The Transmigration Missions Are Not Scientific


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Gu Anran looked up to the heavens and gave a mournful cry: “Ahhhh! I am a woman, so why must I attack and capture the female lead?!”

Mu Qingli’s expression was cold: “You have objections? Do you not like women?”

Gu Anran nervously fidgeted with her hands, but without having the chance to say anything, the Hong Qingyi who was on the side cracking melon seeds, interrupted. “How can that be possible? Ever since she was a child, she loved hanging out with all the cute girls at the orphanage! I know because I have been observing this for a long time!”

Mu Qingli sneered and pulled Gu Anran by the ear, dragging her towards the room.

“Wuwu! Dear wife, it hurts!” Gu Anran screamed loudly. Then, spotting something from the corner of her eyes, she suddenly had a mischievous expression. With a “low” voice, she loudly said, “Hong Qingyi, those I had approached were all once pursued by you!”

*Peng!* …the door to the room closed.

“Eh…? So that’s how it is…ah, wait!” Hong Qingyi realized something and gulped.

She mechanically turned around to see Chi Mengyan, who had been standing to the side, narrowing her eyes. Damn that Gu Anran! Even if she had the words, she wouldn’t be able to explain herself clearly, ah ah ah!

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穿越的任务不科学 (快穿)
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New vondarkmoore rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: c20
While I am a fan of yuri in general, this story is very well done. Not a lot of prelude to explain why things are happening would be my only concern but feel this will be addressed as the story progresses. Both MC's are great characters who help to bring this story to life 💕
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New AsianessPride rated it
March 25, 2020
Status: Completed
A very good read, I mtl all of it.
There are two main characters, one targets the female lead while the it her targets the supporting female lead: they have to finish missions and try to get the male lead and the supporting male lead together

My spoiler summary:

... more>>

So there are 7 worlds in all

1. Highschool arc
This one is simple, FL and 2ndFL transfers into the school, MC and Mc2 becomes friends with them, uses ML and 2ndML power to protect them from getting bullied. They still got bullied by the villainess and got saved by MC and Mc2. When they were invited to ML's "engagement party" they all got drugged except the Mcs. The purpose was to gangrápe the FLs and force FL to marry the son and force ML to marry the daughter. MCs interfered, move them into a separate room, threw the villainess into the room where FL was supposed to be rape. Because the FLs were drugged with aphrodisiac, they really horny and topped the Mcs. Both MCs are bottom.

2. CEO arc
This one was funny, the FL is the CEO of the company while 2ndFL is Vice. The MCs got hired to be their secretary. Because they are still influenced by their previous world, they were surprised to see the FLs personality change. From FL's gentle personality to a blank face and straightforward Ceo and the quiet 2ndFL into a playful perverse Vice. Their mission this time is to prove that this other company is corrupted so the FLs and MLs teamed up to find information to expose them. Luckily, MC is a genius with hacking skills so she manages to bypass their security and save as much info as she could before the system deletes them. When you thought all was well, you're wrong. They got caught in intentional gunfire and both MC and FL died. Not much is said about the Mc2 and 2ndFL situation but Mc2 followed MC into the next world soon after.

3. Entertainment arc
I don't remember much about this arc because it wasn't that interesting. In this world, I think MC is a famous actress while FL is an amateur actress performing in a movie. While Mc2 and 2ndFL were their assistants. In this world, MC is supposed to be expressionless but because she subconsciously shows so much care to FL, the FL who is cute, meek, and originally scared of MC, thinks MC is a good person. One thing after another, MC brought FL to visit her family, which the parents were very pleased about and made FL call them mom and say. Onto the drama, FL got caught in a scandal because the villain posted images that were out of context and caused misunderstanding. Just when FL thought her acting career was over, MC went through all camera recordings and found the suspect. The villainess is trying to use MC as a stepping stone while her backer is aiming for FL. Things get worse when the stage light on the ceiling broke and is about to fall on FL, MC notices and jumps to push FL out of the way, passing out for a day and spraining her foot. The villainess being the green tea she is, benefited from this accident gained 4 million followers by acting pitiful. While MC is in the hospital, the villain's family is in a bit of a struggle. Their entire family is divided and greedy, fighting for the company CEO position. Wrong decisions that pissed off shareholders and led to the company's collapse. Finally, because the villainess no longer has a backer, she's right where MC wants her. In the end, she gets exposed and went to jail for an intentional attempt of murder and FL receives the heroine position in the movie. Extra: FL tries to help MC take a bath was kicked out, at least she got to dry Mc's hair.

4. WereAnimals arc
I like this world the most although it's the shortest. In Chinese novels, they are called orcs: animals that can transform into humans. MC is a wolf, Mc2 is a leopard, FL is a rabbit, and 2ndFL is a fox. Coincidentally, they are daughters of the strongest wereAnimals in the tribe. Side note. ML is a Lion and 2ndFL is a tiger. The top 10 animal ranking goes Lion, Wolf, Leopard, Tiger, Elephant, Fox, Rabbit, Deer, and Cow. They lived peacefully, then they participated in this annual competition. There are 6 courses: long-distance running, sprinting, long jumping, tree climbing, swimming, and fighting. After the competition, there was a festival. MC ended getting sidetracked and wandered into a dangerous area; fell down a small cliff and got covered in scratches. In this dangerous area, she encountered a cannibal villain eating humans and was beaten up when she fainted. Anyways, time skip 5 years because they can only transform into a human when they turn 15. Happily ever after
Extra: FL is a cute chubby baby rabbit
Extra2: Also, I think MC and 2ndFL are cousins in the world? Mc's fox mom is sisters with 2ndFL's mom.
Extra3: MC received culture shock when she saw FL and her mom eating other rabbits

5. ABO Mecha arc
There are rankings in the ABO world, SSS, SS, S, A, B, and C. MC is the rarest SSS omega princess while Mc2 is an S omega daughter of the minister meaning FL is a SSS alpha and 2ndFL a SS alpha. They have to go to this high school where they teach the students how to train their mental abilities and learn to assemble and control mechas, the higher the rank, the more potential. The MCs got a hang of it pretty quickly. I like how the MCs and FLs met, the MCs were fighting over food in the cafe and the FLs happened to see it and laughed, MCs ate quickly and ran away in shame. The FLs apologized for laughing because you can't be pïssing off omegas and they became friends. Skip forward a little, the school has this competition, kinda like a battle Royale using mechas where strength is everything, age or experience doesn't matter. It's supposed to be a talent show where the mecha manufacturing department and the mecha department show their abilities, but it ended up like alphas beating each up for the partner. For example, MC is pairing with FL, but if someone stronger than FL comes along (impossible) and beats FL then MC will be the victor's partner. Because MC is a SSS omega, FL has a lot of opponents. Including a 2nd-gen spoiled brat and the villain. The brat is whatever but the villain, the youngest "god of war" alpha in the empire. Very irritating, he wants to marry MC to be emperor so he abused his authority to make the competition more difficult and kill FL because he knows he can't beat her directly. He's only S alpha while FL is SSS alpha. During the competition, MC overheard villain talking to his subordinates about the event that happened to him. After they won first place, MC exposed the video online as well as asked her sibling to investigate further. Turns out villains have been conducting human experiments, genetically modifying their bodies, forcing feeding drugs and potions, making them have śex with animals, making betas and omegas séxslaves, even on babies and toddlers: the youngest being 5 months and oldest 5 years. Mc's father, the emperor sentenced them to death; MC suggested a public execution. And then MC and FL got engaged, married, and had children: MC had twin girls, Mc2 also had two girls.

6. Cultivation arc
Personally, my least favorite. MC and 2ndFL are hella scumbags. I'll be brief, when the MCs arrived, the FLs were already drugged somehow. The Mcs, who happened to be there, ended up having séx with their individual partners. When the FLs woke up, they assumed the MCs to be someone's spies because why else would they be there at the right time and place unless they planned it, then locked them in prison and tortured them. The MCs was like f*** this, bought a teleportation array from the system's store and escaped. They had to live in the secret realm that opens every 8 years but it didn't bother them too much because even if they didn't do the main mission, they still have the side missions; also Mc2 can cook. Because of MC and FL dual-cultivated, FL knows MC is alive so she demands the disciples to find them. No matter how hard they searched, they couldn't find the MCs for 8 years. FL soon found the truth from the little brother who wanted to kill her, that MC was the one who protected her, and wallowed in self-blame, regret, and depreciation. When the secret realm opened up again, they coincidentally found them when the FLs felt the connection from the dusk-cultivation. When MC was surrounded by wild bloodthirsty wolves, FLs saved her but, of course, she distanced herself from FL due to her past experiences. The characters teleported out of the secret realm, FL asked MC to come back to the palace with her, MC struggled but reluctantly followed her back, in the end, declared her the young lady, shamelessly crawled into her bed and had lots of séx with her.

7. Zombie apocalypse arc
This world was fun but made me cry in the end. It seems like an ordinary zombie apocalypse but there's more to it. Anyways, FL has lighting powers and spiritual powers, 2ndFL has healing powers, both MLs have fire powers; MC bought water powers from the system's store while Mc2 bought boosted-speed power. The story goes, MCs and FLs meet up with each other, get along, fight zombies, little by little, MC leaks info that makes FL suspicious. One day, MCs overheard ML saying "don't forget that this is just a game, everything here is fake" and considered the MCs as data errors that should be deleted. It turns out this last world, the zombie apocalypse is actually a virtual reality prototype that the FLs and MLs created in the real world. The Mcs, who overheard this, felt like clowns for trying hard and investing so much time and emotion into it. With Mc2 speed ability, they ran away. They cheered themself up with hotpot, fixed their mentality, and aimed to quickly defeat the zombie king. When the MCs defeated the zombie king, everything disappeared, the zombie, the building, nothing was left beside the enormous pit left by the cannon the MCs bought. And the MCs came back to the real world.

But it's not over yet, turns out those 7 worlds were only 3 months in real-time and used up the MCs entire summer vacation; the university was starting soon. Amazingly, the MCs still had 1.5 million points to use so they updated and bought skills that would be useful to them. Who would've thought the moment they got to uni, they met the FLs right away. They tried to avoid contact but unfortunately, FL still remembers the MCs from the game and tries to stop them. No matter what, they couldn't escape: when the MCs went to the hotpot, the FLs and MLs followed them and shamelessly filled up all the other seats with the bodyguards so the 4 could sit with the Mcs. After, they sit in a cafe so they can resolve the misunderstanding and explain to the MCs the background story of the last world. I won't go into detail about it, but basically the game they created deletes the memory of the player when they log on so they can really integrate into the plot and then restores it when the player logs off. The 4 creators decided to test out the game themselves which led to the last world's situation. After misunderstanding settled, they decided to start over because they don't want to be impacted by the previous world. It also revealed that MC is a business investing genius that found a company:. After the talk was over, MC allowed FL to pursue her romantically. And FL abused her power to have roommates share a single bed, guess who Mc's roommate is. The MCs and FLs went on a double date to the mall then went to eat steak, a 2nd-gen brat who likes FL picks a fight with MC. Decided to go to the beach with the whole crew, typical rub sunscreen lotion on the back scene, barbecue scene, drunk Kung-fu artist stripping MC, FL and MC have séx, afterglow massage, breakfast time, invites MC to meet FL's parents, btw: FL's family owns a mountain.

Side Couple: 2ndFL's dad kidnapped Mc2 and interrogated her. Luckily, 2ndFL installed a GPS into Mc2 so they found her safely. 2ndFL fiercely takes Mc2 away. And then, after college, FLs coerce the MCs into being their secretary: reminds you of world 2.


Don't underestimate a Yuri fan's dedication!!! <<less
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mmem rated it
February 3, 2020
Status: c3
I'm really excited by this one. A system novel about two friends world hopping and targeting the female lead and supporting female lead, plus the possibility of a shounen-ai side pairing! So far it's interesting~
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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