Beautiful Girls in the Underground Prison


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Women who suddenly disappear… What kind of fate would await them?

Beautiful women who were once enjoying life, surrounded by family and lovers were dropped into a life of hell, living as a s*x slave in a secret organization. Here, they were forced to bear insults and sad***ic torture relentlessly.

In the darkness of the dungeon, where the light of justice does not reach, an innocent junior high school student lies down, her body full of bruises as proof of her treatment.

Pretty school girls are restrained with abominable shackles, forced to wear collars, and dragged around the floor with chains.

In the closed room isolated from the outside by numerous iron grids, an electric current runs while the white female college student is hung on a chain.

A female teacher in the torture room sits where the smell of blood drifts as screams are heard from the whip resounds.

A virtuous married woman tightly bound by rough ropes endures cruel torture instruments and an enormous enema.

This is the paradise of the sad***s: the hell of women.

The screams and cries of missing women echo throughout the prison.

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fearthedeep rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: prologue
Lewd Torture, simple but rare. Waiting for more to be translated, so far there is only the opening.

Rating it 5/5 currently though to counter the obvious "oh from seeing these tags, it won't be something I like so 1/5 stars" instant reviewers. Immature to do that, but there will always be those people who do it without even reading anything. I mean, there isn't even anything posted yet.
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