The Dark King


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Civilization is destroyed and records lost. Only Dudian survives in a cryogenic sleep. Three hundred years later, Dudian wakes up and must become Dean to survive. Who can he trust in this world overrun by monsters without and within?

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New Krish1626281 rated it
May 22, 2024
Status: --
This Novel title might sound cliche but the title " The dark king " Is understatement, I will not spoil much but I will just say that only last 100 chapters are the whole story and it has one of the greatest endings, I have seen... You can hate this novel or love it but I ask you to at least read it until the end, The Novel can be considered as top five, if not the problem of translator
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clowred rated it
April 8, 2017
Status: c241
The title of this novel is "the dark king". You would expect some major political setting where a young man becomes extremely dangerous following the path of slaughter. He will have all kind of special encounters, will go through fire to reach his purpose and would always aim for a higher stage. So what the hell do we have here? I sincerely don't know. So I will write in spoiler why exactly is the story so fragmented. Two versions, long one here, short one next.

The MC is a genius of the past that survived a nuclear apocalypse thanks to his invention, 'cold storage', which put him in a hibernating state for 300 years. When he wakes up he coincidentally arrives at a orphanage. He is adopted and soon drafted in the special military that deals with dangers behind the wall that protects the city. He first becomes a scavenger, one who searches for vestiges of the past in the safe areas outside the wall, and later becomes a hunter, one who hunts dangerous, mutated animals. He has a group of friends since the military academy, the ones he calls 'brothers', and another pack of friends from the orphanage, friends with disabilities that he plans on using to create facilities where he will develop the former society, a mission entrusted to him by his father. Now here comes the first huge division. He falls in love and plans on discarding everything. Absolutely everything. He forgets about his friends from the military academy, he forgets about his friends from the orphanage, about the mission entrusted by his father and plans on having s*x with a beauty until he dies... Or not, her father would not allow it so he sends him to the highest security prison "cough"gay camp"cough". Yeah, you read that well, he is almost r*ped the second he arrives in his cell after he is brutally tortured. He manages to remain with his normal bu*t hole, but everyone else in that prison is f*cking asses like there is no tomorrow. In the end he finally escapes after five years and manages to get the help of a weakened noble family, that bails him with a few words and a shitload of money. He gets revenge on the corrupt judge and then he starts his plan to raise the status of the noble family that bailed him. He remembers about his friends from the orphanage and he plans to use them, but now one of them has decided to quit the group, so he remains with three of them. Soon after that he forgets about them once again. Anyway, from this point on he is going to invent new things (about two), train from time to time (one, two hours a day), joins the alchemist faction which is evil in the face of the holy faction (spends a few hours once and never returns), and then joins the holy faction which is annoying in the face of the alchemist faction (even though he might get caught f*cking with both). I still can't grasp the reason, but his gains amount to 0 beside some money and a little status. Before joining the holy faction he cripples his left hand btw. And now he needs to repair that one too. Anyway, now he becomes the perfect assassin after training fora few months on how to use knives with only one hand. Like this he manages to kill about five knights from the alchemist division.... Why? well, he wanted to recover the chip containing all the patents of the former modern world from the 'cold storage device' that arrived in the hands of the alchemist faction. So he killed them. And also faces one of the strongest knights of this faction even though his knowledge about close combat amounts to a few months of training. At this point he also start forgetting about the noble family that he promised to help. At chapter 241 he starts a holographic device containing all of the inventions of the past and plans on using them to gain status most probably in both factions. Why did I drop it here? Until now the story hasn't managed to create a stable footing for the MC, can you imagine the author being able to so now that he is trying to recreate the industrial revolution? In the end what is the name of this novel? The inventor king? The kid with PTSD and Alzheimer? No, he is the dark king. So dark that I have no f*cking idea what is in the end his real plan, his real skill, and so on.



So, to reduce everything to + and -
+ A smart MC
+ Interesting beginning
+ Interesting power ups
+ Interesting side characters
+ realistic plot
- The plot goes through the shredder
- The side characters are changed faster than socks
- He doesn't obtain any new useful abilities even after he is capable of hunting by himself beside strength enhancing
- His revenge stops after killing one judge
- The so called friends disappear from the story for no reason whatsoever
- The MC becomes extremely ruthless almost instantly.
- The MC tends to forget about important missions and promises.
- The world itself even after 241 chapters is not explained, but we finally get a clue. It seems the story has stolen a lot of things from "attack on titan". For some reason now the noble families are actually in the outer city. There is another one. An inner city. The MC never tried to find t his information.
- Finally, no offense, the translation is extremely crappy. Better than machine translation by a little.

Conclusion, this novel has no substance whatsoever, its all over the place and the author hasn't managed to decide how he want to develop the MC. So he is dropping parts of the plot like bread crumbles.
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Jarrow rated it
January 20, 2017
Status: c90
I had initially rated this series fairly highly, as a good post-apoc modern/future dark fantasy, which is a pretty open field without many examples in that genera. Certain plot holes had made me wonder what the author was setting up, which is both good and bad: it could mean that the author is either setting up and planning plot lines well ahead of time, or he's winging it with an asspull. Both seem to be true, for now.

The recent immersion breaking disappointment seems to indicate that the author is writing... more>> a kick-the-dog variant, with the characters doing whatever is maximally Evil or s*upid to set up how awesome the MC must be to conquer everything. Not my cup of tea, anymore. I'll come back to it in a hundred chapters or so and make a final decision.


After spending 3 years in a forced, brutal, sometimes-lethal, survivalist training school where the leadership complains about the cost on every appearance, the MC and Co are sent out on their first mission with nothing but a poor-quality knife, zero intel about what they might be facing, little-to-no information on what they should be scavenging and how, and zero combat training. And it's done under 'instructors' that can't care less if the poor suckers survive - and most of them don't. So much for whining about how expensive they are to train. Later, after all the buildup of how deadly the environment is, the MC does everything he could possibly do wrong in that sort of environment, and has no problems. Granted, he later gets a macguffin that eliminates those threats, but he shouldn't have survived that long in the 1st place. Next it's exposed that they aren't told about the most valuable things they can retrieve, and even if they do, they are short-changed by more then an order of magnitude, if not robbed outright. The entire segment is nothing but an author wank for how s*upidly evil the entire leadership is, and how wonderful the MC must be to triumph. Blech.

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TaoTie rated it
December 24, 2016
Status: c6
Read this story! Well written, Descriptive and intriguing. Very, very good. Its just a fledgling translation now but it has amazing potential. Story so far concentrated on buliding characters and world, and thats a good thing, has much more of a rich story feel with more depth than many novels. Characters are complex and engaging. Amazing attention to detail and realistic actions. Excellent world building with well-built and rich environment, the post-apocalytpic setting allows a blend of eras with a historic aristocratic society while allowing the possibility of technology. Eagerly... more>> awaiting more of this story, can't wait to see where it goes. <<less
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badass rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c304
1st of all, as shown above, I give this novel 5 stars and explain why I did so. 2 stars must be given to the effort of a translator and his speed and quality of his releases. 3 chapters a day is a rather quick speed and translator might catch soon with the releases of an author.

1 star is given to the plot. There're no repetitive things like in most Xin Xia we read and it doesn't solely focus on fighting. There're plenty politics, science and alchemy in the story... more>> as MC tries to find clues as to what happened in the past 300 years and bring humanity to it's past glory.

1 star is given for a good development of MC as a character. Initially, MC is a kid and has quite a high IQ but it doesn't mean that he's a mature person and has some childish ideals regarding the world like the fact that government law system can shield the innocent folk and deal with evil ones however after some mishap his attitude gets a massive change.

1 more star is given for the fact that story has it's own creative side and doesn't follow standard scripts. And following MC we try to understand the mysteries of what happened in those 300 years.

The only problem I can see so far is that secondary characters don't have proper development and highlight however as far as I can see the story is at it's initial stages and this problem might be resolved. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
January 7, 2017
Status: --
The author was being creative when he created the world. He ignored many of the lazy cliches when writing this. We have a post apocalyptic society that lives in a walled off city surrounded by zombies, mutants, and alchemists (evil scientists). The main character utilizes a data drive filled with the knowledge of mankind before the Apocalypse to his needs. The church which controls this walled city has been shown to have advanced technology themselves while the city lives in a dark ages standards. The main character's current job... more>> is a scavenger, going into dangerous surroundings full of monsters to collect pre-apocolyptic items. While I can't say that we have gotten much plot yet as it has just gotten past the "set up" stage of novels, I eagerly await future updates to see where the plot takes us.

While one downside to me is that the main character is a bit of a Mary sue, so far it has not been an major flaw. There was just one chapter where it talks about the main character (or his sister) getting accepted into harvard at twelve years old which made me cringe.

5/5 I will update in the future <<less
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Tellestarle rated it
January 24, 2017
Status: c312
Sorry TL san! You brought such a great story to us, but I just have to read ahead.


Let me start by saying that the development of the MCs character is slow in the beginning. Note, he's nine when he woke up 300 years in the future with a society where aristocracy and the church dominate people's lives. Also both his mind and body has not aged so there is no doubt that his thinking will remain in the peaceful era. Don't expect for him to suddenly become a badass. It will happen eventually.

Also note that his starting point is extremely low, even with his superior intellect, basically anything and everything can casually wave and end his little life. Worse we see how much of a behemoth of an enemy (s) he's dealing with, coupled with superior super soldiers that can kill him with a slap. Understanding why people pushed him around easily. The creatures he has to fight are OP AF even for the strongest bastards known in the story thus far.

But fate would have it that he struggles (along with tremendous luck, even though I wouldn't call it good luck :p) and lives through some sh*t, waking him up from his hopeful fantasies and the thoughts of romance, that grinds him into a cold, proud, descisive, calculating, insidious youth shrouded with darkness and mystique.
Imagine that young handsome talented villain that you see in most CN novels that always seems better than the MC in every aspect that everyone can't help but worship even when we know he's totally evil. Thats Dean.

... Thought about it?


Ok good, this novel is the backstory.
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fixerbacta rated it
January 17, 2017
Status: c301
A well written and quite interesting story with good world building which involves, politics and influences, factions, hunting and exploring. Its a really good union of action (fights, hunting) + inventions + politics. My only but with this novel its that Dean its way too smart for his age (12-13) but at least its compensated with the fact that his true family were genius scientists and his naivety which matches with his age (something he'll pay dearly for).

I can say this story is consistent and keeps getting better and better... more>> at chapter 301 so if you are having doubts about reading it, just go ahead. Definetly one of my favourites with Realease That Witch.


I particularly liked the romance/breakup with Jenny and the whole prison arc which really shows how the MC grows as a person and in smarts.

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ezchariotz rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c497
I like the development for character growth's.

The MC Adapt, learn, "Enlighten", sometimes "win" the situation, the other times "lose miserably".

Side character is there, not forgotten. But too many "collateral damage" each "war" kinda amusing for me

There's no 100% gain certainty. There's always loss of relationship, materials, fame, health condition, profit, ability, "Humanity", time, etc.
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Rosver rated it
February 12, 2017
Status: c401
The author's poor craft is finally catching up.

I initially give this a high rating for being somewhat enjoyable and for having a fast translator. However, like many novels, the quality of the story nosedived as it goes.

The biggest sin this story has is that it doesn't give any of its story arcs any form of satisfactory conclusion. It keeps starting various plot arcs and subplots then ditch it or sh*t on it. It even seems to forget previous events and goes into totally new direction like everything before this doesn't... more>> happen. For example, what happen to Splitty? Splitty was given so much hype. It even have a save-Splitty pseudo campaign. Where are all of it? GONE!!! This story is nothing but pure frustration. I keep going on hoping that it would finally give even a tiny bit of closure and release. Nope. It is shitty the whole way.

And the character... I barely remember most of them. They are so bland, flat and forgettable that even after reading hundreds of chapters, could not recall any them aside from vague impressions. The one I do remember, except the MC, I remembered because they so goddamn awful. I never want to see them ever again.

And finally, the poor storytelling and writing skills. It is just so bland and mechanical that I keep finding myself spacing out for the lack of stimulation.

I've read various manuals, from mobile phones to washing machines, which most find not worth reading, but they are more satisfying read than this! At least with those manuals, you'll learn various things about your devices, this story however is just leading you nowhere.

A total waste of time. 400+ chapters of nothing. <<less
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Linbe rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c318
The story is really good and I got to say somewhat original when you look at all the other CN novels (though the author has been influenced by games and some movies). I tend to be a little generous with my rating because there's only 5 choices and if I like the book I give it a 5 but for this book I would give a solid 4.5. I mean the MC is really smart and the writer doesn't show him to be ridiculously smart that he makes no mistakes... more>> but he learns from his mistakes and still he does make small mistakes. The book is also a little funny (not in the purposely trying to make it funny way but just funny) and also there is great character development.

Also it does not lose the traditional things in these novels we like in novels and the reason we read Asian novels that is the sweet feeling of revenge, face slapping, snotty young masters etc.

So all in all from what I've read I highly recommend that you read this book. <<less
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Dream Seeker rated it
January 4, 2017
Status: c25
Usually it's easy to read the plot or see the direction it will go... but this story has me on edge. There are so many questions, and twists that I found myself at the end of current chapters, before I knew it.
26 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Icetobix rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: --
I can't believe people are rating thing for having plot holes when they are barely 200 chapters in. There were a few that complained the main character has changed too fast. If anyone went through 1% of what he went through they would either go insane or turn into demons. Also some guy was whining about how the plot is similar to attack on titan, do you understand that attack on titan has a very generic plot with giants as it's only unique twist? People the plot is huge and... more>> you might not see the same characters again for a hundred chapters after they are established, however they are never thrown away instead they all reappear and are key figures in future plot lines. If any character is waste like a typical wuxia novel then please name them. Also every character has a unique personality even the females are treated like humans unlike in most Asian novels. This is a must read honestly If you compare between the MC of warlock of the magus world, this guy is even more intelligent and calculating, he truly has the makings of a dark and cruel king. <<less
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crazykat rated it
March 12, 2017
Status: c316
I honestly didnt want to start this novel due to all the negative comments. But I gave it a go, and although there were some ups and downs for example, the first 80-90 ch which was really hard to get through due to some grammar mistakes and some minor problems with the story, but I held on and man did it all pay off. The Novel is very well written, very unique, and it is really different from other general novels out there. Its set in a post apocalyptic... more>> medieval setting with knights and living conditions of the 1800's. To add a twist to it MC has some knowledge of future tech, and common sense of a normal human of our timeline. Just think of Attack on Titan but different settings. If even that wasn't enough, the translator of this novel is a total beast as he translates 2-6ch per day every day.. And that's crazy. I would read the novel just cause of the translator.


Story: 9
Translator: 10
Grammar: 7.5

I would also like to add that the grammar has now improved by leaps and bounds compared to how it was earlier in the chapters. As for the story, it just keeps improving as time passes. <<less
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razgallo rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: c157
I see this story had potential but it feels more of a fantasy story than post-apocalyptic, the only real reason it is classified as such is because there are zombies... yeah that's it. The magic senses the hunters in the story is more fantasy.

A fair warning there is prison r*pe, the main character almost got his ass poked, it is also implied that the prison has that activity at least. I know its real activity here on earth but it is a bit distasteful to read when the author tried... more>> to push it in your face so you could feel angry, which is also a bad, he could just give some passing remarks on the subject.

The plot, if you could call it as such, is mediocre. Some scenes and decisions of certain characters are all over the place and it is also predictable. It basically involves identifying who the villains are and what the MC is going to do about them, there is no goal or at least a purpose in what the MC is trying to accomplish "Just get stronger" for what? Maybe to rule this place? Get all women? Try to clean the radiation? Find its source? Just find the villain and kill it, get into trouble then kill the one who wronged him rinse and repeat. It is more like an autobiography.

You see that plot twist? I can see that a mile away Jones, but why did the MC fall for it? Cause he has to as the author would write it. I could not pinpoint why it is so predictable and bad at the same time but maybe because the author tried to introduce some lame romance which made the MC s*upid made me irritable to its decisions.

The time skips are also very obvious which is like "3 days later, after 4 weeks, and etc", I mean really? Pointing out the most obvious things, the activity will start x days from now and we read the next sentence "x days later". I understand if it is a vague time passing like years of training or some such.

The other characters are flat mostly because you can entirely see who the damnable villains are and who is an ally.

Overall it is still an interesting read at first, the Prison Arc is just too detailed (Prison r*pe-ish) that made me want to stop reading it. <<less
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Novellover008 rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: c852
One Word. Awesome.

This is a novel from the perspective of a genies cold -blooded evil villain in a cruel world.

Note: He was not always a villain. The first few hundred chapters will show you all kinds of tragedies that caused him to change from naive youth with high aspirations to the villain he is.
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wo1verine rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c536
I must say the novel has a lot of realism in terms of human heart, especially the true darkness which most greenhorns won't be able to know even at the end of their life. It may sound cold and Indifferent but it is still true.I applaud the author to be bold enough to not veer off and give fairytales all the time, life is harsh when things go bad, not everything goes perfectly. While its true the entire plot is a part of fiction, but if the events stated were... more>> to transpire this would be closest to realism as far as human behaviour with its avaricious greed will end up with. Since it is a tale it will have some moments of luck for the Protagonist for the story to progress but overall I am very pleased with how well the author depicted human traits in good, bad and desperate times.


All crybabies who can't handle actual current prision don't crib and give idiotic ratings for a suggestive and accurate prison arc. The novel isn't for 10year olds so just stay away.

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Legion_Harbinger_of_Souls rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: c613
thought it was a good time to write a review for this novel but lets keep it generic this is just gonna just be telling of some stuff that has happened or just the novel in general Honestly I suck at writing reviews since I can never really expressly say much about it without spoiling since im such a example Addict but just f*cking try it I guess once he actually become a hunter the story picks up (Better than WMW where linley didn't actually become a magi until the... more>> early to mid 200's)

The Dark King Is Currently one of my favorite novels ive read quite a bit ahead almost catching up but is currently on hold anyway the story itself I found quite interesting also as other people have pointed out a lot of things dont go The Mc's Way which I guess slowly leads to him being the "Dark King" The Action scenes are pretty decent not a lot of them though since MC is mostly an archer in the beginning he takes on more of a close combat approach later due to certain reason but honestly I think I love the Pov Of Some characters of the MC the interactions and such how everyone isnt a die hard fan of the MC for once treating their life as air only to be used by the MC (Whos Name is Dudian by the way probably shouldve mentioned that) dudian as explained in the summary is from 0ver 300 years ago and we meet him when hes in fact eight (Currently is like 18 where ive read up to) and we start out in an orphanage where hes adopted by a doctor which is where the story really begins now like all Mc's Dudian is pretty,... kind I would say?of course hes a very solitary person but hes still more or less kind but he changes thanks to events that have happend to him such as

being framed and the girl he likes not believing in him, being betrayed by this chick who masqueraded as her sister, being kidnapped by the church, etc of course at the end of the current volume something happens which really takes the cakethe love of his life hailey (Or Hallisha) Dies shes saint dragon girl this relationship is short but was definetly sweet maybe it seemed too fast to some people but I thought it was great

anyway he clearly changes he becomes kindve just solitary to an ice cold bastard who slaughters children with naught but a second though (he of course did say though that children require resources to raise and etc plus they were his enemy clans children so... yeah) anyway ive just been blabbing on so far

Final Verdict: Decent read some good character development, interesting story, fights arent too bad gets better and better as the story progresses in my opinion some moments that are funny some sad and one which was just hard to watch honestly I personally think the story gets better and better when he hits the inner wall just read it...i guess <<less
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Yfirkonungur rated it
May 17, 2017
Status: c497
I find it funny how other people writing their review complain at how realistic this show is. They complain about the romance in which these people don't probably have so I don't understand how they can complain about the romance of Dean, how can you love someone in such an environment unconditionally? Where you can get exiled or punished for loving the wrong person? In our world today most of the rich people only found love when they reached the peak already, where no one can oppose us for loving... more>> someone.

how can you blame Jenny? How many times has there been in other movies or shows that the main character fell in love people that will ruin their lives? Who would you trust more? Your family and hard evidence or a man you just met a few months ago with a very low standing in life compared to you who also has a very mysterious background?


These times are also similar to a more archaic age not the peaceful age that we have now where laws are set in stone so obviously 'companies' or in here consortiums are going to abuse their power to get stronger. There are very few people here even in our world today who truly have a good heart and have million or billion dollar companies and those who do good among them are probably even just faking it for publicity, no real company who aren't evil since they're doing their best for their lives so what can you expect in a place like this, Where warfare is always at bay? Dean doesn't have a real goal yet except for him trying to beat the 'government' and trying to be the strongest, he's like still 16 years old or something, people like us today probably wouldn't be even thinking about a clear future for ourselves. You guys are acting just as naive as Dean about the reality in this novel.

That's why I love this show. Even though it's annoying sometimes at how life always kicks Dudian down, he always gets back up no matter how physically or mentally 'rekt' he is.

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Ed_Elric rated it
March 30, 2017
Status: c371
I've read around 25 Chinese novels so far and this is the first one I've bothered actually creating an account for writing a review.

This novel is unlike every other Chinese novel I've read. It's very unique and has managed to continuously throw me off from predicting what happens next. It's been an enjoyable experience so far as most Chinese novels are fairly easy to predict.

It starts off a little slow but has been only getting better as we go.

It actually has decent character development. The main character is smart but... more>> not perfect. He does make mistakes and actually has to deal with the consequences as opposed to being protected by plot armor.

The translations can be a little rough sometimes but they release chapters very quickly which is great! Also, the translators seem to be using westernized names like the translators for Coiling Dragon Ring did which makes remembering characters much easier. Very minor spoilers below

I don't want to spoil much but it feels kind of like a combination of Release that Witch, Warlock of the Magus World, and Attack on Titan.

The story is a bit like Release that Witch in that the main character can "invent" future technology.

The story gives a similar vibe to Warlock of the Magus World with its dark undertones and evil alchemists (as opposed to dark magus).

Finally its like Attack on Titan because of a big mysterious wall.


I highly recommend reading this novel! <<less
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rdawv rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c62
Not sure of the story's direction yet, but full marks on atmospheric writing and world building. The characters are given enough personality to be understood, sort of like guest stars in a episodic TV series: enough scenes and lines to flesh them out for the story's exposition. Nobles are haughty, instructors are tough, friends are young and frightened, older figures are distant and cold etc etc...

It is an action-packed thriller, not a story about the MC having a smooth sailing in his new environment. It's a grim experience as he... more>> steels his mind to adapt to this bleak reality, where people hide their intentions behind a thin veneer of civility.

We're told that the MC had awoken in a post-apocalyptic world. It has the mixture of Fallout, Attack on Titan and zombie movies like Resident Evil or 28 Days Later where the remains of humanity are besieged by mutated monsters and undead, forced to hide in a walled city where technology is scarce and shrouded in mysticism as people began to forget about civilization before the unexplained apocalypse.

The translation is quite good, the sense of excitement and danger comes across well. <<less
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