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“You’re the Demon King?”

In response to the woman’s voice filled with murderous intent, the man opened his mouth.

“No, I quit that?”

※ Demon King & Hero will show you the absolute limits of chaotic storytelling.

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strucker543 rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: v7c6

Well it started off interesting but around vol 7 it just turned into a slapstick comedy by the time I was reading v7ch6 I found myself skimreading it as it lost all my attention.

The tone shift is just too much, first arc they are sacrificing 500 children just to summon a demon king then the next volume theres a cat fight and infighting between a family of gods that the author was trying to make funny but I was just so disconnected from it by then

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Bib rated it
December 26, 2016
Status: v4c5
This is seriously comedy gold!!!

The interactions of the (ex) Demon King and silly muscle-brain Heroine are sweet and funny. It's a fun read.

... more>>

Multiple flashes of light blazed in an instant. Yuria, who had done away with another two, was left with a wound on her face from a suicidal counterattack.

“Oi! Don’t go slashing at my wife’s face! She doesn’t have anything other than her sword skill and her looks anyway!”


Yuria, who had been attacked from an unexpected place, cut down the kamikaze attacker and yelled,

“You shut your mouth!”

“Waah! That’s not my lovely’s normal nature!”

“Scales of the Chief God or whatever, when we get out of here, you’re the one I’m going to kill first!”

With a sword powered by rage, the blameless (?) stress-relief targets that were the fanatics had their formation broken and completely routed in an instant, and at that sheer force the demon king flinched.

“S, sweetie?”

“Shut up. I’ll deal with you later... ”

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rllbcheese rated it
April 12, 2017
Status: v9 afterword
It started off so good... The hero gets entrapped by the demon lord into becoming his housewife, and it turns out she's useless at anything except fighting. RomCom in a fantasy setting. What's not to like.

However, after a while it started going downhill. Eventually, it devolved into a mess of LoL references, comedy skits between gods and deus ex machina. Save yourself the trouble, don't read it.
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Primarx rated it
December 12, 2016
Status: c2 part1
Though the story hasn't progressed far yet it is easy to see the general idea behind the plot and imho it's great. Relatively weak but smart devil king lives together with strong and not very bright (tsundere) female hero who has to follow every command from maou. So far the humour is light and story is enjoyable. Translation done is good and consistent. Will edit if needed later on.
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Asf rated it
December 27, 2016
Status: v2c4
If you're looking for fantasy action series, then you're looking at the wrong novel.

This story is about a slice of life everyday life of the demon king and the female hero flirting with each other at the demon world. The female MC is a tsundere that falls in love with the demon king after their first encounter.. And the handsome demon king that scam the femele hero into submission.

Its like a shoujo manga with a fantasy setting.
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slay_mithos rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: --
Unexpectedly, it's fun to read.

I mean, the synopsis is lazy as hell and only tells you it's going to be some sort of comedy based on misunderstandings, in a world with demon lord and hero.

The writing isn't of the highest quality by far (it's fairly simple, full of short sentences), the translation does what it can with it (admittedly, it's a fairly good translation, but with a low quality base).

Basically, read this if you want some funny chapters without having to put too much thoughts into it, avoid it if... more>> you want something a bit substantial. <<less
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Frozen ink
Frozen ink rated it
January 23, 2017
Status: v7c7
Lovable characters, well written dialogues, a straight and slapstick comedy with err... romance? meh when all is said and done the story follows two people in a sort of one sided love that will guarantee a laugh from readers.~
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Mahesvara_ rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: Completed
It has such cute romance. Just full of sweets and adorable bickering.

It's not Perfect but it's really soothing to read so I already gave it 5/5 in my heart.

But it suddenly take a different route later on, the story just turned into an absurd comedy novel. Don't get me wrong it's still funny but definitely changes everything on the second half.

The author wrote a romance novel but on a Q/A chapter where readers asking for some romance the author answered them with "Romance?? What's that?" "I don't like writing romance... more>> it's so cringey blah blah blah" and then for the second half there's no romance anymore, not even focused on main characters too it's just full of comedy with the main characters and side characters.

Betrayal from the author himself. This author just lost motivation on writing romance on a romance novel. Really disappointing. I'm sad for the good concept for a fluffy romance. Basically everything goes downhill to the tr*sh after volume 5.

Overall 1/5 <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: v9 afterword
This novel is all over the place but it makes it sound natural since its clearly meant to be a parody

The MC is the hero tha came to kill the demon king... Add a bunch of random character and gods to the mix and it gives a good laugh
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Mr.Skink rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Let us think about this story one last time after we finish it, and never bring it back up ever again since none of us want to relive this... thing.

All seriousness though, this took a turn I definitely was not expecting. I finished all of this in a single day and my god it took the soul out of me (aka I never felt so dead after finishing a book).

Near the end of the novel things took a turn that was just utter chaos, people changing their minds left and... more>> right, events we all hoped won't happen, happened.

I will say this, I allow this story to be 5 stars because I have never had an experience reading a book like this one, but if I see another book with the same concept I will immediately drop it. The end did not make me happy because of what took place before it, but I still suggest reading it since it did have its merits. <<less
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Cypher4496 rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: Completed
After reading this I realised that thr drug used for knee pain have the side effects of heroin or LSD, this sh*t is crazy, I am never reading this again, so basically it starts with comedy and romance between MC and female lead, which evryone loves, then author goes on drugs, completely removes romance despite people yelling, takes comedy to another level and you have no idea what the f*ck is going on, your stomach starts hurting cause of all the laugh, and by the end you promise to never... more>> read it again give it 5 star and get out of here. <<less
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DJDAN rated it
October 2, 2019
Status: Completed
so... wtf just happened? I mean, I enjoyed it but the story is just all over the place, Im surprised more people didnt give a lesser rating for the story. first its a bit of romance/comedy, then a little serious with the "summoning" event, then back to romance/comedy, then all of a sudden it just went to shitstorm and idk wtf happened... I mean to be honest it was honest when I read the tags and the synopsis but I just interpreted it wrong and now Im kinda dissapointed. and... more>> I wish they have more romance but... cant complain really...

FINAL VERDICT: read if you're heavily into the comedy section compared to romance section. <<less
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Naji rated it
March 7, 2017
Status: v8c2
What happened after volume 7? The story of a demonking and hero was super cute, even with some cringe. So, stop reading before all the gods start messing up the story. I would've given a 5 or 4, but it became a joke without even a story. I can't even force myself to see the end, because its probably gonna be some BS main character proposes the way to fix everything.
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Bugai-sha rated it
May 26, 2022
Status: v5
This is basically a sweet rom-com with some elements of action and tension from overarching plot to spice things up. Note that the male demon king is actually weaker than the female hero so expect a lot of role reversals, which was a lot of fun for me, but may not suit everybody's tastes.

Like other reviews have suggested, the way to read this is to stop after finishing volume 5. I would give it 5 stars for up to volume 5. I tried reading volume 6 and realized that the... more>> criticisms the other comments have listed seem to hold starting from this volume, so I stopped in order to not ruin my impression of this wonderful work.

Due to the drop in quality after volume 5, I wouldn't give this novel 5 stars. But considering the average rating is 3.8 stars, which doesn't do justice to first 5 volumes, I'm giving it 5 stars. <<less
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evanescent cat
evanescent cat rated it
April 3, 2019
Status: --
This is hands down one of the most ridiculous, fourth-wall breaking, amazing fantasy style romantic comedies I've read.
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Sole rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: v9c3
To Anyone considering reading this: CH = Volume and SS = Side Story (Trust me give it a read through volume 7)

The SS chapters should be read after everything else or at least until volume 7, unless you've read the story they're not going to be that much fun... (They're not bad on their own necessarily but not particularly outstanding either, put simply if you haven't read the story they may well just leave you bored since you won't know anything about the characters involved.)

I really recommend... more>> reading this it's one of the best romantic comedies I've seen, until volume 7 everything after honestly you can just ignore, it doesn't add anything to the story it's just a mess from then on... Is the story good?: It's a 10/10 funny comedy with a lovely romance story up till volume 7, then well... the story's premise is that the Hero making a bet willingly and losing, and from that point on living with the consequences of her actions, consequences which just so happen to be being forced to live a happy "normal" life with an attractive demon lord that's head over heals in love with her...

But from the second half of volume 7 on... specifically from the moment the characters get angry with the chief god the story becomes 0/100, the whole story just becomes a mess...

Here's why volume 7 onward really has nothing to do with the rest of the story

The author stopped caring about the established powerlevels, hierarchy, and prior-relationships of the characters... in other words the context... it's just a bunch of jokes thrown around here and there till eventually the ending... the author uses the fact that he threw out the context to make an unjustifiable development occurs... suddenly, all the characters lose their personalities, and thanks to the author no longer caring about context, the heroine gets a trial that's supposed to justify her change in personality... it honestly doesn't, the change is simply too extreme, and only there to lead up to the ending lover's quarrel, aka the ending... The ending after having forgotten the personalities of every single character and thrown away the context up, the author created a generic ending where the heroine friendzones the protagonist when asked if she'll marry him... the heroine does it in a way that makes it seem like she's being nice but honestly, just no... she acknowledges that her feelings towards him are like that of a lover until then, but she doesn't like him enough anymore and tells him off saying that she doesn't like him enough because... well that would be a spoiler so I won't say why but pretty much she lists a bunch of stuff that when in context consisted of stuff that she either happily agreed to but was unsatisfied with the results of or she was entirely at fault for, ending her rant by saying that as a result he was totally unattractive to her... after recovering from the shock, he tries talking her into wanting to go back to their prior happy way of life even if they're relationship never goes beyond what it already was, so she then proceeds to trample over his emotions till he finally gives up (Honestly he seemed suicidal, since important context was done away with to lead up to this ending he had nothing left anymore), then she says she no longer likes him enough to want to be with him but she likes him enough to become friends...


Why am I still giving it a 5 star review despite what happens from the second half of volume 7 onwards? because the first 7 volumes are something I really want others to check out, they're just that good. <<less
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MondoX rated it
January 20, 2017
Status: v7c4
This novel a slice-of-life story (as per one of the tags), so if you are expecting something else you might be disappointed. However, the comedy in this story is hilarious, with several hilarious characters. It reminds me a bit of _The Lazy Dungeon Master_, but 10x better. The MC is a hard-worker that wants to find a way to relax after fixing the financial situation in the Demon World. However, the route the MC is taking to leave his duties from the Demon World sort of upsets the balance of... more>> the Heaven, Demon, and human world, and it turns into funny incidents.

I recommend this story for anyone that does not mind funny slice-of-life stories. <<less
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chande rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Wait, what? I honestly disappointed by how this story goes. It has such a promising premise. I expect an exciting conflict or obstacle around hero and demon's relationship but why suddenly it becomes a chief God's family affair?

The first half is actually quite hilarious but the second half is just "nah". But I still brace myself to keep reading it till the end because I still wanna know how the story is concluded.
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polki6787 rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
What did I just read? Let's see... a messed up plot with absolutely no consistency whatsoever, but at least the characters were... huh. Can I call them characters? To steal a line from Something Witty Entertainment, they're more or less just a loose collection of character defects. The only thing you can be sure of when reading is that you're about to see something entirely absurd. Oh, and it's absolutely hilarious.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Seregosa rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: v9c3
The shortest korean/chinese/japanese novel I've read until today. Don't be deceived by the "67" chapters mentioned... It's pretty much 9 chapters chopped up to 67 chapter parts... The "volume" mentioned here on novelupdates should be replaced by chapter. If you look at the chapters, the translator, or perhaps the author started it, has separated every sentence into a new row with a few spaces in between, so each chapter is no more than a paragraph or two (there's a little bit more text towards the last 2-3 chapters), even if... more>> it's spaced out so much that it looks like several pages. I mean, I'm not a really fast reader, but I spent just a few hours to read through all of it and I think a good bit of that was spent scrolling.

Read this if you can't find anything good to read currently and just wants to spend a few hours killing some time before going for another long novel. There's really nothing new at all here, no story (and I didn't really expect any) and every joke has been done a lot of times in other novels/anime/manga, so if you've read or watched a lot, you wouldn't be able to easily laugh at the stale jokes. Completely nonsensical with no thought at all put into the gags or developments.

Reminds me of 4koma style gag manga but with no good/refreshing jokes, it's hardly worth reading for me. I would've given it a 2/5 if it was any longer, but for something that you just read to kill a few hours of time without caring about the characters, when you don't want to start a novel that takes days and weeks to read, this is a good choice for some light reading and a smile or two, so I feel it's worth a 3 just for the fact that it's a novelty to find a novel that you don't need to spend so much time at reading. If you haven't delved that deep into japanese manga/anime/novels, you might even be quite amused by this novel and it'd shoot up to a 4, although short, it's not really bad if you haven't seen the jokes so many times before after all, even I smiled now and then. It's pretty much a japanese novel written by a korean author who has *stolen* a lot of well-used japanese gags/jokes that tends to be funny the first time or times you hear/see them. Japanese references all over the place. The last side story was pretty amusing, though, my favorite part. <<less
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