Waiting For The Wind Warming Up To Kiss You


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-I’ve seen your eyes. I’ve never seen starlight again.

-Having tasted you, I’m not going to come back alive.

For the first time, I tasted the taste of licking honey on the tip of the knife.

From the day Xu Xingchun fell in love with her in junior high school.

Outside cold inside passionate X Simple-minded

A shattered mirror put back together

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Her Little Dimples (Shared Universe)
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01/20/22 Oyen’s c5
12/17/21 Oyen’s c4
12/08/21 Oyen’s c3
11/24/21 Oyen’s c2
11/07/21 Oyen’s c1
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czeihne rated it
January 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I managed to finish this

I recall her character as Xu You's friend and her secret bf XXC on Her Little Dimples novel.

This was not written as tasteful as HLD.

... more>> Fu Xueli, you will hate her s*upidity, being nonsensical most of the time. To summarize, 90% of the problem was due to her being indecisive.

She doesn't know what she wants or what she actually feels.

The story only progressed 3/4 of the story becore it ends.

Xu Xingchun was the typical, devoted, 1v1, cold, possessive ML.

All he ever did was lover, was teased, hooked by her, let go by her and still chose to follow her silently.

It only went well, when she finally realized things, then she started to be honest and love boldly. <<less
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