Princess Insult


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The rebellion caused the capital to fall, and Princess Altonia is naked in front of her people and is r*ped by the soldiers.

Princess ‘s secretive erot*c fantasy exposing men’ s desire and intriguing agony to a lascivious erot*c fantasy

◆ Part 1 ~ Princess r*pe ~ 

Princess is forced to make children with soldiers in the plaza and is f*cked one after the other.

The grief of the princess who wakes up to obscenity and pleasure while painting with shame, but the men only care about their lust.

Associated Names
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Minzoku Yuuwa ~Oujou Ryoujoku~
Nation Reconciliation ~Princess R*pe~
民族融和 ~王女凌辱~
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  1. Just spicy. No real plot in sight.

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