Summon Survival


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What happens to ordinary people when they face the end of the world? With no power, nothing but their good looks?

Of course their fate it’s either life or death.

Xu Yang couldn’t remember how many years she had been a zombie. She wandered in the last days, self-conscious but unable to evolve.

Being a zombie didn’t bring her any change than when she was stil a human.

——What is unfair?

But the world is never fair.

When her head was cut off and the crystal nucleus in her head was removed, Xu Yang’s experience was clearly performed again in her mind, is this the rotating lantern? ——No.

She was reborn.

She is going to survive.

Xu Yang: Lu Huixue that Mother…

Lu Huixue: ??? I’m really not a Mother!

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Summoner in the Apocalypse Setting
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XiaoWenTian rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: Completed
Zombie Apocalypse, Yuri, Strong and Beautiful FL, HE, Summon abilities that reminded you of Devil Survivor/Persona Series.

What more can you ask for?

Auto 5/5.
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Theonewholove rated it
February 24, 2021
Status: c64
I like stories with strong capable MC which made me continue reading.

MC is strong, independent, cold blooded and cautious as a fellow fully grown adult who being f*cked by society everyday I understand MC’s indifferent attitude and coldness, when MC is doing badass thing I was like yeah you go girl kill them all.

But as a reader who love romance I feel pity for FL and don’t like MC’s actions towards FL. And i’m stuck at ch 64 basically there’s no chemistry between MC and FL. MC knows FL’s feeling,... more>> so she uses it and keeps teasing FL, sometimes make her cry.

So I recommended it reader who loves action, and badass MC. <<less
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ALKimC rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c16
This is so freaking fun. The protagonist just doesn't give a sh*t anymore and honestly I won't be able to if I was in her position.

... more>>

It's so satisfying when Xu Yang kills off the as*hole who abandoned her in her last life. Also her summons just get more and more interesting.


I like the dynamics between the main character and the FL as well because the FL has no clue what's happening but is quite strong whilst Xu Yang is like "I shall tell you nothing" like some sort of batman angst character XD <<less
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Hasenpfote rated it
February 4, 2021
Status: c1
The translation quality is okay as there are a lot of grammatical errors.

The story itself has very short chapters and barely any descriptions or world building. It seems to only focus on the two main characters. It skips from place to place and all of a sudden a character talks that hasn't been there and also with the barest of descriptions. It also tells a lot instead of showing.

If you have nothing to read, its decent.
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blazingseraph rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Read all of it using machine translations and honestly... yeah it was nice. The yuri is secondary and it mostly focuses on the MC's gradual character growth along with the zombie apocalypse stuff. The summons all have their own backstories too and it was interesting reading about them and how it tied in with the MC eventually finding a new meaning to live. She started out just wanting to survive and seeing her grow as a person was very nice. The romance was a little too slowburn and I did... more>> feel it was unfair to the female lead, but the MC had to get over the bad feelings she had towards her in her previous life so I didn't feel it was unrealistic. <<less
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Khaitra rated it
November 6, 2023
Status: Completed
The story focus more to the fighting than the romance, though that doesn't bother me that much. The fighting scene was nice, the world building is sometimes confusing but you'll get used to it

The romance doesn't starts until 2-3 years? And even when the romance did start, the screen time didn't last that long

The only chapter that's fully romance was the extra chapters

where they reincarnated or transmigrated? Back to the past and dated each other... AND IT WAS ONLY 2 CHAPTER!! DAMN IT AUTHOR!! 😔

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November 8, 2022
Status: --
This novel is GOOD compared to “Summoner of the Dead” by the same author. Below are only complaints about the other novel! Just venting my emotions after enduring the characters’ s*upidity for a long time and still hope the author will continue writing good novels.

That other novel’s MC does not have brain. The kind you don’t even know whether to curse or applaud for the sheer amount of s*upidity. LOL That MC got a few skill points from the system for achievements such as visiting prominent places or killing, etc.

The... more>> beginning of the novel is quite alright although there are some little incomprehensible actions and thoughts of the characters. I have to say some low IQ characters make it quite difficult to immerse in the novel but it is okay since it is the case with most of the novels. For example, her master sent MC to demon land. MC cannot communicate with demon due to language barrier upon arrival. WTF. Don’t they have brains in their heads? I can hardly forgive the various blah blah about how the map is difficult to understand (Don’t they understand they have to check their travel plan before going to unknown areas.) But not thinking about the language. That’s going too far. Here comes plot armor. MC solves this with the system help and no one ever doubts where MC learns demon language. I really like to know how MC will explain to her master about this but unfortunately nobody asks.

The plot where I cannot stand is the point when the MC went straight to the enemy HQ (restaurant) when enemy king (gluttony demon king) apparently sits; why visit the ENEMY + STRONGHOLD + FIRST instead of visiting the various neutral or friendly areas (in my understanding, there is absolutely no chance for her to escape once she is recognised there). The MC, who even got assassinated several times by the enemy in friendly territory does not even bother to change or hide her appearance and she (and pig teammate system) ate food abnormally fast there which draws the attention of the gluttony king. Her rival + classmate who wanted to assassinate her instantly recognises her but she (and her garbage system) does not even realise it just because the classmate hides her appearance with a ?veil LOL. The classmate did not expose her for unknown reasons. The demon king did not even ask her name despite his interest. The plot armor is thick. ;) But please tell me who is more s*upid! The MC who did not hide her identity and appearance in enemy territory or the enemy forces who did not recognise the MC who is just short of shouting out her name or showing off her appearance on the stage.

The MC then went to the Church. (The necromancer visits the Church. The Church purifies her and then burn her ashes. The novel ends here. Dan Dan Dan. Just me kidding). Once again, the MC draws the attention of the priest but the priest did not even ask her name or investigate her past. Another albeit smaller plot armor. Yay. The priest told her that her fate was entangled with darkness and abyss and also that she will have a crisis if she did not leave immediately.

The MC then hesitate but still went to sneak into the enemy palace despite the warning of the priest and despite the fact that her identity cannot be hidden once get caught in the palace ad despite the fact that there are countless stronger enemies in the place ;) The brainless MC and the system reason their action with some weird philosophy like “since there is fate, you may not avoid it and your fate may be worse if you avoid it”. —-If she believe in fate so much, why don’t she just R.I.P. Temporarily until the end of the story so that we can read about a new more interesting character in the meanwhile who will do her best. Anyway according to to her logic, if she is fated, she her fate will not change at the end of the story. Save pain and struggling in the middle!—-

The truth is the danger level is already crazily high (although the brainless people and things really do not know or pretend not to know) and someone kindly reminds her that there may be danger. Normal people will leave immediately but she has to dive into the palace and get a skill point before leaving. No weird logic or philosophy can redeem her s*upidity. I have to suspect the author deliberately wants to increase blood pressure of readers. It is okay if MC is lazy or stubborn or s*upid as her unique character setting, at least it is not unbearable. But it is unbearable if MC is supposed to have adult intelligence but do very s*upid things. At least, MC should recognise by now that she and her system are on the border of unbearable s*upidity before embarking on the road of character growth. But hey, the story goes on as if everything is well. I’ll stop reading temporarily to come my blood pressure for a while here. <<less
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Sheddy rated it
August 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Not a bad story, enjoyable read. The MC took a long time to finally start trusting people again, so the first half wasn't very pleasant with the way she's treating people, especially the FL.

... more>>

though some parts are a bit annoying, like how the MC and FL basically spent everyday outside fighting zombies and mutants yet there are still other people stronger than her, but the ending was great, despite the last villain became overpowered, the MC managed to summon her last summoned beast which was a demon king 🤣, that poor villain... was quite surprised that the MC's system could reset the apocalypse and return time back to before the apocalypse happen, though I wish they all could retain their memories rather than just the MC

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