Comeback of the Abandoned Wife


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After Wu Ruo died, he is reborn in those dark days when he was the most useless and the fattest that he hated the most.

And in his new life, he not only has been married with a man, but also is a useless waste who can’t cultivate. He needs other’s support when he gets up, and would pant taking a few more steps, and even would get his bu*t stuck by the door when he tries to get out through it. You can say he has arrived to a new level of his wasteness, and meanwhile, reached a new fat level.


Even though he has already been this fat, he still wants him to serve him in bed???

Damn it!

Fine! See how I crush you in bed!

In this life, when Wu Ruo decides to take revenge, he has erased all his past that’s even hard to tell…

Associated Names
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Fei Qi Chong Sheng
Loser Wife's Second Life
The Abandoned Wife’s Rebirth
Відродження покинутої дружини
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housyspecial rated it
March 2, 2020
Status: Completed
Touching, romantic and comedy filled non-immortal cultivation novel.

... more>>

Main character (MC) rebirths back to when he was 17 years old and settled misunderstandings with his husband from his last life. The MC's cultivation speed is fast due to his special physique and skills and with the help of his husband (ML), he step by step takes revenge for the death of his family in his previous life.

ML is the crown prince of the necormancer's kingdom and fell in love with MC way before he married him. Due to MC's complex emotions from the previous life for ML, he gradually opens his heart and the love becomes mutual. They have two cute adorable children, very naughty but sensible.


Adventure and non-antsy drama-packed novel filled with cute lovey dovey moments between MC and ML.

Adorable children moments.

Family and friends' importance are emphasized.

Also, yaoi side couples that greatly enhance the life of the novel.

Beautiful and touching ending ~ ~ ^ v ^ ~ <<less
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rhea4765 rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c84
I like this a lot actually. For a reborn story, it has its cliche moments but it is also quite fresh (from what I read of the MTL). What jumps out for me was that the one who does the face-slapping isn't necessarily the MC.

... more>>

Granted, the MC did guide his family to open their eyes at the truths of their relatives, but at the end of the day, most of those face-slapping moments are initiated by his family. The father is very fierce and smart now that he understood just how despicable the relatives are.


The ML (to some degree) pampered the MC, but also didn't interfere with the revenge plan at all, just simply lending a few hands for the MC. Their interactions are quite endearing, especially when the MC was fat and the ML likes to play with his belly. I haven't even read half of the story, so the ML is still an unknown and is quite the typical cool-detached-mysterious guy.

All in all, it's quite a casual reading with a pretty entertaining dog blood drama. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: Completed
the MC married out of his family and yet still spends more time with the old family than he does with the new one; apparently, all the very strict marrying out rules only apply to daughters and not to sons.

I normally like rebirth and revenge stories but the mc's is so drawn out that I stopped caring. By c100 I was more than done with the Wu family and started skimming because what I wanted to read was his interactions in the Hei household and how they grow as a... more>> family and the mystery behind who the ML is, and not which 2nd Uncles' 3rd nephews' wifes' sister was scheming against the MC or his parents/brother/sister at the moment.

I know this familial scheming is a common cliche in Chinese novels but long, drawn-out family melodrama drive me nuts (my #2 reason for dropping novels, right after Idiot MC). It's one of my least-liked Chinese cultural quirks and I will never understand it because we don't place the same emphasis on family and clan in my country and don't have the same god-level tolerance for people just because of blood relations. If my family treated me the way the mc's are often treated in these types of stories, I would leave.


I finally gave up and started skipping large chunks at around c150, just to get it over with, so I only sort-of completed it. I am torn when it comes to rating this novel; I enjoyed parts of it and find the other parts unbelievably frustrating and tedious due to my low tolerance for melodrama. I might try to finish it again at a later date but right now I'm going to look for a story with zero family angst to read instead. <<less
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novel novel novel
novel novel novel rated it
April 2, 2020
Status: c38
I read the raws for this novel and it's definitely a must-read. Plot? Check! Romance? Check. Cool, tall and handsome ML? Check. Actually the thing that triggers my curiosity is that the MC is transmigrated into a super fat useless guy, and it causes a lot of hilarious scenes, meanwhile it also has those heartbroken parts. Well, this might be a long ride, but I ensure you this is really worth it!
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crownprince rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Gays, gay, gays everywhere. 🌈

Just a friendly suggestion: Read from AJU Nice Translations, because:

... more>>

Although Flying Lines or any other stolen translation you can find online is complete except for the 2 extras, the translation is HORRENDOUS. While you can understand half of the story, it's filled with mistakes. Not just grammatical or spelling mistakes. And I think it's unfair for a novel's enjoyment to be tarnished by the crappy translations. Not to mention, some parts are even translated wrongly?! But I know many might be in a rush to read this novel and it might take years for AJU Nice Translations to complete the series. But I feel so sorry for the author if you read from the other translations.


This is a pretty long novel, 388 chapters, it took me 1 week to finish this novel. The first 60 chapters or so is still pretty short, but the same can't be said for the later 300+ chapters. As much as this novel has some cliche plot developments, I enjoyed this novel. There are moments of tears (just a little) and moments that made me smile. I don't think I'll re-read this novel, it's way too long, but I think it's worth a read. It's the type of story where you won't forget after reading it.

There are revenge, cute family moments, sweet romantic moments, funny moments, schemes, and conspiracies. If these sounds good, go ahead and read it!

While the series has A LOT of characters, you'll be fine, just don't try to remember the names of all small characters, it isn't a big deal not remembering it. At least for me, it doesn't matter which character is the 1st or 2nd or 9th or 13th brothers/cousins. Those who have more screen time will be easily remembered while for those who don't, you don't even need to bother.

There is just one bit that left me with a bad taste or rather feeling complicated, spoiler warning, only read if you finished the novel or something the mysteries and antagonists are mentioned in here, it's with regards to QC, and it's more of a rant and why this part of the novel left me with some bad taste:

So Qian Chen / Sheng Zi, basically, the main antagonist is the cause of everything. From the previous life/the other timeline, it was because QC dreamed that the man he loves fell in love with WR and to his family harmed, which is why he ruthlessly killed WR in the previous life/the other timeline to prevent the possibility from happening. And for the same reason, he repeated his actions in the current life/timeline.

Even though he knows it's from a different timeline and he shouldn't attempt to change the current timeline. Yet he still did it. If it wasn't for him, this novel wouldn't be as long. Yet at the same time, I can understand how he feels and why he did what he did. ALL FOR LOVE, HE'S JUST A MAN IN LOVE. Especially since he saw in his other dream that without WR, QC and the man he loves will be together until they passed.

I think the author handled it well whereby in the end WR decides to forgive QC and not kill him, and QC is stuck at his clan and the hidden place forever... But some part of my heart still can't believe how easily he was let go off. Adding on, although in the current timeline the man QC loves has fallen in love with WR and later on gave up. It seems highly likely that he got together and has fallen in love with QC, which is what left me in a bad and bitter taste. That is because QC sister showed the dream to the man QC was in love with, the dream that shows QC and the man he was in love with that they are so lovey-dovey and promised to be together in their next life. And she showed this dream multiple times. Without this dream, I think it's highly unlikely for the man who QC is in love with to fall back in love with QC in such a short time frame. Of course, I think it's possible for him to fall in love with QC, for example, after seeing QC change for the better and understanding the reasons why he did what he did. But to let him see for himself, with his own eyes, how in love he was with QC in the dream has affected his heart, mind, and judgment a lot which is something I'M NOT PLEASED WITH.

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Roshizer rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: c240
I like the storyline, loved the revenge story after reborn. But.. the way MC killing unrelated and innocent people... disappointed me. and the caused of killing between each other. Quite unreasonable even though they are blood related. Yah most of cultivation novel does not need logic reason to revenge or kill other tho. Lol, almost all Chinese cultivation novel have similar 'inhuman' behaviour 😂

... more>>

MC quite selfish as long he got to revenge he don't care if the person innocent or not and even the person had protect or show kindness before. Like wu bai he asked forgiveness on behalf of his family and he unrelated on his family/sibling plan but at the end MC killed him, and also Wanlan he protect him during the fight, but MC didn't even put effort to save him and many innocent from Wu family killed, and you will notice some plot hole with unexplainable situation, but not major impact to the story tho

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jtrichard rated it
November 3, 2020
Status: Completed
I was quite hesitant to read this because some reviews, and because it's Flying Lines.

It took about two hundred chapters to finish the Wu family arc. Yes, that long, so I can understand some people frustration over this.

If I have to be honest, it's really interesting for me as the way they dealt with the enemy is the slow kind, in a word, its quite realistic. I do like this story, and the closure it brings with the extra chapters.

I won't say much because it's midnight and I'm tired, but... more>> it's quite worth it as I'm looking for cultivation bl story that's not too focused on the Cultivation side. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
earlgreyt rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: c200
I think I only stuck with the story for this long because I just wanted to know what the ML's secret is.


200 chapters later and not a clue.

Sorry, otherwise I'd spoil it to save everyone the time and effort of sloughing through this.


Honestly, I recommend skip unless you have nothing else to read.

Overall a pretty boring story with REALLY REALLY s*upid side characters. The first part was ok, but it just drags on.

There are times when people want to read mindless, boring, braindead novels. I guess this is ok for that.

New translation is miles better than old one.
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Moongodess76 rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: Completed
It has all the ingredients to make a great story! Love the fact that the ML loves the MC even when he was so fat. The buns are unbearably cute, and the love they have for each other was beautiful and moving. Don't pay attention to little details like boring chapters, all great stories have them. You wont regret read this masterpiece!


Even the villain was pitiful in the end. He just wanted to keep his love safe, but used the wrong moves to do it.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Exraww.KO rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I rate this 3.5 because the last hundred chapters made it so boring. And my review was only for the part where it got me disappointed.

... more>>

The main problem for me was there were too many characters and felt like the last 100 chapters could be more interesting if it weren't for the plot that was being dragged on. There were several bad character (villain), but in my opinion, the main villain were only 2, WC and QS, and maybe WW, the granddaughter of WC that became a hateful and narcissistic bit*h and would eventually try to get ML. The others like MC's "best friend", was basically just a tool. The MC's paternal family were all dead, except those that were the main MC's family like his siblings and parent, also those who were exiled before all the sh*t happened. And at least 200 chapters needed to get to the part where the first main villain, WC, was executed. Several mysteries would had been uncovered at this point, like the MC's maternal grandfather. I'm leaving so much details in here, but the point is WC and the whole Wu family is dead. Moving on to the next villain that has been spotted here and there in the story. MC had met him several times and always failed at killing him. FYI, QS was MC's "best friend"'s master a.k.a the one who killed his mother and father, also burned MC to death. I mean at this point I thought that the motive behind all this sh*t he made the MC went through was definitely something significant, right? Come to find out it's all because QS had an effing DREAM that his crush would fall in love with MC when ML brought MC to his country, ---and the fact that QS's sister would be killed by MC. Like literally, MC didn't even know who QS was, whether it was before or after his rebirth. So yea, this dude killed an entire innocent family just because his crush didn't like him back. Well, ofc, that dream turned out to be true, BUT in the end MC and ML would be together, and all of that has got nothing to do with QS nor his crush. So basically, wether or not the MC died, QS won't end up with his crush. At some point the MC asked if QS would find happiness if MC died, and he answered "yes, at least he (the crush) has noone in his heart and we can be happy". I was so mad because his problem would be solve just by confessed his feeling. It has nothing to do with MC at all. Even in the end the crush told QS, "if you were like yourself in your dream, not someone with some much hatred, I would probably come to like you". For the ending of QS, you need to read yourself and judge if it satisfying.



Not only the bad character, but there was one character that made me crazy when reading this story, and that was the maternal grandfather of MC. So, MC and ML would hold a wedding ceremony for the second time in ML's country, in order to break the curse. I won't give you much information about the curse because it's too long. After the MC and ML, along with others went to ML's country, the MC and eggy (his child) got split up with others, and it led to the MC met his maternal grandmother, QS crush, some new characters, and also led him to found out ML's identity, and about ML's country's curse. Oh and also the continuation about MC's past life would be revealed here. And ofc, what's the problem with the grandfather??? So, as I told you, MC and ML had to get married to break the curse, but wether this method would or not, they didn't know. Can you guess who knows all about the curse?? Yes, the grandfather! MC and ML's wedding supposed to be held at a day, and they were waiting for like 4 months before that. The grandfather knew this and didn't tell anyone. He followed the MC's family, but rejected them when they try to get close to him. And finally on the wedding day, there's a letter from the grandfather telling them them that they can't get married. Yet. And told them to go to him and meet his ancestors and all, and the story got dragged on because of that. I thought that maybe they'd told MC how to break the curse, but no, the MC and ML would got themselves into an illusion world made by the ancestors. And the story got dragged on again. IF the grandfather told them before the wedding day, the chapters would be shorter than this. I mean, he had 4 months before the wedding and didn't even tell the MC. Well I get that there were some subplot and all, but the main problem at this point supposed to be how to break the curse and killed the last villain. It kinda bothers me.


My point is there are too many characters and there would be some subplot here and there that made the story longer while the main plot was close to finished but got suspended.

That's me ranting about my problems with the story, but there are a lot of good sides of this. I felt so much emotion when MC's past life was revealed. And the MC has great personality but not all the time LOL. And of course, the children. They made the story more bearable for me.

Would I recommend it? Yeah, sure. Read it, and enjoy :) <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Devrai rated it
August 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Story so far and translation by KnoxT is first class. Although the Translation Notes are a tad too abundant for my taste.

I did mtl from chapter 98 on.

At the beginning I was super happy with this story but my opinion changed a bit.

In this "spoiler" you can read my original review:

... more>>

The pace of this story is great, I never felt bored and it alternates between super satisfying faceslapping and plot development. I already adore this writer for the way she handles the relationship between MC and ML.

There is no r*pe/ forcing or any related plot that "escalates" the story. Both are consciously making an effort to build up a relationship and communicate. There is no"weak" party. I just love this.

MC was a naive guy, living as part of a big family clan. He grew up as a fatty and without spiritual force. The family head married him to a man that looked ugly, he found out that someone else was planned to marry him but they made him do it. Later he found out that his obesity was due to a gu parasite and got healed. Then he found out that his spiritual energy was just sealed and got it back. Himself married to a man he hates, his father lost his spiritual power, his elder brother died on an outing, his junger sister died shortly after being married and he had to see with his own eyes how his " best friend " killed his father, let his guards r*pe his mother and himself getting burned to death. All within the grounds of his " family ". Before he died he heard some truths and his hated husband was rushing to help him but was too late. After being burned alive, he woke up as a teenager again. He was still fat, had no spiritual power, his family was still safe but he was already married... well, in the end his husband wasn't so bad so let's try it this time with some respect to his hubby and lots of revenge to everyone else...

I just love MC. He is a strong bottom with the right amount of mischief.

ML is still a bit mysterious at this time. He seems so seriously love MC but it is not yet cleared where he comes from and what his agenda is but he silently dotes on his wify. While his wife is going wild on his "family ", MC is just soy sauce and gives support. I kind of like this. He rarely speaks but his deeds are loud and his servants are hilariously louder.

A bit like this:

MC: Am I going overboard, will ML dislike me for it?

ML: Here some weapons and pills, just in case.... (giving lots of stuff)

Servants: They need more "closeness ".... taking away the carriage, leaving only one horse so that master can hug his wife while riding home together.

At the moment I highly recommended this novel. I will review again when the translation is done but this writer already delivered.


As I said, I did like the first 100 chapters or so and it went a good way. But at some point the writer did kind of loose the goal and put in too many different story strings. It felt like parts were forgotten for like 50 chapters only to then escalate super quick.

The spirit beats and kids were like " you take them out for meng and put them back after it's done". I feel like there is a lot missing and there should be at least an extra for all of them.

Although I feel like this is no 5 start story anymore, I was entertained enough and would recommend it. <<less
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AiiTrancy rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm not making a review just a simple comment. The novel is good, I spent 5 days finishing it 🐼

Double thumbs up to revenge and face-slapping scenes 👍👍 (main reason why I read this novel)

I like the romance between Wu Rou and Hei Xuanyi, they were a strong couple and their sons were sooo adorable. ❤️ Btw MC also had two other guys that got a crush on him 😳 I was like hey come on let's start the harem mode!!🙈 just kidding! hehe😏

Just that, the ending was not satisfying... more>> for me, especially towards Qian Chen. I was like "that's it?" hmm what a letdown. 😞 Also, why mostly female characters are the villain? 😅 Anyway good ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sawarnighimire rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: Completed
I love this novel a lot, it's my favorite. A lot of questions arise in the beginning and as you read further all those questions are answered properly. Revenge and face slapping were really enjoyable.


However, there are way too many characters (especially the wu family) which were kinda confusing at times, the side couples' story wasn't explained properly (a few extra chapters about them would have been great) and the ending felt a bit rushed. The babies were really adorable and didn't feel unnecessarily added.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miyuki_Asami rated it
March 22, 2023
Status: Completed
Was it amazing? No. It had a good plot? No. Is it readable? Yes.

I give it 3/5, the reasoning for the original killing was just... not enough '-' The reasoning for punishing the mother too was just laughble :v Junxing too at the end even if he was influenced by the dreams how could he just be with someone like that? And Wu Ruo actually forgiving the guy that killed him just like that lol I literally could never, specially for that reason.

If you want to read it because you... more>> have nothing better to read then go for it, but if you're in need of something that actually has a good plot and characters then this is definitely NOT for you. <<less
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Rinmoyi rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Damn!! This had truly an Amazing plot!! It could be quiet lengthy but each and every chapter will keep you engrossed! So don't stop in half way, finish it till the end. The face slapping was satisfactory!! Truly enjoyable!

(っ≧ω≦) っ

MC's character becoming clever after rebirth and ML's personality cold was common in many novel but ML and MC 's relationship was really enviable! They fall in love with other neither because of external appearance, nor because of death and life, but because they really wanted to, so nothing was... more>> their obstacles. The understanding between them was the best part in novel! ML was supportive with each every decision MC made, even when he was cruel or kind


The other cute attraction was their children. The interaction between the parents and children was so heart melting!

At last with why things happened or why MC was killed in previous life was just too shallow, the reason itself is too silly, but rather than that everything else was good. (。'▽'。) ♡ It is a really must novel! So give it a try!✨_✨ <<less
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Queen_Key rated it
September 24, 2022
Status: c89
I'll be honest, the novel is beautiful. The relationship between the characters is handled well, even the revenge and slaps are quite good.

The relationship between the MC and ML are one of my favorites, both are a love. The truth is refreshing to see a love that is not related to appearance, since when they fall in love they are both in "their worst" moment. I believe and dare say that's what I love most in this novel, because, hey! MC was fat when ML marries him, he likes him... more>> from that moment and does not despise him, on the contrary he likes to play with his belly, and MC... The MC likes ML when he is still wearing an ugly mask, that is, she didn't even know her husband's real appearance when she fell in love with him.

In definition, this novel is worth it, the plot, the characters, the development and even the very world in which they live... Ugh! Really, hats off.

I'm sorry if my English is bad, ha I'm better at speaking it than writing. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 20, 2021
Status: c1
I finally finished reading this novel.

The story itself is actually very good for a long novel with 700 chapters (Actually this novel only has more than 300+ chapters, but because each chapter is very long, the translator divides each chapter into 2 or 3 chapters)

Our ML has a very perfect character, she is gentle, loving, patient, basically she has all good qualities. He doesn't have traits like yanderes, s*x maniacs or the dark side that other ML usually have in cultivation novels.

As for the MC, he was a person... more>> who was reborn after seeing his entire family sadistically killed.

So it can be said that his character is a bit evil, but even so he is still not blind and can still distinguish between good and evil. It's just that his way of handling things is a bit more ruthless, and he also has a strong vindictive nature which is understandable.

As for the plot, the world setting in this story is a non-immortal cultivation world (You could say the setting was a lower level cultivation world, where they were far from being immortal).

Which I think has more or less flaws because the explanation is too harsh.

The author just says they have 9 levels without any explanation about the differences of each level and the names of each level. The only difference noted is that each level is stronger than the lower level.

Other than that, there is no explanation at all.


This story also has a lot of plot twists in it. There are big plot twists and there are also small plot twists in each arc.


Later there will be a plot twist that tells that the dreams of the heavenly sons and daughters of the hiddens, are not the future but parallel worlds.

Which I don't think that makes sense, because it contradicts with the original explanation that MC was sent by MC grandfather and ML to the past.

In addition, if indeed it is a parallel world, it means that there is no clarity on who the main character in the story, is because each world has its own MC and ML.

Other than that the concept of "MC and ML only replace another MC and ML who are in the parallel world" really bothers me.

Because it shows that MC doesn't change anything in his world. This happens because MC doesn't go back to the past but go to a parallel world, which means that all MC does is save the family of the MC who is in the parallel world, not the family of his own world.

which actually I think is quite ironic, lucky that it turns out that the ML from the original world merges with the one in the parallel world, otherwise it would be very sad.


The weakness of this novel itself lies in the beginning of the story.


Where at the beginning of the story the author makes many antagonists. Actually there is nothing wrong with this, but the way the author describes and brings out each character is too fast so that each character becomes easily forgotten.

Although later each character will be explained clearly without leaving any holes in the story. This still makes it difficult for readers to remember, it makes the readers need to look back at the previous chapter to remember the characters.


Note : Well I'm giving 5 stars not because the story is amazingly good, but because the author can maintain a stable plot for the story even after 600 chapters+++ which is rare to find. <<less
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Melange rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: Completed
A generous score for this novel would be a 3.5/5.

When evaluating novels, it's always important to remember the genre. This is a rebirth revenge xianxia novel, and it generally follows the same trends as other novels of the same genre, except that this is BL. That being said, put away any notions of chivalry, righteousness, or justice, because MC is out to kill, no matter the cost.

In terms of revenge, this occurs in the first half of the novel, while the second half is predominantly action and mystery.

After rebirthing, MC... more>> grows to love ML and they have a happy, trusting relationship filled with marital bliss. However, this doesn't stop the butterflies and bees from falling for the both of them. Men, women, and everyone in-between.

Most of the villains are pretty one dimensional, with only a few being two or even three dimensional. That being said, the story was pretty long and I got a little bored at the end. I was almost wondering if the novel was going to segue into a different novel with the things the author introduced near the end.


It is revealed that their entire world is actually a lower cultivation realm and the inhabitants are only in the very first nine stages of cultivation. There is an entrance to a higher cultivation realm within MC's family's hidden sect where people can go to be sorted into sects based on their spiritual roots, and MC probably has a thunder root.

Of course, the items from the higher realm are a kajillion times stronger than anything in their world, and the weakest cultivator from that realm can kill the strongest person in their world.

So the entire time the strongest people in their world had been stuck at the ninth level, they were basically just the weakest level of the other world... Ahhh, 386 chapters only to learn this?! Really? =A=


I would say that if you're a fan of novels like The Legendary Master's Wife, then you'll probably like this one. It's similar but with less smut, less overall length, and less sexism. <<less
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Boba rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: Completed

sad there's no buns' side stories


The story is cute, but due to many chapters it may become boring.

I could say that the ending is quite satisfactory, but just left so much probability to the side charas and antagonist... Some may like it, but im not (。ŏ_ŏ) I just wanna know what happen to many of the side charas and antagonist 〒_〒.

Buuuuuuut, yeah it's quite good.

Edit: I found the 2 side stories!! Finally got the closure I wanted (๑¯ω¯๑) but still... *looking at my spoiler above* *sigh*
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Beccablue rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: c81
The translator does their best to make sure that things are explained. Their are many footnotes. The child is funny when they are around, especially with the couple servants that take care of him.

The romance is very slow.

The MC's parents and siblings are lovely.
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