Avalon’s Dungeon


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The protagonist, who has accidentally acquired a bizarre manhood, is sobbing because even prostit**es are running away from him.

But one day, he receives an order from his father, the king. The order is: “Conquer Avalon’s dungeon!”.

In that dungeon, created by an ancient mage, may lie the hidden treasure that will restore his manhood! With this thought in mind, the protagonist spends his days attacking dungeons and his nights training princess maidens. Will he be able to restore his manhood to its original state?

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Avalon's Dungeon - Making a Pure and Innocent Princess Shrine Maiden a Tentacle C*ck Sl*ve
Avalon no Meikyū ~ Junsui Mukuna Hime Miko o Shokushu Chinpo no Dorei ni Suru ~
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Bolovis rated it
April 27, 2022
Status: c29 part2

This one is strange. Really.

The MC is scum, hard scum. He is the black sheep of the family, meaning that he is not handsome like the others and not relevant to the family (this is a simplification, but you kind of get the point). The second problem is that he has a small peepee. So what would you do? He decides to be an adventurer and get a life that is not dependent on his family, so he can be free. And that is nice, at least he is a self-made man that tries to be better by himself (not, he is still the prince so that is it). Nice and clean. Oh, and he decided to get some magician to enlarge his peepee. And it works, but it turns out to be some bizarre tentacle-like peepee that makes him eternally unable to have relations, as the women he pays to get in his bed just bolt out of the way just at the first sight of the member.

And that is the setup for the MC. If that was all it would be fine, I guess. But then you have to consider the situation. The neighbor country was gobbled up by a magical dungeon and is dead, except for the princess that is trying to conquer the dungeon and save what little is left of her kingdom. And the MC's father, the king of the bigger country, resolves to help by sending his competent but kind of hard to deal black sheep son. So you would guess that he gets in her after some cliche saving or what else from that normal p*rn stuff. But that is not quite right.

The MC ends up in the wrong bath and gets shunned by the princess and afterward treated like a thrash by her, that uses him as a tanker in the dungeon as it is the job with the highest mortality rate. But then they receive an official envoy that finally says "hey he is the prince, bytheway". So she is f*cked, as this is royalty from a bigger country that is helping (albeit poorly) in her's endeavors. So what she does do? She goes to ask for forgiveness on her knees for her bad attitude to him. And what does he do? "Maybe it is finally time to get laid, eh?!" And proceeds to humiliate her into s*xual favors in the guise of pardoning her if she is his (sexual) s*ave.

So he is tr*sh in the end. I get it that he was desperate to lose the v-card and all. But the f*cking princess is alone in the world minus some attendants that face the dungeon with her. She lost her country, family, and life in one instant, and here comes a bastard to get his way into her panties because he thinks he will not get laid ever if not for this way of doing it. So he should be f*cked, not as he hopes.

It would not be better if he helped her with the prospect of getting inside her in mind. It would still be scummy, but not so bad as to force her into s*xual s*avery for a situation that, in his mind, was not that bad, to begin with, and kind of justified in the end. So that is why this is a turn-off for me.

The magic dungeon that takes the country, the black sheep royalty that tries to be free and be better at his own, the plight of the princess suddenly thrown into an unknown world alone after losing almost all she had, but still tries her best to face it with her all. The setting could lead to an interesting development and all. But we got r*pes and that is it where the princess goes full M mode for the MC in 10 chapters because she had no knowledge of the world and s*x, as this is how things go, obviously.

So this is disappointing, to say the least.

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RpR1337 rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: c268
Okay so, let's cut to the chase.

The series is lacking a few critical tags, which should've been added, so after I wrote my review, I'll try helping that. These include:

    • r*pe victim becomes lover
    • Unreliable narrator
    • Clingy lover
    • and a bunch of other tags you should keep in mind.
This isn't a paperback novel story. Puh-leeease, spare me your pretentious f*cking bullsh*t about "oh my god he's so scum blah blah". The title is "Making a Pure and Innocent Princess Shrine Maiden a Tentacle c*ck s*ave".


Can you like, read or something? What did you expect, a lovechild of Inge Lindstrom and Katie Fford or some shit?

_________And this is where the technical stuff ends._________

So, now that basic reading and interpretation are out of the way, the main idea behind the novel is that the prodigal son, prince Alexis leaves his home before the story starts, and becomes an established adventurer. Let's do some inventory here: he's average, albeit he's decent-looking, but his brothers are otome game conquer targets. He's relatively smart, but his brothers are smarter. He's a good fighter, but one of his brothers is also a good fighter. And to top it all off, everyone in the castle basically shoves it in his poor face, since he's the son of a pleb concubine. And as he is a lump of various inferiority complexes, he searches for a solution for his biggest issue: his lil' Johnny.

And in his quest to become like his brothers, swimming in the... well, tonight, he obtains a dubious magical treasure that hands him the most devastating human weapon ready to slay all kinds of puss: le tentacock. After this, he desperately tries to get laid, however, even prostit**es run away screaming from the instrument of female doom, le tentacock. Our poor Alexis is therefore looking for a way to make his magnum dong normal again, when his father recalls him, and sends him to the neighbouring country of priestly morals, where the dungeon Avalon literally ate up all the land, and orders him to go there, hide his identity, and subjugate the dungeon before it also swallows his own country.

Again, though I'll put this in spoilers, we need to take quick inventory here:

the trip and quest itself from the annoying c*ntbag daddy are already a nuisance, when he arrives, he's treated like sh*t by the princess maiden, one after the other, the soldiers he should be getting directions from act like self-proclaimed wingmen for an or*y party, which annoys him even further, and he mistakenly goes into the female bath where the princess maiden is bathing, who literally tries to have his arse killed in retaliation by nominating him as the punchbag of the team, and giving him sh*t equipment, and to top it all off, they even suck ass, and he has to pick up the slack.

Now, after he does stellar performance in spite of odds, he's quite at his wits' end already - this is when his identity is leaked without him knowing. Then the princess maiden comes and offers to "do anything" to be forgiven. And, as expected, since he wants to dip his third leg into the lusty lotus already, he chooses to turn her into a love s*ave. This is still Chapter 8, so very early on, hence I neglect the spoiler tag here.

A few more points for Alexis and the women around him:

    • The priest country's people are monogamous, but Alexis' country is not, as evidenced by him being a mistress' child.
    • Alexis is extremely sensitive to smelling out the fetishes of the repressed women from the priesthood, as their education and strict training caused them to be frustrated, without them realising.
    • However, as a man often thrown for a loop and dumped, he is extremely insensitive to the subtleties of the feelings women have for him, understandably, as he's always been told he's inferior.
    • He fundamentally acts with the assumption that what he's doing to the woman is enjoyed by her (it mostly is), and if he goes too far (he sometimes does), he properly asks for forgiveness. To be fair, they really need a safe word, but it's not like it's ever too horrible to make it impossible to just get over it.
    • As you may have guessed, this leads to emotional attachment, and slow romance building.
Now, for some things about the novel itself, and how to read it (to avoid further lives destroyed because of functional illiteracy) :

    • The novel has scenes with a variety of slightly harder fetishes. If that's not your cup of tea, don't read, stop lamenting.
    • No NTR, no brutality, no cruelty. The novel mainly revolves around fetishes enjoyed by both parties. Note that you are neither asked to commit these adulterous un-Christlike-acts, nor are you obliged to accept them as the receiving party. It's enough if you can simply conclude that the actors taking part in the scenes do. If you are too (in the words of Lord mans1ay3r) PUSSIIEEE to do that, you can either skip or move on to the next chapter. You'll need a functioning mouse or touchscreen to do so. Tried and tested, both work.
    • This novel should be LAUGHED AT in general. If you read a more heavy pe*vert scene and you're not laughing at it (regardless of whether you've busted the nut or haven't, that's irrelevant), you are doing it wrong, think over your life choices. Prime example is Lorena scene, and I won't spoil that.
    • Translation is 4/5, relatively solid, but man, does the translator need to learn to distinguish between him and her. Most of the time, poor Alexis is treated as a female kek. Though it's not hard to get over it.
    • The MC is sometimes a failure, but most of the time, he's a dominant guy, and he quickly learns the ropes after having his first taste of drowning the goose. He's a reasonable mix between the slightly bullied husband, and the bullying sadist.
    • An almost overwhelming majority of the novel is the various s*x scenes, and the emotional build-up. MC is h**ny as hell, so he always goes after the 100% win rate. So don't expect too much world building, it's enough for the intents and purposes of this novel.
    • Quite obviously, both the MC and the various harem members will mellow out by the end. So don't go feeling sorry for any of the partners, even if they get r*ped. (Most of the time, they want to be r*ped anyway.)
    • This is a work of f*cking fiction, mostly to self-insert on the author's side, and give this service to us, the proud union of pe*verts. Take your real life issues with various topics that ARE non-contestedly very real issues in everyday life outside of fiction (loli, grooming, r*pe, mind break, etc.), and f*cking shove them until you finish reading. If you can't, this novel is like your personal Balkans, where the best thing you can do is to get the hell out of there.
I personally enjoyed the hell out of the series. The romance scenes were pretty cute, I was sometimes frustrated by Alexis, but mostly enjoyed his interactions and watching him grow to have at least some confidence, the s*x scenes were pretty dope, and when the intentions of the author were clear (for those not suffering from said functional illiteracy), I laughed my ass off. It was a fun ride, fully recommend.

Ed: fixed tags, requested new tags "Fetishes", "Consensual submission" and "s*xual training", to put the existing tags into perspective.

P.s.: Yes, toast-kun. Ending was goddamned hilarious.
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toast-kun rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: c274
MC is both a decent man and a lecher. The perfect balance of good and scrappy. He acts on his own initiative and outwits the king in spite of his assigned mission. His main reason for doing so is for the woman he loves. However, he eats the women in his territory.

Btw, my favorite girl is Fatima...


What a punchline ending

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