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Despicable, insane gong x paternal and indifferent, divorced shou. The story between a youth with a unique psychological disorder and an apathetic doctor.

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One entry per line
bing an ben
Case History Anthology
Medical Record Book
The Medical Casebook
История болезни
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Ziavory rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: c144
If you really want to feel frustration and anger then this is the book for you.

The storyline was really interesting and I wish the male lead Xie Qingcheng was the main character Instead of the He Yu.

The MC He Yu is an example of that scum man who gets face slapped in every quick transmigration novel for being such a sh*t person. His characterization is just so unlikable, childish, and unbearably irritating.

The entire book I just wanted something really bad to happen to him so he would stop being so... more>> self centered and face the consequences of his dumb actions.

He is literally a villain of the male lead’s story.

He ruined the male lead’s career and put him through so much bullsh*t just because he couldn’t get over himself and understand that other people have lives too.

I found his entire angst and backstory is so damn s*upid. The male lead was just his doctor and didn’t owe him anything. But the MC is etitled and resents the ML for choosing to do something else with his life.

The author excuses the mc’s actions of raping, physically, verbally, and mentally abusing the male lead by using his vaguely explained mental illness. Which was honestly only a prop to remind us that no matter what horrible thing the MC does, it was okay because he was crazy.

I don’t know if the author wanted us to forget that mental asylums and prison existed for a reason.

The male lead honestly deserves so much better than this piece of sh*t he got stuck with. Dude just wanted to live his life and take care of his sister but got cursed with our shitty MC instead, who then proceeded to ruin his life and disrespect him under the excuse of his s*upid revenge.
And I hate how they made a 32 year old man weaker than a 19 year old kid just so the MC could abuse the ml.

During their fights I kept hoping the male lead stabbed him in the face or something, cuz he definitely deserved it.

I wish the story was a tragedy.

Anyway, Thanks to the translator for picking up this story, The passionate hatred I felt reading the story made my new year!

Check out the story if you’re really into the cool and intriguing storyline and nothing else, or you secretly find romanticized abuse sexy, or you want to start the year feeling something other than happiness, satisfaction, and all those other good stuff.

Just realized this was basically a rant lol.
Thanks again translator! <<less
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orztodaempress rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: c54
Just so you know, I airdropped to chapter 54 and read from there just to check the translation quality and just as I expected from "Tea Novel", it sucked. Previously I was reading The Husky and His White Cat Shizun and saw that "Tea Novel" decided to re-translate it for some reason and dropped it from the first chapter due to how bad the translation was.

I hope people realize that bad translation definitely has the ability to ruin a well-written novel. The only reason I rated this book a 3... more>> even due to the horrible translation is because I trust in Meatbun's writing. From the little that I could understand from this terrible translation, I found interesting, but I can't withstand the damage it does to my braincells so I'm out.

I hope whoever is doing the "Tea Novel" translation should just stop because they're doing more harm than good by posting those tr*shy MTLs without even a basic grammar check. It's disgusting how shameless they are. <<less
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mYboiS rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: c42
This story is really good so far.
..... So MC (He Yu) has this blood illness that makes him lose control or turns a bit crazy lol. ML (Xie Qingcheng) is his doctor that helps him control his illness. They both don't really get alone.
MC likes ML's sister and so always pretends to act like a nice gentleman when the sister is around but when she's not, they both bicker and tr*sh each other out lol!!
I am not really sure what the plot will be about because I'm... more>> still pretty early on in the story, but as of now, there's a mystery murderer on the lose who is killing mystery victims.
So far the storyline is very interesting, and it's MeatBun who is the author so you know the plot is going to be dark with all these twists!!

The two MC and ML have great interactions!
I love❤ their bickering and I love how they hate each other lol!!! They both say they are straight so I want to see how they will fall for each other lol!!!

Anyways, thankyou for translations, translators!!!🥰🥰 <<less
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Alienekoo rated it
June 30, 2022
Status: c254
I'm reading this after reading 2ha and YuWu atleast 3 times each. So, I made myself really numb to the pain so that I can read the story without any outbursts. The story was indeed a slow burn. And this is my first time reading a story that's focusing on the psychological illness and also my first novel that's not xianxia (I'm new to danmei). And to my surprise, the story was so good. Definitely the way I expected it to be. If I have to complain, then I really... more>> want to say that the last few chapters (no spoiler but the island arc) were too intense to my heart. May be I was desperate for the MC and ML, and even other few characters. I slept at 3 am exhausted while reading and woke up at 7 am to continue reading and even skipped my session today to read the story completely. This definitely is not a comfy story and I still need sometime to sink it in. I love the happy ending, despite all the wait.

If there's anyone like to me who came here after 2ha and YuWu, you can refer to this comparison. (My opinion)

Pain and suffering characters went through scale: Gu Mang > Xie Qingcheng > MoRan = He Yu > Chu Wanning > Mo Xi

Smut scale: 2ha > BAB > YuWu

comfy scale : 2ha > YuWu >BAB

villain's cruelty scale: all are a**holes. Absolute tr*sh. <<less
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Chenqing rated it
June 5, 2022
Status: Completed
As much as I love this novel, Case File Compendium is NOT for everyone. Personally I really love it because it's right up my alley, and I think this might be my favorite work from this author.

First of all, lots of r*pe in this novel. ML (XQC) gets r*ped repeatedly and still falls in love with his rapist. MC (HY) falls in love with ML yet still r*pes and humiliates him. It went from non-con, to dub-con, before they finally get together.

Secondly, neither of them are normal people, so you... more>> cannot expect them to have normal responses or perceives things in a normal way. This is also related to the first point. If you think, "how could HY do this to someone he claims to love?" or "how could XQC falls in love with his rapist?", you have to remember that both of them are insane. They are the only ones who could ever understand each other.

Ironically, this point gets repeated a lot in the novel itself. People (in the novel) looks at them and judges their relationship; most of the time way off the mark. But so what? By the end of the novel, they're happy to be together, and it's none of other people's business. You can read this novel, try hard to understand them from a logical-normal-person point of view, inevitably fail, then judge their relationship as toxic and be disappointed, or you can just enjoy the ride and be happy for them.

Both HY's and XQC's characters are not easily likeable. HY is a manipulative lunatic, and XQC is sexist, homophobic, and cold. HY is also bratty and loves to act spoiled, while XQC is incredibly paternal. They fit each other perfectly. This novel is funny, sad, hilarious, and horny. Lots of plot twists and WTF moments along the way.

Once again, don't read this novel expecting a deep, thoughtful, wholesome story or waste your energy trying to understand these two lunatics.

If you came here from reading Dumb Husky/2ha:

congratulations, you are about to meet someone with worse bed habits than Taxian Jun.

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fltstrt rated it
October 27, 2021
Status: c75
Shoutout to congeebrain and team for doing such a great job translating at such a fast pace. They are releasing one chapter almost daily, it's really quite a feat! Do buy the raws on JJWXC if you can to support meatbun! Though I prefer reading in English, I'm reading the original raws too on JJWXC because I can't wait! Its fun following the author's daily updates! Reading the "controversial" chapters even before they get locked is somewhat thrilling haha. (The app recently added an audio function too for ppl who prefer this medium.)

So far at chapter 51 we have finally reached the start of the sexual and deep emotional angst between the MCs that is signature of Meatbun's style (that we all love and hate) ! It's the prelude of a rough ride I can already tell, and I am so ready for it!

It's still really early for any concrete theories, but readers, do take note that our MC isn't the most reliable narrator! Have fun dissecting He Yu's timeline and POV!


PS: Meatbun is on twitter (@meatbunroubao) go say hi and check out the fan art she has retweeted on her page!
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Snownight rated it
June 5, 2022
Status: Completed
I decided to write a review to express my love for the novel (Now, one of my favourites). I am a die hard meatbun fan because I like angst, g*re, suffering and pain in my fictional worlds. But I will not like a novel just because it is bloody and painful. I love this novel because it is perfectly balanced in every aspect (In my opinion). The plot is very interesting. But for me, it is not the best part. The MC He yu and ML Xie qing cheng may... more>> not be perfect individually, but as a couple, they are mesmerizing.

But I don't recommend BAB to anyone. Because it has some parts that some people may find disturbing. That is why you need to read the tags. Please read the tags! Don't read it without taking in the warnings. If you do, don't complain or rant later.

So for someone who is considering reading this novel even after going through the tags, don't be quick to drop it after starting. That is most regrettable thing you could do while reading a meatbun's novel. Because the romance is slow burn. But at some point, it becomes so beautiful and be ready to cry buckets for them.

The MC.

Our MC He yu is suffering from a rare mental disorder. So due to that he is blood thirsty. His inner personality is very twisted and dark. There will be many times that you want to slap him hard across the face. He r*pe the ML and I know that it is unforgivable, but forgive me, I love him. I don't know how to describe it but he is very pitiful. He went through too much since the day he was born. So anyone who expect the MC to be perfect and spotless shouldn't read this. Don't see him with your eyes, because I can be sure that he didn't live the life you lived and if he didn't act in the ways he did under those circumstances with his personality, it will be out of character. Meatbun is someone who deeply consider her character's feelings and do justice to them. So don't try to say that he shouldn't be like that and just drop the novel. Because that is the way of the story. It shouldn't be changed to the likings of the readers. Readers should change the novel.


The ml.

The ML Xie qing cheng was the ex doctor of the MC and later he became a professor. He will be the most stubborn, calm and cold character you will ever meet in the danmei history. But there is a reason behind it which is really painful. He is little too responsible and fatherly and it led him to a divorce which I think is the s*upidity of the wife. ML suffers because of everyone around him including his lover, but bears them with a numb heart. It is hard to watch the way he go through them with a steel hard heart and unreal calmness. You will definitely love him and admire him but you will also get frustrated because of his stubbornness.


The cp.

So this is the point where I lose control. Their relationship is a love-hate one. But it is not that simple either. Their love is very complicated and slow. I got frustrated, and angry on the way of reading the novel, but in the end, when I remince about their moments since the very start, my heart fills with a indescribable emotions which are very real. So the both of them claim themselves to be straight all over the novel but the smut is really good lol. The MC He yu (younger gong) falls in love first. The ML Xie qing cheng (older shou) rejects and says that it is dependance and is indifferent. But Heyu refuses and keep convincing his love and at some point xqc also finds himself in love with Heyu who is 13 years younger than him. But he is in no place to start a relationship and hides his feelings and heartlessly rejects He yu. But when he wants to hold his hand it is too late. This is only the beginning. After so many backs and forth and after so many endless tears, pain and suffering they both realise their love for each other. The steel hard straight ml's heart moves and softens over and over again for the cute little devil. So for the first time he stops being selfless and starts living for himself and for the love of his life which is so satisfying. This is only a bit of their love. It grows and dies again and again with the ups and downs of the interesting plot.


There is a tag saying r*pe victim becomes lover. So please don't read BAB if you find it disturbing (which is very normal.) I don't know why some people still read it and then complain about how it is absurd to fall in love with the rapist. It may be absurd from your pov. But the both MC and ML are not normal. So if you are a person who wants to see a white washed world through fictions to escape the reality, this couple may seem toxic to you. (But they are not. It is just that they only have each other. So the MC is obsessed and ML loves him despite everything.)

I didn't find much attachement with side characters unlike in 2ha. But trust me, the cp is more than enough to cry and laugh. Meatbun is so good at playing with emotions. She is the only author that could make me cry with a novel (first with 2ha.) The angst is real. The love is real. So real that I cried even when they didn't cry. Sweet moments are rare, but trust me, it is very worth it at the end. You could get that blissful satisfying feeling at the near end only because of the slow paced yet strong love.

Again you could complain about plot holes and techniques. But if it is something under the tags (g*re, r*pe, non-con, dub-con etc...) don't come and read like a blind and then complain without a shame! Respect the author's ideas and find a novel with your tastes. Thank you! <<less
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ghoststories rated it
August 22, 2022
Status: Completed
The good part: Some cool ideas, many layers of organized crime, secret mad scientists, covert ops, spies. Romance, big feels, tragic feels, first love feels, a love that melts the ML’s icy exterior and makes him feel more human for the first time in decades.

The not-so-good part: Too many things that don’t make sense. As a reader, I can only suspend so much disbelief before it starts to get in the way of enjoying the book. Because the story takes place in a modern day setting similar to our real... more>> world, you have real world expectations, and too many things in the book defy reality without sufficient buildup. Sure, you can have fantasy books that take place in a modern day world very similar to ours, but there still needs to be setup that shows how the book world has different rules than the real world. This book... doesn’t do that. It’s completely masquerading as the real world and doesn’t even acknowledge the things that don’t make sense whatsoever.

I’m not talking about the advanced tech or mad science stuff; I can accept those as part of the fantasy of the novel’s world. But what about the fact that you can apparently be a licensed, practicing doctor at age 21? Or that ML is described as having peach blossom shaped eyes that look exactly like his mother’s eyes, to the point where everyone who knew his parents can see him and instantly know he’s his mother’s son. Then, MC’s new doctor is described as having the same peach blossom shaped eyes, and you later find out that

the new doctor is ML’s cousin... on his dad’s side. So he seemingly inherited the same eyes from his uncle’s wife who’s not blood-related to him.

And too many to list, but many incorrect/unresearched medical techniques, surgical procedures, police investigation steps, incorrect names of psychological conditions, etc.

There are also many inconsistencies with timeline and character ages. Not sure if author forgot what ages the characters were at various points in the backstory, or if the characters’ behaviors were just wildly inconsistent with their age. But some examples:


ML’s sister should have been 13 when she met MC for the first time, but she acts like she’s the same age as MC (who is 8 at the time). She squeals in excitement over getting to wear a Disney princess costume as her regular everyday clothing, and doesn’t understand why MC isn’t as excited as her when ML tells him to wear a poofy princess dress too.

Another age inconsistency: Chen Man is described as being in his early twenties, hardly older than MC. So even if you assume he’s 24 (the last year you can reasonably be considered “early twenties”), that means when ML’s parents died (the same year MC was born), Chen Man was only 4 years old. But he somehow has fond memories of spending many years being raised his older brother (a police officer who died shortly after ML’s parents). I guess maybe you could argue that he just kinda created a vision of his brother in his head, but it felt weird reading it because their strong brotherly bond was emphasized so much and it was very downplayed that they were like 20 years apart in age.

And yet another one: MC’s parents weren’t married yet when his mom got pregnant with him, the reason being that MC’s dad was too young to legally get married, but planned to do so as soon as he was of age. Yet at that time, MC’s dad was already the CEO of a big pharmaceutical company that was doing groundbreaking research on many diseases and medicines.


And there’s several places where the author goofs up and messes up the date (for example MC’s birthday is 5/26, and then a few weeks pass, and then it’s finally June), or forgets whether where a character is a scene (for example if they’re sitting on the floor but then a few paragraphs later, they’re standing next to the table). Also, this is kind of a big one:


ML has his eyeballs removed by the bad guys and is therefore blind, but after they defeat the bad guys and he wakes up in the hospital, the good guys convince him to keep living by showing him a video of MC standing silently at his fake grave.


Pacing wise, compared to the author’s previous two books, this one takes a long time to get started. 2ha and Yuwu both start off with a big event that triggers the plot, but nothing really happens for at least a couple of dozen chapters of this book, so it was hard to tell what the book was actually about. Once it got started, the pacing was good and I was able to be fully absorbed in the story, but it just slows down in some paces and has trouble keeping it interesting. I think partially because the author has trouble interweaving the romance and plot together, so there’s be a section of plot, then take a break to develop the romance (while nothing is happening plotwise), and vice versa. The climax is kind of cut off at the knees. It’s going and going and then suddenly loses steam right at the part that should have had the most excitement.

And the author also introduces some brand new details and characters VERY late in the book (like the last 2-5% of the book). These are medicine, objects, scenes, and people who were NEVER mentioned before, but it felt like the author just needed to bring them in because she wrote herself into a corner and realized there was no way for the characters to make it out alive. So magically,

a pill that gives ML superpowers finds its way into his prison food. And the villain brings a character who was fairly important to ML’s family is brought back from the dead, even though that character’s existence was never mentioned before in the first 230 chapters of the book.


So tl;dr: my overall impression of the book was that it had potential in terms of overarching premise, but the sheer number of wrong or inconsistent details is overwhelming and prevented me from enjoying the reading experience. I respect this author in many ways, and I’m glad she is outspoken and writes what she wants even if it gets censored—but things she could do better are research and planning. <<less
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ErieMaxwell rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: c13
This story is such a ride so far. Every new chapter leaves me less and less sure what is going on in the best possible way, but even more sold on the relationship. At this rate I'm going to end up converting one of the walls of my apartment into a conspiracy board by the end of the week.

I can't wait to see where this goes!

Thank you so much to the translators, they continuously make my day. &Lt;3 <3 <3
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Aesvitos rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: c155
I really wanted to give a review of Case File Compendium just because it's so different from the other two novels Meatbun has written, but it's hard to put into words how I feel about this story. As a mentally ill person reading from He Yu's perspective a lot of the time it's easy to sympathize with him and seeing the darker compulsions he has, how he fights them, and sometimes how he gives in to them I feel that his condition is not too exaggerated and unrealistic and the... more>> storyline in respect to his social class makes a lot of sense. Meatbun's pacing in this story and the portrayal of emotion is great as always. The tragedy is definitely different from 2ha and Yu Wu. There's a lot more internal struggle and growth than in the other novels that is exacerbated not by external events but He Yu's own interpretations and condition. His genuine youth gives the less appealing parts of the story a reason for developing as they do and doesn't feel as frustrating as the plot in the other two novels (though there is still some frustration over miscommunication).

The only part of the novel that I struggled with was keeping up with characters being introduced and taken off the stage and at the point that I'm at in the novel now, seeing how they're all connected since it's obviously not finished.... Also it's hard to find any characters besides the protagonists interesting. Shoutout to Jiang Liping for being the exception.

Meatbun's slow burns never fail to draw me in <3


The conflict of the murders and RN13 plot feels like it fights to be the main conflict with the love conflict between He Yu and Xie QingCheng which is not necessarily bad, but feels like a lot of back and forth and goes from the seriousness of death to He Yu and XQC dealing with illness to He Yu pouting over their relationship. It's a lot to go back and forth between and I had to take breaks between chapters often just to get myself back on track with whatever was happening next.

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ableble rated it
August 21, 2021
Status: c117
So far it's really interesting! I love MC and ML's bickering lmao, can't wait to see their relationship develop.

Edit, currently at c117:

I'll say it again, the plot is really interesting! We're still only seeing the tip of the iceberg and it's really making me wanting to read more.

... more>> Now about ML and MC's relatioship:

He Yu (gong) is a jerk but I can see the way he tries to control himself, and as someone who has read all of meatbun's other novels, by the end of the story I'm sure He Yu will have a satisfying character development. I think he's actually a good person, it's just that his mental illness f*cked him up a bit.

seeing the way he refuses to hurt others except Xie Qingcheng (he'll regret hurting him), due to his confused feelings for him.


Xie Qingcheng, please take care of your health and stop smoking : (I'm waiting for you to realize that He Yu likes you lol

Note: If you're only looking for sweet fluffy romance I don't really recommend this book, but if you've read (and like) meatbun's other novels then do try to read it! <<less
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jiang ying yue
jiang ying yue rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: c8
So far super interesting, and I can definitely see this as one of my favorites just from the beginning, well it is meatbun after all.

I'm really interested to see how this will go, it has all my favorite genres so I'm super excited.
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h1kar1 rated it
December 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Edited as of April 2022
The novel is finally completed at 254 chapters and as of now the extras are still ongoing.

This is the first time I followed a novel (a Meatbun novel on top of it) while it was serializing, and I have to say that the journey is like running a marathon. It was long and torturous, with so much emotional rollercoasters that many time I just wanted to give up. But you still kept going because you knew there will be sweet rewards at the end... more>> of the journey.

If you think that 2ha or Yuwu are big knives, well BAB is like a thunderstorm of knives. Meatbun has really outdone herself in this novel. The level of torture, angst and dog-blood have been raised significantly (as well as ehem... nfsw scenes). There are hardly happy or sweet moments in the entire novel, even though Meatbun is still very skillful in inserting spot-on comedic moments amongst all the angst. She has raised the bar so high, now I fell that other stories are so bland *sigh*

As with all Meatbun's novels, a big warning to all people who can't stand r*ape/violence, angst, scum characters, stay away as far as possible from this novel. Too many people ignore the trigger warnings and then come back complaining and giving bad reviews, which is really annoying.

Both of the male leads are deeply flawed. The MC (He Yu) is a pretty 19-yo college student who suffers from a very rare mental disorder. He is an utter tr*sh at the beginning, due to his illness, he can be very aggressive, violent and crazy. But deep inside, he is just a lonely and pitiful teenager who hardly receives any care or love in his life.

The ML (Xie Qingcheng) is a stoic 32-yo university professor who used to be MC's psychiatrist. If there is any award for the most difficult, stubborn and indifferent ML in danmei history, it should be awarded to him. He's extremely (I repeat extremely) proud, stubborn, unyielding to the point of almost heartless. I totally love his character, it's refreshing unlike the standard cold-outside-but-hot-inside characters in so many other novels.


The story is extremely slow-burn, and at the core of it, it is a story about redemption. How two broken people destroy each other but finally find redemption in the other. The characters development are really satisfying, both become a better self because of each other at the end of the story. And it's a HE.. HE!!


I love this novel so much I start re-reading it and I realize that Meatbun has put so much details in this novel. There are lots of foreshadowing and little details that you may miss at first, finding them is like finding Easter eggs, so enjoyable! <<less
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infatuated rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: Completed

The best opening to any cohesive review, I know. But in my defense, there's not really any other way to express the feeling of getting run over by a truck whilst sleep deprived and dehydrated at 3 in the morning through text. Drink water. Replenish your fluids. My eyes may be faucets, more so than your usual reader, but I think it's been the general consensus for meatbun's writing. Which, by the way, is absolutely beautiful, even through translation (read the congeebrains version as much as you can, excellent work... more>> there). I appreciate the way she uses pacing and description without making characters feel too cloying or heavy-- quite rare in a genre that loves its mutton-fat-jade-skinned, fairylike-watery-coquettish-peach-blossom-eyed (although the peach blossoms definitely do show up in this one) celestial beauties. I'm a real sucker for stories involving the most beautiful character to ever exist and hammering that in every few paragraphs in case you forgot, but the attractiveness of basically everyone in the cast doesn't at all overshadow everything else about them here.

Enough about all that. Let's get into the story.

Let me just say: no one is a good person. Probably the closest to that is Xie Xue and the various martyrs who die before the story begins, but no one is truly a good person. No, not even our main protagonists (certainly not He Yu). No, not even Xie Qingcheng, who has his multitude of bigoted worldviews to work through.

But, I think that's absolutely where CFC shines: you end up loving these no good, misguided, selfish, obsessive, stubborn, homophobic (Yes! Homophobic! Like, to severe degrees. I'm surprised myself) characters. It's clear how much the author loves her darlings, as evidenced by the sprawling essays you may find in the ANs (I recommend you read them- it's like a little director's cut where you get to see some of the writer's intentions), and the leads are so compelling.

This story makes gratuitous use of giving you a character's entire life story right before killing them off. Some people can't stand that, but I think it aligns with the general theme of the story: the importance of humanity. Sure, the bad guys don't need to be humanized, but they are. And the novel rhetoric never pushes you to like them.

About He Yu:


Seems to be an unpopular opinion here, but I love his character. Yes, Xie Qingcheng is not obligated to love him, and in true selfish-younger-man-has-a-love-hate-complex-with-indifferent-older-man-with-established-position-in-society fashion (a surprisingly common trope), a good amount of his life is thrown into disarray by He Yu, and specifically He Yu's pursuit.

But I think the genius in He Yu is the messaging behind his actions, both the bad (very bad) and the good. His unhealthy attachment to Xie Qingcheng completely makes sense given his life experience and the RN-13 in him that makes him extremely dangerous and volatile when emotional. Just like how people react to criminals with mental disorders granted asylum out of consideration for their circumstances, many readers will probably be resentful of He Yu's eventual happy ending, believing that he doesn't deserve the leniency that he gets.

Xie Qingcheng has lived a life so tragic it's almost impressive, especially that he managed to have all that happen in thirty some years. He Yu, by comparison, seems like he's throwing a hissy fit over something trivial. However, an utter lack of love is not trivial. There have been so many stories of how children deprived of affection develop severe mental trauma, and when exacerbated with the whole drug business, would totally result in someone as unstable as He Yu. With regards to their relationship specifically, I don't think Xie Qingcheng has done anything wrong and shouldn't have been treated like that--it's really the Mandela Organization's fault, for intentionally ruining his mental state in so many ways to weaponize him. You can say that Qingcheng deserves better, but I understood their relationship to be that of two misunderstood individuals who will never have the chance to be as close to anyone else in the world as they are with each other. They will always have a connection, no matter how twisted, and I interpreted the story as them untangling all the knots and aiming to get rid of all that buried toxicity. Is it painful? Extremely so, but their circumstances force their hands. I can't help but feel pity for these two who should've had a much kinder ending.

He's a rapist. He's self-centered, often cruel, and blinded by his own emotions. He's a bad person. But he was made that way, by the people who never gave him a chance not to be a monster. I think that's meatbun's message about mental illness in this story, one that should be shared by more people.


Yeah. So. This was a whirlwind of a story, lots of scientifically/technologically improbable feats (which you probably should've known the moment a 21 year old doctor was introduced), but I thought the logic within this whimsical framework was more or less sound. Like the characters, hate the characters, cried enough to wake a neighborhood for the entirety of the novel, probably came across every trigger warning in the book. It is an utter mess of murder mystery and absurd medical technology, but at its heart, a love story.

And I am a sucker for love stories. <<less
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Julvlynjmyx23 rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Well, firstly I didn't think to leave some mark here. But aftee many thoughts I need to leave it

It's not my first time to read meatbun's novel, Erha and Yuwu still makes me speechless and need to reread it over and over again

If I make a collection with novels that I want people read the most, Bing an ben will be in the list

Meatbun never dissappoint me, despite the ratings from some troll, you need to read this novel. It's amazing, I cried and laughs at the same time

... more>>

it's happy ending, don't worry. After so much pain it's worth it



You need to believe He Yu, also the last chapters before end it's absolutely crazy get prepared for tissue

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Tea_baggz rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: c34
I have never written a review before so this is the first time that I have done this. The story was interesting. It was super fun and I surely recommend you to read this.

The intensity of this novel was absolutely soo high especially the times where the MC and the ML interact, I was always so afraid that one of them would lose control and ravage the.. Other.. Well moving on, this story reminded me so much of 2ha. The couples of both worlds are a bit alike but although... more>> MoRan had his savageness I felt like He Yu was more savage of a person than he was. Chu Wanning was also indifferent and as strict as Xie Qingcheng but all his strictness and coldness had reason and he was also a tsundere while Xie Qingcheng (from what I read till chap34) was cold and indifferent (which incited the beast called He Yu to wonder what he'd look like when he was humiliated and in heat from desire) Ahem. Like in the first chapters of 2ha, MC and ML in this story didn't get along till now (they hate each other to the point of doing extreme petty acts of revenge) and I really can't imagine how their relationship will take a turn but it makes me look forward to its development. In the end, both stories were both endlessly interesting and I thank our dearest author for creating such fine stories. I'm still waiting for new chapters!!!

And also thank you to our translator for your amazing translations!!

Sadly, I do not have any money to purchase chapter 35 and the other VIP chapters in jjwxc but I still look forward for the chapters to unlock. <<less
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Pipchi rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: c34
The story is really good, the translation is top notch. However from chapter 35 to recent, is lock.

I dont have cost to unlock the vip chapter on jjwxc, my heart ache, but still thank you translator for your wonderful translation.
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Milli2012 rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: v1c250
This review will contain some minor and major spoilers, so read it at your own risk. Disclaiming already that I read the book almost live as it was updating since chapter 10 and sourced the translation from everywhere including MTLing the Spanish translation since they used to update the fastest. They did an amazing job. They all did. Very grateful for their hard work. Also yes I have read all the R rated smut as well. Meatbun really unleashed herself and I AM SO THANKFUL.

As one can see from my... more>> rating, I really love the book and also highly recommend it. If you have read the tags and understand their gravity that is. (If you read the book pretending you can handle the warnings and then cannot handle it and complain here, the fool would be you) I also think its one of the most misunderstood book of the author Meatbun who does not eat Meat since her breakthrough with her first novel Dumb Husky and his White Cat Shizun. I will explain in a bit.

First of all the kind of book MB writes, its about not just one bad guy and the good guy who redeems them. That is one of the most fundamental misunderstanding of the basic skeleton of her genre. No, what she writes is Gong X Shou pair who are both very unlikable people by any normal standards (hilariously enough the weak rival love interest here in the end gave up on pursuing Xie Qingcheng because he finally saw how rancid he really is and he is not into it LMAO) . Yet it does not stop them from falling in love with each other and getting a second chance in life despite the terrible things they do to each other, to other people and being terrible in general. Her exploration of redemption, love and its limit is not one dimensional as one usually expects in stories like this, so to pretend she writes her shous as some minimally flawed martyrs who never do anything wrong is why I see so many people give this book very weird reviews.

Granted Xie Qingcheng, the apathetic, paternalistic shou of the story is definitely the greyest character Meatbun has written in her shou gang, but still. I don't think she was giving Chu Wanning a ringing endorsement with him weaponizing his authority as a Shizun to beat his student in jealousy and never communicating his thoughts which resulted in his tragedy in 0.5 timeline (or Gu Mang from Yuwu being hailed as a good person for patronizing Mo Xi on what is or is not good for him and nearly getting him killed because of that).

XQC was once personal doctor to a deeply neglected and mentally ill child He Yu and story starts from there. He has his own turbulent secrets due to which he acts hypocritically throughout the story which ends with him having chronic suicidal impulse to self destruct his life. That include leaving a 14 year old He Yu to fend of his own illness which is explained in detail in first 3 chapters alone, that its fatal if not managed carefully.

XQC however is opposite of Chu Wanning where he is extremely reluctant to take responsibilities of his wrong doings and his patronizing attitude towards those he thinks will get in the way of his one and done death plan. He also is deeply reluctant to be a bad person so once you start reading his perspective in the story you would be tempted to believe every lie and every well crafted excuses he gives himself to act like a shitty person (aka breaking his Hippocratic oath in the name of "I was not mentally equipped" only to see him happily take care of another teen who is suicidal and mentally unstable called Chen Man... the devil is in the details) . However you must not. XQC is not just mentally ill himself but also a psychiatrist, if anyone knows how to lie and gaslight people its him.

If you read any other label of dark story where one of the person is a doctor to a mental ill person, you would be tempted to think the doctor is exploiting his power over the mentally ill one to get his way. Its DEFINITELY true for Xie Qingcheng too but just not the way people expect and hence they think he never is doing anything wrong when compared to wrongs He Yu does. That is a logical fallacy which will cost readers understanding of what is going in this book.

People say that He Yu is written with mental illness as a shitty excuse to get away with so many bad things he did, however he fully justifies his presence as a heroic personality despite his dark side too. If it weren't for both the good things and bad things he did in the story, Xie Qingcheng would have died ages ago after traumatizing him and his sister and everyone and all the sacrifices so many side characters did in order to get the ultimate villain of the story get their just desserts would be in vain (including but not ending in XQC's deceased parents).

This is He Yu's story fundamentally. A child like the Cinderella archetype who was never cared for despite having a deliberating illness, his condition being made to be shamed and hidden by his affluent family and that being exploited by his own doctor for his own self destructive ends to keep him at his arms length, to the point of letting him having hallucination and not even telling him about it like a red flag doctor would. Through the course of the story, he snaps and gives up too because the burden of being alone and isolated mentally and yet being told to make bridges with the society without any help. But due to guilt and determination he vows to do better and save himself at any cost necessary and save as many mentally ill people as possible who are shunned and left to die by the society who do not understand what is it to live with an illness which will never allow them to have complete control over who they are.

The story is about how no person can be joined to the society and live a normal life on their own steam. Even Xie Qingcheng who lies and is proud of doing it on his own and doesn't understand why He Yu cannot do it on his own forgets the people in his life who made him feel normal and functional. He has to become that bridge and be the good doctor he was meant to be like his mentor but failed and that is his arc. Just like He Yu's arc is to find the bridge and save people like him.

If anyone has read forced love genre stories, its usually the shou characters who written this way- abused, neglected and gaslighted by masculine care taking figure so they don't know any better when the exploitative gong is who they fall in love with. Meatbun pulls a reverse Uno card and presents a case of "what if it was reverse and Gong is now the shou?? What if the Shou like characters change to Gong instead and are not willing to sit back and take the lies and abuse any longer and snap back??? "

The story like every Meatbun story is not about perfection of love or being an example. That would be a mistake to expect from her and the genre. But this is about the redeeming/healing qualities of love and how it can change two fundamentally unlikable people and change the world. Meatbun's writing is very compelling this way as anyone who read 2Ha at least knows.

Writing style wise its also very well done and I would even say one of the best First person POV work to ever exist! You actually feel like you are in the head of another person. The way a person can misinterpret what they see, misremember dates or time, change the way they felt about something or someone as time passes or lie to themselves about certain things makes the writing a very layered and hard text to quickly get into. There are also parts in the story where you are not even given transparency on what the POV is thinking (and its deliberate as one would understand in last chapter before the extras) Moreover the story is written from perspective of a severely mentally ill man who flirts around the idea of suicide too so the narration has a tone of depression and darkness to it.

I have seen a lot of people complain about the darkness of the text, the cyclical nature of the violence and misunderstanding (which again, comes from misunderstanding how the Shou is just a poor meow meow and its not about his redemption along with He Yu when its wrong to think so) but its a necessary part of the story. You cannot write a fluffy text with characters whose mindset is not fluffy, you know? Not to mention the mystery plot of the story which deals with the idea of exploiting temporary mental illnesses that grief and trauma can bring by the villain, also gives lots of dogblood and torture material to read about.

On that note, a brief note about violence and redemption- this book as some extreme vore imagery as well and body horror too (especially in the last chapter against the main characters) so keep that mind. Also another misconception that comes from audience being fundamentally Anglophones is that Meatbun writes stories where characters who did something bad deserve to be punished and tortured and ITS NOT TRUE.

Meatbun writes her stories where punishment trauma and torture changes people for the worst not better. They become villains not heroes. So redemption via torture is literally an oxymoronic point. If anyone wants to read this book with the mindset that they will see He Yu or XQC being terrible people and then they can justify their sadistic desire to have them being put through the meat grinder while they excuse that desire with "he was a terrible person he deserves to be punished and have a tragic ending" turn right back. This book is not for you. Or Danmei genre for that matter. Asian storytellers usually do not jive with "punishment = death = redemption" flawed axis.

So definitely give this book a read. Its Meatbun after she discovered twitter so she wrote a lot of amazing smut for the books which she couldn't do as just a weibo/jjwxc writer. This is her most extensive work on ethics of redemption, grief, love and trauma too. <<less
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periperi rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: c100+
3 stars for the deep plot.

As with meatbun's novels (I should have expected it), there's a scum HY and cold XQC with a lot of friction. I was in it for the angst and plot and while it did deliver, the more I read the more I questioned myself.

Relationship thoughts: ... more>>

I actually can't see why they even get together? There's some love-hate banter in the beginning that was not bad but after chapter 30, it spirals downhill (no thanks to HY) and there's absolutely no chemistry between the leads. At chapter 100+, while HY is currently crazy over XQC, I can't see why XQC would EVER fall for him. Maybe something happens in the next chapter that I'm not reading. But I'm not seeing it. And I don't even hate the characters individually. Minus the atrocities HY does (hello multiple r*pe by chapter 100), he's a really tragic character and the people around him are just terrible to him (yes, even XQC). XQC is equally tragic and author do tend to write the shou's in a slightly more tragic, martyr fashion. So the leads are toxic to each other, no chemistry, and I cannot see why they even like each other.


As for side characters,

yeah I don't like XX. She just hits the wrong buttons in the scenes she are in (basically crying and complaining) even though she isn't doing anything remotely wrong. Also the one scene where she scolds HY "psychopath" right after the vid of XQC saying bad things about mental patients comes out just left a bad taste in my mouth. In fact up till chapter 100, CM was the most okay side character.


So overall, there's a long way left to the end in what may be a great redemption or path to HEA but I may stop here. The plot itself is intriguing but not enough to hook on. <<less
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pHantomRJ rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: c128
Bravo, after such a long time, I've found something that suits my taste, wonderful "Meatbun" lots of love. And sadly I can't go further than c48 😭😭😭😭
Help please!!!
👏👏👏 Translator Congeebrains...

Thank you so much.. I am not talking about bla bla other stuff here, I love it when I started to read it. About the plot, of course, they are progressing since the story is ongoing, overall, I like it, because it has an essence that made me stick to it. How people are suffering, I'm talking... more>> about the real suffering the writer always bring the emotions out of the readers. That's why I love " Meatbun" angst or not but what she writes is valuable. Not some kind of entertainment and sweet stuff that's her style, " like it or leave it" wonderful! Let's see what happens.. Thank you both the writer and the translation team. <<less
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