Her Little Dimples


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“When I first met you,

I never thought you would be so attractive;

I never thought you would make my mouth water…”

One day, a problematic teenager with a bad temper met a timid transfer student from the south…

All the classmates have been wildly spreading the news that the extremely handsome boy in the class, Xie Ci, was interested in the transfer student.

When Xu You was doing self-study in the morning one day, she found a note on her desk:


We northerners have a bad temper~

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Onymous rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: c30
Okay, I got to admit at first I didn't like it. Especially ML who was such a playboy and bully.

But after reading more chapters in MTL, dangggg, it's so cute and sweet!!

ML really really likes her. Like really. It's his first time really liking someone that's why to get her attention he teased her a lot. He's chasing her like real crazy.

... more>>

You'll think he's an expert because he had a lot of ex gfs but he ain't. When MC and him went to a shooting stall. He told MC he'll win her a bear but in the end he could not shoot any. Instead it was MC who was the sharpshooter. She got the bear and gave it to ML. ML blushed for the first time in his life. After he took MC home, he went to his friends to play and they saw his bear and asked about it. He said it was given to him by his wife. UGHHHH HAHAHA

Also, when he knew that MC didn't live in the dorms anymore, he followed her silently in order to make sure she got home safely but of course MC knew and told him not to follow anymore.

Although there are times when he is forceful but he does not go over much. He annoys her a lot though. Like he asked her if she liked him and she said dislike. He asked her again and again and the answer was still the same. He kept asking and asking until MC just ignored him HAHAHAHA

Also there was another time when he called her at night because he just missed her and wanted to hear her voice.

Another was when MC owed him for saving her and he told her that he was not short on money but he was missing a girlfriend. MC said no, anything but that and he asked for a kiss. Hahahaha

another time was when he asked her again if she could be his girlfriend but MC told him she will if he can give her this candy tonight (knowing that the candy was discontinued in production). ML looked everywhere. And waited downstairs for hours because MC fell asleep. It was cold and raining but he did not mind and gave her the candy and asked her if she was finally his gf. MC was guilty but did not say yes because they were still young. ML just said fine he'll wait for her, she was his anyway (meaning no other man can steal her from him)

Basically he's having a hard time chasing her. It's always him who gets jealous and get treated indifferently by MC. He sulks for a while but can't stay mad for a long time and goes to MC again. It's so cute cause it feels like karma after giving many girls sadness. HAHAHAHHAA


Anyway, this is really cute and good. If only they can continue translating this. MTL is sometimes hard to understand. : <<less
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solivagantsoul rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: --
I didn't like it, whether it was the story or the characters. It's boring and plain. And yes I did know it was slice of life -I came specifically for it.

I just dislike the ML a lot, not to mention the MC she's too dull and even more so with the ML's pairing. Not a fan. The school setting is also extremely dull.

not for me.
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czeihne rated it
December 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I didn't expect it to be a good fluffy one for school romance.

It started plain like the typical stories you've read, you may sat dull or what not. But I gave it a go.

The ML absolutely loved her and has always been. No 3rd party, no aphrodisiac scene, no struggle of properties, no half sister or family struggles. No OP or any golden finger. Just plain school romance

... more>> ML was a playboy, loves to fight, school bully, with bad grades, rich kid, with divorced parents, rebellious till he met the

MC who was timid, smart, innocent, afraid at first but dared to love.

When she want to be bold and stick with him, he broke up with her when he got an accident. He hurt his hand and possibly be disabled. He had problems with the directions of his life and his dad also died.

MC went to school house school track and went to college and work as journalist while he had his own car customizing shop for high end cars.

She didn't know that he was silently guarding her, she didn't know, he got injured because of him saving her before at the parking lot and got retaliated upon.

She didn't know a lot of things, and ML was just aftaid and hiding from her. They met again, after some left and right, they got back together.

I rate novels based on the feeling while reading and after. If I had an inkling of wanting to be in her place to be with ML like him.

So far, I did feel it.. So. It's a good one for me. <<less
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