Confinement King (WN)


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A girl who calls herself a demon appeared before a timid student named Fumio Kijima. The girl claims to be a campaign girl from the demon world and she gives him the ability to “summon a room” from nothing but thin air.

At first he doesn’t abuse his power and uses it as a convenient ability in his every day life. But one day he is bullied by his classmates under a false pretext and is made to suffer. In the past he would have wallowed in misery and cried himself to sleep, but now he had a power to call upon.

“I will make them regret it!”

Using his powers to summon his “room”, he begins his era of confinement and brainwashing to achieve his goals.

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32 Reviews

Dec 31, 2020
Status: c220
It's a shame that the translation for this is veeryy slow. The first arc reminds me of Pure love x Insult Complex since some character's personality fits to some degree. And as the title says, it's just about a guy with his ability to summon a room that evolves everytime (it just starts with a single room with no furniture and whatsoever)

MC is naive and weak, and along with the demon girl he is beginning to be influenced by her fiendish personality.

I can't describe the details too much since... more>> reading the raw hurts my brain and sometimes I can't even understand what's going on. But if this is translated correctly, then I'm sure it will give justice to the novel itself.

*My review after TinyTL picked this up*

The reason I really like about this novel is the slow brainwashing. Unlike other r18 novels that make girls fall in under a sentence, this one actually uses a push and pull method (idk what to describe so I made it up) of gaining attraction to a girl (not all but the first girl).

An example would be the MC being aggressive and rough enough to inflict a bit of mindbreak and then threaten them by means of abandonment (in which he removes their memories of him) and then capitalize the void of pleasure that he engraved in their bodies to make them willingly crave for the MC.

All in all, not the greatest novel but for r18 standard it gets an 5/5 from me.

Edit: I was the one who added the tags. <<less
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Dec 08, 2021
Status: c285
Wall of text below, will be separated into spoilers where necessary. I'll also try to touch on things not mentioned much in other reviews.

Important: s*xual violence is mild, mostly used against masochists, mindbreak is mild-mid at most, NTR is nonexistent, and most sh*t done is reversible, and gets reversed in one way or another (not going to spoil that). Netori is perfectly acceptable, or dismissable, since most victims are douche-ass f*cks, apart from one, but that one doesn't even get mentioned more than twice.

Some... more>> QnA towards other reviews:

  1. Is the MC a dickbrained dumbass? NO. He's not an idiot at all, about average in terms of intelligence, I'd say. Extremely self-indulgent. He's a teenager, get over it.
  2. Is the MC useless or lazy, not utilising his powers? NO. He's doing what he's supposed to do with them, as guided by Lili. Everything else isn't his task to begin with - as the progress moves on, we get other characters in charge of doing said things instead.
  3. Is the MC a plotarmored dullard? NO. Again, he's doing what he's supposed to do, to supply Lili and the rest with more power. Read below for details.
  4. Are the girls 1D cardboard-box sluts like some claim them to be? NO! HELL NO! Fumio often gets caught with his pants down (in more ways than one) by his harem members, earning himself a b*tchslap from unexpected situations. Usually gets laughed at by Lili to boot, which makes it even more comical.
  5. Is realism an aim, a point, or a focus of this series in any way, shape or form? HELL NO! Read the tags. Why are you even here???
The story was likened many times in other reviews to Pure Love x Insult Complex, which I find a fairly adequate comparison. The situation is different, but the fundamental elements repeat a lot.

First off, let's describe a few points of note, starting with Fumio himself.


He's a bullied kid, similarly to Yoshida in PLIC, the only differences being that the girl he likes isn't his bully's GF, but one of said GF's besties, and that he doesn't really have a mental issue - he has complexes, but ones more along the "normal youth complexes".

    • He's often described with a variety of synonyms for "ugliness", which is where we need to stop for a moment. There are three distinctly different views on this: Ryoko, Yui, and Chihiro. Ryoko describes him as a bit gloomy, not handsome, but otherwise average boy on first meeting, whereas Yui describes him as "dull". Chihiro states that on a scale where a male photo model is 100, he's about 30. This could be interpreted in many ways, of course. What I'm suspecting is that there's likely the usual "teenage filter" applied to him, as two of the three in question are adults, unlike most characters in the novel (the third has her own quirks, let's leave it at that) - there are no specific traits that would be associated with ugliness, except the sanpaku eyes, of course, but neither Shiro, nor Ryuuji were particularly 'ugly'. The overwhelming majority of those that call him "ugly" are teenage girls, too. Apart from that, he is described to have "shaggy hair", though I don't think that's a trait of "ugliness" in any way, and the intervention of a hairdresser could solve it - if there were any need to.
    • The other thing of note is his "fatness". Japanese are, in general, highly sensitive to body fat percentage, often opting to call someone with mild, even (westerner-perspective) lovable chubbiness "fat". His information is never shared (only the girls have their height and three sizes listed, but not their weight), so this is once again, an assumption, but illustrations don't show any form of fatness at all. Most likely a case of slight flab, no muscle, but barely above average BMI. Another point of note is that one of his lovers later on is sometimes denoted to be "a bit chubby", which is flat-out untrue.
    • The final point I'd like to make is about his "weakness". The point of things going as they are is that he doesn't conform to the world - he bends the world around to fit him. It is said, immediately upon starting the novel, that the more evil and self-indulgent he is, the stronger his capabilities become (and, by extension, Lili's capabilities increase as well). His partner in crime, Lili can use the same functions as he can, since she's the source of his power (allegedly, for now), which means that he doesn't even have to do things that he can do by himself. This isn't PLIC, or Pimp my Ride, Fumio isn't a "diamond in the rough", or whatever. You take what you get, it is what it is. And as shown by the conversion rate of the nyannyan religion among young females, he's pretty much sold out upon getting placed on the shelves. So, yeah, those expecting wonderful transformation from some home security guard to freaking James Bond - look elsewhere... he isn't even an ugly bastard to begin with. There is, however, a high amount of emotional maturing, which more than compensates for any loss incurred. Also, he is most definitely NOT an idiot, he does exactly what he has to do, which is to go potato on p**sy. Again: he was told to be a selfish prick, and do whatever the hell he wants, as justice, right and wrong, etc. are a matter of freaking perspective anyway. LTR people.
The second point of note is "psychology".


First off, let's get this straight - this isn't an article peer-reviewed, and sent to Nature, or something. It's a freaking p*rn novel with fantasy elements, written by an author that wrote a self-satisfaction story to cater to himself, most likely. Grow the hell up, for f*ck's sake. Also, a bit of personal involvement here: what the absolute f*ck kind of "love" do you even have that dies, when you're reading a novel with a goddamned r*pe tag???

As with what's been said in the "weakness" point in the Fumio section - this world isn't Hello Kitty Adventure Island, for friendship. The main points of psychology are mindbreak, Stockholm syndrome, and forceful warping of perspective. Mild warning: it gets pretty dark sometimes, but some sessions of Overlord are much more heinous than what you can get here. It works, as it should - not in real life, but in a p*rn novel. Fairly well, to be honest. Another thing of note is the carrot and the stick approach - which works just as well. The point isn't to be realistic either, since the premise itself already isn't. Take it as is. Mild spoil: there will be no unbearable sh*t like netorare. No need to fear - the story's clean, folks.

On the other hand of psychology is vengeance, domination and poetic justice, the third of which often gets f*cked up, though. Fumio starts his rampage to avenge himself for the insults he had to take, when he - objectively - did nothing wrong to receive them, but he sometimes fails in his goals - in one instance, magnificently at that. Failure is mild, though, and as things tend to go in real life too, the kinks get ironed out, and it works. It just works. His emotional state and goals are shifting realistically in light of events, and he creates a balanced duality of evil bedroom antics towards not exactly consenting girls, and deeply loving and appreciating them after throwing their non-consent to the winds, of course. Again: it works, not in real life, but in a p*rn novel. Magnificently.


A very important thing about this novel, that stands against PLIC - the darkness element, which (sadly, being one of my greatest regrets with PLIC,) gets insanely thinned out over there, but persists well over here. Yoshida is a living lightbulb that scatters light around in fear of the darkness - Fumio is a devil that thrives and enriches the darkness, then binds it to his own will. Yoshida eats a lot of girls, mostly for their sakes - Fumio does the same, except mostly to sate his own desires for s*x, dominance and violence.

The fantasy elements are a bit thin to my liking, in spite of having a devilgirl float around (until she gets boned - which I sincerely hope will happen sometime, as

Lili herself didn't really refuse the idea of getting nailed at a later date


Humor is adequate, especially once a later addition comes into the harem, and reaches the peak of tsukkomi during the killer game arc. Characters are likeable, honestly, and while they're all pretty much pre-programmed s*x drones while being hammered hard, everything they do in-between is fun to read, as they're not stagnant, boring one-liners.


Do note, however, that as the final station of the penetration express in this novel is total spiritual ens*avement through the devil's power, which means that the girl's actual soul is enraptured to the point that becoming separated is flat-out impossible, most character traits get cemented after the final push happens (said final push administered usually in bed, of course).


5/5, total recommend from me. Try not to be a snowflake or a pansy when reading it (or don't f*cking read it if you can't even agree to the tags), and you're guaranteed to have some nasty fun around this novel. For those of us bros in the nasty fun business, it's a pretty good novel altogether. <<less
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Oct 27, 2021
Status: --
That's not how good cop bad cop works. That's not how bullying works. Stockholm syndrome is not that exaggerated. Gaslighting and similar exploitive psychological manipulations tend to backfire/unravel quickly once the victim is no longer isolated, especially if they're returned to a familiar environment as was done here. r*pe is much more traumatizing and likely to arouse hatred than that. That's not how...

Psychologically speaking, this story is not very accurate. It's a very sadistic and self-centered wish fulfillment story that is even worse because it pretends to be realistic.

And on... more>> a personal level, I have rarely seen literature this degrading. I felt love dying inside me from what little I read of this.

Unconditionally not recommended. <<less
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Apr 30, 2021
Status: c261
This novel got to rank 4 in narou 18+ in just one year. It's indeed popular in japan and for many reasons.

First of all, the Protagonist has changes through the story. He becomes more assertive, more devilish even.

Another positive thing is that the story doesn't get repetitive, which is usually a problem with harem series: the author has a very precise knowledge of sects, cults and how their brainwash methods function. He probably is a fan of those. All of this give him many tools to work with, and the... more>> 3 arcs the series have are incredible entertaining.

Also, the pacing is so good. That's for example, a problem with very well written series like Pure love insult complex. Good series sometimes tend to forget they're an ero series, and the pacing of chara development and plot isn't good. This series I think nailed it with the theme, that let the author have a good pacing with the ero content.

As the series goes on, it gets better and better. Best novel in narou +18 in my opinion. <<less
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Aug 13, 2021
Status: --
Oh wow, bless the translator that finally picked up on this one, I really appreciate these barrages of upload man. People be saying that the revenge p*rn is the best part but the different kinds of manipulation that he does throughout the whole thing and the POV of the characters that are on the receiving end makes me like this one.

It's says alot when I'm more excited for the plot and schemes rather than the smut. Don't get me wrong, it's great and accompanied by hot art, but I'm honestly... more>> more interested in Fumio's plans more. <<less
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Nov 04, 2021
Status: c95
I will write what I dislike.

1. The MC is so weak physically

2. The MC does not even try to change his appearance. Thats why he got bullied in the first place.

3. He's s*upid and all he thinks is s*x. Leaving all the work to the devil without using his brain to get a solution to solve the problem, sometimes even worsening the situation.

4. How can they have s*x without cond*m and can't get pregnant?

The rest is okay to me. Spoil me when he tries to change physically, mentally and phsycology
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Nov 09, 2021
Status: c255
I don't know where to start. This could potentially be one of the BEST novels on this site, as long as the reader is ok with the R18 stuff, because it has a overarching plot! Yes, it has a background story! There are actually things happening in the demon world! The demon world is a real world with more and more characters being introduced, and ... more>>

the skill the MC got doesn't only affect Earth, which is part of the reason why the demon girl came to find a human. When you get to the part about the skill "Outer Wall" you will realize that it is so f*cking awesome. The skills in the rooms are amazing enough, but imagine if they can be used on the battlefield! Imagine if you can read the enemy soldier's thoughts! It's amazing, but that's just part of what makes this LN good. The other parts are great world building and character building.


This is also the best best example of the "Harem" tag. I want this story to show up as the first line whenever anyone search harem in a search engine, because this is the definition of a good harem. Everyone gets taken care of, nobody is forgotten, as of 255 the first girl (and also every member) is still a major part of the story, and it's believable how they came to fall in love with (or fear) the MC.

Usually with these R18 stories you just feel like it's going nowhere, but as you slowly pick up the hints here and there, you realize this could have the potential to be one the best novels ever written. The characters feel real, the way they fall (or are made to fall) in love with the MC feels real, the motivations feel real, the world overall feels real (even though there is a situation which pushed it a little much, but it was necessary in the end to create a good cast of characters).

Great comedy, MC that actually has guts (even though he was wimpy at the start he actually gets stuff done).

Should you read it? Yes. Just do it, because honestly you probably can't find anything else better. I'm considering re-reading this LN for the second time, even though I never do that with LNs.

Romance - 10/10; Probably 9/10 if some of you really don't like some of the methods used.
Action - doesn't really happen yet but when it does 10/10; nothing to complain about and is interesting too
Harem - 9000/10; all your other harems are tr*sh, you'll forever compare others to this
World building, sense of scale, making the world connected to the reader - 10/10; awesome when you realize the author got bigger plans than just modern day slice of life
Main character development - 10/10; to be honest, he wasn't wimpy to begin with since he saved a girl from bullies, he was just pe*verted.
Side character development - 11/10; amazing, the characters actually change personalities depending as expected
Story flow - 10/10; binged all chapters in a day, never felt out of place
Overarching plot, foreshadowing, plot twists, narrative devices - 10/10; great foreshadowing and overarching plot
Ending - hasn't ended yet and I hope it never will;
Enjoyment - 11/10; <<less
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Sep 24, 2021
Status: c136
This one hits my fetishes pretty hard so I have to 5 star. The author said something like: “Raping someone hard enough to enrapture them is just a fantasy. However, you can manipulate/brainwash them into it.” It is a statement that gives pretty good insight on where the novel tries to go. The second part of that statement has been pretty well executed and shown, and there has been some 6/5 content in that regard. However, the first part has kind of been discarded in a lot of cases.

I think... more>> the author has some fetishes or at least a lack of aversions that brings the story closer to ntr than I would like too. I think one of the girls in particular can kind of show what all the pitfalls this one runs into are:


The first/worst girl he kidnaps is his bully’s girlfriend. The devil that is managing him uses a bunch of brainwashing tactics for weeks to get her to fall for the MC. It was actually pretty interesting and well done. Well, all that ends up getting thrown out the window. She is given the choice of staying with the MC or going back to her old boyfriend for some reason, and she chooses the old boyfriend.

They let her go after erasing her memory of the time using mc’s power, and she returns to her old life. She sleeps with the old boyfriend, and we get it from her POV while she sucks him off, swallows, then gets a creampie from him. It turns out she isn’t satisfied with it. So some stuff happens and eventually the memory of mc’s big pen*s along with a convenient moral excuse to give up the old boyfriend lead her to go back to MC. From this point the MC welcomes her back with open arms and throws her right at the top of the hierarchy he has built among the people he has kidnapped. To top it all off it turns out she is even a tsundere.

Why was the entire brainwashing and content of several chapters discarded? (She still doesn’t remember it even after going back to mc) Why did the supposed fantasy of raping someone for affection win out in the end?


this was definitely the low point for the story so far, but you have to remember I am giving a 5 star review even with this happening. The other parts of the story hold up and earn back any lost points from this. <<less
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Dec 08, 2020
Status: c105
This is literal revenge p*rn, and sticks pretty well to the description and title.

The only real nitpicks I have are that I don't like the protagonist too much (he starts off weak-minded and getting swung around by the women around him, and he has an understandably twisted personality as well), and the demon girl serves as kind of a deus ex machina from time to time. Those areas are improved in the second arc, though his personality seems to get worse as you'd expect from someone who's relying on a power he got from the devil.

All in all, if the title intrigues you, it's worth taking a look.
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Dec 09, 2021
Status: c122
It's a story written by someone who read too much hentai and not enough real human psychology.

Since it's not realistic anyway, I can turn my brain off and appreciate it. It's a good kill time, I think, but clearly not a masterpiece.

Edit : The logic doesn't make any sense that make me laugh so hard XD

Edit 2: To explain a little how bs this is. After more than 100 chapters and multiples narratives arc finishes, the protagonist never did something by himself. I understand in the first arc, he need... more>> explanation about his power, but at +100 chapter ? Here a little recap:

  • First girl : The demon girl explains from A to Z what to do
  • police woman : The demon girl converts her herself, without the protag input.
  • First love : The protag did convert her himself, but he wanted to finish the first girl, not the third.
  • 17 girls : Demons girls did all the work there

To be fair, they are the gyaru and the cute one that he have, but since he never uses his power in them, I don't count them. These girls still have a free will.

About the hentai scenario. Take the first girl, the story is as follows :

  • He kidnaps a girl who have a boyfriend
  • He r*pes the girl, but it's mentioned that the protag have a bigger one
  • At some point, he releases her, only for her to realizes her boyfriend cannot satisfact her anymore
  • She comes back to the protag, because even if he's an ass that doesn't love or respect her, she is addicted to his superior low part
  • The protag take his pleasure to make understand the boyfriend that she is his now, while he feels despair and became impotent.

I don't know about you, but for me, it's a hentai, tag netoare with a longer plot, nothing more.

The story tries to use psychological logic to explain it, and that ridiculous, because there is no real logic in hentai plot anyway, but the author tries hard. <<less
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Aug 23, 2021
Status: c200
Less messed up then pure love x complex but definitely makes you be on your toes thinking about the twist and turns that can happen. I guess you could call the scenes and revenge basic but the execution is well done. This isn't something that you can binge and enjoy though. While the story is slow, the corruption of the girls or each arc imo is great.
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Nov 20, 2021
Status: c411
This is very good. Although not completely the same, this somehow reminds me of "Pure Love x Insult Complex", but lighter and with touch of fantasy. To be honest, this one is much better because the fantasy element really adds so much flavor to the plot.

Demon and Angels, this story doesn't only revolved on human world, and as of c275, it barely touches those other world parts. Because of this, there's a lot to expect. The characters are also well made though not perfect, the multiple POV really helps me... more>> to not to focus on the MC's personality that I will notice his traits that I hate. Because of this, I never criticize any characters here, like "he should've do this or that". Still this is not for everyone, if you want a more serious type of story that heavily involves psychological themes then you might not like this, after all there's a lot of fantasy things involved.

Welp, this one is a good, you will surely want to read the next chapter and be immersed on this, like the good novels out there. I'm glad this escaped my radar for a while to have this many chapters already translated. I'm also thankful for the translator for fast release, even though I often found mistakes in each chapter, but not enough to ruin this.

Edit: I just hope that the author?/translator? Is consistent in using either the first or last name of the characters since it makes things confusing as there's a lot of characters. <<less
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Sep 03, 2021
Status: c145
I still do not get what the relation between s*x and revenge is in this type of story. I can understand the humiliation and horror of the act, but at the end of the day the story changes and the victim of the r*pe ends up loving the perp. So it is s*upid. The suffering of the MC indeed justifies a revenge, if you read at least some chapters you get pissed of as how bad this bastard is treated and end up desiring for a revenge. But as he... more>> r*pes everyone you end up geting a s*upid boy that only work over with his s*xual urges. If the story foccused in some psychological side and he got to destroy his aggresors like that and berated them I would be pretty satisfied. But at the end of the day this is not my story and not my cup of tea. If you like s*x and is not bothered by r*pe that evolves to """love""" with the girls being send to s*ave status over a big dingus and fast hard s*x, this is for you. It is not for me. <<less
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Oct 06, 2021
Status: c170
I'm curious about the psychology behind his mind breaking and love to read how the females become corrupted.

s*x scenes with those MC finished to corrupt seems boring to me and I just mostly skip those parts.

There's also hints of a potential plot line about enemies so I'm curious too on what will happen.

One thing that I don't like though, is that mostly new characters or the ones that just only saw him still refer to him as "fat". He just have s*x many times with many girls, surely he would... more>> be fit by now? Smh <<less
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Jan 09, 2022
Status: c321
To be honest, there is a lot of potential in this novel. The concept is good, the side characters are interesting, and the plot, while not amazing, is varied and explores the theme of brainwashing/mindbreak quite well. However, all of that is completely ruined by the protagonist. His character is a terrible fit for this type of erotica. Normally, you'd want someone who isn't particulary strong or handsome but is very intelligent and good at manipulating people coupled with a slight sadistic streak. However, that is not what is on... more>> display, Fumio is a pathetic beta male who'd you'd normally expect to be the "nice guy cuck" in a netorare story. As the sadistic anti-hero he is absolute sh*t and the author's attempt to paint him as anything else come off so weak and unconvincing that even the author gives up and puts his harem in charge of brainwashing girls. The reason I gave it a single star is because despite the protagonist carpet bombing any attempt at immersion, the side characters and members of the harem do a pretty good job of salvaging the story and while the majority of the time the protagonist spends his time acting like the virg*n anime harem protagonist (I'm sure you know the type) he does have his moments where he seems to remember this is a corruption erotica and gets close to pulling it off. <<less
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Oct 25, 2021
Status: c143
The beginning was quite interesting. The MC use some psychological stuff to lure the girl in for some revange s*x.

But after a while he began to look for more girls as his victim..

The harem gets really big. But the MC never care for all the girls under him. He just in it for s*x And is always looking for new girls to conquer. Or rather the author throws em at the MC as material to be conquered. All the girls in his harem dont love or care for him either,... more>> they just want his big Dic*

Even when the MC tried more ways to brainwash new girls at the end of the day they all just degraded to a s*x crazed idiots.

It just becomes repetitive and boring after a while <<less
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Sep 16, 2021
Status: --
I liked it at first actually. Its just that the whole f*cking thing is infuriating! The characters are somewhat abnormal! Just take the MC for example, the way his mind works and his monologue just makes me thinks hes s*upid! Literally s*upid. And its as if almost all characters have mental disorders that the way they behave is out of the norm majority of the humans does. Maybe thats the point of the whole story. I just think that its not that good. There is this sudden change on POV... more>> that literally happens all the time that if I were not careful it would throw me off and I get confused.

The s*x scenes are also very poor, I mean they literally speak out their thoughts in such a cheesy manner that I get goosebumps. The supposedly mature content does not seem mature at all, in fact, I find it childish lol. Its like it was just forced to happen.

The MC is also s*upid!


There was this instance it the earlier chapters where he chose to kidnap and confine 18 females from a single club the "track and field" club. He found it burdensome or something, or he was just too lazy to thoroughly look and investigate for the group of girls that harassed his beloved mai-chan in the earlier chapters that ho decided to confine 18 girls at the same time. The thing is, it was already risky since the school ad the authorities were already on high alert because of the case where 2 student went missing (which the MC himself caused). He was even scared of being found out and was avoiding them by using a rather well known group of criminals as a scape goat yet he f*cking confined 18 students at the same time in the same day? Truly s*upid to the point its infuriating.

This reminds me of another novel "pure Love X insult complex" where the MC is as infuriating and s*upid as this one and where the characters are also very abnormal (which seems to be the whole point of the story). The s*x scenes is also as unsatisfactory as this one. They F**k for who know how many time while ejaculating inside yet they dont even get pregnant lol.


Its not as good as "Cuckolding wizards adventure". <<less
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Zena Chan
Zena Chan
Aug 29, 2021
Status: c63
I will say this if you guys are searching for s*x and a story with a good harmony than you are at perfect place you won't regret reading this it just that the novel have slow translation but yeah over all it awesome I don't know about live x insults I think somelike this was the name of a novel I am gonna read it in future but for this I can say that it's definitely good I don't even write a review and this is first one so just... more>> think if this is my first review how much I have really liked it, the thrill while reading it was too much I was even suspecting myself if other members of my family aren't watching me from somewhere laught by myself or listening me laughing creepyly

Also this have A good realism if you consider the story properly unlike other novel like got power -->and got the girl in love with me[NO THIS ISN'T IN THIS ONE SO YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO THE STORY]

Dude I an really saying to you read it

You Won't Regret it!!! 100% <<less
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Jun 02, 2021
Status: --
If you like pure love x Insult complex, then you should read this. (Though you have to read mtl since the story is not fully translated)
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 20, 2022
Status: c400
One of my favorite WN, I really love this novel. I know that de syndromes and the manipulations of the characters are really exagerated in here, but I dont care, the story is really enjoyable. The H escenes are totally dope

When I started to read WN, this was my first novel, I didn't know that this would that god
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