The First Hunter


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The world has changed, and so have the people.

December 31st, 2016, the day before New Years. Kim Taehoon was just casually shopping for groceries from the large store. But then, monsters suddenly appeared out of thin air. With his highly trained skills that he has gained from his previous occupation, he starts to hunt the monsters down and manages to win, saving countless people who were also in the mall.

But there are more, and they don’t stop coming.

Would he be able to survive till the end?

Would he be able to beat the countless amount of monsters that only seem to get stronger?

And would it just be monsters that he has to worry about?

This is the story of Kim Tae-Hoon, one of the first hunters to rise during an era when monsters first started to appear.

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최초의 헌터
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chochocobo rated it
February 24, 2017
Status: --
I'm the translator, so bias bias bias >:]

But seriously, the story is good. The author is D-Dart who also wrote 'Emperor of Solo Play', which is a good read as well. The MC is a logical character, but isn't completely cold and calculating. He has his weaknesses and even has... emotions °Д°!!! He's not super uber all powerful, and has somewhat realistic expectations for himself and those around him. Somewhat... hehe. But yeah, good read. Please read. Please, I'm desperate orz.

11/10 with rice
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jacobpaige rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: c23
This is just another power fantasy about a loner b****d that's more than willing to let the world burn around him if it means he can become slightly stronger himself, even though he'd be more than capable of making things better for everyone if he had enough brains to understand his own capabilities, or heart to view anyone other than himself as real person.

Originally, I read this story because I had heard that he developed a clan, and I mistakenly thought that this would mean that he would actually invest... more>> in the power of his clan and be even a marginally decent leader. Instead, he absorbs all the power ups, all the skills, all the items of any worth and gives nothing in return. He crushes their spirits, demands their complete obedience and ruthlessly abandons anyone that he views as useless (usually decided without evidence of any kind, based solely on his own whims) or anyone that tries to argue with his incredibly s*upid decisions that the author 100% supports.

In short, the everything is about the MC and the MC is always right, even when he's clearly wrong. And that's not because he's stubborn, though he is, its because the author is too s*upid to realize that he's wrong.

Also, the only women in this series are far more competent than the only other man of note in the series, but he gets free reign with the power-ups while they get nothing. I can only assume that this is because the MC is sexist, and because the author is also sexist, he fails to see it or ever comment on it. He just assumes that the doctor and the military officer, both with nerves of steel and lots of relevant training, are inherently less valuable than the high schooler with no relevant training and a much weaker mentality. It would piss me off more if there weren't so many other things wrong with this series.

tl;dr: If you want yet another power fantasy similar to God and Devil World, but without the sexualization and overt degradation of the female cast, then this is for you. If you want something that's actually well written, or is in any way worth reading, then I'd stear clear. <<less
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q00u rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: c77
Just leaving a review to correct some misinformation from another reviewer that probably should have read a couple more chapters.

"He takes everything from his clan and gives nothing in return." Yeah, for about two chapters. His original intention was to raise everyone up, but they encountered an enemy so strong that 'a hundred well-made arrows wouldn't be as good as a single strong spear'. So he takes everything for himself, until it becomes clear that THAT won't work. It's seriously a very short-lived thread. He takes less and less from... more>> his organization as things go along.

"He ruthlessly abandons anyone that he views as useless." Sure, for about two chapters. He actually only does this once at the very beginning. He later threatens to abandon another group of civilians that run into him, but is convinced by his colleagues to allow the civilians to prove their value. Which they do.

"Anyone that tries to argue with his incredibly s*upid decisions (that the author 100% supports) is seen as wrong." Completely false. From almost the very beginning, he realizes that he doesn't know everything and that he sometimes makes the wrong call. His partners argue with him and convince him. He regrets previous decisions (such as abandoning people in the supermarket at the start, which causes him headaches later). Seriously, if this reviewer read just a few more chapters...

"The competent women in this series get nothing while he gets free reign with the power-ups." Taking all the power-ups happens mostly only at the start, and because only he and one other character are front-line melee fighters who need it. Oh no, the other melee fighter is also a male!

"The MC is s*xist, the author is s*xist." One of the strongest characters is the daughter of a diplomat that he runs into later. Far stronger than his previous right-hand-man, and smarter to boot. She's portrayed as a genuine hero. But, you'd have to read more than 23 chapters to get to her.

So, is this just another power fantasy about a loner b*stard willing to let the world burn in order to become slightly stronger himself? No, it's sort of the opposite. Once he gets established, his little piece of the world becomes a haven of justice and fairness, and everyone gets raised up. And then he goes around fighting the b*stards who are selfishly squeezing the life out of the world for a bit of power themselves. It's 180 degrees from what the reviewer tells you it is.

It *IS* a power fantasy, and the MC _IS_ stronger than everyone else. That's how these stories go. And the MC is honestly a bit of a d*ck at the very start. But he changes. He has a character arc and grows as a person and as a leader. His motivations change from personal survival to protecting his people.

But it doesn't all happen in the first 14% of the story. <<less
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Think Positive
Think Positive rated it
April 2, 2017
Status: c39
The premise of the story is that monsters appeared all around the globe on New Year's Eve. Some people awakened, and have been given additional power, which they can develop by eating the gems that subside in the hearts of monsters. With the addition of relics, the world has started to look like a grim sort of game.

The story was purely about survival in extremely harsh conditions at first. As the story progresses, the MC becomes stronger, and things go smoother. The story progresses into rebuilding society, namely into small... more>> clans, but this has only just begun at c38. This is just in Bucheon city, while many cities are much worse off, and with larger monsters there. We will have to see what the author comes up with.

All in all, the rating is closer to 5 than 4, a very balanced story that feels genuine. The character progression is really good, and that's important to me. This new world, with its new mechanics have depth into them, the author doesn't just throw in a lot of random stuff that we only read about once.
I highly recommend it to mature readers. <<less
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Wrestleroh rated it
February 26, 2017
Status: c10
I'm enjoying this novel. It's too early to give a definite review, but it is an enjoyable read so far. If I was forced to compare the characters with something, it reminds me of how Sovereign of Judgment progressed. Minus the sci-fi element. Anyway, I digress. I recommend giving this novel a chance to anybody who likes action.
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pandicorn rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: --
An above average post apocalypse story. The MC is a retired soldier drawn into a strange sudden apocalypse and thus starts killing monsters and recruiting people to form a clan of hunters. Characters are average and the story is relatively simple as of now. The MC is a highly functioning sociopath. Somebody not easily influenced by emotions yet not that heartless either. Overall, a good read. Try it out.
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edytor rated it
April 7, 2017
Status: c30

Story is fairly standard, game-like fantasy suddenly asserts itself in the modern world. MC must survive along with his tag-alongs.

Characters aren't completely one dimensional they have some depth to them. But this is a story that centres around the protagonist too much. Learning about the side characters is mostly gleaned from his interactions with them or their reactions to him interacting with the world or other characters, rather then themselves with other characters. The MC's personality isn't interesting but it's understandable considering the life he's lived and there is a... more>> certain amount of mystery, although it is heavily hinted to be a standard cliche past.

World Building is passable for a web novel, not terribly interesting. It involves the standard game mechanics like loot, leveling etc which by this point is very boring (considering the competition out there) since it's a prominent part of this novel.

Translation is pretty good for an amateur. There are a few grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and it's a bit rough with the phrasing in some places but nothing unforgiveable for a amateur web novel translation.

In summary. Wasn't good enough for it to hold my attention but others may like it. Just don't expect too much from it. <<less
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acoleman2 rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: c16
A good start by a good author. I'm a fan of this author's other work, as you will be able to tell if you check out my review. However, that is besides the point. Here is a very basic synopsis of the story so far:

Former Korean black ops military member finds himself facing the apocalypse when monsters start appearing. He bands together with individuals he thinks worthy, and starts surviving using his military training and newfound abilities.

1. Good translations (mostly)
2. More realistic than other novels of... more>> this sort
3. MC, while not kind, is also not overly cruel (so far)
4. Actual tactics/thought put into battles, though nothing too incredible

1. Not very many chapters to the novel yet, so translations will pause soon once they catch up
2. Likely to be a short series if author's previous work is anything to go off of
3. The author doesn't focus very much on stats or abilities, taking away from the game element premise
4. This is more a personal critique, but I was hoping for a zombie apocalypse approach rather than this business with

dragons and goblins and so on, feels very lord of the rings/dungeons and dragons

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Sephirjon rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: epilogue
This novel was not good. This is odd, as the characters were good, the concept was good, and the setting was good. Despite all that, The First Hunter was a pain to read. It was a massive jumble of writing errors that many Asian novels are so prone to making. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Describing the main character every single time he appears as if it was the first time.
  • Overuse, misuse, and mixing of metaphors and expressions.
  • Explaining the meaning of every sentence and thought of a character, no matter how self-explanatory it was.
Add on to those the flaws unique to this novel: changing the names of people and places multiple times per chapter (though this could have been the translator's fault), skipping over important scenes just to... more>> briefly describe them later, and that nothing about why the monsters ever appeared was ever explained. The potential this novel had was wasted entirely before it even had a chance to shine.

I could describe more, but my brain is doing it's best to erase The First Hunter from my memory. I leave this review as a reminder to myself to not accidentally reread it in the future.

tl;dr: Great concept, but executed not even 10% as well as it could have been. <<less
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RabbitDabbit rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is certainly a good read. MC is overpowered however he does not possessed the typical 'isekai' personality from most Japanese novels or the typical arrogant and self-conceited 'xianxia/wuxia' personality from most Chinese novels. His personality makes him a unique character that's befitting to be a 'messiah' that saved the world (MC will definitely punched me cause I said that XD) ". Though you can refute that the MC is a bit of an as*hole in the early chapter by taking everything by himself, but it is definitely not... more>> the case if you read more chapters. By using the power ups, MC managed to utilise them properly to kill more monsters and save people.

On top of it, he managed to kill people who tried to benefit from the emergence of monsters.

Downside is that there is not a lot of excitement to its fighting scene as they typically will not last very long. On top of it, character development were pretty lacking.

PS: A overpowered novel with no annoyingly arrogant attitude or sissy attitude? 10/10 would recommend reading it. <<less
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puffiness123 rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: c15
It's very good. The main character is a calm and collected leader who gathers allies to survive in a monster-infested world. He is kind but not too kind.

There are many survival stories where there is a kind hero who saves everyone and tries to help everyone survive, this is not one of those stories.
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MonkeDanana rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: --
The point of view is confusing. It always changes in every chapters. And most of the time it's from other characters point of view. It makes me annoyed when MC just appeared here and there. Conversation is also weird. Random person is just killing monsters and MC just appeared and tell him that he must do whatever the MC wants him to do. Anyway the writing style of this novel is just painful to read.
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Boredgasm rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Good story. OP MC if you like those kind of stories. Jumps around a lot, and was a pretty short read. Q00u’s review addresses most of the bad reviews, because they are misleading and misinformed.

The resources in the world are limited, and it would make sense to funnel the majority of your resources. Zero-sum competition between all the other hunters of the world, so calling MC “selfish” for using his brain is plain ignorant. And yeah if they read the story, it explains why things happen and why the MC... more>> changes his ways from being a solo player to someone who decides to develop a clan and pretty much save the world.

My main complaint with the story is that it was too short. There wasn’t enough time allocated to fleshing out characters, and pretty much focused almost solely on the MC completing his mission (which changes a little each time as the story goes on). <<less
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rhianirory rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: c67
First off, the first monsters he runs into "short, spindly limbs, green, pot-bellied, with fangs" is a classic description of a goblin, not a dwarf (short, wide as they are tall, bearded and bad tempered). I don't know if that's a translators mistake or the authors.

And I don't understand why people are complaining about him not grouping up fast enough, or that he's selfish. Anyone placed in a life or death situation is going to look out for themselves first, (unless you're a parent) then family/friends, then strangers. They... more>> certainly wouldn't put themselves in danger to save people they don't know and who might ultimately end up stabbing them in the back or getting them killed. The only thing I can think when I see those complaints is that these people don't have much life experience or knowledge of the ugly side of human nature. I'm also not much for the herd mentality even at the best of times so I would have been perfectly happy if he never grouped up.

edit: he groups up so that should make all the complainers happy (if they bother to read that far)

I think this is a decent story so far, even if they can't tell the difference between goblins and dwarves but there hasn't been a new chapter since july so I think maybe it got dropped.

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June 18, 2017
Status: c51
This is a story about gaming elements that popped up in a "the beginning of apocalypse" setting.

Its not as "bleak" as "Epoch of Twilight" (a chinese novel, i've not read any Korean novels as bleak as it) nor is it overbearingly "MC" based like "Seoul Station Necromancer". Its written somewhat within the veins / trope of "1 man leading a steady group" scenario in a lot of Korean webnovels, something ala "Hunters" stereotypical tropes (if you search for "hunters" in NU, anyway)

What I do enjoy:

... more>> 1) The pacing

2) The engagement in characters between each another

3) The monsters (kind of dynamic, but somewhat predictable, still)

What I didn't like:

    1. The MC behaves slightly like the MC of "Necromancer of Seoul Station", where he's hoarding everything. The story DOES revolve around the consequences of his actions, true, but it doesn't really deviate from the point of "I have to be the strongest to the point that nobody else can challenge me".
    1. The cheat like items that drives the plot forward. I'm thinking that there will be more cheat like items that will drive the plot forward (its kind of... the DNA in this novel, at least its that apparent), but I've not seen any clear indication that the "cheat-item" based plot advancements will cease.
You may want to read if:

    • You enjoy post apocalyptic scenarios
    • You enjoy gaming elements in real life settings
    • You are not bothered by illogical / fantasy like settings.
You may not want to read if:

    • You enjoy happy-go-lucky shounen style adventures
    • You don't like MCs that are somewhat in the mould of "Jack Reacher" (or any typical American heroes with 'luggagy' backgrounds.
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Diddler rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: --
It's a cookie cutter litRPG novel. The MC is an OP Korean soldier boy, and is accompanied by his loyal male follower and the female lead third wheel like the dozens of other Korean LitRPGs.

If you've read a few Korean litRPGs then chances are you've read one exactly like this.

The author has some weird coffee fetish and the MC is always chugging down coffee to the point you'd think his blood was liquid caffeine. It's annoying to the point where the POV will switch back the MC just so he... more>> can take a sip. <<less
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M0J0MAN rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: c67
Just great, if you like anything with a similar synopsis you'll dig this.

Read some bad reviews about how s*upid, selfish and OP the main character is, at first that is true, but he does change, he's forced to consider others and the larger picture when his life is on the line.

And thankfully the cast of notable characters slowly expands though not as much as I'd personally like so far. Others beside his main adviser dude having a larger impact would be fun and expand the possibilities in and out of... more>> combat, like other powerful hunters on his side so he doesn't have to solo as much. It isn't a deal breaker but I'm still holding out hope so I can say 4.5 stars.

The military and what other survivor groups are up to becomes more and more important as his group expands with a bit of political manoeuvring and the like. And all the questionably accurate military stuff is a entertaining tack for the story to take which I haven't seen much of, if at all before, gives it a unique flavour.

It is still very much one man vs the world type story at heart, but there's plenty of elements here to keep it engaging for many more chapters. If only they'd come out always and instantly haha.

And P.S. The prologue is f*cking great. Both legitimately and for the memes. Also only having the latest skill shown on the stat updates is genius and everyone else needs to step up their game, or stop using the over saturated game system if you're not a VR novel, just saying. <<less
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druiseeker rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: c10
Awesome series. I'm surprised this hasn't been more popular. While the LitRPG are a little underplayed, its got decent character development and enjoyable action.
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April 9, 2018
Status: c74
The MC is seriously awesome. He's not exactly an evil or good guy, and the best way to describe him is probably first and foremost as a soldier and a survivor. There's no illusion of him coming to someone's rescue unless it's part of a plan for his own benefit, but if it's not too out of his way, he'll lend a helping hand. And just reading about the way that he can act unrestrainedly no matter which situation he finds himself in, I can't help but excited whenever he's... more>> slaughtering anything that gets in his way. The premise is definitely interesting, but it's the MC who keeps me interested. <<less
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LehmD rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall I quiet liked the Story. The characters are decent the Story is exciting and the ending isnt too rushed. Also there is no Romance/harem which is quiet rare. But the Fact that the reason the Monsters appeared is never explained coupled with the Fact they appear exactly once is really bothering me and lowered the final rating a lot. Also Fights are Skipped often or only described shortly Especially towards the end which is a bummer
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