My Mister Ostrich


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Gu Mingxi and Pang Qian were next-door neighbors, classmates, and deskmates. From year-to-year, even when the class seating was rearranged, they would still be deskmates. They grew up together like a pair of brother and sisters despite having different parents; if it was someone else, then their parents would probably have already arranged their wedding. However, Gu Mingxi was different.

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Wo De Tuo Niao Xian Sheng
มหัศจรรย์รัก นายนกกระจอกเทศ
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RarestProGamer rated it
March 10, 2017
Status: Completed
Since chapter 3. I'm waiting for this novel to just deliver the final blow so I can finally drop it in peace (and for good this time). Not because it's complete garbage (which it is), but also the way it's going right now, I really don't know for how much longer I can sit through this. Good heavens! Ô_Ó

-I was literally fooled by these goody reviews into thinking that this novel might really be darn good, but boy I was wrong. I am overwhelmed with frustration, anger and sadness. I... more>> will just say it right off the bat, I have never ever in my novel experience ever read/seen a female protagonist who could be this worse and inhumane. Only sick, sadistic pathetic people could find this novel "romantic"


If you haven't already figured it out, the main lead "Gu Mingxi" is disabled, he lost both of his arms in an accident which partially Pang Qian 's fault too, but they both were kids and didn't know what they were doing. So, I will give that a pass, but it just gets worst every chapter.


:Now, I don't have any problems with a romance story that revolves around a disabled person, in fact that's my area that touches soft strings of my heart (and I am a guy, yes). I just simply love these kinds of stories but the way the Pang Qian treats Gu Mingxi breaks every possibly human boundaries. She just gets on my nerves as a reader because she constantly throws tantrum at a guy who is already missing half of his limbs and through a miserable life even that is indirectly her fault because she clearly doesn't know the consequences of her actions. The first time she got mad at him because in school, she is the only one who knows him and can help her in class, so her parents requested their class-teacher to let them sit together as it would help the poor guy with his studies too, but for some reasons she got furious at Gu Mingxi and literally says on his face "why I should be forced to be sit together with you". Of course, our male lead already has low-self esteem as he really felt bad about her and told the class teacher not to force her to sit with him, as he can manage himself without her. The teacher then told her parents as result parents scolding her, and then guess what she did? She got even more mad at Gu Mingxi as she misunderstood his intentions she thought he complaint to the class teacher and didn't talk to him the whole day. Also he is dependent on her for lunch, she didn't even brought him that, but quite the opposite happened, it was Gu Mingxi who brought sweets to make up with her with the help of his mouth and "HE APOLOGIZED", what in the freaking hell. I can't imagine the embarrassment the guy must have faced all the way from the canteen!

:But truly the final nail in the coffin was for me when the guy got prostrate arms and he was really feeling excited about his new arms and went to her house to show her and the first reaction she gave "a terrifying look", she literally said "it looks ugly" and ran away. The situation only became worse because he was supposed to enroll in a good high class school, but it was mandatory from the staffs that he is to be required putting those, but now he refuses to wear, thus resulting in not being selected in that school which made his own biological father become so mad that he literally slapped the heck out of him, all because of Pang Qian.

-------------------------------------------------------------RE-REVIEW (EPILOGUE) ----------------------------------------------------------

-So, I finally managed to marathon this novel in a day because I just can't get day's sleep if I left an incomplete story behind. I couldn't help myself thinking that "maybe" Pang Qian might change her nature and attitude and become more kind and supportive, to my utter surprise she did. I, then just simply treated her childhood as something innocent and naive not knowing anything about cruel reality, after all it is all part of growing up as you start seeing world through an adult point of view. In the later half of the story, she really become a strong and independent woman for Gu Mingxi because she knew she would face pressure and insults from society, for that I have nothing else, but massive respect for her. There's one thing I would really like to point out is how Author realistically handled "Love Triangles and its drama". I am gonna be completely honest here and give credits where its due, I have read a lot of shoujo and rom-coms and I have lost the count as for how many times I have seen/read stereotypical and cliche LTs where suddenly a third guy out of nowhere takes an interest in our female lead and makes constant advances towards her. As a guy, I always felt terrible about these situations and feeling NTR'd as if some guy is flirting with my GF behind my back, but THERE'S NONE OF THAT in this novel, NONE. I could easily read this novel in a day with peace of mind. As our "Pang Qian" would just flat out reject any guy from the begin to avoid raising any s*upid flags. She really became strong and straight-forward. Gosh, why can't every female lead in shoujo stories be like her instead of dragging out "Stuffs". I guess women are into this maybe that is why it has become so much of a popular genre.

:My Final verdict, should you read this? Yes, you should, but if you are expecting a lot of lovey dovey romance and cute moments, don't, as the romance and mutual feelings doesn't happen until only 20 chapters are left into the story, but it was completely worth it. As the story is mostly about Gu Mingxi and his crippled life, how he never gives in and makes the best and most out of his life, regardless of whatever cruel things are heading towards his way (referring to Part-III) :). It literally felt like a breath of fresh hair to finally read a story with a male protagonist who is also crippled (he has the most screen-time). Just like author said in the story every guy has "miss crab" in his heart <3 Now, I shall proceed to change my ratings from 1/5 to 5/5. Thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of work, I pray I get a wife like Pang Qian, but I don't want her to bully me ; ( <<less
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makenai89 rated it
April 5, 2016
Status: --
Reviewed after 23 chapters, rated 5.

I don’t understand why so many people gave this novel 1 star only. It’s a nice romance with interesting premise and good narrative. Its characterization and setting description are also done very well, with suitable pacing in between. In my opinion, the translator too, did a very good job with this one.

My Mr Ostrich told the story of how two childhood friends Gu Mingxi and Pang Qian grew together and the changes in the two’s relationship as time passed. At first glance, it might seem... more>> cliche plot, but there’s an additional twist that turned it into extraordinary: Gu Mingxi was a disabled person that lost his two arms when he was still a child and had to survive without. Thus, this novel was not simply a romance of two childhood friends-turned-sweethearts, but also about the heartbreaking effort reflected in how a disable had to face schools, family, “youth problems”, society, etc. Sometimes it’s funny you’ll laugh out loud, sometimes poignantly sad, sometimes... you just can’t help shake your head at the silliness of society...

In short, it’s a must read if you’re a fan of romance drama genre. And even if you’re not, you’ll probably find some inspiration from it. Although -considering the many chapters that are untranslated yet- I don't discount the possibility that it might turn controversial later, I can unequivocally say that it's worthwhile to read it now. <<less
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krisyeollized rated it
May 13, 2016
Status: --
From all the stories I've read, so far My Mister Ostrich is the best for me. When it comes to disability stories, it's always blindess, or deafness; and it's never been like Gu Mingxi's which is why I think MMO is a breathe of fresh air to take in. It's also very realistic. Characters are also developed nicely. Plus, the plot execution in this story is something I've never seen in any other stories I've read--it's unique. Even the writing has no flowery words. It's short, concise, and on point... more>> without seeming it to be rushed.

It's perfection <3 It makes you laugh; it makes you cry.

I don't know how to express my feels any longer because writing this review hurts so much since I'm still waiting for the next update of the translation. Can't wait ;A;

Recommended for readers who wants to laugh and cry and make you feel a lot of emotions at once bc Pang Qian and Gu Mingxi are too cute for each other. <<less
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star0577 rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c55
I am addicted this novel. I wish I can read Chinese so I can buy the book and read it at one sitting. The story is nicely developed and you get to know the main characters. I was smiling when they are being silly and shedding tears during their gut-wrenching moments. This story opens your eyes to people with disabilities and how society (even family members) shun them.
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Shio rated it
June 10, 2016
Status: c76
Plot and character development wise, it's definitely a good novel.
It's not filled with unrealistic drama, neither it is a happy go lucky story. To put it simply, it's realistic. So much that I feel reluctant to read the next chapters out of fear that something bad is going to happen to the male MC. Reading it remind me of Oyasumi Pun Pun, although the Mister Ostrich has more happy moment and the character aren't as hopeless as Punpun. Recommended if you want to read novel with quality, and don't mind heart wrenching events.
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spicyeggroll rated it
January 1, 2022
Status: Completed
***4.5 "Pulls Your Heartstrings" Stars***

Absolutely love. Realistic, healing, and full of heart, My Mister Ostrich is a standout contemporary romance. The way the author tackles issues such as the ML's disability, tough familial circumstances, and the pain/labors of growing up is delicate and careful, making this coming-of-age story easy to connect to. The characters leap off the pages as you empathize with them, from the unhindered free will of elementary schoolers to the rigorous days of high school up to the ambiguity of adulthood. Following the relationship between Pang Qian... more>> and Mingxi from 5-6 years old up to their 30's, My Mister Ostrich highlights the heartwarming friendships we make as well as the days of heartache and struggle to find ourselves and where we belong. Overall though, the trials and tribulations the main characters go through lead up to the most satisfying and sweet ending that readers - and the couple - deserves.


Great translation! The novel is rather long and could honestly be a long book with a hearty 100+ chapters. The narrative is easy to follow with the translation and subtle nuances are written as extra notes. Instead of footnotes, the translator will put these notes right under the paragraph which is a little jarring. Overall it was quite professional, without translator notes, and with very few spelling/grammar issues. I think more spelling issues than anything which is easy to fix in your head. Love that the translator also translated the song lyrics. Sometimes characters spoke in English and this text wasn't directly translated; the chapter comments will have those English texts (which make much more sense in context).


Like I mentioned before, I thought the author did a fantastic job in tackling sensitive issues such as divorce/separation, miscarriage, money imbalances within family, in general toxic family dynamics, abusive fathers, having a disability/navigating life with it, and more. I'm super impressed how open-minded the author is and that shows through their writing. While I can't comment about the disability representation of the ML, I could tell his struggles and obstacles were written with care and delicacy. The author doesn't define the ML by his disability, and neither do his loved ones. He perseveres and remains strong through the pure and supportive thoughts of his mother and the FL, especially, which was so heart-warming. Honestly the author made him go through so much, but it just made the ending even more sweet.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how the author wrote the futures of different characters and the options they took. This included unconventional routes (such as not going to a university) and studying abroad. This is also the first time I've read a Chinese novel where they acknowledge the racism in China through the lens of a side character who grew up in South Africa (one of the short stories is from her POV). It wasn't an overt or in-your-face message, but subtly mentioned that added realism to the story. Finally, while the ML goes through lots of bullying and prejudice due to his disability, there's so much great introspection and dialogue surrounding how he doesn't see his lack of arms as a limiting factor to his future.


Miss Crab (FL) : I was worried about her going in because I saw reviews saying how immature she was. And she was, but in the naive, innocent, ignorant, and selfish way that kids are. I'd say I have a pretty low tolerance for annoying FLs, but I don't think PQ was frustrating/annoying at all. She was spoiled by the ML (MX) and to an extent by her parents growing up, so honestly I didn't blame her. I thought there would be an incident that makes her attitude change 180 degrees, but what we got was a gradual, organic shift from the egocentric ideals of a child to a patient friend, and finally a loving partner.

Her character growth was satisfying. Be patient with her (like the ML was) because even though she's selfish and bullies the ML as a child, she's also his fiercest protector and number one supporter. The latter attitude becomes stronger as they grow while the former childish attitude becomes less significant.

Mister Ostrich (ML) : Honestly such a wonderfully-written character. I love how patient he was with the FL and how patient he was with himself. Not only did he have to deal with the social stigma of his disability, but also live up to the expectations of his (emotionally) abusive and negligent father. I also thought that adding his period of rebellion was tactfully done and a testimony to his flaws while he navigates a complex world of injustice. Mingxi was down-to-earth, wholesome, and humble. Even though he goes through very tough times, especially when he separates from the FL, he does his best to survive and comes out stronger.

One reason why I like reading Cnovels about disabled MLs (which, , , there are quite a bit of for some reason, lol) is that it gives you the chance to see them in a vulnerable position. While most of those books have the MLs' disability fade away as the story progresses, My Mister Ostrich remains realistic by focusing on the ML's character past his disability and something that is inherently just a part of his character. Readers shouldn't feel bad for him because he doesn't have arms. Rather, that's a part of who he is; without that characterization, he wouldn't be the Mister Ostrich we read about and love.

Note on the Separation: I didn't think it was necessary but I also didn't hate it. Although the incident that pushed to the separation was a bit shallow, I also thought there were complex feelings going on in the background that had been building up, which triggered the separation. The event that happened was just the last straw. However, I also think the author used it to the characters' advantage, writing their separate growth while their hearts were still intertwined with the other (despite the distance and ambiguity). It's honestly quite powerful to think about how in-sync the FL and ML were, and how natural they could continue their relationship after they found each other again.

The Romance Itself: Sweetly written with the "childhood friends to lovers" trope. It was an organic love that blossomed through 20-some years and only grew deeper and more passionate with time. While there was a teenage crush (from the FL's side) and fangirls (from the ML's side) in between them getting together, the biggest obstacles in the end were their own insecurities and tangled feelings that they had to figure out themselves. But once it's cleared up and they find each other? *Chef's kiss* They are a wonderful complement, being best friends, enthusiastic lovers, and number one cheerleaders for the other.


I like how fleshed-out minor characters were, from the friends made in middle school through college, to the complex family dynamics that the ML and FL experienced. Special shout out to Shark and his squad who really helped the ML during tough times and created happy lives themselves, the FL's parents who grow on you as they quietly support the couple, and the high school friends that shipped the FL and ML from day one.

The author explored relationships from tense familial responsibilities to the young crushes of adolescence. You will have characters you absolutely love and ones that are absolutely annoying. Either way, the author creates a rich picture of a supporting cast that bring life to the story.


Tender, humbling, and lovely, My Mister Ostrich is a timeless coming-of-age story (I honestly can't believe how relevant it still is as I read it heading into 2022, when the story came out in 2014) that will pull at your heartstrings. There's not a dull moment as you cheer for Pang Qian and Mingxi, as well as their happy ending.

TL;DR Read this if you're into:

  • Vulnerable and realistic main leads who go through fantastic character development
  • Fleshed-out cast of supporting characters who really embellish the story
  • A novel that tackles the ups and downs of life, from the characters' worst moments to their best
  • A satisfying transition that follows the evolution of young innocence into a deep understanding of life and finding happiness
  • And a happily ever after!
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StoraiMoon rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: --
I few things that I as a disabled person can understand is the fathers behavior and his need to be independent.

... more>>

All parents want their child to do better and be better thats a given. Just like parents of disabled people, however we cant help the fact we're disabled. Its almost like a stain to their family especially in asian culture because we always like to show off our kids. My mother is quite similar although I know she doesn't mean harm but she will occasionally say things like "i wish you were normal like other kids" and "when I see other young girls I wish you could do what they could do"



and his want to be independent is similar to most disabled people.. We wish we could live alone, work, and live like others without the help of people. We usually feel like we are helpless and and at the need of others. This want to be independent intensifies because it feels like something we will never have, a basic right to being human. It emphasizes our differences in an already judgemental world.


overall I think it does a good representation of disabled people. <<less
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notjoining rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: epilogue
Tis' a good story. Recommended.

Click on to the spoiler for the review.

... more>>

To be honest, before writing this review, my plan was to hype this to the highest heavens. But I understand that doing that will result to unrealistic expectations, which can destroy the story itself.

I don't want that. This story is really good, a gem within the shithole that is Novelupdates. There is no grand cultivation/dao whatever, no testosterone-filled manliness, no I am Mr. Perfect. This isn't a CEO story, not a puppy love story, not a Cinderella story.

This is a beautiful love story between a man and a woman.

The story can be divided into 3 major arcs. The first arc is the childhood arc, consisting of 3 mini-arcs, the elementary years, the middle school years, and the high school years. This arc is also the largest of the 3 and has the most number of subplots. The plot progression in this arc is slow, interspersed with shocking events here and there. From the earlier reviews, I've seen people drop the book during this time, either due to too slow progression, or just the events turn them off. I consider this the most important part of the book, however. It isn't my favorite, but this is what sets off the events that will follow in the next 2 arcs, and what makes the conclusion of the book so satisfying. In terms of character development, the female lead was more the focus of this arc than the male.

The second arc is the shortest arc, but it is also the most emotional one. This arc also concentrated more on the male lead. The plot progression was also turned up a notch, as if to push the male lead to catch up to where the female lead is, emotionally. It was also in this arc where I cried. The book is bittersweet in and of itself, but arc 2 was just much more emotional. And it just so happened that when I was reading this arc, Mother's day was just around the corner (wrote this in 14th of May 2017), so it was double the punch.

Consequently, this arc is my most favorite.

The third arc contains the climax and conclusion of the story. I personally find this part (save for the climax) pretty boring. But it was also satisfying, what with the emotional roller-coaster that was the 2nd arc, and the world building done in the first.

On to characters. Both leads are well-developed, although the female lead was more developed than the male. It also feels like the male lead had a regression in the third arc, but maybe it is because he was just too goody-two shoes in the first arc. The 2nd arc really made the male lead much more human-like and more believable.

As for secondary characters, they're pretty deep too. Even the characters that only showed up once or twice in the story feel like they can be walking around somewhere in China. Really well written, especially so with the characters close to the main leads.

Mad props to the father of the main lead. He's a scumbag, but I just can't hate him completely. He's two-faced and just plain dirty, but he still does his role as a father and husband. He isn't evil, just too caught up with saving face. Which is a very rampant idea, not only in China, but everywhere in Asia. And as an Asian, he resonates with me to a certain extent. Everyone might want to be like the male lead, or the female lead, but who, while reading this book, actually wanted for the male lead to somehow get his arms back? (edited 22/5/17) Let me rephrase that:

Everyone might like the male lead as he is, but haven't you, in the back of your minds, just wished the male lead somehow got his arms back? And when I realized that I had those thoughts, I feel like the main father's lead was like the reader injected into the story too. Striving too much for perfection, that we don't see the good in the person; I feel that besides the love story, the author wants to tell this message to us readers.

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Miawchan rated it
February 6, 2021
Status: Completed
I'll only read this once. Maybe never again. There's too many scenes that poked my heart and caused tsunami in my eyes.

I've read this six months ago and scenes that touched my heart is still fresh in my mind. They're that unforgettable.
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Adardoniel rated it
March 29, 2020
Status: epilogue
I just spent 24 hours marathoning one of the best books I have ever read in my entire life.

I don't think it's perfect by any means, but its changed my outlook on quite a few things in a fundamental way

I think I cried more in the past day than I have the entire year... like every few chapters I was sobbing or had my eyes water up.

Sometimes it was from sadness, or an all too relatable scene, a wish that I could be like a character in the... more>> book, a new understanding of life, or just plain happiness.

I really feel like I watched the lives of actual people.

My Mister Ostrich is a coming of age romance story about a disabled boy and ordinary girl, with a cruel yet very realistic depiction of society.

Its immense length (about 120 chapters, with an average of 3k words a chapter so about 350k words, or a 1, 300 page novel) allows it to combine a number of themes seamlessly as the author slowly chronicles not only the lives of Gu Mingxi and Pang Qian from birth until they get together but also the lives of many supporting characters. There is no stone left unturned.

It's set in 'modern' (if 1980s-2010 is modern) China, and includes many Asian idioms and cultural influences throughout its stories which is as expected since its a translated book.

The author's portrayal of Asian parents really made me cry, like that sh*t was too real.
There were scenes of unrequited love (which also made me cry), farewells and letting go (it's basically cheating when they do that), deaths of characters made you feel different things instead of "oh a character died, whatever" (I cried more), great depictions of jealousy and hardships (it was too relatable), and how characters matured as they grew up (which clinched Adardoniel's good novel award).
Seriously the whole thing was a rollercoaster of emotions, and I'm glad I spent a whole day of doing that instead of playing video games again during the quarantine. <<less
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laneofmagic rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: Completed
Is it the greatest love story in the world? Many would say probably not. I certainly haven't read enough romance novels to say that either.

But what makes a story feel like one of the greatest you've ever read? Does the characters make you feel like you personally know them? Do you feel happy from the bottom of your heart, when something good happens to the characters? And vice versa, does it break your heart when something sad happens to the characters? If so, them this novel was absolutely one of... more>> the best novels I've ever read.

I've heard a lot of people say that the best novels are the ones that you can relate to. I couldn't relate to the characters of this novel given the situation of the main characters but that didn't take away from how much I liked this novel. Rather I felt like the main characters are very intimate friends of mine with whom I can laugh and cry with. Just like after finishing a great novel, you feel somewhat hopeless. You feel like you've lost something close to you. I very much felt that after finishing this novel.

This novel doesn't have billionaires falling head over heels for a poor commoner, it doesn't have peerless beauties getting together with an average looking person. It just explores a sweet relationship that went through the passage of time and life. It explores how even after going through countless difficulties, anyone can find peace and love and have an happy ending. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who loves a good dose of innocent romance without the usual love triangle, catfight drama.

A special shoutout for chapter 111. One of my favourite chapters ever. <<less
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Mikodami rated it
December 2, 2021
Status: Completed
In my opinion the best Chinese novel on Novel Updates. Not only is the love story beautiful. In my eyes it has the best and most realistic description of everyday life in general and the Chinese society with all its quirks in particular. Heartbreaking in parts and a real tear jerker from time to time. But ultimately very satisfying.

Highly recommended for more mature audiences.
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Crayon rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: --
*heavy sighs* I'm actually speechless and I don't know how to describe what I feel after finished reading this.

A very heavy bitter taste. From chapter 1 till the end, I can't stop crying.

I'm not fond of reading this kind of novel, and I actually regretted reading this the moment I came to know the ML condition, don't get me wrong. I don't hate his condition it just that I know how weak my heart is, and I know I took a very long time to soothe my heart (I was... more>> moody for 3 days after reading this).

This story is really heavy. But I manage to finish the book. It's beautiful, it's heart wrenching, it's bitter... VERY beautiful story.

For the early chapter I really want to slap the FL every time she throws tantrum to ML.... likeeeeee, author-san is it necessary? ? This is the second time I have a very complex emotion towards the fe/male lead. I really can't bring myself to fully accept her, every time I remember the her in the past.

Ps: the character I HATE the most is the bastard father!! I really want to enter the book and kill him multiple time!!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ???????? Why am I here again ?????????????????? my fragile hearttttttt ???????? <<less
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IloveWebNovels rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: epilogue
Out of all the romance novels I've read, this is the most satisfying and sweet. While reading this story, I cried, I laughed, I felt happy, I felt heartache, I felt sorrow, I felt annoyed, but I also realized many things about life. Gu Mingxi is not disabled, he's just differently abled than most of us. People with defects in their bodies lived their daily lives in a different way. But in reality, they're not that different either.

There are just people out there with beautiful souls like Gu Mingxi. I... more>> also believe that Mr Ostrich and Ms Crab are real. As in real real. There are people like that in real life and just by knowing that, I feel happy for them. For those Mr Ostriches and Ms Crabs who are already together, I'm happy for you all.

This story is reallt beautiful. I recommend it if you want to smile, cry, and then smile again. I promise, everything is worth it. *Sniff* I'm so emotional, it's so great as in. I mean I just finished reading and the feelsss. *Huhuhu* <<less
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February 12, 2020
Status: c2
I love the story. The story was very simple, but it taught us a lot of things. Never give up even you don’t have complete limbs. Even though the pace of the story was slow, but it had really developed very well. Even it was bitter at the beginning, but at last, they got to taste the sweet things together.
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XOSS rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't often write reviews but this book is really a masterpiece! One of the most realistic novels I've read so far!

I love how the MCs are flawed like real-life humans! There's no unrealistic understanding, support or sympathy shown between the MCs right off the bat. When they were children, they act like innocent and simple minded children that don't think about the consequences of their actions. The only variable is the ML who matures to fast because of "circumstances". The choices they make as they get older reflect so... more>> much on reality and what kids their age should be more concerned about. The age progression is also very evenly distributed and you can actually see their growth and hardships. Its jam packed with selfishness, greed, bullying and all those ugly things as well as the good old unconditional love, support and spoiling.

Recommend! You won't regret it! 5 stars. (Prepare a box of tissues!) <<less
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Lissy rated it
November 8, 2018
Status: epilogue
I read this novel some time ago and I remembered that I did not leave any comments about it, but let me tell you that this is one of the best novels I have read or that has left me a deep sensation, it is one of those novels that you do not forget, that Occasionally they appear in your mind.

You find practically all the emotions, laughter, happiness, sadness, tears, heartbeat and also makes you realize how difficult the world is, to question the way people act, which is cruel,... more>> maybe not in the sense physical violence, but the verbal and its attitude, but also comforts your heart those people who helped our protagonist, gave him much love and affection that move us with their little details.

While you will find sadness, betrayal, anger, you will also find true friendship, sweet, passionate and unconditional love. In other words this recommendation, read it you will not regret it. <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: Completed
A beautiful story! From childhood to youth to adulthood, all aspects of life is portrayed in the most realistic way possible for the story to take place. The translation is wonderful and smooth and the character development is on point. I can't think of any negative thing to say about this novel, so highly recommend! └ (^O^) ┘
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TigerCub rated it
October 18, 2017
Status: Completed
This story is just so beautiful and amazing!!

It's a must read!

You'll seriously be caught in between laughter ans tears for this!

Really, it's a wonderful read and the ending is just amazing :)

You won't regret reading this! Put this at the top of your list!

BTW, there's also access to an offline copy (no epilogue though) on Wattpad.
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Myross17 rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: Completed
If I have known that there is a treasure in novelupdate, I already read it before. This is really a realistic love story which shows a bittersweet love as well as the cruelty of the world especially to those person with disabilities.

Yeah, maybe you'll say that "it's not a good story 'cos ML has no arms" but I tell you, ML MIGHT BE CRIPPLED FOR THE REST OF HIS LIVES BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY CAN'T FIND THEIR TRUE LOVE and besides don't you ever think that having a... more>> mr. Perfect ML are sometimes tiring to read? That most of the time, they'll all end up with the same plot/summary? Because, when I started reading this story, I realize all this question and it also help me give views on how unfair the world treat those person like ML. This story broaden my understanding for them and the cruelty the world we have.

I really want to thank the author of this story and the translator to find this kind of romance ^_^ You guys rock!! *Thumb up*

After reading the end of the story, I just have a little bit hope that this story should have more side story or book2 xD just want to know what will happen to his family side, what happen to Xie Yi or if Xiao Yujing really end up with Lin Weiqi (just feel poor Xie Yi for his one-sided love T^T), another get together to all of their friends, and what really is the reaction of their friend when they read "My Miss Crab", or another part of showing their family :)

Oh well, to those readers that going to try this story, ready a tissue beside you because this is a rollercoaster emotional story especially in the 2nd arc. Really really cry, just like whata happened to me. I ended up having a red and puff eyes as well as runny nose hahaha <<less
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