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Qiao Lan transmigrated into a novel.

She became a cannon-fodder who was rescued by the heroine after being bullied but was jealous of the heroine because of her love for the hero and ultimately ended up miserable.

When she first entered the novel, Qiao Lan met a cannon fodder more pitiful than her. He was bullied, severely autistic, and had crippled legs.

Qiao Lan: …

Thinking of the male partner who had only been able to live for two years, Qiao Lan had a distressed conscience and began to take care of the gloomy boy.

2 years later, they had both become each other’s lift and the boy would stand up again and be able to hold her.


She had seen a passage when she was reading a book about Asperger’s Syndrome. The passage had explained that people with Asperger’s Syndrome generally suffered from “love disorder”. Some believe that a small percentage of people with Asperger’s Syndrome have an IQ far exceeding that of ordinary people, but their EQ is much lower than that of ordinary people. In terms of emotions, they are more like children with blank slates.

That’s why Qiao Lan was so sure that Tan Mo would never like her. He would rely on her, take care of her, and protect her, but he would not like her like a man likes a woman because Tan Mo did not understand this type of emotion.

Some say that some people with Asperger’s Syndrome will never understand what love is in their entire lives. Perhaps a number of people will understand, but in some cases, people on the higher scale of AS are too paranoid and sometimes overarchingly possessive. With this came a large amount of trouble that came from being too obsessed with one person. Few people could understand or handle such love, which leads to tragedy.

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New Katielicious rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: --
3.5 stars.

I was not expecting the sweetness this book had to offer.


  • Start to finish, it described the challenges a person with Asperger's syndrome may face. Even though ML "recovered", the author still explored how society forces others to conform to their ideas or normality.
  • The reciprocal love and support between MC and ml

  • I really disliked how author romanticed an overly dependent couple that isolates themselves. It's not cute in real life & I'm glad author still showed how toxic it can get and the consequences of such behaviour.
  • The author still fell into the pit of normalising a disabled person. I lowkey wish the story remained about the struggles of a physically and mentally challenged person. Or we explored more about his struggles with rehab with 2% success instead of just wrapping it up in months. Or ML consistently visiting a psychologist because love is not a cure all and he still needed one.
  • A little detail but how was ML sensitive to touch but could shop randomly for clothes? Wouldn't be need customised clothing?
  • Finally, I sincerely with we delved deeper into the supporting characters. Who was ml's stepmum & those family dynamics? Final ending for FL's family. How could author tease us with a gay character then just drop it?
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New Lilulo
February 16, 2024
Status: --
I just love this uniq story without any annoing main characters. Reads very quickly and besides chinese termins everything is understandable. Anyway its woth reading and I would like too read similar stories, if anyone knows pls recommend some. Danke im Voraus;)
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K_araxx rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Hey! I'm the translator of this novel. I found this novel while browsing jjwxc and really liked it. This novel's main focus is the relationship between the male lead and the female lead. Meaning they both go through major character development and go through different problems that occur in their relationship. This novel isn't about face slapping or getting revenge, it's about two people who both try to help each other.

The male lead suffers from depression, Aspergers Syndrome, and his legs are crippled. He is severely bullied at school because of this and thus lives a really sad life. The female lead at first approaches the male lead because of pity. She feels bad because she liked his character and wants to help him because in the original novel he committed su*cide due to severe depression 2 years later. Later on in the story, this pity would come back to haunt her because she feels that the love and affection she feels pales in comparison to what he feels for her. This, later on, develops into a feeling that she doesn't deserve him. On the other hand, the male lead feels the same way because he knows he isn't a normal person. Both of them face their own psychological issues with their relationship and the story shows us in detail about how their relationship progresses.



The side characters don't play a very big role. We don't even know much about the original female lead or male lead. Their story is never delved into deeply. Instead, the main focus like I said before is the relationship between the female lead and the male lead.

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Pezwitch rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I’ve been following this novel from the beginning and I loved the first translator. I understand why she dropped the novel, life happens to all of us

The second translator’s work was hard to read, the pronouns were often wrong and made it confusing

I struggled to finish the novel

I highly recommend the story up to chapter 70 and then just realize they fall in love and live happily ever after
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PaigeTheParrot rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: Completed
It's an amazing story which not only incorporates fluffiness and love among the lead characters, but also shows the other sides of a relationship--The leads constantly improve their character after analyzing their actions, compromise with each other, and support each other. I was also surprised that the oriML and oriFL weren't a major part/villain in the novel, because it is the usual case in transmigration stories.

oriFL Song Yao ended up with a side character Pei Ning. OriML went abroad.

. Some people might think that the ending is abrupt, as most CN raw sites only have upto 122 chapters. (Even I was confused at first) I would suggest to look at other raw sites with the 5 extras, so that you can complete the novel.
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justanotherpasserby rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: c75
No, the story itself is really good but bad translator just ruined it for me. Whoever runs tea novel translation, please consider recruiting editor that know Chinese so at the very least even though your translation is an edited MTL, it's a well edited one that will not burn reader's brain while we trying to comprehend the plot.

I'm truly glad that you guys willing to pick up a lot of good novels that were on hiatus or dropped but please, with your current translation, as long as I saw any... more>> novel that translated by you, I just back off because I assumed it will be a copy paste version of MTL. <<less
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Itssalwa rated it
October 15, 2020
Status: Completed
100/10 it's so good. It just felt like I found a gem. A precious gem. I never know love could be so pure and honest. Qiao Lan (FL) is my favorite female lead after Jing wan for sure. She's smart, honest, and know what she want. She make it clear with Tan Mo (ML) that she loves him and always do despite his disability. The ML always felt insecure and he feel that he did not deserve FL, he thought of himself was a piece of dirt that cannot... more>> be compared to FL who's like a fairy. But FL help him, she know ML can't express himself well. And that's why I love her sm. They were a cute fluffy couple, nothing can break them and I feel it. I can't describe how much this novel make me happy and teary at the same time. The story omfg the plot, I love it so much.

I hope anyone who read my review read this precious gem too. The character development is very nice, and you can see it clearly. I love how they solve their problems, I love how they express their love towards each other, I love how they act and talk to each other. It's just like a perfect teenager love story, and I can't help but love it more.

EDIT : GUYS I found the extra on wattpad, they have perfect wedding and have a daughter who looks like Qiao lian and personality like Tan Mo :') I'm no crying y'all. They're such a wonderfull family. Oh yes, I got upset when I know the extra had some Tan Mo father part (even he's just show up a bit) I still don't even want to read his name on it, god only know how much I hate that bish. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: Completed
A better title might be: Guide to saving the tragic secondary male lead

I don’t see where Tan Mo is a villain in any storyline. He devotes all of himself expecting no return only to fade out of sight in the OG novel. He still doesn’t dare to pursue his love interest once he recognizes his feelings for our heroine. Luckily she is not a weak chicken who will let misunderstandings perpetuate between them.

I think the beauty of this novel is like the other reviews state: the character growth. Honestly the... more>> dependency shown by the two characters is indeed unusual. It only works because it is a mutual dependency where the two support each other. The unhealthy possessiveness is acknowledged by both characters and they work together to establish boundries. Qian Lan has this one particular confrontation with Tan Mo that particularly stood out to me. She establishes the importance of honest communication between them. She additionally tells Tan Mo, in no uncertain terms, that he should simply ask her if she likes or dislikes something rather than acting on assumptions. It’s a powerful statement for any relationship, whether mental illness is involved or not. <<less
27 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
znukhsoc rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: Completed
This had the potential of being the best Chinese romance/drama web novel I've ever read BUT! It changed after the existence of the cheap Chinese tropes, the unnecessarily long details, and fillers...

I can't understand why a good story like this has to go to the garbage because of the cheap drama. Can't the writers think of any other idea than petty classmates and shitty parents? Why do the leads always have to turn out perfect appearance-wise? Can't they be average? Can't the ML be more normal financially and not be... more>> filthy-rich FOR ONCE.

As I'm writing I'm getting more pissed off. I wanted to give this story at least 2 stars because it's really the best one amongst the Chinese novels I've read and the idea of the relationship between two leads is perfect. HOWEVER, yes, it's leaving me very irritated as always. Especially the last 40+ or so chapters were... e m p t y and very boring. The story ended in a specifically crappy way.

Also, people really should stop putting MTL'ed chapters as updates here. The original translator didn't even drop the story, their translation was really enjoyable and the one whole star goes to them. <<less
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ApolloAresZues rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I've put off reading this multiple times because of various concerns. I just thought this would be much more unnecessarily dramatic than it was, maybe not worth the trouble. I thought it would have too much face slapping, too much focus on the OG FL and ML, too much focus on what the book storyline was. None of that is here, in fact it felt like the prev stuff is only ever mentioned to explain the initial beginnings, its rarely if ever brought up and barely affects the story. There... more>> is also no system (thank god!). It didnt read like the FL playing a game, it read like the FL got a chance to redo her life and make the best of it. So I was completely wrong, neither did the plot or characters put me off. There are probably some inaccurate info with the descriptions used for the disabled (both mental and physical) but I was able to overlook it to enjoy the story characters, the romance, and the message behind it. I'll go into details now.

The story starts out that FL, Qiao Lan, is transmigrated into a novel she recently read, with a mary sue original FL and an arrogant original ML. Qiao Lan is a petty villain cannon fodder in love with OG-ML, and the actual ML, our baby Tan Mo, is also a cannon fodder that

eventually falls into depression, gives all his wealth to OG FL, and commits su*cide...

. When she transmigrates, she has just started college, but is now back in the first year of highschool. The body shes now in used to be a total pushover who s**ked up to the school bullies in order to not be isolated and was pushed around by her poor family, who valued the males in the family more. In conclusion, the situation was kind of bad. But she works to turn it around by focusing on her studies, standing up to her classmates, and distancing herself from her family members. She basically takes what's a horrible situation and makes it work for her. I loved this for her because she never did anything crazy or tried to get revenge or anything like that, she just looked at the situation and focused on herself and her own self improvement. At the same time, she takes an interest in the very depressed and very lonely Tan Mo, who was her favorite character in the book. Knowing his ending, she decides to befriend him and try to change his fate. She does all this in the most comfortable way possible for him, never pushing boundaries he doesnt want to push and doing as much research on his disabilities as she could (within the confines of the author's research ofcourse dont blame her for fallacies).

I really found Qiao Lan to be a very good, open-minded person. Before her looks or smarts (which she had in spades. I was very happy see a FL set in highschool be into her books and study as hard as she did) I'd definitely say that trait stands out from the getgo. Shes a kind person with enough inner strength and backbone to stand up for herself and others, while also just being approachable and friendly. I'd even say she felt very ordinary, but in the most pleasant way possible. She wasn't excessively bubbly, she was a little distant, she was vulnerable, at times got frustrated, at times felt lost, but she was very relatable and adaptable. She never went out of her way to pick fights with anyone that wronged her, but she didnt let people just wrong her in front of her face. For example,

Her parents were horrible people and frequently disturbed her. So she locked her door and ignored them. Arguements cant start if she's not there or not listening. When they accuse her of stealing, she simply piles up the money she saved and moves out. When the bullies keep harassing her, or people gossip about her because of Tan Mo, she ignores them because she is strong enough to do so. And keeps on doing what she wants. She never let's other peoples opinions interfere with what she is doing.

She just felt very refreshing and undramatic. Never once did I think she did anything s*upid or unnecessary or that I disliked the way she went about it. That'd not to say she was mary sue (even tho her appearance and grades were eventually very mary sue, but I forgave it because the author really made sure you saw how much work she was putting in to study). Like I said, she just felt like an ordinary nice person with a backbone.

On the other hand, Tan Mo was kind of chaotic (not in a bad way). He was emotionally stunted, pessimistic, low self esteem, and had alot of extremist thoughts regarding just about everything. He over thought simple gestures, frequently fell into anxiety or paranoia, and had a very hard time communicating his intentions or picking up on other peoples intentions. Frankly I felt like the portrayal of his character was rather nice, in that there is a wide spectrum of people with mental illness, and I could imagine someone like Tan Mo out there living their life. There is no textbook example for mental illnesses, so I gave the benefit of the doubt. Especially because none of his problems were miraculously fixed by having Qiao Lan in his life. Yeah he was happier and now had company, but that also came with its own set of emotional distress. This book takes place over about 3-4 years, and while he certainly improves, issues he had at the start of the book continue to plague. He gets better at hiding it and handling it. Qiao Lan gets better at picking it up. But it doesnt suddenly dissapear and the mental illness he had when you start the book is the same illness he has when you finish it. It never goes away. Sometimes he has setbacks. But it does get easier. I enjoyed that part alot.

That being said, Qiao Lan was essentially the perfect partner for our ML in that she didnt mind compromise or communicating or taking the first step, because she knew however hard it was for her, Tan Mo found it ten times harder. Sometimes she pitied him. Sometimes she felt bad for him. And while society as a whole has put a negative connotation on those things, to imply we never pity or feel bad for ppl, especially people who we dont know, is a lie. To be honest, she first gets close to Tan Mo because she liked him as a paper person in the book and because she felt bad for him. She admits this. But that quickly turns into friendship and appreciation, admiration and companionship, and then to romantic love. She sees past all the things others focus on, like his wheel chair and mental illness, and sees the person he is despite and including all those things.

One point that struck me especially is when later in the book, Tan Mo

begins to imitate "normal" behavior aka copying facial expressions and mannerisms, laughing and smiling on cue. And he does this out of fear that she wont want him if he behaves "strangely". And she tells him that she loved him when he ignored her for a month at the beginning, when he was behaving irrationally with no explanation, when he had frequent tempers and didnt behave as calmly as he does now. Its not like she never saw how his mental illness affected him. She saw it all and still liked him. And that really struck me. Because she essentially loved him at his literal worst (it was when his depression and paranoia was really bad and he was still in a wheelchair. It's never spoken I dont think but he def had depression). And that person was who she loved, not someone imitating normality. I think both me as a reader and Tan Mo as a character had forgotten that, because it had been so long since he improved into this happy state. I loved this call back.


I also liked how gradual and how two way their romance was. Their romance had a distinctive development from strangers to friends to lovers, they made tangible progress, and you can see the development in their feelings from platonic to romantic. Tan Mo got their faster and it added to his anxiety, but it took about a year. Qiao Lan found out through distance, but it wasnt sudden as you could feel the change in her emotions toward him. For the two way thing I was referring to, I mean the relationship felt very mutual. I never felt like Qiao Lan was being overly accommodating at her detriment, though she indeed compromised alot for him. This was because Qiao Lan personality is not a stubborn one, she doesn't hold tightly to things like pride or shyness

When she finds out Tan Mo is insecure, she goes out of her way to reassure him multiple times. Never frustrated or feeling pressured. Because she loves him and she hopes that he can make similar compromises for her


Also because Tan Mo does so so much for her. Often times in cases like this I feel like the ML likes the FL more and the FL is never understanding of how much ML does and considers her. In this case, FL is very grateful. Shes not afraid or too hesitant to accept his goodwill, sometimes she might be reluctant because of money being between them as friends, but she tries her best to see from Tan Mo point of view and not just outright reject and hurt his feelings.

When she starts working and Tan Mo hears shes short on cash, he starts visiting the restaurant and tipping extra. She does eventually prevent him from doing this, but only when it got too excessive. But she tried really hard to understand why he was doing it and why he felt the need to, and she really really appreciated it. Same with staying at his house when she leaves her own, I thought she'd be too resistant to stay, but she surprised me by accepting his help and feeling grateful. Another thing is Tan Mo bringing her breakfast to school, at first reluctant than she accepts. Then allowing Tan Mo to handle her family affairs for her

God yall, I appreciated this so much! An FL that could accept help when she needs it, accept comfort when she needs it, show proper appreciation, not act like she is too strong or stubborm to be helped. I mean she was helping Tan Mo so much, and he in turn helped her alot by returned independence and emotional and financial stability to her. I loved the mutual care they had.

And the communication between this couple! Yall the way they would talk it out. Mostly it was Qiao Lan being observant and rational but I really dont care. Tan Mo was also blunt enough to make the relationship work. The amount of proper talks they had in this book, man. It was so good that as the book went on I really thought the other shoe would drop somehow. Especially

during two instances. One, when Tan Mo was going to leave the country due to gossip. He realizes what an idiot he would be to do that. He does eventually go to get surgery on his legs and do therapy, and while he doesnt tell Qiao Lan, he keeps in contact with her the whole time! Yall! Novels must have me traumatized cause the way I was scared we'd have a random time skip of no communication, I was so relieved that the leads could... talk. Talk and be reasonable. Even Tan Mo at his most irrational states would come back to common sense soon enough. Nothing irreparable is ever done between them. Another case was when they went to college, I was so scared we'd get a brief break up or something s*upid. None of that. We did get some mean characters, some conflict, but it was to strengthen the love and progress the relationship, not to hinder. The way Qiao Lan handled Tan Mo hiding his feelings from her, the way she persisted in understanding him, and the way Tan Mo held on and was able to accommodate her, while also seeing the error of his ways, yeah they are such couple goals.


Ok, enough ranting about the couple. Let's go to the plot. There isnt much of a consistent plot throughout, no ongoing mystery or anything. Just more slice of life, them handling their relationship and their studies, them handling conflicts. Qiao Lans family is crazy annoying, but they're brief moments and they get their retribution. People that want to interfere with the lead couple are never able to do damage, because the leads have too much common sense (or in Tan Mos case he just threatens people...). Most of the time the issues othe people brought were a way to push to another step in the leads relationship, there never felt like drama just for drama. It was more hurdles they had to deal with step by step and overcome. To give some examples

A girl in class attempts to threaten Tan Mo. He solved it without Qiao Lan knowing, but it gives him the courage to get treatment for his legs. At the same time, Qiao Lans family attempt to set her up with husband. Seemingly unnecessary drama, but it wakes Tan Mo up when he tries to leave the country. Later in the book, a senior with crazy issues hidden under a smiling facade falls for Qiao Lan. His interference allows them to reaffirm confidence in each other and for Tan Mo to finally realize she wont ever leave him, which was a frequent worry of his. All conflicts served their purpose.


This review feels kind of long now, but I wanted everyone who had misgivings to give it a read for the romance alone. It doesnt focus much on the transmigration and it takes itself fairly seriously, which I like. Its sort of slice of life, but its soothing and entertaining and I never felt bored. Definitely something I'd recommend. <<less
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Radishhh rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: Completed
I just made an account solely to make a review on this novel.

This novel is such a gem. So if you ever hesitated to read it, just go ahead and read it. You will never regret it.

The way they overcome the hardship together, the way they stay true to each other. I love all of it. The female lead is freaking nice and understanding. She was so different than other FL in other Chinese novel who always so weak and always relying on the ml. She avoid misunderstanding and she... more>> didn't give mixed signal to other man. I love how straightforward she is. She know what she wanted.

The male lead is also my fav. He has his shortcoming but he managed and tried to overcome it. How I love him so much.

Absolutely worth rereading!!!! <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jem3710 rated it
September 19, 2020
Status: Completed
The pure love and care the ML had for the MC was so sweet, that’s what made me love the story. The MC isn’t just a Mary Sue either and does consider the feelings of the ML and the issues he deals with. They both try to understand each other and grow together. This story really warmed my heart, super wholesome.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
oopsaloo rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: c87
After reading the 1st chapter by the translator above, I was so hooked I had to MTL it. I fell in love with this story. The MC does have some tragic aspects to her background, but she is smart and focused on what really matters to her. I love that she has a good head on her shoulders and isn’t a white lotus nor is she an idiot like other MCs of other novels. As for the ML, he is so well created. He has his flaws, but is very... more>> endearing with his emotions and interactions with the MC. I really like that the author decided to cast light on people with disabilities and especially mental health disorders in such a well written way. Really opens my eyes to the kinds of experiences they have and allows me to see both the ugly and beautiful side of humans (mainly the ugly side is depicted by the other people around the MCs).

Overall, definitely recommend this! We are in for a huge treat by this translator - thanks for picking it up! Now, back to binge-reading! <<less
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Sheddy rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: c75


The description did no justice for the novel, I thought this was one of those typical cannon fodder turn into overbearing president type of novel..i never liked shipping FL & ML together before, somehow someway I would always dislike the ML or the FL....

This is the first time I have ever wanted the FL & ML to end up together so badly. Highly recommended, the character growth is amazing.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YellowNoodle rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: Completed
I found it so strange, I've obviously read this masterpiece before but I didnt write a review!

I'm so dumb ugh!

Anyways, this is a lovely novel. It focuses on mental health, relationships, and psychology.

... more>> Both the main leads support each other and I love how the FL takes initiative to communicate and to research the ML's syndrome when she doesnt understand him that well.

Although the story focuses on the leads relationship development, there is still the drama of family and school gossip to make the plot a bit more spicy. It also pushes the leads together and gradually directs them to improve their love :)

A very good and enjoyable lead. The pacing is well done and the author did suberb on undoing the heart knots of the ML. It really showed the leads love for each other.

I also love the ML a lot. He's such a good boy. Plus, there's just something attractive about your lover who is cold to everyone else but pampers you to the sky.


Enjoi and Adieu! <<less
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Hellios rated it
February 18, 2022
Status: Completed

Here you can find many delicate emotions with which you will be guided though the life of two people, our main couple. It can be a little difficult to take psychologically, but really worth it. There is no s*upid dog-blood drama, all the events are there for a reason and help us to understand the characters and their growth. It’s like going though this whole life with them.

The world is quite realistic, the same goes for the characters too.
There is a lot of discrimination,... more>> prejudging and even people would. And here we have our tragic ML and MC finding a light in their life as they meet.

The story is really touching. It made me think though many things in my life and that’s also what I’m thankful for.

I mostly never have this big sense of fulfillment after reading a book, but here I really have it.

It’s a very deep and delicate book, that I totally recommend you to try. I will totally reread it again when I’m depressed. <<less
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sweetbitch___ rated it
January 27, 2022
Status: Completed
really liked the plotline alot nd I was so happy that it was finally completed but only to see the translation frm 72 was uttersh*t but I really dont like leaving something that I started liking but the second translation made me really disappointed :/ there was a lot of messing up of shes, her, he, his and the feelings for so many emo words were not able to felt by me and I had reread the paras. I kinda hate that frm beginning till end the fls parents were... more>> super biased and super annoying, and the classmates... ugh saying stuffs behind her back and calling names for being good to the disabled kid. Also its so annoying nd makes it super 2d when the author made the couple super gorgeous that everyone can't take their eyes off and how the ML whos in college is a billionaire, im kinda immune to it by now but still they could ve been a lil more lowkey. and their relationship was defo not normal, it looks all peachy cutesy but I strongly feel its a lil unhealthy toxic with fluffy bandaid. 7/10. hope some else vll retake this novel nd make it shine a lil more no offense to teanovels :) <<less
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Pikiliu rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly, I’ve dropped almost every Chinese novel I ever pick up. Even if it was a novel like “The idle noblewomen”, or “why date when you can attend tsinghua”, or perhaps, “My whole family are villain”, “adopting and raising the male lead and villain”, or “my son might be a villain”. All of these were really good modern day slice of life ish, but this novel is the only one I’ve read till the end bc it’s really special. I feel like this story is focused so much more on... more>> emotional s and is so realistic in some aspects (not the grades :’)) but the focus of the novel is more on the relationship of the MC and tan mo, it’s not cringe and sometimes I cry reading this. <<less
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Mrs. B
Mrs. B rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: Completed
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! This novel is sooooooooo gooooddddd... Very touching, beautiful and very well written!! I like MC's character n personality. She is brave, gentle, hard worker, understandings, with a strong character and she knows what she wanted, she believes her own judgment. She doesn't give ambiguous signal to her other pursuers.

You can see the characters's development in this story. The way the author describes the illness of the ML and its characteristics is really good. The author definitely had a quite deep understanding n knowledge of this syndrome. There's... more>> no unnecessary drama nor misunderstanding. They both so sweet and their love is so pure.

Not many side characters and to be honest they're not important anyway. The story centred between the 2 of them. How the FL tried to teach the ML to open up n overcome his syndrome, his depression and his inferiority and always be by his side. And ML didn't realise that he also became her light because he always by her side, help her and care for her unconditionally.

I'm not really good in describing or giving reviews, but I wanted to give this novel a review because this novel deserves more reviews and it is that good but it's too underrated and I want other people to read it and enjoy it as much as I do.
But for me it's just too short, I wish it would be longer so I could enjoy their love story and fluffiness more :p

I just love Tan Mo and Qiao Lan so much. I lost count on how many times I've read this book..
And now I'm having a really hard time to find another novel that can be as good as this, that can make me move on from this 1. It will be hard to find a MC as perfect as Qiao Lan. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
joeyburbz rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: c64
NOT your average cookie-cutter story!! If you are looking for an original romance or even friendship story that is realistic without unnecessary drama (but lots of fluff), I highly recommend this one! The author masterfully weaves together a story about the intricacies and emotions of Tan Mo, who has Asperger's and a physical handicap, who meets Qiao Lan, a girl who accepts everything about him in this hell-like society. ML is a cinnamon roll while FL is really, really likeable. She doesn't take crap from her insufferable family and even... more>> gets back at them but she is also levelheaded and mature, which makes the growth between the leads soooo satisfying.

After 2 chapters, I am already so attached to the leads, the circumstances around them is so sad but the nurturing relationship between them heals each other and is so pure and heartwarming!! I couldn't help but go through a whole rollercoaster of emotions in one night QAQ <<less
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Suyo rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: c64
Oh my god! What did I just read!! My heart is melting! I have never read such a story before. It's really unique in a good way. I like the feeling so much. The story focus on their feeling development. This story doesn't have any real villains. I have a peaceful and heartwarming read. I hope there will be more stories like this. Also, it's the first time I know about the existence of the ML sickness. I learned many things about it. The FL is so great. Her personality... more>> is the best. The ML is really lucky to find someone like her. Sometimes the existence of the right people can change a life. Her existence really changed the Ml's life. Just like the ML said she was the light in his endless darkness. <<less
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darkelf01 rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: c2
It was a heartbreaking journey since chapter one QaQ I truly felt emotionally distressed at watching over them and wanted to shield them from storm and rain. I don't think many authors are this exceptionally talented at depicting the reality of their characters and are able to deliver the emotions without sacrificing the coherence of the story. And thanks to the translator, the essence of this story wasn't lost in the english words.

A great read. Totally recommended.
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