarred people who's curing their "wounds" while facing the world and finally find love in each other. As the book narrated it, I must agree that it can be seen as Stockholm Syndrome.

There are only two "big villain/villainess" in the story, Feng Duzhi and Yue Wanjun. YWJ was the usual jealous unreasonable deluded villainess while FDZ was the usual ambitious lecher power hungry cruel villain. But, they're... the most "dedicated" and "integrated" villain in the book. The moral compass in the book is really confusing. Some other "villains" in the book actually got scolded and aggro when they did what's exactly the protagonist usually do (The "villains" simply disappear from the story without explained the reason for their "bad deeds" while we got the justification for every "bad deeds" of the protagonists). The ML was still called as violent and bloodthirsty person when his base was the most human and well regulated base. Meanwhile, the other bases which promoted "survival of the strongest" (it's exactly that instead of "survival of the fittest") are dubbed more human than the ML's base. The way the books/translation narrated it make it seems like double standard. It left me 😶???

As for the world building, it's a mix of eastern fantasy and sci-fi. Their world has nature elements which can be absorbed by some people. At some point in history, the nature elements were "lost" and only the members of hidden family can absorb it to cultivate their "ability". Around the period and when doomsday happened, the nature elements was resurging, the tyrannical nature elements ran rampant and it "infected" the animals and plant to become elemental beast. Meanwhile some selected people who's drenched in golden rain (before the doomsday) were mutated, they can cultivate ability like the members of the hidden clans. Isn't it an exciting and interesting premise?

It breaks out of our established science, the established common sense/science of eastern fantasy, and doomsday's "science". Unfortunately, the narration also didn't give enough elaborations on how things go that way in their world. For example, it's mentioned that the daytime temperature was hot enough to melt most of the car (vesicles), but they can build on-ground shelter by enclosing their car/building with metal wall and roof and layered it with ice wall. How the metal "case" didn't turn into a big oven and melt, roast, or steam what's inside, it never mentioned. It's also never explained in which way the tyrannical nature elements was similar to zombie "virus" which can be countered by "vaccine" that works like miraculous "serum". Or how the artificial mutation made the artificial ability-holder (genetic-modified soldiers) unable to ascend to the advance realm of "cultivation".

If you can stomach all of those mentioned above, this book can be an okay read for you. Personally, reading it once was an enough torture for me. 😅 But, I love the idea, the premise, and the MC. So, 🤷‍♀️ <<less
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Smtha rated it
August 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Quite like this story, it's actually quite a light read. (with alot of dog food) Not much dog drama, or aghast. Contrary to the synopsis above. This is a fantasy story, so don't dwell too much on the details.😅 (the most surprisingly are those powerful strong super rich families op people are actually don't have deep " normal" education... lol. (I guess they always in the jungle training their superpowers...) thats why I said don't dwell on the details... But I do like the apocalypse of the... more>> global warming rather than always the cliche zombie apocalypse. Which is actually more accurate if we do end up in the end of the world.

For me the MC "aghast" live is that she was betrayed and sold by her best friend. But later on the buyer (ML) actually treated her quite well. It's just that ML had a backlashes of his op powers and his worldview is a bit askew (you will learn in the later chapter) And I guessed that given her circumstances, apocalypse/betrayal/ isolation/ obsessive, controlling, moody scary (master) ML her mind just broke and kill the ML. After rebirth she found out that his circumstances were not what they seems. (summery = it's abit misunderstandings) but I feel if after rebirth MC does not awaken her powers maybe the ML also will be the same unreasonable being, given his situation.
So I guess the rebirth are actually a second chance for them, a healing alternative of their lives. And actually the whole 3/4 of the novel is actually a lots of fluff, and op upgrading. it's a short read, each chapter very short, can read all in one day. If you just want something to pass time this novel is entertaining also. Thank you. <<less
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lavendidi rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: c50
There are definiteky a lot of plotholes and I've got so many complaints inside me regarding how the characters are set up, their line of thinking and so on, especially MC, plus I don't really like the ML nor Mo Gui but other than that, I have been enjoying it so far. It would have been much better if there were no romance but I guess it's just what it is. I'm still intrigued so I'm gonna keep reading it till I either finish all the chapters, or get bored... more>> later on then drop it. Gonna edit this review until then.

Edit: Now it's just plain ridiculous. Gonna drop it, thanks for the fun scenes. <<less
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c126
Story is enjoyable enough. It's a fairly light read with more summarizing of offscreen events then involved story telling. Most of the focus is on the relationship and the apocalypse is more of a backdrop but still well integrated.

The story as a series of events is actually pretty good it just lacks substance and detail. This could be an amazing story if rewritten by a better writer and fleshed out. As it is, it's a light casual read for those who like a more exciting setting without the horror.
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