Atelier Tanaka


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Yoshio Tanaka gets reincarnated into a fantasy game world, with healing magic as a “cheat” ability. The strongest wizard. I mean magician! The one with the fireballs. Oh, wait that sounds wrong too…

Associated Names
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Atelier Tanaka - Age = Years Without a Girlfriend
Tanaka no Atelier ~ Nenrei Ikōru Kanojo Inai Reki no Renkinjutsu-shi ~
Tanaka The Wizard
Tanaka ~ Nenrei Ikōru Kanojo Inai Reki no Mahōtsukai ~
田中のアトリエ ~年齢イコール彼女いない歴の錬金術師~
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Custardmouse rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: v4c3 part7
Five stars to counter trolls that can't read tags.


Be warned that some of the perviness in here has a really violent edge to it that I did not enjoy.

This story is almost like an intellectual exercise: if you took all the weird subgenres of porn that Japan has mastered and made Tanaka, a repressed, bitter middle-aged virgin and wage slave in his last life, a willing perv to every one of them despite his otherwise constructive society abiding and good-natured public lifestyle; then transported him to a dark fantasy world... more>> full of other people having s*x by choice before s*xual violence can be done to them and give Tanaka almost unlimited power to thrive there; leave Tanaka with his butter face that he still keeps him insecure and set him loose in the world to masturbate to at all the evil and good he encounters; could you still write an exciting, deep, hilarious, and even emotional fantasy novel while staying true to all the worst dark fantasies of Tanaka's personality no matter how damaging or unrealistic they may be to the verisimilitude of the story at that moment? When you save the girls from the orc rapists because it's the right thing to do regardless of reward is it still OK to have a hardon when you do it and masturbate lots later? Is this still a real character you can empathize with or just a satire of our primitive natures and a mirror showing us how little free will we actually have?

I don't really know the answer, but I do know that this is a helluvah good, and sometimes incredibly evil, dark fantasy that is deeper than its erotic surface.

Don't worry, although Tanaka's insecurities and bitterness keep him oblivious or scornful of the romance he could have with the main girls of the story, he does seem to be evolving self-efficacy and awareness of his true strength and influence in the world. He also never commits evil acts no matter how jealous or aroused they make him, and remains a fundamentally decent human being In Action to this point of the story. <<less
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smite2001 rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: c14 part2
I am glad to see this novel has been picked up again for translation. It is seriously one of the most funny novels in the isekai-genre, although to appreciate that, one has to be familiar with the usual approach to the genre.

I see it as more of a parody than anything else, but at the same time the main character is acting like a real person more so than the vast majority of his transported-to-a-magic-rpg-world brethren, and the world in itself is no less believable than that of other authors.

One... more>> fair warning for everyone actively avoiding anything to do with NTR (not really netorare here though) :

Potential heroines get introduces, but they either bang other people, or obviously aren't into the MC. He doesn't really pursue anyone romantically though, so as an NTR hater myself it was a little awkward at times, but it adds to the novels charm somehow.


I absolutely recommend this novel to anyone who has read at least one 'regular' isekai-litrpg novel before. <<less
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Bluerendar rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c29
Protag permanently has the idiot ball, and his actions are ridiculously inconsistent.

He's OP! Wrecks a dragon, knows it, and shows off a bit, then oh noes some random guy that he can explode whenever he chooses, he's like "I don't know if I can beat him!"

He gripes and complains about things he can easily change, but does nothing about it. When literally two pages ago the same thing happened and he did do something about it.

... more>> The other characters are no better. They're all flat stereotypes.

The authour just throws out threads that could be interesting, but lets them all flop nowhere. There's little continuity, it feels like he pulls everything out from nowhere.

You basically have to turn off your brain and/or repeatedly get amnesia to enjoy the sh*tty writing.

Which is quite a shame, as it has an interesting if somewhat cliche fantasy setting with a quite unique premise that suits my tastes. I like my darker fantasy stories, I love the gritty shades of grey.

In the end, that's my greatest gripe - this story could be so much better in any way you like with actually good writing. Without sacrificing anything, it could be funny, it could be emotional, it could be compelling, the characters could act outside of shallow stereotypes, the MC could develop, or we could see more of an interesting world.

As it is though, this story is wet cardboard; it could have been anything, but is nothing. <<less
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March 27, 2016
Status: --
So I read something about this novel in a forum and it gave of the impression that this series wasn't that good.

... more>>

(I copied and pasted this blurb) “And that the main heroine has s*x with the other guy? There are lesbo princeses and knights and dark elves? The MC wont f**k anyone who is not virgin? The main heroine loves him but since the MC knew she had group s*x with the other guy and a mage he won’t poke her? And there is also the amnesia? After which the main heroine goes back to wanting to elope with the other guy? ANd that the MC was forcefully engaged with the mage who likes to be gang banged and has many s*x friends? And that the MC actually is a freak who wants to be reverse raped? This series is sh*t.”

Edit: So apparantly the “other guy” is the hero of the story. So its sort of the MC is NTRing the hero by stealing the heroine but then bam, amnesia, she goes back to hero.

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TerraEarth rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: --
It's a comfortable read. The MC, Tanaka, is humorous and down to earth. No unnecessary angst or baggage here. Just a man out to try and enjoy life.

This reads much like your typical Slice of Life with the occasional subplot or adventure arc to liven up the routine. The main highlight of this novel would have to be the demeanor and background of the main character. He's very genuinely just a normal person with relatable motives and a clear mindset. The side characters also fit into the story and are... more>> not just decorations like you see all too often in novels of this genre.

My main complaint here is the author's use of RPG mechanics/JRPG tropes throughout the storyline. It's just not very fleshed out or well-thought through. Then again, this doesn't detract too much from the main story since the focus is oftentimes not placed on Tanaka's abilities per se but rather on his daily life and occasional ventures and neither of the above interferes too heavily with the story at large. I wish the author would have put some consideration into this topic however, the read would have been much more enjoyable to me. <<less
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raysha18 rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: v3c4 part7
This is a story about an ugly, virgin, middle aged man who wants to get it going with a young loli virgin. This is an isekei wherein the MC is op but does not get the girl he wants due to his looks, age and subservient personality. His appeal is rather low which makes it hard for him to approach the women he likes. He has no self-esteem or confidence to woe the women he fancies. Unlike other jp isekai harem out there where the MC gets the girls with... more>> a few encounters even with their average looks, this MC's hurdle is quite high due to his own way of thinking.

Some might be annoyed with the MC's pervertedness or his wishy-washy attitude so if you are not interested with MC's with those traits then its better to not read this novel.

If you are however interested in a normal, virgin, average looking middle-aged man who thinks pervertedly inside but afraid to say it out loud then you will enjoy this novel.

Edit: overall, I am getting annoyed with Tanaka's attitude. The story went downhill as the MC does not show any growth. I have stopped reading therefore I am changing me 4/5 stars to 3/5. <<less
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Renaxan rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: v3c3 part4
Decided to review this novel since this such unique novel. The premise of story start pretty generic and early chapter really felt bland. Then at dragon subjugation arc, the character development suddenly get far better.

Honestly, I feel pity to MC.. Old uncle that have ugly face wherever people see xD even god cant change it. MC character are you can call hypocrite man who has transcended pervert mind but cant hold feel toward bitch lol. Character development actually the best in this novel.. A reason why I'm rate this 5.... more>> Most of them has personality that you wont easily forget. A thing that mostly common on this novel, almost all girl (except elf.. Mayb) has a bitchy side, unlike other isekai who has good at all heroine.

Our MC are stupidly overpower so didnt have much decent battle scene, world building certainly okay yet not detail enough. The plot itself has no real target so far, but certainly it is moving.. Some in epic way and stupid way. Afterall, I really do enjoying this novel especially toward the characters. <<less
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Detergent rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: v3c3 part4
A unique story with a unique main character who gets reincarnated in a fantasy world as a powerful wizard, and whose inner monologues are perhaps the most entertaining part of this story. Tanaka isn't your stereotypical main character who is a young guy with a naive and idealistic goal in mind. Nope, he is an older guy who pretty much just wants to chill and stay away from the action, but who through circumstances gets into all kinds of dangerous situations while also meeting people throughout the story who are... more>> pretty much more ****ed up in some way than he is.

What I mean with "****ed up" is that, for example, there is this nobleman who is basically a giant otaku when it comes to magic, and who cut off one of his maids' legs just so he could observe Tanaka using his healing magic to regenerate her missing limbs. So it's no surprise that the nobleman seems more interested in magic than women. Then there is this girl who is a half-succubus noblewoman who may look like a nice girl on the outside, but who treats people she considers below her like dirt and even kills them outright if she's in the wrong mood. She is also a hypergamous thot. Something the MC is very much aware of, and what for now kills any of her chances with him. And then you have this female knight who is a lesbian and whose attitude is similar to that of a perverted old geezer, but then more sick and twisted. If it weren't for Tanaka, she would probably have raped a female combatant that she had captured. Of course there are more characters, but these are the kind of weirdos Tanaka meets throughout his adventures.

But anyway, what does get aggravating at times are the main character's self-esteem issues. Sure, he's not handsome, but he's not ugly either. The illustrations pretty much show he is average. So although he's a very powerful wizard that can easily wipe out a nation, thanks to his self-esteem issues, however, he's also a wizard when it comes to women. If he were to solve his self-esteem issues and be less picky about women he would pretty much be able to get laid easily. On another note, contrary to what some people say about this story, it doesn't contain NTR. The only thing that comes close to it is when he accidentally hears three characters having a threesome while he is still a virgin. However, that is it. He isn't romantically interested in nor involved with the two girls who partake in the threesome and is just annoyed that he isn't getting any action.

Lastly, my advice to those who consider reading this story is not to judge it based on the first 10 chapters like so many other reviewers here have done. Not only gets the translation work better after those initial chapters, but also the story because of it. If you like reincarnation stories, then you should definitely check this one out. <<less
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MarutaDean rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: --
The story and the comedy is top notch cant say anything cause I laugh my ass off. If you see the illustration you may get what 36 year old ossan. The pace is somehow fast and the MC is brave enough to burn a noble and become friend still this scene is funny. The development was soft. But the genre not reflect it. Just read it for your free time. It's easy to read.
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grimehound rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: --
This novel is freaking bad.... more>>

the girls in this novel's are bitches. The main protagonist looks like he's ntr'd luckily he dont have a feelings for the heroine sluts in here. And also the girls fell in love with him and then they have s*x with another man, literally a main heroine that is a complete failure of a kind.


Someone said it here in this comment section

The first s*x scene absolutely does not count because the girls were already in a s*xual relationship with Allen by the time Tanaka even meets them.


You have a point but main heroines virginity are all meant only for they're main protagonist. So this is really f*cked up.

Allen already has taste the body of the heroine's here and the main protagonist does not which is really irritating. <<less
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MrCents_04 rated it
April 18, 2017
Status: v3c1
The MC looks practical and obedient to his own rules. He doesn't want to complain and always apologize to his comrades. In almost two years of reading the series, the MC has developed a lot of Rules in his life. The number one rule is 'Thou shall s*x to a virgin woman and not a slut one'. Well I guess, in the end he ended up with someone he will put his d*ck to her vagina. The story seems not following the real flow of the LitRPG such as killing... more>> Goblins and making a name and title. The MC is ended up being friends with Goblins

This goblins help him in his quest


The MC is always being bully by the Blonde girl but he doesn't care because he likes little girls a.k.a Lolicon. However, it seems he lost his interest to have s*x with her due to fact that his


blonde girl is always s*x with Allen (the HAREM knight) in dreams actually and not in real bed scene. However, this hate of her converted to love when he always save her in a cool matter. I can't wait for the next volume and read the final series in WLN. <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
January 30, 2019
Status: c83
I'm MTL'ing and I can't stop, but I needed to make a review to have some time, since it was just too funny. Let me describe the appeal of this story for those curious about it. First, this novel is not recommended for those easily triggered by names.

First of all, this novel is a parody of the genre. You know the usual generic harem hero, he is bullied or is ugly, but he has a heart of gold, then he shows his power, he doesn't even try but gets all... more>> the girls? In Atelier Tanaka, the genre is subverted. MC is a 36yo man, he is a Wizard (30+yo virgin), and quite paranoiac in regards to STDs, hence, he got healing powers from the god of isekai, he wanted to be handsome, but god refused. He is ugly, and has an even uglier heart, he saves the girl and expects a reward? But that doesn't happen.

So, he goes to an adventurer guild and gets partnered with a 1 guy 2 girls trio, when they reach the place of the first mission, the 3 were having s*x right in the next room. That's the sort of love luck he gets here. Some small spoiler from the start of the second arc, so you can have a small taste of what you will get here.


One of those two later gets in love with him, gets to his house together with former boyfriend and confesses her absolute love to him, in front of the cucked guy, but because he is a friend, and Tanaka doesn't want "used goods", he refuses, and tries to tie both together, but Lolibitch is serious, and does everything she can to get his d*ck. Oh, the girl he likes eventually put her own pee on his tea as a form of harassment... He liked, and she kept doing it for the thrill.


In regards to power, MC got pretty much all the necessary for maximum healing, so his healing is Max, his magic recovery is Max, his MP is ridiculously high, and he has the INT to support maximum healing. The other undocumented cheat is the ability to earn and use Skill Points, so he can easily "learn" magic. To counter that, however, his Luck is terribly low, and with his bad luck in general, they should be related.

In regards to women, Tanaka is, of course, unlucky, but if we are talking males, males are usually very friendly towards him, but he doesn't care, he wants a harem, and he is a virgin, so he is quite "easy" to entice. He has some unconventional ideas sometimes that somehow works, for example, the use of "Little Girls Network", where he gives some money to random little girls on the street, asks something and gets an answer (They are not always right), both allowing his to continue his search and "healing his heart". There are some crazy ideas for the most idiotic reasons.

The narrative is in first person, however sometimes the POV changes to Sophia (the maid, also the one Tanaka likes the most [Possible main heroine?]), and both use very personal ways of talking. Sophia is always stressed out, but trying to appeal to guys, while Tanaka is constantly thinking about who he wants to bang, and what he needs to get there, he always addresses everyone by a nickname in his mind, like Lolibitch, Princess Bitch, Loligon, Loli Muchimuchi, Dark Muchimuchi, Loli Big Tits, Royal pu**y, and so on. (I'm not repeating characters here, each nickname is a different girl.)

Oh, MC is a lolicon, not that he likes children, but because there is a better chance that they have their hymen intact.

As you can see, that's the level of Main Character we have in this story, but the other characters around can be just as crazy (or unlucky), and that's what makes everything fun to read. <<less
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Juantwotree rated it
November 8, 2018
Status: v3c4 part10
The story begins with the standard MC dies, meets god, and gets reincarnated with OP power. If that was all it was then it would just be another cookie cutter Isekai that would be worth your time. However, unlike other Isekai stories, the delivery and the MC's personality are what make it more interesting. (tl;dr is at the bottom)

The MC—Yoshio Tanka, simply known as Tanaka in the other world—has an extreme lack of self-esteem due to his previous life. This caused him to never lose his virginity and develop... more>> a complex over it; also causing his inner thoughts to become plagued with nothing but depraved s*xual fantasies. (Which, personally, can make you recoil in disgust at the radicality)

Despite his short-comings, he's actually kind-hearted, selfless, and intelligent which causes the heroines to fall for him. But, of course, because of his complexes, he becomes dense and refuses to believe that any cute girls could possibly fall in love with a "busamen* like himself" so he ends up doing nothing to them.

The plot is fairly decent as the author has clearly taken care of building his world, giving the feeling that there is more to it than just what was presented, and has written a storyline that has ties to previous chapters and character's deeds. The storyline planning definitely ties the entire story together well with good foreshadowing but only to a small amount. (It's not quite at the level of GOT with a giant interconnected web that ties everything together but that isn't really something that should be expected of this kind of story.)

The characters have a very much 3d personality that evolves even in side-characters. The MC hasn't had very much character development but with the way things are progressing, I think that he will eventually overcome his problems and pull through.

(The tl;dr of this review) Overall, it's an interesting story that keeps the overused OP MC in Isekai theme fresh. It isn't the best Isekai story out there by far, but is something that you should definitely read if you like the theme with a lot of perverted scenes and are able to tolerate being inside the mind of a s*xually depraved virgin wizard with a rotten heart of gold.

VERDICT: Read this alone in a dark room with lots of lube.

(side note and rant—ignore if you want: I think the reason for the poor reviews is because when they read the "harem" tag and "perverted protagonist" tag they assume that there'll be a harem gangbang. This isn't a valid reason to judge it poorly since this is how the author wants the story to be like. Not some sh*tty Isekai copy-paste story. Calling it garbage because you expected the MC to get a girl and be dull clone is unfair to the author. Besides, it's not like the author betrayed your expectations, if you actually pay attention to the beginning then you can tell that it's not going to be "just another isekai" and that the MC has major problems that'll hinder him socially and romantically. That being said, another problem other reviewers had was the extreme nature of MC's thoughts... Yeah. He's f*cked up man. I'd have given 5 stars if it weren't for how royally screwed up he his. But this, too, was shown at the beginning and isn't enough to give it a sh*t review alone.)

*busamen = ugly guy; sort of like a derogatory term; the opposite of ikemen which means pretty boy or stud or something of that sort (paraphrasing from what I could gather) <<less
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xionrabbit rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: c7
This MC is everything that is wrong with Japanese MC. Brainless pussified to the extreme and apologizes for everything. It is a chore to sit through and read this through this awfully terrible written character's eyes. The god that resurrected him should have thought better and just let things be, maybe then this novel would have ended on the prologue.
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blockhunt rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: v3c1 part6
I'll write it in point per point basis to summarize all of the story

1. The flow of story is quite good and the pace is not so fast not too slow
2. The story didnt really describe it's surrounding other than necessary
3. A lot of time I want to slap the MC for his idiocy and in-sensitiveness (90% of the time) (although thats what makes the story funny)
4. The character is consistent, no sudden change to personality or whatsoever (except Ester toward MC)
5. While... more>> MC is quite strong, you cannot fell his OP-ness at all. So the battle is quite enjoyable
6. The reaction of the girls toward MC is funny and enjoyable (reall Sophia? As long the face is good you didnt care what's inside?) <<less
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Kale Kale
Kale Kale rated it
January 29, 2018
Status: --
Sorry for my English but this novel really turn from ok to bad because of protagonist contradict his characteristic too much and his stupidity hurt my brain. (Prob as much as my English skill going to hurt your)

Protagonist seem to lack common sense, first of all he know that his male "friend" can't control his s*xual desire, but he let him get near his crush anyway even though he already saw what was happening while they were hunting a dragon. Maybe because he want a benefit from being with... more>> him, but then he refuse a noble daughter even though she's rich and by just playing with her, he can get his dream house in a matter of time but "no" cause she is annoying.

Then it come to his relationship with his crush, first of all. What's wrong with him!?
It's not like he has any moral standard or anything. He just keep thinking about s*x and other perversion.
He has no problem seeing women get raped because he understand "her perversion", he has a gut to buy hooker, he has no problem flirting with dark elf, and yet he can't make himself to flirt with his crush.

He risk his life to obtain that house, but he gave it away for stupid reason, even though he can benefit from staying there. Since he want to learn how to make youth potion, he can live with teacher and ask her anytime he want, he will also have additional study time.

I feel like protagonist goal is pointless, from his position now, he can acquire everything he want in just 1 chapter, House + Wife and children, it would be better if it's a story of protagonist trying to protect what he earned. But no he just blow every progress he has in just 1 chapter for stupid reason. <<less
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CrowFX rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: c16 part2
I wonder why with the low rating.

The MC is a pervert, but not to the point of degenerate. Ok, his thoughts sometimes can be over the line, but he keeps it to himself and never act upon it.

It's like thinking doing explicit stuff to your crush, but doesn't talk about it to anybody. It's very humane and very relatable, unlike those perfect gentlemen without fault MC in many novels.

To me, this negative aspect of the MC is a plus.
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mitchellg1 rated it
June 30, 2017
Status: c14
Glad this got picked up again for translations, I find it quite humorous in its adult content. The way the MC acts and the things he says are quite different from other light novels, making it quite refreshing in a strange way.


The MC also has an addiction to urine which gets put into the story in strange places.

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blazjindanblue rated it
January 9, 2019
Status: v4c1 part4
NTRs and those that hate or that lucky reader to stumble upon this review!

This is the strongest wizard and he gets all the girls...
It's not NTR since the girls were s*xually active before they met him
and if you think they can NTR him, he as a virgin is looking for a virgin to get his first time and then the ultimate harem will begin!
When the girls start liking him they don't f**k around...
and if you are mad or dissatisfied because there are girls in the story... more>> that don't belong to the MC, then that is too obsessive, and it is a very unrealistic standard...
And did I mention the dude is a master wizard!
He actually has a personality and he is not afraid to show it (though he doesn't want to get arrested by the loli police)
As for the upcoming harem, there are:

Blonde loli thick tighed high noble yound lady succubus (also known as loli bitch), lesbian imperial knight with big breasts, op loli dragon, dark elf with a bombshell body, legal loli alchemist, sadistic shota flaming witch, sadistic/masochist maid who is afraid of nobles...

the dude is also an amaizing person with plenty of personality!
consider re-reading it if you read it before for too little or if new, this is a great read! <<less
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G.L.A.S.T.I.V.A. rated it
September 7, 2018
Status: v3c3 part4
Hahh......... I would seriously enjoy this if the MC was a little LESS dense, but meh. I guess that's kinda what makes this character relatable, to an extent.

My ONLY question for the rest of this series in its entirety, is whether or not this guy's gonna get laid at some point.

... more>>

I mean, SERIOUSLY. I remember seeing a comment and reading about how he eventually gets engaged to the loli-b*tch, but sadly couldn't find it again, and am now debating whether or not it was just my imagination, but I (hope) think that it's true, but to be completely honest, I will be ridiculously, ROYALLY, pissed off if after all of this crap, he's still a virgin by the end of the series. Actually, instead of getting pissed off, I'd begin to question the sanity of the author as well as my own. :P


But as many comments have said before me, this will only be considered a relatively good series if you're looking for something new, rather than the typical isekai standard, or if you aren't, but still want to read, just don't forget to power level your apathy skill to the max. I also do not plan on judging anyone on their opinions of the book, as I have my own, so if you still have an issue with me nonetheless, let's at least agree to disagree.

Also, I don't know if my message got across, but to anyone who still read this far, thanks for being patient with me. I also plan on giving an update at some point if I'm still reading the story. <<less
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