The Skill Given to Me by the Evil God After Being Sent to Another World Was a Cuckold C*ck


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The skill given to Yuri who was transferred to another world by the evil god was an unknown skill ‘cuckold c*ck’. Now, Yuri will lead a heartwarming life in a different world with that skill.

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New Fluffums rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: c124
Specifically, "Netori" c*ck - the main character never loses his woman, at least to the current web novel chapters.

*** This story is pure p*rn. Do not expect anything other than that. *** There's no overarching storyline - it's just some guy going around in a fantasy world, stealing women from their lovers in various ways. Not all the women have lovers, but most of them do. Once a woman's arc is done, she's basically out of the story even though she's still a part of the main character's harem and still... more>> around as a background character and a popular one might get another scene later.

As an ero novel, as long as you don't completely hate netori, it's pretty good. It uses all the normal NTR plots and methods pretty much, but there's an excuse for them working (the cheat skill) that helps with suspension of disbelief. Also, the part where the guy being cuckolded finds out isn't heartbreaking for various reasons, usually they didn't deserve the women anyway. <<less
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