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The nuclear holocaust which caused the collapse of the Old Times on Earth should have wiped out all human life on the planet. Yes, the gods set up their beautiful Elysiums to provide sanctuaries for their chosen, but by all rights everyone outside the elysian lands should’ve perished long ago. Yet somehow, human life still managed to persist, even in the deadly, mutant-infested wastelands.

Cloudhawk was a young scavenger who dreamed of being as free as the hawks in the skies, yet seemed destined to live out his life scrounging for scraps in the wasteland ruins. Fate, however, is ever-fickle. A chance meeting with a ragtag group of mercenaries changed the trajectory of his life, bringing him into a world with mutants and metahumans, demonhunters and godslayers, and even gods and demons. Cloudhawk would find his own place in a world that was far greater than he had imagined, find his own path between the zealous light of Sumeru and the whispering darkness of the Abyss… and one day, he would find that even gods may fall.

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reigndrops rated it
July 23, 2018
Status: v1c59
It's well-written and has a bunch of bullsh*t loopholes (similar to most so it's not a big deal) but it's honestly SO exhausting to read. In most novels there's a break between battles at least but this entire book has been one intensive fight to the next, non f*cking stop. The MC is surviving by the skin of his teeth in every single situation and it's tiring to read the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over................

I'm not asking for... more>> filler, but there needs to be more to the story than just thrusting the MC from one sh*t situation with no hope to the next. There's barely any humor or interesting character interactions because everyone is an as*hole that will sell everyone else out, and those who aren't end up dead. It's just so exhausting to read I need a break. <<less
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chochocobo rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: --
RWX was not kidding when he said that this was a web novel very close to print quality. Even considering the fact that some of the nuances might be lost on us via translation, it still doesn't detract from how amazing this novel flows. It doesn't constantly reference some trope to rake in readers, it doesn't rely on crappy tropes to progress the story, and the characters aren't 1-dimensional 'I'm a young master' or 'I'm someone whose face you slapped' characters. I'm pleasantly surprised at the lack of typical tropes... more>> that CN novels are known for, and I can't wait for more chapters to come.

It feels like I'm reading an account of a character from Fallout, except darker. Definitely worth a read! <<less
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Timid rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: c120
Honestly, I don't like this much.

The MC is like a pogo stick, bouncing from one near death ass pull to the next.
    • There's the brink of death teleport to another place ass pull.
    • About to die saved by another character ass pull.
    • Almost dead and suddenly goes berserk ass pull.
    • Wounded, dying, but then it actually makes him stonger ass pull
    • Enemy doesn't finish him off ass pull
I've only read 100 odd chapters and yet all those things listed above have been used multiple times. The whole story so far has been the MC jumping from danger to danger, and getting his ass kicked. Worst thing about it is if he had enough time to kind of sit down and semi/cultivate for a while, he might be strong enough to not get kicked around by everyone and their mother.

But that hasn't happened.

Another problem is that every character other than the MC are horrible people in a screwed up world, and yet he's kind of a do gooder dipshit. The worldbuilding set up would be perfect for a scheming sociopath MC, or a meticulous planning MC to thrive in. Yet what we get is a kind of timid weak Naruto type. It also doesn't help that the other characters generally only start becoming likeable just before the author kills them off.

All in all this just isn't as good as the reviews indicate.
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Yoburi rated it
October 23, 2017
Status: c43
I big fan of Fallout series and I like the wasteland but this novel have one big problem it's similar to fallout but have none of it's charm and everybody is extremly cruel even in outposts and there is no rules society can't work like that.

Like in Mad Max everybody is a little crazy but there still some humanity on the characters here they just stab each other and kill for the most minimal reasons and people are not even treated like objects like in MM here they are more... more>> like just trash in this novel and that kinda ruin the mood of the novel it doesn't feel like a wasteland it feels like Hell where there is nothing good about so why should the MC help anyone like Max does.

Also the heroine of this novel is very hateful expect a bichty person that was just save by someone to act in the worst possible way unless of being thankful the heroine try to kill the savior and when being treated she will mock and disdain the MC and he must endure being treated like sh*t because she is a beautie. <<less
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OtongSlayer rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: v6
Short summary:

    • Non-stop action.
    • Unique post-apocalyptic storyline.
    • Kill or be killed situation.
    • Mutated beasts, mutated people, mutated world.
    • Superpowers.

A bit-long summary:

The protagonist has a strong plot-armor (well, he's the MC), though the others didn't as lucky. While the MC continue being alive, he has many companion he owed his life to (e.g the mercenaries) as he keep trying to reach his dreams he firmly held from the time he still a scavenger.

I think the character development has the most impact of this series. People may think the female lead is an arrogant, ungrateful character. But I can say for sure, from reading the raw, she will become one of the most important character to the MC.

And lastly, many people may think the MC get OP as quickly as a galloping llama, but although he get's a lucky event early on, he will not depend on it too much as there little he can do as he only can be considered weak aside from really strong people of the wasteland. Like,


it takes years for him to reach maturity from a naive kid, to a badass wastelander, to a wise-charismatic leader


capable of


One-shot an entire city by himself


Well I won't spoiler too much, but I can say for sure the story remains solid, author clearly know where his/her series going. Honestly, I just can't believe this author is the same author of Miracle Throne, it's like his brain went on a full upgrades to another realm.

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October 10, 2018
Status: v2c22
This is going to be quite a lengthy review, but please bear with me :D.

The novel starts out strong but slowly showing flaws here and there. And it's not necessarily a bad thing after all nothing can remain perfect forever.

The story follows young scavenger named Cloudhawk. He grew in the worst environment with other scavengers where food and survival are uncertain. This introduction, however, is my first problem. It felt conflicted, it's the kind of environment where any cunning, brutal, and savage people fight for survival lived. Yet, this 14/15... more>> years old scavenger never have that kind of aura around him. Heck, the author gave him an innocent and pure aura around him which I found to be baffling.

Sure, his young age could easily be used as an 'excuse' for his lack of wisdom, problem-solving, and bad decisions. However, to have the young scavenger to never kill a person before and have an innocent aura around him is just unbelievable on that kind of environment. The first chapter of Monarch of Evernight can serve as example.

The fight description in this novel is well written and very cohesive so well done on that. However, the author seems to forget about his own categorization of different class of people. Such as people with high strength, agility, intelligence, etc. The author introduced them to be rare, and the ones that have multiple of them are even rare. However, as the story goes, the categorization seems to disappear, everyone feels have multiple kinds of class which rivaled the MC. The line between, strength, agility, etc blurred into a typical "strong" enemy.

[You're still reading? Good god, I thought you're bored already.]

Another issue that I have is a bit hard to explain. However, I'll be explaining it in Chess and Chesspiece to make it easier.
Think of it like this, The chessboard is like the story of the novel, where the pawns, king, queens, etc are the characters and the player behind them are the "big guy". Some novels have players, where some novels don't. In the novel where they do have player/players, it depend on the novel how much the player is shown controlling the board. Some shown only the shadow, some only shown finger, Godsfall Chronicles though, I feel shown not only hands, but the whole arm of the player. Thus easily breaking the "magic" of the novel for me.

It felt that MC's experience and story are biased and controlled by the arm, and it is very clear to see them in the novel. The MC always attacked? Hmmm, I wonder why? The MC fell into misunderstanding problem? Hmmm, I wonder why?

Another thing is that the MC is the LUCKIEST person when the situation is really bad or when his life is threatened. But the UNLUCKIEST when he is just trying to be peaceful or idling. It's like the author just want to make an excuse for the MC to fight eh?

In conclusion,
[Thank you and holy sh*t you made it this far reading this review] The novel is really well written especially on the fighting with some occasional flaws here and there. However, this is not a complete review, as I have not read the novel completely, maybe the author will do a better job, maybe all the plot holes and flaws will be filled and fixed? Who knows?
But definitely try reading this novel, it's very entertaining and the translation quality is top notch. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: v2c86
I didn't want to jump the gun while only having read the first twenty chapters, but I must say that this is my new favorite of 2017. I've done reviews before where I DO jump the gun and the author ends up disappointing me and ruining my early review but I am confident in this one. Some online novel authors have a great skill when it comes to writing ingeniously the first dozens of chapters and then completely giving up on their own novel, regurgitating information and not thinking before... more>> they write.

To put it in simple terms, this is like a mix between Fist of the North Star and Mad Max and Fallout. I love the gritty feel of the world and the helplessness. Gore is there, but I feel like it's done well. Some authors just use gore for reader reaction but here you get the sense of helplessness and disaster.

The MC is very likeable. I'd say majority of MCs from online novels are annoying or just bland, but Cloudhawk is inspiring (he has a cool name too). I actually went to read another of the author's novels, Miracle Throne, and it does not even come close to this. I don't know if the author found enlightenment or RWX is that great of a translator, but Godsfall Chronicles is like night and day. It's like comparing a frozen burger with a hundred dollar steak. I applaud Master Half-Drunk Wanderer for his improvement and great new novel.

Small summary in a few words:

    • Apocalypse
    • Humans struggle to find food
    • Superpowers
    • Ruthless world where life is cheaper than dirt
    • Hard-working MC
    • Mutant beasts!!
I would suggest reading this 100%. If you don't like apocalyptic novels or western styled novels, I'd still tell you to read this. <<less
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adsegm rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: v4c1
2.5 stars but I'd rather round down than up. However this just might be one of those novels that you might want to try even if reviews convince you one way or the other.
    • The biggest problem with this novel is that MC is always in situations way above his pay grade. So all the focus remains on side characters during the climax. Barely any planning is involved in MC actions. This is relatively bearable at the beginning where MC is powerless but starts getting annoying as chapters pile up.
    • Then there is the deus ex machina. It's so pronounced that you can't even call it plot armor.
    • The Mana in this world is called psychic energy but there isn't any proper system around it. It's the one thing almost every Chinese LN gets right but not here. It's generally impossible to gauge and compare character power levels even after seeing them fight.
    • The saving grace of this novel is it's characters. They are colorful with their own goals and personalities. MC is often involved in their machinations.
    • Worldbuilding isn't particularly good. The wasteland is characterized by lack of food or water but dinosaur sized beings live there, somehow. Of course everything including trees are carnivores and have poison or acid because 'evolution'.
    • Translation is fine. I didn't notice any grammar issues.
A deeply unsatisfying novel that I can't seem to drop.
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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: --
The technical writing is way way better than most chinese web novels I've read so far. But, I don't know how to feel about this one. The start was absolutely gorgeous, however, after just a few 20 or so chapters, I'm already getting worried.

This novel started like how I like my novels, descriptive. From the way it is written, you can almost see and feel the world the author is trying to build. Only a few chapters in and I'm STARTING to get an attachment to the MC. His strengths,... more>> weaknesses, struggles, pain, determination, and personality, were portrayed way better than any CN web novels I've read. The side characters have their own personalities and can independently act on their own. After reading more than 30 novels, this is the first time I've seen characters that felt realistic. The world building is good as well; not too much, but not too little. Not that much info dumps, and monologues as well. Overall, a very solid novel as of now.

So far so good right? But you might be asking, "So why are you getting worried?". Okay, so in every other CN novel ever, most or almost all of the MC's power comes from some sort of "treasure". This treasure may be in the form of an item, a spirit, a person, or whatever. Take them away and most MCs will become your borderline petty xianxia villains. No matter how brain dead the MC is, these treasures will automatically solve their problems for them. Instead of being the "solution" to the MC's problems, they just outright become the "answer"... making it seem like the author's purpose of writing the novel is to showcase the treasure's powers, instead of the MC's.

This is precisely where my worries start. Just a few chapters in, and here comes the usual "number 1 treasure under the heavens coincidentally falls on to the MC's hands" cliche. In the less than 20 chapters this treasure has been introduced, it has saved the MC's life from certain death for at least 3 times already. Very early on, and it seems that the treasure's powers is becoming more prevalent than the MC's. I don't want another weak to strong cultivation story with the help of a heaven defying treasure. This was a massive let-down for me considering the start of the novel. The start was admittedly good, but it was more like an introduction. Without having established solid characteristics for the MC, because of the introduction of the treasure, the focus almost immediately changed from "what the MC can/will do, or what is the MC like" to "what the treasure can do". Although I am not against these sort of super OP stuff that MCs luckily obtain, I would prefer if they were not introduced so early in the story, as they, most often than not, receive the credits for the MC's success and/or achievements (regardless of whether it was through the MC's abilities or the treasure's abilities). A lot of CN authors seem to severely underestimate the potential of the human body and brain. Without these sort of OP treasures, they can't make their characters stand out from the rest. However, if you look at the real world geniuses, most of them have the same (some even more) limitations as any other human being. But it is the way they work with and around their limitations that separates them from us common people. There's a lot of rags to riches and weak to strong stories in the real world, and most of them did not need help from treasures and stuff. They just relied purely on the brilliance of the human body and mind.

And now, for the even more worrying part for me is the slight drop in writing quality. It seems to be degrading to the typical, generic, xianxia novel writing style. First, the novel started really descriptively. But then the half-assed informational writing came in or whatever it is called. Too much "in fact he can do this", "in truth this is that", "as a matter of fact bla bla bla". Show, don't tell. And now, the "this is what you should feel/think" type of writing joined in as well. "What is a genius? This is a genius! It's amazing right? You should be amazed because it is amazing. To be able to do that is really amazing. Truly a genius is only capable of such things! Genius! Genius! Genius!". I don't what type of writing that is, but I know that is the worst one I've ever seen in my entire life.

Although they are there, they aren't as abundant as other novels. It still is worrisome though, considering that from no such paragraphs (from ch1~10 I think), now it is getting to sometimes 1 paragraph in 1 chapter, to 2~4 paragraphs in the later releases. Hopefully the translator can address these issues with the author as they seemed to be working closely together.

Despite all that, it still is a 5 star for me. <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
December 15, 2018
Status: v3c19
This is probably one of my favorites novels.

The Good:

    • Characters are not black and white, there is a lot of gray area.
    • Side characters are interesting and have real character development, specially in the later chapters. They have their own motivation and they dont always align with the MC's goals.
    • MC also has good character growth.
    • The story is very well written and translated.
    • Story progression is well paced and has a lot of fluidity from arc to arc.
    • The dialogue is often witty
The not so good:

    • The romance is lacking, there isn't much of it. Some female friendships and a couple of s*x scenes, but no real romantic development. I'm secretly hoping this earns a harem flag in the future, but so far no indication of it,
Contradicting other reviews:

    • Some reviews say the MC is too naive for growing up in the wastelands, but...

      He was raised and taught by a kind and well educated old man in his early years, an old man who is hinted to have some extraordinary background and was very knowledgeable. So it is understandable that the MC would be different, kinder than all the savage ppl in the wastelands.

      and he definitely matures throughout the novel.
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NaM rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: --
It's a good read though a bit Dissapointing

tbh. I've been looking forward to this Novel. Since the first time it was released cause of the WW bragging and also since that time I got hooked to apocalyptic novel since reading the novel The Dark King. Though I admit the dark king being sub par compared to this. I find the dark king's adventure more interesting compared to Cloudhawk's.

Sure, Godsfall is pretty well written (though I'm not sure if it reach to the Point of ww self proclaimation about this novel... more>> being the most well written novel in qidian). However that is all to that.

Story is linear. Updates is slow as f*** that ive been stockpiling chapters since the beginning only to comeback with only 100 and so chapters in sight. And also the fact that the thrill, suspense and action being never ending and overused to the point that it reach the point that the thrill, suspense and action were longer as thrilling as it used to be. Finally, what most frustrates me. Was the f*** he was given so much OP abilities but during critical times. When the worse come to worst. Those abilities were often nowhere to be seen. (Ex.

Super fast regen - nowhere to be seen during action but super effective if MC is half-dead state.

Sixth sense - always alert him. But often ignored cause on one gaves a shit. So he always find himself in the middle of a storm like an idiot.

Etc etc.)

Reading this to me feels like being headache-induced and suffocated.

It was suffocating literally cause of how thrill packed the story is. Story pattern for the first 100 chapters is like this.

Minding own business - pulled into danger - survived half-dead - stuff his stomach with food then repeat from the top.

It was so disappointing. Sure wasteland world is dangerous and being killed and killing is one of the norms. But that doesn't mean that the MC should supposed to be driven into endless danger for nothing with no actual goal in sight. This story needs more filler and more breather chapter cause its not that exciting to read a thriller who only knows to thrill over and over again to the point that its exhausting and boring for the reader to continue to read <<less
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jojmist rated it
May 7, 2018
Status: c30
I really don't understand how this novel has a 4.4/5 stars rating, nor do I understand how other reviewers have equated this novel to almost "print quality". It feels like the plot was created by an adult, but the actual writing was done by a child. An example could be how the author is extremely liberal with exclamation points and "!?", and how there are plenty of repeated phrases in triplets like "No. No. NOOOO!!!!" or "Save me. Save me. SAVE ME!!!" or "Help. Help. HELP!!" (all are actually in... more>> the novel, multiple times). Again, the overall plot is great, but it feels like the author is someone who has lived in a basement their entire life and doesn't understand normal human behavior and nuances which makes the novel feel awkward and cringey. Its like hanging out with that awkward friend who is fun to hang out with, but has a lot of weird outbursts and unusual tastes that he thinks are cool, but no one else cares for. Additionally, it sometimes feels like the author just pulls info out of his a$$ when describing or explaining characters or events that doesn't feel organic or necessary at all (it feels like this made up quote: "The enemy shot out a sword blade at the MC, but the MC didn't know that the blade was made out of super silver alloy, that was also forged by the legendary Dwarves of Asgard, and was also re-hardened by the blood of a dragon. The enemy was also a veteran of 100 battles"-that last bit was an actual quote for a single random enemy). It's like the author is using plot armor that is directed at the plot itself to try to make it more interesting, but it's just awkward and feels too sudden. Lastly, the MC is originally a literal weak child/teen looking to survive at all cost per the author, is at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of power, and then all of a sudden he does a 180 becoming leader-like looking for battle and even outdoing his mercenary boss in terms of leadership expression within the first 24 chapters. All in all, there is a sense of naivety in the writing that ruins what is an otherwise good plot. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: v2c6
I have taken long enough to come to a decision about this novel. I am gonna continue reading this.

Rated a solid 4/5 at this point of time because this has quality.

I would call this a pure fanatasy action gore novel. Leave all those romance comedy bits out of this, and this is genuinely good. And yes, there is no comedy. As for romance, so far, the writer is tackling well with the theme of the story: In this kind of survival of the fittest place, there is no real place... more>> for genuine romance. One night stands are a normal, at max.

Our MC is.... well, decent enough. We are given some understanding as to why in this dark place, he kinda sticks out as a white knight. It is no where enough, but hey! I will take it.

The pacing of this is breath taking. This is high pace action, and you might have a love hate relationship with that because it means there is no empty chapter to catch a break. But this quick pace means plot plot plot plot armor armor armor armor is around.

No, my keyboard didn't go crazy.

The world set up is good. We already have a villain power level ceiling put in place, which is excellent because it means this author has some ending in mind. The support staff either dies, or becomes plot relevant. Which is actually quite terrific, if you think about it.

On the whole, I feel that this is a very high quality novel. The 4 I gave is more so because of the strong character the protagonist seems to just have. Without any substantial back story. The cliches are there, but with the fast pace you don't really mind.

For all I know, if this maintains this same action pace, I might give this a 5.

This is Mango approved. <<less
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VonLeon rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: c30
It's pretty great so far. Been reading wuxia novels for a while and this was different and fresh. It's probably the most graphically descriptive novel I've read so far. It's like a Mad Max setting with less riding and more killing. There's a certain mystery that the novel is just starting to touch upon. Definitely, recommend if you're looking for something interesting.
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darknova rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c19
The start is okay and intense.

The writing is well done as is the translation.

It is a "futuristic - apocalyptic - fantasy" set in the near future where humans are struggling to survive, where mutant humans and beasts are rampart, where one live from hand to mouth. At least this is through the MC's eyes, and because he still like a "frog in a well" and does not really know anything yet.

Well, we just have to follow his adventures and see what the world has really become as he goes along. Ahaha not a spoiler

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Shtirliz rated it
October 5, 2018
Status: v2c20
Interesting post-apocaliptic world. Interesting side characters. Good stories in arcs. Insanely stupid and naive MC for someone raised by wasteland (such amazing plot hole and plainly bad writing at author side). Too much plotarmor (there was dozens and dozens situations when MC could only die, but was saved by warious encounters or just plotarmor teleportation).
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Rezonance rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: c300
Pretty good novel actually. Sneaked in some chapters in the raw and it gets really good. This novel is not based on levels but they do get much stronger through experience as well as mutation and training. It takes a while for MC to do the usual OP MC stuff as well as gain experience but when he does... it gets even better than now. The world setting is vividly described even through raws so I can imagine how much better it will be translated. The characters (All of them)... more>> have their own personalities a well as progression although most focus is on MC. There is Almost no stereotypical character from how far I have gotten and even if there is they are either completely irrelevant, have some type of scheme/goal or they change their ways *COUGH* Blood Queen COUGH* *COOUUUGHHH* Mantis/Viper (whatever the medic is called) *COUUGHHH* ugh..... it could be either one of those (not a spoil). I suggest you take a good look at all of mantis's action from now on. Last but not least, this world... is big as hell. So much so that I cant say with confidence that I have a basic idea of it. And it said basic idea, meaning even 300 chapters later there are still insanely powerful people and places hidden from me that its almost scary. Anyway if you can't be bothered to read all this, take this out of my review; Recommended, full of potential and gods. <<less
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JustDiededed rated it
September 7, 2018
Status: v1c39
Are ghost-writers a thing in China?

Because this seems to be the case. The author of this novel also authored Miracle Throne. While I do read and enjoy that novel (yeah, I know), we can clearly see the difference between the two - one is well-written while the other one is not.

This is a very breathtaking novel. MC isn't OP at all (so far, but we can see the possibility) and not only strugles, but is also cheated, betrayed again, and again. Just because his original "world" (I'm not pointing to... more>> any world change here, just that he was just too low on the bottom of society) was just too damn low for him to know anything. At the start of the novel, he's like 13 or 14 years old, but lives an animal life. He has to fight to eat, just so that he doesn't die. It's really impressive. And even when he moves up to another level, he's still going hungry. And his life is constantly at stake.

It's actually somewhat tiresome to read too many chapters at once, because there's just so many friggin' instances where we cannot see, even counting on a Deus Ex Machina, how he would survive. But he does. So... It's pretty well written and the characters are interesting. You'd think the MC'd just forget about them when moving to another plane, but NO. People in this world die, be they important or not. Be they fleshed out and interesting or not. Damn. <<less
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TsukiKun rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c61
Just want to say that the low review (below) is really premature. If your going to say something about the release get your facts straight. April 21 there were multiple releases of this novel and will be continued releases from the translators. They will be ramping up releases in the next 3 weeks not slowing down.

As for the novel it is one that is not normal seen in wuxia, characters actually have depth and a purpose that not everyone can see. The reveals bout this are realistic and meaningful and... more>> happen over time not one gigantic dump and then they are immediately in league with the MC.

This is a good read and I look forward to the journey. <<less
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sengan31 rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c50
I'm honestly shook by this novel. I have read over 20 Chinese/Korean/Japanese novels, including all the top ones (I Shall Seal The Heavens, Warlock of the Magus World, True Martial World, Martial World, Emperor's Domination, Library of Heaven's Path, King Of Gods, Against the Gods, Terror Infinity, Absolute Choice, etc.) and I can testify to the translators claim that this is by far the highest quality webnovel out there. The writing is so precise and well thought of that I cannot imagine any other webnovel author pull it off.

For example,... more>> I Shall Seal The Heavens is a novel that kept the #1 rank in weekly/monthly/all time ranking for almost the entirety of the novel (now it went down bc the TL is done). It has one of the strongest World setup of any webnovel ever, since it took more than 100 chapter to establish the setting. Godsfall Chronicles does slightly better in establishing the world. BUT IN 30 CHAPTERS.

The main character is the best one I have seen to date. He's neither overly smart (like Leylin from WMW) nor an idiot (like almost every other MC). He doesn't go God mode in 5 chapters. He sticks to his belief and ALL of his actions LOGICAL reasons behind them.

Each side character is unique and well developed. I have yet to see any young masters in here (which is a good thing). The fact that all the side characters are well made also makes it so that not half to 2 full chapters are used on explaining the background of a character, because they don't make any. Their design is so logical that it would talk a split second to deduce a background for them.

The power system is not yet full revealed since the MC is still too weak but it is very enticing.

The humor is also golden in this novel. I'll forever remember the lines ''f*ck my eyes, he's a metahuman!''

Sadly it cant shine because of the lack of chapters. <<less
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