Age of Adepts


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A data loving young man from Earth has an accident which transports him to a dark land filled with terrifying creatures and magical powers. Fortunately for him, he has a Biological Assistance Chip to ease his path. However, things in this bizarre and strange world are not always as they seem, and, though it is a tremendous asset, the chip doesn’t always work as expected. With all of the crazy creatures and magical mayhem around him, one can only wonder what the future holds for this young man…

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Enyhrye rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: c204
Really good story. You wont find many novels that I would want to read more of so much that I actually go, rate it and write a review. I read a lot of novels not because those are good but because I can do it for free, dont have to think while doing so, etc. If most of those would stop being translated I wouldnt even bat an eye. This story was droped once and I was really sad about it. Now its back and I want more...

This is one... more>> of those stories where you can find real characters. You can like them, hate them, but they are there. Its not like in most novel where you read over and over again about 3 people just with different names and in different places: bad person ("you dare!?"), good person ("let me explain younger brother") and a pet. Story does not repeat itself in every other city/place MC travel to. Characters have their own goals that are not any better or worst than MCs.

In other reviews you will read that its similar to WotMW. Its not. There is magic and a chip, thats whats similar. Age of adepts is much more... realistic than WotMW. Just try it <<less
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Slayerwolfx2 rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: c9
I had at least some expectations for it...

But not only does it fail horribly at originality as it is just a bad copy of WMW, the logic in some parts annoyed the sh*t out of me...

Like, you get experience from learning things, cool concept.

... more>> But why the f**k do you have to pay experience to solidify your spells? Aren't you getting more comprehensive knowledge? Shouldn't you be gaining more exp?

Maybe the author couldn't find a way of how not to abuse that system and let the character develop nicely, so he decided to just f**k logic through the walls...

And it wouldn't be that bad if he actually explained any of his actions, but he does nothing of that sh*t. He just shoves it in, and expects a masterpiece... not following you bro and you ain't even trying.

Oh yea, forgot to mention the main problem... it's rushed... the author never took the chance to develop his novel, and it shows from the thing I mentioned earlier. And it doesn't happen with just that part, but that one is the more serious...

All in all 2/5 stars... read only if you have nothing else, as this is a waste of time... <<less
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shotuyoka rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: c40
Prolonging the words usage by overabundance explanation.

There's even a chapter, blabbering for thousand words, "finally I got the one of the ingredients for mud puppet making". End of chapter.

Hard to enjoy this when abusing world building to elongates words for repeating the same meaning with different sentences.

This novel like watching a movie with the MC monologue for hours explaining the by telling not by the story plot.

I think people who rate this 5 star is trolling potential reader.
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Flores520 rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c350
Its good, way better than average, but not the best either. There are a lot of similarities to the Warlock of the Magus world especially in the beginning. But as the novel progresses, though, you will see that there are a lot of differences and they eventually become clear and distinctive.


-The MC is not cruel or completely pragmatic, as he cares a lot about the people close to him, but he is not naive and can be pretty cold-hearted and calculating when needed.

-All character have depth and not 1-dimensional, they... more>> also are used quite thoroughly. A lot of them will last at least 100 chapter and some times more. Those especial to the MC will remain in the story so far.


- It is pretty good, there is a reasonable amount of intrigue and the tension of conflicts is there


-Similar to WoWM but not identical <<less
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December 25, 2017
Status: c30
I haven't read enough to actually judge the story, but what I do have to say is that this novel was a massive slog to read through, and I simply couldn't keep going on. Every single time something new is introduced, there is a 3-4 paragraph explanation, which are poorly written, dedicated to "world building". Even the simplest things like a library or an arena takes one too many lines of exposition for me to continue reading.

The writing style of the author and the structure of this novel is enough... more>> for me to drop, no matter if the actual story is good or not. <<less
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Ab9999 rated it
April 17, 2017
Status: c52
Nothing deep, it's a light read. Expect fights, crafting, a bit of world building, and various forms of cultivation with some character development to spice things up occasionally.
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Ignus rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c138
Update from only reading 30 chapters: Can't say enough good things about this story.

If you are looking for a MC who is not OP, uses only magic (no cold weapons), and has to use his brains to survive, this is for you. Slower story, that is full of details, world settings, hidden agendas, fairly unique magic system, and a few other good things that make this more for a mature audience who know that the details make the same used plots exciting again.

Bio Chip is not OP. It more or... more>> less allows him to raise his normal talent up to the level of competing.

Action is unique, as MC is weak and relies on strategy, small tricks, and minions to survive long enough to get stronger.

Supporting cast are well defined, each having their own agendas, and have unique magic powers.

Lots of people point at WMW as similar, but this story has its own unique flair, and does not feel like reading WMW. WMW has more of an underlining of Xuanhuan, where as this has more of a western feel to it. <<less
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grandplex rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: c235
I really liked the 1st arc, but I'm having a lot of trouble staying interested in the 2nd arc. There was a huge style/setting/character change, all of which for the worse. The story turns into a non-stop pointless action-fest, the MC is not particularly growing, and is in fact turning into a stereotypcial villain character, and the information about the setting/scenes get very repetitive, the same type of fight happens over a dozen times, for no particular reason.
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pomoli rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c160
A good surprise, as the beginning seemed bad. I recommend it!


    • MC is really changing over the time. He has a good personality, and knows when to stay low and plan, using his chip. Also, it's always refreshing to discover Chinese characters not being gigantic cold edgelords.
    • Few antagonists, but with personality, way better than the the usual metric tons of arrogant young masters. All of them are interesting in their own way.
    • The world makes sense as a western style cultivation story (with magic replacing the dao basically).

    • All the game like numbers take a long time to be used too, and it almost made me drop the story when reading about it for the first time. There is even HP, kinda ridiculous IMO. The problem is that everyone aside from the MC knows the numbers too, which is weird.
    • Retarded human resources management: way too much deaths in the apprentice adepts ranks to have a really strong organization. They basically shoot themselves on the foot with their horrendous death toll.
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bighandxyz rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: --
It gets incredibly rare these days in CN where MC doesn't just beat everybody with his cheats, so that is fairly refreshing. People saying "where's your backbone" or "MC is too weak", well I find those attributes good for the story. It adds a sense of dread and accomplishment when MC finally fulfill his goal, and not just story of arrogance and picking on the weak. Character flaws are good for a story, and same with character developments, which seem to be severely missing in Chinese novels these days.

However, the... more>> story is filled with irrelevant and redundant information that seem to exist just so author can word pads. I'd give it overall 4/5 <<less
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May 3, 2017
Status: c294
This, Warlock of the Magus World, and The Wizard World basically has the same premise and ideas. Yet for me this is a fresh start and a new view by the author. Personally I like this story better. The MC is not as crazy and still human. He is humble (at least until now) in the way that he isn't too arrogant to his underlings. Yet there are a lot (I mean really a lot) of explanation in almost every chapter... Try it!

After 312 chapter I really love this... more>> even now I feel bored waiting the when the next chapter will be published. Meanwhile, I try many novels after this but nothing that seems can satisfy me. <<less
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Isa_knows rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: c258
This novel is alot better than other novels. It has many aspects of "Warlock of the Magus World", but the good thing is, that it isn´t so dark. The MC has a good personality; isn´t some naive or hypocritycal person, who saies one thing but does something totaly different after few chapters.

A few people might think, it has a tendency to a harem genre, but my opinion over it is, that until now (chapter 258) the MC never made or had the idea to be an haremking. Alright he has only female companions (i don´t count the goblin in to it), but never made an pervert aciont against them even against Alice, his slave.


I give it a five-star review because the MC has the powers, which even I find really cool and badass.
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Darthi rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c159
Warlock in Magus world type of novel but the main character goes down a magus development path instead

that is basically this novel in a nutshell.

and honestly it is not bad and while its not "new" I personally do enjoy reading some novels that are somewhat of a copy of another novel I really like but retold with the main character going in a different character development route.

just wish someone would pick it up as its currently not having any new releases.
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SinasCola rated it
May 29, 2017
Status: c294
After reading TMW and reading the positive reviews here, I decided to give this novel a try. But it only took a few chapters to realise I made a huge mistake. The MC is boring, lacks character and is utterly useless. Even with an AI chip hardly anything happens and the story progresses with a teethgrinding pace.

While the authors sadist fetishes are none of my business, having a punching bag as an MC is not to everyones taste. Literally half the story he get's beaten into a pulp for NO... more>> REASON.

There is nothing new or eye catching. No alchemy, potioneering or crafting like in TMW. The MC just reads spellbooks, buys some potions and that is basically it. It takes 100+ chapters before he can do something usefull, like making golems.

The settings and locations are dull and lack interesting lore/details. It does not help that the author has a stupid namingsense. Demon babies, ghost nannies? Get outta here.

And lastly the author just keeps blabbering on withouth adding anything to the story. For those with no taste or time to waste, this is tailormade for you.

10/10 would make me definitly start another medieval bookburning <<less
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freezray rated it
May 13, 2017
Status: c69
The first thing I noticed was that it was way more gamelike then WMW with EXP, stats (strength, agility, physique and spirit) and limited amounts of spells that can be learned. That's not to say these are bad because the aren't. There's a bit more vagueness than I would like but it's not a deal breaker either. I'll probably update this in the future but as of right now I would recommend adding this to your reading list.
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rexzshadow rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: c521
It's ok. It copies WMW pretty hard as everyone state but also does thing in its own way on some parts. It has lot of good of concept but really lacking in execution. The worst part is how much useless fluff there are. I think its become fairly obvious when author is out of ideas because there are chapters that you can skip and somehow not miss a thing.

The problem is that its not even good fluff, its a ton of action scene after action scene that really kills your... more>> urge to real the story because literally nothing progresses during the battles. Everything happens outside the battles which are good but there so many battles crammed in it really kill the pacing. <<less
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EricBannen rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c257
Again another one of those sorcerer novel, with very cliche story troupes... New elements include a okayly decent MC (though the MC becomes ruthless and uncaring after obtaining power)...

Other new element is Golem creation... The story is interesting and has good set of exciting elements...

Could have been better if there was more importance given to romance 😓

I give it 4.2/5
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SpaceBunns rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c252
I really like this series. It about crawling your way up in a brutal world where there's no truths just power. Might make right.
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MaliMi rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: c239
This book, though not one of the best, is still an enjoyable read. How does it compare with WMW ans WW though?

In the Age of Adepts, the Ai chip is still quite strong cheat. But it is not as overpowered as in WMW, where I personally get the feeling that the Ai-chip is the MC.

Secondly, this is the only amongst the three, which does not focus on bloodline adepts. The MC is a fire elementium adepts with golems as a support. Btw. Thus far the strongest ability of the chip... more>> is improving the golems

Thirdly, he gets to a clan as a rank one adepts, so this is actually also the only one amongst the three where we can get a look on how the relationships are when one is not at the top from start for once. He also experienced a plane war as a cannon fodder.

Fourthly, although he has the cheat, he does not go 180° with power and char. From start.

Fifthly, sometimes, he actually loses.

Lastly, though the characters personallities are a bit extreme, there two of them, which survived over 200 chapters and maybe not often, they were occasionally mentioned. They also, for now, keep up with the MC.

As for bad points, I feel like some matters are forgotten quickly and several arcs are not used to their full potential. <<less
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Sordahon rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: c161
It's better in a sense than WMW because MC is more likeable and less evil than Leylin, the world at first seems more peaceful and friendly but it's about as dark as WMW world, where everyone schemes and backstabs each other, here at least you find some good guys sometimes. The novel feels like D&D often due to spells names and stats, like health, and damage dealt, there are wizard spells like ray of enfeeblement, fire arrow, slow, curse, elemetal summon, hasten and the like, and slavery is much more... more>> prevalent in this novel, like 90% of beings are slaves, and there is bullsh*t about Will of The World expelling people, but in the end it's decent, I wait for more translation. <<less
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