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Xia Lei, whose parents were no longer around, had to work hard to support himself and his sister. One day, he got into an accident at work which burnt his left eye. After he awoke in the hospital bed, he discovered that his eye was not blind – it gained abilities! Now, he is using these abilities to right wrongs and make a better life for himself and others. Will Xia Lei triumph over the corrupt and privileged with his newfound power?

I am destined to be the protagonist of this era!

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New Robertp3001 rated it
September 26, 2018
Status: c767

TWO biggest gripes I have about this novel is first: JUST EAT THE DAMN FINAL PILL ALREADY!??!!? And second: all his harem are batsh*t crazy jumping into situations that he could control just to become a burden. It's not love, its just lunacy. I mean really where the f*** does he find all these crazy women who will either a: not run away so they are no longer a burden and he can kicka** or b: jump into a situation in which he could kick a** but now he has to carry them around because "I can't bear to leave you alone in this dangerous situation". I feel like the true people trying to kill the MC are his harem members. Their only purpose in this novel is to boss around the MC because he doesn't have any balls or nerf his OP fighting powers. I would loooove for them just to get offed. Everyone of harem members blackmails him into sleeping with them or else they'll go get themselves killed. There is no middle ground. Not to mention they can't even just shut up and help out the MC in dangerous situations. Always demanding for a change of clothes that got ruined IN THE MIDDLE OF F***ING NOWHERE.


Overall not a bad novel.
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Vlaeghe rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: c15
My 31 year old hairy balls approve of this novel.



... more>> Why? Because I disagree Yung_Oath... someone who reads 2 chapters and decided that's enough to judge a novel.

When someone gets X-ray vision, the first thing you'll wind up doing, is look through clothes. It's a classic. Why avoid the obvious development? It would be weird if he didn't. He doesn't need to be portrayed like a saint-like superman. Not looking at a male with your x-ray vision is definitely a guys personal choice. I sure as hell wouldn't want to see some random dude naked either if I could avoid it.

There's no target audience for this. You're free to like or dislike. Just give it a try.

I hate it when people say you shouldn't read something. You can state your opinion, but don't say it like it's a fact. And anyone who says that a review should be objective, is lying as well. Every review will be tainted by a personal view.

Edit: Oh right, review. The spoiler tags just explains the vision power a little bit.


The left eye of our MC obtains superduper-vision powers after a freak accident. At first it manifests as the regular see-through vision, but not too long after it starts to include 'eidetic vision' (blatantly giving him eidetic memory). This is all within the first 15 chapters. I fully expect more powers to bloom.

(yes, I said bloom, since I already used manifest).


It's hard to see a proper goal of the MC yet, other than him wanting a little shop. But I suppose he'll see through it for us. Typical for these kind of novels, it quickly starts off with strife. And I'm sure the visionary author will bring up more issues for us to enjoy.

I honestly hope the MC will obtain a more clear goal soon, other than just muddling along. Since goal-oriented MC's are a lot more fun to read about than those MC's that just go kick up a fuss here and there, simply cause they can. <<less
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Aerogfl rated it
October 28, 2017
Status: c1400
TL:DR, If you hate harem, dont read. If you hate politics, dont read. If you are trying to read this novel seriously, don't read.

Since I'm way ahead from the translated chapter, its going to be in spoiler tab.

... more>>

Ah.... looking at these early reviews with good rating brings me back. I remember back then when I thought that this is going to be a promising novel, but as for now, they're all nothing but false hopes.

Here's why, firstly, it's a harem novel. Yes I like harem novel as long as it's not bad and illogical (if you're that guy that always think harem novel is bad then you can go away now). Secondly, the mix of politics, business, and fighting story were quite attractive to me.

**fair warning, this novel also loves to interrupt moment, like the MC about to do smth, and suddenly his phone rings, or someone knocs, it happens so many times I cant count them anymore. Anyway, here's my breakdown from chapters to chapters.

Early 1-200 chapters, the writing was quite entertaining, where the story still makes sense although there are a lot of mystery, but the story are growing steadily including the harem, politics, and business.

From 200-600, the writing of these chapters will quite focus on 'romance'/'harem' quite a lot. The interesting thing is that his love story is not without bumps and challenges, I was happy that I thought the author was not afraid to insert serious tone on the harem story and making it more interesting. This is also where the politics and business part of the story flourish. And the supernatural genre has starts appearing.

But after 600... the story, harem, and writing seems to get worse and worse. The only good thing is that you get more fighting and harem with less politics and business (at least for me). As why the story and writing gets worse, MC is described as very very very very smart (here is his IQ at that time


around 900



But I cant help but cringe when MC dont get something so obvious that can be seen by putting things together. Or he got into trouble, and there is so simple solution but he is not smart enough to solve it. As for harem, oh boy, the serious tone is gone. Basically after this point, it seems that no matter what women do to MC, as long as they are women, it is almost guaranteed MC will not kill them. MC has become 'OK' man to women. At this point, the story focused on the supernatural/fantasy story.

After 1000.. Harem becomes worse and worse, his 'OK' man syndrome become worse and worse. Almost no politics, and small amount of business. At this point, this novel has become sci-fi novel, with a touch of a disappointing harem.

After 1300.. A point where the story might be become more interesting although the harem still sucks.

I'm still going to read the novel, although only for entertainment purpose. Overall, I'm dissapointed with this novel, the early chapters seems like a facade for people to think that the harem part wasn't that bad and the author was not afraid to punish female character. But past certain chapters, this has become an obvious lie.

My recommendation is that try and read this novel up to 200, if you dont like it, stop, it will only get worse, if you like it, keep reading it, but I will suggest that you not to read it as entertainment novel where you can drop it at anytime.

I might do an update on the review if I finish reading this novel, but as for now, its a meh 3/5 for me.

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legolag rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: v1c8
Slightly reminiscent of God of Crime, the MC gets a power and initially uses it to make money. There are signs of a further plot developing, so I guess a more detailed review is only possible then.

As for the other reviewer's concerns about nudity and target audience, they're very overstated. His power is X-ray vision, so nudity will feature in some way or the other.
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Yung_Oath rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: --
Reading the first two chapters is enough for you to get the jist of this novel. As soon as he gets his new 'eyes', the first thing that happens is that he saw through the nurses (female) clothes, remember, not the doctor (male) who was also there, but the nurse. So, its obvious that this is for pre-pubescent boys who havent grown a single hair on their balls. Also, when he meets his childhood friend, he sees through her outerwear twice.

Once again, if you are not 17+, you can read... more>> this. Because, this is who the target audience is. <<less
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ieatp-ssy rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: c121
Two things stand out, about this novel:

1). The harem element is strong in this one, so readers seeking vicarious living through fictional characters would enjoy it. The women are fairly formidable, but 2-dimensional, have little to do other than 'support the man, ' and only there to serve the plot point at any given arc or comic relief.

2). The novel is comical, but not in a way that's intended.

... more>> I'll explain...

In the first 100 chapters or so, the author rants -- both in the narration and in MC's inner-monologue, of how evil the US and Europe are, for enacting a 'technology blockade' on China, preventing certain (civilian, non-military) technology from being exported into China, due to paranoia about China stealing the technology. It went on to say that American newspapers often "FALSELY" and unjustly accuse China of stealing technology, making China look bad.

And 20 chapters later, do you want to guess what the MC is doing?

You guessed it! He went on a mission sponsored by the Chinese government into Germany, to steal their industrial technology, specifically because it's easier to steal it from Germany, rather than the US, since Germany apparently is not as 'alert' to this tech-theft.

I have a feeling this kind of theme will recur constantly throughout the novel, so if you're disturbed by righteous indignation that isn't consistent with the story's own action and plot-lines, this may not be for you. Other than that, the novel is OK. It's not bad enough for me to roil against, but it's not good enough to be memorable, either. if you decide to leave the novel at any point before the conclusion, such as when the translation effort either slows down or downright cease, you'd probably never remember even reading it, in the first place.

On the other hand, more intelligent readers reading between the lines can enjoy a good chuckle. I know I did. These LN's made for the masses really do give you an unintended glimpse on how the people of China think. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
February 24, 2018
Status: c1000
Unlike everyone else, I didn't drop this for the nationalism. Why? Cause China is stupid weak and retarded in this novel. It seems as though only the MC 'cares' for China while the country itself can't do sh*t. They can't protect him outside the country, nor inside it. He's basically a thorn in their side, yet 'nationalism' somehow pops up every now and then as though it's a legit plot point.

Then there's the powers. MC has some four digit IQ yet he's as stupid as any CN protagonist. It's more... more>> of an off-and-on type of intelligence that only appears when he needs it to. IQ basically doesn't mean IQ in the novel. He's just smart enough to deus ex machina his way through problems.

Harem, meh. MC may have been that nice guy in the start and I was rooting for a harem. He turns into a d*ck later on and the harem is just a lust fest. No point IMO. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c64
This is my review so far, First and foremost the MC of this novel is a G*y no offense to other G*ys out there I respect you guys!

This is one of the weirdest novel I read so far this year let's first talk about MC

... more>>

MC is a hard working handsome (since the author said it) brother who support his sister so she can go to college. (Will talk about the sister part later as she is none existent so far in the novel). Take Note after MC got his mysterious eye power he became a pervert that can see through female cloths (yeah every guys dream skill) while the eye has other abilities so far this peeping skill is mostly use in this novel. Second their no fighting scene so far where MC do commando and hand to hand combat someone, surprisingly their is a lot I mean a lot of face slapping. I mean bro if you have argument with other guys is it really normal to slap him I dunno should you punch him or something so why the slap?Age wise MC do act like mature but he is most of the time act foolishly like a high school virgin seeing boobs for the first time (I do remind you about his eye ability) I have no idea what the author wanted but he is like repeating all this useless action despite seeing girls nude because of his eye. Maybe an innocent reaction is good if he see it for the first time but doing it every time he see a nude girl is like asking your self, MC are you really a man?


Another part of this novel are how the women are being introduce it seriously weird


First lets talk about the none existent sister who was spoken I few sentence before she went to college and was never mentioned ever again.

Then we have a childhood friend who act like a big sister who Bullies MC every now and then, another part which annoys me is the author has no clear indication if this girl has a love interest to MC or not, and MC always act like a virgin boy who first saw boobs when he saw her naked. I mean he often use his eyes to peek at her so why the hell are you still not use to it in the first place don't use your eye on her to peek lol. So far their is no indication of romance between the two just a good old older sister bullying MC while MC look at her naked can sum the relationship between the two.

Another one is the mysterious girl who always save MC she appear every now and then just like a ghost and solve most of MC problems so far, she is like a female version of plot armor.

The archeologist girl who I thought would be interested in MC but again sadly MC has no interest in her what so ever, their was a part where the girl was drag somewhere and MC was like I am not interested with her and don't want to be a 3rd party so he let her be, I was like what the hell and you still call your self a man?

The mc's first crush a certified sl*t who sleep with anyone with money, she tried to seduce MC in sleeping with her at this point we can see MC is not a man so I assume you can guess what happen next MC refuse her every time. At first I was confuse why MC interested with her even knowing his sl*tty life style but I see now MC was not interested with her as a women.

The female CEO who MC help by the end of the day she left (I was like girl you are just wasting chapters!) and MC was like who you attitude and let her be. She gave MC money and that's the end of their story. Feel like flipping table their relationship so far was the strongest and highest potential of have a romantic outcome and author just trash it with one chapter. All this chapter of blah blah blah between her and MC became garbage in your memory that was deleted and no longer has any relationship in the story. I was like F*ck if you are planning to trash why you make it like MC and her has future when you just delete her character at the end. At this point of time I really feel like stop reading this B*llsh*t novel.

Their are other girls but they are not worth mentioning at the moment, just most of the girls here are either to seduce MC (appearing to MC naked, drunk or drug) and MC manage to save his chastity every time and reject them. Majority of the girls are so far goes in this pattern.

Girl's in trouble -> MC save the girl -> Girl seduce MC --> MC reject the girl

up to this point I already guess that MC won't have any other love interest in this novel after reading a hundred chapter I might as will drop this

To sum this novel up MC is a closet pervert who use his eye most of the time to peek girls nude, and as a big contradiction MC has no interest in women. I seriously have no idea what the author is thinking why make a scene where MC must look at a girl naked (note that he can control if he want to see a women naked or not) when he has no interest in women?


I don't recommend this novel it was interesting at first but authors weird fetish and weird relationship of characters makes me who read hundreds of novel daily confuse and gives me the feeling of wasting time reading this

forget it decide to drop this novel on spot made me realize after reading a few review that it will get worse later on so it's a big waste of time reading it might is will look for another new novel to read.

No offense but the novel is not really that bad if you ignore MC relationship with women it has a new feeling since some expertise are being presented which is familiar in the real world, it's just this novel is not for me so I apologize for my bias review as it only reflect my emotion as I read the novel and hope will not influence other reader in a negative way. <<less
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Nemone rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: c40
The story is alright so far but honestly it is not great. The women in this story are really annoying. Especially his childhood friend. No matter how close we were, if I had a childhood friend who found out I had some money and immediately came demanding I share it for no reason at all except they said so... we wouldn't be friends anymore. It's one thing if they were at least in a relationship but they aren't. Even if he's okay with giving her money or buying her things,... more>> she should at least not be shameless enough to demand it and act like he owes it to her. The main character even avoids telling her when he has money because he obviously knows that it's none of her business, but then he just caves as soon as she finds out, it's really lame and happens repeatedly. The main character is really naive in this story, in a bad way. It doesn't concern just women. He doesn't even think about the fact that he's trying to hide his power and then blatantly doing things that reveal he has a special ability if people think about it for just a second. <<less
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DekuHero rated it
August 20, 2018
Status: --
This might have a lot of good reviews, but I have to assume it's all from beta white knights that are horny 24/7.

Ive read a total of 53 chapters and I just can't read anymore. I kept trying to get into it but I just can't.


The MC is a horny little boy but too afraid to actually make a move on women. He is ALWAYS looking through womens clothes and popping boners. His friend also has the hobby of making his coworker wipe down tables so he can watch... more>> her breast sway. Obviously it's not the MC's fault hes a virgin pervert either, the author invents new excuses every chapter for something to happen even if it would never happen irl. One chapter I thought was pretty gross was where the MC asked a female coworker to borrow a mirror and she had to go to another room to fetch it because she keeps it in front of her crotch and the MC sees this and later finds a black pubic hair on the mirror when using it. This is about a chapter after he watches some other female go pee on the toilet with his xray. I won't lie as a man Id probably use my xray at first like this as well, but this guy is just creepy and I find no enjoyment reading about his constant virgin adventures.


The MC is surrounded by women that want him for whatever reason. Yes he's good looking, but he's also so shy and timid that he blushes anytime a woman gets close to him. Unless the woman is a lesbian and likes women, I don't see how this will be appealing to her. All the women in this story except one looks down on him in some way. Some make him take them out to dinner or buy them clothes while others try to cheat him out of money. The one that didn't look down on him is not really in the story much at one point. He's a doormat for women. He will take any abuse when women abuse him verbally or physically but when men do it even a little bit he's suddenly willing to stand up for himself. This is what a loser is imo. He once was running after a thief he believed to be a woman but at some point he found out it was a tranny instead and at this point he switches gears and starts punching the tranny in the face. Would he have done this if he was a woman thief? No.

I'm 100% sure either the Author is a loser or he's just trying to appeal to loser readers. I can't read a story about a sad excuse for a man constantly get praised by everyone around him. It's not realistic at all. Some realism is needed even in sci-fi and fantasy. If the MC had a backbone id probably be able to stomach the constant child like "Hehe I saw a girl naked with my xray vision... oops I popped a boner again". Sadly he is just a loser through and through. I can't even count how many times this dude has popped a boner while reading the 50+ chapters I have. He pops them just being close to women sometimes. This would possibly make sense if he was a kid going through puberty but he's a man. <<less
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TiggerBane rated it
September 7, 2018
Status: c228
The story is good and all and I did like it at first and the MC was a bit weird with his relationships with females which provided entertainment but then it started getting into this weird secret agent stuff that did not fit with the earlier tone of the story about a person and his personal growth from a normal person into the CEO of a company.

But then the story changes and suddenly focuses on his "secret" life which drastically changes the novels tone and the way in which the... more>> tone is changed is where I draw the line.

The spoilers are where I explain why I dropped it only here even though the tone change does happen earlier.

The novel starts off with the MC coincidentally getting the super power of X-ray vision in his left eye as well as the ability to remember everything he sees with his left eye with perfect recall just as he is put out of work due to an injury. A Chinese secret agent gets involved with his life after he saves her life from a sniper after he abuses his eye in a casino. Basically the normal set up for these stories so the MC can have a backer. Then his life and such is introduced. He builds his company gets into relationships with women learns to defend himself with martial arts the usual. When bam. The Chinese and other governments getting involved which is fine and all for the most part after all he does abuse his connections a little so he does have to repay them. But then they go into stuff such as his father is still alive! He goes overseas and has this cool spy bit which is okay. Then it just collapses, his first proper girlfriend in all this turns out to be a CIA sleeper agent cause they the CIA was suspicious that he could found a company? I am guessing that this must have been it as well nothing else explains why he wasn't being monitored and such before this if they actually knew who he was. Then bam suddenly they go on and on about how he has been taking a secret medicine that his father stole from the CIA and thus he is super human. As well as that no one can escape the CIA which is clearly fake as lots of people in this book have done this and we already have a prime example but nope I am a CIA agent so I can't escape the CIA... This is where I draw the line for this novel as the reasoning behind the GF being evil isn't set up until the author stuffs him into a neat relationship and no hints were made to this beforehand except that she lived in the USA and her uncle worked in the military.

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ANI3792 rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: Completed
This review is mainly for those who would usually read a 1000-2000 (or more) chapter based novel. The spoiler is very mild here and just overview of the entire novel, so don't worry checking it out.

... more>>

The story is more or less based on 3 worlds (or main 3 arc). As usual in every world he starts with zero level but with some unique power because of which he has more advantage than others. As the every world (main arc) is build up with different set up, power level, cultures, so we do get different taste in every world.

In first world (which is mainly portrayed as our modern world) it's all about building his empire here. It's more or less same as other modern novel in this part just slight twist now and then as we progress in the novel.

For second world, it's more or less like a savior saving the world from apocalypse or foreign invasion.

For 3rd world it's totally..... you gotta read this novel to know more.

As for romance and harem and his children


yes, you have guessed correct, he has lots of children, so many ecchi scene in the novel


, it's the integral part of this novel. Somehow the author here has managed to give different characters to his harem members (which is very rare) , so everyone get their chance to develop their characters. But only thing is that you will find similarities among the harem members between the worlds. But according to the the plot only our MC can travel across the worlds, which is not possible for his harem members, so you don't get any similar harem members at the same time


they are able to get together (all his wives and children) at the end



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Aternus rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c42
The premise is great, the writing is great, the translation is great, the main character's power is very interesting and only continues to become more and more so, So why four stars? The MC's character makes no sense, one moment he's the biggest little bitch in the world, the other he's the opposite. It seems to be getting better, so I might update my review. (though it seems like it's getting worse again...)

It's seems the chinese author decided to get inspiration from Japanese MCs for whatever reason and thought... more>> it'd be a good idea to incorporate it. I don't read chinese web novels for the literary excellence but because it's very rare for them to have characters that are little bitches like in English or Japaneses Novels, and yet here is exactly that.

The MC is overly forgiving, let's people take advantage of him like it's his job, and has terrible taste in friends except for his one male friend. Half the women in his life are terrible people only interested in taking advantage of him and blaming him after he saves one from being raped. It seems to be going in the direction of him not being such a little bitch, but it's hard to tell.

But it still is a decent read and i"m probably exaggerating a little from how annoyed I am.

Perhaps the lack of a normal Chinese MC will make others like this story more? <<less
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Ignus rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c25
The characters are very well written in this story.
Each one is separate, and feels like a real person. This includes the women. Each has her own goals, most have a career.

MC puts his special powers to interesting uses.
There is mystery being built up. Hidden treasures, mysterious organization... It's a bit to early to review the plot as it is still developing, but it already looks well planned out and intriguing.

The story synopsis doesn't do this story justice, as reading it makes you expect a generic novel. This one... more>> so far is not generic, and at the very least has a unique setting, and unique uses of special powers.

Depending on the next 25 chapters, I might have to raise the rating to 5 stars. <<less
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dan7cor rated it
October 19, 2017
Status: c22
I also disagree with Yung_Oath, I have liked the pace of this novel, discovering how to use his eye, getting connections, is really interesting and I'm waiting for the next releases. It has the feel of a modern day wuxia though I'm not sure the focus would be in inner energy or in fist fighting with energy techniques, but more on modern fighting, guns, knives, and with using his eye to resolve things and discover different kinds of things, I have a high expectancy for this novel.

and for future reference,... more>> you can't trust a review that only read 2 chapters, that's not long enough to get a real feel of a novel. <<less
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Narmi rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c143
It started out a bit rough, but the author found his/her pace and the story picked up. I'm not sure how "spiritual energy" will figure into this, but the premise of the story itself is interesting. The pervy x-ray scenes are unnecessary but thankfully short.

e: Previous rating was done from ch23. This update is from ch58

The MC acts like he's a monk. The antagonists are all 1D villains; jealous playboys, greedy businessmen, arrogant rich kids. The pervy scenes are getting overly gratuitous. Previously it was because the MC was getting... more>> used to his x-ray powers, now they'll pop up in the middle of a story and just seem out of place.

It's still a good story, just not as good as I was hoping for.

e: ch 143

Really disappointed in the story development. Two things stand out:

  1. Racism/xenophobia. Chinese wn usually have some amount of nationalism, but this takes it too far.

    We're talking roving gangs of black criminals, white people will literally step aside and let them rape white women. Fortunately there's a virtuous Chinese guy around to save them. Also Kung Fu is apparently unbeatable, every other martial art is trash compared to it.

  2. Every decision the MC makes runs out to be brilliant and/or works out.

    Every business decision he makes turns out to be brilliant. While negotiating a deal, he can beat up another guy for making a "lewd" comment, and the guy will apologize and give him what he wants.

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MyRAMEN rated it
June 22, 2018
Status: c179
Many diverse interesting characters with actual good plot and character development. So much that it feels like they are real. Only downside to this elno I think, is that the MC is way to passive on romance so much that its like he is a tranny. If you can deal with that till the later chapters this novel is very good especially in the story telling/plot aspect. It tugs on your heart strings and your mind
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mayo6683 rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: v318
Good novel! Depending on your preferences but I love how the author made this story about being a secret agent etc. If you like this kind of genre I think your will gonna enjoy this...
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JustDiededed rated it
November 30, 2017
Status: c241
This is a very fun novel. It's not to be taken seriously, just to pass the time, if you're into OP MCs and harem. I find it well written too, I really like some characters (that policewoman neighbor... ugh) and I feel like they're really fleshed out, with multiple facets.

It gets better with more and more chapters and even if the MC is somewhat OP, he really struggles and suffer some defeats eventually.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot that the novel is somewhat ecchi, with lots of jade like figures being described.
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bluewinner22 rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c169
I like this novel very much. It's an interesting compilation of characters. Other than the abusive Policewoman neighbor, I find myself very intrigued by the development of all the characters.
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Mighty Action X
Mighty Action X. rated it
January 19, 2018
Status: --
Love reading it so far. There's crime fighting, investigations, science. Everything one would like to encounter in an action packed society. My only concern is how would it progress in the future given that it has more than 2500 chapters already. How would an author stretch it and keep it interesting? Well, at least it's completed in the COO now.
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