Demon Hunter


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After the nuclear warfare, massacres started to spread throughout the entire world. The order between humans completely collapses, and the strong eats while the weak gets eaten becomes the #1 rule.

When you lose the chains of desire, it means that you no longer have a road to go forward. You can only turn left, or face right.

Hell is to the left, but Hell is also to the right.

Associated Names
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Demon Hunting Diary
Shou Mo Shou Ji
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09/20/18 Wuxiaworld v4c17 part1
09/20/18 Wuxiaworld v4c16 part6
09/19/18 Wuxiaworld v4c16 part5
09/19/18 Wuxiaworld v4c16 part4
09/18/18 Wuxiaworld v4c16 part3
09/18/18 Wuxiaworld v4c16 part2
09/17/18 Wuxiaworld v4c16 part1
09/17/18 Wuxiaworld v4c15 part6
09/15/18 Wuxiaworld v4c15 part5
09/15/18 Wuxiaworld v4c15 part4
09/14/18 Wuxiaworld v4c15 part3
09/14/18 Wuxiaworld v4c15 part2
09/14/18 Wuxiaworld v4c15 part1
09/14/18 Wuxiaworld v4c14 part5
09/13/18 Wuxiaworld v4c14 part4
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New th30dor rated it
September 19, 2018
Status: v1c1 part1
Somewhat good intro, then the most insane, character destroying plot wrecking chase appears. It makes no sense. It feels like a 9 year old wrote it. Stay away, this is stupidity taken form.
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anwaya1 rated it
March 13, 2018
Status: v1c16
I have been reading chinese novel for 4 years. But this is the first time I am writing a review. Acutally I opened this account to write this very review.
... more>>

Now, it started kinda slow but alright. Very beautiful writing there at first. Nice world building. But when he got chased by the strong private army it became irritating. The army kept killing people who met with MC. But MC didn't fight back, he got his chance to kill many of them as a sniper and run away later, but he didn't do that. But he kept leading the army to army other people to get killed. Later, he killed a single of the pursuer, he actually didn't want to kill but it happend like an accident. The army ran away. He found the traitor who gave him up to the army but he just made love with her. Later he stole some weapon from that bit. Ch's boss, he didn't finish them, because he needed the army to kill some more innocent people. So he leave them and they report him to the army. Again chase start, army again keep killing children, woman, old and others because he lead the army to them and didn't try to kill them back although he got the chance. He found a valuable base with water. But he didn't slef destruct it, coz the great army needs the water. He even show around a army sl. Ut in the base in exchange of teasing. Then the army start chasing him again.

MC is the worst MC I have ever seen. This much stupidy is sure to come frome its creator. The author is the real human scum to creat something so disturbing.

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Ner0 rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: --
Typical case of an author specialised in writing beautiful chapters, but unexciting stories.

The plot seems really well made, the author seems to have put lot of work on this novel, and thoughts of a lot of things. But ultimately, it's not enjoyable, it's not boring, but too strenous to read.
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teambdugz rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c9
Post-apocalyptic novel that has better writing than your average chinese web novel. Not nearly as good prose as novels like Grandmaster Strategist, but way better than basically every wuxia/xianxia. Another thing I always look for in a novel (that this has) is if the author is willing to write from the POV of other characters. If this is present, then you typically get better world-building and character development for side-characters.

This is only strenuous to read if you aren't willing to read something that remotely resembles an actual novel. If you... more>> have the English ability of a teenager, you're good.

MC is the typical strong and mysterious type. Early on you are introduced to what his overall goal should be though he is working more towards survival and growth.

This actually deserves something between a 4-4.3 but I rounded up. I'm definitely drinking the kool-aid a bit on this one but I'll probably update the score once the honeymoon phase of a new, decent novel wears off. <<less
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Riondrial rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c32 part4
@xsliege: I would say: Look for the release date of both novels, before you write something about copy and paste. Because in light of this, its looking more the other way :|

Edit: @anwaya1: Well, 4 years reading and this seems to be your first time to:

... more>>
  • absolutely fail to immerse yourself into the world. The life of people is worth way more less than todays world. So what about some innocent people getting killed? Did you read thouse 4 years only some chinese romance LNs? The emotion "love" is in this world practically extinct! That already says a lot about the world and its people.
  • absolutley fail to immerse yourself into the MC. He isnt some hero who rescues all just because he can do it. He is used to be alone and has only strong, good emotions towards the litte girl from start. For others he may have a good opinion and may help once because to repay a dept, or thinks its worth it. But that! He only does that if he doesnt feel to waste his life in doing so. Did you read an other LN than i? Life is worth sh*t in this world! MC knows that and feels almost the same. Its NORMAL in this world! He has seen innocent people dieing more than once before. And not just through other people, but through starving. And now you are irritated? Because a chasing army is slaughtering his way to him? Whaaaat? All the time thouse innocent were killed he only had a feeling of being locked on/chased, but never knew by what or who. More importantly, he wants to stay alive at all costs. One more point you fail to understand!
  • fail to write things correctly. He was chased by two people at first, who he beat down, but didnt kill though he could. There, after a fight with the woman of the chaser, he had s*x with her. After that he was chased by a strong team from somewhere else, which killed quite some innocent people, but he didnt know about that and only foud out later. He exhausted the team in the chase and killed one of the two leaders in the end, but MC was exhausted himselft too, so he fled and the team pulled back to base in the end. An Army chased after him later but he managed to fool them for quite some time thanks to surviving skill. He couldnt use it forever so he had to show up at some time. Bad luck, as soon as he surfaced, he was immediatelly spotted, which is why he had to kill. But chasing army had some internal problems, which is why they couldnt chase after MC. In that time army commander showed strength by killing one or two of local people and got later irritated because of failing to find MC and killed someone else. Thats it. And what army slut? Sh*t. You really only read some pink and fluffy romance LNs. After he found the base he was only caught by that army general, who didnt do anything to him but wanted him to be his man in the future for goddamn f**king good reasons. Another point where you absolutely failed to immerse yourself in the world.

You know, its ok to critizice, to state ones opinion. But what you do is like calculating 1+1=3000 and raging after that and saying math is worth sh*t, its not working and so on. Your review has this worth in my opinion. So its astounding for you review to get even so many likes. Some in pink and fluffy world living people I guess.


DH is nevertheless an interesting storty. A world some dozen years after a nuclear warfare. Sure, its only at 32/567, where one unsually couldnt say much, but every chapter is divided in several parts. And thouse parts are mostly as long as a regular chapter in other novels. (Edit: Okey, it was edited and we are now at 32/170. Nevertheless, its still a good Novel =))

It starts unusal, because I never read a novel till now, where I had to read for some while to get the name of the MC, or where he even starts talking. But its not a bad thing, it suits him at start. The further development is a nice change. He doesnt near immediatelly find an

berskill, or get a strong supporter where he learns and gets every good sh*t. No, he is on his own, a "real wandering cultivator". Later he gets someone who supports him, but suprise, his supporter gets for once trouble and has even to struggle. And MC doesnt resolve that trouble in some miracle way. For now, it still isnt solved. I like that. Hmm, the system with evolution points. You could say its an RPG part, but it feels somewhat different compared to game novels or simmilar ones. Its more personal, because he doesnt just choose a skill because it does more damage, is faster, has more AoE, is from his class, or such things, no. Its because its his style as a sniper, because he gets better, because his body chooses on its own and stuns the MC in doing so. The MC has his plans, but sometimes the body doesnt care xD <<less
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NIlsy rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c10.4
One thing to note is that the main character has sniping abilities in a fallout world with evolution. Cant think of another apocalypse world with a lone wolf sniper "hero". Which does make the main character a little more tactical and less moron/suicidal with plotarmor.

So far its a very polished story but its still rather early, my only issue so far is that its a story that is better when one reads many chapters at the same time. Find 1 chapter at a time to be more unrewarding then similar... more>> novels.

Hoping it keeps the quality, the translator gives a steady feeling very doubtful he will abandon it lightly if one judges from the perfect world record of steady performance over a very long time which is a HUGE plus <<less
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Jed1 rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: v2c10 part1
There aren't many chapters out at the moment, but the story is pretty interesting so far.

The story is slow yet fast at the same time if that makes sense at all, but it isn't bad (at least for now) and is probably the most interesting story I have read in a while. It has had a lot of action and the main character is being developed fairly well. There are already quite a few moments where you can really tell what does and doesn't affect the main character's conscience.

Hopefully, it... more>> will stay good and won't become stupid and full of plot holes or at least stupid actions like a lot of other novels.

This is my review for now and I may edit it down the line once more chapters have been translated. <<less
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CandleLight rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: v2c5 part1
Absolutely enjoyed it!

MC is strong, but not OP. He have goals, but knows compromise. He can hate, but not indiscriminately. You can sympathize with him, not just ride along and watch him level the world like the usual these days.

What I most enjoyed though, was the world building. Makes you think that if apocalypse did happen, maybe the world would not be stranger to this.

... more>> I’d highly recommend this to people tired of the mainstream train, train, train, win.


to anwaya1’s review, did we even read the same novel? It doesn’t seem like it. All I saw was a narrow-minded, skewed, and biased reading. Like, how the hell do you do reading comprehension? I don’t mean to demean, I was just that surprised at your “summary”. I just can’t even... :/ <<less
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famous35 rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: c16 part1
Excellent and thrilling story so far. The first 15 to 20 parts are kind of slow, but those slow chapters built a solid foundation for a good, well written story to develop on. The first few chapters were lacking in the fact that as a reader, I felt like the story was just happening. I did not feel the connection with the MC nor was I emotionally involve in the story, which despite all the its depths, felt shallow. I continued do read because I craved some decent writing, breaking... more>> from all the trash I have been trying to ingest lately. To my pleasant surprise, the pathos side of the story I was looking for popped up, from then on, it became perfect. I strongly recommend it. <<less
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c12 part5
The quality of the writing is very good. The prologue was very well written and it set a very dark, seedy, every man for himself tone for the apocalyptic world. The first ~10 chapters setup the MC very well, explained some powers decently, explained the environment and the monsters and the society. It was a really really gripping start to the story and very promising.

Then the author decides to throw everything down the drain with a 50 chapter plot sequence of complete absurdity. Some people are interested in the MC's... more>> mutant powers, they start chasing him, they go to the shelter where he stayed and proceed to destroy it and slaughter the people inside, even though he's not even there and they didn't do anything to help the MC. The MC runs, the group of people keep chasing and keep killing villages where he stayed. The MC manages to turn the tables and kill some of the bad guys, forcing them to retreat. What do the bad guys do? Get even stronger reinforcements and keep chasing. The process repeats, follow MC, slaughter some town he stayed in. MC defeats the bad guy team. The bad guys get even STRONGER help to hunt the MC. "Face palm". Whats funny is that the MC is forced the joint the same organization that was hunting him down through a really weird and unbelievable way.

I would have given this story a 2, but after the MC joins the organization, the story does improve somewhat. <<less
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Isaic rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: v2c21
Excellent novel. I have stopped reading, probably temporarily, because I've needed to focus on classes and partly because I became a bit annoyed at the MC. That isn't to say that what annoyed me isn't reasonable in the setting of the MC's world and personality, but for me it is annoying. Simply put, the MC is incredibly naive when it comes to the people he trusts and it bothers me.

I recommend the novel if you enjoy a well written and translated novel with good world building. The MC is cautious... more>> and clever, when he strikes he goes for the kill. He isn't blockheaded and does have s*x with the women; there are definitely signs of a harem but it is not annoying. (Coming from someone who is very annoyed by harems) There is no pointless face-slapping. <<less
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