City of Sin


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Every drop of this family bloodline is stained with sin. They are the embodiment of contradiction; calm yet maniacal, with great memories yet often forgetful. They pledge themselves to their dreams yet often compromise, are angels that are also devils… It’s why I hate them. And also love them.

The only hope of his family, a youth with the blood of elves and devils walks on a battleground of annihilation and rebirth. He wills his way through boiling lava and icy depths, killing on this field of despair to strike down the lofty figure in his sight. One day he’ll grasp his blade tightly and survey his surroundings, only to find no more enemies to kill.

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Sin City
Zuìè zhī Chéng
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85 Reviews

New Vandille
Apr 13, 2021
Status: --
City of sadism, thats where the author lives.

The author certainly loves being sadistic as he kills off characters with potential growth throughout the story, honestly why not make a custom tag for these kinds of stories "Massacre Mania".

The reviewee Celes below had quite the strange review as if you've read atleast more than one chinese novel then you would have opened the door to this story expecting a 1 dimensional happy go lucky protagonist, which I personally love as its one of my guilty pleasure.

Between bad protagonist and a... more>> s*upidly prideful protagonist even if the events are as follows

Character 1 gets offended, MC slaps charactee 1, character 1 was related to a powerful character 2, but MC also gets stronger, and MC slaps character.

Rinse and repeat, cut and paste, this was the same but it turned to a slaughterfest every other chapter.

Hope author gets out of his lucid dream. <<less
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Jan 10, 2018
Status: Completed
Regretfully, this would've been a good novel to read. It started out with a fantasy theme then later added with sci-fi then rubbish. The ending was very disappointing. The writer started pretty good where it looks like real literature compared to other chinese novels of tr*sh this tr*sh that and being bully. Efforts were put in where you can feel the morality of the MC fighting in his mind.

Of course the only good point here is that there are no GRANDPA's in this story. THANK GOODNESS!!! Another thing, the... more>> title is like so irrelevant.

This novel have too many flaws, discrepancy, inconsistency, and disappointments. Even a kindergartner can do better math than the writer.

The writer introduces various plots, conspiracies, and such but never follow through. This can be like a mini version of Games of Thrones. Some content came from mmorpg such as WOW, Diablo, and others. Even greek mythology was pulled into this story. Interesting enough, even Star Trek: The Next Generation was included (Assimilate!). Ah.... it was a good idea at first but the writer still failed by reverting to the 17k. com theme of gibberish. I cannot believe a chapter can get so many paragraphs of the same thing in various modifications (such as **** 3 years***** or 3 years ****** or ******* 3 yrs etc...). That was like after the 1st 1/2 of the story. The writer wasted so many chapters on gibberish whereas it could've been used to expanding out contents of the story to make it more attractive.

Lastly (almost but have to be so), the writer cheated very so often just by pointing out something but not even giving any good explanation or detail. Everything were so vague to the point of foggy and blurring your imaginations. Good thing this only ended up about a 1000+ chapters, if not I would've ended it 1/2 about the 500 or so mark.

Only 2 stars worth. 1 for not being so totally knock-off product with a bit of creativity. The other for being to pull me to finish the novel. Although it was a bit disappointing from the 1/2 way point to the end and especially the end. The end was like a rush to finish but not so rough.

One last final thought-the writer is a pure pervert. No romance one bit and plenty of r*pe and mol*sting. So lock your doors and keep your daughters away. Maybe son too cause there were some gray areas as well. <<less
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Apr 25, 2018
Status: Completed
Hey all together! This is my first review of a novel although I've been reading these kinds of novels for 5 years already. The reason I've decided to make a review, because I've just finished reading the raws and rate it as one of the best novels which have been read by me!

I won't spoiler any content cause you have to experience yourself!

Yes it is kinda slow progressing story, but in my eyes it never got borring. The worldbuilding, and the "out of the box thinking" of the author with... more>> his characterdeveloping is reeeeaally refreshening!

Yes the end gets a bit sci-fi and I'm really not a fan of sci-fi crossover stuff. And before I got to the point in the story I read a review here, which mentioned sci-fi at the end of the story. This made me sceptical if the story would get destroyed.

My conclusion, for not being a sci-fi fan it's a very good ending, and doesn't destroy anything and it's fitting well with the story progress I think. So guys don't get scared of it and read it all to the end! ;) Best regards,

Phoenix <<less
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Jul 27, 2018
Status: v2c174
This story is incredible so far, by far one of the best stories on this site. Well written, interesting, memorable characters, with a very good translation.

I have no idea wtf all the other people are smoking, giving this less than 4 stars is unfathomable.
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Nov 23, 2018
Status: v4c153
1/23/19 EDIT* This novel definitely improves a lot the more you read. The author pretty much stops the MC's cuck tendencies and turns him into a man. A lot of character growth from most of the characters. The story is interesting too, pretty unique especially for a CLN. If you can get past the shitty MC in the beginning you'll be pleasantly surprised.*

This novel is a weird one to rate tbh. I want to like it so bad, and the quality is definitely there, but it's ruined by... more>> the MC, and the way the authors fetish's seeps into his character.

So the mc's whole character is built around him being "wise", but it's painfull to see how ironic that statement is. He repeatedly does things that make no sense in the context of the story.

Example: He goes into a city where he knows he has enemy's at every corner with out guards, weapons, or plans of any kind... It's ridiculous actions like these that ruin the story for me. The whole thing is clearly a setup the author uses to force a certain plot line he wants to insert in the story that just ruins the flow all together.

Another thing I absolutely abhor is the authors love for cuckholdery and NTR. Out of the first 4 girls that the MC is involved with 2 of them are f*cking other dudes while the MC does nothing but cries saying he's "sad" or "angry". This is really where this story losses me. The author is clearly a cuck, and can't wait to let everyone know through the MC. When I, the reader feel like every girl in the novel Will be cucked them something is obviously wrong with the way the author is writing his "harem romance" which I hesitate to call it considerering how much a pu*sy the MC is when it comes to women. He literally sleeps naked with a women for months and doesn't make any moves... After a certain point it's like just stop bringing females into the MCs life. He's beta asf. <<less
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Dec 20, 2015
Status: --
So far its looking good with an unusual plot you don't see. Liking the main character and the fascinating world cant make heads or tails of it yet but hoping it will be a good read once more chapters are out.
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Oct 12, 2018
Status: v3c111
This is one of my favorite novels so far, definitely in my Top 3 of all times. I don't understand how this great novel has a score of under 4 while other tr*sh is getting over the 4.0 mark.
I have read nearly all novels on this site with 100+ chapters and even if a few people don't share my taste in literature, from an OBJECTIVE perspective this novel should have a score of 4.4 or 4.5!

Maybe some people didn't like it that, in contrast to other novels, the side... more>> characters aren't just brain-dead one-dimensional baggage but actually matter and are well written. They are more memorable and have more personality then most main characters of other novels.
Others might not like the fact that the MC is not the overpowered perfect being whose level of plot armor is higher then Mount Tai. SHOCKINGLY, this MC has flaws and actually seems like a real person that continues to learn and develop. He struggles, wins and sometimes also retreats.

You won't find the typical cycle of the MC getting himself into impossible situations and getting out of it by some ridiculous power-up. Richard actually thinks before he does something, despite having a lifetime less experience then most MCs. His actions and the ones of the other characters are understandable and fitting.

This novel feels more like a western fantasy novel series than a Chinese one full of cliches and word count oriented fillers. Every chapter contributes to the story. It's quality is a lot higher than most novels on this site.
Give it a try! <<less
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Aug 21, 2018
Status: v3c5
This one is really addictive, engaging and well written.

It's well translated and edited.

Has a compeling story with more than a plot happening at the same time, keeping it refreshing.

The progress of the MC is well done and although the MC gets more powerful, his true power comes from the followers/war party that he manages to get for himself. In this, this novel is diferent from most others, as you get to really know some of the secondary characters and they are really well made. The MC gets more and more... more>> powerful, but by himself he can't do much and that brings the war party importance to the novel, something that rarely happens in other novels. The novel is filled with war though, so be prepared for the loss of some followers that you might care about. It stings.

Other characters like his teacher/family head get their own time and you can see that they have their own problems even though they're not around the MC all the time.

The harem part is still mostly non existing. He chose a wife of convenience really early but she doesn't matter at all and doesn't acompany him and will probably get discarded in the future. The girls he's into are quite formidable and hard to get so it will take a while. Right now, only one girl keeps him company (as in bed) and she's a real asset to his forces, not just an eye candy.

As for the future, it seems really promising, with planar wars and family disputes all over the place.

Can't wait for more and I wish several chapters would be translated a day.

Cheers <<less
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Dec 13, 2017
Status: --
Pretty interesting concept... Kinda reminds me of Warlock of the magus world with level categorized wizards and the gods system etc... The MC is a mystery it's still translated till chapter 8 (WW) so we can't be sure about his bloodline powers and such so yeah till now the story progresses smoothly kinda mysterious but it's still decent in my opinion I'm addicted XD
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Mar 10, 2019
Status: Completed
I saw many bad ending like coiling dragon but this one was the worst. LOL

It took my 1 week to finish entire book, 4/3 of book was good especially first 300 ch, good character development it was going good until last arc. I wont spoil it but there is no satisfyng power up at the end and author rushed the end it was really shi*ttiest ending so far
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Nov 16, 2018
Status: v4c20
This novel is probably the most satisfying Dungeons and Dragons type of webnovel you will read. I read everything up to the most recent translation and most of it is very satisfying. If you like the D&D genre and are looking for a well executed environment, plot, and characters then this is a must read. Its quality is excellent.


1. Great world building, includes structure of powers in the world and the ranking of powers, includes rough overview of political landscape and the races.

2. Satisfying plot building, MC's goals and driving... more>> forces are established in the first volume as an anchor for the story.

3. Great side characters that are unique and impactful. Antagonists are well written, some are cannon fodder type of idiot baddies while others are smart and scheming and take a long time to defeat. MC's helpers and friends each have their own personality and a lot of screen time. Primary love interests are very unique, powerful, and interesting.

4. The author put a lot of time into telling a story, not just filling the page with garbage and pointless words. Very little (almost none) of the story feels like the author is just padding for the word count. You can immediately tell of the quality and skill of the author and it doesn't drop off either, it maintains it.

5. Plot lines involving politics, kingdoms, aristocracy, wars, and power struggles are all very well executed.

6. Mature aspects, bloodly and gore filled battles and sexual scenes are included throughout the novel but they do not overpower the story.

Warnings: (I don't see this as Cons but it might put some people off)

1. This novel has elements of tragedy, especially with regards to the harem. The story's female characters do not blindly fall in love with the MC and blindly stay faithful to him. This novel presents more realistic characterizations of women. Some are pure and innocent while others are scheming. Some are faithful but have their own goals and dreams. Others will betray the MC to quickly further their own goals. A few are weak women who will be influenced and manipulated by the MC's enemies.

2. Hint of NTR. Don't run away, let me explain. Many relationships the MC has with women are not love but purely lust and physical attraction. There's only a few women the MC truly loves and they do not betray him. There are some side chicks who are either weak willed or have their own agendas that betray the MC by sleeping or loving other men. I do not view this as NTR in the context of the story, because the MC himself wasn't committed to a relationship with those women in the first place.

3. After initial world building and plot building is done, there gets to a pretty stale part where the MC is just building up his army and territory by fighting one forgettable enemy after another. It gets pretty repetitive so I skipped over these parts. However, if you have the patience, some enemies actually are more impactful later on in the story and actually play a part in plot later in the story.


I really don't have any XD. <<less
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Nov 07, 2018
Status: Completed
First thing, is worth reading? Yes, it is. But there is something you need to know before starting.

Second thing, this is a story about war. Not so much about great and elaborated tactics and strategy that you can see on Kingdom. But a war where the strenght of the MC army and thier situation and gains are correlated to the sucess and power of the MC, this mean that most of the story will be on a mix bag of political and militar spoils, where his conquest/survival for power will... more>> be the main focus. Army composition and incress in scale can be seen as a direct representation of the character, and the oposite is true, the stronger the MC the stronger his army, ofr his focus on supporty talents than direct power level the oposition army.

The third thing is, this is a rare wuxia that has some characters and "characters interaction" that aren't just, the rich s*upid noble kid/steping stone or the trial/tournament of magic place to get magic power, however the MC isn't one of interesting kind, at most he does his slight above average character, like a open world RPG would, while his enemies can be divided in 3 types, the mob steping stone, that is a dificult most because his lack of power at the moment, the one that is dificult because they are ridiculous more powerful than him and his luck his way out until he is just bare enough with alot of clever tatics and poor enemies decisions to defeat and the broad goal like defeat the greatest army, go back to X, construct that Y. The first are mostly very situational, you heard them a handful of chapter but you know they can't really do anything, the 2nd you keep guessing how he will deusexmachina his way out, for all intention he would be 1 shooted, but at least this one had some personality but very base lvl, while the later are END Games goals, that at least anchor his direction. Sadly, as I said before, none of his enemies are interesting characters for most part, in fact aside from His teacher, the interaction of his followers at vol 2 and a halfway done character arc for his followers that kind tries to ties with the MC growth, but end up in a halfway effort, that his quick tossed aside for other things. In most part the really powerful, that aren't his enemies, until now, have interesting personality. Now his followers interaction that was really good will be pushed asside for new characters and problems, incress the fatigue each time you read. For it suffer the power creep that is only resolve by introducing a new more powerful character.

Now the third thing, skip vol 1. Why? Well because you waste alot of time and the vol 2 is where the good stuff start, at vol 1 the MC has no agency over his decision and the one that he does have are childish and contradictory at best and plain s*upid and mindnumbing at worse. Until that point, the mage used 1 spell and had small character growth.

I said before that there are characters, but most of them are really bland, on the vol 1 only his teacher is a save grace, and she is referenced most of the time with very small screen time. Things happens around the MC and he don't give the trouble to react different to each of them, no he repeat his pattern and there was no stakes at all. In fact you get more interested on magic system than the MC story because he is so boring, on this 1st vol.

What you need to now if you skip the vol 1

  • He is a mage, he studied in harvard of magic and have a Legendary mage as a loose teacher that he become her favorite and had some skinship with, but more on a toy scale and not as a lover.
  • He spent all his time studying, but by pure chance he got a warrior princess to fall for him. But he refuse to accept for even himself could accept her absurd reason, so he promised to visit her later on her continent.
  • The Dragon of Time is a god like being that work with alchemy/loot box law that you sacrifice a valuable thing for him and he in turn give a random gift/item/lifespan that is worth what you sacrificed. This is the main god of the story, and also the one that the priest that is with him.
  • All the strong people, lvl up there, by going in other planes, that are like small worlds to plunder the resources. Going in the direction of one plane with his father army and his "friends" (s*aves +acquaintance)
  • All he have done until now is what his father, that his mon and himself hates gave him, he study with his and his teacher money, got some gifts from the sacrifice that his father and teacher almost died to get, and now is leading the warrior of this man + the s*aves that he gave to him to choose into the plane of his father.
  • He is a mage + builder, he can make runes that engrave on people to make them strong. Like +10%agility.
  • he also trained some assassin skills, so he knows the basic of close quarters and have a strong (for a mage) body.
I always found misleading most vague synopses so here goes mine.

Is a story of young Mage, that on vol 1 a Hyprotic, shut-in, antisocial, passive, childish, hardworking, genious, kid. That seam to suffer from Shinji from Evangelion problem, even when he get alot of great things from his father he still hates him, but follow most of his orders aside from some childish acts. His oponents are just slight more powerful than him at that moment, so he never in real danger. However the magic, the lore and some characters are really interesting. Others like his friends/followers interactions get really interesting at least on the start of vol 2.

The main sell point is that, is more of a army manegement, with politics and magic in the mix. The use of races and how to deal with some problems that originates from the compositon of the army are the core of the story, the characters are mostly pushed aside, but they manege to keep intersting, always introducing new things in a confortable pace.

This story has sex, but have a fun and strangly arousing way of put it, that don't get weird and many times even fun. Is a rare exemple of using to show the deeper a relationship with the girls he sleep with.

Lastly, skip vol 1. Is really painful, there is good things, and there is the promise of great story. But clearly the MC wasn't the focus, and just a passenger at most of the events. Staying passive until vol 2.


Now until the end, great mysteris are halfway done and the explanation is meh at best. Already on the Reaper Army Arc if not even before, the author already started to show a burn out, when the Reaper Army arc end the author was already 3/4 out of juice. Many Arcs that had been build up to be that great thing, end up flat, only the "The Abyss arc" showed a little of inspiration, mostly because was something he already thought, but that is, he jumped most of it, and as the use of time skip incress so too did the quality decress. I should say that when great problems and superpower are easy defeated was bad, but then I remember that most of this kind of problem was also solved this way. I think that the Assassin girl with the Bears Soldiers and the Reaper War was the 2 points that I found that had a great dificult, but both of them are also kind easy resolve compared with how dificulty they have looked outside.

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Oct 10, 2018
Status: c489
Theme of this novel is closer to western style fantasy (magic, talking beasts, enchanted weapons, runes, planar wars, gods).

Author put quite a bit emphasis on world building and side characters, who are even after few hundreds chapters still relevant.

MC in this book isn't omniscient nor omnipotent. He is young boy (not human, it's fantasy novel afterall) who is experiencing variety of emotions, learning how to deal with them and slowly forming his character.

I personaly appreciate that most characters in this book are not one dimensional. They are able to... more>> show real human emotions, evolve, scheme... so far it's really good novel.

If you like progressive fantasy novels with complex worldbuilding you will probably enjoy this one. <<less
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Sep 26, 2018
Status: v3c71
What a piece of art. One of the rare amazing novels with high quality story and good translation. The more you read - the more you like it. It may start not so well but it will turn into amazing reading when planar war starts.
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Jun 22, 2018
Status: Completed
This is the best Chinese web novel I've ever read.

The dialogue in this novel is very intoxicating. The author's writing skills are very good. If you understand Chinese, I highly recommend reading the original.

"When we embark on another plane of land, we do not see life but only numbers and resources."

... more>>

Throughout the book, the (plane to plane) war is an article throughout, and Richard has killed the final invincible position in blood and fire in the plane war. The fate of the people around him is also twisted and twisted due to the plane war. This is a very Good ideas. In addition, the emotions of each character in the novel are the highlights of "City of sin". They make their own choices based on emotions, whether this choice is good or bad, and because of this It shaped the images of Flowsand, Lina, Philip and Ferlyn, MountainSea, and the Broodmother, especially Flowsand, and I believe that all friends who read "City of sin" will remember her. In short, emotions occupy a very important position in this book.

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Oct 07, 2018
Status: v3c96
Our protagonist is a special boy with a unique bloodline and abilities. Our protagonist is set up to be someone with a vengeful will to surpass his father whom he dislikes, greatly. As of a result, our protagonist will try to be as different from his father as much as he can, but whenever he encounters a problem, he intentionally relies on and follows his father's example.

Our protagonist is designed to be a highly capable strategist with low combat ability but highly skilled in all kinds of combat warfare. In... more>> addition, he is also a very powerful fighter that can fight opponents many times his levels when normally isn't possible. In addition, he is a highly skilled craftsman that can create powerful weapons which he uses to power up his army to make them much stronger than their enemies by several times. In addition, he is mature because his ability made him be mature. So, essentially, he is a powerful general, warrior, and craftsman, an I-Can-Do-Everything kind of protagonist. His weakness is that demons would come to attack him at certain days at night. However, they can be fairly easily killed and whatever effects they caused is generally resolved in a day or so.

He meets a lot of females in this story, most of them generally ends up in a romantic relationship with our protagonist.

He meets many enemies nonstop throughout the story. His enemies generally are c*cky, arrogant, high-status nobles who picks a fight with our protagonist and loses. This trend follows even when he goes out to battle and fight several wars against various large forces.

This novel is more or less your typical mainstream harem wuxia novel. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of She
Jun 28, 2018
Status: v2c115
Forgotten Realms meets the Broken Empire trilogy - with added spice of unique Chinese narrative.

This story isn't for everyone. Why do I say that? The pace at the beginning is extremely slow, Richard's tenure in Deepblue (the 'magical academy' the protagonist studies in) exists for sake of characterisation, and for world-building. That's over a hundred chapters, containing over 5, 000 words (note, words, not characters) each chapter just to establish the footings of the study. During this period of time whilst every paragraph was rich in lore, progression, and... more>> minutiae, at some point in time (around chapter 50) I Just couldn't help but gloss over the largely - seemingly - irrelevant chapters. It turned out the chapters weren't irrelevant after all, since every chapter had an impact on how Richard developed, of his relationship with the people around him. At the beginning, Richard is completely, utterly dull. A naive academic whom views the world with rose-tinted glasses.


And then, cues become increasingly prevalent, verifying that the story is simply at its nascent stages. That... it has so much more to offer. Don't give up before chapter 120, if you do, you're going to miss out on one entrancing journey of blood, despair, tragedy, conquest, and power.


It was when Richard first met with Flowsand, and 'obtained' the companionship of Waterflower that the story truly shines. BEWARE, FOR CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES, AND AREN'T ACCESSORIES OF THE PROTAGONIST. Planar conquest incoming! With a band of amateurs, disunited, and completely distrusting of one another, Richard begins his quest of conquering what is, an entire world. He quickly losses his previous image of 'naive academic', and instead becomes a conqueror, with awe-inspiring strategic skill. He is a mage yes, but what makes Richard shine is his ability to craft runes, miniature formations that can grant permanent buffs.

There's a quote from a bard in this story; 'Behind every cruel boss, there's even crueller women'. I found it incredibly accurate, for as the story goes on, Richard is willing to crucify, vilify souls, all the more willing to engage in s*avery, and be so frugal as to reuse runes by cutting them off the skins of his enemy!


Let it be said that this story is extremely realistic, there's no flowery hiding over reality, or truth. Richard isn't a transmigrant, he's simply a citizen of Norland. Thus he thinks like a Norlander, not a Terran. This means he has different values, and norms. Please remember that.

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Jan 08, 2018
Status: v1c27 part2
This story has been a disjointed mess so far. Most of that impression stems from the author seemingly being unsure how to properly introduce his world and the characters, so he both rushes from one plot point to the next, while also introducing concepts (magic, runes, etc.) without ever going into any depth how they work or how our MC deals with them. It's quite annoying.
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Nov 15, 2019
Status: Completed

It was a really fascinating story, but as is often the case with Chinese novels, the further into the forest the worse. For myself, I made a note to never again read novels with the genre - a tragedy, for my tender heart it is too much. Especially when the characters I loved die. I write 5 minutes after the completion of the story and I must say I don’t understand how the authors manage to end such wonderful stories so badly, why the authors cannot let the reader go with good feelings, and they spit in his face in the end, because that's how I feel It's a shame right to tears. I already understand that the genre of romance is clearly not a strong point of the author. I will never forgive him for some bad endings of the main female characters.

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 21, 2018
Status: v3c26
Where to start? Man what a tragic novel. I usually refrain from writing reviews before completely "digesting" the novel but this one is just extremely tragic.

... more>>

All the women have tragic endings or some tragedy attached. I kind of feel the author doesn't even like women but at the same time it is one of the few novel where the girls have personality.


The translation is one of the best with very few, almost negligible mistakes.

The story is very well written. Sometimes the pace of story can be frustating but not that much. The characters are well thought out and have clear goals and act like real people.

But a word of advise it is not for the people with feeble hearts.


Too many girls of harem has bad endings. Especially the most interesting and fun or lovable if you will. Flowsand. That whole thing after she sacrifices herself suck majorily and she never comes back. Prompting me to drop the series.


One last word, I'm never reading anything with tragedy tag in it. Major bummer. <<less
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Jan 07, 2018
Status: v1c27 part1
Couple of times I just couldn't get motivation to read this for different reasons but everytime I started to read I just couldn't stop. Reading this novel has only been a pleasure so far.
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