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Death and destruction swept the world after the Catastrophe happened! The Earth was ruled by the rules of the jungle as law and order are now part of history.

He woke up from a deep sleep. This crazy world was reflected in his golden eye; One person in the abyss of darkness!

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keklel rated it
May 16, 2017
Status: c17
Author writes in a lot of cliched events that are absolutely not interesting in any way whatsoever.

MC wakes up and first girl he sees looks similar to his girlfriend. Why? No reason, just a coincidence. Okay then.

Lots of talking and exposition about a world setting that somehow manages to be the most uninteresting post-apocalyptic world I've yet encountered. Some radiation happens and people get mutated and get special abilities. You'd think that'd be interesting, right? Yet the author somehow manages to make this boring. Amazing.

Example of cliched thing the author... more>> writes in: zombie woman gains intelligence and wants to die with her lover after saving the MC. The MC complies and kills her so she could be with her dead lover. Was there a point to this side-story? Did the author think this was really smart or taught a valuable lesson? I honestly can't tell. I think he probably thought it was great drama, but I beg to differ. Having a random zombie woman be introduced and then killed off in 2 paragraphs with literally one broken line of dialogue doesn't really give me a reason to care. MC goes out and runs errands for a group of people that beat him up and treated him like sh*t because - get this - there's this girl that looks like his previous girlfriend. Idk why he gives a sh*t about these people. He is illogical and all the characters are boring and unlikeable and I don't know what there is to like about this story. I honestly don't. He is supposed to be some kind of sociopath and yet he cares about people whom he has zero reason to care about. The writing is just terrible. <<less
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Karzard1010 rated it
May 31, 2017
Status: c30
For a post-apocalyptic, this one is absolutely one of the dumbest ones possible. The MC is supposedly a calculating, cold soldier from hibernation, but he is portrayed as well as the Side Character A, and his actions are as dumb as possible even as he is killing things and there are strong deus ex machina to solve numerous plot holes. There are even time skips in the story, but the funny thing is that with time skips, one would expect some changes but there are none. Just more of the... more>> same. Bang-Hack-Slash, gratuitous fan service from the females side characters, etc. This quickly becomes bland.

Either it's the translation or the original. In this case, I'm thinking the original writing sucked and it carried over. <<less
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Nightmares rated it
May 22, 2017
Status: c26
MC is a smart and calculated person. There are a lot of actions especially his fights against mutants are pretty interesting. He uses tricks, traps, harassment, guns, and close-combat skills to kill his overpowered enemies.

The plots are unpredictable is a big PLUS!!
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Aezora rated it
June 15, 2017
Status: c82
Dang... Looking at these reviews I first was thinking "Really? Hmm..." while trying to think of examples I'd deus ex machina or any of the other things mentioned. Then I was like "Either they're reading a different book, or they're haters, or they didn't like the book for some unspoken reason and are blaming it on other things"

Basically, I disagree with every other review I saw at the time I rated this. Heck, so far I disagree with some of the tags (such as Harem), since they haven't appeared at... more>> all so far, which is not to say they won't later.

This book is not exceptionally well written, (or possibly translated) in terms of rhetoric, style, grammar and so on. As well, although another review mentioned something about being racist, (not being politically correct, something I would blame on translation, or the fact that political correctness is really only worried about in a couple first world countries, china not being one of them), and others have mentioned him being unclear I would argue that his diction tends to be rather straightforward, something which could be good or bad depending on your opinion - I. E. Do you want more filler or less filler? On the same note, with the exception of a few common story driving tropes

such as ruining the home base and killing off the main loved one

it - so far - is fairly original, which is surprising considering novels I have read / am reading.

Not much so far in terms of character development, but I'm still hopeful on that front, since so far there had only been what I would denote as skirmishes or minor battles rather than a more drawn out and brutal war. (Although that seems to be coming soon.) Villains so far haven't been particularly unique amongst all the novels but there has yet to be a repeat of the same style villain within the novel.

There are a lot of unexplained things in this novel. Most, if not all of them have foreshadowing that they will be revealed at some point and some of them

*cough* girlfriend looking like his girlfriend before he entered the capsule (keklel) *cough*

appear to be directly related to main storyline.

A lot of things may change as the story progresses, but so far it's honestly a really good read (with the exception of the grammatical errors - those kill me). I really wish I could just fix those error as I read... Oh well. I'll manage.

OHHHHH. Wait. If you get to it, the author made a reference to Blowing in the Wind by Bob Dylan, but the title and lyrics are fairly badly translated (probably due to the double translation), so if you're wondering what that was, now you know. <<less
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HikikomoriGirl rated it
May 21, 2017
Status: c2
Okay, lets forget the overuse of events found in this story and even the writing that confuses the writers once in a while (I've encountered two in two chapters so far). What really gets to me is the description of the character's color background. Usually, in novels where there are characters from different cultures etc. they introduce them in a 'subtle' way or use a word that will not offend readers.... but what is up with this novel?

... more>>

"The left eye was pure dark like the other ordinary yellow people."

"The girl replied as she looked back at the negro bodyguard."


Just this is enough to make me cringe while reading the first two chapters. I don't even want to add this to my dropped list. I admit that there are some novels that has an arc where the author can be a little racist according to some readers. Although some people might disagree that the author of this novel isn't a racist since they might be Chinese and also included descriptions of their own race, the use of terms makes me think otherwise. <<less
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Tarlos rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: c105
This novel has a very similar atmosphere to The Dark King. They both have the same translator and the translation quality is quite high. However, I feel like TDK is much more interesting and attention-holding.

Things about the novel that bugs me:

    • MC seems to have no goals of his own. The moment the novel started he gets tied up with a female character (who gets basically no character development) and he runs around helping and saving her.

      When she "dies" his goal turns into making money so he can clone her.

    • After the first female character is out of the way (read spoiler), BAM! He takes in another "helpless" female. MC is like a damsel-in-distress magnet or something.
    • Interactions with these females are incredibly shallow considering the amount of plot they hog up. Hopefully it gets better in the future
    • MC's female companions are left alone constantly in this world where rape/murder/etc are commonplace, even though he doesn't really have a choice.
    • Light NTR with the first female character.

      She gets her ti*s groped and sucked on by one of the MC's enemies, and she gets groped again later by mercenaries. MC saves her and there's no penetration but it still leaves a sore taste in my mouth

Things this novel does well:

    • The post-apocalypse atmosphere of Warlord is done very nicely. Extremely similar to TDK, which I loved
    • Fight scenes are cool and not exaggerated, and there's a very real sense of tension.
    • MC's mysterious past and powers
Honestly, if you want to read something mature with a post-apocalypse setting, just read TDK. Warlord and TDK feel so similar but unlike Warlord, TDK's MC actually has his own agenda and isn't just some infatuated bodyguard. TDK also has better world building. Take this review with a grain of salt though, since there's only 105 translated chapters and the story might get godlike later when the MC gets more powerful and the mysteries surrounding him are revealed. So far 3/5
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porkbuns rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c13
As of the time being I'm giving this novel a 3/5, since I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it after 13 chapters; the novel isn't bad, but it doesn't quite make me feel the need to read it nonstop or even read it over other novels at the time being. Warlord gives a similar vibe to that of The Dark King, and is also translated by the same person (so expect pretty fast release in large quantities, if it's anything like it was with The Dark King).

... more>>

Earth and its inhabitants are ravaged by a meteor storm that that manages to pretty much hit the entirety of Earth (or at least all the major continents). The resulting damage caused by the meteor storm and the radiation that followed after, kills off 90% of Earth's inhabitants, leaving the other 10% to survive due to genetic mutation caused by the radiation. Our MC Zero, is found inside some sort of a stasis pod by a group of survivor (we don't know how long it's been since the event, unless I completely missed that point) ; the survivors proceed to wake him up and our MC joins their survivor settlement/base. Zero seems to be some sort of a soldier, based on his uniform and combat capabilities; it is also hinted at that he most likely has some power based around his eyes, which are now golden, due to the radiation.

We learn that the world is now a lawless land filled with different variations of super zombies (strong, fast, intelligent, etc.), due to some sort of a mysterious virus (kind of hoping they'll go into more detail about the virus, but it most likely won't happen). There is also mention of a conglomerate, so there's probably going to be multiple organizations vying for power, since there's no longer a centralized governing party.

The novel goes on to dump some info on you about the different power classes and levels and other things; it seems that the radiation has not only allow humans to endure the radiation, but has also given humans powers due to genetic mutation. Zero is bitten by a zombie a few chapters later, and it seems that the virus from the zombies may also cause genetic mutations and give humans powers; however, there seems to be some zombie related side effects (wanting to kill and eat humans). The weapons being used so far are things you would find in modern day (guns, knives, etc.).

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BAAM rated it
July 3, 2017
Status: c7
Prologue 7/3/17

Well I am giving it a 5 star just because this translator has some good taste in novels, this looks similar to the Dark King yet completely different I mean people gave it 2 stars after reading 2 chapters and complained how the story isn't giving them the simplified plots they are used to. So I will give it a 5 star because I like the plot, I will obviously edit my review after I read the first 30 chapters sometime soon.

c7 7/4/17

Its only 7 chapters in however I... more>> we don't compare this to the Dark king it is a 5 star with the phasing and intensity being great, its almost like my favorite part of Swallowed Star, where luo feng is hunting monsters for a living, although we have just started the author does a great job creating a dark atmosphere. If someone loves post-apocalyptic elements this has most of them so far. Thank god he isn't called smart without any reason, you can see where he uses it properly without having some godlike luck and being declared a genius. His special power is definitely not broken like other Chinese novels where he would automatically become the strongest person in his area after a few days/months. <<less
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har123 rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c120
I'm tired of that the MC is a jinx everything that comes to him dies because of him and he does nothing to deal with it the guy has a way to get stronger by absorbing the blood of strong or zombies earns their abilities but this favorite idiot play with s*upid weapons that do almost nothing as damage if we do not aim for a weak point at first I thought he had to have something extraordinary seen his dragon eye and that it will appear in some chapter... more>> after but no, me when the woman he loves is dead all he has gained these one skill he's not even become stronger and he hopes to fight against conglomerate with this skill can I stop this novel and in addition even if people die because of him even if people are close to him this bastard acted as if his he had no regrets and some next chapter he has already forgotten this MC is always late for when serious trick happened to a perso close to him <<less
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weyz rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: c24
Errr. I drop it at c24. Might continue in future when I'm really bored or something thou.

Reasons for dropping. In my head I was screaming *s*upid* loudly. Its lowering my IQ.

Btw. Story is okay. 3 star. Good to read if your bored. But slow development. And drama.... I can't stand drama. Which explain the cussing.

If u pass reading after 24. Ur good to go ;)
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