Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal


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–Using healing magic on the world itself, I’ll start over.

‘Healing magicians cannot fight alone.’ Keare, who was bound by this common knowledge, was exploited again and again by others.

But one day, he noticed what lay beyond healing magic, and was convinced that a healing magician was the strongest class. However, by the time he realized that potential, he was deprived of everything. Thus, he used healing magic on the world itself to go back four years, deciding to redo everything.

This is a heroic tale of one healing magician who became the strongest by using knowledge from his past life and healing magic.

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Redo of Healer
The Redo of a Healing Magician ~ Transcendental Healing of Instant Death Magic and Skill Copying
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SassyBlackKeyBoardWarrior rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: v2c1
If you're looking for a decent story about a healer who was abused by his teammates, went back in time, got revenge, and became the strongest hero, turn around and walk away, this novel is not what you're looking for.

This novel is...a fulfillment fantasy. If I were to put a point on the matter, I'd say that revenge is the plot and everything else is secondary. World building is secondary, character development is secondary, even the abilities used is secondary. Everything in this novel exists to give you a fulfillment... more>> fantasy about getting revenge. That said if you were recently scorned by a man or woman and want to fantasize about raping them and breaking their mind repeatedly until their former self no longer exists, then magically healing them back to their prior unbroken condition only to do it all over again, then this novel is for you.

An argument could be made to say that this main character is an anti-hero. If such an argument was made, I would reply with: "The main character doesn't give enough attention to the overall situation to warrant being called an anti-"hero"." I'm a little over 22 chapters in and the overall feel of the novel has not diverged from "mindless revenge". Every action, every choice, every plan has been centered around revenge. The main character has mentioned a single thought, a single LINE, a single sentence related to the end portion of the story "defeating the Demon King" and he has only mentioned that line of thought once. Everything else has been about revenge. To point that I'm curious whether by the end of it all the author will even remember this basic point at all.

Something else that I'm dissatisfied with is how the main character continues to mind break people. Mind breaking for s*xual pleasure, mind breaking for revenge. I can see the warrant for those two, they make sense considering that this novels' overall feel is centered around being a fulfillment fantasy. However the main character does not stop, he continues to mind break even basic people who aren't even involved, purely to satisfy his "curiosity" to what their choices will be, which is blatantly stated by his own internal monologue. Not leaving aside the fact that the main character was abused in his past life, that is all the more reason why his revenge should be more targeted towards his targets and less towards the common people he meets along the way. However, the author does not go down this path and I find that disturbing. The main character is less centralized around getting revenge on his specific targets and more interested in screwing with random people "On the Way" to his dedicated targets, and this I find truly repulsive.

If I wanted to go a step farther I could even say that this novel is subpar even as far as fulfillment fantasy's go. The mind break is rather unoriginal and most of it is skipped over. Even the r*pe scenes/s*x scenes are basically "They f*cked, the end.". Just an overall, poorly written fulfillment fantasy novel. <<less
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edytor rated it
March 29, 2017
Status: v1c11
As with most of the novels on novelupdates, overrated.

Author treats you like an idiot regurgitating the same information again and again.

The characters are so bland that calling them two-dimensional would be a compliment; I literally do not give a sh*t about any of the characters, even the MC isn't even fleshed out. This is made doubly annoying because he prioritizes describing game mechanics in-depth over actual character development.

World building is also bland, because the author keeps fleshing out tired old game mechanics we've seen millions of times instead of developing... more>> an actual interesting, deep fantasy world.

For an amateur translation it's not bad but it's not good either, it suffers from a lack of localization, grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and awkward phrasing.

The author had a decent spin on the reincarnation/time-travel schtick but after the prologue he kept butchering it harder and harder. <<less
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Idle Translations
Idle Translations rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: v6c12
So after 5 volumes and a half, I decided to finally give this novel a review. Basically, I don't like it. Volume 1 is decent, but as the story kept going on, it just got worse. Ironically, the first volume had the worst translation. I wonder who translated that one... oh wait it was me and I can't be bothered fixing it lol.

This novel is a revenge novel, that basically acts as an advertis**ent for the light novel which has the actual revenge in it. I know the author skips... more>> r18 scenes because they aren't allowed to put them on Narou, but like, if you're going to make an r18 revenge story in a site that doesn't allow r18 content, just replace it with something else, instead of skipping it completely. It's not like I want to translate a whole chapter of him raping someone, but I just don't like the fact that the author writes a paragraph about what the MC is going to do and then moves on to the next morning.

As for characters, they aren't unique, but you still end up remembering them because the author always puts their title or race right after their names, to make you not forget them. A lot of people are saying that the MC is crazy and I agree, but I think it's justified considering how much he was humiliated and messed up by the other people. So, I personally don't care about how he thinks in a completely inhumane way and tries to make excuses for why he is allowed to take revenge on random people.

(I just want to correct something that a lot of people have been talking about but it's kinda spoiler-ish)

There are quite a few weird things that seem inconsistent, but some are just things that readers misinterpreted. One of which is about why the MC let himself be drugged. As stated in the novel, the MC had to let himself be drugged for a while because otherwise, he wouldn't get his 'pain resistance' skill (which never actually showed up in his status). In other words, he would've literally broken from the pain if he didn't get the drugs to distract himself. There are a few other things people misinterpreted but I'm pretty sure that was the biggest one.


And finally, the translation. Actually garbage. I was probably just really confused on how to translate different words because even though I'm kinda fluent in both languages, putting it all together was difficult. I also tried to stay as loyal as possible to the raws, which messed up the grammar pretty badly and I didn't even notice. Interestingly, some people thought I censored words in the novel of my own accord, without even checking the actual raws.

Overall, I might've been nicer and given this novel a 3 if I wasn't the translator, because god I even took a four-week break (two of those weeks was because I was on holiday though) since I just couldn't do it anymore. But I felt responsible, so I'm still going with it. <<less
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Cryarc rated it
March 12, 2017
Status: c41
This series is written by the author of "Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki", "Maou-sama Machizukuri!" and some other series. If you liked Elf Tensei then you'll probably likes this series too since it's using similar formula, but that also means negative aspects from it also carried over here.

Positively even though it's the jaded trope of redo a life for revenge, the author managed to make it flowing rather naturally and engaging. Since the author is rather seasoned writer, the plot is easy to follow and read. The MC is... more>> rather cunning and tricky maybe appealing to some readers.

Negatively, harem will ruin some of the mood similar with his other series. He is extremely ruthless and unforgiving toward males but hypocrite/soft toward females. Along with the story progression he will have girls following his orders. If you don't like out of the place harem it will probably feels a little bit annoying. <<less
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Bloodline rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: v3c7
Short Description:

... more>>

The MC is the healing hero, seen as useless and just garbadge in the hero party. He got drugged to obey orders and was basically treated like shit. Someday he regains his personality and manages to turn back time to get his revenge. (All these things are naturally explained in the first few chapters)


Warning: The MC is really an a**hole.. If you look for a decent character you need to look somewhere else. This novel is driven by revenge but also by the MC's determination to live this new life without restrictions.

Personally I really like it.

This revenge/ (anti) hero novel is so good.

Of course there are similarities to other hero revenge stories.

But the way the author describes Kearus revenge upon various people is way better.


I personally loved how he treated Princess Flare - I wonder what her reaction will be once she remembers everything :D


I also really enjoy Kearus reasoning - as in when he decides to take revenge and when not. Sometimes he's just hilarious ;D

The female characters also have likable characters.

Plus I'm a sucker for Brainwash Novels. Even though it only appeared once so far I freaking loved it.

Also yes there is mature content in this novel, but it's rather described in a roundabout way. And I like that all harem members get the same treatment and attention.

So if you looked at the tags and they interest you, I would reccomend giving this novel a try ^^ <<less
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hellogarry rated it
July 10, 2017
Status: v10
I will be completely honest. I was hoping for a well describe s*x scene considering the plot and all I got is the scene getting cut every time. I had a high expectation so that was a bummer.

Setting that aside the premises is good just that the main character somewhat annoys me to some degree, probably because of how he thinks he is so kind but if you view it in other's person view he is just like any other antagonist in the story.
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GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: --
I dropped this series a while ago. I forget specifically which chapter it was, but it was when certain spoilery events took place and became the nail in the coffin for me. To find out why, here:

... more>>

He ends up raping the sword saint "in revenge" for opposing him when, objectively speaking, had every reason to believe he was an awful criminal because every action he had taken in front of her looked shady as shit. Up until that point, he had respected her as one of the few people in the world with proper morals, and in fact she was demonstrating those exact same morals but in a way inconvenient to him. Prior to this, I was all for him treating the ex-princess like shit. She was the primary cause of all the pain he went through, so power to him. Slightly less enthused when he wiped her memory and it turned out that in nature she was actually pretty sweet and it was her upbringing that turned her into an ass yet his view of her remained the same, but I get it, grudges are tough to get past, we still good. Then we get to the bit with the wolf people, where he essentially blackmails an innocent wolf-person (who to be fair, is already a s*ave at that point) with saving her tribe into becoming a disposable piece for him. Yeah, I get it, she was already a s*ave lacking basic human rights, and why not use the situation with her tribe to earn her loyalty, sure. I personally am none too comfortable with him not even acknowledging her as an individual with feelings, but as a disposable weapon, I feel like he could have bought her loyalty with that tribe-saving thing without treating her as a toy/tool, but that's s*avery for ya I guess. I'm uncomfortable but carry on. Then we get to the part I left off at, where he did some shady sh*t to make the Sword Saint think he's a dangerous criminal, and then when confronted he beats and r*pes her. No, I get it, he's a selfish as*hole on a power trip willing to fabricate the reason of "revenge" to punish anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. He's a scummy MC, and this series is a domination fantasy of him conquering and abusing the various heroines. I'll stick to my pu*sy MCs, going on about friendship and kittens and what-have-you... Or at the very least ones who stick to justified vengeance.

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jlkc rated it
April 5, 2017
Status: v1c16
I'm giving it a 5 cause I'm biased towards stories that can cause that feeling of strong and raw emotions. I love betrayal stories that don't pull punches regardless of who is on the receiving end. My one complaint is how the author went with a harem when he could have made it much more interesting. Harems are fine if you stick to two or at the most three characters and invest the time in them so they aren't one dimensional but few authors manage to pull it off well. For example he could have made it so the

Amnesiac Princess becomes someone completely different and he ends up reluctantly falling for her or had the MC decide to side with the Demon Lord.

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metazoxan rated it
November 23, 2017
Status: v1
I have not gotten far yet so this won't be the most comprehensive review but I just wanted to take a bit to adress the premise, some basic issues with it, and some of it's initial execution.

First off the idea that there are 4 of these legendary heroes yet they find a need to brutally abuse the "healer Hero" is absurd IMO. In any RPG or even in real life medics and prized and valued. Additionally most humans will feel SOME level of gratitude to someone who saved their life.... more>> Of course people can be selfish and cruel but the level the author has them go to is pretty ridiculous.

Another issue is how the MC becomes OP. See apparently healing magic in this world doesn't speed up healing but instead returns things to a healed state. But he figured out how to abuse this and turn it into "Rewrite the state of anything as he pleases". But here is the issue... WHY DID NO ONE ELSE REALIZE THIS!?! Why is healing magic regarded as tr*sh if it can really do all of this?

Whatever the case is between how naturally he ends up becoming OP and how unnaturally cruel everyone around him acts it all feels like a cheap set up for a "revenge" story. <<less
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Neut rated it
April 27, 2017
Status: v2c8
A different and rather fresh (has been done before but not many) take on the "reincarnation".

I'm almost tempted to give this a 2, however, because of how one dimensional characters are and how the author frustratingly breaks his own world's "laws".

... more>>

An example would be in the bedroom/prison where maids, soldiers, etc r*pes him for level but he explains it's almost pointless as it's much more optimal to do it in the morning (or something) yet after he meets setsuna he explains how it can be done 3 times a day like a meal. He also talks about he will only take revenge if flare is truly "tr*sh" to take the moral high ground but looks forward to taking revenge on the gun/sword hero, even though it was flare who got them to treat him unfairly.

It also doesn't help how he killed the attendants even though he clearly has the ability to remove memories. Also even though kureha has been identified like an "enemy" (like the heroes), it's almost guaranteed that she is going to be spared just so his harem count can be increased (while the heroes will probably die due to them being male).




This is so frustrating... Now that the MC has princess flare and is starting to develop feelings for her, we conveniently find out that her sister is the true "mastermind"... The plot hole being the hero has all the memories, so he should've known by healing flare that she had a scheming sister. But ok, that's even forgivable compared to the hero of the sword being a cross dressing female. Later the MC is going to conveniently point out that he knew all along that the hero of healing is a female and she is going to be added to his harem... WHYUDODIS AUTHOR

16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Authn rated it
March 28, 2018
Status: v1c11
This novel is bad and here's why:

    • The setting is bland and unoriginal - it's your typical JRPG mechanics with middle kingdom and demons.
    • Main character's logic makes no sense: after vowing to exact revenge and getting a second chance by returning back in time, what does he do? He allows the very same pain and humiliation happen to him, because he needs a "justifyable reason" for revenge, as they haven't done much to him in the second timeline yet!.. Simply genius.

      I mean, I understand he had no way of doing his revenge right away and the only way to get stronger is to heal (and receive skills and levels in the process) people for the princess - but he could still do all of this WITHOUT going through unpleasant experience, simply by agreeing to work instead of acting afraid and refusing. He WILLINGFULLY put himself through all of this, only because he worried that his desire for revenge might die out.

    • The presumed "core" of this novel, the revenge part... is just lacking!

      The only thing he does to his revenge target is just breaking fingers few times, several bruises with external wounds, following with r*pe (with a help of red-hot metal). And to make matters worse, the latter part (rape) is almost completely skipped, barely any description! Even the first part of the revenge is barely described!

      What is the whole point of a revenge novel, if the revenge part is barely there?
    • And, apparently, it then goes straight into harem route... 'nough said.
Why would anyone read this novel is simply beyond me.

The only saving grace is the art (which is only a part of 2 LN volumes, that are not even translated) and MC's power, that despite being broken (overpowered) actually makes sense, at least for the most part.
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yamato-shi rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: v3c10
Let's see the story isn't bad, nor good, flesh out I'd say. MC gets a shitty life full of humiliation and torture so he uses OP magic to reset time and try again, but this time he plans on take revenge on the ppl that did him wrong, so far so not so original.

You probably will like the novel till the end of first volume, I did, it's what comes after where I have a problem.

See, I know that since it's a revenge novel, with dark topics such as torture... more>> and r*pe, you can't expect much from the MC, like you can't hope for him. to be that good of a person, and I might have agreed with you before if it wasn't for him being utter shit. The fact that this is a revenge novel doesn't necessarily means the MC must be shit, take for instance Jumpei from Dungeon seeker, he has seen and lived worse sh*t than him, forced to crawl in a place where 99% of the ppl die in the first floor, in a world where even good is shit, but even then he still remains his humanity and sense of value, now this guy doesn't.

MC is just an hypocrite, he tries to find any excuse to take revenge on his target, cuz according to him he is a good person that won't do anything bad unless provoked, now you might think that's good except that he really believes he is a saint and a kind person, even though he is a psycho who brainwashed his companions into being nothing but s*x s*aves. He calls others rapist mu*deres, and sh*t like that even though he has no problem breaking someone over a f*cking cake, critics other for using drugs to r*pe even when he uses stronger ones to do the exact same shit.

Yes, it's a revenge novel, but that dosent mean that the MC has to be this much of a sh*t character, a good revenge story need a character with whom you can relate and root for, someone you can care for when he is in dip. This guy is not.

Another thing, this is a self insert type of novel, heavy on the p*rn side... or so you might think. Honestly while it does have a lot of s*x it's never describes it, just a few words of the MC saying how much of a stud he is, so the whole thing comes as unnecessary to the plot and is there just to ego stroke the author.

Something that I can rescue of all this bullcrap is the way he inacts his revenge on the main villains, they are somewhat cleaver and imaginative, sadly it amounts to nothing when 3/4 of the story is him making excuses to take revenge.

All in all this thing won't get past the 2 out of 5, it can be fun at times, and as I say the revenge descriptions are interesting, but the shitty MC and bland character just make this a pain to read.

Man I feel refreshed after writing this, think I'm gonna do this more often lol.

Pd: might be just my imagination, since I think this is a self insert of the author, but the author might be a misogynistic and homophobic, considering how he treats both women and gay ppl... dunno might be xd <<less
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Dassina rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: v1c15
So far the writing is mediocre and the author makes a lot of mistakes. He will say 1 thing in a chapter and then completely contradict himself in the other. Some things are not explained well, and the main character is weird.

Character Analysis Rant:

I was unsure whether to admire his determination or scoff at his folly and weakness. His mentality is one of a weak beta (understandable as he was just a peasant) who was brutalized until he became determined to get revenge. So far I didn't have an issue... more>> with that. In fact, I can admire someone weak striving to be stronger. But his approach is utterly s*upid and demonstrates his weak mind (beta male, sub tendencies, and just poor decision making).

I can understand that he thinks he cannot run, and maybe that is true. I can understand that he needs to acquire certain resistances. But what he does just reeks of weakness. He allows himself to act pathetic to reenact the circumstances that he hated. Instead of playing along and training himself, he allows himself to be brutalized to gain it that way.

And this might MIGHT have made sense, if he hadn't said one of his reasons. Part of the reason he does this is to ensure that his revenge is "justified." That by being brutalized AGAIN he can justify his revenge. This is s*upid and shows a weak spirit. 1. He already can see that the princess has not changed. 2. Even if he has gone back in time, it is only 4 years. She is still the same damn person. 3. WHY DOES HE ACTUALLY CARE? He was beaten, r*ped, starved, drugged, and just abused for 4 years. WTF would anyone ANYONE ever want to give their abuser another chance.

So rather than going the crazy alpha (which wouldn't fit), crazy broken (might work), or just determined and sad person route (would work) he is just a determined (when he can make up his damn mind) yet weak sub. This reeks of a weak character, but is probably because the writer is Japanese and is trying to justify the MC's actions with weak Japanese "Sensibilities." That seems to be the best explanation as the hentai is off screen and fade to black, the MC seems to kill people randomly with seemingly no consistent logic, and the MC seems to be unable to make up his mind over whether to get revenge or not. He says he definitely will, and then the next sentence says well maybe not.

He decides to kill a soldier for harassing (propositioning) one of his girls but he decides to allow the soldier to hit him once, just to make it fair? What? He then kills the soldier. But a few chapters earlier one of his other girls was literally about to be chloroformed and he just hit the attacker. Did not even kill him.

One of his potential targets literally r*pes little boys and then kills them so they never grow old and out of their "beauty." Said target r*ped the MC. The MC decides well maybe he is different in this timeline and shouldn't be killed. WTF. <<less
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bonkleboi rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: v3c15
This is a revenge wish-fulfillment fantasy. With s*x and r*pe. You read stuff like this like you read r*pe p*rn doujins. Stuff completely horrendous in real life seems tame and even enjoyable when approached through fiction. It doesn't feel real.
I know that doesn't fully justify the 1 star rating because, 'to each their own' I guess. The reason I'm going out of my way to write a review is because this novel is hateful. It does the complete hypocritical move of having the story treat the MC as a... more>> hero, a good person at heart. That 'even if I r*pe and kill to my hearts content, It's just because I was aggravated first. I'm still a hero who will save the world!". I even skimmed through some later chapters after

he completes most of his vengeance by volume 3 and what happens is he completes some god trials and starts saving people, becomes a father, has wholesome confession time, etc.

These type of stories can have a saving grace and that is when they are conscious that their main character is evil and develop the story from there. But oh no no no this one backtracks into making the MC a hero. An extension of typical wish-fulfillment stories that make ethically unworthy persons into heroes but taken to the highest levels of hypocrisy. It's so laughable it not only speaks of the authors' inability to think or write, it even outs him as immature and a coward.
Finally, there's people out there who find that these stories string a cord with them. To them, I say ' You deserve jail '. <<less
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garunix rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: v1c3
MC's cheat has already been established as combat experience + spirit eyes + knowledge of future events. I like the way he went back in time wasn't some standard reincarnation that happens randomly with no explanation (similar to many other novels) but is instead a premeditated and man-made event the MC was planning.

The premise is very interesting and the translation pace is good enough to keep my interest in the series. I'm worried about a few implications in ch3 as it seems like he will forgive one of the people... more>> who manipulated him. If it turns into a harem with her and the demon king I'll be pretty disappointed. <<less
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FishCream rated it
January 29, 2021
Status: v5
The only reason I even rate this a 2 is because the revenge is sweet from time to time and also the main story line is at least slightly interesting.

The MC is unrelatable tr*sh, he tries to justify himself with that he only attacks people for "revenge" but at the same time he interprets pretty much anything as justifiable for mu*der (often with cruel torture) to the point of one time even being: "this girl was targeted by someone which led to them (not her) destroying this café I liked.... more>> Time for r*pe, torture and destroying her mind". Also the MC is nearly omnipotent with his powers yet he never makes any effort at all to actually help the people he likes since he needs the justification of "revenge points" to kill the people he already hates.

He also for some reason holds back while taking revenge on the "main villains" from his previous life because they "haven't done anything to him yet" in the second life. Therefore he first baits them into doing things either to himself or to random other people which he has chosen and become "friends" with so he can justifiably be angry when something happens to them.

All in all, the world building is nearly non-existent. Every single side character is incredibly bland with every villain being bad to the bone and everyone in his harem is a s*ave to his will. The MC is tr*sh. The power system is all over the place. The MC always knowing the enemy plan (because of mind reading) takes away any and all suspense. The author is weirdly focused on the "homosexual" part in a lot of the revenges. The MC being just as evil as the main villains while "justifying" himself and the harem constantly telling him he's a good person gets pretty infuriating. <<less
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phreakinsane rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: --
This is disgusting. MC has a chance to turn things around and blows it, allowing himself to be used and r*ped by both men and women.

If it stopped at the backstory I'd continue this, but he puts himself right back into that position.

Basically he has no right to complain anymore, he did it to himself the second time.

... more>> Really, really disturbing.

MC putting himself in a situation to be r*ped by other men. F*ing revolting..

I cannot believe this vile story has received so much attention. I'd rather eat dog sh*t than read this. It's honestly that vile. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: v6c3
This novel is well a bit all over the place. It starts out with the premise that the MC is pretty much a psycho out for revenge. The story does however fairly quickly change into the standard isekai plot with some splashes of mayham so as to try and keep the whole crazy MC out for revenge going. However it is fairly easy to notice that the author is either to nice of a person to write this or the author wants to be mainstream while trying to appear to not be mainstream. A big problem is the inconsistency between chapters and for that part the MC's powers. For instance in the first 20 chapters the MC age is different between the chapters going 15-14-15-14, the MC does an action at the end of chapter the next it never happened, half a chapter is used to tell the readers that the MC needs to get a vanguard and will get one before leaving (super important) the next it's forgotten and not mentioned again for a while. The MC's power is explained as not being the normal kind of healing magic instead it reverts something to it's previous state. This is what allows the MC to turn back time and frankly his magic is shown as more of a time magic then healing. However the power usage keeps changing and a lot of flawed logic is used with the powers. But hey it's "magic". Also fun fact is that the MC keeps saying he prefers pretty girls and doesn't want ugly girls for his harem. This is from a MC who has the powers to directly change the body of a girl to have the perfect figure and face if he wanted to. On a side note the MC's recovery magic, it's effect and usage are most likely a direct ripoff from another novel called Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei the difference however is that is much more fleshed out in that one while this novel only losely copies it. All in all an okey read when you have nothing else to read.

Some flawed points I wanna point out.


The whole setting of the novel is that the MC's healing power works to reverse something to it's previous state. So when MC get's ahold of the demon kings heart which is pretty much a mega mana crystal that allows the casting of super powerful spells. So by super charging his heal spell he is able to reverse time to 4 years earlier. This is done by his healing spell turning the whole planet and everything on it to it's previous state 4 years earlier.

So now we know the MC's power right? To make things take on a previous shape. Wrong!

After this the MC's power is changed or get's limitations like how it's impossible to restore life or life force. Why? Because the author either forgot the setting or decided it's to OP so it is nerfed/changed through out the story. Frankly I wouldn't mind that much if the whole story and setting wasn't based on it.

Also how the F is it that when the MC remembers everything he still decided to act the same at the start which involves him being drugged, abused and r*ped for about 2 months. When he could have much more easily just played a long and done his revenge? Points thats why he wants people to get revenge points so he can take revenge. Fine the MC is insane and s*upid I get it. But how is it that during his first "life" he manages to create 3-4 OP "healing" spells with way different uses and use them to steal exp, skills and boost his stats when he was drugged so badly that the 4 years he couldn't think about anything but drugs.

He also does this during his two months in his "second" life only this time the reason it took only 2 months to awaken is cause he ate some drugs for a few day's before going to the castle. Which makes 0 sense since after healing himself his body would revert to a previous state before being druged therefore not getting any of the resistance his body built up.

Also fine you can convince me that the MC can learn to tolerate the pain a single person has gone through when he heals someone, but to not even think or mention that by doing this to the planet and everyone on it he would probably have to be burdened with the pain that everything on the planet has ever felt. And seeing as a single person can almost "kill" him but he adapted to tolerate it, imagine what would happen if that pain is increased by a billion or a trillion. Author seems pretty unaware of this part.

But hey this story is so inconsistant and the MC's power so badly thought out and always changing. That this is simply a rant at bad writting I guess.


Lastly it is worth mentioning that this novel has a ton of s*x, r*pe and torture in it however all of it happens in the background in the way that the author will mention the start of a r*pe for instance but then instantly cut it of usually by ending the chapter and then we are given a short after summary like girl got r*ped felt good but she broke to MC drugs. Which is fine but when almost a third of the novel seems based on these scenes that never happens I don't get the point anymore.

Also how big is the backpack the MC is carrying around btw since it includes tents, bedroll, cooking utensils, meat, spices, rice, clothes etc etc seeing as there is no dimensional pocket the MC seems to be carrying around a backpack by the size of a car.
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Wren rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: --
As with most revenge novels, it started off okay. The premise is nothing new but it still piqued my interest. Then it trailed off a cliff. Look, I can handle dark, twisted MCs. I'm fine with all the r*pe, mu*der, gore, and torture. What I can't handle is inconsistencies.

You'd think after all the sh*t these dark type novel MCs go through, they'd be a little more determined in their revenge but NO. If it's a cute girl you get live and if you're a guy you die. Avoiding spoiler, some... more>> of the girls even get conveniently ret-conned just to make sure they don't die and get added into his harem. And as others have said, sometimes the guy decides to kill over a pebble, other times you can r*pe him in the bu*t with a hot stick and he'll decide to give you a second chance.

My last rant would be the pointless harem. I hate harems, I make a point avoiding moronic wish-fulfilment power fantasies that do nothing but go around being OP, cooking food, gathering girl, and breeding. I thought dark novels like these would be better, evidently, like Arifureta, I was wrong. The harem does nothing but detract from the main story (even though there isn't a main story aside from REVENGE#$@%) If I wanted s*x I'd read hentai. Stop with these harem bullshit. <<less
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berdanka rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: v6c13
As per usual, when a JP novel doesn't involve a beta male, you get the extreme opposite, to the point of borderline sadism and psychopathy. This is one of those novels where you have to pay attention to the tags before reading. I mean, it's full of r*pe and torture scenes. While it's not that these are bad tags, it's the main focus of the novel, so you better be prepared.

The plot is simple and propelled by a mentally unstable main character, he gets abused, goes back in time and... more>> takes revenge. Men get tortured and killed, women are r*ped and get to join the harem. The antagonists are cartoonishly evil, s*upid, or both. They deserve it. It's basically a revenge-flavored smut with very good illustrations.

If you're annoyed by the majority of JP novels featuring indecisive and pathetic protagonists, you may find this one palatable. It's a bit too dark for my taste, but still an okay read for killing some free time or maybe jerking off. Snowflakes should avoid it like fire though. <<less
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