The Training Record of a Married Woman – Mrs. President Who Drowned in the Pleasure of Cruelty


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Sayuri, who was spending elegant days as the wife of the president is one day surprised to hear from Matsuda of the Daihoko Bank the news of her husband Masashi, who is in danger of bankrupting his business, Garooka Shoji.

Sayuri was ordered by Masashi to visit Ohashi’s house to look at the contract that Masashi made with Ohashi and Matsuda.

The contract was an agreement to exchange Sayuri’s body as a condition to loan from the Bank of Japan.

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Fluffums rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: c1
Conclusion: It's just poorly written.

I actually didn't expect much going into reading it, but I figured it could at least maybe be decent smut. However, it was worse in every way than I imagined, and unless it hits your fetishes squarely in the strike zone you probably won't get much mileage out of it.

So, there's no real plot, just a premise to have a woman become a s*x s*ave to two men. Except the premise is extremely weak and relies on the woman being functionally ret*rded. Well, it's smut, so... more>> that can be forgiven. Except the smut is poorly written. The dialogue, the actions, even the basic grammar are subpar at best. If this was a comic, animation, or Adult Video, it could be forgiven again. It's just a shame that this is a novel without any pictures at all, so the words need to help make an. So both plot and PLOT get a resounding 1/5 (PLOT exists).

And what about the characters? Like I mentioned before, the woman is functionally ret*rded. In order for the story to begin, she signed a contract she couldn't understand without asking for an explanation of any kind when all she was told is "she would become a s*x s*ave" (being groped before even looking at the contract, she should know what that means) and "it would save the company" (somehow). Honestly, she could be replaced by a love doll programmed to say "Iya" or "Dame" and nothing would be lost. Her husband is also pathetically helpless and you would wonder why she's married to him except her parents probably sold her to him in the first place. Of the two men involved in the smut so far, one is basically a monkey who only exists to mol*st, and the other is doing this just to be evil. And that's it. Characters: 1/5 (characters exist).

There's nothing special about the setting, so I can't give it bonus points for creativity. It's not my fetish, so I can't give it bonus points for that either. The Psychological genre tag looks misleading (because the main character doesn't seem to have any use for her mind to begin with) so I would give it negative points for that if I could rate lower than 1/5.

The review might sound negative, but someone who gets turned on by the title, summary, and tags will probably enjoy it to some extent. <<less
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0000000 rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: c18
Regretted even reading this. S*x is sort of good, but like most p*rns, don't expect a good plot. Like Fluffums said, there is no plot. No progress on the mindbreak, just s*x. Plain s*x. Regretted because I cannot feel any tension, yes I still feel wtf at the ending though, but that is how generic NTR ending goes.
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King0Mik rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: c10
I completely agree with Fluffums's review of this novel so far.

I was interested in this novel at first because the title interested since this kinda smut is right up my alley. I love mind break and whatnot in my hentai.

However, this novel is definitely poorly written. The storyline plot is very basic, but I've seen a much better (in storyline plot and in "fun" plot) short, little one-shot doujin. (Well, it had pictures, so it didn't need to paint an image using solely words.) I forget the title, but I'll... more>> probably edit this review, and mention it if I ever find it again.

Since this is pretty much a smut novel, I wasn't expecting anything from the storyline (and there is nothing to expect from it; it's not that good), but even the "fun" plot isn't that good. The wife just like immediately submits to being a s*ave. There is like 1 second of internal struggle before she's like, "dang, I love these weiners; I want them in me." This could've been so much better if the author drew out the struggle between the woman's growing s*xual desires and her obligation and commitment to her husband. Ideally, the story would run with the wife signing the unreasonable contract because she wanted to save the company for her husband (so in a way out of love), and she tries to resist falling into the temptation of her growing lust, but over several "training sessions, " she'd eventually be unable to resist her lust and fall victim to the guys that she signed the contract with. However, this doesn't happen at all; instead, she just signs the contract, and after the guys grope her a bit, she falls. Very boring and not that fun.

The translation is nice tho. <<less
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