Cuckold Wizard’s Adventure


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A new member joins the adventuring team of a boy swordsman, a female priest, and a female ranger. The new member is a male wizard.

As they go on adventures, their bond deepens and they become the best team ever.

But Alvin, the boy swordsman, doesn’t know.

What Alvin doesn’t know is that behind the scenes, the wizard Shinji, his beloved priestess Milis, and his best friend Renka, a female ranger, are having a physical relationship.

The two of them have fallen into pleasure.

Only Alvin doesn`t know.

This is a netori story.

There are scenes other than cuckolding.

Associated Names
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Cuckolding Wizard's Adventure
Netori Mahōtsukai no Bōken
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27 Reviews

Apr 13, 2021
Status: c538.5
The best Harem, Netori, Mind Control combination ever.

I think the MC's plot very interesting that makes you so excited IF AND ONLY IF you really like this kind of story.


When you got the girl's first before her boyfriend and then imp**gnate her before her husband, that damn feeling really can't be put on words.


So IFF you really aren't sh*tty degenerate, then you don't have to continue reading this twisted novel.
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Jun 29, 2021
Status: c225
Critical Rating: 4
Personal Enjoyment: 5

First things first, NTR has two main classifications that are a relevant to this story.

‣ Netorare – When your lover cheats on you with someone else
‣ Netori – When you steal someone elses lover

For the main character of this story, Shinji, he engages in the latter which means he steals the lovers. This is important for those who are worried about the cuckold in the title of this novel since the correct english term for netori seems to be "cuckolding"? What to expect?
Netori... more>> novel with an overarching plot that keeps you entertain outside of the H-Chapters. MC starts off pretty standard for Netori leads, but gets character development slowly as he journeys with the adventuring team he joined. Characters?
There is one thing I really appreciate about this novel. After every major arc, the author does a character reintroduction that explains the main points of every major character in the story so far and how they have developed since the last bio. Most characters on this list stay relevant to the story and get development. (Both sexually and non-sexually)

Should you read it?
If you like NTR in general, you will enjoy this. If not, I would say that if you like R18 novels with a good plot to wrap the H-Chapters around and keep you entertain. You will enjoy it too. <<less
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Jul 17, 2022
Status: c0
I tried objectivly see, what people liked in this novel and I am utterly shocked. Thats massive NTR/Netori shit...

... more>>

Why this is so disgusting??? Idkn... This bastard wizard netoried 2 womans of Alvin and even converted him into cuckold which enjoyed being cucked. I wish that Alvin killed everyone, especially wizard. This son of a bit*h dont even deserve so many womans in his harems.


Now I am questioning myself... Why people like this and dont feel pity for Alvin? Maybe my morale principles and upbringing too high for this shit, but I still think that most people will find this work disgusting <<less
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Mar 31, 2021
Status: c70
I love Netori and this one satisfied me a lot. I already caught up to the latest chapters and not gonna take you down.

If you love Netori and Harem, you're welcome. Just a simple SMUT novel and has proper chapters at the later part of the story.
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Apr 21, 2021
Status: c66
Wow... Just.. wow..

While there's a lot of novels with hypnotism at works, this one shows how to really use it properly, and even counter charm user too..

At first it started with NTR only theme, no love or romance between MC and other characters, but as time goes by, the MC started to have real, loving feelings to one of his target.

This kind of theme normally will get stale after conquering the target, but not this novel. It have depth, and storyline is quite good, and could've been another normal isekai... more>> novel if we exclude the le*d parts.

To anyone who likes Netori (stealing), and hates NTR (being stolen), this would be close to the perfect isekai novel for you.

There aren't much isekai mechanic being shown yet, but why would we even read those things after we all been reading them again and again in every isekai novel right? This novel shows only what necessary, not repetitive action.


Also as of chapter 66, there seems to be more depth in the stories, as there seems to be a hint of heroes or summoned persons, by the order of the goddess and stuff..

So things is going to get a bit serious now

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Feb 17, 2022
Status: c401
I love adventure story, I also love adventure story with romance, and I love it even more when adventure story have a bit of harem or love triangle but the MC only focus and just choose one heroine from the beginning till the end.

So basically I love romance story where MC dedicated his love to just one person, and you could say that I love vanilla, I love pure relationship the most, and what do you expect when I found this outrageous novel and try to read it?

I found out,... more>> that deep down...... deep down.... that I'm a degenerate...

Stealing other people girlfriend and imp**gnating her before their partner is truly the best, I didn't realize that I actually like this kind of stuff, in fact I have a gf too, and I hate it if that happen to me, i'll sure beat the crap out of guy who did this kind of shit.

But after reading this novel, I don't really mind if I'm the one who steal other people partner, that's when I realize that I'm a degenerate.... this novel is just so well written that it's difficult to hate, the s*x scene is good, the plot is decent, and the netori play aroused me, it's messing me up.

The minus for me is because the amount of sub heroines is a lot, and the plot itself is quite interesting, so the excessive s*x scene feels like a chore, and slowing down the story, especially when the MC have s*x with girls who is not one of your favorite, but I guess that's just me

So basically, if you're a degenerate, then you should try this novel, the translation is good, well written, and the plot itself is interesting, but if you're a good guy, you better stay away from this novel, or you'll cry <<less
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Apr 17, 2021
Status: c238
OK, no matter what you say or berate, it's not going to change the fact that it is the best novel dedicated to netori genre

the synopsis and title pretty much explain everything.I understand why people berate it so much. Well tbf, the low rating is the proof that it hit on the spot. That's what a netori novel is. The more good it's written, the more hard it'll slap.. It is orchestrated beautifully. Author put fights here and there to fully flesh out the world. I've seen many people lamenting... more>> from alvin, cursing milis. Grow up lads. IT'S NETORI NOVEL. Someone's gotta be the scapegoat here. There are some rules to enjoy netori novel. First, put yourself on cuckers shoe, not cucked one (unless you're a masochist). Just enjoy the domination, horniness here, why analyzing a R-18 novel like critics on the first place?At least we gotta appreciate translators hard work here. But in the end, if you are a guy with some virtue still left, you'll hate it. Like I did. I still feel like throwing my PC because of what happened with Alvin. And lol, imma gonna drop a bomb out here, so read at your own voilition


In accolade to alvin, it's revealed later that alvin likes seeing milia touched by another man. So, stop lamenting dude.I also lamented for alvin, until I read upto this part. Lol, I don't know what to say anymore. TO sum it up, sl*t wife+maso cuck husband=blissfully sweet couple

And the reason why he has awakened as a maso is because shinji's spirit tweaked with his mind. He was a genuine good guy. I hope some chad kr MC later reincarnates in his body and avenge him


P.S: It is totally unfair how good the illustration is!Lol look how INNOCENT characters on the cover look XDD <<less
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Nov 28, 2021
Status: --
At first it was great and all but noe I feel bad for Alvin.

I know he likes getting cucked now but idk. The MC doesn't aim to make the girls fall in love with him But I'm worried they might and forget about Alvin. It susk to be him. Also he wasnt a cuck in thr first place but a result of the MC's mind control. I can't read it anymore cause I can't help but feel bad noe. First was Mills now was Cristin so yeah.

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chrysanthemum enthusiast
Apr 11, 2021
Status: c63
Has lots of manipulation and probably r*pe.

But this is some good smut. Also has some character development? Shinji starts out as not wanting to have relations with somebody who is not in a relationship/in love with someone, but he eventually got into the idea of a normal relationship.

His relationship with Renka started out purely physical, but now he's also romantically interested in her.

The update schedule is pretty good. Tiny TL updates often with multiple chapters.
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Jun 14, 2022
Status: --
Those who berate this novel clearly didn't read the sypnosis that carefully.

This novel truly delivers the content it proposes in the best way possible, among all of the netori novels I have ever read. I won't spoil anything because it's honestly better to read yourself.

If you find yourself enjoying this novel, congrats. If you don't then just stop, because reading more will only make you hate it more.
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Aug 16, 2021
Status: c307
The good thing of this novel is that the s*x scenes are very good written, normally in the japanese smut/hentai novels the dialogs in the s*x scenes are very draggy, I don't know if I explained myself. In this novel, there is not excesive dialog and the sensations they feel are well trasmited.

On the other hand, If you can't stand Netori this novel is not for you, the MC goes stealing girls left and right. What is surprising of this novel is the polot, althought there is not much substance... more>> it keeps you entertained enought not get bored from going to one s*x scene to another or from one heroine to another.

So if im honest is a very good hentai novel, this means Very good s*x scenes and heroeins and a decent plot that keeps you entertained. <<less
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May 22, 2021
Status: c44
when I see the romance of the MC and the main heroine what I see is just a botched up attempt in character development, cause of the need of it, she became the main heroine

the way the main heroine's feelings for alvin was downplayed and was conformed to a better light so that she can be good heroine material is BS

there's better candidates but she won so there's that
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Aug 24, 2021
Status: c310
Surprisingly Good

Believable plot and character development, not many cliches, decent translation. And so far, not much repetition of ideas.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 17, 2022
Status: c179
Alvin is asking to be cucked, can't believe people feel pity for this kid. Dude fapped to his own girlfriend being f*cked by another man, and the way he sees the world, all rainbows and butterflies. Like bro, this kid has yet to see the dark side of the world he living in.

His girlfriend Milis? A worthless whore, oh how much I wished for Alvin to find out what she did behind his back and throw her away, and then for MC to throw her away cause she single and... more>> is not worth his effort anymore. But she will never leave his side, cause Alvin is an incompetent fool. Even if he finds out he'll probably take her back.

At this point in the story sh*t just repeats itself. Girls fall in love with Alvin at first sight or know him from childhood, then MC pops in and they fall. Or he just meets some random beauty and they f*ck/"tortures" her. Everything while Alvin doesn't have a clue in the f*cking world.

All in all not bad for a Japanese novel I was expecting less. <<less
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Aug 23, 2021
Status: c355
Yeah this was better then I had imagined. Well written scenes aside the character building is great with backstory to further expand the development. Walked in thinking I just give it a 4 if the story/scenes were decent but it went above that. Though the small nitpicks I got were irritating

once Alvin got cucked how the party would change-grow-fall, shinji succubus spirt as a character and his past. Stuff that doesn't get mentioned early

they were resolved as I kept reading.
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Jun 10, 2021
Status: c179.5
At first, I didn't really find the plot interesting at a all. A good s*x story has to be remotely believable. I think the early part relies too heavily on his powers which make it like a cheesy hypnosis hentai. Down the line though if you don't get bored I think the story develops better. I am happy I stuck in reading it.

I think the downfall of all superpowers is how potent they are. If there is no threat protagonist wont lose. It's hard to write a decent story unless... more>> you go the overlord/one punch man route. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 23, 2021
Status: --
I'm your average NTR enjoyer but..

This just turned me off because of how they display alvin as the most pure form of a human puppy, just not doubting anything..

Not my usual NTR so..

But still a good NTR if you dont share that much sympathy towards alvin 😢
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Nov 30, 2023
Status: c120
Your enjoyment of this novel will depend massively on your fetishes. This is a netori novel, centered around the idea of the MC stealing other people's lovers. Basically, it's a novel for massive degenerates. Coincidentally, I enjoyed it.

Anyways, once you start to enjoy the netori, there's no going back. Just don't do this stuff in real life and keep it to fantasy.

By the way, after reading this novel, Arthas the Paladin transformed into Arthas the Death Knight (check one of the top reviewer's picture).
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Dec 03, 2021
Status: --
Technically for me you can count this as both NTR and Netori because the narrator is in the 3rd person. Yeah Shinji is the MC but at the same time since we are given the 3rd person narration you can practically say that Alvin is also the MC. BTW maybe it's just me ranting here but I hate stories in the 3rd person narrative.
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Nov 20, 2021
Status: c368
This review may contain spoilers as I read the story in Japanese and have caught up with all the chapters so far.

About the translation, it's okay for a machine translation, as in the words make sense more or less. I stopped reading that after 2 chapters so I'm not quite sure how it plays out after.

The title is a bit misleading isn't it? It gives the impression that the wizard is the one getting cucked but it's actually the opposite. Netori not Netorare.

The MC has a kind of legit reason... more>> for cucking people. It's not only his fetish but his lifestyle as well. It's revealed at some point that he was raised by an incubus and his values are based on having women fall into pleasure.

This doesn't mean he's going around spreading misfortune or 'punishing' the significant others of the women he sleeps with. In most cases, he keeps it hush hush. He's very smart about using his mind magics and always has safeguards to make sure nobody who knows can reveal his secrets. He understands it's 'wrong' but does it anyway.

It's funny because, due to his fetish, he'll often wait to confirm the girl has a guy who loves her and who loves him back before coming in for the steal. His MO is basically making them his s*x friends -not s*x s*aves- like those manga where the protagonist wants to make a hundred friends. As such, he doesn't require them to leave their boyfriends or husbands. He tries to separate love and lust to the degree that his s*x friends who love other men will still love them but love his c*ck more. It is a harmonious NTR.

But it's not like he doesn't have faults. One mid point character development crisis he faces is that he starts to become too human. As in falling for his s*x friends and losing his incubus like thought process. This is fixed soon enough.

Another interesting thing about this MC is, despite him being a psuedo incubus, he's very devout. His relationship with the goddess of the world is one of the most respectful MC to God relationships I've read. From both sides. While MC is respectful, the goddess, who's very OP probably, is also humble and understanding when he doesn't desire to do something. It's a breath of fresh air compared to all the hateful or trickster ROBs that seem to be so common. And this is long before MC has s*x with the goddess. She values him as a hardworking and capable apostle and he gets adequate rewards for his work saving the world in small ways. This is a decent goddess who doesn't operate on black company standards.

For those looking for a more conventional NTR experience, the hero-ish character, that is to say, the main cuck, is being slowly trained to accept that he is a cuck through subtle magics and some chapters ago, he 'let' MC f*ck his gf while he watches for the first time.

About the s*x scenes in general, they're mostly below average in my opinion. The main reason for this is because of the small chapters. It feels like they're over before even getting started. Of course there are train chapters where it's one whole s*x scene over 4-5 chapters which are not bad. The dirty talk isn't over the top. I would say slightly above average in terms of dirty talk because it's kind of repetitive sometimes. Though MC has some standard fetishes to spice things up sometimes, like maid play, or maid play, or maid play...

About the girls. Currently Fraeri is the only one who's able to sexually dominate him. Sure there are others who can physically over power him in bed but in that sort of situation, it's more of a contest of strength than s*x, so no one has fun. 2nd in terms of s*x would be the elves, who have very high s*x drives and don't get tired no matter how much they cum.

World building. It's not very complicated but not overly simple. There are towns which seem to have a cardinal trend, there are nobles who don't play a big role in the story, there are spirits who are akin to angels to the goddess but who can also have s*x because the goddess is chill like that. Characters have goals and aspirations and the plot actually progresses towards those goals. There is a reincarnation-from-japan system but isekai'd people aren't really overpowered hacks.

The story is decent. The le*ds are fun. Character interactions drive the story. Overall, a pretty chill story for casual p*rn readers. Nothing overly dramatic happens, but it doesn't get boring. <<less
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