Confinement King (LN)


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A timid DT under the guidance of the devil!
The challenge of confinement is a daunting one!

[The Devil’s Support Campaign! Congratulations on your win!]

One day, a young girl in bondage suddenly appears in Fumio Kijima’s room, claiming to be a demon. She calls herself the Campaign Girl of the Demon World and gives Fumio the ‘ability to create a room in the middle of nowhere’ on the grounds that he has an exceptional talent for being evil. At first, Fumio does not misuse the room, but uses it for carrying things and other useful purposes, but an incident leads him to decide to take revenge on those who have wronged him. ‘I’ll make them regret it!!!’ . He creates a room with his ‘ability’ and begins his revenge by confinement and brainwashing…….

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Date Group Release
03/06/23 Travis Translations v4c7 part1
03/06/23 Travis Translations v4c7 part3
03/06/23 Travis Translations v4c7 part5
02/27/23 Travis Translations v4c6 part3
02/27/23 Travis Translations v4c6 part2
02/27/23 Travis Translations v4c6 part1
02/27/23 Travis Translations v4c5 part4
02/27/23 Travis Translations v4c5 part3
02/27/23 Travis Translations v4c5 part2
02/27/23 Travis Translations v4c5 part1
01/23/23 Travis Translations v4c4 part5
01/23/23 Travis Translations v4c4 part3
01/23/23 Travis Translations v4c4 part1
01/23/23 Travis Translations v4c4 part4
01/23/23 Travis Translations v4c4 part2
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Static Transit
Static Transit rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: v3c5
One of the better h novels out there (imo), now in LN format. Adds a few chapters that give some more characterization to some of the characters earlier on than the WN does (like Shiratori).

The only downside is that the TL is a bit messy. It's mostly okay and more than readable, but the TLer tends to leave some words untranslated in romaji for no apparent reason. Basically the epitome of the "TL note" meme. The most egregious example I can think of is just putting in "bikkurishita" (a phrase... more>> that is perfectly translatable into English) with not even a note. Also tends to confuse sentence subject sometimes, but that's very common when the TLer does not know Japanese very well or at all and doesn't have an editor. <<less
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