Atelier Tanaka


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Yoshio Tanaka gets reincarnated into a fantasy game world, with healing magic as a “cheat” ability. The strongest wizard. I mean magician! The one with the fireballs. Oh, wait that sounds wrong too…

Associated Names
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Atelier Tanaka - Age = Years Without a Girlfriend
Tanaka no Atelier ~ Nenrei Ikōru Kanojo Inai Reki no Renkinjutsu-shi ~
Tanaka The Wizard
Tanaka ~ Nenrei Ikōru Kanojo Inai Reki no Mahōtsukai ~
田中のアトリエ ~年齢イコール彼女いない歴の錬金術師~
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Date Group Release
07/14/19 Rhex Translations v4c4 part7
07/06/19 Rhex Translations v4c4 part6
06/28/19 Rhex Translations v4c4 part5
06/21/19 Rhex Translations v4c4 part4
06/15/19 Rhex Translations v4c4 part3
06/08/19 Rhex Translations v4c4 part2
05/31/19 Rhex Translations v4c4 part1
05/20/19 Rhex Translations v4c3 part8
05/18/19 Rhex Translations v4c3 part7
05/10/19 Rhex Translations v4c3 part6
04/30/19 Rhex Translations v4c4 part5
04/19/19 Rhex Translations v4c3 part4
04/09/19 Rhex Translations v4c3 part3
04/01/19 Rhex Translations v4c3 part2
03/29/19 Rhex Translations v4c3 part1
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tramonta2 rated it
December 5, 2015
Status: --
Up to chapter 8 - Seen’s to be a old (30s at c6) (“ugly”) dude that get reincarnated in a fantasy world being a old (“ugly”) dude that thinks with his d**k. Get’s in trouble at the beginning because he has the verbose talking of a door. His power like summary says is a over healing ability with a giant number of INT and Mana points. For now there is no plot expect the reincarnation and him wanting to f**k everything that walks.

Chapter up to 8 - At the... more>> end of chapter we get a objective for the series and the name of it. <<less
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February 6, 2018
Status: c24
The perverseness of the author is making this whole thing into a non sense story. I dont have anything against story of that genre but, it seems senseless to me. The whole thing that the MC is a perverted person that always see the whole women populace as nothing more than fap materials was way out in the sense and another is the naming sense of the author, who the heck would name a person a Cyan Bitch? And a country called pu**y? I dont think the MC would get... more>> laid for all he could do is imagining a person as a fapping material and when the woman goes to him he would turn them away, what a load of bull story. Well, it is a lot better than those other stories I read (for the sake of reading) because the manga versions are good and expect the story to be good but there arent any good plot put together in the story. So, a 1 star. <<less
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Liola rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: --
-My very first review

This novel with it hilarious humour makes me smile a lot. The fact that he is forced to go through an unfavourable environment is pretty admirable in many ways. One thing I don't like about this novel is that I get blue-balled by the end of the day :/ though I just read some vanilla to deal with it.

Quite a fun read, hoping to have more released.
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joshan rated it
February 28, 2017
Status: c13
If you are okay with NTR, masochist or can ignore constant hentai tease while reading you will like the serie. MC is an OP starving virgin pervert that is faithful to his fiancee that like orgies with other people.

Girls even try to RAPE HIM and the only thing u read is him having perverted thoughts and somehow being stronger than budda when it comes to s*xual desires on the promise of him being faithful to a girl that is anything but...

The end of the novel? I predict its... more>> gonna end with him having a child and unsure if its his. The author is faithful to the ntr so I doubt hes gonna stop until the end, maybe even kill the MC so his wife ends up with someone else. Oh and him being ugly doesnt even matter, even if he were handsome wouldn't change anything. <<less
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mukkaar rated it
September 10, 2016
Status: c21
As much as I would like to like this mc's beta attitude just grates at my brain. He's literally super OP, but despite that he still manages to be kind of pathetic.

He just needs to kill couple monsters and he would probably become most powerful person in world. But ofc being beta he's just fine living in his perverted delusions.
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NotCIA rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: v3c4
To put this in the most concise and unmolested terms possible, this is an absolute garbage dime store Isekai in every meaning of the word- You know exactly what I'm talking about. The author pulls it off perfectly though, and that's what makes this series so much fun to read. Usually the Light Novel is an improvement over the Web Novel, but this is one of those weird exceptions where the Author could be more off-the-rails with his approach in the Web Novel and it actually worked better due to... more>> the dirty/crude humor. When it went from web novel to serialization, he clearly had to tone down a lot of the aspects that made this so enjoyable to read in the early chapters. That doesn't mean it's bad, well, bad compared to other dime store Isekai wish fulfillment anyways. The power play in the early chapters and during the Academy arc were truly great, and made fun of overarching plots you tend to see in those sorts of works. The war arc was absolutely a 180 on what the series had done to be good up until that point though with the exception of

our great friend Gonzales, and they never explain what happened to the monk.


MC clearly gets the power creep, and by the end of the War Arc he's entered full generic harem status, which is pretty disconcerting. There's nothing necessarily wrong with harem when done right, but the

beginning harem had their own wants and needs whereas by the end of the war arc, it's just a bunch of pretty faces falling for a busamen.


I hope this fat balding bastard gets his crap together going forward and we get back to ugly lecherous old man fun times, or do something with that

eternal youth plotline that looked like it was going somewhere before going nowhere.

I might update this rating at that point, but we'll see when we get there.

tl;dr- If you enjoy raunchy trash dime-store Isekai, this will make you laugh and give you chances to relate to Tanaka. If you're sick and tired of Isekai, this will do nothing for you because it's just another "Isekai, but with X twist/spin!" on it. As a trash isekai it's a solid 4/5. As a novel in general it's a 2/5, but sometimes it's enjoyable to read those 2/5s. <<less
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Armorpiercer rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: v3c3 part6
This is stupid and miserable but strangely good in its own

This starts from the extremely OP power MC with a fugly face that even god can't fix it. And while I said OP, it's started from the maximum level healing magic, while his level 1 magic let him kill enemies 3 times stronger than him

his way of life being a hard mode solely because of his face considered 'ugly' (although the illust make him look decent)


anyway, his heart does shine bright and his course stays true. 'I wanna l00d everyone'

at later chapter his life become easier though

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hellogarry rated it
January 27, 2018
Status: c16
This is actually pretty good. I was reluctant at first because I don't really like NTRs (I mean the tags literally have it) but surprisingly I don't find any NTR so far. From what I know the girl needs to be with him to be it as a NTR but he never really dated anyone. Yes, the story is depressing but it's realistic aside from some stupid decisions he makes. It's really fun, just keep an open mind and I'm sure it would be enjoyable.
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Fuxy rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c24
The MC's character is kind of all over the place. Although he has a high int stat his actual intelligence is lacking. It made me laugh quite a bit though since it is quite good from a comedic point of view. All in all if the MC was slightly smarter on how he spends his skill points and kept up his flirty slightly sadistic nature with the girls it would make for a way better story.

Ah but the typical Japanese clueless about relationships force is a bit too strong in... more>> him. It almost seems forced to me.

How I wish there was at least one story where the MC noticed when girls were into him and acted appropriately.

The most annoying thing in the story is his over idolised view on virgin girls and I suspect it's leading cause of him never getting laid. <<less
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