Devil’s Warmth


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Reborn to 1996, Bei Yao became a four-year-old little dumpling, living opposite the world’s catastrophic devil who had a crush on her twenty years later. Devil Pei Chuan was now five years old, with disabled legs and inferiority complex.

Later they became seventeen, Bei Yao became a “school flower” of her high school. Pei Chuan froze, clasped his wheelchair tightly, and warned her, “Don’t say you like me, or else …” Bei Yao hugged his neck and smiled sweetly at him. Pei Chuan couldn’t help but hold her waist, and his suppressed emotions broke out. Belonging to his heart for two lives, Bei Yao wanted to know what the devil was like.

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55 Reviews

New sweetbitch__
Dec 04, 2021
Status: Completed
First thing is that theres way tooo much angst for me to handle nd I think I left reading coz the ML kept on degrading himself nd was not gonna do anything coupley wid her as he ALWAYS kept on thinking that shes gonna hate him nd hes the worst in the world coz his disabled, I lowkey hate how the author made eah everything revolve around his legs nd disablilty, the story up till 50 or something was a lil bit boring nd okok so I eventually dropped nd... more>> later picked up to read it when it was completed, other than their first time together which was kinda bad prolly coz he had no idea wat he was doing, it was for the first time nd the pent up ig the rest all scenes I loved the ML a lot. Abt just watching the fls fam in trouble nd not help was bad but I think its coz hes in other ppl eyes a worthless nd futureless person nd shes a beautiful, smart girl so u can technically say that he did that coz he wanted the parents to give her to him without taking her himself as that would strain her relation wid her parents. I really really loved the kids part alottt, it was a good one time read novel as I cant put myself to go over all that angst ever again so I give this a solid 8/10. &Lt;3 <<less
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New LiterallyNob
Nov 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the second time I made a review in this website. The first one was because I was irritated by the biased review of the other readers. And now, this story really touch me.

It was quite realistically written. The author had amazingly depicted the characters. Also, the translator was amazing to be able to finish this heavy felt story.

Before you proceed, the one who's reading this, you have to know that this review contains major spoilers about the story.

First of all, I'm amaze how the rebirth happened. Because unlike... more>> other rebirth stories where the leading characters would under through rebirth then love the person who truly loves them in their past life.

In this story it wasn't, although we all know that they would naturally end up together. The slice of life really plays a major part in the story that in my opinion makes it quite amazing. At the beginning of the story you can see that although Bei Yao knew that Pei Chuan loves her, she didn't automatically reciprocates it. It makes the story more interesting that you would ask for more.

Additionally, Bei Yao remembering her life but having her memories regressed to what is suitable for her body was quite new but convincing. In the first part, Bei Yao revealed some pointers about the future antagonist but didn't delve much into it that gives it a mystery for what the futures holds.

Bei Yao revealed about Huo Xu that atleast gives us a preview about the major antagonist and makes me suspicious of secrets in her past life that she never get to know. Also, Bei Yao tells us how Pei Chuan was the one who truly loves her and the one who saves her in her past life which create a deep gratitude in her heart.

While reading the story there's a thing I have always been curious of, "how did he (Pei Chuan) fell in love with her?", which later on will be answered by the end of the story.

Now talking about Pei Chuan, he's character was realistically written that I got somewhat annoyed by it. The author was able to depict his character amazingly, from the psychological trauma to his inferior complex, it's just that I can't help but to be annoyed at the same time pity him. But then I realize that no matter how much someone get over a psychological trauma, there will be a time that it would still strikes them.

It was shown how his character became, because of different factors that affects it but I think the very reason was the lack of support. Although his parents were distressed for him but their actions shows no difference from abandoning him. As a child that had gone through trauma, what a parents should do was to make him feel that he isn't different as it would only make him miserable knowing he has defects.

Unfortunately, his mother left him because she can't bear to see how he had become and his father was quite lacking for me, I don't know if I should pity him or I shouldn't, as he did his role as a father but it wasn't enough. The incident happened to them is no different from Pei Chuan being dead, they didn't tried to atleast reconciled and talk things through for his sake but chose to live their own life.

The story was really deep. Unlike other MCs, Bei Yao didn't tried too much to deviate what meant to happen. Like Pei Chuan's parents divorce, and taking advantage of her knowledge of future to make her family's life better (her uncle's accidentally killing a person). At first, I was annoyed that their relationship was like push-pull motion and she would always run after him, coax him, and be there for him but realizing how she was the only one caring for him so much was saddening.

One of the things I like in the story was how side character have their own growth and would not follow a typical side character's route and storyline. The depiction of Bei Yao's parent was realistic, like how they only want the best for her and so they talk to Pei Chuan to leave her alone, which kinda irritate me but that's how a parent act.

For me this is the best rebirth story I read. This shows that deeper plot twist and any other things weren't needed you just need an amazing storyline that doesn't have to twist turn instead simple and interesting was enough. Their life in the current life isn't that different from the past life except that this life is, of course, so much better than the bitter past.

The differences were that Pei Chuan in the current life has his own real friends at last and he didn't let himself be swallowed by madness this time. And I was really happy when there was a chapter wherein Pei Chuan, at last, know that he deserve somethings. This is where I think that maybe having a third person in a story gives more charm in the romance.

Huo Xu's appearance starts Pei Chuan's realization that he really can't afford to let Bei Yao be with somebody else that's not him. This is where the spice begins.

All in all, Bei Yao and Pei Chuan deserves this happy ending. What the reborned Bei Yao wants in her current life was to be a filial daughter and paid her gratitude to Pei Chuan by being good to him that she never knew would led her to her greatest happiness. Pei Chuan, on the other hand, finally get rid of his bitterness from his past when he realized that someone cares for him and will chose him.

For me, Bei Yao being depicted as innocent was deserving it was different from those OP reborned MC but both lifetimes she had always been herself; innocent, lovely, and kind. It was no waonder that Pei Chuan would fall in live with her.

I can say that Pei Chuan, at first, was hopeless when he broke his promise to Bei Yao (I was sad for Bei Yao that time) but I think his love for Bei Yao, and Bei Yao's unconditional support finally reach him and makes him change his fate for good. If in the last life he was someone that hates the world and antisocial, this time he was someone that uses his grace to help someone like him, someone with disability.

I can say that the growth in this story was fulfilling. I also realize in this story that no matter how much a person receive a support as long as they weren't willing to save themselves, no one can do so. <<less
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Dec 06, 2020
Status: Completed
I had read this before the tag was added, and I was very surprised. This novel is absolutely packed with drama. At first, I still had a little hope, but the things that really vexed me were:

Warning: *2 MAJOR late-novel spoilers*

I HIGHLY recommend NOT reading these spoilers if you're fine with drama, and you plan to read this novel. I will mention 2 events that happened, and 1 of them will be summarized in detail.

... more>>

The random kidnapping near the end. It was very random and didn't seem to contribute to the plot in any way except putting the MC and ML in the hospital."



The first s*x scene is when the MC is intoxicated with alcohol. She tells the ML that it hurts and wants him to stop, but he keeps going. Afterwards, he goes to sleep without cleaning the MC up. This was very unpleasant to read.

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Aug 03, 2020
Status: c12
edit:My points about what makes it Interesting still stand but I no longer think it's heartwarming really. I get why the ML acts the way he does but it upsets me so I dropped it. Might read it later but meh. I still like the premise and the mc

so far this novel is very interesting and well written. Unlike a lot of stories where the MC is reincarnated, Bei Yao forgets her adult memories shortly after being reborn, but still recalls up to 3rd grade. But, she wrote down... more>> her memories before she forgot them (but because she is now a child again she can't read it all fully lol). This way the book avoids a common problem I find with these types of stories, the characters acting like children while having the soul of a grown adult. Or the MC acting both adult like and childish without rhyme or reason (like the author realized they were mentally 34 every few chapters). I like it a lot just for that. I also like how the ML truly has a physical disability, I know that sounds weird, but so often I read a cnovel with a character with a physical disability and either

1.) they get better (through either "luv uwu" or some miracle deus ex machina *cough* drug or treatment

2.) they were "Faking it" for some political reason or whatever (or they had one, got better and continued to pretend to have it for some reason)

3.) it's like something added on as an after thought and kinda fades throughout the story (this is true more so with mental uniquenesses, like someone on the autism spectrum). So anyway, the way this novel is going I don't think they're go in any of those routes and I'm happy. Being physical disabled isn't something unsightly and it's important to have a variety in characters.i feel like a lot of times it's used for "feels" then the author cops out later and makes them able-bodied. So far the author is also doing a good job of showing how emotionally vulnerable a young child who suddenly finds himself disabled might feel. He's not a jerk, but a hurt small child (5). The MC is also very likeable, because she forgot most of her past memories like I said, she isn't op, nor is it weird she's childlike. She just has a vague sense she should treat the ML well and she tries her best. If all goes well, this will prove to be a very well written heart-warming story. Looking forward to the rest! <<less
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade
May 14, 2021
Status: --
First, having a disability is not an excuse to act like the world owes you.

The ML is extremely unlikeable. It is understandable that what he is going through us difficult, but I refuse to like the ML just because he has a disability, while ignoring all other aspects of his personality.

There is no character development or emotional growth for the ML. In fact, the FL has to be dumbed down to the naive, idiot girl troupe so that she can keep trying to be his friend. I don't have a... more>> problem with slow emotional growth or traumatised leads (I love HITTING ZONE, a beautiful book about a journey of a young abused boy rebuilding his socials bridges with sports and a new family). But this ML is a let down on every aspect, his disability becomes a plot device to write in angst.

I expected a psychological journey or a journey of sorts in this novel, I only got to roll my eyes. Seriously, except for clinging to the FL, what was the use of the rebirth?

I have to ask the author, did you write a story about a boy with disability? Or did you use a boy's disability to write the story? <<less
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Nov 12, 2020
Status: c53
This novel made me have to look for something to restore my faith to humanity.

More of a rant than a review:

Every single one of these characters thinks "I can't blame others with their choices and I understand because he is disabled and everyone wants whats better." Like bruh. F*ck everyone man. Even the FL thought so at one point. Whats being disabled got to do with him being a live human. He isn't any less human than anyone just because he is disabled.

Also, aside from being gentle to Pei Chuan,... more>> FL didn't even actually try to change other's view of him. That's why no matter how gentle she is, with that kind of environment, anyone would have weak faith (I'm not specifically talking about religious faith but just faith in general. Towards human, towards anything.) Then she wonders why he still turned out like that. All it could've taken were a few words to defend him. Her best friends talk badly about him cause of the rumors but she does nothing about it. She also knows her parents were a bit discriminating towards him but she still doesn't say anything. All it could've taken were a few words of clarification even to just a few people around them, it won't make a big change but it definitely would make people aware and have an idea about it and they would be more careful.

Age doesn't have anything to do with it. She knew some events from the future, she knew how he would turn out, and she knew he loved her for a long time in the future and he saved her. She knew all the cause and effects of why he turned out like that. She could've done so much for Pei Chuan with the knowledge she had of the future. I'm not hoping for her to completely change everything, but like just be with Pei Chuan. Like when his parents divorced and she knew he would hit a new low. But she chose to ignore her little notebook because she didn't want to be tied down to it. But she still sticks to Pei Chuan in the end so why didn't she take advantage of the little notebook for Pei Chuan. As someone who experienced picking myself up after breaking down and shutting myself out, time and time again, it's always more painful than the last time you tumble down, and it's always harder to get back up on your feet. Thats why I'm so mad for Pei Chuan. He tried many times and every time, he gets shut down.

I'm mad at everyone but I'm only grinding the FL because she's Pei Chuan's light and she knows that Pei Chuan has and still has warmth in him, I'm not hoping for her to be an OP Mary Sue character but she should defend him to at least her closest people.

I had a lot to rant about the FL cos I understand Pei Chuan's depression, insecurity, inferiority, and anxiety. I would love to read this until Pei Chuan's happiness but its too emotionally consuming for me. <<less
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May 26, 2021
Status: --
I don't get it. Which part of the ML is unlikable? You can understand that is is just not about his disability. We have to take into consideration about how he got it in the 1st place. How his parents react. And how the society act towards him. Its understandable why he would hate the world and have inferiority complex. You can't help but to cheer for him each time he changes and become more accepting towards the world and FL.

... more>>[/ because of his father's work as a police officer, bad guy kidnapped him and cut his leg. After that his parents divorced because of him. His mother cheated and blame it on his son for giving her nightmare. The dad remarried and almost neglected him. His classmates bullied him or scared of him. Even the FL mother did not accept him to be her son in law. So in my opinion, being bitter towards the world is an understatement.]

For avoiding the FL, here's a quote form the ML

[/For Pei Chuan, love was too bitter.

The bitterness spread from the tip of his tongue to the tip of his heart. He had loved such a person all his life. He had experienced unparalleled suffering, and he did not want her to feel that way. She can be happy without burden, which is a good thing for him.]

For the FL, who says she got no personality? She is reasonable, kind, understanding, loyal, fierce in protecting her love ones and among other things. There is no system to provide cheat, so she will have to make do with little information she have about the future. She did have some growth, she became more brave.

The side characters are also interesting. Even the cannon fodder manages to suprise me. But of course, some did not have the time to be developed.

Overall, this was a good read. <<less
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Aug 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I liked it a lot, no lies here, it's one novel that really makes you feel for the characters, I'd say definitely worth the read. It's a story that mostly focuses on how the society judges a disabled person and secondary about how a person could heal emotionally from that kind of trauma which, well isn't quite right, he doesn't really 'heal' the trauma but somehow detaches from it? That's what I got from the novel. Of course, romance is in the air during the entire novel, real fluff I... more>> tell you with lots of angst.

I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 after I thought about it, because of some points that stuck to me personally:


Okay, so I felt like ML's inferiority complex was certainly justified, since everyone treated him that way, less than the others, but wasn't it kind of too severe? I'd say almost like a mental illness, FL pursued him since the beginning, at first as a friend gradually as a lover, my girl had some strong game I tell you, so how could he think she doesn't like him after like 60 or 70 chappies? At one point I just felt it was kind of forced, so that there could be more drama.

FL was a total champ, her stubbornness unreal, she never gave up treating him specially nice, any normal person would have given up honestly (So would I). After high school, ML actually treated her a lot better, actually, I don't think he ever bullied her, it's just that he was too damn cold. Let me announce it here, lads, if you do not pursue something, it means you never wanted it enough. That's where ML was truly lacking until he realized later on, which would be way too late, if our FL wasn't so stubborn.



Continuing on to our FL, she had her weak moments and she later told him that he actually was quite the as*hole in his youth, but she still felt a bit like the manic pixie dream girl.



*sigh* On to the marvel-level kind of supervillain Hao Xu, I think was his name, jesus christ, suddenly action genre was put in the novel, caught me off guard, man suddenly became the overlord, like f the police, I'm just gonna grab your children real quick, so I can troll ML to kill himself. I have not much to add on, just a bullcrap character to add to the drama cuz you know you luv it.


Nyext, I'm gonna call out some remarkable characters


Ma boy Ji Wei, all he wanted was Cambridge, dunno why so much hype about it, but he was hard-working and very admirable.

Fang MinJun, didn't see much of her, but she and Chen Lu seemed like a great pair.

Also that Wang girl in the college part, hoho, this girl had personality.


La famille now


FL's parents were nice people, quite similar to the ones at My Husband With Scholar Syndrome and her bro was a cinnamon roll.

ML's parents, lolol, dad seemed decent till he woke up from the coma, then somehow his character deteriorated let's say? The remarriage idea didn't seem unreasonable to me, even if it was described unacceptable, the sad part was how the new family treated ML, worse than a stranger, they didn't like him because he'd get the whole inheritance from his dad he rightfully deserved. After dad got remarried you notice how he seems to treat his son nicely mostly because of guilt and not so because of love. That was the f**d part.

Onwards, his son went MISSING for a year, and daddy was supposedly searching everywhere from him until he stumbled upon him. He was in the same city all along, ML's classmates even identified his dad in a few days, with even less info. *Facepalm* A police officer everybody!

ML's mom role was cut off early in the story, only for her to appear in the end, for a bit more drama and to provide an excuse for her leave, brace yourselves, *rubs hands* it was because of a mental illness.


Okay, that's all, well overall it WAS a good story, just had some classic Chinese cliche elements.

Stay hydrated. <<less
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Aug 28, 2021
Status: --
What a rollercoaster story. I cried a river reading this. I love Bei Yao and Pei Chuan so much. They deserve each other <3

I read a review that says "being disabled doesn't allow you to be a d*ck to others and justify it." You obviously did not read the entire story. You also didn't understand their pain and emotions since you hadn't gone through it yourself, so you don't have the right to tell them what to do or invalidate their feelings, stop being insensitive. In addition, you can't be... more>> a good person when you grow up without love and care from your parents, friends, and neighbors. Such environment for a young innocent kid, who will teach him what's good and what's not? It's easy for you to say such things until you're in His shoes. 🙄 <<less
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Jul 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I hate heart-wrenching stories and this one give me both heartache but also gave me the cure.

ML suffers a lot in the beginning of his life, his family, his disability and his self-esteem. Create inferiority complex he alienated himself and afraid to have any romantic relationship with MC. He see himself as unworthy.

MC's perseverance for more than 10years crack down this obscure man. But man, the prejudice towards disabled is really prominent, especially in the beginning. I can't help to shed some tears for our young ML.
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Aug 27, 2021
Status: c59
This is actually a pretty moving story, with realistic character developments and plot progression. The ML is disabled since he was four years old, and the FL wakes up when she was four years old, but within a few days of her arrival, her high fever burned the memories of her transmigration away. She only managed to scribble some messages to herself before they were really gone, and her memories returned in dribs and drabs as she got older. Thus, she saw the ML as the child he is, as... more>> she was also a child that's only a little older than him.

Be warned that when I say realistic, I mean realistic. I get annoyed when there are 5-yo in stories that don't act like their age, so it was refreshign to see that their actions are age-appropriate as they grew older. It was also great to see their childhood friends grow up and mature—something you don't see in c-novels often. On the downside, I realise that this is the root of some people's complaints—that the ML is so gloomy and down on himself.

The Male Lead: He's not a CEO, ha ha. Seriously, though, you don't have to be a developmental psychologist to know that having no adult to support him and be with him all the way since he was a child would leave lasting trauma and mental scars. Of-freaking-course he would create a shell around him, pushing people away. It's easier to be the one doing the rejecting than to open yourself and be rejected later. It doesn't help that this was set in a time when China was also still pretty prejudiced against disabled people (well, I suppose now too, but I assume it would've lessened somewhat).

If people don't like the ML's prickliness and insecurity, just scram, but don't say his character is bad in and of itself. He's a difficult person to deal with for most people, all spikes on the outside, but the FL can always read him the best, more than anyone else. And she considers his friendship worth keeping from the beginning, because she understood his small acts of kindnesses better than other people too. If she didn't find it a burden to be friends with him, why the heck should the readers complain?

She's not sacrificing her future with him. She didn't love him to the exclusion of everyone else. She still has her family, has a good relationship with him. She still studies to get into the schools she wants, the university she really wants, etc, and he had never been a barrier to that.

Their relationship is healthy; a lot healthier than the ones between some of those FLs and overbearing CEOs.

Our MC, the female lead: I see some reviews say that the FL is unremarkable. My response is, how the frack did they reach that conclusion?? Did we even read the same story? She's mentally strong. Since she'd always been a few years older in mental age than her physical age (her memory trickles back bit by bit as she grows up), so she'd always shown more maturity than her peers. She could see that he was hurt by the rejection of the people around him, or their easy dismissal of him. Because of this, she always tries to cheer him up, to show him that there is still kindness and warmth in this world.

She's also courageous. There was one time where he actually studied seriously for a final-term test because of her good wishes to him, and got the #1 rank in his school. But considering he'd been a slacker before, he was accused of cheating. She personally dragged him to the school's director (who accused him) and asked for evidence, and flat out told him that he was an embarrassment as an educator, because a teacher should always trust their student first. She challenged them to test him again under strictly monitored conditions. He'd already given up before she did that, not even trying to clear his name. But it was her efforts that turned the condition around for him.

Remember that her mental age is only 2-3 years older than her body at all times. She's a teenager, and she went against the system, alone, for him. Because she knew and trusted his ability that much. She's not like those transmigrators who are adults in a small body, and she doesn't have a golden finger either. This is a true act of courage.

That was how he started to turn his life around, to start studying seriously.

She's not a pushover: One of her friends was being a green tea b**ch, but after she did poisonous acts more than once, she hits back. She's kind, but she wouldn't let people walk all over her either. Points from my side.

Plot: Mostly slice-of-life, as their relationship grows through the years. He (tries) to push her away, and she chased him down again and manages to see through his lies, excuses and prevarications. It's still a webnovel c-novel, though. This means that there'd be some school drama from the s*upid actions of petty people (see the green tea b**ch comment above), the gossips that surround the FL because she's the school flower... and the underworld from which the ML earns his money after he left his parents' house.

To his credit, the ML never blames the MC for any jealousy that he felt. But if you were looking for a more stable relationship interaction, or at least one where they communicate better... that's not going to be this one, alright? It's a budding relationship between teenagers after years of friendship. His sense of self-worth is a bottomless abyss that's only getting closed in litte bits at a time. It's realistic, but it might be frustrating to people who want a faster payoff (if that's you, then just look for a quick transmigration story, then).

TL;DR: Young woman gets transmigrated to her younger self, loses most of her memories and basically grows up as a child that's mentally older by 2-3 years from her peers. She remembers one person she wants to repay, though, the ML whose feet had been cut off as a child, and she struck a friendship with him in kindergarten. The story follows them growing up, the ML being prickly and the MC seeing through it after some time. Basically a realistic coming-of-age romance against a prejudiced world.

Has some dramatic elements typical of webnovels too, to get the tension high. Sweet, if gritty, story. <<less
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Nov 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I have MTLed this novel and my rating is about 3.5.

This novel is really about the perseverance of the human spirit. I had expectations that it would be a moving novel about two people who support each other and that expectation turned out to be very wrong. While there's a lot about the emotions and love that the two people feel for each other, this novel is heavy in exploring societal prejudices against someone living with disability as well as depression and inferiority complex. There is a lot of psychological... more>> angst here and this novel is not a light read. In a way it reminds me the Notebook, two people who keep missing each other for the longest time until they are finally together. I don't know if I would even call this romance. It's a love that is like an oasis to a dying man in the desert.

The last arc and ending is something I find a little rushed in execution and also a bit sloppily written. I feel like the author was as ready to end the novel as I was ready to finish reading it. It could have done with a little more care. My 3.5 star rating is primarily for how the last arc and ending were handled. The ending while worthwhile wasn't enough to lift me out of the shadow of depression I had reading the earlier parts. While the MC has bright parts in the novel, it's the pain of the ML that really stands out and sticks to me.

TL:DR If you are willing to explore heavy subjects like living with disability, societal prejudices, bullying, depression etc... then go right ahead. If any of these sound triggering to you, you may want to take care reading this. <<less
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Aug 05, 2020
Status: --
In the novel world where most stories are full of perfect MLs who are blessed with everything in their life, this story is a nice heartwarming tale of a man whos life is so full of misfortune. I dont want to spoil too much but I almost cried a few times reading this story so give it a try, im pretty sure u wont regret it!:)
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Sep 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Both our main leads are just so pure and lovely. Throughout the story we get to see just how much MC is dedicated to help nourish and love ML. She never gave up on him even though he was being a delinquent. Instead of distancing from him she tells him that shes so proud of his changes. That he was able to make friends and even laugh with them too, because he would never do the same towards MC. Lol, MC words during this scene made ML speechless. 😂 He... more>> didn't know if he should be happy or sad with what MC said. Lol.

While for the ML we get to see just how much he loves MC yet is willing to sacrafice his own happiness for her happiness that he thought she deserves. He is willing to even change his bad image just so that MC doesnt see him in a bad light. Lol, he's so pure. Hahah but that doesnt mean that he is 100% pure. He is quite possessive towards our MC too. Even if he wants to distance from her he just cant bear to leave her forever cause it hurts him too much.

He's a really insecure boy. I mean who would not be if you grew up in such a depressing home. Your parents have a love and hate relationship with you because of their own guilt. They care more about their own desires, work and feelings, than their own child. Then to have your classmates isolate you for being abnormal. Lastly to finally learn that the only hope, excel in education, you thought could fix all this was just a useless goal. He grew up with quite a twisted childhood.

Hence why ML grew up having no more hope left so his only greed, loving MC, became something crazy and delusional to him. He didnt want to bound her down and cause her to be hate by people or to live a life like his parents. So he ended up pushing her away while he watch her from a far or help her behind the scene. That was the best our ML thought he could do for our MC to relay his love to her without any acknowledgement.

Luckily, both MC and ML got second chances to finally be together after so many hardships. Also ML was finally able to achieve his deepest desires, MCs love and a happy family. In all their lifetimes of second chances they both were truly meant to be together, it's just some miscommunication and inferiority complex that lead them to take so long to finally be together.

Its heart wrenching yet so lovely at the same time. Would definitely recommend this novel if you have time. The MTL was really easy to understand too so that really helps.

The bonus part for this story is the MC and ML two children. They're the replica of our child MC and ML. I really love their son because even if he's called the little devil king he really loves and idolizes ML. He understood ML situation at a young age because our little devil was born with medical problems too. He has ML IQ too so he was able to grasp and understand better than his classmates. One time the little devil got into a fight with his classmates for calling ML disabled and their daughter told on him cause shes kind of slow. Hehhe, in the end ML overheard just how much his childrens love him. ML really loves his childrens too. He loves them so much just as much as he loves MC, a complete lovely family. Hehe, if you read it you will come to love it too. <<less
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Mar 18, 2020
Status: c30
I LOVE this story. It's heart breaking yet sweet at the same time. The male leads struggles and decisions make sense given his situation which I liked because you can understand where he's coming from. I highly recommend this novel.
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Aug 20, 2020
Status: Completed
wow, whew, alright y'all.

Our novel starts off with Bei Yao, our female protagonist, returning back to the tender age of 4.

Remembering the painful events that happened in her "past life", she vows to make it up to her parents as well as the big devil male lead, Pei Chuan.

... more>> In this story, unlike most male leads, our Pei Chuan experienced a great misfortune rendering him handicapped three inches from the knee.

The whole world pities him, his parents quarrel because of his legs, and his precocious mind results a deep inferiority complex.

But never fear, this story is about growth, family, and love; all given to Pei Chuan by Bei Yao.

The plot is rather simple and relatable to those who have disabilities, but is nevertheless, fleshed out extremely well.

I won't say too much because I'd recommend readers to experience the story for themselves.

But word of warning, this novel is chinese drama material, meaning that there IS parts where it drags and the drama makes one impatient. Otherwise, the story is a 5/5.

Enjoi and Adieu! <<less
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May 27, 2020
Status: Completed
OMG this book....I cried so many times, but it was so warm at the same time. This is just a great drama, you have to read it.

It is by far the best book I have read this month.
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Mar 27, 2021
Status: Completed
This was pure suffering and agony.

It truly was a painful experience reading through this. It was so painful and stressful to read because MC and ML kept running away from their feelings and the problems. They weren't trying to fix things. MC was too passive, and ML kept latching on feelings of self-doubt that stopped him from taking action. When I was reading it, I couldn't help thinking 'wow, will his suffering end?'. But I pushed through because ML had been through so much, he should get a happy ending,... more>> right?

The story is deeply intricated with tragedy, family problems, and past trauma. We're talking about ML here because he's like... is he the reincarnation of the god of misfortune or something? His life is a pure tragedy that it's ridiculous. Not only did his leg got chopped off, had family problems, but also experienced bullying and conflict with MC, etc.??

As for the MC... man, ML deserved waaay better. Alright, everyone describes her as gentle and kind. But, is she really? Despite knowing that ML was suffering, she didn't do the bare minimum of defending him or actually making an effort to comfort him. She just went "Oh. Okay" and brushed it off. I know, realistically speaking, ML's situation was special and complex enough. But she could at least do something meaningful. She didn't need to go as far as helping his family situation, but knowing how insecure and anxious ML is, she could've reassured him. MC's passiveness only further drives ML into a tornado of self-hatred, insecurity, and anxiety. There were so many things that could've been avoided had MC and ML actually talked to each other instead of running away from each other, thinking, "They have their own circumstances and I'm just a burden for them". That's not how you do relationships!

Not only that, the author is really burdening ML. Like, come on, he's only human. But not only he has to chase MC, support her (and her family), overcome his past trauma, deal with problems, and work like a cow! How could a normal human possibly get through that?? ML has done so much for MC and though it was reciprocated in the end, I still feel like it's unfair for ML. Things only started to get better near the final chapters (if it didn't, I probably would've bashed my head into the wall).

Aside from me being uncomfortable with how passive the MC is and how unfair the world setting is for ML, it did give closure to all of them. Some let go of the past and some didn't. Despite the long long suffering through almost the entirety of this novel, the ending was written beautifully and made me feel like I didn't waste my tears and snot for nothing. So, don't worry guys. But, would I recommend this? Not for the faint heart, I'd say. <<less
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Feb 08, 2021
Status: Completed
Reading the summary I thought this was going to be a sweet little rebirth love story. By the time I realized this was not the case I was already neck deep in the authors pit and couldn't help but finish the story.

  • This story is EXTREMELY bittersweet. Stress on the bitter part. The love story between the two leads is not easy. They are constantly being separated by the male leads inferiority complex and self-abuse.
  • The story is very realistic. There is no ML who can cover the sky with one hand in this book. The ML has set backs and struggles... he struggles a lot... and then struggles some more.
  • Despite all the angst and bitterness it does end happily..... *sniffles* thank god.
I think my favorite part is the extras. The original... more>> male lead from the first life also gets his happiness. Thank you author!!!!

The pit was deep and dark but... it had a light at the end. <<less
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Karina De Gracia
Karina De Gr
Oct 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Nice and short novel.

to simplify it was:

  • Realistic
  • A boy with a tough life who thinks that he don't deserve to be loved and who isolate from others.
  • A novel wich talk about consequences, self-loved and never give up in life and on yourself.
A really good novel.💓💖
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Oct 17, 2020
Status: Completed
.... my poor baby Pei Chuan😭. He's really a tragic boy. To sum up the novel is one sentence: The miserable life of Pei Chuan and how Bei Yao heals him with love. It literally broke my heart how the author wrote out his life.

This is a really good and emotional read. It deals with some heavy stuff that really weighs down on your thoughts. Think A Guide Guide to Raising a Sick Villain but a little darker.

It's great that author doesn't just have a full blown 5 year old... more>> Bei Yao with the memories of her 20 something year old self. She gains her memories piece by piece, letting her character be a lovable child when she's literally a child. (Bei Yao is literally so cute and innocent, but not s*upidly naive or dumb. She's just pure and kind). It's very well paced with characters that you grow to love as you read.

The ONLY "downside" is:


This is more of a matter that it was really painful to read because of this. Pei Chuan has a inferiority complex—which makes total logical sense and I understand why it's there—but it really hurts your heart. Like, a lot of things could avoided if he doesn't have one but unfortunately, he does. And honestly, this is more of a personal issue because I just feel so bad for Pei Chuan. He's such a good, smart child yet he always feels less than human because of how everyone treated him and feels he can never be loved because of his legs. I just really broke my heart every time his feelings of inferiority pop up. Like, none of this is his fault but everyone hold NO SYMPATHY whatsoever. Again, probably an exaggeration, I just feel indignant for my baby Pei Chuan.


Their love is very heartwarming and beautiful and I really recommend reading this. <<less
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Oct 18, 2020
Status: c52
Okay so let's talk. Going into this novel I had very high expectations looking at the other reviewers, and I have to say I'm somewhat- maybe dissapointed. Not to say, that this isn't good novel, I've given it a 3/5 star review but I don't think I can go on. (Although there is a lovely recount over every event at the spoiler thread, which I did read.)

This novel centers about Bei Yao (our MC) who in her last life acted as a replacement/scapegoat to her sh*tty ex-bf Huo Xu.... more>> In this life she is reborn as her 4 year old self who

remembers her last life in full and writes down the main events that led to her death. Then after she loses most of her memories. Although with every year she grows up she gains a couple years knowledge in advance until her 3rd year of highschool where her memory of the future stops.


The one sentiment that our Bei Yao remembers is that she should act kindly towards Pei Chaun. This is either out of respect for what he did for her in their last life or in hopes of reforming this "devil."

So let's talk Pros:

-This novel will probably never bore you. We go through this journey from their childhood to adulthood. I found that through most of the novel I was rooting for both of them.

-The main characters: Bei Yao is a sweetie. She's not a Mary Sue but acts very human like. She does what she can and she isn't too OP except for a bit of knowledge for the future that she uses for her studies. Pei Chaun- I could deeply feel his struggles with feeling inadequate and self-esteem struggles. Through most of this novel,

he doesn't allow himself to ever think of the MC and him together because of his disability. This often causes him to make certain choices or extreme decisions because he believes it's what he deserves.


-The relationship can be very sweet.

-There's a lot of intrigue in past events for Bei Yao in her last life/family drama for Pei Chaun.


(For me at least)

- This novel can be quite frustrating in how dramatic some of the events turn. As an example

the ML Pei Chaun turns himself into the police for his computer dealings in the underworld and doesn't try to advocate for a better sentence since he doesn't believe he deserves it. He mainly does this as he feels it'll be better for the MC.


Another example is how the

ML beats a wild dog (infected by rabies) to death after it almost harms MC's baby brother.


Although I don't mind dramatic things most of the time, I wasn't under the impression that this novel would be like that so that's why I would describe it as a con.

If you're okay with a bit of angst, dramatic moments, etc. Give it a chance. A lot of other reviews loved this. :) <<less
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