Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou


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15 years ago the world discovered magic as well as mythical beings (basically beings from various legends) in another dimension. Humankind learned to summon these dangerous mythical beings and use their power to great effect. Seven countries formed contracts with these “mythical beings” and gained their allegiance as a result. The mythical beings will choose their summoners on their 14th birthday and give them a stigma. Schools have been set up to train summoners and magical swordsman (basically bodyguards that give the summoners time to cast their spell) as a result.

15 years later after the finding of magic Kazuki Hayashizaki is chosen as a summoner and given a stigma to indicate that. This is surprising since males aren’t chosen as summoners due to their low amount of mana compared to females. As the first male to be a summoner Kazuki is under a lot of scrutiny by almost everyone.

To complicate matters his sister (who’s a magical swordsman) is against him going into summoner school to train there as a summoner. Because summoners and magical swordsman have a cat mouse thing going on where summoners look down on magical swordsman as inferior so his sister naturally is against him going there. She’ll stop him even if it means going to war.

Kazuki however is determined to thrive in summoner school and has already determined to give it his all. Even if he’s the lowest ranked student (ranked E) and his fellow students intend to demean him he’ll prove himself as the strongest summoner.

Associated Names
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Magical Swordsman and Summoning Demon King
Magic Swordsman and Summoner
Magika no Kenshi to Basileus
Magika no Kenshi to Vashireusu
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Casul_Reader rated it
March 25, 2016
Status: Completed
The "BEST" Harem Novel out there. Even Mushoku Tensei's might not be able to top this one. The Female characters are not generic at all, although you may call it somewhat cliche, they still have individual characteristics that are unique to them. Plus there is "PLOT!" :O it has all kinds of "Plots" and the villains are not just a bunch of f*ck bois whose only purpose is to show off the MC's cool op power to make more females fall in love with him no! These villains are "Villains"... more>> they wan chaos! World Domination! And their own beliefs that make them unique! A mere review cannot describe the experience I've had reading this. Just do it, Just read it (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Also translator updates frequently and will always try to catch up to the latest raws. <<less
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Clorox Is Cream
Clorox Is Cream rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: v1c5
TL;DR - This story is more deadly than a bottle of bleach and more agonizing than a vivisection

I'm not sure if it gets better, but right now this novel has managed to delete about half my brain cells. I have no idea how this manages to have an average score of 4.3, but I'll get on with the review.

Characters - the characters are your typical 1/5 novel material- flat, bland, and only serving the purpose of emphasizing how cool the MC is. (or being part of his harem) The... more>> MC falls in the typical "awakened special OP powers" category (kind of like dual wield for kirito). He also uses the sword, which is looked down on in this world, to make himself edgier.

Story - In my opinion, the story is even worse than the characters right now. The premise is overused - MC goes to a school of magic but at the same time is scorned by his classmates for being weak/different so he has to prove himself, etc, etc.... And the writing style is so boring that I fell asleep 3 times when just reading the first chapter.


I thought it couldn't get any worse but it did... in volume 1 chapter 5 he meets the "main antagonist" of the series, who's supposed to be an OP Diva, but he nearly kills him... what is he going to do for the NEXT 13 VOLUMES? Expand his harem? And before that, the "main antagonist" goes on a rant about how he killed kaya and made her suffer, I think it was supposed to make the readers hate him, but after reading the first few sentences I had to skip it because it was so cringy. Then, MC goes full rage mode (again, cringe) and spouts all this random crap that I also skipped, and this whole clown fiesta ended with one of his harem dying. I clung on to the faint hope that MC would change his AIDS-inducing personality after he realized that "people die when they are killed", but the author was like "get pranked, bro!" and revived the girl like 3 sentences later. I'm done.


All in all, this novel was complete cancer - the first few chapters are so boring that you fall asleep halfway through, and the next few are so cringy that you can't continue on. SAO, MGA, and even PMG are masterpieces compared to this atrocious piece of crap, and whoever rated this higher than a 2/5 needs to find a way to pay back the 5 hours of my life that I wasted on this garbage. <<less
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Vali Lucifer
Vali Lucifer rated it
July 7, 2016
Status: --
Fantastic read. Thats what this is. If you are looking for an action ero novel this is for you.
1-The MC is OP
2-The Harem is useful and its not just there
3-Give it some time it will have amazing H-Scenes
4-Fights ? There are plenty, got that covered
5-Its funny and enjoyable
Well this is a masterpiece if I ever seen one.
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RandomComment rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
There are a few generic harem series that do the generic harem template REALLY well. This would be Campione for instance, or maybe at a stretch Mushoku Tensei (though unlike generic harem series, not every single girl falls for the MC in Mushoku).

Magika no Kenshi is not one of those generic harems. Instead, its closer to (but not quite) Shinmai Maou. More like, its a blend of the aforementioned examples. Magika has a pretty generic harem in it, with all kinds of cliches you’d expect like the senpais and the... more>> imouto types and former villain types and so on. However, both the MCs and the heroines all progressively develop their relationships. It doesn’t remain in a fixed, unmoving equilibrium. By volumes 10 onward, it really progresses into Shinmai Maou level ecchi/hentai scenes.

Despite all that, Magika retains an interesting plot. Villains aren’t the type of noobs that exist solely to make the MC look better or antagonists to the heroines who the MC overcomes to get the heroine to fall in love. No, the antagonists in this series can be outright inhumane and cruel (naiarlatothep for instance) to crazy, evil guys who basically just want to watch the world burn in chaos (Loki). Others still, just want to conquer and dominate all there is (fu zi) and well, you get the idea. Point is, they have their own fixed agenda, and whether they are at the forefront or in the background, you know there are developments going on in their side too, and those antagonists have been or are working on their own agendas as well.

I rate magika quite highly, but to those that are averse to ecchi/borderline hentai content, beware of volumes 10 onwards. Stuff really escalates when Kazuki starts to, quite literally, live the King’s life.

I give it a 5 since I dont mind the ecchi/hentai level content at all. <<less
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RarestProGamer rated it
April 27, 2017
Status: v12
Okay, first of all. Let us just appreciate the fact that for once MC actually ends up doing a lot of things with his harem candidates and I mean things like "BJs, Smooch, Fingering, licking etc", and just for that I give it 5/5. Don't get me wrong, I am not asking for hentai even if all of that happened in the background or the scenes were just one liners, I would still didn't have any problems, but just the fact that it happens and progress the relationship to the... more>> next level. As that is what you call character growth and harem development over the course of 12 volumes, it just doesn't stops or stall at one point like most of the harem stories out there. This is what "High School DxD" should have been like even though it is 22 volumes and the MC is like "Oppai this and Oppai that", he still hasn't done any deed despite the fact that he has a giant harem and girls are literally throwing themselves on him, but NONE OF THAT crap in this story. I highly applaud the author for pulling out such a bold move as it takes giant steel balls to add borderline-H scenes later into the series which is what most of the Author who write harem novels fails to understand. It is just unrealistic to have a platonic relationship throughout the entire story, it gotta progress to the next step at sometime, but this novel never shys away from doing any of that. I know I am talking about just one element of the novel, but this is where this novel shines through and makes it far more different from the rest of the novels in the similar category.

-Are you tired of typical Beta arse dense jap protagonist? Then I highly recommend this novel. Are you tired of Weak Spineless MC? Then I highly recommend this novel. Are you tired of novel where harem never progress? Then I highly recommend this novel. Although, the novel is bit on a downside and slow at first, but eventually you will realize that this novel has everything you can possible ask out of a harem story! <<less
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clowred rated it
May 8, 2018
Status: v7c2
Holy f*ck this sh*t is annoying as hell. It feels so stale that I'm almost tempted to commit sepuku by falling asleep and never waking up. For f*ck sake, what the hell is wrong with this amount of praise. Did you guys manage to find a way to completely disconnect your brain from reality or what? Each volume is separated in four or five parts, the first three are the beginning or continuation of the conflict from the previous volume, the fourth one is the interaction with one or more... more>> female characters that seem to enjoy being screwed around by a sissy protagonist and then a surprising power up appears out of nowhere after the attraction points between the protagonist and the said female in heat, or bit*h to shorten it, increase for the most idiotic reasons in history. Everything is rinse in repeat in every volume while the f*cking antagonist is just a pain in the ass that could be erased in so many ways that at some point it's clear how it's kept just to screw around with the readers. Lastly, I f*cking skipped to the last chapter of the last volume and

magic disappears, he seems to be screwing around with all the important female characters that were leaders of their respective countries, and two members of his harem are already pregnant. The end. F*ck IT.


Once again, f*ck IT. Read Sevens. That one manages to keep its logic afloat the entire time, not only for a chapter or just one or two paragraphs. <<less
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Logan_Cross rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: v11
Don't let the hate fool you. This is a pretty interesting series.

The characters are great, the pacing is good, the action is top notched, and the story concept is unique.

Kazuki actually needs a harem to get stronger. And thanks to his ring that allows him see the girls affection levels he isn't dense and also knows how please them. He genuinely love the girls and they love him. A true harem king.

Loki is a pretty great antagonist too.
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 27, 2018
Status: v1c5
So I tried to read this novel because of its 5 stars reviews. I expected it to be a simple story and I am fine with it. What I did not expect is that the praise given to this novel is not accurate and to be confused as to how this novel get so many 5 stars.

The story centers around the fact that our MC is the only male capable of wielding summon magic and as a very powerful swordsman, he is forced to enroll in the all-girls Magic Division... more>> instead of the Sword Division. He summoned a loli as his familiar of sorts (that are called Divas) and she is capable of using the powers of other summoner's Diva, but the catch is that the summoner must be in love with our MC, thus setting up his path of creating a big-ass harem. And this is probably the only part that makes an ounce of sense in volume 1.

To save time I'll just list everything that doesn't makes sense or are just downright bad in volume 1 here:

    • Every nameless character in the Magic Division behaves like psychopaths, referring to people that will protect them while they cast spells as 'meat shields' or just straight up bullying them until they faint.
    • Every nameless character in the Sword Division have inferiority complex even though in actuality they can easily defeat your regular run-of-the-mill summoner since casting a spell takes time and concentration. Summon Magic user with Japan approved Divas cannot react quickly in combat, which is why Sword Division exists in the first place. Heck, no real power difference is even shown since the strongest swordswoman in Sword Division is easily handling two senior summon magic users without going full strength. We only know Sword Division is weak just because the author keeps telling us that without properly enforcing it.
    • We're in modern Japan, 15 years after magic is discovered, people use kids with swords to protect mages in combat instead of an elite team of fully armed and well trained special forces that are not comprised mostly of kids under 18 years of age.
    • Magic power gets weak after a person enters adulthood. Oh my, how convenient.
    • Also, high school combat academy. Oh my, how original.
    • Author introduces first harem candidate like she's the antagonist, acting like a psychopathic bully that gets wet in berating people, but for some reason she gets a 180 because why the f**k not. She's a tsundere childhood friend now, and the MC eats it up like any other spineless shounen MC.
    • The school says they need to supervise MC since he summoned an unknown Diva. MC gets to live in a dorm with a bunch of girls and gets to leave school to go on a date with one of the most promising student among the first years and no one in the faculty bats an eye because none of them are even keeping an eye on him.
    • The school allows students to leave the campus unsupervised and unarmed even thought terrorist attacks on the students are increasing more and more. MC and one of the highest rank first year got attacked? Nothing, no action is taken, no investigation and not even a lecture on safety.
    • Psychopathic Magic Division Girls do a 180 and start to like MC after he defeated the top magic user in their class with sword techniques. Should have shown these self-centered egomaniacs in denial and make them hate the MC more before slowly opening their hearts to him as they realise how "great" he is. It's cliched but at least it makes more sense.
    • Most of the faculty want to move MC back to the Sword Division for the purpose of boosting the Sword Division's standing and morale. But later in the story, the faculty claims that the purpose of the fight between Sword and Magic Division is to show everyone, including the parents, that Magic Division is far superior and to put the Sword Division in their place by beating them up and lowering their morale. Make up your mind, god dammit. It also doesn't make sense to do something like this since doing this will most probably stop parents from enrolling their child to the Sword Division (which most probably is 50% or more of the students since summon magic is so "unique and rare" in the story), causing a decrease in enrollment, hence a decrease in budget thanks to the lack of students.
    • While I don't hate ecchi itself, I hate it when it is used distastefully. For example, first harem candidate is sad, what does she do? She takes off her clothes and lie on bed with a provocative pose (with illustration provided). Why would the author do that, you ask? For garbage tier fanservice and a cliched "MC barged in a girl's room only to see something he should not". It's basically a breach of personal space and borderline s*xual harassment but hey, let's ignore the fact that girls (or just people in general) will freak the f**k out when someone does that, and have the girl be secretly happy. What the f**k.
    • Author likes to describe the world with random expositions instead of naturally telling it to the readers via the characters. One of the worst offenders is during the MC and the first harem candidate's date. The author was describing the date event, then out of no where, the author starts giving us an exposition about the world that has absolutely no relation with the date event, it literally happens in between the paragraphs of the date event. After it is done, he resumes the date event like nothing happened. You can remove the whole exposition and nothing would have changed. Even during a dialogue, the exposition is written in an awkward way that makes no sense in a conversation and takes you out of the story. Even something simple that can be conveyed with a few short sentence is dragged on with an exposition that are much longer, making even the dialogues a chore to read.
    • Dead characters don't stay dead, making any sense of crisis in future events non-existent.

In a nutshell, Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou is a mess of a story with too many unbelievable things in one world. I can suspend my disbielief for one or two times by making excuses for the author, but there are way too many illogical things for my excuses to keep up, ultimately disconnecting me form the fictional world and stopping me from enjoying the story.

The biggest flaw of Magika is most probably it taking itself too seriously because of the author not being aware of both the story's cliches and its absurdness. Couple that with a bland MC that behaves as s*upid and as illogical as any other typical generic shounen protagonist, the story becomes unbearable as there is no one for you to like or to root for and the bland MC is too damn much of a ret*rd for you to even self-insert.

All in all, I rate this 1/5 I can't believe the ratings lied. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Asura22 rated it
April 6, 2017
Status: v12 intermission
I can only think 1 thing to describe this Best! The best! I can say that this is the best!true!Harem that JP author made! Horray respect for the author making such a amazing Harem Stories.

*If you are tired of Dense, coward, spineless, ball less MC then you would love this
*If you want epic fight to awsome Villain Calculating one and inhuman one then try this
*If you want Awsome harem with true harem king and girls with personality and usefull then try this
*You want MC to make a move forther to borderline of H?Then try this!tho wait for vol 9+ then you will see it :D

And people who review and put 5 star already said everythig about this stories. And despite that you still didnt read this then, bro you just missed a good Harem stories!Tho it would be different if u are harem hater will thats all for the review jyana~ try this and see true harem king!
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ChaosOpen rated it
December 4, 2018
Status: v14
I gave it 5 stars not because it is perfect but because not only does it manage to break out of the shounen harem cliches that have been dragging that genre down for 20 years, but it does it without making any real mistakes and being interesting in it's own right.

  • There is no will they won't they in the relationships, the MC progresses the relationship physically and mentally with all of the girls, and while there is no mistake in what the characters are doing in these physical acts, it is written just vague enough to not be tasteless.
  • The girls of the harem aren't the standard "dere" lineup of cliches. The author actually takes a unique approach using a bait-and-switch letting you think that it will be the same cliches only to reveal that there is more depth to the characters than most harem shows have in their entire cast.
  • It avoids power creep by having the MC do new and interesting things with the powers he already has rather than suddenly being able to punch harder at the perfect moment to win the fight.
  • All of the villains have clear motivations most of which you can actually sympathize with and nobody is simply comically evil for the sake of being evil. It is a unique experience to read a villain explain his motivation and actually agree with many of the points he/she makes. Even the MCs motivation isn't entirely without fault and has its own drawbacks as well.
  • It is never up to the hero to save the day alone, the members of his harem and fellow combatants actually feel necessary, while the MC certainly has solo battles it is never because nobody else can keep up with him, his allies manage to feel necessary up until the end of the series as they all participate in the fights, growing stronger together. Every fight is a group fight of one side against the other with every member of the main cast participating as necessary combatants, never feeling like damsels the MC must protect.
Overall, it's worth a read, if for no other reason than it's a unique read and there is simply nothing else like it.
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Desconf rated it
March 23, 2017
Status: --
Magika, what a great harem novel. Compared to the average harem novel, this shines a lot because:
1. MC is not a wimp, but is not that OP. Fights against opponents stronger than him by using his brain, his skills and everything he has efficiently while struggling to win or survive. In earlier volumes he can act like a generic MC, but that is not entirely true. Due to his own cirmcunstances, he avoids all those cliches later and throws them to the tr*shcan.
2. The harem girls. Compared to other girls from other harem novels, they have well developed personalities and character developement. Despite having cliche and generic elements in earlies volumes, you can see the difference if you read volume 4. And that's not everything. They are USEFUL to the MC and the story. They can fight, support the MC and can act by themselves if necessary.
3. The relationship. Basically, all the girls love him and he returns their feelings. How does he show this? By showering them with affection. By definition, this is a true harem and he is a true harem king.
4. The antagonists. They are not monotone villains or simple obstacles to the MC. They have their priorities, they have an objective, they can strategize and outsmart and overpower the MC if he is not careful.
5. The battles. What can I say? The pace is good, they fights are not meaningless and most of all, MC is not obliterating or sweeping the enemies out of sheer power without proper explanation.

Imo, Magika deserves a praise for making the story enjoyable while being borderline-h. If you only read the first chapters and drop it, you may be missing a good story.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
luckymorris rated it
December 9, 2019
Status: v3c1
It's shit. The MC is a self righteous c*nt, won't kill when needed, will forgive everyone and everything, telling BS like the power of friendship. So far all the character are just tropes, not even a little something that makes them a bit special, just bland 100% tropes.

It's tr*sh tier, not a single speck of originality, the only reason you'll see those 5 stars is because the MC actually get a harem, meaning that he get physical with each of them later on the story. Just read Oukoku E Tsuzuku... more>> Michi if that's what you seek, at least you won't be frustrated by a pu*sy ass MC. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 2, 2016
Status: v12c5
I love this novel, plain and simple. MC is awesome, the girls / harem are dynamic where each girls are unique and interesting. The enemies are amazingly unmonotonously evil. The setting is unique yet not all that hard to understand, and its easy to see that the author had put a lot of research into his subject (Some would argue that its still not enough though but there will always be that sort of people). There's really not much to criticize about this novel.

I'm probably the sole voice of dissonant... more>> here... but I don't think the MC is OP if at all, at least not in the normal sense of MCs. For a character to be OP / Overpowered, he / she has to be uniquely powerful. This MC isn't and doesn't have that sort of power as every single one of his adversary are either as powerful or ever more than he is. If I have to compare it, I'd say he's closer to Mushoku Tensei's Rudeus than Death March's Satou.

The difference between Rudeus and this MC however, is that while Rudeus has massive magic power, he's something like a one trick phony, his strategy basically simply overpower everyone with his signature magic and hope it works.

This MC (Kazuki) doesn't have that sort of power, instead, he's the sort of MC that is "Efficient" as in he uses the right skill / magic for the right situation. At the same time, there is NOT a single situation where he was able to breeze through. Every single battle was a struggle and desperate battle where he sometimes quite literally push through by the skin of his teeth. That's not "overpowered", that's called "versatile". <<less
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Rafu the Shield Slayer
Rafu the Shield Slayer rated it
April 28, 2016
Status: --
A ‘Very’ unique harem series... Why?

... more>>

1. The MC is OP from the start, but not on the main theme which is Magic.

2. Harem is needed, not an add-in.

3. Harem members doesn’t have the intention to monopolize him.

4. His ‘Sword Style’ helps him not only in battle, but also on dealing with his harem’s needs. Hurray Hayashizaki-style!

5. MC has more guts than your mainstream pe*vert Issei-kun, since it get’s full-blown hentai starting on Volume 9

6. More H-scenes, less flashbacks.

7. Each Volume, there’s a [new girl/s with different role (childhood friend, flat-chested elf, big-breasted senpai, boyish senpai, loli otaku, etc..) insert] part.

8. This story has plot.. Yes, even being a full blown Hentai after Volume 9, it still has plot.


I agree with Maleandar’s statement.. but I’ll rate it 4 since it gave me a good ride (until that Volume 10)

Good story, Good characters, but has a crazy author. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Maleandar rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
Magika WAS a great story... up till Vol 10,


then it went Hentai. Full blown no holds barred over the line Hentai. I kinda thought it was going that direction in the early volumes, and hoped the author would not cross the line, but alas he did. This Volume (11) now needs a R18 tag. The story itself was fun and had a decent plot. However Vol 10 decided to force some issues, especially the story of the USA. Here the Author grabbed some stuff out of his ass and really screwed the pooch. I stopped reading after Vol 11 C 1, where the hentai went out of control, description of how he is massaging of of the girls v*gina with his fingers while the goddess is sucking him off with the appropriate sounds added is an example, there is ALOT more on that chapter.

Before Vol 10 4/5 stars, after Vol 10 2/5 stars.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sgrey rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: v14 afterword
This is a great novel. The first volume was full of cliche, but it was not bad and it did set up the world, school, and relationships. The novel picks up at a good pace later on. There is always tension, and there is always a risk to MC. Character development in this novel is pretty good for the most part. Almost everyone gets a good backstory and personality. Relationships a getting properly built and they are progressing! A bit past midway the novel turns pretty much into a hentai... more>> with a story. But that was not bad for me - the whole novel from the beginning was built so that this was expected. Pretty unique story, lots of fanservice, and quite enjoyable overall. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
VelhoDit rated it
March 31, 2016
Status: --
i really liked this novel, don't think it's a harem so there is no history, just ecchi and dense MC, I have read quite a bit of novels and I can say a terryble harem make you drop on the first 10 chapters, but magikka no kenshi to shoukan maou is one of the best, the MC is not ret*rded who can't see the heroins feelings (of course that ability....) and the villans is not the ret*rded tipe who is just defeated like a piace of garbage that would never... more>> acomplish anything, they are cruel and they somethimes complete their goals and put the MC in a bad spot, there are a few cliche but the girls are well developed and the plot is good,

basically if you like harem it will be one of the best you have read, if you don't.... well it is a good novel if you don't fuss about some cliche development here and there you will still enjoy it <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SpearOfLies rated it
January 17, 2016
Status: --
Pretty good novel. I started read it without expectation (NEVER have any expectation when you read harem tag novels, it will be much less fun to read), but I was very surprised. I like character, it felt like when I read Sekirei (manga). A good variety of personality without being too stereotypical o unnatural. Enemies are very simple but I like the battle scenes. Mc's personality isn't something you expected in harem novel but with the environment and the ability to read positive level, it isn't so farfetched. Postvolume 8... more>> MC tried to be very conservative, but after every relationship became little le*der which I personalky don't dislike.

I don't really understand other reviews. I feel like they are more criticising the tag harem than criticising this novel. I doesn't really help understand if this novel is worthy to read.

P.s. I wanna play a rpg datesim that have a MC that gain skill when girls' affection points are reach certain threshold. I feel it will be very funny. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
atomsphere rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: v4
The world building is problematic.

... more>>

Magicians become 'chosen' at 14 then go for training as high school students a year later. By their third year of high school, they start working as interns. At 20 their magic starts to quickly degrade. Roughly 16% of their time as magicians is wasted waiting to start school. 32% is spent getting a seemingly lax general education. Another 16% is spent as interns. They have 2 years of being adults before they start thinking about retirement. What is not made clear is why I should be invested in this huge harem building project that is going to become irrelevant as soon as it's developed.


This time in respect to the actual world.


This is based on Earth. Only 7 countries matter. They are further reduced to 2, Japan and everyone else. 'Everyone else' has gone the path of psychotic religion. The setting continues to shrink down to another tuple: at school and at where monsters spawn.


Also, the outfits are funny. Shoulder-less sleeved uniforms are great.

The chuuni combat lines are unbearable. Everytime someone does something, someone has to summon the great darkness from the eye of the beholder and smite in the direction of their gaze. Kms

This another story that takes common fairy tales and myths then bases it's entire world building on weaponizing it.

I heard there's H somewhere. Maybe if I make it to some I'll update. But the harem is cute. Perhaps this is an alternate universe where women have potatoes for brains.

It's readable if it's what you're looking for. Translations are mostly fine. Enjoy <<less
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Nonsense_Bearer101 rated it
April 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I dropped magika no kenshin on vol 12 and just skimmed through the final 2 vol.

My main problem with is

1. Fights we're too boring like its format is (i manage to outrank your ability because I gained a new ability)

... more>> 2.75% of the things happening is them talking about food and eating food.

3. It tries to act smart but then fails at it like it tries to show you the mysterious antagonist by hiding their origins but then proceeds to give the biggest and obvious hints on who they are.

I'm referring to the main cause of the story,

Bassillieus bassilleon who they tried to hide his identity when he met the MC and yet when he activated his magic anyone who has basic knowledge of jewish/christian lore is clearly knows he's lucifer


4. Early story is all ecchi stuff. Most h stuff happens like around 9 to 10 vol. I honestly think it's nor worth it, its like taking your d*ck to a crusade

5. Later parts of the story just becomes a cluster f*ck like really

America's myth is all about historical people from america


6. Power system doesn't make any sense, it uses it once and then completely forgets about it

Honestly this LN is you could say a rip off of Highschool DxD and Shinmai Maou and other harem LN out there.

I don't recommend reading this to people who are looking for a long read, cause the more you think about it the more you see faults in it and you tend to notice it when reading for a long time.

Overall: You're better off reading Highschool DxD or some adult ln. <<less
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