Married to the Male Lead’s Brother


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Ning Zhi transmigrated into a female supporting character who ran away from her wedding.

The original novel was a fluffy book on the love between the male and female leads.

The cannon fodder female supporting character, who had also married into a prestigious family, was caught while trying to escape her marriage which had led to her difficult days in the prestigious family.

In addition, her husband was autistic and, for the sake of pursing true love, she made a tragedy out of her own life.

Recalling the awful ending of the female supporting character in the novel, Ning Zhi expressed that she would never try to run away from her marriage. What was wrong with having globs of money? Or was her husband not cute enough?

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Married the Male Lead's Brother
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New Fisukisuki rated it
March 25, 2023
Status: c428
This is truly one of a very Good Heartwarming, Cute, and Emotional novel all mixed together!!!

Has one of the BEST Female MC Ever!!! Non OP whatsoever, but her personality are So Lovable! She's Confident with many of her actions, but she's no Flawless. She's no Saint, but she will try her best help the people she cares. She's truly Devoted and Caring to ML. And all her Genuine actions made ML do the vice versa.

She's no Scaredy cat nor Saint in a way she has no problem seeing bad people... more>> get beaten the way the deserve, and she dare to hurt the people who had hurt others.

The author did great at writing character's personality, but not so much at writing more detailed background characters. I mean, the story lacks of few details. Like, how we barely know FL's past, and why the main Villains was a Villain in the first place.

Anyway this Novel has lots of Cute moments! Fluffy Cute or Steamy Cute.

It keep intriguing and did not make me bored even once!

Sure it was definitely not a Perfect novel. But it still so Well Written, the main plot is Consistent, and the main story end is Sweet!

I just hope the rest of the Extras would explain things more about a certain Timeline. 🙏 But yes, I Truly Do Loving this Novel! <<less
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I despise novels that talk about autism insensitively as something to be cured in a person or something that makes a person undesirable or lacking. THANKFULLY, the novel is more pleasant than others of this type. The MC treats the ML with so much patience and never makes him feel like an inconvenience (same with the ML's mom who genuinely still loves her son, which is rare for a rich madame character in a chinese novel).

Slight premise summary: ori-FL of the world they're in also has a system that sucks... more>> the beauty and vitality of MC's ori-body (which was super beautiful). MC can get 'suns' from the ML which she can use to take back her vitality from the ori-FL's halo. She can also use them to go back in time to the traumatic events of ML's life to make present him better.

As for the 'let's cure his autism' thing, I think they handled the concept okay. After the system told MC she can help the ML by trading the suns she gets from the ML (which the MC really wanted to use to bring back her beauty kasi she's used to being pretty haha), the MC gave up her hard-to-get suns easily. Even when the improvements were very little, the MC was like yeah it's gonna take a while. Because in reality, autism cannot be cured at all. So she acknowledges that it's not something to be or that can be cured and that the chance the system is giving her is very rare.

PLUS the way she 'treats' the ML is really nice! Unlike other novels with autistic characters that just get better because of the FL's lOvE or aTtEntTioN or some super system power, in this novel, the MC can trade the 'suns' she gets from the ML to go back into ML's past to shield him from traumatic events, or be by his side during dark moments of his childhood so they don't scar him so much.

ML is adorable and sexy. MC is adorable and fun. <<less
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hobbes rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: c8
I read 'My Husband With Scholar Syndrome', which I loved very much. So I had great expectations for this one. But it was a total let down for me.

... more>>

MC was more concerned for her beauty than the ML. She is taken to the past when the ML was a kid and she follows him when he goes to wash his hands. Then she totally forgets about him and keep looking at herself in the mirror and think.. oh my skin is so good, hair doesn't have split ends... lots of other BS. In all Chinese novels, the beauty is praised to an abnormal level and I have gotten used to it after reading so many novels. But this was worse.


May be I read 'My Husband With Scholar Syndrome' first so my bar was set high. May be the story gets better, but I got tired of constantly reading how one looks so beautiful or how one looks ugly. So I will stop here.

If you have read 'My Husband With Scholar Syndrome' then you definitely wouldn't like this. <<less
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Midori rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: Completed
hellooo, tis i, the MTL-er by hobby! rofl, anyway, I went on a binge read and MTL-ed this story to completion!

so first, a spoiler-free review! it was cute and I shipped the main characters! the direction the author took it is quite interesting for me!

... more>>

the female lead gathers the suns of happiness and goes back in time as a 'spirit' to ensure that the male lead's traumas/bad experiences don't occur or effect him too much. I don't know how accurately the term autism is used here, he has some aspecta that show it, certainly...

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Nelle rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: c108
I'm currently at the climax of the story, but I decided to put it on hold lol.

You will have to turn off your brain (if you have some knowledge of psychology) when reading this one. I don't think it was mentioned why ML is so attached to her before all the going back to the past happened. Once MC returned to the past, there you will see why ML is attached, but before that ML should have no connection with MC for him to treat her as someone special. That's... more>> a plot hole right there.

Aside from those things, it's a good enjoyable read. It has a lot of fluff so if that's your goal when you clicked on this novel, go ahead and read this! <<less
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peanutbutter_J rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I personally like this story, altho yes the kisses is a filler but im not mad that much. The MC really tried her best and prioritize ML when he was vulnerable. She's not so goody two shoes that goin to safe everyone she knows, just people who she thinks are worth to save or people that ML wanted to save.

But her action right after the final rescue ... more>>

where ML was kidnapped by the adopted bro's lackey then after he woke up he wont remember her. Right after that she woke up having a fever and at this parallel she hasnt met ML yet. She stubbornly waited for him at the gate for hours just to met him and fainted. After she woke up to confirm he still subconsciously recognize her, she went MIA for awhile

like why?? She could get healthy and reclaimed her identity first then approach him to tease him. So many sweet moment potential wasted here rather than having kisses filler. <<less
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
How do I say this? This novel is so freaking sweet and heartbreaking (for ML).

The ML suffers autism because of the listed events on his life (poor sunshine boi) and it's up to our MC to save her man!

I don't know about autism and I searched up about autism right now— and yeap, this book goes against the skies for ML. Please don't put logic and facts when reading this.

Ok. I research about autism once again and let's agree that MC goes to an adventure to lessen the symptoms of... more>> ML. Just read this okay?

Let me talk about the plot. It's oh so good and let me tell you that ML is a very sweetie cutie pie. I never know that I will witness a character with a word sexy and cute.

MC, this woman deserves an award. She give priority about ML and she have a lot of patience. She's understanding and kind of sly to tease ML. She pampers the ML, and she's willing to sacrifice all of her sunshine to save her man.

I always feel the tingling of my hands when I read the antagonist and this is no exception. My hand aches to slap that hoe on her face. The another antagonist, yes, I'm willing to kick his balls for hurting little sunshine!!

It's a good read! If you want to read this on RAWS, don't worry it is very understandable!

I wanna give my thanks to Fringe Capybara for translating this novel! Without this person or team, I couldn't read the author's other works. I've been binge reading all of the author's books and I love all of them. <<less
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jinkies rated it
December 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Agree with @umichan, you really need to turn off your brain for this. It’s after finals. I needed to turn off my brain.

I’d rate this a 3.5 but my fingers decided to betray me.

Notes about the nickname: Weird and Blame share the same character 怪 and that’s why mtl translates it weirdly as blame sister — he isn’t blaming her, just calling her weird.

Cute story, not much going on for it besides narcissism, but I do admire how patient and loving the Lu family is irt how they handle and... more>> cope with Lu Jue in general. Not so much about how Lu Shenyuan

was adopted to be an heir c*m caregiver but that’s them being trapped between a rock and a hard place. Which, I feel, was rather realistic because it echoes the dynamics of families I’ve personally seen with children on the spectrum. Besides, I have little sympathy for the brother because he was bullying the ML prior to the adoption apparently? If I remember correctly.

I think the blame attributed to ML when his grandmother passed was also realistic. Yes, I feel like the portrayal of autism is very ??? but I don’t think this book necessarily means to #rep autism but uses it as a plot point... Besides the “curing”, I also dislike how ML becomes a different person after all the tasks. Maybe if it was gradual, we can still accept it but it was so drastic that it only seemed like they kept his more superificial characteristics like liking the colour red.

That being said, the family reactions and feelingsI think were raw so it added points to my book, and I’m here to mindlessly read anyway. I can’t really gripe too much.

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umichan rated it
December 12, 2021
Status: Completed
A very easy novel to mtl. Some quick notes about the mtl:

  • ML refers to FL (Ningzhi) as zhizhi or zhi which when mtl'd become 'knowing or knowledge' as the character 'zhi' means knowledge.
  • ML also refers to FL as 'Strange/ weird Sister' which is sometimes mtl'd as 'blame sister'.
So, onto the actual review. It's... a pretty okay novel for what it is. Many reviews have already pointed out many of the shortcomings of this novel as well as its good points. I'll sorta summarise them here, without giving too much away:

Bad... more>> Points:

  • The really, really bad representation of what autism is. Like seriously it's so bad. Whenever I read it, I constantly find myself saying "wtf, no?"
Here's an example:


FL says she read online that autistic people recognise people with touch, like touching people's faces, and that's how they recognise people. I guess the only upside to this is that it says FL read it online. Life hack: check the validity of the statement/source and, basically, don't blindly trust everything you read on the internet.


Another Example:


Apparently, autistic people can see 20/20 in the dark and can't hear other people???? They also can't feel whatsoever. They will harm themselves unknowingly because they can't "feel" pain, fear, heat, and cold. Like, that is a completely real medical condition where people can't feel pain, but that's not autism. It would make more sense if ML had autism AND that medical condition. The author just bangs on about how ML is this unfeeling machine but contradicts themselves because he can "feel"??????


Exactly what another reviewer @Nelle said: There's this glaring incorrect portrayal of autism, but it's the main thing that drives the plot. You will have to turn off your brain when reading this one.

Basically, TLDR This ain't a medical journal.

  • Overall story is weak.
The main plot of the novel is: A. Become pretty again B. "Cure" Autism


Plot point A. wraps up at around ch 50 of the novel with some face-slapping (revenge) and from then on there really is no plot other than a goal of "curing" autism. The novel has no substance and acts almost like a slice of life genre. The novel follows a linear pathway and surprisingly has some 'kind' of character growth, though it's mostly on the ML's side.

Reviewee @Goodreadsonly sums it up pretty nicely:

The basic plot was a little meh but I did like the interactions between the MC and ML. Once she finished "curing" him it got boring and reading the ending felt like a chore.

Tbh once the main antagonist disappears at around ch 50, it does feel like a chore to read the rest. The only thing that kept me going was ML and FL interactions.


  • Story Flow
Whack. It's whack. That's all I can say. The story does follow this linear pathway, but it's so... messy?

In the first chapter, we just jump straight in. There is no explanation, nada, about what's happening. It all feels very chaotic, and the lack of explanation/ foundation makes the book title hella confusing. The novel barely touches upon the whole "inside a novel" and barely clarifies this whole OG Female Lead and OG Male Lead shenanigans.

Then, the plotholes. Some are minor, so you don't think about them, but others stand out like a sore thumb (at least to me).

The whole reason why these plot holes arise is because of one of the story's main points: travelling back in time to alter ML's current reality and prevent the events that traumatically impacted him. FL literally changes, arrgh, so much. It's like constantly hitting refresh on a webpage but going to different sites each time. It can be quite hard to adjust to these abrupt changes and figure out what's changed and how the hell her changes affected 'that' but not 'this'.

An Example:


Her real family. Yep, FL turns out to be the missing grandaughter of this mega-rich family. They only found out about her existence because of the antagonist, Lin Tiantian, trying to impersonate FL to reap the benefits as the grandaughter of the family. Basically, the family finds out asap that she's fake and voila! They discover real granddaughter (FL) through this event.

Later on, FL changes the timeline, so in a nutshell, Lin Tiantian can never be the anatgonist in her life's story and therefore was unable to carry out the whole fake granddaughter scheme. So the story moves on, but FL is still the granddaughter. There's no rediscovery or anything. Honestly, this whole time travel thing was handled not so well. P.S This timeline alteration is not to be confused with the story's climax alteration which happened after all missions were completed.


  • Lookism
Look, there is nothing wrong with having a pretty FL or ML (I actually prefer it), but it gets old quick when in every bleeping sentence the author mentions how white, thin, gorgeous, pretty, beautiful FL is. You will see the word 'white' so much that I wonder if FL bathes herself in white paint and eats it for dinner.

Good Points:

  • ML and FL interactions. It's really cute. Kind of does give off femdom vibes though. Lot's of flirting.

There is a kinda smexy scene in ch 101 (it's implied they do the deed and, of course, ML has superhuman stamina rip)


  • FL's kindness and understanding when it comes to ML (although sometimes I feel it comes off as... off, but she tries her best and never belittles ML for his autism)
  • Relatively short story
Honestly, it's a mediocre novel that is relatively enjoyable because of FL and ML fluff, but that's about it.

Other reviews that were helpful and may give further insight:

@atropos @7starkiller99 @chrissy987 @girrlit


I finished the novel completely, and man, I've been thinking about this novel for DAYS.

First off, I REALLY disliked the ending. A lot.


The whole novel was leading up to it, and so yeah, ML gets "cured" of his autism. This kind of shattered me, because the ML I had grown to love was now literally a different person. I hated this new ML person. It doesn't even feel like Lu Jue. Just someone wearing his skin.

You seriously have to ask yourself, is the person the same person if you take away an inherent characteristic from them? Autism isn't like a cold where you're still you and just under the weather. Autism is a form of human life and an inherent part of your personality and characteristics. It impacts the way you interact with the world, thus helping form your personality (including other contributing factors). It's like hair, skin, or eye colour. You're born with it. You can't actually change it (albeit you can dye, tan/ bleach, or wear coloured contacts. However still true to my point; you can't actually change the original colour).

TLDR: Hate new Lu Jue, want old Lu Jue back.


BUT THEN!!!!!!!!! The Author had to actually run me over with a ******* train of emotions in the final mission arc.



Basically, after all of the missions were completed and ML was "cured, " there was a "bonus mission" that MC went to complete because she was like, Imma 100% game-run this. Sh*t hits hard. MC transports into, I guess, the OG timeline, which follows the actual plotline of the original novel. So, an alternate reality. MC needs to stop Lu Jue, the ML, from committing suicide.

It's hard to read. Because I know Lu Jue, we, as readers, get to know him. All of his funny, cute, and amusing sides that made me smile... and seeing him like this? A shell of who he really is, struggling to live because he doesn't have someone like MC by his side... was really hard. What was EVEN HARDER was seeing him able to live because MC was there. She immediately pulled him out of his darkness and helped him find his way back. But because this is a mission, MC needs to leave. Lu Jue is heartbroken, wanting her to stay with him. I mean, she makes him happy. He desperately wants her to stay, and MC can't do anything other than say: Don't hurt yourself and live well. If you hurt yourself, I'll cry till I can't no more (aka crying to death). Of course, he doesn't want her to die, and so they hold each other till she disappears. Lu Jue sheds tears into the night.


I mean, I'm ready to change my name to Mary Sue and hop right into the novel... seriously.

This novel isn't even that good, and I've been thinking about it for days. Constantly thinking about Lu Jue and how much I really like him and how unjust (both) his ending was. MC was pretty cool too. I actually really liked her even though she was a tad bit narcissistic, but ML just stole my heart.

I actually commend the author for the great writing of the leads. Overall, I think I want to change my overall rating from a 2 to a 3.5, just because I didn't realise how attached I was to the characters.

Sorry for the length of the review. By gosh, it's long! <<less
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seasaltxx rated it
February 28, 2022
Status: Completed
It's really cute!!!

tbh since its a chinese novel I was expecting some sort of prejudice or like misrepresentation of autism and how it would be considered as like a curse or something, but I was pleasantly surprised! Or maybe because my expectations are really just low but I love it.

the FL is so freaking funny and strong and she keeps saying "where did he learn these things?" Gurl, you taught him that. You're the bad influence.

im just sad that I wasnt able to see the downfall of the male lead,... more>> female lead and the aunt. It was just mentioned. I wanted to read how their faces collapsed <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: c17
Barely passable story so far - MC is more interested in her beauty/hair split ends/skin color etc - borderline on narcissism-heavily implied focus on beauty - you'll be well respected only if you have white skin, and slim figure... ML is cute bun - not sure about author's portrayal of autism though... In a way, ML is childlike, but MC has no issues in kissing or hugging him - she ogles his body and its mentioned several times how fit ML is... not worth MTLing this story...
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August 8, 2021
Status: c125
I normally refrain from writing reviews, but this novel is AMAZING. Aside from some occasional plot holes, and logical pointbreaks, the novel is extremely wholesome and cute. It will make you cry tears of joy, sadness, and from all the sweet fluffiness.

Although there are some Mary-Sue bits in the novel, that adds to the overall charm of the novel. (Did I mention it's also quite fast pace?) It's extremely satisfying, especially since there are not many obstacles in the relationships between the leads, and any third parties are quickly removed... more>> without much hassle. However, if you are looking for a super concise, well planned-out, and *logical* novel, this might not be the novel for you.


I cried myself to sleep after reading this ;-;


Although I normally never MTL, the MTL quality of this novel was not *that* bad, especially since I was so desprate to read it. Highly recommended.


Although the ending was a happy one, I found the last arc/time FL visited ML to prevent him from committing his sad ending, to be the most sad arc. Don't get me wrong, all the other times FL had to leave ML in the time-points/arc was also extremely sad, however the last one simply hit me so hard. (Hence, the crying myself to sleep bit T-T.) The emotional pain that ML went through in that last arc, was heart-wrenching.

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shineymonkey rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: c271
Ok tbh I started this as a joke but now I’m obsessed. Really love both female lead and male lead. There’re some tension (y’know what ;) ) that I didn’t expect at all from this fluffy story. 4.5 if there’s this kind of rating but I can’t, so it’s a 5 then. The thing that kinda bugs me the most is about the beauty standards in this novel is just argh. Sometimes it makes me feel insecure but still I mostly enjoy the plot and the story telling a lot.
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ragingmisandrist rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: --
I adore this novel. The MC is funny, the ML is cute, & I love how much the mother in law loves her son. Usually authors write them as annoying & intolerable people but she is a really great mom & mil
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Meatshield rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Cute! Cute! Cute!

The interactions between the ML and FL are teeth achingly sweet because the ML is endlessly obedient and adorably clingy towards the FL and the FL takes such good care of our sweet and poorly treated autistic boy.

While it may not be the most realistic portrayal of autism, I love the idea of the FL being able to go back to specific moments in the ML’s past that negatively affected him and rewriting those moments over with positive outcomes. I really liked that after the FL rewrites one... more>> of those moments she’s immediately sent back to the present so she can directly see the effects of the rewrite. In this way we see the couple becoming closer and closer with each rewrite in present day. I especially love the fact that in order to get enough power to travel back she has to accumulate a certain amount of happy feelings from the ML because this resulted in so many instances of her just showering him in kisses and praises to get power.

The antagonists in this story are the novel’s original ML and FL whom are the ML’s adopted brother and the FL’s cousin, respectively. Both are

annoying but man was the brother insidious. I wished the author gave us more detail on why exactly he hated the ML so much and how he was taken down because the author spent so much more time on the cousin when really she wasn’t that threatening. She was annoying but dumb. The brother though was straight up evil so I would’ve liked more than a paragraph saying what happened to him in the end. I thought we’d get a villain’s speech or something.


In any case this is a good read with just enough sweetness and excitement to keep you from being bored! <<less
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Leahkoala rated it
October 27, 2022
Status: Completed
From start to finish, this was pure cotton candy—sweet, fluffy, and easy to eat. If you want a light story about one bossy, vain princess on a quest to save the man she married, this is the story for you. This story is very MTL-able, but Fringe Capybara is doing a fantastic job on the translation, so if you can stand waiting, please click through to those! It's definitely a cleaner reading experience, and I'll be reading along and throwing Kofis when I can because I am very excited to... more>> see my fave scenes nicely polished.

Very quick ending spoiler for people like me who are anxious and just need to know before committing to a story:



This novel fits very well with what I've come to know and love about this author's work (vaguely spoiler-y, but hidden because I love and respect y'all's reading process) :

Like other stories by this author, it's roughly 50% slice of life, 10% contemporary fantasy, 35% unresolved sexual tension, and 5% resolved sexual tension. I don't often find myself mentally screaming "PLEASE JUST HAVE s*x ALREADY!" but buckle up, chucklef*cks. This pain train goes directly to frustration town without stopping. No return trips until way later. But, personally? 11/10 would ride again (and so would our MC—eyooo!)


The presentation of autism is definitely not realistic or accurate, but if you're looking for realism, maybe the whole "MC transmigrated into a novel and has a system which they use to save their love interest" isn't the right subgenre for you. Like, in general. Thankfully—and, dare I say, uniquely—the MC doesn't love the ML despite his autism. Her feelings develop gradually over time, but she falls for him because of who he is, exactly as he is. I love that her goal is to save him from suffering, not to change who he is. ML's mother is similarly supportive. They never treat him like a burden. More on my take on autism in this story below spoiler, because I've got a lot to say about it but it contains spoilers:


Personally, after finishing the MTL, I've kind of come to the conclusion that even at the end, he's still autistic. What Ning Zhi (MC) was curing was actually many, many instances of traumatic brain injuries (falling down the stairs, getting beaten by the nanny, dangerously high fever, getting hit by cars, etc). Even after he's "cured" he's unfriendly even with people he likes (poor understanding of social cues), very introverted (sensory overload, anyone?), and single-minded about work (hyper-fixation) l to the point of missing out on social activities like having a girlfriend or attending his parent's anniversary blowout (adherence to routine! Difficulty with crowds! Showing still-limited attachment to caregivers!). Even when he sees Zhizhi again/for the first time, he still takes his time to drive the car into the garage, and only after a little while (once he finishes executing the normal routine!) does the penny drop and he goes after her. Am I reading too much into this? Probably. Am I tailoring my reading to my bottomless desire to see neurodivergence presented well in romantic fiction? Definitely. Does knowing this change how much I like this story as it lives in my head? Abso-f*cking-lutely not.

Also worth noting is the bonus chapter at the very end, where we see Zhizhi and Lu Jue from the original story, after "our" Ning Zhi has saved him from his terrible fate. He's still autistic (or brian damaged, if you prefer my reading (which you should)) ! They still fall in love!! There's no cure, there's no magic. There's just a happily ever after, and I am beyond glad about it.


Common triggers that appear in this story for people who might need/want them:

child abuse

someone gets drugged

drinking/drunk characters


self-harming behavior

mentions of suicide

Orphan (MC is an orphan from the very beginning; no one is actively orphaned during this story)

blood (I'd say mild, but that's just me)

Attempted murder



Car crash

Ableist language/Autism-specific abuse

Death of loved ones

A character is restrained/medicated against their will

There is a building fire

There is a character mentioned to have r*pe-y/predatory tendencies (only alluded to; never overtly stated and not at all shown)

Sexual content

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Leikr_ish bish
Leikr_ish bish
January 6, 2022
Status: c41
Read this just for the sake of fluff.

Sure its not an accurate depiction of autism and I don't think that the author intended this to be so. But I warn you some of the author's view regarding autism may irritate you. This is a transmigration with a system novel, if I can accept that and gloss over the annoying part of 'why would anyone choose the two dumbass oriFL and oriML with askew moral compass and zero respectable traits as the novel's original leads' then I can take anything in... more>> stride. I love the MC personality, the ML is pretty darn cute. I worry about the ML, the MC is a hooligan lowkey drooling over the ML. Some of the author's depiction of autism and triggers are shallow and not well informed, plus the author's very narrow minded standard of beauty (a cultural thing I guess since most CN/KR/JP novels are like this) can be frustrating but hey I've already turned off my brain upon reading chapter one. I ate not a grain but a hand full of salt reading this one, still enjoyed it though. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: c387
This story is great if you ignore that the author insists that the MC is 'curing autism'. I simply replaced every instance of the word cure in my head with literally anything else. I second @Leahkoala's review in that the MC is resolving the various trauma that caused the ML's condition to worsen. Or, she is improving his condition by providing him with the additional care he needs to grow properly and learn to interact with his environment.

A clue from the author that he might still be on the spectrum... more>> is that his affinity with autistic children was maintained even after he was 'cured'. This mindset greatly improves the quality of this novel. I can accept that the ML and his cousin are non-responsive to pain and some various other non-standard symptoms he experiences. Not every patient is alike for any type of mental or physical condition. ML is extremely hypersensitive to touch, so I would bet that his 'not painful' is due to his higher pain tolerance whether it's actually from his condition or built up over time due to the experiences he went through from a young age. His cousin also went through similar or even worse abuse.

He is seemingly very different after he is 'cured'. I believe the change was exaggerated and the inability to accept it is from empathizing with the MC. She is distraught enough to want to ignore xiaojue and walk away from him when he wants to talk with her. The author actually did something right if you couldn't accept him in that moment. Luckily, it doesn't take long to see and accept the real Xiaojue. Plus we all know the greatest reason for his change was

actually his selective memory loss of the MC. He hadn't changed much. It was his behavior towards her that had changed even if it didn't last long.


My true complaint with the treatment of autism in this novel is that no one seems to consider consulting a psychologist for treatment options until the symptoms get extreme (like in the extra). The MC is consulting the internet rather than talking with professionals beyond their primary care physician. At least the importance of affordable educational resources is eventually highlighted near the finale.

I additionally have no issue with the MC being vain. I at most have some fatigue after seeing the characters always overreacting to physical appearances. The MC is a very genuine person. She's doing pretty good if the worst part of her personality is her love for beauty. It's much better than low IQ MCs who make me want to bang my head against the wall.

I thought the time travel was handled pretty well. It could be hard to adapt to the fluctuating timeline, but discovering what changed alongside with the MC was a great experience. Normal time loops always start at the same point in the timeline. Think Groundhog Day. This novel was brilliant in that the MCs timeline was always moving forward so not every scene had to be rehashed over and over. This also meant that the MC could not always be certain that her previous changes were still in place due to the butterfly effect. There is a moment in the novel where she interfered vindictively with the villains (og ML & FL) just to see them suffer a little on a whim. This ruined the meetcute that spawned the entire romance of the original timeline. MC's marriage was a byproduct of the villain's relationship. MC was very very lucky that her whim changed how she met ML and didn't directly result in them never meeting at all. I loved that her whim did have the consequence of nullifying the event that caused the og!ML to be kicked out of the house.

Another reviewer mentioned the timeline fluctuations related to the recognition of Ning Zhi's true relatives. I would like to emphasize that the trigger for this event is the villain's precognitive dream combined with the heroine's aura. This means that minor details might change, but it should always happen around the same time period in the timeline. It will only repeat once when

Ning Zhi completed her missions and wakes up six months in the past before her and ML have 'met'. Note that the first meeting has changed since it can only occur at the Lu Family Banquet now that the villain's marriage was ruined. The villain is no longer willing to bring along Ning Zhi since Lu Jue has recovered and she is eyeing him for herself now. She and her mother will again try to set her up in marriage with a stranger they view as undesirable. He might be an okay guy just like Xiaojue, not that it matters since MC already has someone she loves. The point is that the villain has not had the time or mindset to commit identity fraud yet unlike the previous timeline changes that were shown via a ripple effect in the 'present time'.


This novel doesn't have the best writing or understanding of psychology. It's filled with (sometimes intentional) plot holes. This novel does have characters readers will grow deeply attached to and their journey will keep you hooked from beginning to end. The interaction of the main characters overflows with dog food and sexual tension. There is light comedy from Lu Jue's bluntness, like when he calls the MC 'ugly'. Then it's back to sweetness when he tells her, 'I like you even when you are ugly.' There are dramatic moments that will pull you to tears or anger before gently bringing you back into the loveliness that makes this book just right. This book is worth at least 4 stars even with its obvious flaws. Give it a try!


PS I have a theory:
I think the system was derived from the AI work of the ML. The only work project he has ever had directly mentioned is a program that can sense emotions and be used to help alleviate a patients autism. The system can tell when ML is happy or upset and guides MC in the treatment. Sus much? 😄😄😄 Maybe those in the future think that the genius behind helping so many with autism did not deserve to end in such tragedy. An author's note promised a 'real world' extra, but instead delivered a fun 'what if they met without the system' scenario. I can't help but wonder if the real world extra would have revealed this 'truth' had the author gone through with it. 🤭 <<less
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bakarutt rated it
July 14, 2022
Status: Completed
The male lead is super cute. I don't think autism is portrayed accurately here though.

I liked the idea of being able to see the male lead's mood - it's quite cute though I think it got useless or lost its initial charm towards the end.

The part of the plot about the female lead's halo seemed extra and I also hate it because it gives me the message that one's worth/character is related to one's appearance. Seriously, I struggled through the endless descriptions of how beautiful and perfect the female lead... more>> was to read about the interactions between the main characters. I would have rated this story higher if the author cut back on all those descriptions about how beautifully perfect the female lead's eyes, face, skin, hands, fingers, legs, feet, hair, etc were. The female lead has a strong personality, she's pretty smart, she has chemistry with the male lead, but all of that got drowned out.

It got tiring to read by the end. <<less
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Arrange rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked this story! Very heartwarming and cute. The plot is unfinished because we can't see how many things have ended. But the ML is very cute.
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Vivilliam rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: Completed
This plot is really different from the other novels.

MC collects sun shine from ML and she went to the past to change ML's miserable and tragic accidents that make autistic behaviours worse. Because of changes of past events, their future changes again and again.

Although I'm not used to sudden changes from the start, I feel the author creates the plot carefully. ML is super cute and Cp is super sweet


Ps:This novel is full of dog foods which make FA sad.
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