Summon Survival


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What happens to ordinary people when they face the end of the world? With no power, nothing but their good looks?

Of course their fate it’s either life or death.

Xu Yang couldn’t remember how many years she had been a zombie. She wandered in the last days, self-conscious but unable to evolve.

Being a zombie didn’t bring her any change than when she was stil a human.

——What is unfair?

But the world is never fair.

When her head was cut off and the crystal nucleus in her head was removed, Xu Yang’s experience was clearly performed again in her mind, is this the rotating lantern? ——No.

She was reborn.

She is going to survive.

Xu Yang: Lu Huixue that Mother…

Lu Huixue: ??? I’m really not a Mother!

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Summoner in the Apocalypse Setting
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New blazingseraph rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Read all of it using machine translations and honestly... yeah it was nice. The yuri is secondary and it mostly focuses on the MC's gradual character growth along with the zombie apocalypse stuff. The summons all have their own backstories too and it was interesting reading about them and how it tied in with the MC eventually finding a new meaning to live. She started out just wanting to survive and seeing her grow as a person was very nice. The romance was a little too slowburn and I did... more>> feel it was unfair to the female lead, but the MC had to get over the bad feelings she had towards her in her previous life so I didn't feel it was unrealistic. <<less
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XiaoWenTian rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: Completed
Zombie Apocalypse, Yuri, Strong and Beautiful FL, HE, Summon abilities that reminded you of Devil Survivor/Persona Series.

What more can you ask for?

Auto 5/5.
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