Apocalypse Hunter


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200 years after the world has ended, the laws of society have long been forgotten.

Countless grotesque monsters now run amok on this the earth and Reavers who devour and massacre humans follow suit.

In this hopeless world, the devil hunters who have caused the devil to have gone extinct roam from place to place.

But in a world without the devils, for what reason do these hunters continue to mindlessly travel throughout the lands?

Maybe it is to just survive.

The devil hunters continue on.

In this godforsaken world, the protagonist Zin meets a little girl named Leona, a girl whose entire life was nothing but pain, and search for the meaning of his life.

The threads of fate slowly come together.

The wheel of destiny continues to spin.

Associated Names
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Hunter of the Ruined World
멸망한 세계의 사냥꾼
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alphaGulp rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c23
Amazingly enough, the characters in this LN feel like real people.

The world is original and coherent (at least up to c23), the challenges facing the MC are significant and complex, with the MC being extremely masterful yet also still reasonably flawed. It is very good!
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bloggbigg rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c33
Not horrible, but lacking. I wanted to like this, but it's both unfocused, and has a very sloppy world design. All the bs the author crams into the MCs supposed world view/justifications becomes tiresome as well.

Post apocalyptic... thing. I don't want to give it too much credit- It's kind of a 'Black Bullet' variant, only not as well though out.

The BAD:
Lots of prejudice. In fact, that's the MC's 'raison d'etre'.
Lots of forced exposition through speculation.
Another 'why don't people use phones (or whatever- seriously- there's cyborg... more>> repairing tech, but no vidcom?)
Story proves it's 'hardcore' by killing off likable characters.
Another 'not a white night' story- which instead has an unthinking sociopath (except for when inconvenient to plot) for am MC.
MC is very 'when he gives a sh!t' (and he usually doesn't)
Everyone conveniently s*upid. When the MC lectures someone who should be intimately familiar with a system- when he probably hasn't been updated in years (if not decades) - you know the author will do anything to make the MC seem competent.

The Different:
Nothing really. <<less
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September 4, 2017
Status: c24
I think the story is high quality so far. A monster hunter who has lived for centuries survives in a post apocalyptic world. The MC has some personality, and no cliches have been written so far. Not enough chapters released to make a full fledged review, but I recommend checking it out at least for now.
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keklel rated it
July 15, 2018
Status: c61
Impressions so far (c.61) : Pretty much everything in this novel is simple and straightforward, perhaps overly so. The main attraction of this story is on the adventure and exploration rather than character interactions / politics or fighting and as such its attraction will remain so long as it continues to reveal a coherent story at a steady pace. It is essentially an "all-rounder" covering everything from survival to fighting to investigation. Kind of like Global Evolution but with less pseudoscience and more cool fun stuff. I'm a sucker for... more>> these types of stories, which is why I'm giving it 4 stars despite problems noted below.

The story is very slow at the start but picks up around chapter 28 which is when the incident at the Central Asian Wargrave research lab is first introduced. This is a pretty unremarkable story - researchers decide that it'd be a good idea to create the most powerful monster ever, so powerful that they'd have no means of controlling it. And then - surprise! - The monster breaks out and kills everybody. Yes, it's cliched and unoriginal but it's unoriginal for a reason - it works. It's a fun and exciting story and I'm not going to fault the author for using it, because the execution is pretty decent, coming in from the investigator's point of view and trying to put together the clues to figure out what exactly had happened.

None of the characters are particularly interesting nor well written. Zin is basically an archetypical jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold. He seems to lack the self-knowledge expected of old people, constantly asking himself "why did I go back and save the girl when I'm not supposed to care about her". In fact I would say his level of self knowledge is probably around that of a male teenager around 17-20 years old, rather than someone more mature. By self knowledge I'm referring to things like "what kind of person am I?", "what are my core values and priorities?" and so on. If Zin has truly lived for over 200 years then the level of self awareness displayed in the novel is completely inconsistent with that fact (unless you try to explain it using dementia which was mentioned once and then seemingly forgotten thereafter). Leona is an annoying kid who grew up in a rough neighborhood - which doesn't make sense because those growing up in rough neighborhoods tend to discover that being annoying gets the sh*t kicked out of you, and thus quickly learn to not be annoying. Perhaps it could be explained away as Leona having probed Zin to find out his weak spot and thus decided to be annoying to endear herself to him? Yeah, that explanation doesn't make much sense to me either. Ramphil is an emotionless robot, kind of a boring character. Other characters are only introduced for a few chapters at most so don't get much development, and none of them are interesting either.

The politics in this novel are simple, perhaps overly so. I find the lack of deception and betrayal rather disappointing. The majority of interactions in the novel consist of Zin negotiating with someone, with Zin always being the more knowledgeable party with more tricks up his sleeves than the people he is dealing with. Zin is always honest in his dealings, and is always able to detect dishonesty on the part of the other party and exact an appropriate punishment. For example one of the people Zin was dealing with tried to pull a gun on Zin without even knowing how to use a gun (or something dumb like that). The soldiers at Wargrave appear to be incapable of deception and their dealings with Zin have (as far as I've read, up to ch.61) always been honest and straightforward. All in all, nothing spectacular. Try Daoist Gu if you want something more interesting.

The sci-fi is fairly standard for a post-apocalyptic setting with primitive tech juxtaposed with futuristic weaponry as well as fantastical sorcery. The lack of devils works to the novel's advantage as the allure of sorcery mainly lies in its rarity, if sorcery was commonplace then it would be difficult to imagine how the world would function and in any case building a totally unique world is not the main point of this novel. None of the technology is gone into with any depth and their strengths and weaknesses are not developed. Wargrave and Reavers are interesting ideas but so far the author has not gone into providing an explanation for how these organizations might self-perpetuate in a post-apocalyptic world. It doesn't seem like Wargrave or Reavers recruit from the general population since Wargrave "excludes outsiders" and Reavers are genocidal maniacs who kill anyone they come across. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
November 27, 2017
Status: c27
This novel excells in most ways, but lacks a driving force, making it hard for me to muster the will to continue. Honestly, this novel feels a bit like a slice of life novel except the narrative is one continuous story. Writing, characters, and world building are top notch though.
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Berethgor rated it
June 6, 2020
Status: c40
The setting doesnt fit together. There are bandits called reavers who are apparently not on drugs but somehow all of them are madmen that manage to both work together and not care for their own lives. The human civilisation is also weird. Some organisations have lasers, photonblades, cyborgs and all sorts of other super destructive weapons but the guys next door have bows. All of this in an apocalyse where it shouldnt even be possible to manufacture/mine the resources for those modern weapons because of monsters.

Apart from the reavers the... more>> characters are really good though. <<less
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