Age of Adepts


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A data loving young man from Earth has an accident which transports him to a dark land filled with terrifying creatures and magical powers.

Fortunately for him, he has a Biological Assistance Chip to ease his path.

However, things in this bizarre and strange world are not always as they seem, and, though it is a tremendous asset, the chip doesn’t always work as expected. With all of the crazy creatures and magical mayhem around him, one can only wonder what the future holds for this young man…

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Wizard Era
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115 Reviews

Mar 30, 2017
Status: --
This is just plain bad. Not only is it a clone of WMW, but at the same time it has no redeeming qualities or anything unique to distinguish it from the rest of the chip web novels.

*Useless Protagonist
So far he's a boy toy being jacked around by women.

*Useless Cheat
All parts talking about this thing are just to fluff up the word count. Maybe it gets better later on?

... more>> *Irritating female cast
All women are irrational, emotional time bombs according to this web novel. Or just plain crazy.

My advice? Stay away. <<less
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Jul 17, 2017
Status: c310
You probably want to skim over the old review first:

... more>>

I normally don't write reviews so bear with me here as it might be a little all over the place.

First, let's start with the things I actually do like about this:

The world building seems sophisticated and thought out.

The magic system while being similar to WMW has still unique elements to it and works rather well.

There is some character depth.

No plainly s*upid lucky encounters or plot armor situations.

MC doesn't have op growth cheats (yet?).

Possible/likely romance with a vampire. (What? I like vampires and I never said this will be objective, sue me)

Translation/Editing is good with no major grammatical errors.

You probably will enjoy the MC if you don't like Leylin's

lawful evil alignment.

And now the rest:

My biggest complaint is the inconsistency of it. It feels like the author couldn't decide what he wants this to be. For example, let's talk about progression. It's a rather strange mix of the advancement system we know from WMW and game elements/D&D style like an experience bar titles/feats that give you stat boosts. In my opinion this is rather irritating since the WMW style system was more or less real life like with the addition that the A.I. Chip was able to display stats (e.g. a human has base stats of 1 however if he trains for example as a warrior his strength and agility will increase, if he does a lot of concentrating his spirit will rise etc.) while here it goes back and forth between that and Ding! You did something so you magically gain 1 agility! Yay!

Next would be the MCs personality it just... changes. He goes from "Nobody can know I killed this powerful pseudo-Adept I must hide my strength!!! (why anyway?) " to " herp de derp so lets just sell her op gear I can't use in the middle of the school bazaar, I bet nobody will wonder how I got it anyway..." to " if you shall ever betray I will make you beg for death muahahahah!". Also stuff like "... as an adept in training Greem had long known that there was no place for love in his life and there was nothing that could melt his cold heart..." two chapters further "... maybe Mary likes me hihihihi

*awkward teen romance thoughts*..."

The AI Chip: so a lot of other reviews here say he is not op, however, the chip gives him a 360 view so he can dodge everything, he can perfectly analyze weaknesses of shields, spells, and attacks, the runes/circle he makes in his golem cores are so precise, his golems can beat people who are stronger than himself by two levels (that's a lot) 1 vs 1, his spells cost less mana and are more powerful and can be cast almost instantly (normally it would take 5-10 seconds) and while it hasn't happened thus far it was hinted that his alchemy abilities would probably be on par with Leylin if he tried. He even uses it if he doesn't know how to talk to Mary, like seriously?

Other things:

I don't get a feeling for the world while reading. It's a harsh dog eat dog world not because I think so but because the author tells me every other chapter.

s*upid/lazy naming makes it hard to take the story seriously and this happens a lot. Strong guy? Yeah, let's name him Hulk.

The Author establishes a logic and goes back on it a few chapters later.

E V E R Y female character is nuts in some way.

Some people hate the MC for no reason at all to the point of killing him which makes wuxia novel

villains seem reasonable in comparison.

Lots of info dumping to get the word count. When he makes his first Golem 90% of the chapter are infos about golems in general which have yet to become relevant and you get about half of the same information every time he makes a new one.

While I don't mind slow starts some time skips wouldn't have been bad at times.


It might not be the worst story but I cannot say it's a good story either. While the world building and character development seem steady, logic errors and inconsistency of story and characters, as well as bad character names, make it hard to enjoy it thoroughly. At the moment I'm also missing an overall goal of the story except for the classic get stronk.

If I could I would give it 2, 5 stars however I went with two in the end since the similarities to WMW are too many to simply call it inspiration and I can't give the author full credit for the background.


While the old review is still valid I felt it necessary to expand it a bit. Be aware there will be minor spoilers as far as the general plot of the story goes.

Funny thing is if I was writing this 40-50 chapters earlier I would give it a 3 stars rating maybe even 4. The reason for this is the first (?) planar war arc. Basically, to keep spoilers at a minimum, the MC joined an Adept clan and his first mission is to be part of the initial landing party to establish a forward base, infiltrate and ultimately conquer a lesser plane/world. Finally, we see Adepts actually using deception, cruelty, cold logic, and underhand methods, as well as the different types of Adepts (bloodline, elementium, body refining and esoteric aka alchemists/artificers/illusionists/golemancers), opposed to the author just telling us that's how they operate.

However, as soon as we are back in the adept world the story actually becomes worse than it was before. Tons of logic errors and people being outright idiots appear again.

  • a random adept group with a single 2nd-grade adept as the leader trying to establish his own clan by taking away territory of the clan MC is part of, ignoring the fact that the 6th-grade Adept leader of the clan can kill all of them by accidentally sneezing in their general direction.
    So the MC kills their strongest 1st-grade adept but instead of counting their loses they decide to use like half of their remaining resources to hire an assassin to kill MC which at best nets them nothing at all and at the worst the ire of mc's clan.
  • Esoteric adepts, who at default are the worst in combat have a city inside an extremely hostile forest inhabited by things equal to 3rd and 4th-grade adepts. Also, you can only get there by using huge flying fortresses
  • Said fortresses have runes to make them invisible, except it won't work on things with the power of more or equal to 1rst-grade adepts aka anything that could actually threaten it, making them exceptionally useless. And for some odd reason, regular harpies on which the runes actually should work didn't get the memo and were able to call their mutated more powerful sisters to attack it.
  • Golems made of pure fire elemntium/mana will bleed and lose limbs when attacked with a sword.

The story becomes more and more sexualized. Every female character is a perfect beauty made only of curves, ti*s and ass. It is often described how all female adepts are needy and without any (chinese) morals and are constantly throwing themselves at MC. (Which is kinda funny since all they really do is a bit of flirting and proactively show interest in sex. What a bunch of sluts, right?) It is apparently also common for female adepts to subordinate themselves to males even though there is no power disparity at all between genders. And of course, there is an all female race of harpies aka naked supermodels with wings who frequently capture and gangbang male adepts to death for breeding.

The AI chip becomes more and more op for no reason.


So far it is able to:

  1. Store information
  2. record stuff
  3. Display stats
  4. Provide a 360 view.
  5. Increase the power of spells.
  6. Reduce mana costs of spells.
  7. Shorten cast time of spells.
  8. Analyze weaknesses in enemy spells/shields.
  9. Remove weaknesses from mc's spells/shields.
  10. Aid in crafting perfect golems who are stronger than the MC most of the time.
  11. Perfectly control magic equipment as far as enabling the MC to operate on himself.
  12. Display hostility towards the MC from humanoids and animals never seen before.
  13. Analyze bloodlines, their weaknesses, and advantages when seen for the first time.
  14. Analyze the origin of monster parts when seen for the first time (like an eye in a glass of formaldehyde).
  15. Analyzing changes in the mc's body at cellular level.
  16. Analyzing the weaknesses of enemy golems.
  17. Analyze the efficiency of stuff (even if it is a heart of a creature you have never seen and no information about, it can still tell it is only beating at 46% of its max).
  18. Tell you the chances of you winning a battle against an opponent never thought before.
  19. Generate a map of an area never visited before by just relying on told information.
  20. Display enemies on said map by scanning for their lifeforce (yes even in cave networks and through solid walls)
  21. Telling you how to best talk with someone.
  22. Tell you when affected by illusions or charms and terminate the effect.

Info dumping gets worse and worse and becomes more bloated. Like when an evil spirit appears there are two whole paragraphs describing how there are no spirits in worlds without magic. Yeah no sh*t Sherlock. I can't wait for a water mage to appear so the author can spend an entire chapter to tell me what water is. Did you now it can turn into ice AND steam?!

This also extends to combats. It's not like they are written bad enough as it is with spells in a non-game world having fixed damage values assigned, no, I need every other paragraph to tell me how hot his fire spells are and how the heat melts random shit.

And last but not least the general laziness of the author. Stuff just happens so there is a semblance of a plot. For instance, while traveling between 2 cities 3 days apart from each other the party of people who neither need to sleep nor eat regularly obviously decide to camp in the middle of the forest. And since that wasn't enough for a lame ambush the MC decides to wander off alone to "look at the world". I bet you have no idea what happened next.

Some systems just don't exist anymore. The whole game element stuff like xp and titles is just gone without explanation. So is the fact that spells need mana.

Then there are the retcon stile explanations. Oh no the other guy used petrification magic how lucky the random guy I killed 10 chapters ago had a never before mentioned potion of anti-petrification. Oh no it's an illusion how lucky the random guy I killed 15 chapters ago who had a never before mentioned potion of anti-petrification also had his research notes on illusion spells which I since read and am therefore able to not be affected by it. How fortunate that even though he was a body refiner and didn't use any illusions at all that he still researched them... <<less
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I your Father
I your Fathe
Apr 11, 2017
Status: c38
It is somehow similar to WMW but I personally think that it is more realist because even though he gets a cheat, it isn't overpowered.

The MC is quite realistic as well, because even though he gets bullied he doesn't get a cheat so great that he can sweep the floor with everyone. He is getting stronger steadily and know his limit. For now he is weak so he stays low and tolerate the abuse but seeing his character we can already foresee that once he gets strong enough he will... more>> take his revenge. Its obvious that if someone stronger than you is agressing you, one can either fight (but without chance of victory) or flee (and prepare before avenging the outrage).

And that's why I like the story for now. <<less
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Apr 08, 2017
Status: 1000+
Not as good now as it was in the beginning. A lot of elements are gone and the author is just damn lazy. This sadly happens every time with web novels! Honestly, veteran readers should pass on this or skim through the chapters. It's not worth a read unless you're sitting on the toilet.

Beginners and young readers should give it a try and see how they like it.
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May 22, 2019
Status: c1532
I have read it this novel to the end with machine translation. I really hooked to this novel and can't wait to read it to finish, so I really looking forward to the ending and... It had the shittiest novel ending that I ever read. The ending is so rushed that only the last 2 chapter the author build the ending. For you want to know I gonna give 2 summary for what happened. One is spoiler free, the other is full spoiler.

Spoiler free ending

... more>>

The MC when tried to improve his grade, he got accident and basically died with a little possibility to resurrect


Full spoiler ending


The MC when tried to improve his grade from 5 to 6, he got cheated by the soul of a 8th Grade Fire Elemental King in the Fire Elemental Plane. He got possessed and his body got taken over by the king. Before the his body got taken over, the MC disperse his soul and hidden his soul in his body with the chip help, so one day when there is a chance, he could take over his body again.

If the author, continued the story with this premise, it's okay. It could be a great story, but the author abandoned the books right after.


I will never read this author books anymore. I really disappointed and feel betrayed. Don't read this ! Stop ! Go to other novel. You won't feels like I do. You have been warned. <<less
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Mar 29, 2017
Status: c30
Oooooo ohhh, I saw a thread saying this was similar to Warlock of the Magus World, I can't wait to read it~! The premise revolves around a transmigration into a apprentice mage, who doesn't really have a backstory, he was just really unlucky and needs the assistant chip to help turn his fortunes around as he would be really mediocre with out it. Currently practicing fire magic in a dark magis domain. Run ins with power struggles and different races such as vampires, bug men and even hawkeyes.

The A.I chip... more>> has limitations at his current level and the series picks up after chapter 5.

I'm pretty sure they established that he was not cruel or malicious by the fact that he came from the modern world and gave food to his neighbor. Rather than leylins background of an apocalyptic world and the fact that his aim is to be a adept not a warlock atm. The novel will probably let Greem grow more as a character through his experiences and trials. Right now I'm imagining him as a rogue like fire mage. Trying to make the best of his limited a.I power (which provides him with danger equal to its value) while trying not to die in this tower of death, I believe that it will only get better as he progresses that's why I'm not judging it too hard.

It has a better flow and is more interesting than the wizard world, It doesn't deserve the auto one star rating that snobs of WMW give it.

The story picks up the pace pretty well, with more decision making on the part of the MC and has a nice money woes aspect as well.

Thanks for translating XD <<less
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May 19, 2017
Status: c200
This novel has one of the best world building I have ever seen in a long time, and also has an amazing heroine, the chemistry between MC and the heroine is pure amazing. The thing I like about this novel is also the power balance, MC doesn't power up too fast which gives him enough room to develop his personality. I always preferred personality power up over strength power up. Again the world building is awesome.
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Jun 30, 2017
Status: c116
MC is not a jerk, MC is not OP, MC is not an idiot, MC is not a beta, MC is creative but not genius, MC is humble but not pathetic. Finally!

Guy souls has a chip that helps him organize, optimize and analyze info, its not a Cheat but is useful, a tool not a crutch. MC died and came back to life in the body of a apprentice of magic school the story up till now is him advancing as a student. This is not your usual magic school,... more>> its isolated and desperate; everyone is seeking advantage and doing crazy experiments on themselves to advance. The teacher Anderson is not seen much, in fact up until the chapter I have read to he has not taught them a single lesson, he is too busy with his own business.

MC is a flame user with a darkness attribute, this rarely comes into play early in novel cause he does not have the resources to cultivate those talents; instead he focuses on using his chip to make optimized Golems. The magic system and world in constantly expanded on without being overwhelming, MC think like we would, so there is not face-palming at him missing an obvious Ideas; he uses his creativity to fuse golems and cover his weakness.

Power scale is well done as well; the pace picks up and shows us this when 3 foreign advanced students sneak into the school grounds, we see the difference in levels, MC only survives through trickery. Its also that trickery that lets him punch above his weight and its satisfying to see.

Later in the novel the world expands from the slow dreary swamp school tower, they get sent on mission to more resource rich schools and he advances rapidly, better Golems are used, he stops holding back a bit, he gets a cool new look, and he does so while still being relatively humble (Author seems tempted to make him a jerk and walks it back).

Most of the major secondary characters are antagonists with the exception of Mary the Vampires; she took some getting used to and I could not get past her murdering some random student but she was going through a uncontrollable mutation; and she doesn't turn the MC into horny idiot. Her purpose is actually to be used as cover for MC; he takes the spotlight while he plots his growth. She realized this later and is frustrated but can't and won't do anything about it.

Translation is good updates are frequent. Give this a read.

UPDATE: The second Arc did not interest me and I dropped it. I understand that he can't advance all the time and it needs to be broken up with action but it was just him and vampire Mary, and Atecon evil bugs using their drones to fight. Greem uses summoned golem army, Mary blood s*aves, and Atecon's bugs. It's not interesting.

Also never cared about what was happening, like, why is he doing this, or more accurately, why does he care? Resources to advance, I guess. This is a problem many magic system; advancement focused novels have. How to mix advancement with action. One way would be make the resources gained temporary in order to curb power creep. Not every crystal needs to give one 10 levels or any levels at all, just something needed for skills, the crystal would be rare thus giving character a reason to be constantly running around fighting for stuff. Anyways, read the first arc and stop there. If I see reviews saying things get better I will skip to that chapter. <<less
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Jul 05, 2017
Status: v1c75
This story is really crappy. And here is why. It outright steals the soul super computer idea from WMW, the protagonist takes forever and a day compared to other's on this site to make any progress at all in his actual growth, the fights are completely unrealistic, and worst of all the reasoning is complete garbage.

Seriously they have an underground resource area with actual worries about cave in's from big attacks killing everyone in the local area so normal "mages" can't be the glass cannons they normaly are. Meanwhile the... more>> reason body cultivators don't completely own everyone in the cave system is because they apparently all fire off big attacks...

Lol what? Seriously? First the author says that in the cave system you have to focus on only just barely killing your enemy with minimal environmental damage... and then the one cultivator types that would be cherry picked perfectly for this suddenly doesn't? What? They all create big attacks automatically? They can't modulate their own strength when they are swinging a sword around or punching? Does this author have no real life body control himself that he thinks your always using 100% of your physical power in everything you do in life?

Even worse the girlfriend of his that is a sad*st and constantly beats him up is effectively a body cultivator. Her favorite tactic is to rip out people's throats with her teeth/fingers. way to go keeping internally consistent.

And this is just one example out of dozens I have come across while reading this story where the author makes ass backwards statements like this.

Don't even get me started on the interaction with people. The girls are all PMSing all the time and this is just insane PMSing. Either they act nice or they act like complete b*tches. And the way cultivators have relationships? Why bother having relationships before Adept? Seriously? Even though the author provides a few examples of this clearly not being the standard case he still treats that everyone is backstabbing everyone to become an adept idea going. Just... eugh! No this story is utter crap. It wouldn't be as bad it it didn't have dozens of logical fallacies or at least remain internally consistent with its own material. But it doesn't.

The one redeeming quality it has is its world building. Which it does somewhat okay? Still doesn't make up for the utter garbage that is its internal consistency though. <<less
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Apr 08, 2017
Status: c35
Yes Age of Adepts is inspired by WMW, much like how people said Ultimate Evolution was like Terror Infinity. But this does not make this any less awesome. The principle is initially the same but it quickly makes a right turn into its own path like Ultimate Evolution did. The MC is more of your average Joe than a selfish scientist Leylin is, because is AI chip was meant for the common public and he just haven't to be of the first batch to test it out. The... more>> AI op level starting out is nowhere near as broken as Leylins was, at least so far. The magic principles and types seem to be similar to WMW which I also like as this will probably help the author from going astray by screwing up the power system by trying to unique.

Overall I expect and hope this will be just as good as WMW as the UE was in comparison to Terror Infinity is. <<less
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Mar 29, 2017
Status: c228
I would recommend that anyone trying this novel read the first 20-30 chapters before deciding whether they like it or not. The story really doesn't 'kick off' until ~chapter 15, so it feels a little slow in the beginning. However, if you stick with it, I believe that you will enjoy it much more once the story really gets going.

Also, as the editor of this novel, it would be fallacious for me to give it 5 stars and selflessly inflate the total (though I do believe it is worth 5... more>> stars!). Thus, I have given it 4 stars. <<less
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Mar 30, 2017
Status: c26
It's blatantly inspired by Warlock in the Magus World, but it doesn't do very well despite that. The protagonist uses fire as his element, the magic system restricts how many spells you can know at any given level, and he has no other real skills nor a personality cunning enough to overcome the daily issues of being a bottom-rung adept. Even his ability to absorb knowledge is weak, as it takes energy from his spirit to do so. Supposedly the story kicks into gear when the fights start happening, but... more>> I just found myself bored by them. <<less
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May 22, 2018
Status: c117
A copy of warlock of the magus world with its own unique spin on things. Every woman is a horrific insane psychob*tch, and MC is a masochist so he waifus a harem of horrific women even though I prey for them to die instead (I am looking at you Alice. you murderous sadistic nutcase). I am being literal here, MC literally gets off on being physically beaten by Mary (vampire waifu)

The AI cheat is stated to be weaker than the WMW by many reviewers... but this is only on... more>> the first chapter, it rapidly gets better and better and quickly surpasses WMW AI cheat in terms of cheat factor (letting him instantly cast spells, and store extra mana vastly increasing his casting stamina, things WMW AI cheat never did).

Like WMW it can copy all data he sees, process it so he "learns" it, optimize spells to be better, and take control over his hands to craft items at obscenely high levels. He specializes in golem making, where the AI cheat takes a book that teaches the making of basic golems and reverse engineers the principals behind it to allow him to "invent" ever more powerful golems, as well as different material types (each golem design is only useful for a specific material).

Unlike WMW he doesn't need any specific reference materials or research to do so. Even when all he has is that original book his AI cheat can still invent things like having a golem with multiple cores. The AI cheat also controls his hands to craft the runes at microscopic size to create massively better golems, and controls the golems for him in combat.

Author also cannot be arsed to remember what rules he sets, completely forgetting things like mana limitations ("ok, I can cast this spell 3 times per day at current level". next chapter, cast the spell 30 times in a row).

MC is a suicidal moron who repeatedly and knowingly commits suicide only to survive via plot armor. Where leylin would say "if I go there I would lose my little life" this MC says in character something that basically amounts to "wow, I will surely die if I try to attack this official adept monster despite me only being an apprentice... but meh, he has some treasure I want to steal so lets do it, I am sure it will work out". To be clear, the MC is aware in character that he has plot armor and actively relies on it.

There is also the time where MC got "too excited" (author's words) to wait 3 days between doses of spirit enhancing potions he bought (using most of his money from a pretty big windfall that doesn't seem like it can be repeated), even though he explicitly stated in character that not waiting the 3 days between doses will cause massive drop to his physique stat and reduced gains to his spirit stat, he still drank it anyways because of being too excited. He ended up so weak he literally couldn't walk and had to spend most of his remaining funds on uncrippling himself.

Also, for some reason MC has XP bar and HP in addition to stats, and must spend XP to learn spells once the AI cheat activates. Unlike WMW where the AI chip only estimated the MC's "stats" of strength, vitality, and spirit based on comparing him to other people (1.00 being an average normal human) and there was no such thing as XP and HP. Here nobody else seems to have XP and HP... I don't know what the deal is with that bit, it is never properly addressed by the author. <<less
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Daoist LastWish
Daoist LastW
Mar 12, 2018
Status: c241
Age of Adepts is a fairly well written Mage Novel. It seems to take its beginnings from The Wizard World and makes it better! While Warlock of the Magus world is complete tr*sh copy of the Wizard World, Age of Adepts is much better written than either of them. Age of Adepts has nice pacing and a much better plot!

... more>>

Both WMW and WW don't have any plot or pacing, they are just a series of disjointed incidents, written by kids who don't know how or what to write.

In Age of Adepts, the skill of the author is much higher. Greem is the main character, who came from the earth to a plane where magic exists. His cheat, although very strong, is not overwhelming. Greem, though strong, is not so OP that he is killing everyone and everybody. He has to use his wits to survive. He plots and kills, but he isn't actually evil to his friends. And he has friends!


All in all, this is the best chinese mage LN.

On the other hand, if you are looking for superbly written novels, then try: Nightfall, Ze Tian Ji (Way of Choices) and Deathsutra. <<less
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Feb 28, 2018
Status: c93
This is complete and utter garbage, even by chinese web novel standards-and you should know that these are even lower than fanfiction's.

The author apparently can never be bothered to remember what he wrote on the previous chapter. If this happened every once in a while, I could stomach it, but in Age of Adepts you can never trust a single chapter. In these 93 chapters I've read, less than 10 of them managed to not contradict what has been previously said.

What you can expect from this novel is a story... more>> with no direction or purpose, which will constantly give you numbers and 'facts' that don't really mean shit, cause they'll be proven false soon enough or outright ignored. This means things like saying someone can cast a spell 4 times at the most, and only the first one will be a normal cast with every other cast being subpar and then they'll proceed to cast 20 times with no problem or fatigue on the next chapter.

Or saying they've been increasing one of their stats by such and such in a daily basis for weeks/months, yet when they check them again, it has not increased at all, or even been lowered.

You will also experience time travelling, as sometimes a character who has only just showed up will somehow spend months time achieving renown and wealth in a single day for no other purpose than the author being a complete douchebag, since this is pointless and will be ignored and forgotten like every other development in the story until now. <<less
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Jul 26, 2017
Status: c123
I expected the WMW clone and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn't the case. While the Computer Chip is clear copy of an idea... unlike "The Wizard World", the battles as well as the storyline is of it's own.

The story is overall okay, sometimes boring sometimes great. MC is quite plain personality wise as it's the stereotypical MC, keeping low profile while being separately amazing thanks to the chip. The good part about this story are however it's side characters as unlike most stories, this one... more>> has more than few reappearing characters established characters whose importance doesn't disappear as soon as MC levels up and moves on. Best of all, there is even a good heroine established quite early and it seems like her importance will remain the same through the story unlike most CN novels where MC finds a new strongest, most beautiful, jade-like girl every damn arc!

So generally knowing that the story is not only about the MC is good thing.

Other than there is somewhat copied from WMW world-building but yet again with it's own twist... my favourite location were definitely the underground tunnels where there is somewhat of small-scale war between two factions with endless skirmishes and fight for resources. In such location in RPG like fashion MC receives Missions (Quests) to do things and such thing is rarely written in entertaining and non-strange way.

Overall I like the story a lot and while it's not the best of the kind and is at least grade below WMW it's entertaining enough. Still the reason why I didn't give it 4 but rather 3 is because the story has a very MAJOR flaw and that is it's combat system.

The battles themselves are entertaining to read and have the strategy element to them as well... but the issue is that they don't follow the established rules at all. I want to give a simple example. In the story it is mentioned how Adepts (AKA mages) basically have "Mana bars". MC has fireball like spell that costs 20ish mana and based on calculation he can use his skill 4 times. Various skills have various mana costs and so and and so forth.

Still with all that established the story doesn't hold to it at all and other than MC at the start of the story, everyone has unlimited amount of mana and can spam their skills. Later on MC also somehow gains this ability with that completely not main any sense. The worst part however that this change is brutally brought without any explaining. Basiacally at one point in the story there is a girl that first fights against "Strong fellow apprentice" and then battles MC who drags her around and make her fight various monsters to "Tire her out". But while such strategy should work perfectly as that girl had about 3 times as much mana as MC, somehow not only she could kept up the unbreakable magic barrier for few hours but also endlessly spam her attacking spacial slash ability and few ultimates as well without breaking a sweat. Truly her attacks were naturally stronger than MC's fireball so it's mana cost could be at best on the same level but the author is like... who cares that she was spamming her spells endlessly... MC still shouldn't use more than 4 spells... later on however it's like... oh wait, everyone can do it and MC somehow looks weak in comparison... oh well let MC have unlimited mana as well. For a note: it was also heavily established that one needs entire night of sleep to regain their mana after using and here those guys are spamming it without even any mana potions... COMMON! IF YOU ESTABLISH SOME RULES THEN AT LEAST FOLLOW THEM. IF YOU ARE GOING TO IGNORE THE RULES IN YOUR OWN STORY WHY WRITE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Truly for a story that heavily focuses on combat, it's combat system that is continuously being explained in 1/4 of the story is completely ignored whenver Author feels like it just to make combat scene more appealing. <<less
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Jun 29, 2017
Status: c150
I've read reviews saying that the chip here in Age of Adepts isn't OP compared to WMW, but I wouldn't agree. The power that the MC gets because of it makes him able to stand up to apprentices 2 power levels apart, and that combined with the vague mana / resource management (it makes ado about how much a fire bolt spell would cost, but in another battle he's able to rain down fire bolts as well as control 2 golem cores at the same time with seemingly no... more>> worries) kind of breaks the realism of it to me and pushes this novel to the realm of wish fulfillment.

Aside from the WMW similarities tho, it looks like it got inspiration from Sorcerer's Journey as well and that novel had similar issues with instant gratification for the MC before becoming better by the 3 digit chapter count (and eventually turning into one of my favorite novels). So I'm giving this novel a bit more of a chance, see how it fares further on.

EDIT: Now that I've read up to c142 in the official translation (read up to c150 via MTL), I'm actually going to downgrade my review of the novel. It's not that the translation sucks : translation quality is good, and they're very fast in doing releases. Now that I can concentrate on the story rather than making sense of the words, it just strikes me more and more how irrational some things are.

Someone gave a review that all females here seem to be irrational, emotional time bombs and at first I thought it was an exaggeration. Unfortunately, it's not. The occasional mood outbursts would have been ok, to give characterization, but in some cases that irrationality is part and parcel of the plot. I don't like stories where the characters aside from the MC have to be really s*upid to move things along. <<less
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Jan 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Please don't read clam's (as he said) review. Also many reviews here are terribly biased, especially related to warlock of the magus world. Many novels have been "inspired" by a great deal of other works. That is to say the 70% of novels right here are plagiarisms of Chinese myth and, by extension, each other. Just because a chip is involved doesn't make it the same and comparing the main character is even more pointless and they are DIFFERENT. How you feel about them is up to author and the... more>> reader. This is a preference not a requirement.

Now then, my thoughts. This novel is good. Really seriously very good.

Good Romance.

Good characterization.

Good world building.

Acceptable pacing.

Acceptable/Moderate use of filler.

No dumb c*ckroach enemies.

The MC Greem (or Grim in MTL) is one of my fave (almost) besides the Shao Xuan from COPW. (shamelessly promoting it hehe :p)

Greem is not harem seeking yet romantic (in his own way), driven but knows his limits, strong but not insufferably arrogant (that will get him killed real fast) and for the ladies, often mentioned, a naturally gorgeous man.

His chip is obviously a major plot device, but I like him for him. He is actually really smart... well not super perfect but good enough to keep him alive. (tho his biggest mistake is... well read till the very end then you'll kno. May the plot armor god go with him!)

His chip just helps with the heavy lifting but he can weave out of troubled situations with his intelligence, planning, and not just killing left and right and offending everyone.

Also, his lovers are no porcelain vases left to gather dust after he is gone off somewhere. Naturally, they are "kingdom falling beauties", but in this novel, NO Adept dare judge on appearance and certainly not by using their d*ck to test it out.

Their complete trust in each other took centuries to develop. Their presence are also virtually inseparable from the MC. "Behind every successful man, there is a strong and wise woman who makes a huge difference in his path to success.": It isn't a joke. He would have died an uncountable amount of times without them or, at least, have more obstacles to his path.

They are the ONLY people he can trust with his LIFE, and in this story, that says a lot.

The side characters just don't disappear, plot points don't randomly become obsolete and he is no lone ranger Chinese batman.

Honestly, the author, while he had some weak parts throughout, hey no one is perfect, but he managed to make it tremendously solid. Like, kudos for keeping my attention to the end, and while abrupt, he literally left a safety net and line for himself if he wants to start something new or continue from where he left off. sneaky author is sneaky.

However, he persisted for over 10 years *slow clap* and the novel, instead of being a plain shitty ending jut left me wanting more. You can FEEL that there is more; rather, like a "To be continued..."


It is not at the level here I would never read his work again. I'm even looking for any old stuff to fill the void of this really great story. I'm eagerly awaiting something new from this author again. <<less
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Jul 08, 2018
Status: c427
So what I can say. It has little bit of everything. Cultivation (for adept - simular like magi, wizard, witch) . Killings (as all good novels must have - for male brain) . Different classes cultivation (warlocks, witchers, wiches, adepts, magical beasts, dragons, demons, gods etc). Cosmic exploration and plane invading. Allot action and skirmishes. Well theres allot more. Just as always - you need get past first volumes, to see action get densier.

... more>>

Witcher knight war - had you played Witcher (consule game). Immagine what if you fighted against withchers and exterminated them. In their home plane. Well. One of first big arks is about it. It's after our MC becomes adept


Deffinetly one of hidden gems. Which is must to read. Yes its simular to WMW or even Wizard world. Just that its kinda more - you can feel fantasy genre - more like old school. Comparing to WMW or WW as they are more darker comparing. And yes side characters are interesting too. They have their own sidestories - which doesn't get annoying like when reading Against the gods <<less
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Apr 04, 2017
Status: c28
While the concept of the A.I. Is the same as in Warlock of the Magus World the story line is different.
The MC isn't in control but is improving with the help of his chip.

Like in every story there are some parts which are already used in other novels. However, there are also new elements to enjoy.
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