Flower Stealing Master


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When the protagonist woke up, he discovered that he had become Song Qingshu, who had his meridians destroyed in a contest of martial arts and was banished from his sect. He also found out that this was a chaotic world that incorporated Jin Yong’s 14 novels. What will he do now?

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Tou xiang gao shou
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Goblinslate rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: Completed
I am the translator of the novel Flower Stealing Master. I have already read the whole novel, and I am giving this novel a 5 star rating.
Now, I am going to explain why. (This is going to be quite long.)

First of all, let me make this clear... NO, the protagonist doesn't get NTR'ed. If accidental touching and hugging can be called NTR, then I have nothing to say about it. Just remember, originally, Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhiruo were lovers, but Zhang Wuji was always like a JP Protagonist. He wouldn't even touch Zhou Zhiruo, or Zhao Min. Zhou Zhiruo only married the original Song Qingshu to take revenge, but she still had feelings for Zhang Wuji. Both the women remain clean, and pure, until they fall in the hands of the protagonist of FSM, Song Qingshu. In simple words, it's Song Qingshu doing the NTR, not the other way around, and it will remain that way for the entire novel. So, don't come to conclusion based on limited understanding (and incident of Chapter 6) and go on a misguided rant on NU.

Anyways, the original Song Qingshu was mental and ended up destroying himself, and that's where the original plotline ends.

FSM begins with the transmigration of the "new" Song Qingshu, who comes from a modern era. Remember, the man is a normal man, a businessman to be exact, with a working brain and the story is written from that perspective. The MC is not a maniac, who will act arrogant and be instantly okay with killing, or eradicating nine generations of his enemies. He actually thinks about the situation he is in, and tries to do his best to survive. Yes, he's not a pushover, he will get stronger with time, but he will always maintain a modern intellectual mindset. He is a schemer, and nearly everything he will do has some sort of reason behind it. It's the same with his harem as well. Every member had some sort of part in his plan, and he will conquer them to get them on his side even if they were once his enemies. It might not make sense at first but, it all comes together at the right time. His relationship with Zhou Zhiruo is a good example of that. Also, this novel takes the time to develop it's characters, so there will be character development, lots of it.

Of course, there will be tons of ero as well, starting from around 400 chapters, due to a certain reason which you will come to know as you read. The first 300+ chapters will be used for world building, and character development.

So, only read if you like this type of story and protagonist.

Now, let me explain what is a good novel for me:
1. Intelligent characters. Not only the protagonist, but also the female protagonists, antagonists and the notable side characters.
2. Character development.
4. Good and mature writing from the author. He has to be able to write well thought out stories. The character interactions have to be interesting. And give relevant information where it's needed, with a fair amount of mystery. You know... to keep me interested.
5. No female protagonists should be forgotten. They have to be more than just dolls. They should have brains.
6. World building has to be well thought out. I do like it if it's a Kingdom building novel.
7. Since it's a harem novel, the romance between the characters has to be satisfactory. Not some kind of mindless hypnotizing incident, where they fall as soon as they see.
8. The plot has to follow a certain logic. The world within the novel has its own logic, and the plot of the story should follow it.

That pretty much covers it all.

And now, about why I like Flower Stealing Master:


1. The protagonist is intelligent. And even after becoming powerful he stays that way. Yes he's a bit of a pe*vert, but this is a harem novel, it's necessary. He also gets a fair amount of character development. He makes mistakes, and he learns from them. He schemes, but uses force when necessary. He's a diplomat. Also, throughout the entirety of the novel, he never forgets his origin, he retains his modern perspective.
2. The best part about this novel is definitely the harem. This is probably one of the best harem novels out there. The female protagonists play a major part in the entire story. You can say that without them the protagonist would not be able to get that far. They have strengths and weaknesses. They scheme and get jealous. They are in the end very rational, hence the existence of the harem. This novel is similar to Pokémon. The protagonist is Ash and he has to travel around the world and work hard to catch those powerful Pokemons. He has to build a good relationship and then with their help he is able to challenge the world!
3. The author's writing is another reason I love this novel. Keep in mind that this novel was the first novel he wrote. It may have some flaws, but you can feel his competence as the story progresses. The interactions between the characters are really interesting. You can also feel that the author gives a lot of thought into his plots. His latest book is a good example of his growth.
4. Romance can be another plus point. Usually, cn harem novels don't put that much importance on romance and courtship. But in this novel it plays a major part. The protagonist takes his time to gain their favour. He tries various tricks and schemes to make them his. You can very well say that the whole novel is about this process.
5. The world building is also quite well done. Actually, Jin Yong has already done most of the work, but this author has done a great job of combining them into a unified whole. We have to give him credit for that.
6. Last but not least, it has a happy ending with no complicated drama.


Ok... that's all I have to say for now. I really enjoy reading this novel. It kept me interested till the end. I hope it'll be the same for you too!
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Shuchou rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: --
First and foremost, There's no NTR. Only Netori so have fun.

Warning tho: 90% of the Heroine already have someone they love, deeply in love to the point they rather die than touch a man's hand. But remember, our MC reincarnated to a novel (14 novels in 1 world) so that's 14 protagonist and bunch of heroines. You can feel the author's love to the characters of that novel since the women really stay true to their character. The MC is a Milf lover so atleast 90% of his harem are... more>> married women, some are widows. But they'll be with the MC in the end. Well not like he have a choice since most of the heroines of the 14 novels are married to it's protagonists.

Anyhow, I'll make it simple. The pros of this novel is the MC himself. He is smart and considering he reincarnated to a novel he knows, he uses the info properly for his advantage. He's is OP.

Very OP since he snatch some of the techniques that should be found by the novel protagonist. His modern thinking is mostly hilarious tbh. The harem is, well a lot and most of the member are the heroines of the novel he reincarnated to. The way he steal wives and widow is good but long since the women's thinking are pain in the ass, the "I'll die if my husband die" thing. As I said, this is Netori story so don't be scared if you see a heroine who are deeply in love with their husband since they will fall with the MC eventually. 95% of the beauties in this story will be part of his harem, no matter if they love someone or not. Best thing is that, the MC knows the character of the girls from the novel so he doesn't really plan thing out to get a girl. Hes just smooth at stealing, he doesn't plan ahead but makes moves boldly

The cons: well the biggest con is r*pe. I mean, women in this story are pain in the ass. Even if their husband died, or has been long dead, you can't really move their heart unless you do something memorable. DON'T WORRY tho since in his massive harem, only few have been r*pe by the MC. By r*pe I mean that includes Dual Cultivation to heal the heroine. And he only uses that as the last thing if he can't really find the way to cure.

The Best heroine, Zhao Min for me have that scenario, the MC chooses not to heal her through that method since she have someone she deeply love at that time so the MC didn't force her and in the end it took her to fell in love with our MC and got healed after 1000+ chapter. Well the main reason Qingshu didn't use the dual cultivation on her because she is his favorite character when he read the novel back from earth so he is unwilling to do that.

Yea took her that long to accept the MC, that's how hard to get girls in this novel. Especially considering she shows up at chapter 3-5 and MC only got her on mid to late 1500+ chapter

The second con is the heroines old thinking. It is seriously ducking pain in the ass. Since they're a character from the novel and they are heroines, you really feel how hard to make them fall in love with our MC. It really is hard stealing girls from a protagonist. It's just hard. Way too hard. So I salute our MC for stealing them.

There's also that thing. It can be considered as con for it's repetitive but I'll put this on pros since it's quietly funny if you think about it. It is, the PUB scene or Restaurant scene. The cliche. Our MC said it himself that, pub scene happens 100% sure. And it always did.. The funny thing is, there's always a PUB scene, and every time it took like 20-30 chapter. It's just funny how dumb it is, I think personally. The author just love that scenario or hear just mocking it. But seriously there's a lot of pub scene.

As for how hard to get the heroines, let's make a comparison. Let's say Boa Hanc*ck from One Piece. She's head over heels with Luffy and won't even consider another man and you want her to fall in love with you without changing her character.. That's the kind of woman we have here in this novel. Don't forget, what I'm talking about is Boa Hanc*ck who's already head over heels with Luffy not the Boa before meeting Luffy. <<less
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xenocross rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Flower Stealing Master is fanfiction of Jin Yong's novel, filled with erot*c fantasy and wuxia battles. That's the sum of it.

If you never read Jin Yong's novel, then this novel is not for you. You should read some of them first. You can also watch tv series adaptation because it can help you visualize the beauties. Or the comic adaptation, because some beauties are just too beautiful to be represented by human actress.

Reading them before, you can familiarize yourself with some characters, items, martial arts, sects, weapon, poison, etc. Because... more>> author sometimes will just assume you already know that and just mention its explanation in passing. Also, the beauties will be more attractive if you know them before in their original story.

Anyway, if you are fans of Jin Yong's novel, and you always have le*d fantasies about the female characters in them, then this novel is perfect for you.



1. the battle and tension is real. It's not inferior to original works.

2. Majority of female lead fall in love with MC, and the progression is satisfying.

3. Creative retelling of many aspect in Jin Yong novel, of course because of the fusion many things are just author creative nonsense. But it is believable and can resolve some contradiction and add to world building.

4. erot*c scene is good.


Some cons


1. The timeline is confusing, paradox happen.

It was not easy to fuse all Jin Yong novel in one world. For example, for the initial setting to happen, Yellow Dressed Maiden must exist, and defeat MC nominal wife before the chapter 1. But Xiao Long Nu is the number one beauty, so of course she should be virg*n and MC should get her. But Yellow Dressed Maiden is originally Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu descendant! To resolve this paradox, author create a whole new background and origin for Yellow Dressed Maiden. (which is acceptable and quite creative, but still diverge from original canon).

Many other confusing timeline also exist. One familiar with Chinese history would notice. When Southern Song, Qing, Jin, Liao, Xixia, Dali, Mongol dynasty exist at the same time, it would be confusing. It is because some of the character background tied to Song dynasty (Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Yang Guo), while some are tied to Qing dynasty (Wei Xiao Bao, Golden Snake Camp), and some beauties are tied to Xixia which is from earlier period.

Not to mention some martial art timeline. Several Beggar Sect Gang leader exist at the same time, so author must divide the beggar sect. Ming Sect exist at the same time as Sun Moon Sect. Five Champion of Hua Mountain is not the real strongest martial hero, because there are others from other period who are stronger....

Also, there are two Guo Xiang, the 1st is Zhang Shanfeng contemporaries who establish Emei Sect 100 years ago, and the other is a baby just born....

2. Geography is a mess

And so the China central plain must be divided into several competing nations. Maybe author make a map or something, but if you are not familiar with geography, it is hard.

3. Plot armor

After the 20th time of MC rescuing a beauty from getting r*ped after drinking aphrodisiac, It become unbelievable. MC just happen to always be there and all designated heroines are always safe, their v**ginity (if they are unmarried maiden) always protected until MC claim it.

4. Xianxia element

Minor element when MC gain teleport, can fly (limited), and use soul attack.

And kinda bullsh*t thing when Dugu Seeking Loss is alive and ascend to immortal realm. Or that Ahqing is host of goddess.

5. Inconsistency

MC character change throughout the novel. Maybe because author wrote it in the span of 6 years. Many things are not in author interest anymore and he regret writing some things. (Biggest thing is the treatment to Huang Rong)

Also, MC travel around and disappear for a while sometimes. This made it hard to track him down and communicate, especially when some people need periodical antidote only he can provide, but this is ignored by author.

Also, MC must have some kind of item box or spatial ring. He bring so much useful items that he always have them when he need it. But there is no such thing....

6. Lackluster ending

Maybe author in hurry to end the story because he has new one (Keyboard Immortal), but he just write one last long chapter summarizing the end after the last big boss died. This leave many unresolved plot point.

MC promise to Ye Erniang is forgotten, Duan Yanqing never find out about his female goddess, Linghu Chung and Yue Lingshan fate is unknown, and so on.

For example, the competing male characters are ignored. No mention of Zhang Wuji or Yang Guo after that.

Potential harem member are just left ignored. Tianshan Tonglao is foreshadowed as harem member but ignored, fate unknown. Wang Yuyan was one of the top beauty, ignored because author is wishy washy about her mother. Li Mochou was ignored. Xiaozhao just lost somewhere.

In the end MC casually added Cheng Ying to his harem without any hint. All of his harem are females that already expressed their love to him, except Cheng Ying. He just order her to enter imperial harem?


the netori/ stealing


MC did 4 netori to a wife who still have living husband, err maybe more.

MC did sleep with widows maybe 5 times? In ancient china, widow is also expected to be loyal to her dead husband so this also count.

MC steal the heart of original novel heroines (Zhou Ziruo, Zhao Min, Ren Yingying, Xiao Longnu, Huo Qingtong, etc). But in this case it was more like the situation advantage, also other male incompetency and misunderstanding.

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Thousandswords rated it
June 30, 2021
Status: c579
As a person who have read over 500+ chapters of this awesome novel, I can only say... user here_iam you my friend couldn't be more wrong.

Let's consider the fact the Zhou Zhirou only ever loved Zhang Wuji from the start and considered the original Song Qingshu as nothing but an acquaintance. Moreover, Zhang Wuji was the protagonist of the original novel. It would be weird it she loved someone else. She also didn't let Zhang Wuji do anything to her before he marries her. She keeps herself pure.

About our MC,... more>> Song Qingshu, this guy is a fukin Alpha. He is the most alpha protagonist you will ever see. Even more the Yun Che from ATG in some cases. So, I see no problems in this aspects.

Don't let the words of someone who only read 16 chapters affect your opinion. Let me tell you this novel is every harem lovers dream. You will not regret reading it. <<less
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Jade.zero rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: c13
Phenomenal translation btw.

Anyway, as a novel written by the same author of Keyboard Immortal, it’s of pretty damn good quality. The dialogue is excellent as usual, and the world setting feels very cohesive and known. The flow and pace of the novel are pretty good, and the characters are intriguing.

Now the one thing I don’t actually like is probably just the content of the novel. Although I understand that it’s basically a fan-fiction of Jin Yong’s works, it still feels pretty bitter to read the first dozen chapters. I’m not... more>> a beta c u c k, so reading that s h I t was actually pretty f u c k I n g depressing ngl. Mfs do everything BUT leave honestly.

Otherwise, it’s a novel of good quality. Idk if I’ll continue it, but if you don’t mind some bitterness at first, I’d definitely recommend it. <<less
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here_Iam rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: --
this author love to abuse his MCs the most, it's not like I love an OP MC but this MC luck is negative, be it in the plot, or how his women love other men, I cant tell u that there is nothing special about this novel except the MC been a side character, who think that he is playing the smart guy and planning everything,

i think the harem tag is not needed here, as the MC have no reaction if the girl he is interesting in have relationship... more>> with other man or love other man, and it clear that the author is a big fan of the characters of Jin Yong’s 14 novels, that's why they appear more then the MC. <<less
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Deathspate rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: Completed
I originally started this novel because I was obsessed reading Keyboard Immortal and wanted to get more of the author's work. When I started reading this, it became obvious that everything from this novel became the prototype for Keyboard Immortal, that became this novel's biggest strength and weakness at the same time. I won't delve too deeply into stuff as it's 2.5k chapters and I don't know how long I'll be typing if I really wrote an in-depth review, so I'll keep it short; DON'T READ UNLESS YOU JUST WANT... more>> TO WASTE TIME OR READ THE AUTHOR'S PREVIOUS WORK.

This is a novel that was 80% well done and then 20% handled horribly at the end. The reason why I said that Keyboard Immortal is what was this novel's biggest strength is because the MC from this eventually became the prototype for Zu An in Keyboard Immortal. You can expect some similar tricks like what Keyboard Immortal employed, a weak to strong, tactical, brash MC. There's political scheming and all that good mastermind stuff happening. Although the 80% good isn't anything to write home about, it did what it set out to do great, creating a harem of the chicks in the 14 books, sadly this also became a detriment as the book went on, as you could see in the post-chapter author notes.

It became painfully obvious after reading a ton of those post-chapter notes that the author began struggling to keep everything together. Essentially, the issue arose because this novel is basically a fanfic at the end of the day, it means that there's already a pre-established notion for every character, how they behave and even how they look. Not even speaking about how he had to find a way to weave completely unrelated characters from different books into being related, the author constantly faced criticism from readers that read the original and just thought he was being disrespectful one way or another to the original.

The reason I'm stating this is that it also became a clear factor in why this novel went downhill, the author just got tired of it and decided to prematurely end the novel, he began working on Keyboard Immortal and at that time the quality massively dropped. Even with the author's full attention, the novel was already repetitive to a degree, but the original love that every female character was getting slowly got thrown out the window as he just wanted to introduce everyone as quickly as possible and get it all over with. With the author's original pacing, this novel would've taken AT LEAST 3500 chapters to finish, and with the newer story elements at the end, it could've hit 4000+, however this novel took 6 years to write and the author clearly didn't want to spend any longer on it, notwithstanding all the criticism he was receiving, it's also just a fanfic at the end of the day and he'll not actually receive as much credit as he felt he could with writing an original work. Reading this novel as someone that has never read one of the original 14 books is definitely the way to go.

There are way too many unresolved issues in the world and the last few chapters eventually turned into writing summaries of events. Things that would be an entire arc were handled in the span of a chapter, that's the level of idgaf the author reached, he just wanted to get out. He held no real love for the characters anymore and you could tell, the multiple plot points were either left hanging or resolved shoddily. Hell, some of the chicks from that 14 novels he intended to fit in the harem, he just straight gave up and didn't even include them in the summarized ending,

Wang Yuyan being the biggest example of such, as being someone introduced from the beginning chapters and no real end to speak of

. Don't read this novel, read Keyboard Immortal instead, it's much more likely for that novel to actually get real love and for the author to see to its end properly than this novel. It sucks because I liked Qingshu, but it is how it is. <<less
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omarct rated it
August 8, 2021
Status: --
Keyboard Immortal is amazing and this is by the same author. If you love well written harem novels look no further. I have tried other similar novels in the same vein but the writing always sucks and the characters and world building non existent.
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Tobi rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: --
Ayo, what can I say. So far the translation have been very decent. My eyes was burned with the pain of MTL so something of this tier is amazing thus far.

Aside from the translation, there is only one thing I will say. It's from the same author as Keyboard Immortal.

Okay okay, you might have been put off from the start of the novel with the whole speal with the girl cheating on the MC and such, but just a heads up. He cuts her off so goddamn fast after a couple chapters that I was cheering like my life depends on it. But another heads up, she is a harem member from what I can tell.

WAIT THERE'S MORE. MC meets a goddamn MILF and actually try to smooth talk seduce her. Don't worry about the bit*h from the earlier chapters, who is she compared to the kind hearted MILF? IT'S A GODDAMN MILF.

Chars Details:

Song Qingshu, how do I say this? Unlike Keyboard Immortal, the MC of this one actually uses deceits and trickery to get through his struggle as of right now, he also has a smooth tongue and know when to take a step back and retreat unlike KI where he just goes gung ho about everything.
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Laconic rated it
January 18, 2022
Status: --
R18 novel. Men of Culture know why I was here.

But are the R18 spicy scenes any good?


... more>> There's very little description and less than a paragraph there. Then it's also r*pe. He couldn't win her over at all and she was going to leave him for another man. He drugs her and that scene finishes up with no reluctant enjoyment from the FL very fast. Like he could slightly edit this and it could pass for r15? Literally like one paragraph.

So stay for the story? Nope. It feels like the beginning was set up for some NTR, but it doesn't ever cross that final line. It's still uncomfortable to read that. Then the actual story is really hard to follow. Lots of Chinese and Mongolian history mixed in. Confusing is an understatement.

So I'm not going to rate favorably. <<less
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kokekoo rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: --
First few chapters utter tra-sh, he is a loser who died as a loser then reincarnated to become another loser whose wife is being touched and hugged by another man. Absolutely disgusting stuff. The translator says there is no NTR and you will love the wife later on in the story but hugging and being touched and loving another man while talking behind his back beside him as if he doesnt exist is already NTr for me.
Every Chapter you will see him sigh how he underestimated his opponent when he shouldnt. He makes the s*upidest mistakes. Never learns from his mistakes.

He gets poisoned by someone he saved and almost dies then forgives him again, completely pathetic. He gets saved by a girl really pathetic stuff. When escaping all he was thinking about is if he survives how will he guard against strong poisons not how stop being naive and fall for s*upid tricks like this...

Instead of avenging himself he is afraid to offend one of the countries' emperor even tho the MC saved this emperor's daughters. It would be better to kill off the emperor but he is so beta. There is no way a beta like that could get this many women without plot of the author forcing it. The whole novel is that author is s*upid or forcing MC to be s*upid and cowardly.
He is the definition of simp, the absolute role model of simps. Even tho he is strong and doesnt need to simp he still simps. Women use him left and right, hide their plans from him for their selfish reasons. They love other guys to death yet he will simp them all.

He is supposedly strong and everyone acknowledge as a top master yet he almost dies from small shrimps s*upid plots and saved by plot armor. He doesnt want to kill someone who is extremely evil rap-es children for so and so reason and lets him go except this evil guy doesnt go but almost kills the MC, wtf and this evil guy is nothing compared to the MC he used a s*upid poison. MC falling for sht like that is infuriating especially when he couldve just killed him... You will see this many times it raises blood pressure.

Just a heads up, there is no woman who love him. All of them have a man in mind who they will die for and love more than anything in the world so they do not love the MC. Also, we dont know why these women love these men in the first place so you need to read jin yong's novels to understand the background.

He does everything in his power to please women but they just love other men, its terribly sad how the author makes the MC so pathetic. Also, many of these virtuous women are just who-res...

He was prisoned by a woman and felt its too cruel to treat her "bad" he literally didnt want to check her body of the antidote and thinks this is treating her bad. What a tr*shy MC... Any woman can push him around. He grovels under their feet like a s*ave.
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Raygart rated it
October 8, 2021
Status: c120
Holy sh*t, I don't think I can continue to read this novel. There are few reasons for this, but it's mainly because the main character. Oh god, he is always h**ny, he can't reject any female character in this novel. He will do everything in order to sleep with any female characters. I know that he has harem-seeking personality. But at least, have some dignity. You're a man, why do always lower yourself just because you want to sleep with them? There are a lot of other female characters beside... more>> those who have husbands or sweethearts. It's so frustrating, seeing him can't hurt any woman, even though they're enemy, just because they have pus*y. I really like the fight scene in this novel, but. Oh god, I just can't continue. I can rate this novel to 4 stars if there's any improvement on MC's character <<less
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Vanhellsing rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: --
LOL people who says no harem and no action MC, read at least like 20 chapter? Since till that point the story has already changed and picked up the pace. And if you don't know Jin Yong's novel then read those first (or watch the drama, well just to understand the minimal surface)

Oh and believe me MC has luck factor maxed like your any other typical MC.
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WasteofLife rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: --
Good story, so far its only 45 chapters and the story seems interesting, hard to write more about it at this point. The transaltion quality or to be more precise the flow of each chapter is also improving. The update rate currently is a bit slow, but it is consistant.
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huey77 rated it
April 4, 2023
Status: c305
i've read quite a number of modern wuxia novels over the years and would like to say i've quite matured in the typical modern wuxia tropes, like a debauchee protag, a "seeking for death!" sentence, arrogant young master, blabla. I accidentally came into this novel expecting something similar (sometimes when youre bored u just kinda want that short "teaching arrogant young master" and getting the heroine dopamine ya know) but this is actually different. It has that classic novel feel to it (its a fan made fiction from a famous... more>> chinese classic), no standard cultivation levels, and the plot is very deep! Im at chapter 300 now and the unexplored world is still vast. NO cheap typical tropes, overall its a lot more deep, mature, and rewarding. The protag is smart, cunning, and powerful, also as you may have guessed a womanizer lol. I have never read Jin Yong's novel so at the start the various names and factions could be quite confusing but you will get used to it after sometime. I'd really recommend it for people that want something different than typical modern wuxia out there and i'd be really sad if I cant see the end for this translation! <<less
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el-satrio rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: c94
I want the trend of CN novel back to wuxia style. It is more satisying to read rational world building that still in human capabilities to produce. Yes, I am a generation Z, but I still remember in my kids day when I see kung fu drama from Jin Yong novel adaptation, it is more interesting to watch than today xianxia adaptation drama. Hope, many great author out there will put wuxia genre more often.
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creepycatisawesome rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: c100
What the hell. Seriously ugh.

First of all this is a fanfiction. So anyone who has but read the original books, better stay away from here.

MC's character is utter sh*t and no not sh*t in a gud way like dungeon defence.

... more>> This guy turns into a shonen MC in front of women and although the author thinks he is making him smart, any person with a brain won't get this guy's reasoning.

Did I mention r*pe and ntr.

its not ntr it's netori. BS. Reading through the female telling his fantastic her male hero was and then falling for this dumbass. Sure.

Trust me if you don't like ntr u won't like it. This gives a head taste to mouth.

Still if I have to say something gud. Maybe the fight is decent and um... If u really are a die hard fan of netori, like u really wanna see ur MC steal the women from men they are in love with, married to, it already have had children with, I guess u can go for it.

Now I am not against remarriage, those who wanna do it can do it. But the annoying thing is his the love is being twisted.

Now Now this is just a fantasy enjoy it out f*ck off.

Well I agree with that so I'll be going but it's still my moral obligation to earn the readers don't get decieved by the rating.

I hv read a fair share of netori, even in Chinese web novel section. the second generation villain's father being one. It might be more to ur tastes, if u r a degenerate like me. Just read it's MTL or smth.

Anyway see ya and be ware!

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alucard166510 rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: --
It's entertaining. Make sure to look at the genre and tags. If you don't like this type of stuff you won't like this story. Also, the translator is quite good. Check out the novel at the translator's website and help them out.
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n1gh7 rated it
October 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Honestly, if you are fine with lesbian content around MC then it's fine... Even though there are other problems with the story but this is the most uncomfortable of all... at least for me...

Below spoiler about the lesbian...

Honestly, after the last lesbian scene where a girl was left helpless because of the MC, and the other was hypnotized by him to think the helpless girl was himself (and this was to protect the helpless girl from being r*ped... lol), but this was just after he and the hypnotized woman were going to do it... and he just left like this... and what did he expect after he was back? He first thought the helpless girl was done by a man and became pale... but after he found out that it was the hypnotized woman... he was happy... he no longer feels sorry for the helpless girl... haha...

Plus the crap with the other girl that was forced to lose her first time to save his life... and he talked about how he will treat her as his wife... but later left her to her lesbian master... so she would be taken advantage of without even realizing it... haha. When her master mol*sted her, she was scared when she still thought that her master was a man... but when she found out that her master was a woman, she was fine to go to bed with her and be mol*sted... but it was mostly because she did not understand...

- Later, when she met with the MC, he found out that she willingly did it with her master... I think the MC was angry at first, or he was acting like this... Hehe... and what did they do later... the MC and the master did the girl together... (luckily it was already censored...)

- Even more later, the lesbian master became mc's woman... but she was not a virg*n... because the MC stopped for a second or something like this, she explained that she broke her own v**ginity... And until the end, this woman never stopped sleeping with other women unrelated to MC (even with the mother of one of mc's women.) I dunno, at least she never sleeps with mc's other women than her apprentice, or at least it was not mentioned in the novel...

So this already shows how he is fine for his women to sleep with other women which he has no intimate relationship... Of course, he won't let them sleep with men, but haha... honestly, where it was men or women, there is no difference...

After the part with the Qing dynasty, lesbianism was almost non-existent, but of course, it's because of the reason I stated below, plus the s*xual scene became censored from where I read the novel...


Just adding... like many other harem novels... the protagonist stops actively getting women after he already has some and somehow ignore the one that seems to like him...

And the worst was from around ~1000th chapter the novel became too rushed, and in the late chapters, even more. The relationship between the characters was disappointing, or almost non-existing (Mostly the new women, and some of the early women were left with little to no progress...) but of course, it's not something new.

The novel could be much better, but pity... I guess the author just gave up at some point... like the ending, even though a small part of it was good, but as I said, it was too rushed...

Below spoiler about the ending of the last chapter...

"In the spring of the second year, Emperor Taizu of Qi, Song Qingshu and his concubines led the army to start the first Western Expedition, and the whole world began to tremble... (End of the book!) "

Dunno if I translated it right... but it's damn exciting... pity that's the ending...

And this was the most exciting of the ending chapter because the chapter was the description? of the creation of mc's empire, etc... and the following years before the Western Expedition, which is the ending of the novel...

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D0nutz rated it
December 31, 2023
Status: c350
From the creator of Keyboard Immortal, one of my favorite harem novels.
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