The Dark King


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Civilization is destroyed and records lost. Only Dudian survives in a cryogenic sleep. Three hundred years later, Dudian wakes up and must become Dean to survive. Who can he trust in this world overrun by monsters without and within?

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Hắc Ám Vương Giả
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Jarrow rated it
January 20, 2017
Status: c90
I had initially rated this series fairly highly, as a good post-apoc modern/future dark fantasy, which is a pretty open field without many examples in that genera. Certain plot holes had made me wonder what the author was setting up, which is both good and bad: it could mean that the author is either setting up and planning plot lines well ahead of time, or he's winging it with an asspull. Both seem to be true, for now.

The recent immersion breaking disappointment seems to indicate that the author is writing... more>> a kick-the-dog variant, with the characters doing whatever is maximally Evil or Stupid to set up how awesome the MC must be to conquer everything. Not my cup of tea, anymore. I'll come back to it in a hundred chapters or so and make a final decision.


After spending 3 years in a forced, brutal, sometimes-lethal, survivalist training school where the leadership complains about the cost on every appearance, the MC and Co are sent out on their first mission with nothing but a poor-quality knife, zero intel about what they might be facing, little-to-no information on what they should be scavenging and how, and zero combat training. And it's done under 'instructors' that can't care less if the poor suckers survive - and most of them don't. So much for whining about how expensive they are to train. Later, after all the buildup of how deadly the environment is, the MC does everything he could possibly do wrong in that sort of environment, and has no problems. Granted, he later gets a macguffin that eliminates those threats, but he shouldn't have survived that long in the 1st place. Next it's exposed that they aren't told about the most valuable things they can retrieve, and even if they do, they are short-changed by more then an order of magnitude, if not robbed outright. The entire segment is nothing but an author wank for how stupidly evil the entire leadership is, and how wonderful the MC must be to triumph. Blech.

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clowred rated it
April 8, 2017
Status: c241
The title of this novel is "the dark king". You would expect some major political setting where a young man becomes extremely dangerous following the path of slaughter. He will have all kind of special encounters, will go through fire to reach his purpose and would always aim for a higher stage. So what the hell do we have here? I sincerely don't know. So I will write in spoiler why exactly is the story so fragmented. Two versions, long one here, short one next.
... more>>

The MC is a genius of the past that survived a nuclear apocalypse thanks to his invention, 'cold storage', which put him in a hibernating state for 300 years. When he wakes up he coincidentally arrives at a orphanage. He is adopted and soon drafted in the special military that deals with dangers behind the wall that protects the city. He first becomes a scavenger, one who searches for vestiges of the past in the safe areas outside the wall, and later becomes a hunter, one who hunts dangerous, mutated animals. He has a group of friends since the military academy, the ones he calls 'brothers', and another pack of friends from the orphanage, friends with disabilities that he plans on using to create facilities where he will develop the former society, a mission entrusted to him by his father. Now here comes the first huge division. He falls in love and plans on discarding everything. Absolutely everything. He forgets about his friends from the military academy, he forgets about his friends from the orphanage, about the mission entrusted by his father and plans on having s*x with a beauty until he dies... Or not, her father would not allow it so he sends him to the highest security prison "cough"gay camp"cough". Yeah, you read that well, he is almost raped the second he arrives in his cell after he is brutally tortured. He manages to remain with his normal butt hole, but everyone else in that prison is f**king asses like there is no tomorrow. In the end he finally escapes after five years and manages to get the help of a weakened noble family, that bails him with a few words and a sh*tload of money. He gets revenge on the corrupt judge and then he starts his plan to raise the status of the noble family that bailed him. He remembers about his friends from the orphanage and he plans to use them, but now one of them has decided to quit the group, so he remains with three of them. Soon after that he forgets about them once again. Anyway, from this point on he is going to invent new things (about two), train from time to time (one, two hours a day), joins the alchemist faction which is evil in the face of the holy faction (spends a few hours once and never returns), and then joins the holy faction which is annoying in the face of the alchemist faction (even though he might get caught f**king with both). I still can't grasp the reason, but his gains amount to 0 beside some money and a little status. Before joining the holy faction he cripples his left hand btw. And now he needs to repair that one too. Anyway, now he becomes the perfect assassin after training fora few months on how to use knives with only one hand. Like this he manages to kill about five knights from the alchemist division.... Why? well, he wanted to recover the chip containing all the patents of the former modern world from the 'cold storage device' that arrived in the hands of the alchemist faction. So he killed them. And also faces one of the strongest knights of this faction even though his knowledge about close combat amounts to a few months of training. At this point he also start forgetting about the noble family that he promised to help. At chapter 241 he starts a holographic device containing all of the inventions of the past and plans on using them to gain status most probably in both factions. Why did I drop it here? Until now the story hasn't managed to create a stable footing for the MC, can you imagine the author being able to so now that he is trying to recreate the industrial revolution? In the end what is the name of this novel? The inventor king? The kid with PTSD and Alzheimer? No, he is the dark king. So dark that I have no f**king idea what is in the end his real plan, his real skill, and so on.



So, to reduce everything to + and -
+ A smart MC
+ Interesting beginning
+ Interesting power ups
+ Interesting side characters
+ realistic plot
- The plot goes through the shredder
- The side characters are changed faster than socks
- He doesn't obtain any new useful abilities even after he is capable of hunting by himself beside strength enhancing
- His revenge stops after killing one judge
- The so called friends disappear from the story for no reason whatsoever
- The MC becomes extremely ruthless almost instantly.
- The MC tends to forget about important missions and promises.
- The world itself even after 241 chapters is not explained, but we finally get a clue. It seems the story has stolen a lot of things from "attack on titan". For some reason now the noble families are actually in the outer city. There is another one. An inner city. The MC never tried to find t his information.
- Finally, no offense, the translation is extremely crappy. Better than machine translation by a little.

Conclusion, this novel has no substance whatsoever, its all over the place and the author hasn't managed to decide how he want to develop the MC. So he is dropping parts of the plot like bread crumbles. <<less
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TaoTie rated it
December 24, 2016
Status: c6
Read this story! Well written, Descriptive and intriguing. Very, very good. Its just a fledgling translation now but it has amazing potential. Story so far concentrated on buliding characters and world, and thats a good thing, has much more of a rich story feel with more depth than many novels. Characters are complex and engaging. Amazing attention to detail and realistic actions. Excellent world building with well-built and rich environment, the post-apocalytpic setting allows a blend of eras with a historic aristocratic society while allowing the possibility of technology. Eagerly... more>> awaiting more of this story, can't wait to see where it goes. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
January 7, 2017
Status: --
The author was being creative when he created the world. He ignored many of the lazy cliches when writing this. We have a post apocalyptic society that lives in a walled off city surrounded by zombies, mutants, and alchemists (evil scientists). The main character utilizes a data drive filled with the knowledge of mankind before the Apocalypse to his needs. The church which controls this walled city has been shown to have advanced technology themselves while the city lives in a dark ages standards. The main character's current job... more>> is a scavenger, going into dangerous surroundings full of monsters to collect pre-apocolyptic items. While I can't say that we have gotten much plot yet as it has just gotten past the "set up" stage of novels, I eagerly await future updates to see where the plot takes us.

While one downside to me is that the main character is a bit of a Mary sue, so far it has not been an major flaw. There was just one chapter where it talks about the main character (or his sister) getting accepted into harvard at twelve years old which made me cringe.

5/5 I will update in the future <<less
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badass rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c304
1st of all, as shown above, I give this novel 5 stars and explain why I did so. 2 stars must be given to the effort of a translator and his speed and quality of his releases. 3 chapters a day is a rather quick speed and translator might catch soon with the releases of an author.

1 star is given to the plot. There're no repetitive things like in most Xin Xia we read and it doesn't solely focus on fighting. There're plenty politics, science and alchemy in the story... more>> as MC tries to find clues as to what happened in the past 300 years and bring humanity to it's past glory.

1 star is given for a good development of MC as a character. Initially, MC is a kid and has quite a high IQ but it doesn't mean that he's a mature person and has some childish ideals regarding the world like the fact that government law system can shield the innocent folk and deal with evil ones however after some mishap his attitude gets a massive change.

1 more star is given for the fact that story has it's own creative side and doesn't follow standard scripts. And following MC we try to understand the mysteries of what happened in those 300 years.

The only problem I can see so far is that secondary characters don't have proper development and highlight however as far as I can see the story is at it's initial stages and this problem might be resolved. <<less
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Rosver rated it
February 12, 2017
Status: c401
The author's poor craft is finally catching up.

I initially give this a high rating for being somewhat enjoyable and for having a fast translator. However, like many novels, the quality of the story nosedived as it goes.

The biggest sin this story has is that it doesn't give any of its story arcs any form of satisfactory conclusion. It keeps starting various plot arcs and subplots then ditch it or sh*t on it. It even seems to forget previous events and goes into totally new direction like everything before this doesn't... more>> happen. For example, what happen to Splitty? Splitty was given so much hype. It even have a save-Splitty pseudo campaign. Where are all of it? GONE!!! This story is nothing but pure frustration. I keep going on hoping that it would finally give even a tiny bit of closure and release. Nope. It is sh*tty the whole way.

And the character... I barely remember most of them. They are so bland, flat and forgettable that even after reading hundreds of chapters, could not recall any them aside from vague impressions. The one I do remember, except the MC, I remembered because they so goddamn awful. I never want to see them ever again.

And finally, the poor storytelling and writing skills. It is just so bland and mechanical that I keep finding myself spacing out for the lack of stimulation.

I've read various manuals, from mobile phones to washing machines, which most find not worth reading, but they are more satisfying read than this! At least with those manuals, you'll learn various things about your devices, this story however is just leading you nowhere.

A total waste of time. 400+ chapters of nothing. <<less
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Tellestarle rated it
January 24, 2017
Status: c312
Sorry TL san! You brought such a great story to us, but I just have to read ahead.

... more>>

Let me start by saying that the development of the MCs character is slow in the beginning. Note, he's nine when he woke up 300 years in the future with a society where aristocracy and the church dominate people's lives. Also both his mind and body has not aged so there is no doubt that his thinking will remain in the peaceful era. Don't expect for him to suddenly become a badass. It will happen eventually.

Also note that his starting point is extremely low, even with his superior intellect, basically anything and everything can casually wave and end his little life. Worse we see how much of a behemoth of an enemy (s) he's dealing with, coupled with superior super soldiers that can kill him with a slap. Understanding why people pushed him around easily. The creatures he has to fight are OP AF even for the strongest bastards known in the story thus far.

But fate would have it that he struggles (along with tremendous luck, even though I wouldn't call it good luck :p) and lives through some sh*t, waking him up from his hopeful fantasies and the thoughts of romance, that grinds him into a cold, proud, descisive, calculating, insidious youth shrouded with darkness and mystique.
Imagine that young handsome talented villain that you see in most CN novels that always seems better than the MC in every aspect that everyone can't help but worship even when we know he's totally evil. Thats Dean.

... Thought about it?


Ok good, this novel is the backstory. <<less
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fixerbacta rated it
January 17, 2017
Status: c301
A well written and quite interesting story with good world building which involves, politics and influences, factions, hunting and exploring. Its a really good union of action (fights, hunting) + inventions + politics. My only but with this novel its that Dean its way too smart for his age (12-13) but at least its compensated with the fact that his true family were genius scientists and his naivety which matches with his age (something he'll pay dearly for).

I can say this story is consistent and keeps getting better and better... more>> at chapter 301 so if you are having doubts about reading it, just go ahead. Definetly one of my favourites with Realease That Witch.


I particularly liked the romance/breakup with Jenny and the whole prison arc which really shows how the MC grows as a person and in smarts.

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razgallo rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: c157
I see this story had potential but it feels more of a fantasy story than post-apocalyptic, the only real reason it is classified as such is because there are zombies... yeah that's it. The magic senses the hunters in the story is more fantasy.

A fair warning there is prison rape, the main character almost got his ass poked, it is also implied that the prison has that activity at least. I know its real activity here on earth but it is a bit distasteful to read when the author tried... more>> to push it in your face so you could feel angry, which is also a bad, he could just give some passing remarks on the subject.

The plot, if you could call it as such, is mediocre. Some scenes and decisions of certain characters are all over the place and it is also predictable. It basically involves identifying who the villains are and what the MC is going to do about them, there is no goal or at least a purpose in what the MC is trying to accomplish "Just get stronger" for what? Maybe to rule this place? Get all women? Try to clean the radiation? Find its source? Just find the villain and kill it, get into trouble then kill the one who wronged him rinse and repeat. It is more like an autobiography.

You see that plot twist? I can see that a mile away Jones, but why did the MC fall for it? Cause he has to as the author would write it. I could not pinpoint why it is so predictable and bad at the same time but maybe because the author tried to introduce some lame romance which made the MC stupid made me irritable to its decisions.

The time skips are also very obvious which is like "3 days later, after 4 weeks, and etc", I mean really? Pointing out the most obvious things, the activity will start x days from now and we read the next sentence "x days later". I understand if it is a vague time passing like years of training or some such.

The other characters are flat mostly because you can entirely see who the damnable villains are and who is an ally.

Overall it is still an interesting read at first, the Prison Arc is just too detailed (Prison Rape-ish) that made me want to stop reading it. <<less
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ezchariotz rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c497
I like the development for character growth's.

The MC Adapt, learn, "Enlighten", sometimes "win" the situation, the other times "lose miserably".

Side character is there, not forgotten. But too many "collateral damage" each "war" kinda amusing for me

There's no 100% gain certainty. There's always loss of relationship, materials, fame, health condition, profit, ability, "Humanity", time, etc.
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ShinUon rated it
February 26, 2017
Status: c75
The concept of the story is pretty interesting, but the execution is quite mediocre. It can also be confusing at times as descriptions of events are sometimes messy or glossed over (example: one person was eaten by a creature during a chase scene but we only find that out 10-15 chapters later in what feels like a retcon moment). I'm not sure if this is the author's fault or the translation missing it, as the TLs are also rather poor.

However, what IS clear is that the author is not that... more>> good at pacing and building tension. This became very clear during the MC's first deployment outside, which were filled with "action" moments, where the stakes were high (life and death) and the pacing should have been fast. However, the author frequently wasted more time than necessary describing things that of little importance. And after returning from this first deployment, I continued to notice this flaw of wasting too much time (whether it be dialogue or descriptions) on things that don't advance the story nor serve an important purpose. This is generally a sign of an inexperienced writer. A competent author would know to cut dialogue or descriptions that serves little purpose.

The other issue is the MC's motivations. Even during what should have been high-stakes scenes, I just don't feel the tension or importance. I see two causes behind this: The first is the author's poor use of the novel medium. We don't really experience the story from the MC's perspective but rather the narrator's. While we do understand a bit about how the MC thinks, it's generally because the narration tells us so, not because we experience it through the MC. The second cause behind this problem is that the MC's goals are simply too far into the future and lofty. And it's never established why the MC should even care. Yes, the MC might just be the only person who can do it, but so what? Why does it matter? From a distant God/Narrator's view in the sky, we obviously see the goal benefits their society. But if it doesn't happen, so what? There's no consequence. So then it boils down to "why does the MC care?" And that's never really established. I think this flaw ties into the earlier point of how the author isn't really writing the story from the MC's perspective. And both are fairly typical signs of an inexperienced writer.

+ Interesting premise

- MC motivations never properly established
- Lack of tension
- Poorly written <<less
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porkbuns rated it
February 26, 2017
Status: c270
Plot: Set in a postapocalyptic dystopian world, our main character Dudian/Dean wakes up 300 years after an all out nuclear war that completely decimates society. Dean emerges from his cryopod as an young, naive, and abnormally intelligent (he literally got into Harvard at 12 years old) child. He comes to discover that humanity now lives inside a walled city ruled by a shady organization, with the guise of an amiable religious organization, that has brain-washed society, hiding the truth of the past of everyone; technology has degraded back to the... more>> days of swords and bows and arrows. Armed with his superior intelligence and knowledge of advanced technology, Dean embarks on his journey to discover the truth of occurred 300 years ago and to eventually revive humanity to its former glory. Follow Dean, as he experiences/encounters friendship, hardships, love, conspiracy, and betrayal, turning from a naive child into... THE DARK KING. *Roll Credits*

Protagonists: Dudian/Dean is a pretty agreeable main character overall. His naivety is a tad bit annoying (however, you have to consider that he's still just a kid, a really abnormally smart kid), but that soon changes somewhere in the 200s chapters after he gets framed and thrown in jail. I feel like he's kind of like Leylin from Warlock of the Magus World, but not as OP (that retarded AI chip is just too OP) ; since he's not as OP, instead of brute forcing his way through everything, Dudian is forced to use his ingenuity to get through situations (though, he's not always on the winning side).

Other Characters: Most of the other character are pretty meh so far; their characters aren't really flushed out and for the most part they're rarely seen (this might just be the case since it's still early on in the plot, but it's hard to say since the novel is still on-going)

Romance: Practically none existent at this point in the story. At one point, he had something going on with this noble girl, but her father didn't like that and frames him for a ridiculous crime. Being sheltered and naive as she (the noble girl) is, she doesn't believe it when Dudian says he got framed and actually believes that Dudian should be punished (I mean seriously... did she even love him at all?). After all that BS, Dudian ends up dumping her; however, the author keeps mentioning her here and there, which seems like she may still play a relatively prominent part in the story, added on to the fact that she's working on becoming a judge/magistrate.

Translation: The translation is pretty good and the translator shoots the chapters out really fast; usually 3 chapters/day, and sometimes you might get a mass release (it's pretty often actually) of up to like 10 chapters (didn't really count, but it's something around that :P)

Setting: Dark (there's this whole rapey part when he gets thrown in jail, but its goes by pretty fast), post apocalyptic, dystopian society where the rules are pretty slack if you have the money (they literally allow you to bail anyone out of jail, regardless of their crimes, as long as you have the money) where everyone lives inside a wall city. Society has retrograded a bit (horse drawn carriages as transportation, using blades and blunt weapons and bows and arrows as the weapon of choice, etc.) <<less
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Everman rated it
January 25, 2017
Status: c35
There is some mild entertainment value, but the writing is lacking and the translation is rough. The author seems to write about whatever they feel like without any regard to a consistent plot. The MC often spends a day doing something and then by the next chapter we may as well forget all about it. There are random time skips when the author gets bored of an idea as well as characters that are introduced, described and never mentioned again. Tough to enjoy.
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Dream Seeker rated it
January 4, 2017
Status: c25
Usually it's easy to read the plot or see the direction it will go... but this story has me on edge. There are so many questions, and twists that I found myself at the end of current chapters, before I knew it.
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c397
Its better then even "Warlock Of Magus World". I really enjoy this read. The MC actions are always questionable so I can't help but be worried about him on every step.. I think this needs a lot of revision and polishing but other then that I don't have any complaints.

I love the Author way of doing things.

We don't understand the MC clear goal yet but all we know is that he must fulfill his Father wish to revive Humanity to Modern Society. I hope he becomes more merciless and gains... more>> more control. In a world gone mad. There needs to be a ruler to crush and oppress to destroy this current world. The Dark King is really necessary.

I think the MC had no choice but to go on a dark path since the beginning. It makes me really sad because this kind kid had to carry a huge burden. How else can he change people views and bring back old technology? Obviously a brainwash society will try to stop him from bringing change. He needs to be a King who brings fear. He has no choice. In order to bring to the best results. I really think Jenny is the light of his life and he still shows that he cares about her but wants nothing to do with her. I can't blame Jenny but I hope she seriously makes it up to the MC. She has to get angry too. I still feel furious for Jenny betraying the MC but you can't blame her for being brainwashed... I like the fact the MC has loyal friends who have his back. He might had lost his adoptive parents but he was never truly alone after that. He still had a few loyal friends and a old man who saw MC like a son. Only a few have betrayed but MC always one step ahead and is not stupid. Even if they betray him. He will still win.

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storybookknight rated it
February 3, 2017
Status: c147
A puerile, sophomoric effort with a mildly entertaining premise. First, the bad:

The biggest problem that I have with this story is that apparently, 300 years in the future, the survivors of the nuclear apocalypse are pants-on-head stupid and pointlessly cruel. In addition to having absolutely no clue as to how a 10-year-old actually acts, the author really struggles to come up with realistic adversaries or challenges for the MC:

... more>>

Instead, adoptive parents are willing to sell their children, teachers are willing to throw kids into the wilderness, the church lies to everyone to maintain power, the scientists who oppose the church's hypocrisy are willing to indulge in human experimentation, the warriors who defend civilization are happy to use 10-year-olds as bait, noblemen would rather kill a kid then tell their daughter they can't marry that kid...


The complete lack of any sort of hope or human decency in the setting is *probably* supposed to be juxtaposed against the main character's 'modern enlightenment' and the morals of the current age, but instead it winds up creating an implausible and unrealistic setting. Especially since the MC is some sort of super-10-year-old that is totally cool with murder.

On the other hand, it's no *worse* than, say, most of the YA fiction on the shelves these days, and the implausible plot twists make for enough entertaining scenes that it kept my interest for a while. Unlike most stories with unrealistically competent MCs, the tense moments actually feel tense, where the main character actually has to sweat a little bit to survive (as opposed to other stories on NU where the protagonist just curb-stomps a neverending series of arrogant challengers.)

Overall, if you don't mind turning your brain off for a while, it's a pretty decent read. Just... don't expect a lot of internal consistency. <<less
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April 23, 2017
Status: c447
This is a good read for those who likes tragedy where misfortune always find itself into MC doorstep one way or another, I suspect the author write this novel for M readers.
I can only sigh at this gloomy gem.
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chulund rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c421
I used to rank this novel pretty high, everything that usually this kind of dystopia novel lacks seems really fine, if not good, in this novel: the narration, the character development even the world building seemed really good. But recently I realized that I really don’t like the sharp transition translator used to introduce the new arc. Usually it'll goes like: why would someone suddenly do something really out of character and the other character just goes along with it like they know their intention. But there was no narration... more>> explaining the situation, not even internal dialogue. It seemed okay and tolerable in the beginning but the trend continues and the feeling of inconsistencies stacked up and made the story confusing, at least for me.

It feels like the author is doing whatever he want to the story just to make our MC seems cool in the end, ignoring inconsistencies made along the way. I’m afraid this trend will continue in the future and we won’t know for sure because the raw isn’t even that far ahead. If the author keep doing this, the story will really turned into strange direction and make the novel repulsive. I think I'll refrain from commenting more now and will probably update if more chapter comes out, but I really don't have much hope in our author. So read the novel at your own discretion. <<less
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Linbe rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c318
The story is really good and I got to say somewhat original when you look at all the other CN novels (though the author has been influenced by games and some movies). I tend to be a little generous with my rating because there's only 5 choices and if I like the book I give it a 5 but for this book I would give a solid 4.5. I mean the MC is really smart and the writer doesn't show him to be ridiculously smart that he makes no mistakes... more>> but he learns from his mistakes and still he does make small mistakes. The book is also a little funny (not in the purposely trying to make it funny way but just funny) and also there is great character development.

Also it does not lose the traditional things in these novels we like in novels and the reason we read Asian novels that is the sweet feeling of revenge, face slapping, snotty young masters etc.

So all in all from what I've read I highly recommend that you read this book. <<less
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alphaGulp rated it
February 2, 2017
Status: --
I was also unable to enjoy this story.

One tiny annoyance is the MC's name - it feels like a lame variation on 'dude', like I'm in futuristic world where centuries of devolution have brought us down from 'dude' to 'dudian'...

Anyhow, what was more annoying was how incoherent the story was. I really don't see how the MC turned out so special - he is a fricking regular Joe kid from our world who was put in cryo-sleep for centuries. If anything, he should be in terrible shape after that ordeal,... more>> but instead we find out that he is incomprehensibly better than everyone else in the future.

Why does this weak-minded, weak-bodied kid have the mind of an overly rational adult, suddenly? Yet if he is so smart (as per the author's wishes), why isn't he ever saying or doing strategically intelligent things? Why is it that everyone he is in competition with is so lame? Is the novel hiding the fact that everyone has been so damaged by centuries of pollution that they became half-men?

But WHO CARES about some dumb kid winning over retards, or outclassing these competitors for no good reason at all? It's extremely annoying to me to see some character try to look good when the underlying situation is just wholly LAME.

It just didn't make any sense at all. Rather than reading a story about some kid making it through the post-apocalypse, I had a feeling like I was just reading a wish-fulfillment fantasy with the following parameters: the MC will be the best, everyone will love and admire him, and they will be SO JEALOUS - this is what the author desires to show us, only he actually isn't able to create the circumstances that would let this occur naturally, so instead we have to suffer a very awkward attempt to FORCE IT to happen. <<less
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