Almighty Student


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After his girlfriend broke up with him, wandering all over the place, Xia Tian happens to see a girl about to be hit, after he saves her, he ends on the hospital. Now thanks to his accident Xia Tian awakened the ability to see through anything, be it weak points, or through clothing, nothing escapes his eye. Especially girls.

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lehur rated it
May 17, 2017
Status: c4874
Story all about righteousness, MC full of arrogant, selfless, self-mutilated, kindness (enemy, nemesis, friend, and all) to the point make reader sick, MC too perfect in all personality to the point of absurd, make sick, make vomit

MC was student without parent, only father occasionally appeared and gave little education, normally his character should be flaw or more realistic like bad student in his age, but in this he/MC was saint untainted by sin
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longshot3990 rated it
January 29, 2017
Status: c5
Wow, lots of novels with so much potential popping up here and there. This is one of them, right off the bat with the first 5 chapters, I can see 1000 future chapters in this story's future. This story has 4261 chapter currently which shows that people still read it. The perverted stuff has to do with his x-ray he doesn't molest any of the girls so far like in other stories. MC is respectful and has dignity unlike other people that will give it up for money. He also... more>> has a super mysterious past as shown in the first 5 chapters. All in all good story for the future and will definitely keep this on my reading list. <<less
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Azazelx rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: c445
Reading up to this chapter, I've gotten an MGA kind of vibe a few times. And seeing how this novel has 6k+ chapters and still ongoing, we can conclude the author is just probably trying to milk the novel. Which means, long ass unnecessary fights, and stuff like that. MC so far doesn't match my taste.

... more>>

He had this gf that dumped him to get with rich kid in class, then some things happened and her life went to shit, she ended up as a hooker and then tried to kill him because she blames him for all her problems. Then of course she doesn't succeed, and MC not only not kills her, he also stops his friends from doing so, everyone thought she should be killed but nope, he wouldn't let that happen. Leave her be so that she one day tries to kill him again or maybe harm his friends and lovers. And of course, the girl starts training in this technique that's supposed to make her really strong. So yeah, I expect more bs like this in future chapters so I dropped it

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skaviouz rated it
February 18, 2017
Status: c7
I am liking this story. I read the next chapter on qidian, if only google translate was more reliable : (I'm looking forward to more chapters being translated.

I do like the MC's abilities, at first I thought the MC was a little too OP, but considering the limitations he faces the story became more interesting for me. The MC has integrity (yeah I know, uses it for gambling right away, stick my own foot in mouth) he doesn't go overboard and knows when to stop. MC doesn't like handouts... more>> and is very stubborn. I wonder how the character development is going to go. Seeing all these tags marked on NU I am waiting for all these wild tags to appear in the story. And this tag that says weak to strong, are you for real? How can he be considered weak? I guess MC gona get more OP. Let's wait and see. <<less
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Bubbletehh rated it
May 13, 2017
Status: c35
Good so far but author was far too keen with MC. He becomes alot more arrogant and outspoken after the change which was inconsistent with his previous personality. He is also slightly annoying at times because he chooses to do things his way, again being inconsistent with his previous personality. If he was some reincarnated sage then its passable but hw was a normal student up until that traffic accident so author really jumped the gun
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Lawlyeth rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c70
It's a kinda interesting xianxia, there is all the basic tropes of the theme "hidden xianxia harem in modern world" (CEO, awakening, genius sword, yang something campus)

I've started to read the MTL (I prefer to read MTL than wait my whole life for 1/3 of the chapters getting translated)

However the really good point of this novel that even if there's is almost every people in the street that look down on the MC, that try to steal his woman, that look down on the MC background, that try... more>> to steal his seat in a restaurant, that look down on the MC medical knowledge, that try to steal our jobs (damn immigrants!) , that look down on the MC intelligence, is that the pace is really freaking fast without felling rushed. (And thanks to that it doesn't feel like the author is writting for words, and well it's pretty pleasing to read)

What I mean is there is a crowd, a slap preparation (Xianxia, duuh) but it doesn't freaking last 10 chapter every time he freaking do something. (At 70chapters in there is no half plot that last more than a few chapers)



Almighty Student Chapters

3. Young master that has stolen the MC girlfriend annoy the MC for no reason

4. Young master want to impress the girlfriend, get 4 goon to rekt the MC, the MC rekt the 5 of them and cause the young master to have a very bad diarrhea because acuponcture point op

7. Antique identificator arc started, MC annoy an antique identificator because he doesn't kneel down and roll when ordered, competition started

8. MC win, he get a cool bracelet free.

Another spacetime Almighty Student chapters

3. Young master is annoyed by the sight of the ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend (MC)

4. Young master call 4 goons to rekt the MC

5. 3000students in the classroom try to make an estimate to see who has the better chances to win

6. 1 student make a heart stroke because of the excitation

7. Fight start, the MC moves and the 4 goons moves are equally matched so it's like DBZ and very long.

8. MC win, he explain to the young master how awesome he is and everyone can feel the aura of a 700-legged golden crow from the MC which is creepy.

9. Grandfather intervene on the scene before the MC could injure the young master with his cruel speech

10. The grandather got the wrong young master and walk away

11. MC tell the young master that he has his mother eyes and walk away.

12. Young master try to get the eyes back and send stronger goon

18. Young master realised that there were more than one way to interpret word and become gogo dancer in order to repent.

It is as you can see.

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xxsubarugt rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: c15
A very poor use of the betrayal part and a full of sh*t story. The character developments are bullsh*t too immature or rather a fast development. The TL too I don't know if its the author fault or the translation is just plain bad.

I feel listening to a monotone music with a good premise just following the steps of good novels but not capturing its essence nor the tempo of the plot

its shitty but not too shitty to be horrible that I wanna kill myself
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April 12, 2019
Status: c760
I thought I got to read another good novel, I like the start of the story but I got annoyed as I continue to read; MC righteousness is inconsistent with the plot. I mean, his woman almost die and he just kill one and let others run. He also almost die in the hands of Wen Ya but just let her go because he don't like hitting woman, I don't know to describe his kindness that makes me drive crazy. WTF, he even massacre a military base on Japan; this... more>> part is what I most hate about this novel, so racist. MC also dares to flirt with so many woman but don't have the guts to take them, I almost think that he is impotent if he didn't do Zeng Rou.

And one more thing, the novel titled "Almighty Student" but there's only little plot in school so far as I've read, it seems it non exist. <<less
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