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The Orc Queen O’Luna is furious. She just received a report that one more Orc Fortress has fallen by the hands of the hateful reincarnaters.

“Damn those reincarnateds! Always making a mess in the world that’s not even theirs! I will kill them all!”

[Hee, you will kill me too then?] A voice answered her from the corner of the room

“Of course not! Motoki might be reincarnated but you are my best friend!”

[Cool] “But the reincarnaters are so strong, we Orcs can’t kill them… I know! Motoki, can you help kill them for me?”

[Okay, but there’s a condition. You will let me have a way with you then] “O….okay. But how will you kill them?”

[Easy Peasy~ I’ll just have to steal their harem and they will weaken and lose their will to fight… then I’ll kill them] Thus Katou Motoki departed the Orc Castle, deceiving a High Noble Orc’s daughter Ka’Liu and taking her with him as companion on the journey to kill reincarnaters.

[Let’s see, the first target is… Elemental Master Yuutarou]
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How to Kill Reincarnators from Earth
地球からきた転生者の殺し方 =ハーレム要員の女の子を一人ずつ寝取っていきます
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larvyde rated it
July 20, 2016
Status: c40
Translator here, thought I'd pitch in.

Others have mentioned about how it's a netori novel, with a bearable MC who steals harem members from the heroes in a way that benefits them et cetera et cetera. I would like to review the novel from another angle.

The premise is an allegory of the web/light novel scene itself.

"Goddesses" (authors) keep sending in teenagers who died young into another world and endowing them with cheat powers, with the goal of making said teenagers into 'heroes' without parallel in the world, and gathering a harem... more>> of girls around them. So many such heroes have been sent into the world that some of the world's inhabitants had begun to grow tired of their existence, as exemplified by Queen Luna's frustration.

The mission our MC Motoki carries is a small act of rebellion against the status quo. His narrative revolves around how he tries to remove the heroes' harem members from the former's narratives by helping the latter's erstwhile two-dimensional characters to grow, thus allowing them to become the protagonists of their own personal stories, after a fashion.

It is also very telling that the motivation for Motoki's rebellion is that he dislikes the 'sameness' that would result were the heroes' rampage to be left unchecked.

This is later confirmed by the goddess herself appearing and saying that the reason she sent Motoki to this world was to maintain the world's diversity. Thus by the analogy that goddess = author, this was effectively the author stating his/her intentions out loud to the reader


One must, however, keep in mind that I have a bias here and may just be reading too much into this :) <<less
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cheval rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: c21
A translated netori with no explicit s*x scene. Humans are so hypocrite, they don't like a netorare but they happily read a netori. I am one of those hypocritical human and I gave this a 4.5 star because the MC is smart and very calculating and he doesn't have a heart, stays true to his lust.
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Arbiten rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: c63
The description makes it sound like it's just a complete smut novel. I haven't really seen any erot*c stuff 7 chapters in.

The story follows the MC who has the cheat ability to become anyone. He uses it to stalk other reincarnated people and steal their harem before assassinating them. So far it's pretty cool. The MC is clever (sort of) and calculating. This is probably going to be one of those novels where he has a harem and actually does something about it. So i'll rate it a 4/5 for... more>> now and update later possibly.

Update Chapter 63: This novel's so much fun. The MC does a lot of bad things (which is great), but occasionally he also shows that he does those things in order to reach the conclusion he thought up. <<less
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Tachi Works
Biah_belle rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: c19
An actor dies and reincarnates with a shape shifting skill, due to his skill and ability to turn into any race/gender/person for infiltration.

He's basically figured out that the reason girls become harem members is because they're too 2D, so he helps them develop their characters to the point that they don't feel like joining the other Heroes' harems. Really cool!

nvm it's mostly just smut and ntr yuck : (I spoke too soon
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knowngni rated it
July 20, 2016
Status: c75

This is the REAL "Conquering Hero's Heroines". 75 chapters in and he's working on stealing the third girl (Noble's daughter) from the poor hero. Shy Book Girl Magician and Busty Onee-san Healer Priestess are down. Loving it so far.

Premise: Japanese guy gets reincarnated to another world. Gets no tutorial. Realizes the Goddess who brought him probably did not do it for any "righteous" cause and merely did it for entertainment. World is has other reincarnation besides him. Realizes in the beginner party he's in, he's "Sidekick Bro Support Character" in another hero's harem party. Decides to ditch that party and defects to the Orc side (This is like Re:monster where high orcs and up are equivalent to elven beatuties). Decides to help the underdog team because its more fun that way by stealing the heroines from the hero.

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CrispyNoodle rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: c21
This is the first time that I dont want to burn an NTR story on sight because I cant stand that stuff... This story is actually pretty decent compared to that whole synopsis that's totally a chapter all on its own... For once MC isn't a god damn psycho on a killing spree nor is he super OP but some how still a passive p***y that barely react when people are walking all all over him. When I read this it reminds me of Kami Noni zo Shiru Sekai where... more>> MC try his damn best to woo the girl through calculating schemes and I loved every chapter of it! I hope the story goes in this direction because it's the only reason I'm able to tolerate a NTR story afterall. <<less
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San-Kyu rated it
April 17, 2017
Status: c75
The Short of it: The writing in this is superb. Not a lewd novel, but there are lewd acts. If you came for the NTR you will be disappointed, its Netori. MC is a pretty decent individual despite his methods, and undoubtably the waifus he cucks away from the other "otherworlders" are better for it. Quite a good bit of philosophy as well, on the Nihilistic (in a positive way) and existentialist bent.

The Webnovel deconstructs several tropes carried by Isekai stories, but thats really kinda something they all do... more>> to some extent. The difference here is that its done quite well and presented in an engaging and, most importantly, logical way. Not alot of Deux ex Machina's for the MC, actually most of them are against him, so the feeling of tension and uncertainty are always there to keep you hooked on the plot. The MC is cocksure but not arrogant, armed with a very powerful but not overpowering skill, which is very refreshing. Familiar tropes are twisted to their logical extent as the author presents what effect the transportation into a new world, the (admittedly unwarranted) gifting of OP powers to seemingly random individuals, and what kind of individual (the gods/esses) does such a thing. The dudes the MC waifu-steals are shown to have become distorted from this abnormal situation, exactly as one would expect a human to do so. The MC does have an OP skill, but it is refreshingly not combat-related like many of the trash MC's in other isekai novels. He uses it smartly to decieve the haremettes of other "otherworlders" like himself but its clear that, overall, its for their own sake. Its Netori thus far, since the MC is doing the waifu-stealing. There is also alot of s*x going on, and he does this with all the girls he has thus acquired their trust, but its all kinda off-screen. Basically they say, with some hot exceptions, that "ah so we had s*x here and there" and, boom, scene transition to next plot point. Its r-18 though at some points where it does bother to details the hot stuff, but it never goes beyond foreplay.

The novel hasn't been updated in a while, so I wish this golden plot would get picked up by the translator, who by they way has done an amazing job. This ain't a machine-translated gig, well maybe it is but it certainly feels like the author wrote it well and the translator did the diligence to make sure that quality crosses the language barrier, which given how different English and Japanese are is an amazing and always admirable feat. <<less
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MazinKeima rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: c21
A good netori novel. Acceptable MC (not dumb, not that tense), some character development (Well, it's more like MC developing other but hey, it is good). Not too erot*c (s*x scene is off-screen)

Story is about MC stealing girls from other reincarnated people harem in an "interesting" way, which will weaken that guy cheat until MC can kill him. MC got a cheat ability to change into anyone. He is pervert (he's interested in anyone cute/sexy/beatiful) and smart (when there's no s*x involve).

Normally I hate anything relate to NTR but... more>> maybe reading so many novel with so many stupid archetype I guess I come to enjoy stealing from ikeman MC now (I have fallen... orz)

This novel feel like it's poking fun at typical novel archetype and that's precisely why I'm enjoying it

ps. wtf did I write it's confusing as f*ck but too lazy to edit it just going to post it anyway lol (I'm drunked) <<less
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Sole rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: --
Don't believe all the hype, it's just a story about a twisted MC trying to get into girls pants by killing off the guys the girls love, the so called character growth they undergo is something they were always perfectly capable of doing on their own, at best the beneficial development they get is the fact that they get more screen time thanks to being the MC's main interest that's really only beneficial to the readers and eventually just choosing to be with him rather than oppose him and undergo... more>> tragedy again.

The various races prior to the heroes arrival were never quite peaceful, but after the heroes arrived the humans started gaining traction, the MC not liking the prospect of the world becoming peaceful due to it getting united and liking the existence of variety in terms of morals and body types since it benefited him directly thanks to his personality and power (the mirror) so he chose to just not get involved anymore ignoring the conflict, but in order to get into the orc princess's pants (she's mostly an elf so she's attractive) he promised to kill all the human reincarnators and went around murdering the male reincarnators and doing what he could to get into the female reincarnators' pants, starting with the party that he befriended when he first came to the new world and going from there.

The MC never actually does anything "good" for anyone, that's fine I read this knowing full well that it wasn't going to happen, but his mind is just messed up in such a way that this really just isn't fun unless your just here to read murder/netori (netorare where the MC is doing the stealing) plots being undertaken by a mentally disturbed MC, there's simply not much of anything, else not really anything else but that, and even that get's incredibly repetitive very early on... What comes after isn't really made a focus either, world-wise I get it, it's really irrelevant since there are simply too many heroes for his actions to really matter, but on a personal scale he got access to the girls but it never really develops into anything worth reading). <<less
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Bick rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: c46
Really unique, funny and a little perverse lool

5/5 I'm looking forward to 'fake protagonist'
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June 23, 2018
Status: c75

this story, is not just silly OP MC doing justice around, to be honest these kind of guys going to get decimated by our MC here upon orc queen's requests

the story plays on the MC complete imitation skills which is cleverly used, but he is actually a lowlife though

fun, the real MC isn't just fooling around too which is important to me
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Red Eye
Red Eye rated it
May 18, 2017
Status: c72
It starts out with smut and gags, which are good and fun, but it matures when necessary to tell a compelling story. Also, unlike most, if not all, of these types of stories, this one has [Character Development]. Signed up just to recommend this one.
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Heartless rated it
September 10, 2016
Status: c75

I'm practically begging the author to pick this masterpiece up again!

Not only is the story great, the author also manages to point out what every bad reincarnation story (and boy is there a lot of them) do wrong. Our lead 'frees' all the women from the other reincarnators, developing their own stories and let them become 'real' people (much unlike their previous 2D state). And by doing so, he weakens the reincarnators as their favor with the gods would lessen.

If there is a JP reincarnation novel that actually would be... more>> worth reading - it would be this. Too bad the author dropped it though. <<less
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Geoff rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: c75
It's a parody on the LN scene, well written and does exactly what it set out to do - namely point out the glaring lack of personality on both general LN protagonists and characters that appear in those LN. The novels takes flat characters you'd see dime a dozen from different series and forces them to become fully realized people. And it does this for not only the "main character's" love interests but also their enemies.

It's a wacky genre savvy adventure that will ruin you to any other average LN... more>> you read after. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
July 29, 2016
Status: c39
... well, that was weird. When I read the synopsis, I thought it'll be some random guy with random plot armor blablabla-- BUT I WAS WRONG! This MC is literally more protagonist-like compared to the supposed-to-be-protagonist. The character is developed quite well (it's the main topic of this story after all; developing heroine's character).

... as a vanilla lover, I never thought I'll ever say this; this soft-NTR novel is great.

===== Rated 4.99 / 5 =====

0.01 minus point because I still feel reluctant to vote for NTR novel; but hey, those... more>> heroines are all happy with it! Consorting a more alpha male than the one they're **cough**DESTINED**cough** to be, ofc they'll be happy.


the other Gods and Heroes are a bunch of jerk; the heroines' fates were ALTERED since their birth by the (jerk) Gods so they're FORCED to become the heroes' consort. So you don't need to feel sorry about the NTR tbh; imo, you should cheer for them (heroines)

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ovannion rated it
July 26, 2016
Status: c58
This definitely one of my favorite novel. Even thought some says that it's netori, but I disagree since the protagonist steal them before they become harem member of other.

The protagonist is smart and didn't have social problem except for his lust. Pretty unique story development and it getting better and better

I recommended it to anyone who didn't like wimpy protagonist or want something unique to read.
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zephyroths rated it
December 6, 2017
Status: c75
Normally, I would stay away from these kind of novel after reading the synopsis. But I never regret my decision to give this a try by a simple whim. I could never expect a story with a premise like this can be presented in an interesting way.

The only thing I'm sad is, when I found out that the author seems to stopped continuing this amazing novel.
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RarestProGamer rated it
November 2, 2016
Status: c75
I absolutely love this novel and I recommend this to everyone who is sick-tired of cliche and horrendous reincarnation fantasy harem novels. This novel is a deconstruction of such genre even though it is still harem (more like netori harem), but it takes so much time to develop. Every character in this novel has deep and realistic growth, when you read this, you can pretty much guess that Author is an Idealist and he does a great job in delivering us a masterpiece. -The amount of 4th wall breaking comedy... more>> and self-aware protagonist shines through out the rest of the story. He talks about a lot of important topics like why protagonists are given OP cheats, why they easily get harem, why the massacre goblins and other demi-humans without a second thought. You can pretty much guess that is how Author of this novel thinks too, the only thing I didn't like is that despite the fact MC goes through so much deep planning in order to give his future harem members a real motive and reasoning by stealing them from the suppose protagonist from his own story, so they don't act like just plain 2D dolls but in the end all of that is downgraded so that our MC can have s*x and he literally treats them like Sex-friends, that is self-contradictory, it makes a big hypocrite jerk. That is the only reason why I gave it 4/5, but still Props on the author for setting everything up so that all of the harem members have enough time devoted to them to make them all substantial, likable characters which is a rare thing to see these days in harem novels. This novel describes 90% of the existing Japanese Male protagonists. I was wishing they all get NTRd by our lord savior Motoki.

-It is a big shame though because it seems like Author deleted his account and axed the series and we weren't even half-way through the first arc. Too bad, finally an MC again who got some brain and not an useless crybaby. I hope this series really get popular, so that Author can pick up this series again. <<less
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Balmik rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: c21
I am going to use hero for the other reincarnated people in the review sense they are the normal generic japanse hero so far. The MC is perverted there is no doubt about it but the stealing of the heroines is going to be different then you think. The MC power is that he can become anyone he ever saw. Instead of just changing into the generic heroes to steal the heroines the MC will instead help the heroine who is too dependent on the hero. As the saying goes... more>> give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a life time. The while the heroes in the story give the heroines a fish, the MC teaches them how to fish. It would be easier with a spoiler.

There is a heroine that had her parents killed in front of her by orcs. The parents die because she tried to save her friend from being killed. The heroine stops going out, has a hard time talking to people, only reads, writes in secret, and works in her grandfathers store. The generic hero comes along avenges her parents but this doesn't solve her problems. So the heroine becomes dependent on the generic hero, and still stays in her house hoping the generic hero makes a move.
The MC comes along during a 13 chapter arc helping solve her problems of never going out, talking to people, and actually facing her fear. Basically if the generic hero ever left her before this arc she would be still a mess, and still would be stuck in her house. If the MC ever leaves her now she would be sad but she would eventually get over it, and lead a normal life.


The author seems to be making fun of the harem stories while his MC is trying to make one. <<less
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NinjapowerMS rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: c21
Protagonist has a unique ability to morph into basically anyone and copy their abilities in that form albeit not at 100% power.

I should say this because I assume this is important for some people. There's really no detailed s*x scenes here and skipped through the next day so...

I imagine the Protagonist to be a complete scum... well he is considering his objective but he's pretty tame that you can't help but think he isn't. He basically Netori's the Harem members of other Reincarnated people and remove them from their 'Narrative'... more>> (E.G the cliche Gets reincarnated>Gets beautiful girl> and another one and another one) and the end goal is to kill the Reincarnated people while they're dejected.

Now you might think Netori is bad in this scenario but if you look at it from another perspective he helped the Girls overcome their insecurities and stand up on their own without a need for a 'Protagonist' and they'll eventually fall in love with the MC in the end. Oh and they do realize the MCs schemes to get in their pants lol but chose to accept him despite that and make him take responsibility so no harm no foul in my opinion (Well too bad to the ones that got Netori'd)

I give it a 3.5 and at least worth checking out. <<less
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